July 2015 – after script III: Vivian will receive force of the Source and bring out our New World leading/sharing this task with other women I was in love with


Summary of the script today

  • July 17, 2015: Vivian will receive force of the Source and bring out our New World leading/sharing this task with other women I was in love with. I sit with the clock deciding when to start, which is “not yet” because there is more work to do; I am still moving towards the centre of the watch. My father was a hole in the ground, which we succeeded to get the world to follow and we transferred his ingredients to me to create the real road when he died. It was my father’s idea to make me crazy when he decided for Sanna to take over after him, not me, having the world follow him against me. God outside the Universe sent me to save the world and to make man believe in me to take over from my father and Sanna, who brought the end. It takes “a simple life” to carry God as only I could do; my father and sister could not, thus receiving wrong information from the Source fooling the world against me. Darkness was implemented in me as a boy as my handicap to grow like cancer and steal all of me because of existing darkness of man. This removed my energy, destroyed my life and made my mission impossible; the world only waited for me to fail to bring out their unsustainable New World.


  • People of the Secret Network were giving the choice between my sister and I when entering, with almost all choosing my sister. I sit with the clock deciding when to start, which is “not yet” because there is more work to do; I am still moving towards the centre of the watch. I was shown my physical frame crumbing together and been thrown away, which was about the dissolution of my old self. I am on top of the skyscraper in darkness with stream of water around me, and we can start up at any time – starting by sending out small rockets, not big ones. Vivian is ready and important to bring out our New World via faith in me, she has the power to wake up people via my mother because of her love in me. This is about sending coffee (love and power) from the library of the Source to Vivian to spread out, i.e. using Queen Margrethe’s stamp of creation. We brought Vivian from Mijas to Australia to start our New World there, and she leads/shares this task together with other ladies I was in love with. We are so disappearing small that we have crawled into and wait to bring out the power from here, it takes just one explosion of light to start it all.
  • My father has mentioned me as sick all of his life, which Karen and everyone did, because they believed in the 2012 declaration of “crazy Alex”, the psychiatrist. I sent a new email to the Psychiatric Hospital and Helsingør Commune asking them to cancel their wrong dead-sentence/diagnosis of me. My father first lost contact to the Source, I got it at birth, lost it as teenager and got it later when doing the impossible jump to the Source in 2010. What did my father bring me then when dying in 2013 (?), the parts necessary to be all, which were not connected to the Source. My father was a hole in the ground, which we succeeded to get the world to follow and we transferred his ingredients to me to create the real road when he died. Despite of all this, your father still loved you as Sanna also did with you and mother because it was impossible to remove feelings of love. They would start their New World not later than the death of your father, and to put forward their program to my mother too. How ridiculous it may sound, your father brought you out of debt prison – by sending me darkness, which I succeeded to absorb. It was my father’s idea to make me crazy when he as a grown-up decided that he wanted Sanna to take over after him, not me. As a consequence, I was sent by God outside the Universe to restore everything bringing balance at the final day, i.e. to save the world. I was God alive as a normal man with the task to learn in life and to make man believe in me to take over from my father and Sanna, who brought the end. Thus, a large part of the plan of the world against me was made by my father having the world follow him and later Sanna, who was NOT his right heir as I was. This is how I, God, made my strongest contribution from outside, which was to tell the world that it doesn’t work out your way. Everything was done, planned and created by man to take me over (Stig) as if I (God) didn’t know, which is how I wanted it to be like. There was only one egg yolk down on Earth, which was running dry with my father, so I, Stig, was the last chance to connect to the Source. This was my father’s evil plans because he believed I was coming to judge him and all because I was crazy as we had told him and later also Sanna . It takes a special lifestyle as a human being living “a simple life” to being able to carry God as only I could do as Stig. Thus, my father and sister were given wrong information from “darkness disguised as light”, fooling the world, because they could not live “simple lives” to receive the truth from the Source. This is why my father hated me because he knew that God had played a game with him giving birth my birth as Stig not being straight with him. This is how to poison a whole world to poison your father knowing that we have to get out of here finding new life before the end. I was born “with one testicle only” (even though I had two physically) not having my father with me, which first came when he died, where everything was transferred to me.
  • John was fully aware that we went on a cruise to Hamburg-Amsterdam in 2014 to transfer his light of life to me. John tried to get rid of you and your mother too in Hamburg to stay alive himself, otherwise knowing that you would overtake him too as with father and Ole. We create power between you and Karen, and I was shown a power curve constantly crossing each other. My mother used Stasi methods starting to tell the system about our meetings and wrong beliefs in me, together with John. She did not mean to stab me in the back, but it was easy to do because everyone said that “Stig is crazy”, and she was offered money too. This is how my mother was very close to eliminating the world choosing Sanna over me; this is what she fears the most of all telling me.
  • My old friend, Henrik F.-M., was sent by darkness to destroy the delivery of the program of light to me at Sicily in 1978. Henrik was the one planting darkness of Sanna in me, which was their only chance to win, which made me feel lazy and without energy in life. Henrik’s little pyramid includes tools to help divide creation, which my sister used to kill me, which was Henrik’s distinguished task to do. This was a piece of Sanna/darkness self implemented in me for her to grow stronger to overtake me/all, which we are now operating out. This is what made my life increasingly more impossible, the cleverest part of darkness as growing as cancer inside of me and stealing everything I have. I started with this handicap because we had almost lost to existing darkness of the world when starting up this game in 1978. This removed my energy and destroyed my life and still I had to make my mother proud in me to create life choosing me instead of Sanna. It made it impossible to receive spiritual information of light, which is why most darkness was hidden in my scripts, not my website. So Henrik was in my storyboard to destroy me first now being taken him out right before meeting your master, yourself, the Source. My father and everyone expected me to give in to being gradually emptied and they did it because they knew that I could not accept their way of life and New World. This is what the world was waiting on and then to release everything into their new creation via John. I could only carry out the creation of our New World when only thinking intimately of Karen, where man was hoping to abuse and unite my mother and I (my “old nightmare”). This is the set up that Sanna and Hans now travel the world asking for approval of the world to get out of – after realizing their mistake. And this is what we have transferred to the other side (all light of me), so there is really nothing of me remaining.


July 2015 – after script III: Vivian will receive force of the Source and bring out our New World leading/sharing this task with other women I was in love with

July 17, 2015: Vivian will receive force of the Source and bring out our New World leading/sharing this task with other women I was in love with

FB 170715 Stig 1

July 8

I had the worst nightmares ever about how my heart now stops and how it is collectively for all, and my mother and sister is thrown out in death of the Devil, which is about “it is impossible to continue journey from here”, i.e. to keep the Old World going, and yes, it was awful going through.

This is also the document that could erase all, and is it so that Queen Margrethe had some of it, and Putin another part?

Yes, my father brought this document, but when he chose the wrong way, a part of it felt in the hands of darkness, via my sister. So again, it was really your father destroying the world.

I was too tired to go to Tony Bennett’s and Lady Gaga’s concert in Tivoli today, and it was also raining. But I tested myself until the end of the day and was close to go because I truly wanted to, but no, I was simply feeling too poorly, so I will collect no more energy from you and Lady Gaga too, we will have to do with what I have collected already.

I was shown myself swimming under water and seeing the spaceship of the Source, which looks like garbage, when the power has not been switched on.

I felt Jens M. (my old manager from Aon, even though Niels de Bang was really my manager, now in Danica) as I have for days, and is it so that all were giving the option to chose me instead of Sanna when they were entered the Secret Network (?), yes, this was the criteria from the Vatican, but none of you wanted to follow me because I was on a hopeless mission, apparently crazy and since everyone else had chosen the other way, they could not all be wrong, could they (?), but yes, this was the sad story.

