August 2015 – after script I: The electrician has filled up the rocket of our New World with fuel, i.e. force of the Source bringing gold of creation to all – ready to be fired off


Summary of the script today

  • August 8, 2015. The electrician has filled up the rocket of our New World with fuel, i.e. force of the Source bringing gold of creation to all – ready to be fired off. The last of the Old World is now being sucked out by the ship yard or the bank from where it was locked out, i.e. the Source. It will be the year zero when we will start all over, which is when your mother will bring your new self birth. We only continue for as long as I do not decide to stop, and I still have some more work to do to my website – and to win the case over the Appeal Board.


  • I still have “strong cough” feeling as “strong sickness” all over my body because of darkness of my mother and bringing out my inner self. The last of the Old World is now being sucked out by the ship yard or the bank from where it was locked out, i.e. the Source.
  • Sanna wanted to cut off my lifeline because when I could no more, it would be given to a new and strong man coming in. I keep being told that we only continue for as long as I do not decide to stop, and I still have some more work to do to my website – and to win the case over the Appeal Board. After Sicily 1978, we immediately started dividing people for or against you. This is how it has been since all over the world, for or against you via actions of people. This was the power of showdown – released by your father. Because there is only one Tivoli, Sanna believed she was leading the side of light, which was really “darkness disguised as light”. And Stig was leading the other side, where we were all going to die according to Sanna & Co., who believed they deserved to live despite of what they did. Sanna’s deliberate goal was to bring me so much resistance that I would give up, which is what she and everyone believed would happen. All of this was agreed between my father and sister, which is why my father had “no guts” as I call it. No one expected me to come up the hole of Brede Park as they laid out for me because the resistance (calculated from people for or against you) brought me MUCH pressure. “It is even without danger”, so my father and also sister were planning their new way of life together without me. This was Sanna’s power that was going to overtake you, but she has never had a door slammed so hardly against her. Stig is never giving up – continuing to the end. Their medical surveys showing that “Stig is crazy” was also because people having these “characteristics” normally should act crazy, but not I because I am light.
  • It will be the year zero when we will start all over, which is when your mother will bring your new self birth. Their card house is close to falling together for example when one on Stengade will come over thanking you for what you have done. My old close friend Allan M-H has already left/being fired off to avoid a terrible accident if my mother, i.e. world, should suddenly explode. The electrician has filled up the rocket of our New World with fuel, i.e. force of the Source bringing gold of creation to all. There have been no tradesmen here for ages, i.e. no new life to transform from darkness to light. I asked LTO and the Deliverance Church to become my true servants spreading faith in me and my philosophy when sending an email to the church.


August 2015 – after script I: The electrician has filled up the rocket of our New World with fuel, i.e. force of the Source bringing gold of creation to all – ready to be fired off

August 8, 2015: The electrician has filled up the rocket of our New World with fuel, i.e. force of the Source bringing gold of creation to all – ready to be fired off

July 30

I woke up being told “John Cleese and see the big leader is dead”, and is this a warning of what is coming?

Later I woke up being told “no, if you don’t do like that, the world discovers that you lack a whole world in your mouth” and I felt Søren Pind – and this came after a dream of Søren Pind, where we have been following each other in detail on the train.

I wrote the front page of my website in 2010-2012 including stories of what happened then, and then I have used it as “garbage” bringing more and more update information on it, and I have now decided to give it its final view by slimming it much, and I am now using time to collect all information of my scripts from 2010-15 on a separate page, and only to bring summaries of these on the front page, which may take some days to do, and when this is done, there is even more work to do on the front page.

In the afternoon, after a nap, which was necessary again as it is almost daily, I decided to go to Fitnessdk even though I did not feel well, and today was a level 2 training on a higher level than level 1 yesterday, and it was even tougher going through because of how big I am and being out of form, and I had to let go on the program of the instructor after 40-45 minutes, and I ended up using an average of 69 RPM and 133 Watts (max. 101/229) and I burnt 808 calories.

I have been in doubt in a long time about the production of our New World and New World II because on my front page, I wrote a long time ago that it was my father and mother producing the first New World and Karen and I the other, but in the later information given on Creation – as I went through again and updated the other day – I was told that creation was simply about friction between Karen and I with my mother drilling out life, my sister sending it to me, and then turning it around from darkness of Karen to light and then unite it with me as one, and when cycling today, I was told that “you have succeeded reproducing two times”, and yes, Karen and I as the Source with our mother in between, so this is what I will write when I will update this in some days.

I still have the foundation of my cough as constant darkness in my throat, I feel it constantly, and sometimes it comes out as coughing. These days I have slept poorly and have had difficulties working more than a few hours per day, and I still feel terrible physically – big and with difficulties moving – but in general, the Cannabis oil, now 9 drops per day, brings me more energy and lightens up my head not feeling as close to fainting as before.

I was shown a red light of the Source at Hittarp, which is about my mother and I can almost feel her depression these days and her miss of John, and it makes me sad that she is sad and have difficulties controlling it.

