November 2015 – after script III: We have started creating the foundation of the New World again using a built-in desire to transform when entering the right digits


Summary of the script today

November 15, 2015: We have started creating the foundation of the New World again using a built-in desire to transform when entering the right digits. Helsingør Commune will only compensate me partly as a symbol of only parts of the Source now being open, which is why I have decided to continue the game. While I continue the game against darkness, the Source is entering me inside darkness to see my mother in action to improve future creation.


Helsingør Commune will compensate me DKK 41,000 because of their FRAUD, but “a hole” in the law tempted them to ask me to refund half immediately and not to pay interest!!! (Just before this): Madsen from P4 radio received “a hole” when he wanted to play the song “dark energy”, which was a symbol of the “dark energy” of Helsingør Commune! I will read up on the law, but I do believe that I will continue the case in court to win it all because everyone can see just how COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS this is! I am willing to postpone “the game” by 3-6 months if necessary, I will NOT accept the system to make me look like a fool if I can win 100%. This looks like the pen of the Appeal Board, who decided to push this case to the outermost to bring me even more darkness. I felt how even more darkness deeply inside of me wants to come, and the feeling is so strong that I can only continue the game even though I don’t have energy for it. The question is if we can we move into even smaller units when continuing the game – which somehow is also related to the pain when crossing over. And the question is if there is enough energy in this (money I have received the right to receive now) to send us along for an eternity. The football is already full of colours, what will this bring if I prolong the game, is there an even more golden ball further up?

My father has never been where my mother is born, outside the Source, which is where he would like the most to go. It is as if I bring him there, which has to be done now before I am finished, to find out exactly how “the washing machine” works in order to improve this. The world has seen “the magic” inside the ships of the Source which they just wait for me to bring out. Anne Linnet brought me incredible strong feelings of love and sympathy from man; I could not continue “the game” against darkness without it :-). My mother is no space rocket, my father is also not, I am, the Son bringing everything here deciding when to launch it, which is when everything is perfect. Our New World is coming out from a tunnel of darkness of only one wall decoration out of “endless” at a big castle made of diamonds. The Source uses Pia’s eyes to look at my self backwards before leaving this place that does not exist! The Source self is now playing darkness against me and seeing what USA as example could have done to give me better support making it possible for me to dig deeper (after life/creation).

“Crazy about dance”: I was told “something special will happen this evening”, which it did when Stephanie/Morten scored perfect 10’s symbolising my perfect work. “Crazy about dance” is a symbol of “the tunnel of love” of the source making all “new persons” in our new world :-). We have already now placed one of my mother’s four new corner stones here, as if it was the Source self and not my mother, who could do it. This is about pressing the right numbers in the right order as we can do, which my mother could not because she was blind. We have started creating the New World again using a built-in desire to transform when entering the right digits as not even I had. We don’t need a chairman (connection of all life) because everything is so intelligently connected that it automatically works together when opened in the right order. Only one of endless combinations have my name on it, to create life, this is really about finding a new foundation of life, a new way forward.


November 2015 – after script III: We have started creating the foundation of the New World again using a built-in desire to transform when entering the right digits

November 15, 2015: We have started creating the foundation of the New World again using a built-in desire to transform when entering the right digits

November 11

Again, I woke up coughing, I simply could not sleep, but had to stand up, so darkness from Helsingør Commune?

Instead of starting to write this morning, as I do every morning, I had to go shopping to buy “the morning offer” at Føtex (bread), and I spent two hours in town shopping, having a shawarma at Royal Shawarma, the absolutely best coffee in town at Café Karisma (they have the best offer in town including a double espresso and chocolate croissant, which is better than everywhere else, and cheap when on offer!) and then a haircut at my Egyptian hairdresser, and while I was “enjoying” myself, however without energy as usual destroying all feelings of “enjoyment”, I was thinking of just how easy it is to “forget” writing every day and to skip my most important work ever, and that is if I don’t have the discipline to start writing every morning – and now I had to go home and write in the afternoon instead, and yes, it could easily make me skip it because of how I feel.