Tony Benett had been looking forward to almost carrying you in a victory chair.

I am still sneezing strongly some times, which is why Rolf Sørensen spoke about a “hard sneezer” on Tour de France today – by the way, Tony Martin won the 4th stage alone in the front as a symbol of me working alone and winning, I was given his name before he started his “crazy mission”.

I took a nap and dreamt about being on a camping tour in Sweden in my cottage, which I have not paid for and I think this will be my last time here, Helena is there too on the sofa waiting on my attention. Later I meet her again elsewhere and say hello to her for the first time. And yes, “sofa” is a symbol of making love.

I was given the name of Mie P. from PFA Pension, whom I knew a little from my work in the 1990’s, and when I looked her up, I was sad to see that she obviously has passed away. And I was told that others have sacrificed their lives too because they chose me instead of Sanna, so there were some on my side. This was the weight to Sanna too. This is why they have known of this all along, which you have not, but only gone for all or nothing.

You sit with the clock deciding when to start, yes, not yet so I will have to continue with my weak heart and sufferings. I was encouraged to buy Cannabis oil to help on this and “no energy”, and yes, I have believed all the time that nothing can help on this because of whom I am with my mother and the world removing my energy, but maybe I am wrong (?), and yes, I may try follow this advice just to see, but first I have some work to do the next days.

I received the lyrics “If you want it, You’ve already got it” from Madonna’s “Four minutes”.

July 9

I slept and feel absolutely awful, which is worse than ever by now, let us see if I can do any work today.

I woke up to New Order’s “World in motion” and the lyrics “It’s one on one”.

I received Duran Duran’s “Rio”, which I still do from time to time, which is to confirm that Margrethe Vestager is still working on my “proposal” for the world to open all IT-systems and archives/registers.

I was told that my aunt, Inge, has received an apology from Sanna, and isn’t it hard to admit to it (?), and no, not when you have first got started.

The MEP, Jens Rohde, brought this “angry encouragement” to the Greek Prime Minister from the European Parliament on “pull yourself together”, and yes, if you believe you are sleepwalking, you should really try to be in my shoes.

FB 090715 Jens R

Yes, your father has mentioned you as sick all of his life. This is the same as Karen and everyone did, because they believed that it was proved via the declaration of “crazy Alex”, the psychiatrist from Hillerød, from 2012, you know, and yes, this is what you are now about doing a new try to get cancelled, their death verdict – after they did not reply to my email to them weeks ago at all, but VERY DIFFICULT to write because of how I feel, it is. And it was all controlled by money, because they were “rewarded” when they brought the world on their side believing in them, which was not difficult, was it? This is the bonus scheme that my mother was invited to join, and the rest of it that she now enjoys via the inheritance from John if I understand correctly, and no, I received nothing to fight you, i.e. to help you stay alive, this is how we work here, we don’t need money as motivator.

And this makes me say that I regret (in 2009, when I wrote it) to have connected the quality programme of my New World Order with a change in income of +/-25%. Today I believe in full FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY of man and still to have a quality programme making the work of all people visible, but not to “motivate” people via money, which is a tool of the Devil when used as such (but with a desire to create and do your best), I had not come as far in my thoughts back then in 2009, where I wrote this: “Income will be based on the number of working hours regardless of the nature of work of people. A quality programme will adjust income with –/+ 25%.“

And this bonus scheme is connected to all of your close network working against your.

Your father believed that he had succeeded hiding the story of Hitler as his father from you.

No, you don’t care about work yet, which is why we still go on.

In today’s Tour de France stage, one of the Danish commentators said to Tony Martin “be careful not to go down at the finish uphill”, and I felt that this is about my mother having doubts in my skills, and I could only say inside myself “do your very best, Tony”, which he did then, but he drove into the back-wheel of another and when he broke lose from this, it moved his bicycle to the right and into other riders resulting in a crash where both Tony and others went down, and not only did he crash, he also broke his collar bone so he had to leave the Tour de France entirely, and this is about how incredible poorly I feel these days being very close to stop working and yes the world is almost cracking up also because faith of my mother could be stronger. “So we have entirely let go of our power over Martin”.

No your father meant no harm.

I was told about my mother’s lacking courage telling me her story of what she did against me, it is the conversation in the world she fears.

My father first lost contact to the Source, I got it at birth, lost it and got it later when doing the impossible jump to the Source in 2010 – but still I also received some from my father when he died in 2013? Not easy to understand because there was a little of me here, there and everywhere.

I have checked, the Queen is not at Fredensborg Castle at the moment, but in Greenland, and no, I will not go to the castle if she is not there, which should be the idea.

Despite of all this, your father still loved you as Sanna also did with you and mother because it was impossible to remove feelings of love, which everything is made from.

So Sanna was the squid sending out darkness.

We are still headed directly to the white Palads cinema in Copenhagen (as it used to be before it was coloured) no matter what you do.

So we united everything inside darkness of Karen – the Source too – yes, here you jumped to. And your mother decided to bring this life into darkness when believing in Sanna or light when believing in you.

I was told that the Greek Prime Minister works on my side, and we will see if they, EU and the creditors will make a new deal or start the financial breakdown of the world now.

The excitement was released for Danske Bank, Espergærde, knowing who you are, and yes, the answer to why Sanna contacted them about me that many years ago (1984-86), this is what it was all about.

Isn’t it funny that Jair Melchior, the Chief Rabbi of Denmark, who welcomed me in the Copenhagen Synagogue some months ago, “could not” keep me as a Facebook friend because you believed that I “undermined your authority” for example when you spoke for circumcision of boys and I gave the comment that this will NOT happen in our New World “as you know”, and yes, what a TRAGEDY having to “cut me off”, is this also how you feel, Jair (?), and I feel the holocaust here, which is really about the future holocaust of man as you were part of the plan to bring out, right Jair?

Jair is no friend of mine

July 10

I continue “sleeping” the absolutely worst with one hour at the time and the awakening with nightmares and still very dry mouth as I have had for a very long time at nights. I dreamt about having given money to a Kenya scheme, and I am surprised to see that they have been divided between many schemes and even though money is normally emptied/stolen from these schemes by corrupt people, my money is still there. I woke up to the lyrics “Nu er jeg helt alene. Går søvnløs rundt. Jeg føler mig så ene. Mit hjerte gør ondt” (“Now I am all alone, go sleepless around, I feel so lonely, my heart hurts”) from Danseorkestret’s “Jeg prøver igen” (“I try again”), and yes, this is what I am, lonely.

This is what you will see first, and I was shown highly polished black tiles.

In Tour de France today, the Danish commentator, Dennis Ritter, described details of the crash yesterday and he ended by saying “then the Devil was lose in Laksegade” (= the crash), as we say in Danish, and as everyone knows, Danske Bank has its headquarter in Laksegade in Copenhagen, and Danske Bank is (was) a symbol of the worst darkness, which is what hit Tony Martin as a symbol of me, and knocking me down/unfit to work as I really am now.

Yes, Sanna and Hans succeeded stopping the constant attacks from the right wing, and I feel the new Danish government.

I was given the feeling of the parking in Hamburg where we parked last autumn before going on the mini-cruise, and I was told that John was fully aware that this was happening, which was to transfer his light of life to you and we only had short time doing It.

My mother had invited me on dinner again this evening, but I had to cancel, I was too tired, and this was the first time ever during my mission that I gave in to tiredness to cancel with my mother/family even though this is what I have had a strong desire to do every time.