I received the lyrics “But if I had your faith, Then I could make it safe and clean, If only I was sure, That my head on the door was a dream”, which may be about my mother “close to me” because of how she feels like, and yes, “if only she had (even more) faith in me”, she would not have a reason to be sad.

July 31

I dreamt about how I was exposed to a plot some years ago where everyone of the established community was wrongly against me, and I have now decided to coming back and to treat all the same no matter what they did to me as I tell Jan Gintberg, who is my special friend and was appointed to take over my hotel room in Helsingør, where I lived for 36 days, and left behind writings of meetings with politicians and famous people, which expose their lie about me, which Jan has read and understood, it is now my turn giving back.

I have been given very big sneezes for some time again. At the washing cellar today, my cough for a short time only became “ten times worse” making me feeling like choking, which could only be a sign saying that it was not good that I took another Ikea-bag when I was in the washing cellar the last time, which therefore is part of the cough I receive now.

When returning for my clothes at the washing cellar, I met Manuela, and we had a nice half hour of talk, she has had a nervous breakdown herself some time ago after helping the others here having a negative view of life and being jealous on each other, and I encouraged her to be STRONG and POSITIVE – and now she also speaks to Preben, which makes me happy, and yes, I have opened and encouraged Preben enough to do this, and made her unafraid of him now. Again I was told about how she was manipulated too by Sanna and Hans letting her know just how negative and horrible I am, but she experienced the opposite.

Inge knew that I would get into “great difficulties” already at the beginning of World War II.

My cough is like having a constant flu all over my entire body, and I don’t know why, but the Cannabis Oil combined with how I feel also comes floating in over me 2-3 hours after I have taken it making me INCREDIBLE tired, where I need to take one, sometimes two naps per day, which also makes it difficult to sleep at night, so I feel better, yes, but not it is still not at all easy to go through these days too, where I still feel so terrible that I could give up, but no, I will not.

Charlotte S. and Mia from Aon (1995-97) may be part of the women bringing out our New World too.

I was shown the ship on its way into dock, thank you for loan. This is the last (of the Old World) being sucked in from where it was shout out, as I was shown.

Russia rockets being turned off, this is what you will be remembered for not being afraid. So Mimi is one of the instructors who sat behind the handles controlling the game. So they gave you the top job to switch this off, which the Pope could not.

Sanna wanted to cut off my lifeline because when I could no more, it would be given to a new and strong man coming in. I felt Robin Gibb and was told that this was her goal, to steal life.

My mother invited me out for dinner on Restaurant Hyacint this evening, and yes, she obviously does not like preparing dinner at the moment, and we had a nice time going there – but I was truly weak, and my mother may have difficulties understanding that I am still coughing.

August 1

I am still physically weak because of the flue all over my body and poor sleep (“more or less”), but my head still feels better/”relieved”, and I felt this morning “oh no, I cannot really do it” when I was on my way to my mother to hang up three of her paintings and one mirror in her new room, and I first had to take careful measurements to make sure that I got it right, and despite of not having energy or motivation at all to do it, and feeling that I really need to do my website, I still made it, which made my mother very happy, and afterwards she said that she feels very relieved in her head having done this room – exactly as I told her after Johns death that she would feel and why it was important for her to do it. When I left, she gave me 350 DKK because of my work, and I told her that I do NOT like to be paid for “work like this” (this is a favour as I like giving), and yes, my mother still gives me some money and gifts now and again, and I have decided to generally accept this, which is to accept darkness the same way as accepting doing wrong internet behaviour, and yes, really to bring home the last darkness of the Old World.

I feel so weak that I need a break from training, today is Saturday, so I hope I can return for training on Monday.

It was still American agents protecting me from Russian rockets, as I am here shown, even though they could not protect me from these, so how then (?), yes, via faith.

I continued my work on my new separate web-pages bringing summaries of my scripts from 2010-15, which I will finish tomorrow, and yes, I am with this because it will make it even easier for people to understand, and I should really have made it this way from the beginning, but I had too much to do being able to do it back then.

I received a STRONG cough, where I could not breath for some seconds, and I was told that this is because of something you told, which was killing Hans and your family, and yes, the story of incest, but my family decided to keep seeing Hans because I do, but he has lost all also compared to what I did. So it was the finest transition imaginable, yes from your mother and the world to me as new leader.

The new room has really lifted up my mother’s mood much, which is also part of my job to do, and Sanna and Hans visited her this afternoon, and they had to see the room three times because of just how well it looks, which truly makes my mother happy.

The ship building is really over but still I am improving my website.

It was only because of the outcome of World War II – Russia not winning Denmark – that we decided to go on with plans bringing your mother and father together and bringing birth to your sister and you, yes, we will also take the last part, which was not at all certain that we would, but this is how it became.

The world is also also amazed that we have not had a world financial breakdown, which is because they have to continue their plans, but we have avoided it.