Don’t you believe that Hans, Lars G. and them have seen “the magic” inside the ships of the Source which they just wait for you to bring out. So now it is only a matter of time when to use Peter T., as I feel here, to eliminate all old.

I felt Fonnesbech, my old manager from DanskeBank-Pension, and was told that he would have made me a portfolio manager if I had been part of the Secret Network.


As usual, Madsen brought a Facebook update about what he would play at his daily radio show on DR P4 starting the 13:00 news, which today included a visit by Noller from the Brothers Olsen (yes, the ones with “Fly on the wings of love” winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000) to speak about his new solo-album, and I wrote this comment “well done by Noller” approx. 15 minutes before the show would start, so they knew that I would be with them.

FB 111115 Alex0

The darkness from the morning was confirmed at 13:11 today at the beginning of Madsen’s daily radio show on DR P4 as you can listen to here, when he wanted to play “dark energy” by the Cult and after two seconds, it simply stopped playing (!), which made Madsen say that “then came a little hole in the radio”, and yes, he tried to explain what happened as the reason why, but it was truly “dark energy” of Helsingør Commune coming to me, which was coming to you because I had decided to listen to your show, Madsen, and I do believe you can see this, right?

Listen to “the hole” of “dark energy” here:!/08:03

Madsen had a visit by one of the Brothers Olsen, Noller, who has been brave making a fine solo album, and they played one of his FINE new songs “Go East Go West” here, where he sings that he will go everywhere “just to find you, Lord”, and when Madsen interviewed him afterwards here, Noller said here that this is indeed what he will do, go East, West, South and North to find his Lord, “the ultimate love” as he said, and yes, Madsen could not help himself when asking Noller “is it a concrete God you speak of or is it an idea” (?) knowing that I was listening from my comment before his broadcast started, and it made Noller reply “it is an idea – I am not wise enough to tell who God is”, and yes, this was “the only thing” he could say on live radio, but what did you tell Alex when the microphone was closed, Noller (?), and yes, just to say that “all of the elite” including these “two good friends of mine” know who I am and that I was listening, and yes, I have shown you before how Noller is one of the people often visiting my Facebook site “in secrecy” to follow me, right Noller (?), and yes, “nice to (almost) meet you here”.

Listen to Noller here:!/25:48

Later, Madsen brought this photo of Noller, and I told them “lovely interview, lovely man, lovely music – God knows, who it is, “him there”, you know – and yes, now everyone knows this story too, Alex and Niels as they are also called :-).

FB 111115 Alex

Are you a dermatologist (skin specialist), Noller (?), which came to me and is a reference to Karen.


Shortly after the episode of “the hole” with Madsen on DR P4 above, I saw that I had received an email including a letter from Helsingør Commune, which I knew had to be about their calculation and payment to me, and before I decided to open it (in a special public mailbox on the Internet), I felt inside of me that I did hope they would give me 100% of what I have asked because I don’t want to fight any more, I am empty from energy both physically and mentally, and yes, let us see.

So I opened the email, and what did it say (?), and yes, they have decided to pay out almost DKK 41,000, where my estimated calculation from last year said approx. DKK 47,000, and yes “almost the same”, and it made me think that they are probably right and I will discover the difference when going through the details of the calculation, and yes, I was happy that they had decided to share the detailed calculations with me, and also happy to “be right having won the case”.


But still, there are two issues, which partly destroyed my happiness, because they say that approx. DKK 19,000 has to be paid back according to the rules, and they actually want this money to be paid straight away (!), which is because I now have a fortune of more than DKK 10,000 enabling them to do this (!), but I only have this money because of their failure not paying in the first place, because if they had paid out the money monthly since 2011 as the law requires them to do, I would have used the money monthly and not had this money by now (!), so now they tell me that you cannot use this money as you would otherwise have used and had you used them, we would not have been able to ask you to repay them now, but first when you have a “decent income” again, and yes, this is not only COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS, but this also goes against an earlier practise of communes asking for repayments when paying out compensations because of their own failures, and this is what was stopped politically a couple of years ago because “everyone could see it was VERY WRONG”, but maybe there is “a hole” in this law for this very specific situation, thus “the hole” of the radio show today, which may be why the Commune asks for the repayment and that is even though they know that THE SPIRIT of this law is NOT to do exactly what they do here (!!!), and yes, I have to follow up on the rules to decide if I want to pursue this, and yes, I read already in the verdict of the Appeal Board from October 29, 2015, that this part of the benefit has to be paid back (when having a “decent income”) – even though this was NOT the case when the law was first introduced, but I would NEVER have believed that they would ask for the money now, which EVERYONE CAN SEE IS WRONG!!!!