They tried to move all holocaust over to you, which was to end most life except themselves.

I was told that my Mother was camouflaged and sent down to life in 1939 to avoid Germany taking it all (World War II).

I gave this comment to the VERY BEAUTIFUL concert by the DR Big Band as I watched the other day.

FB 100715 DRK


Use http://www.hola.org to watch the concert below if you are outside Denmark. https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/dr-big-bandet-pa-copenhagen-jazz-festival-2015/dr-big-bandet-pa-copenhagen-jazz-festival-2015

July 11

I slept somewhat better, but now have a little cold and throat complaint for the first time in years (given to me by Tobias the other day who was also a short time visiting my mother), and this may be strong enough to kill me because of how weak I am, this is how it feels like.

I dreamt about entering a BIG cruise ship where Michael Laudrup, Allan Simonsen etc. work. They have automatically taken out an elephant loan protection insurance, and there is only one can calculate the premium and issue the policy, which is me, but first there are some plates of the ship that we can improve.

Did the clairvoyants Eva from Bornholm and Pia from Hørsholm, whom I met at Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06, receive special assignments from Arthur Findlay College?

I did not see my mother today as we had otherwise told about, because of a starting cold.

We have not heard the last word from Kirsten, my father’s widow, and yes, the last week I have been told that she did not die at all, didn’t she (?), this is what I was told.

They would start their New World not later than the death of your father. And to put forward their program to my mother too.

Yes, you had to give up connection to your family including your mother and all in 2010 to reconnect to the world, this is the best we can say, so what did your father bring you then (?), the parts necessary to be all, which were not connected to the Source, yes.

Utrecht, what did we hide in Holland then (?), another part of machine (?), yes, also necessary to make everything. Yes, parts of the Source was divided with people around you for you to connect.

I received the lyrics “The game, where gamblers rule the night, And get your blood they might, The joker’s closin’ in, I know, you know, they know, we all know” from Poker by Electric Light Orchestra, one of their greatest rock songs :-).

I was told that it would have been a state man’s funeral, mine, if not for my old class friend Peter from Albertslund. He monitored that you did not give up, and could bring you extra energy from the world if needed.

So your father was a hole in the ground, which we succeeded to get the world to follow and it was his ingredients transferred to you to create the real road when he died.

So your mother has used Stasi methods (gossiping to the system behind my back), which was the worst of all for her.

Bill Cosby is revealed these days for having brought women sedatives to rape them, and I was told that this story is coming forward because of my old friend Lars G., who did the same.

This stamp iron is so flexible that it can create everything you wish for, we have not yet been unable to do what was requested.

I was encouraged to send a Facebook invitation to a Bishop and was given the Bishop of Ribe, Elof Westergaard, as example, and yes, I am friends with three Swedish Bishops, so why not a Danish (?), which is just because I have not done it before now, but no, it appears as if Elof “cannot” accept me as friends, and yes, these Bishops know that Karen and will get married without them.

I was shown my physical frame crumbing together and been thrown away, which was about the dissolution of my old self. And I was shown that I am on top of the skyscraper in darkness with stream of water around me, and I feel that we can start up at any time.

And then we will start by sending out small rockets, not big ones.

Still I am moving towards the centre of the watch, I am still not there yet.

I was shown the (ship of the) Source standing in front of my balcony window and wanting to enter through my door MANY times this evening because I am the centre of all, but first when I cannot take care of myself any longer.

How ridiculous it may sound, your father brought you out of debt prison – by sending me darkness, which I succeeded to absorb.

We create power between you and Karen, and I was shown a power curve constantly crossing each other.

It was your father’s idea make you (sound) crazy.

All of your father’s life was a strong warning to you, “he is going to kill you if you don’t watch out”. I felt David Bowie, i.e. symbol of God, and was told about my father; well, he was a nice boy, but before he had grown up. he had decided “no, I don’t want you, a son, I want Sanna to take over after me” so I brought you as my will, God from outside the universe, to restore everything bringing balance at the final day, yes, your father did what he was sent to do, which was for me to send you as man knew I would do to bring man one final chance to save the world, and yes, pretending (through you) that I did not know the world was turned around, I had to learn in life (as Stig), which was the rule of the game I gave myself. And I received the impossible task to make man believe in me (God as a normal man) and take over man from my father and Sanna bringing the end.

So a large part of the leaded pen (plan against me) was done by your father having the world follow him and later Sanna and yes trying to take over after him even thought I was the right heir because she is not his daughter, this is how I, God, made my strongest contribution from outside, which was really to tell the world via this that it doesn’t work out your way (believing that Sanna and not Stig is the one, but they didn’t quite get it).

And everything was done, planned and created by man (God) as if I didn’t know, which is how I wanted it to be like, yes, doesn’t God even know what we do (?), can we just take over Stig and continue life our way (ultimately via Putin), yes, wrong thoughts of darkness to man to go on until the end.

There was only one egg yolk down on Earth, which was running dry with your father, so I, Stig, was your last chance to connect to the Source, which I had lost as teenager (wrong sexual behaviour) but regained from 2009 (to reconnect with the Source in 2010), which is exactly as planned also from out here.

And this can be read by Rikke H. and all directly in old registers built up against you for many years. This is what the world then believed in for many years and continued planning and carrying out against you, yes, your own father’s evil plans and misunderstandings because he believed you were coming to judge him and all because you were crazy as we had told him and later also Sanna and started a little to tell your mother, because it takes a special lifestyle (live a simple life on a stone as I did from 2009) to being able to carry me (God) as only you could do and was raised for the job by me, so there you are, a simple misunderstanding by my father and later Sanna believing in the information they were given, which was “darkness disguised as light” because they did not live “simple lives” as I to received the truth from the Source. This is why your father hated you even before birth because he knew that I had played a game with him (because of my birth as Stig) not being straight with him. His problem was money as it is for many other.

This is what Ole was going to correct but he was overtaken by darkness until he came through to you discovering that you are the truth having God in you, not Sanna, who was Satan, which is why I asked him be wrong (sexually) against her…… This is how to poison a whole world to poison your father knowing that we have to get out of here finding new life before the end.

This is why your mother is not disappointed with you knowing that you went up against him, yes, because he was special as your mother knew. Yes, we did not want to open to here (the Source) before you had removed darkness of your father and sister and yes your mother too because she was almost overtaken.

No, your mother did not know about your father but had a pretty good idea and yes it was not you being special, but Sanna, but Ole told her otherwise and since no one did except yourself (since 2006), funny right, and this is what we are winning on.

Muslims praying to darkness is part of why I gave you your father (darkness of man “requiring” this to end the world). John tried to get rid of you and your mother too in Hamburg to stay alive himself, otherwise knowing that you would overtake him too as with father and Ole.

But still, we had love between us all – including my father, Ole and John.

So was also the case for Queen Elisabeth.

It is your mother who will teach you playing the piano because I have no know-how of how to do it, i.e. this creation.

I was told about “weekly reports” about me from John, where my mother was about to being connected to, which is also where she reported on her meetings and beliefs of meetings with you, and yes, there was of course only one problem in comparison with my “reports”, which is that I did everything in openness and described the truth where the reports of my mother and John were full of misunderstandings and preconceived and WRONG beliefs, but this was “proof” and “powder” used against me by a whole world that did not want to believe in me.

It is connected to you being born with one testicle only (even though I received two physically with the second falling down “with trouble”) as you were allowed to, yes not having your father with you, which first came later when he died and we transferred everything to you which you normally should have had from birth.