A weak and almost non existing voice told me that there were no superpowers to influence me and in the end, I had to make up my own mind about what I believed of these superpowers. “Singleton”, in practice you travelled without protection of superpowers just doing what you felt was right to do.

“Bonden – Lev og lad deux” (“The farmer – live and let die”), which is about “Bonden” from Shu-Bi-Dua, which name I have been given many times the last weeks, and here together with a song from Sneakers (Sanne Salomonsen), which is probably about “live and let die”, and I was told that both are still with me.

So we had to let you look unprotected so anyone could come against you as they would decide.

Including how yo bring out your life, and I feel doctors being controlled by superpowers. Including “invisible aliens” – as I feel here around me – working for them on me during nights.

Lundbeck, a Danish international pharmaceutical company, was about to overtake the world, and yes, not only via psychoactive drugs, but also via ecstasy etc. as they also controlled.

And I was then shown the ship of the Source sailing by having the most blue lights on it as any ship before, which was very beautiful.

I received the strongest diarrhea and felt Peter T. and my mother, and yes, more destruction, and I was told that it is because I did not go to Crete, which is where I was encouraged to go weeks ago.

I was happy receiving this email from “Awumdah”.


August 2

A floating tooth may come by today or tomorrow because this is what we are preparing.

After Sicily 1978, we immediately started dividing people for or against you. This is how it has been since all over the world, for or against you via actions of people. This was the power of showdown – released by your father.

Because there is only one Tivoli, this is what Sanna believed she was leading the side of “darkness acting as light”, and Stig was leading the other side, where we were all going to die according to Sanna & Co., isn’t it funny that she and her partners in crime believed that they deserved to live when thinking of what they did.

No, Stig was not crazy about receiving power as Sanna was. And it was a deliberate goal from her to give you so much resistance that you would give up, so she and everyone thought that this would happen, and yes, we know, old stories.

Including Bent stealing “your ladies” in the beginning of the 1990’s, and yes, Liselotte and Helle W. from South Africa, who are also ladies on the list of creation.

Christina, my old school friend from Espergærde, has led an rebellion to release you simply via faith.

Yes all of this was agreed between your father and sister, which is why he had no guts as you call it. No one expected you to come up the hole of Brede Park as they laid out for you because the resistance (calculated from people for or against you) brought you MUCH pressure against you.

It is even without danger so your father and also sister were planning their new way of life together without you. This is when the cancer started hitting him, yes, even before this you remember.

My “cough all over the body” felt lighter today after some hard days where I was brought on my limit.

This is the constant feeling of happiness I have given your sister wrongly, which I am now about to give to you all.

This was Sanna’s power that was going to overtake you, but she has never had a door slammed so hardly against her. Stig is never giving up – continuing to the end.

My plan today included to finish work on my new pages includes summaries on my scripts and to update my front page with this and also to publish it on Facebook, but at 16.00, my neighbour, Preben, had received the idea to cook together with me, which he has asked me about doing before, which I have accepted, and now it was time, he thought, so he brought organic vegetables from Aarstiderne in Humlebæk and smoked salmon and started preparing this, which meant that I could not end my work today, but I prioritized doing this instead thinking that this is also about fighting darkness in Preben, and yes, took him FOREVER because his hands are shaking and he is “not the fastest knife in the drawer” if you understand such a small one, and yes, I decided to take out my new and VERY SHARP knives for him to use, and he told me a story about how the police had him with knives and he said “no, I don’t want to to stab people”, and yes, this comes after his dark spiritual voice has ordered him to become a mass murderer (!), and yes, apparently by stabbing down people, but here I stood and gave him my sharpest knives, which he could have decided to use against me if he was not strong enough to go against this voice of darkness as I have told him how to do for months, and as I did again today, and it seems as if this is working, and yes, he has more faith in me than these dark voices.

And I told him again that his strong belief that he is being exposed to thefts/burglaries is really another obsessive thought of his, “you are the only one here being exposed to this” and “you keep on believing that I am gay too, which I have told you one hundred times that I am NOT, this is the same kind of obsessive thought, will you try to see if you can allow this thought to enter you” (?), and yes, this is how it goes when I try to bring him more and more out of “hopeless darkness” that otherwise had overtaken him, but this thing about burglaries IS the truth as he tells me again and again and is convinced about, or what, Preben?

I told him about politicians, as he wanted to talk about, and how they often do not know details of what they decide on, but are only good to “talk, talk and talk” and “have a meaning about everything”, I also told him that they are playing a game telling the population that they fight war and terror at the same time as they really work to bring war and terror with the goal to eliminate 90% of the world population and yes, “Preben, these smiling people are trying to KILL you” (!), and this is how I try to get through let us say “dense darkness” in the head of this man – to help us all come out of this last tanker of darkness. And when I told him about this, I was given the feeling of Bjarne, the previous director of Helsingør Commune, and yes, he started believing in my scripts about this dark New World Order, which is what kept you from carrying out the forced hospitalization of me in 2012/13, right Bjarne?