And the other issue is that the Commune will NOT pay interests according to the Interest Act because they claim that “social benefits” are not treated as “salary payments”, where they would have been obliged to pay interest, and yes, I am working after the old law, so when it says that I am entitled to receive interest, which may be approx. DKK 5,000 – 6,000, this is what I ask for, and again, everyone can see that this is COMPLETELY WRONG, but I will have to look into the detailed law before I will decide on whether or not to follow up on this issue, but my clear feeling is that I HAVE TO, because I will NOT accept “the system of Hell” to fool me, and yes, this is a symbol saying that “we can open to parts of the Source now, but not all”, this is how it has to be understood, but as mentioned, I will have to use some days to check up, and to decide what to do, but my first feeling is to continue and end the case in caught, which seems to be the only place I can win the last of the case too, if it can be won, which I do believe that it can based on what I know now – but we will see in some days, if this is what I will do.

Read the full letter of Helsingør Commune here:

And yes, the letter from the Commune looks as if it is the Appeal Board having written it, is this how it is (?), and it is Completely sterile without showing a human face and without apologizing their harassment of me and also without wanting to compensate me for “the hundreds of hours” they have forced me completely unnecessary on this case, which their letter also says, and I do believe that everyone can see this is wrong too (?), and yes, this “sterile/cold approach” without a human face is actually what makes me the most sad, this is NOT how to treat people, and yes, treat people objectively and right, but do it with a human face, and without falling in the other ditch of speaking too much, be for example “a perfect waiter” on a restaurant knowing this delicate balance, and when you know how to do this, it is easy, and when you do not, you talk too much or do not show yourself at all hiding behind a facade, which I do NOT like at all!

When writing this – here at 14:30 the next day – I am told that this will come on TV too, and you would like to have it “now” because of your deadlines?

And yes, this is why I have been coughing for days, this is how this “machinery of darkness simply grinding on without any human considerations” looks like, it only “does everything to protect the interests of the system”, which includes to cheat, harass and drive people to their very edge, or many times beyond it, and what does this mean (?), and yes, it can only mean that we are not done yet, but first I will have to read up on the details over the coming days and then to decide what to do.

I am willing to postpone everything by 3-6 months if necessary, I will NOT accept the system to “take me with my pants down” as they say here making me look like a fool and that is if I am right and if I can win 100% and not only 50% or 80% of the case, so this is what I will evaluate the coming days.

And if they will pay out the money now, I may decide to start buying furniture and use the waiting period for this to come (approx. 3 months) to continue and end this case maybe at court, this is my first feeling today, but again, I have to know before deciding what to do and not just to feel, this is how I am made.

And I am here given the feeling that it is conscious that they bring me new resistance to wring the dishcloth one final time, i.e. to bring out all darkness as I have been surprised still feeling inside of me.

Later, I received diarrhoea, the worst heartburn again and I also felt a snake tongue deep inside of my mouth wanting to get out, i.e. even more darkness deeply inside of me wanting to come out via “the help” from the commune, and this feeling of darkness is so strong that I feel that I can only continue the game even though I don’t have energy to play it, but tell me something new.

I called my mother and told her about the result of the case, which made her VERY HAPPY, and when I told her that this is what they should have done already last year, and this is why I told them that “you are crazy” and “do your work properly because everyone can see I am right”, she understood, and yes, it is now much easier to understand that I was right and just spoke out the truth directly back then, but then it was “almost impossible” for people to see, because obviously I was “incredible negative”, right (?), no, I just told you the truth, and it was not me harassing the Commune, it was really the Commune – and people in general – harassing me because of their misunderstandings, better-knowing ignorance, wrong behaviour and uncontrollable negative feelings.