July 12

When it comes to Greece and its “crisis”, we took the least poor out, and yes, as Stig I don’t really know if this is in or out of the Euro, but it seems as if there indeed is a risk of the world economy falling down together with banks falling down if Greece is not given a bail-out, and I was told that this road is what will hurt man the least because you are still part of the game. This is how Greece is helping us out and the Prime Minister Tsipras knows about it, this is why his strategy was as it was. This is to avoid that it will shake too much when opening our New World.

And it was really this “Poker” by Electric Light Orchestra bringing the opening of our New World and I was shown the first opening crack of light when told this, yes, WATCH and ENJOY, an “ELO-ship is coming to your town any day soon”, and yes, I SIMPLY LOVE IT WHEN POKER STARTS PLAYING WITH IMMENSE POWER FROM 5:55 :-).

“The British fan Mark Anderson created this video animation with the ELO spaceship called “Close Encounters Of The ELO Kind”.

To me it is a symbol of “the spaceship of the Source” for the first time ever connecting with the creation of man to bring power for our New World inside the Source – this is what this is about :-).

See more about this video here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/287802251283435/permalink/930335340363453/


Thailand has been ahead also known about you from old palm leaf manuscripts.

Yes, is Pia’s husband Peter still alive today after my voice told him in 2008 that he only had one year to live in unless he started losing weight, and I am here told that his faith in me was big enough to save his life.

No, your mother never meant to stab you in the back, but it was so easy doing when Sanna, John, the Commune and everyone said that “Stig is crazy” as she could “easily” see herself too via my writings (!), and also when you receive money.

I watched Federer play against Djokovich in the Wimbledon final today, as I also watched Serena Williams yesterday winning again the final of women, and no, I was given no “inspired events” to write about, but I was sad to see that Federer could not defeat Djokovich after having played a “perfect” tournament maybe better than ever, and in the final, he did not play on the same high level, and after the match I was told that he had to lose, it was arranged.

It is rare that I watch a film on TV that I truly like because I don’t like most of modern films today when they are too violent etc., but this evening I watched “Driving Miss Daisy”, which I had not seen before, and simply LOVED it, and yes, when it comes to films showing the development of human relations, which is well played and made, this is what I like the most, and this is a good example of it, an outstanding film :-).

I was told – with a weaker voice than normal when writing down notes – that Denis was checked at the hospital too to avoid using me as creator. Yes, this is “the alternative story” I have been given some times, and let us see where it leads, to another dead end?

You are the last of the Knight Templars.

Was this a reserve plan of your sister? This is what all of your wrong sexual energy has been used for, to make Karen pregnant with another, but wait a minute, isn’t this what she showed the world could not be done because of the miscarriage that she and Denis had approx. 8-10 years ago (?), yes, your sister had many ideas to see if she could find another way of life having doctors doctors trying to help. Did she also bring in Jack with the power she had?

No, she could not create more piano stools, sorry Karen, it is only with me that you can become mother again, which you will become not long from now.

No you could not even have your father’s tour zither when he died as a memory, this was the height of evilness.

We made Karen believe she was in love with Denis, so she wasted all energy on him.

A new ship of the Source sailed by – I almost don’t write about them anymore – and this one had even more, smaller and closer together lights on it than ever before, yes, smaller units.

So this was really a try to keep Karen and I from coming together.

No, they didn’t know that it was only you who could fertilize Karen.

It was first after my mother, sister and I went to Bakken in 2013 that we really could speed up things.

So they tried to sink the real sea of new creation via their try of new creation using a corner of the Viking Ship (of the Source).

Karen made me as a big blue jar as I am shown, and this creates everything else as I am shown on a table.

I was shown a new jar of glass coming out from “nothing”, and how can Sanna and Hans document to the world when it comes out from absolutely nothing, yes based on experience, we know that this is where everything is, we just cannot see it yet.

“The last comment from here” (“Costa del Sol” by C. V. Jørgensen) of your father when he was dying and told the truth, which made him change his mind deciding that I was to receive his part of the Source.

This is so unusual now because you have sister’s too, if she should die, because of her faith and Karen too, thus eliminating the scenario that otherwise we would also have gone that way, but now we all go the same way out, which is into this hole of nothing of the Source.

A bull in Spain got the idea to run back instead of continuing to chase people in the streets together with the other bulls, this is how it works “from above”, and I gave this comment to TV2 saying that it is because the bull is tired of fighting and really wants to smell flowers like Ferdinand the Bull, and this is really because I am TIRED of my game against darkness having to write as I do to people of darkness to cut through, this is not how I really am, and also because I am tired of the dark world of wars, disasters and hunger etc.

FB 120715 TV2

July 13

I used a total of 2-3 weeks to write my new email to Psychiatric Centre North Zealand and Helsingør Commune because I received no answer at all to my email of May 27 asking them to cancel their WRONG verdict “crazy” of me and to declare me capable to work (!!!), and yes, I did not have to do this, but I decided that “more was needed” to “cut through”, and this will have to be the hardest email I have ever written because I really could not feeling poorer than ever, and yes, I received a reply from Lisbeth from the Commune saying that I cannot appeal her decision to place me as “not capable to work” because her decision is not a decision but an “estimate”, which cannot be appealed, and yes, this is how the worst darkness via these “skrankePAVER” (“counter popes” directly translated, or “jobsworths” in English) is working, and “popes” comes to me here as example of one of the words I used in my email (I received many others not written down here), which has become understood by this system, because this is how it is, but nobody says anything because my sister does not. Read the full email in this document and below: https://www.scribd.com/doc/266813044/To-the-system-of-Hell-CANCEL-your-WRONG-verdict-diagnosis-of-me

FB 130715 Stig 1

FB 130715 Stig 2

FB 130715 Stig 3

Brev Lisbeth 130715

FB 130715 Dorthe

I have been given the name Ben for days, and now I was told that “this is what they saw already then”, i.e. doctors of the Psychiatric Hospital in 2008, which was about how my “inmate” Ben saw directly through me and treated me as Jesus with the greatest respect, and yes, he knew, and apparently they saw it.

This is what the Bull Ferdinand is about, I hate writing mails like this to the system above and do NOT like people, who are not honest and do not behave, communicate and work their best to understand and maintain good relations.

I washed my clothes in our common laundry on ground floor today, and I forgot to go down when the wash was over and came half an hour late, which had made other people to take out my clothes and put into baskets, and my big Ikea-bag, which I use to transport the clothes, as most do here, was no longer with my clothes, but had been removed, and almost without thinking I took a nearby Ikea bag – because I needed one (thinking that mine is also somewhere around here) – but I did not expect that it would only take two minutes before a lady noticed that her Ikea bag was no longer at her washing machine (the one I took), which made hell break lose and she shouted up about this, and yes, it was WRONG of me to steal, which I really did, and no, I have not stolen for more than twenty years (if calculating paper etc. from work, which I have always NOT liked doing, and only done little compared to others) and even longer (if not calculating paper etc. at work, but going back to when I was teenager, when I – as most here – did a little stealing at stores), and this is just to say how strongly darkness comes against me, and no, I should NEVER have done as I did here, which came to me almost like a reflection, and yes, it could also seriously damage my reputation here if they found out that it was me, and yes, it was of course the person removing my clothes from the washing machine, which made my bad disappear, who had the fault in the first place, but who thinks of this (?) – and yes, I do believe that my bag was one of the several Ikea bags there, so there was no loss after all, but who really knows?