And no, Preben has done NOTHING about cleaning up his apartment as we have spoken about the last year or so, and today I decided to CUT THROUGH and go directly to his most inner asking him “why don’t you do it when you know you will feel better doing it – what does it take for you to START doing it, have you developed carelessness and don’t you have any self-discipline and self-respect anymore” (?), and yes, he is very clean with himself personally and he wants to have everything perfect, this is how he is, but he “lost it” on the way, and this is what I am trying to help him lift again and yes also telling him about how my mother feels “relieved in her head” after having changed John’s office – “this is what we talk about, JUST DO IT, Preben” (!!!), and yes, “make an action plan with 10, 20 or 30 tasks including deadlines, come and present it to me, and JUST DO IT” (!), and yes, his reply, “I will do it”, so we will now have to see if he really can, and no, I am not sure that he is there yet, but I am bringing him there, and will NOT give up on him – as the system and families give up on people as they also have with Preben.

And yes, “what do you think of me, Stig” (?), as he asked, and I told him that the worst friends are yesmen only having good things to tell him, so apart from being a good friend, a nice/”fine” man, well speaking, intellectual and cultural, “you are also a stiff-neck being far too old-fashioned/conservative”, which is because you have turned inwards receiving “strange habits”, which you cannot escape from, and this is what happens to many men, when they become old, and it is ashame, because the true you is really the opposite, which is to be interested and curious in life and culture, so you really have to turn around from what you allowed your misery to do to you and to come back being your good, old self, and yes, Preben is not in doubt when I tell him, it is just about “JUST DO IT” (!), and no, it is NOT difficult if you just do it, and yes, I also told him that I have been a Zombie myself more dead than alive for 10 years, and still I have worked harder than most people, so you really have no poor excuses, Preben, as I also told him, “just look into yourself and decide to CHANGE” and then, JUST DO IT!!!

No, I have NEVER told Preben about who I really am, but that I am overshadowed 24/7 and also that Jesus was, so maybe he is thinking his ….

My nice email-correspondence with Awumdah continued today:


Later, I was given the feeling of Damon Albarn from Blur and his “dedicated performance” on this years Roskilde Festival, and I was then given the lyrics “He lives in a house, a very big house in the country” and this house is here a reference to the house of the Source and my new home, and one minute thereafter I received the last reply today from this nice gentleman in Florida, USA, who has found me and decided to have faith in me and my “big house”, and yes, this is our email correspondence from yesterday and today, which shows warmth, sincerity and openness, which I LOVE :-), and after reading his reply, I continued receiving “a very big house in the country”, one of my Blur-favourites :-).


August 3

After sending my reply to Awumdah this morning, I received the lyris “forever and ever – I say a little prayer for you” from the beautiful song by Aretha Franklin, and yes, it is this man’s warm feelings coming against me.


You have all codes – for creation.

I went with my mother for lunch at “Borgerkroen” in Helsingør, which is a traditional Danish pub serving traditional Danish “smørrebrød” for lunch, and yes, I like old traditions like this. We also looked for shoes for me, as we have done for some now, but without finding any.

Niklas is having a visit these days from the couple he lived with in Dallas, USA, for one year when he was exchange student around the age of 18, I believe, and my mother told me that they had come around for coffee seeing her apartment, which both she and they believed was a big moment, and yes, Niklas, you were also welcome here, but you did not like to call me or did not have the time?

After dinner, again I received one minute of the worst cough being almost unable to breath and thinking that “now I will die”, and I was told that this is Sanna we are bringing out.

I felt Himalayan people, and yes, I also look forward to meeting you.

And I felt UNHCR in Geneva, whom I visited with LWF in 2009, are they thinking of me right now? And yes, my website on NGO’s helped some of you to understand the truth that you were not send by me as light but as darkness of man to destruct and not help the world?

I used several hours completing my new pages of summaries of my scripts and I brought a revised summary of these on the front page of my website and this update on Facebook for everyone to see how much you can narrow in approx. 14,000 pages. The front page of my website has now been reduced to 31,000 characters over the last days, from 72,000 characters – by moving information to sub-pages.

FB 030815 Stig 1

FB 030815 Stig 2

Eehhh, these surveys show that Stig is crazy, but no, my mother did not care because she and everyone could see that they were wrong, and eeeeehhhh, is it so that people having these “characteristics” according to their surveys normally would act “crazy”, but Stig did not because he decided to be the opposite of what he should have been because of darkness of man trying to force him to become “crazy”? The only reason why is because I was already turned around, i.e. being light.

And is it still these “results” that the Commune and others look into and cannot understand why you are not as you “should be”?

I felt “my sickness” all over my body again and decided not to go to cycling today.