And when I told my mother of the two issues still remaining, she told me “it does not matter” when hearing the first, and yes, she just wants this case to stop as a symbol of man wanting me to stop the game, but this is not how I am, I will first stop when I am right/satisfied.

But still it is a wonderful feeling to have won making me feel relieved and calm, but then again, “it is not quite there yet”.

This afternoon and evening I was so dizzy that I constantly “blackened out”.

I felt Inger Støjberg, as I also did yesterday, and I was told that she is also the key into here.

The question is also if I have energy to continue the fight including to do the work necessary, which is NOT becoming easier.

At approx. 19:43 on DR1’s Aftenshowet, the director Thomas Vinterberg’s father said about having lived in a collective that everyone thinks of sex (“free sex with all”), but the spiritual life was also – and maybe more, if I understood him correctly – “very enriching”, and this was a symbol of Karen’s feelings to me because you realised that this is really what LOVE is about, and not all of your “free sex”, as I have told you all along and since the very first day I met you, remember?

The question is if we can we move into even smaller units when continuing the game – which somehow is also related to the pain when crossing over.

From 18 to 20 I was so completely empty of energy that “everything closed down”, or was about to do it, it felt like terror going through.

And the question is if there is enough energy in this (money I have received the right to receive now) to send us along for an eternity, this is what it is about.

I received the feeling of Austria – and the other day, I was told that when my mother, John, Mette and I went on skiing holiday in Austria in 1985, it was when we were happy together and before all of the game started when John was “hired” by Sanna and Hans to work against my mother and I, and somehow we used this feeling “as part of later creation”, and somehow this is also related to my neighbour Manuella from Austria here, and my other visit to Austria too (year 2000 with Camilla and Rene with Dorte).

Yes, I now remember that yesterday evening, when I was going to sleep, I felt like “almost giving up”, it is not easy to continue this game 24/7 without never “giving up”, and I was then shown Bob Dylan’s great album “Time out of mind” at the same time as I was given the feeling that Bob Dylan’s destiny also was to sacrifice his life, i.e. absorb darkness, to me if I gave up, which I do believe I have been told and written about before, but here it was again, and here is “one of those INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL songs that only Bob Dylan can write”, and yes, the best song writer in the world, you know :-).

I received the feeling of greetings coming to me from outer space.

I was shown “the horse game” attraction in Tivoli, and I felt my mother, she saw you there, which is about “this special technique” that I (and Lars G.) used to win there as we very often did, which is a symbol showing the world that “Stig was superior”, and it looked like he just did it effortless – not least today when winning over the symbol of the worst beast, the commune, who did all to prevent you, and I here feel Hans, who stood behind this as part of the game to bring me more darkness. Yes, your mother thinks you are not stupid, you are King, and no, I am not unemployed, I am a writer and consultant working every day, who told you that?

The red blinking “bend” out on Øresund Strait was only blinking weakly this evening and with trouble now. But we can keep up the game if you want to, as I was told.

Yes, the Appeal Board really decided to push this case to the outermost. So now you have the option to stay in the basement of darkness including a black panther as I am shown, or to walk upstairs to light of the living room.

The football is already full of colours, as I am shown, what will this bring if you prolong the game?

So you rip all of the apple up to reach the core with yourself being the seeds inside.

I was given the name “Didier Gensher” with Gensher really being Hans-Diectric Gensher, and I was shown a golden line to heaven, and I felt Helmut Schmidt, the old German Chancellor, who died yesterday, and yes, I remember both of these men clearly from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I was shown an extra layer being put on a GIANT cake (of creation) in the kitchen, which is about my probable decision to walk out even further myself on the road of our New World to do the best preparation for our New World self.

I was shown myself as a gorilla (inside darkness) looking into the closet to find more clothes, i.e. life, maybe. But no, to improve what we can. So is there an even more golden ball further up, as I am shown? And no, as Stig, I don’t care, I just do what I believe is right to do knowing that this is also right to do in the parallel game.