A little after 20.00 I saw Uffe Elleman-Jensen being interviewed live on TV2-news (from the studio to his home) about the situation in Greece, and he was given some inspired speech I did not write down, and when he did his famous little smile/laugh, I was told that he is with me and has read my email to the system, and then suddenly he said that he believed that the line had broken down because it said “dut, dut, dut”, and this also came from “above”, Uffe, which was to say that I am COMPLETELY DEAD as you know, and it was underlined when the line was reestablished after some minutes and Uffe said that “we ran out of power and money”, and yes, because this is what I did. And I was told that Uffe stands behind the Danish government – Lars Løkke, Inger Støjberg etc. – when formulating its policies (!), and yes, is there a “regional council” dictating politicians “new policies” according to world development and the balance between light and darkness (?), and this is what I understand that Uffe is part of and even leading, Uffe (?), and yes, I wonder if you were part of the few people at the very top truly understanding the truth of the fight between light and darkness to return home with life to the Source, or if you were simply one of these brainwashed men of pure darkness being led by greed, power and sex not minding to eliminate 90% of the world population if this is what it takes (?), and yes, Uffe, what took it for you to enter my side (?) as I am here told apparently giving the answer.

Was it coincidence that you received cold and a deep cough these days (?), no because these people of the system were my executioners almost killing me and all of us. And I was given a VERY CLEAR deja vue, which was planted in me as boy when living on Karenvej (1976-78), which was about a BIG BOMB of the commune and hospital that could kill me.

I have been looking for a sideboard to my hall for some time without finding what I look for yet, and I have been told some times that Karen also brings furniture to our new joint home, and yes, I wonder where we will decide to live.

July 14

After finishing my email to the Psychiatric Hospital and the Commune yesterday, I started writing my email to Helsingør Court, which I will finish tomorrow, sending them “the documentation” to my case as they have already received with my writ in March (!), but they “cannot” do without having this documentation numbered an enclosures, which “stopped” my case!!!

The last days I have noticed the director of Psychiatric Hospital in Helsingør, Eric. S., being shown as one I “may know” on Facebook, and I know that I am often shown people visiting my Facebook profile, and here it was obviously in connection with my email yesterday to Eric and his colleagues, and this made me decide to forward the email of yesterday directly to him to make sure that they have actually received them so they can send me a good and honest answer, and furthermore I sent Eric a Facebook invitation, but no, he “could not” accept me, and is it difficult to continue deciding to “say nothing”, Eric, which is the same as showing your guild and poor conscience to the world, right?

FB 130715 FB Eric S

140715 til Eric S

Last week I was encouraged/motivated to order both Hemp Oil (from the seeds) and Cannabis Oil (extract from the plant, which is what cures many people from many sicknesses) and I am just curious to see if this as the most promising of all can bring me more energy or if it is as I believe that there is really nothing to do in my special case, and no, it is not to heal any cancer as my mother may think. Today, I ordered the Hemp Oil via the Internet, and I may go to Copenhagen and maybe even to the Free Town of Christiania to buy the Cannabis Oil in some days (after completing work tasks at home), we will see. And it may simply help keeping life in me for the last few weeks/months of my mission.

I was given the feeling of being on my way with the ferry to Acta, Norway, in 2007, and don’t you believe that they have been selected especially for many years to meet you, these people of the hospital and commune standing in first line of the system of hell meeting me, and yes, they have been following me for many years via papers writing of me (to the Secret Network) and they were trained by Sanna, Hans etc. This included Karen so when you met her, she, and they, knew that it was to bring you there to the hospital and they had no ability to imagine that you were able to cheat them.

So they were waiting for me to break down, seeing I was clinical death, and no he cannot work at Brede Park, Falck etc., he is finished, and yes bring him in when he gives up as people could not understand that I did not.

I felt the US Senate, so this is what the world has been waiting on knowing that they had completely emptied you but underestimating your will power to never give up.

I watched the very exciting Tour de France stage this afternoon, which became one of the finest I have ever seen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cycling/33528242

There was a maybe 15 -17 kilometres mountain climb at the very end, I believe, and before reaching it, the Danish commentators Dennis Ritter, Rolf Sørensen and Jørgen Leth, who have to be “the best reporters in the world”, spoke about this climb being “torture” and “devilry”, which was also about how the system of hell via the Psychiatric Hospital and Helsingør Commune treated me.

When the field started cycling up the climb, they cycled so fast in the lead that it broke up the field and Rolf said that “everything is in pieces, it is like an explosion, someone having thrown a bomb”, and this was about the bomb of this system of Hell threatening to eliminate me and us all.

In the beginning of the climb, it was riders from the Movistar team leading, which made me think of this old classic, which I liked much, and also that all of what we went through was a planned act between light and darkness as mentioned many times before.

I was told about “the legendary” commentator Jørgen Leth that he is hoping that you are following, which I was also told that he thought the other day, and yes, Jørgen, I cannot work all day anymore, which gives me more afternoons available to watch Tour de France, if I don’t take a nap, and I have watched more of the tour this year than for many years, and before I started my mission writing these thousands of pages, I loved watching every minute of the tour, especially in the mountains, which I have always believed is the most attractive sport of all to watch, but I do NOT like “the doping ghost” at all!

I was given the feeling of Sanna and Hans in Canada, where they are now on holiday, and immediately thereafter one of the commentators said that “they must have created a plan”, which to them was about the Movistar team, and to me was about the plan they had made to bring this bomb of the system of hell – and later to help bringing us all home when they obtained faith in me.

They continued being inspired as more and more riders could not follow, and they said “they fall off like flies here on the Bastille Day” and “this is the moment of truth”, and to me it was really also a symbol of winning against darkness, to let it fall off.

And they spoke about a Frenchman receiving “one on the bonce”, which is “on the nut” in Danish with “nut” being a symbol of “creation”, and this was just to give you a few examples of inspired speech, and yes, should I decide writing it all down, there would come much more.

I was told that to Jørgen Leth it is exciting following the story of the end of the world and especially when you are also part of it, my friend, and yes, the story on Haiti (where he lives) and more.

They spoke about the strength of Chris Froome, and Leth said that “it is not possible to see, it is a poker game all the time”, which was both inspired in relation to my game against the system of hell and really about “Poker” by Electric Light Orchestra as I have brought twice before in this script, which is about the near opening of our New World, and yes, Jørgen, this was the voice of my inner self reaching you, all viewers and me, “strange magic”, right (?), and yes, you really should be listening to my favourite music, because you do, right?

There were four true favourites to win Tour de France this year, Nibali, Quintana, Contador and Froome, and first Nibali also had to let the field go, and then to the big surprise of the commentators, Contador – the man of darkness self in this game – had to let go too and they said that “Contador is almost falling” and “is in deep trouble”, which was about all of this system of hell about to crack up, it is falling completely apart.

Chris Froome 140715Christ Froome symbolised my “Poker game” going through torture/hell to win in lonely majesty completely destroying darkness – to open our New World 🙂

And at the very end, Froome decided to take it into his own hands driving everything he could in a move forward, which shook off the last including Quintana, and this was about my last, great exertion yesterday sending the email to the Psychiatric Hospital and Commune, which I really could not do, the most critical of all, but this is how to defeat darkness, which is what Froome then was motivated to do today, which was to give everything he had “smashing all of them”, “putting things emphatically on place”, “massacring them completely” and “a complete power demonstration” as the commentators said, this is what this beautiful stage was about :-).