My correspondence with Awumdah continued today:

FB 040815 Awumdah

And here is the man, Christian L., who sold me coffee at the Hornbæk Harbour Festival recently, who has now visited my Facebook profile many times judging from how often he comes to me as “people you may know”, and this is after I decided to like the Facebook site of his café.

FB 040815 Lagoni

August 4

I dreamt about Pink Floyd and other world stars playing the finest concert ever inside a locked room in Spain, where I am together with Lars G. and a whole audience. Lars moves two tables to the top, back room, and one trying to get in from outside with the worst darkness cannot – also about Elvis awakening.

The complaint instructions are not very good, is your mother the only example of a person almost entering the Secret Network and then rolled out again?

I had decided to buy a new microwave/convection oven, this one, and my mother had agreed to let me borrow her car to get it, and yes, first I thought I would go alone, so I reserved the oven at El-giganten in Hillerød, but then she decided that she wanted to go too and she would prefer to go to Lyngby instead of Hillerød, so I changed my reservation, but this morning, she called and said that she after all has decided to stay at home because of the heat (!!!), and yes, we have only have true summer weather in Denmark this summer first when it was Roskilde Festival and now when it is Skanderborg/Smukfest Festival (!), and when I came to collect the car, my mother had just come home and was “out of her self” because she had not yet filled up the car with gasoline and it had also showed a warning sign about the oil together with a “high sound” and if we could not solve this, I could not borrow the car (!!!), and no, it didn’t matter that the sign was now gone and nothing felt the matter with the car and also not that I told her that I would check the car if the sign came back, and yes, such a little thing like this made her “completely stressed” and lost her temper again, so EVERYTHING WAS WRONG and she snarted and disagreed with everything I said and everything I did, and yes, we were back to the Costa del Sol temper completely out of control, which is UNBEARABLE to listen to, and yes, I am just sad that my mother cannot control it, but just let it through – darkness of the Source – and it ended when I suggested that we went to the Toyota dealer/workshop because she has a service agreement as I recommended her to accept, which was exactly to help her receive peace on mind in situations like this, and they checked and test drove the car, and no, there is no problem with it (!), and this is what it took to let her accept me to borrow it after all (!), and yes, this is really a symbol of my mother going against me bringing me serious cough trying its best to stop me, and yes, this is coming because she stabbed me so many times in the back, which she “cannot” admit to now.

I had been advised in forehand also to order a new passport today, which I had accepted to do, but because of my mother’s irrational behaviour, the time went with this and it became too late for me to do this, and yes, my old passport expires in August, will the system allow me now to get a new one (?), and is there a travel upcoming, which I don’t know about?

We could turn around Pehr Gyllenhammer as example if my mother and I did not get along because of her temper.

My mother had a library ticket. Now, the oldest member of the Council has returned home.

I was shown all the rest of the Old World being sucked up by a tube inside a bank.

I felt my new inner self inside darkness as the very last, is this here you have hidden (?), you were difficult to find. And I was shown the light of Hittarp and given the feeling of my mother hiding too (not speaking of me) when it was shut off.

Well, it is you we have come to bring out, and it was also a hunt from outside to find me.

The answer is YES, when the Lion is a symbol of the Source :-).

FB 050815 Meng

August 5

Do you know what Niklas did to you? Yes, he changed loyalty from his father (”incredible close” they are) to you.

I keep being told that we only continue for as long as I do not decide to stop, and I still have some more work to do to my website – and to await winning the case over the Appeal Board probably in September.

I was told “Isabelle”, Niklas now ex-girlfriend, and I was shown a very big dome of glass with much light inside, and Isabelle riding a motorcycle around it (on the way in), and did Sanna stand behind this (making her leave Niklas), and is this because she was on the way home to me?

I went to cycling, level 2, again at Fitnessdk and did my best but had to leave the program half time and drive my own pace home, and I ended up using average RPM and Watts on 72 (max 112) and 167 (max 307) and I burned 792 calories, and yes, I like the use of technology here, but I miss the personal passion of Steen at Fitness World. I had to clear my throat often when cycling (because of my cough “trapped” inside me), but I felt that this is also breaking down the cough. It was hard going through, but I hope it will become better in 1-2 weeks time when I will have finished work to the front page of my website and hopefully will be able to exercise more.

While cycling, I received a deja vue about how it would be almost impossible for me to keep the balance, thus creation self, on a slippery surface inside here, and had I fallen, it would have started the end of the world, and yes, because of Sanna, before her my father, but I made it – according to the plan of my father’s mother Adela.

And I was told that I will not be able to connect to the Secret Network via John’s computer, which I will look at to “clean up”, and that is because I have to enter one of these “innocent looking websites” (looking like commercials) and enter a code to get access.

Yes, it is my mother digging my new self out.

It will be the year zero when we will start all over, which is when your mother will bring your new self birth.

I felt my old friend Lisbeth from GEFI and Fair, and was told that she is example of people who was enrolled with the Secret Network also not believing that that I could save them, yes, ego-centered people only wanting to stay alive, but choosing the wrong solution leading to termination of life, and yes, still WIMPS in my eyes.