And it ended when Froome cycled over the goal line in lonely majesty giving everything he had until the very end, which is the attitude I love seeing, and they said that “Froom sits down heavily on the throne” and “the fab four is now the fab one”, and yes, he had defeated Quintana by one minute, Contador with almost three minutes and Nibaldi with more than four minutes, which is “completely unheard of”, and especially in the first mountain stage, where everyone still should be “relatively fresh”, right? http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/racing/tour-de-france/tour-de-france-highlights/watch-tour-de-france-stage-10-highlights-182458

Yes, the system had planned all of this since your father decided to send his own son to “the crazy house”. No, your father was not unkind but because of his decision this is how ghe wolrd became nice but evil people.

How much money do you believe your father kept hidden from you.

I was shown myself sailing on the last part of a stream through rocks out on open sea, i.e. the Source.

Yes, Sanna would have told me nothing that she stood behind when I would have been hospitalised and killed as the world would have been told nothing by the elite when they would seriously start eliminating 90% of the world.

I received the feeling of Vivian inside darkness and how darkness is created of love too, and she is ready and important to bring out our New World via faith in you too, yes, new found faith. She has the power to wake up people via your mother because of her love in you etc. This is the power we are building up.

I was shown several ships of the Source this evening with green and some with red lights.

I was shown green asparagus turning into coffee at the library of the Source, which is sent to Vivian to spread out, i.e. the power of the Source.

I received the feeling of Sicily and Bee Gees together with “incredible love”, we have followed you all the way, and then I received the feeling of ABBA and was told that they have too.

In reality, it is only your mother who is designed to look into this (the Source), but we have outsourced her power to some people, whom you were in love with, which really were very few because they had to both look good, have style (as I like) and intelligence, and to me, Vivian was the first woman having this that I met, and no, I never had a true girlfriend like this, I only dreamt that I had.

We aren’t so disappearing small that we have crawled into and wait to bring out the power from here, yes, it takes only one explosion of light, this is enough to start it all.

July 15

I keep receiving many dreams, which I decide not to write down, which included a dream this night about being in the water at Snekkersten beach with a friend and I am under water holding my breath, as I almost cannot, to find an important spot there, it is the best and clearest weather ever, everything glows and looks like gold of Egypt, and I see UFO’s flying around. And when I woke up, I was told that I would rather live in Hollywood than so many other places because of their faith ine me, and I was shown Hollywood with red roses everywhere, which has to be about the film industry knowing about and having faith in me too, and no, I don’t watch many of your new films as you know, most of them are not my style.

Henrik T-H (my old class friend), well you haven’t started building the bridge without Stig, so he got the idea to see if this is what he could do himself, to plant material of you and then onto the road again to pass into nothing. Yes, he understood that it was dangerous to push you out into the cold.

It isn’t so that you and John suffer from the same, which killed John in the end, but you are still alive because of this; your work (defending you).

At the Tour de France today, nothing really happened except from speaking of “igniting the fuse” – of the Source) and much inspired speech about a VULTURE making them laugh, which was really about the vulture of the system of hell working against me.

I received the feeling of my old friend from Karenvej, Henrik F.-M., and was told that he (and his father) was sent by darkness to destroy the delivery of the program of light to me at Sicily in 1978, which could only be done in “quiet moments” when I was alone, but no, I cannot remember that I was much together with Henrik there even though we were friends, because I was with my mother and sister, and he was with his father, and no, I cannot remember that his younger brother Christian was with them, I don’t believe he was.

It becomes more and more light here because of all work you do.

Now we are not called Henrik anymore because he was the one planting darkness of Sanna in you, yes, their only chance to win if you ask me. Who made you feel lazy and without energy in life – but no, I never had one single moment sitting in the sofa during my mission with the physical feeling inside of me if I should choose to sit or stand up and work knowing that work is right but could not, and that is because I decided to do all my work not even coming in this difficult situation once.

Henrik got his own little pyramid made of spring rolls, as I am shown here, which we have now decided to enter to see what tools they save here, yes, turned around, which we need too. Here is a scissor to slice up the chicken, i.e. helping to divide creation further, yes, your sister knew but difficult to use right when you cannot see it as darkness, so she used it for the opposite to kill you which was Henrik’s distinguished task to do.

This was at a time Sanna did not believe in you. Because Sanna already back then said “do everything to stop Stig”, which is where we received the idea to implement a piece of Sanna/darkness self in you for her to grow stronger inside you to overtake you/all and it is this piece via Henrik that was impossible for you to avoid and this piece we are now operating out after having made your life increasingly more painful/impossible, via worse and worse torture given to me, via Henrik in you as part of your program because he was too close on you on Sicily, that is why. Yes, the cleverest and sneakiest part of darkness as cancer working and growing inside of you stealing everything you have.

It is only done with the greatest love of your mother that we are removing this piece of darkness of man self wanting to overtake me, to lock me in and the world.

So Henrik was never really your friend, as I thought he was (we were truly friends from 1976-80), but also prepared for this as his life task and yes Henrik where are you now what do you do (?), and yes, I remember finding him and his little brother on Linked-in maybe 3-4 years ago, where it took them long time before accepting me, and this evening I found him on Facebook, sent him an invitation, which he accepted, and yes, he also lives in Helsingør (!), and works with electronic equipment/software as Account Manager.

I received the feeling of Bee Gees and ABBA, we knew all of this and that is the light side (on Sicily in 1978 when installing my program of light in me), but we were not allowed to tell you, which was the same as receiving a handicap to start with because we had almost lost already when starting up this game in 1978 shortly before I became sexually mature.

This is what your mother’s mother and father’s mother, I feel both here, knew and almost cried about believing that you had lost in forehand, which was also because of Hitler etc. But my will power was the name of the game to win.

This was destroying your life and still it required your mother being proud of you thinking you did well to make her task creating life to you instead of choosing Sanna over you, this is what it was about.

Everything was also meant to make it a fata morgana making it impossible for you to see (spiritually clean) but we found a method writing like crazy, which “no one” read and then your website including the true story to make people believe in you and this was enough.

Yes, Henrik’s and my friendship ended symbolically in 1980, I believe, when we had moved to Snekkersten (in 1978), and when he one day visited me, I caught him stealing from me, so this was the last time seeing him.

No, we have never been hitting ourselves, darkness against light, but this is how Sanna wanted to kill you because she had your father on her side.

How much has Hans been bragging to world leaders that “we are winning” (for darkness) and now he is meeting the same people again Canada now speaking on my side as Sanna is also on now, and yes, my continuous work helps him out.

So it is about bringing the Queen’s document (stamp of creation) to Vivian, and I feel both of them.

Yes, I did not have access to the Source as my father had (so I am told here ….), I was just a resource to be emptied, yes, they knew that you would inherit being “the one”, but they believed they had changed it to ehhh some working for Sanna with Niklas and others for John via Putin, is that it? And this is also to say that they would have killed your father no matter what.

Isn’t it funny you have been surrounded by “big politics of the world” without you or your mother being told about it.

Thank you for connecting to Henrik (Facebook) because he is bringing us right home being your bridgehead to the Source.

I felt my mother, and was then shown the BIGGEST ship of the Source yet with MUCH light on it.

So it was previous darkness of the world before you that had already taken part of you and wanted the rest of your clean self/light, supposed to save us all, for its purpose, an unsustainable New World of man.

So we painted in Henrik in your storyboard to destroy you first now taking him out right before meeting your master, yourself, whom you really are, light, the Source.

Karen and I were born identical and the art was to preserve it that way building us up in the same pace on each side.

So this is how they bent off some of your power, which was to give it wrongly to Henrik instead of you, which you will also get back.