Your mother still believes that the worst for you is not to have a girlfriend.

Do you know just how close their card house is from falling together – for example when one on Stengade (main shopping street in Helsingør) will come over to you thanking you for what you have done, and yes, I am quite often told that people here recognize me on the streets, but I have not noticed myself.

There is not as much magic inside Allan M-H (old school friend) as expected, and yes, I have been given the feeling of him the last couple of days as a man with poor conscience in relation to me, Allan?

I read about the Pope coming to Kenya in November and gave my comment here encouraging the Pope to visit the Deliverance Church in Gachie, and later I was encouraged to send this church an email (I found them on the Internet here), which I will do tomorrow. And I was told that it was not least this church bringing evil tongues of me.

FB 050815 Nairobi News

I was told about how Hans had developed the strategy of my mother fearing me (“potential dangerous”) and for me being unable to bear her temper, but then there is this “indefinable” over you making the difference bringing my mother and I together, and I was told as example when I spoke with Preben the other day about comedians and told him about this “Irish man sitting on his bar stool with a whisky in his hand missing a link on one of his fingers” (Dave Allen), and somehow my words or “way” (spiritually) is what making people react to me positively.

I sent this email via Facebook to Søren including an article telling about how a women with “cancer all over” was almost completely cured after a couple of months on Cannabis Oil, and yes, Søren just said that he would give the article to Bettina, and later I felt gratitude from Bettina, but I wonder if she will follow my advice and if her life can be saved, and I was thinking about what “prejudices” can mean, and yes, the difference between life and death.

FB 050815 til Søren

I received this email from this lady Pia and her friend Benu, and shortly they say that they were impressed of an answer I have given to the question “do you believe in UFO’s” (I cannot remember where or what this was about), and they say that this corresponded to their own work and they believe that I must have had UFO-contacts myself, and yes, they received “a good feeling of you”, but I did not receive a reply/reaction to my reply today, where I told them about UFO’s and now also “ships of the Source” sailing on Øresund Strait in front of my apartment, and I also sent a Facebook invitation to connect, which was not answered, so is it because my reply now was “too much” or are you just on holiday?

FB 050815 2107 Pia S

FB 050815 til Pia S

This is their website about UFO’s, “energy-work”, clairvoyance etc.

Ma-nah hjemmeside

Finally, I had this short correspondence with Awumdah today.

FB 050815 Awumdah

August 6

….. Because Allan has already left/being fired off …. To avoid a terrible accident if my mother should suddenly explode; which is why we thought it was better to send him off.

It was difficult to work on the restructure of my next chapter on the front page of my website “lack of faith brought the end and dark New World Order….” wanting to move it to a new page to make it shorter on the front page, and it required that I went into the same detail mode as I was when I wrote it, which is “quite difficult” to do now here at the end and yes also because of my mindset that I truly want to finish doing this work (and receive many temptations to stop and open the New World), but still I force myself to “just do it”, which is really to focus on the time used telling myself that this may take 40 hours to do (before completing all of the front page), and then, just to do it instead of giving up or doing a poor, superficial job. And once coming into this detailed mode, it is really much more gratifying to work with details than to “give up” and only work on high (“stupid”) level.

When doing this work, suddenly my Internet Browser simply “decided” to shut down with all open edit windows to my website (!), which does not make the work easier, and yes, it came a few minutes after I sent my regards to Käte, who posted this update saying that she was relaxing with my mother, Inge and Tommy listening to jazz on the main square of Helsingør, and no, I have decided to work instead of relaxing, but my mother’s dislike of my writings is still what is making this happening. Eventually, I ended this work after many hours moving this chapter too only keeping a summary on my front page, which is now reduced to 20,000 characters from 70,000, which is more suitable.

FB 060815 Käte

Isn’t it funny that Karen and others decided to read you, instead of “the official explanation” (of the Secret Network), to follow the development of our New World?

I am still coughing from time to time, and when it comes to me actively, there is no limit to just how deeply this cough goes in my system, this is how it feels like, and I feel it all of the time in me, but only rare that it breaks out like this.

I was shown incredible happiness of my sister on her side of the mirror when seeing me come back on the other side of the mirror after having been all around.

I was shown Shirley Temple, i.e. Queen Margrethe, in front of me and entering me to find the way home, and I am shown both.

I was told about my old cohabitee Camilla, and then I was shown a ship on the strait switching on a strong light of the Source and then it was switched off making this “ship” completely dark again, and I was told that this is because she tries to come through without being revealed. A little later I was shown two lights of a ship fading up, which is also because of her, who cannot hide. It is not without importance what Camilla thinks.

I have MANY times been told about when I worked at Brede Park in 2010/11 and how the area was the cradle of Danish Industry, and now I was told that it was was industry hell self they tried to force upon me, but defeated them big.

I have been shown Boris Becker some times these days, yes, Boris was one of the first visions I had, which started my game against darkness, which is around 2004-05, and I don’t remember if I wrote this down as part of my book 1.

August 7

I felt Björk and was shown an endless library and told that she has already seen it, and Siouxsie has too (?) because I was also given her name.

Darkness still tries to tell me “you know that you have to give in, it is only a matter of time”, but no, NEVER!

I was fresh enough to go to cycling this afternoon at Fitnessdk, and even though it is still very hard, I now start feeling progress, and I ended up with average RPM of 86 (max. 124) and watts of 164 (max. 417) and burned off 771 calories, and yes, it can become MUCH better than this, I have only started.

While cycling I was told that now the electrician has done what he was supposed to do, i.e. filled up the rocket with fuel of the Source, which is what this cycling has helped me doing too. So now all are golden computers, i.e. full of force of the Source to create.

Bjørn, the instructor, was inspired when he said that “we will soon remove the idiot saying “stop” inside your heads”, which was really “the last darkness” in me that he referred to. And he said that he felt it as hard as if he was smoking, and this was really a reference to my cough, which is still constantly there, but in quiet most of the day.

I was told that Sanna and the world are impressed that I do this cycling again without receiving their direct support.

Finally, when Bjørn ended the hour, he was “inspired” also to take his hands over his head and fold down, which he did to us twice as to worship us as you worship Buddha – or a Lama – and this was of course to say that I am Buddha (but I do NOT like people worshipping like this).

After the training I felt better than for a long time, I feel the effect of the training in my body/blood, and my cough was only “in the background”, which made me positive over the coming weeks anticipating that I will get into a better form when cycling more and having less work to do at home.

My mother called today to postpone our Friday agreement until Sunday where will go to the open air play at Hammermøllen in Hellebæk, and yes, she sounded “cool/distant” as she only does when she is angry about something with me, and no, of course she does not tell, which is a behaviour I (still) do NOT like, and this also explains why I have been given thoughts about my mother for days and about her wrong behaviour, which continued later in the day today after this phone call.

After the training at Fitnessdk, I cycled down-town to watch the time trial of the Post Danmark Rundt (Denmark Around) cycle race, which had come to Helsingør, and yes, it includes riders from Tour de France and other great riders, and it was an experience to see with the whole set-up of this race including live TV transmission and MANY people watching, and I don’t know if the cameras and sport journalists from DR TV saw me standing 50 metres before the finish line with my rucksack on (including my training clothes), but the journalist Peter Piil, who commented the race from the finish line, said about a rider leading the race at the time that “it made be very good what he picked up from the rucksack”, which, you know, was a reference to me.

Post Danmark Rundt 1 070815

Post Danmark Rundt 2 070815The Post Danmark Rundt (Denmark Around) cycle race in Helsingør this evening

After the race, I passed the main square in Helsingør and was sad to see that Tony’s restaurant Ristorante Italia has been closed because of sickness as a sign on the door said, and it also said “thank you for many good years”, and yes, Tony was very ill when we went there a couple of months ago.

Have you carried the heaviest even been (?), yes, the Source, this is what you were told to land without destructing this device called the Old World, this is how we best like it.

According to Sanna, you were only “a little thing to bring in at any time”.

There have been no tradesmen here for ages, i.e. no new life to transform from darkness to light.

A comment to Nairobi News:

FB 070815 Nairobi

This is the email I sent to the Deliverance Church in Gachie and LTO this evening:

Email to Deliverance Church Gachie 1 070815

”Dear Pastor James Thumbi, Pastor Peter Njenga and Evans Mbugua (and also my old friend Elijah and his old LTO-team, who receive this email in copy),

I was very happy visiting your Deliverance Church in Gachie for more than four months in 2009, when I stayed with Elijah Katama and his family in Gachie. I got to know each of you and other very nice people of your congregation, and I was happy to see such big dedication among you at the services despite of difficult times for many.

I have been thinking often of you and how you are doing, and I would like to return to visit your church and see all the nice people again, and I have now found your website including the email-addresses on you, which I hope still work because you have not updated your website since 2010 – so you did great when creating it, but it truly requires will and discipline to keep updating a website in order to inform people, and in this sense, you have not done well.

I was spiritually opened in 2004 and eve more in 2006 from where I began receiving a combination of light of darkness as reflected by light and darkness of mandkind, which in other words meant that I received ”the voice of the Universe” with the goal to bring all children back home to God, which is what my mission has been about, and what I have continued doing and also written about for the whole world to read from my website, which includes 51 main pages of information and more than 14,000 pages of daily scripts, which I have kept on sending to the team of Living Testimony Organization including Elijah (founder) and his old team John, David and Meshack, whom I worked together with at a little office in Nairobi back in 2009.

We have now reached the end of my mission, which was to save all life by transferring it from darkness of our Old World (before the end of this!) to our New World of light only – including eternal life without sufferings to all as the true gift of God to man – and we will ”very soon” open our New World, which will come together with the birth of my new self as the revived Jesus including everything of my mother (creation) and everything of my father (force of the Source bringing energy to life).