It could only work out if you did not carry out “wrong sexual behaviour”, which is really the same as my old nightmare, at the very most critical time of all, which was at the time of creation of our New World, which is where I did right only thinking of Karen, and it was in this period that man was hoping that they could steal everything to be used for their sexual creation abusing my mother and me for their unsustainable New World.

I am here thinking that my mother and Ole departed in 1978, and I was sick for weeks “as result of this”, and on hospital, but I wonder what really happened back then, and if I had things “implanted” in me of darkness of man? It was first hereafter that we went to Sicily in July 1978, where I remember that it was 44 degrees in the shadows, the worst heatwave I have ever experienced.

This is what your father and everyone expected you to give in to, and they did it because they knew that you could not accept their way of life and New World, they knew, which is why they decided to empty my eternity from life.

So this is what we had to be careful not doing in the years of creation. This is the state prison they wanted to transfer you to. But no, there will be no “smashed potatoes”.

This is what the world was waiting on and then to release everything into their new creation via John.

It is this set up that Sanna and Hans now travel the world asking the world to get out of. This is the approval of the world they have been collecting to bring everything over to you in light instead – after they realized their biggest mistake, because your sister did not as good as you, which this is about.

And this is then what we have transferred to the other side (all light of me), so there is really nothing of you remaining.

Yes, this is all energy that Sanna with Hans would fart cakes of.

This is what Kim S. and everyone knew; that I was important to bring their new energy to bring out your father’s, Sanna’s and the world’s plan.

And they, Sanna and Hans, could not let me win my case against Helsingør Commune and the Appeal Board bringing me money symbolising the Source before they had all of the world with me, which is why they asked the system to go against me.

This is why the world did not care that you are not unemployed etc. because we have to bring in Stig for their creation.

I am TIRED of my eyes constantly running in water and feeling completely empty from energy all over my inside, no, it is NOT funny (feeling smiles here because we are almost home).

I sent my email to the court including these enclosure as the court had asked for. You can read the full email from page 144 in this document: https://www.scribd.com/doc/250502729/Helsing%C3%B8r-Municipality-cheated-me-for-special-home-aid-forcing-me-to-live-on-a-stone.

This is the beginning of the email:

“Sag nr. BS 3D-533/2015 – til dommer Ulla Ingerslev

Til: Retten i Helsingør, dommer Ulla Ingerslev
Kopi til: Kammeradvokaten

Jeg henviser til udskrift af retsbogen af 6.7.2015, hvoraf fremgår, at ”sagsøgeren skal derfor fremlægge de bilag, som stævningen henviser til, og bilagene skal være påført bilagsbetegnelse i øverste højre hjørne”, som jeg hermed fremsender vedlagt denne mail og som desuden er offentlig tilgængelig her, selvom alle bilag allerede var inkluderet i min stævning af 20. marts 2015 (!) – vi skriver nu juli (!) – med henvisning til sagens samlede korrespondance, som er offentlig tilgængelig her.
Det er således i virkeligheden MAGELØST, at I som ”system” overhovedet kan finde på, at bede mig om at gøre det arbejde, som jeg allerede har gjort én gang med den ene undtagelse, at jeg ikke oprindeligt har nummereret bilagene, og ja, enhver idiot kunne HELT ENKELT forstå logikken i min stævning med vedlagte bilag/dokumentation fra sagskorrespondancen, men alligevel valgte min modpart at spille dummere end politiet tillader ved at opfordre retten til at afvise sagen på grund af ”formelle mangler” med påstand om, at jeg ikke havde vedlagt ”skriftlig dokumentation” (!), som de dog selv havde ”overset”, fordi de ”ikke gad” læse sagens korrespondance (!!!), som ellers burde være helt naturligt at gøre som det allerførste for enhver, der skal bedømme sagen, og hermed udstillede de sig selv om dovne amatører og KOMPLET SINDSSYGE til verden, og ja, desværre valgte retten at hoppe med på galejen ved at bede mig om at udføre et arbejde, som allerede er udført, for I har fået bilagene, og “enhver idiot” kan forstå og læse dem fra sagskorrespondancen, hvis blot der var en “positiv velvilje”, men det var der altså ikke. Dertil var systemet “alt for kancellistisk”.

Min stævning blev forkyndt overfor Ankestyrelsen den 4. maj, og vi skriver nu den 15. juli, og jeg kan således konstatere, at der er gået 10 uger på UNØDVENDIGT BUREAUKRATI for ”papirnussere” i min sag UDEN at “systemet” overhovedet har forholdt sig til selve sagen (!!!), og besluttet sig for at afslutte denne med værdighed og give mig ret, for det er konklusionen (!), men nej, dovenskab, travlhed, firkantet kancelli og attituden ”systemet over borgeren” medførte dette, og jeg behøver ikke at fortælle jer, at dette er FULDSTÆNDIGT UACCEPTABELT, gør jeg (?), og ja, det bliver altså op til en hel verden i al fremtid at afgøre, om det var mig, der var ”sindssyg” ved at anlægge sag mod jeres ”helvedes system” på min logiske måde, som naturligvis inkluderer HELE SAGENS KORRESPONDANCE som grundlag for vurdering af sagen, eller om det var systemet, som ”ikke kunne finde ud af” at læse og forstå dette, og som var så firkantet/kancellistisk, at det bad mig om at fremsende de bilag (nu nummeret), som jeg allerede havde fremsendt med min stævning fra den 20.3.2015 (!), og ja, hvad tror I, at der er rigtigt at gøre ifølge min overbevisning; at gennemgå hele sagen omhyggeligt eller kun ”udvalgte bilag” (?), og nej, det kan der vist IKKE være nogen tvivl om overhovedet, kan der (?), det er naturligvis hele sagen kronologisk, og hvordan kan det så være, at I ikke følger denne logik for burhøns (?), og ja, det er også ofte sådan, at I ”professionelle” ikke kan finde rundt i jeres bilag, ”hvor skrev jeg nu dette eller hint (?), ok, så prøver jeg at sige dette” og ”går den, så går den”, men nej, sådan arbejder vi IKKE her – SØRG FOR AT TVISTER AFGØRES PÅ ET SOBERT/FULDSTÆNDIGT GRUNDLAG (!), og at alle, der er involveret i sagen, har gennemgået sagen omhyggeligt, og hermed forstår, at der er KUN ÉN mulig afgørelse på enhver sag, som alle OBJEKTIVT og RETFÆRDIGT skal følge som en selvfølge, og ja, det siger vel sådan set sig selv, og er vel også sådan, at befolkningen tror, at retssystemet arbejder, men det ved vi godt, os, der er inkluderet i denne sag, at det er det ikke, fordi ”andre interesser” fra ”magthaverne” kan dreje hovedet på enhver og glemme det oprindelige, idealistiske ønske om ”retfærdighed for alle”, ikke mine damer og herrer (?), og ja, hvor lang tid tror I, at ”går den, så går den” i min sag (?), og hertil kan jeg sige, at vi er ved at komme til afslutningen, I kan godt mærke det, ikke (?), og lad mig også sige, at disse ord er givet til mig 100% ”ovenfra” af ham der ”den øverste” I ved nok, men at de kun fremgår her fordi, at jeg som Stig har valgt at skrive og fremsende netop disse ord, hvor jeg i stedet kunne have valgt at lade være og skrive ”helt traditionelt”, men jeg gør det, fordi det er rigtigt at gøre, comprende (?), og ja, sådan taler Gud altså, når han (mit indre selv) taler igennem mit fysiske selv til ”mørket i jer” for at skære igennem og for at lære mennesket om, hvad ”retfærdighed for alle” i virkeligheden er, get it?