When I met you in 2009 and later, via my scripts to Elijah, it was my hope to make you and your congregation believe in me as ”the saviour”, sent by God as a normal man with the mission to save all, which could only be done via faith of man in me as God being sent as a normal man, which was NOT an easy task to do as I am sure you will agree with me, and it meant that when I tried to influence Evans via emails after I had returned home to Denmark and had become Facebook friends with Evans, he decided NOT to read me and to conclude that I am a ”hoax”, but if you have the time to TRULY read and understand me, the only conclusion you can reach is that I am truly the one, and my purpose to come to Kenya in 2009 was to assemble faith in me as God by at least some people (mainly the LTO team) because it would be ”totally impossible” to do in this country including with my own family, which does NOT have the same relation to faith as you have, and in this sense, LTO – and whomever from your church and Elijah’s rural village, which I also visited, who decided to have faith in me – were decisive to bring the survival of our Old World while I carried out the creation of our New World. Without this faith, we would not have been here today, and the world would have gone under in 2010.

Pastor James may remember how ”difficult” it was to believe in me because I was a smoker when meeting you in 2009, and to you, this was ”impossible” for me to be if I really should be ”the one”, and that is ”according to you”, but you may understand that I was created as a picture of light and darkness of man, which also meant that I was a sinner myself, which I had to let go by freeing myself, and it was first later in 2009 that I completely stopped smoking; it was first at this point that light inside of me stood forward asking me to do this, which is then what I did, and I have not smoked since. And this was a part of what I needed to do to become ”completely clean” in order to reconnect with the Source (God) as a foundation to bring survival of the Old World and creation of our New World, which you can read from the front page of my website – as I bring the introduction to below.

And the normal and right thing for Elijah to do, would be to read my scripts as I send on a running basis to him and the LTO team and to share the information of these scripts with his wife/family and of course with the church in order to help all of you to obtain and keep faith in me, and this was really your task, Elijah, but you were born with ”laziness” and ”a deaf ear” making it ”more than difficult” to decide on doing what was right, so I wonder how much you really communicated about me to your family and church, and what it meant for faith of your community and rural village in me (?), and yes, I had a much more loyal friend in Meshack from LTO, who was born to read and understand all, and he was really the one having the deepest faith in me, which I can thank him much for, which I know that he has shared with his rural village, which is the same as Elijah’s. I cannot tell what Elijah has or has not done because he has not told me.

A couple of days ago, I decided to give my comment to a story by Nairobi News on the coming visit of Pope Francis to Kenya, as you can see below, with my recommendation for the Pope to visit your church and congregation because I prefer churches of ”your standard” compared to the enormously richness of the Church of Rome, which has no walk on Earth when there is more than one billion people starving and screaming in pain on a daily basis including people from your own congregation and area of the world. So just maybe this is what the Pope may decide to do, trying to follow in my foot-steps, now you know :-).

You will be able to understand this even better when reading the chapter from the front page of my website called ”One Organization only will spread my philosophy: Living Testimony Organization” (= Elijah and ”his team” as you know), as you can also read from the end of this email, because in this chapter I ask ”all religious organizations to show your PURE FAITH in me by disbanding your organizations, sell all of your property including glitter and gold and to give the income hereof including all of your fortune to poor people of the world helping them to receive a normal life”, and I state that ”I value the well-being of people more than belongings of religious organizations” and conclude that ”it means that you as a servant of God will give up your present positions including “everything, which this means to you, but not your home and contents unless you have more than a “normal life”, herewith following in my footsteps, when I gave up my old job, life and “everything”, also including my home and contents, when I moved to Kenya in 2009” and finally I say ”I offer all true servants of God being able to “clean” yourself this way to become associates of LTO to help me inform the world of my philosophy, New World and “normal life” 🙂”.

And I can only say that none of the RICH western world churches has been able to follow in my footsteps giving up ”everything” in order to show cleaness to become a true servant of God, and I really have to look to ”true ministers” in the poor world to help me spread my philosophy (as included on my website) and faith in me, which my ”old friend” Elijah and LTO will help me doing with the opening of our New World, and I should be delighted if it will include more ”clean ministers” from your church and ”region of the world” not possesing the richness of western churches. As Obama asks: ”Can you”? And this is really the question meaning the difference between ”to be or not to be”, so will you decide to walk my path and serve as my ministers?

Please feel free to read from my website and tell your congregation about me. ”“I shall come back and bring a bucketful of blessings for all of you”, which includes a whole New World and the end of darkness/sufferings for all. Do you want to join me in this trip to our new golden age of an eternity coming to all?

And please bring my love and warm regards to all. I look forward to returning and seeing you all again 🙂 ♥.

Kind regards,

But the email did not reach the Pastors, which is why I sent this email to Elijah and Evans afterwards:

Email to Elijah and Evans 070815



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