Jeg går nu ud fra, at såvel Retten som Kammeradvokaten i disse moderne, elektroniske tider selv kan finde ud af at udskrive og sammenhæfte mine bilag, og at dette ikke er ”for meget forlangt”, og jeg kan i øvrigt tilføje, at hvis Kammeradvokaten og Retten havde valgt at udvise mig ”positiv velvilje” som borger i forhold til systemet, så kunne I vel nok have fulgt min opfordring om at udskrive de sider i sagskorrespondancen, som jeg henviste til i min stævning, nummerere dem og give mig meddelelse herom, og ja, så kunne vi være fortsat med sagen umiddelbart i stedet for alt dette helt unødvendige papirnusseri og “negativ uvilje” fra min modpart, og ja, for der var INTET i vejen med min stævning, det var kun jeres firkantede system og manglende velvilje, som gjorde, at denne ”verdens vigtigste sag nogensinde” var tæt på at blive tabt på gulvet, og ja, kan I huske, hvilken betydning sagen i virkeligheden har, eller måske I skal læse op på sagens akter for at forstå, at sagen kun er et symbol på overlevelse for hele menneskeheden (?) – I SKULLE SKAMME JER!
For god ordens skyld beder jeg retten om IKKE at indrømme min modpart yderligere udsættelse af sagen, men at bede Kammeradvokaten og Ankestyrelsen om OMHYGGELIGT at læse og forstå sagens akter og at behandle sagen GRUNDIGT uden at udvise yderligere negativ uvilje/forkert obstruktion, så vi slipper for at misbruge yderligere tid på at arbejde på det lave niveau, som ”lusede amatører” gør, når de ikke gider gøre deres arbejde ordentligt, og det betyder, at de i virkeligheden kun kan nå én konklusion, som er, at ”sagen er tabt”, eller at ”der er ingen sag”, og så er det altså bedre at give op i stedet for at kæmpe en nytteløs kamp på grund af ”andre interesser”, tror I, at I kan gøre dette?”

Read the rest of the email from the document above.

July 16

I dreamt among other dreams about having been elected to the Danish Parliamnent instead of Sanna who has a loud voice in the Parliament, and I receive private presents by other MP’s, and ask why and if I should not pay tax of these gifts – and yes, still WRONG to give private gifts via business, and this is about how I have overtaken faith of the Danish Parliament.

Yesterday, I believed that my cold and cough was finally about being over, but yesterday evening and most of the night, I had the worst cough keeping me awake and making me believe that I will not get over this, this is how serious it is. I felt the cough coming from outside and directly from the Source to me. Later, I felt that my cough not only comes from the Source, but that it is the last part of darkness of my mother, i.e. the world., and it now feels so strong that it may kill me, and it may be this that I need to have cannabis oil to treat me for, and no, I will NOT visit the doctor about this, he will only give me pills, which is not my cup of tea.

I only received little sleep before starting to write the script of yesterday, which was difficult to finish because of this. Later, I decided to wait publishing the script until tomorrow.

At approx. 12:21, the Danish Tour de France commentators again laughed about seeing a bird, which this time should be a kite, which made Leth say that they agreed yesterday to call these birds for “birds of prey”, but the funny Dennis said “no, dickybirds” and something about “having it under the carpet”, which was all inspired about the system of hell hiding to me (after my emails to them), but Leth said “no, it is poultry”, i.e. a symbol of creation, so there you have it again, my friends – “directly inspired from above”. Later, Rolf Sørensen was inspired when the Danish Jakob Fuglsang was close to winning the stage today, but when the stage winner Rodriguez had cycled away from Fuglsang, Rolf shouted on Fuglsang to continue saying that it is all about “faith, faith and faith”, and yes, it is indeed, Rolf, also in relation to me, but you do know, right (?), and how many of your colleagues from the Tour de France circus do you believe will come and ask you about me this time after I have published this script with my stories on previous stages?

I was given the feeling of the tour I had with my mother to Tisvilde, and then one of our tours on Costa del Sol, and was told that she only experienced this because of me and only has good experiences as result, which is what we give her and what brings us home.

I felt Vivian and Mijas, so we brought her from Mijas to Australia to start our New World there – still with Mijas as the origin of everything.

Isn’t it funny if they succeeded turning around Jette (with her Google Earth pictures starting to work together with me in 2012) making her believe that Stig is crazy, thus stopping communication and unfriending me on Facebook, and yes, Sanna/Hans and also Fanny of course.

How hard do you think they moved in on Karen’s parents against you (I feel HARD!) etc.

I received the feeling of Karen over again, she feels that you are getting warm and coming close on her, and yes, she is attracted to you because you are NOT destroyed sexually as she is, but is “fresh”.

So all we say is that all making love of and experimenting with Karen brought the end of life too because it was required that you and your mother also contributed with creation, but not together as man believed.

I was told that the prank about Paris Hilton’s plane crashing, giving her the worst moment in her life, was because I have been thinking of her having an easy life, and we know, this is NOT funny, not at all, but this is how people were inspired to make this “prank” recently.

So we have emptied everything of Karen to you and the New World, thus also Sanna, who was in there too. This is why they cannot stop loving you because they are now you. It was these two, Sanna and Karen, giving me heart attacks, where my mother was only creating life. This is why I (the Source) walk as a man of light, and I was given sounds and the feelings of the Source in my kitchen, yes, the Source is inside creation.

My cough reduced during the day making me think that this time it is over ….

I felt my father and was told that he was only part of God’s game of creation.

In reality, hearts – as I am shown here – come to you from everywhere, and I feel Vivian, Karen and my mother.

And then, when we have won – I feel “won” is about saving all life – we will of course play this one and I was given the lyrics “we are the champions of the world”.

I keep feeling Lisbeth from the Commune, and was told that they will not put me back to the match-group 1 (work capable) because of “the danger” that I will do the same when sent out in activation as I did with Falck in 2011 (my report on Falck), and yes, they know and again I was told about Lyngby and Helsingør Communes working together about me.

Vivian leads and shares her task of bringing out our New World with all other women you have been in love with, yes, I have not really been in love with neither Camilla, Henriette or Karen (!), and it is true that Vivian brought me the deepest feelings of love in my life when I was teenager and for years (because I was kept from love/women), and after her, it may include ladies like Lotte E. from PFA (end of the 1980’s), Connie P. (Danske Bank, end of the 1980’s), and maybe Lani (end of the 1980’s) and Sidsel (2000’s), and we shall see when the show starts.

Who is my successor (?), yes, your child as New World 2 with yourself being New World 1, and this is about the 7-divided God as described on the front page of my website as I have been unsure about for some time, and yes, Karen and I are parents to all life made by my mother, which I understand in relation to our New World II, but what about the New World I, and yes, here is only two parts of the Source here, which is Karen and I, so apparently we created ourselves via the light of the Source shot in here, and this may mean a change to this information on my website when I understand it fully – the 7-divided God, which may be the same, but not that it was my mother and father creating New World I according to this.

Ryan Air in Denmark is closing because the Union requires collective agreements, which Ryan Air will not accept, and yes, in our New World, the strategy of both sides is WRONG because we will all make the same and have good working conditions, and this is also to say that there may not be more cheap tickets from Copenhagen to London, which I was told a long time ago had come this year to “help” my mother, (sister) and I to go to London “where time starts”, we will see.

I was shown the actor Mads Mikkelsen bringing a schooner to harbour and he said “the tour went well then”, which is about saving all life, and yes, he is coming here to close everything as he also started it back in 2006 when I was opened full spiritually.

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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