I watched Natholdet on TV2 this evening, and when Anders Breinholdt said something about “it is like getting a stone on Frederiksberg”, which he showed with his hands, I was shown him forming a heart to me, which is about his love to me “behind the game” too.

I was shown three “tree trunks”, i.e. marzipan covered cakes, turning upside down at Helsingør City Hall, these are about the Trinity too, and I was told that the City Hall have full access to all archives/information of you. Will she equalize (?), and I feel the mayor, Benedikte Kiær, because it is really still her having the only key out of here, which you have received and prolonged our stay here.

Have you ever been present when giving birth to your mother (?), this is where we (my father) would like the most to go, if you go on.

I received the feeling of Christian Stadil, and was told that he my calm presence when meditating, and no, don’t worry, Christian, I will never give up, and somehow he knows that the right for me is to continue the game, and also he knows the deeper reason why.

I felt my father because I have never been there where your mother is born, i.e. outside the Source, so it is like you bringing me out there. And this has to be done now before you are finished. This is done while packing together and pulling yourself together. To find out exactly how “the washing machine” works in order to improve this. No, I don’t know the direction of how the potatoes from there enter the Source and how to receive them.

“The Stig” brought this little video today showing “the origin of life”, as I saw it, and I said that energy makes you a carrot, as you can see why :-).

FB 111115 the Stig

November 12:

I was told that I can only continue the game because my mother became very happy that I won over the Commune yesterday.

What about Meshack and the LTO team (?), yes, you will receive “much money” and maybe prolong the game with maybe 3-6 months, so don’t you want to share the money with them to ease their burdens (?), and no, because it is when doing wrong as darkness that I now bring energy to turn me around (when the world is on the other side), and yes, especially Elijah and John have furthermore proved to be no friends of mine when they cannot communicate, and after stopping to send them money, I never hear from them.

What about old debts (?), and yes, I owe Danske Bank, BRF Kredit, TDC, the previous Holfi owner and other creditors, and I know that the right thing to do is to pay your debts, but I also feel deeply inside of me that this belongs to “my old past” when doing wrong because of darkness influencing me, and I feel how the right thing to do is to use the money coming out now on this new furniture, “the Swan” chair symbolising my new self and “the Egg” chair of our New World.

Does this mean that we have almost brought the lunch package home?

I was told something about Bettina and John’s family knowing about me and the showdown coming to bring me down since I was 32, i.e. since 1998.

I slept all morning because I had been up most of the night, and I wrote the script of yesterday all afternoon and I was going to meet my mother at 19:00 to go with her best friend Käte and her cohabitee Bent to the Anne Linnet concert starting at 20:00 (because Sanna had cancelled because of a tour to New Orleans), and I was so tired that I was not at all motivated to go, but this is how it is about everything here all of the time by now.

I first met with my mother, who was nice to give me a new sweater as gift because I have won the case against the Commune, and a few minutes later, we met with the others, and as one of the first things, Käte said “something with a sexual reference in relation to my mother”, which I don’t want to write here, but it was as direct about my old nightmare as it could have been, which was really to say that Käte, and Bent too, for a long time sent me darkness because of lack of faith in me too, which really should have given me my old nightmare.

After first having a glass of wine first at the Culture Yard, we went into a full theatre watching Anne Linnet and her fine band, where all could have been her children, and when she started singing the first song about “the world is so cold”, in relation to the Syrian refugees, I received INCREDIBLE STRONG feelings of crying/feeling with me coming from the stage, which was about how Anne Linnet and “the music industry” feels with my sufferings.

When she played her old, big hit “Barndommens Gade” (“The street of the childhood”), I felt that Anne was happy about how I have used this about the street of my childhood as you can read here from a script from 2014, and when I tried to sing along, it was simply impossible for me to do because of how touched I was from hearing this great song, what it means to me and also because of the strong feelings coming towards me from the stage, as mentioned before, and I felt their STRONG LOVE coming to me and was told that without love of these artists and of man in general coming to me, I would also not be able to continue the game against darkness, and the game is now all about raising up the LP (creation). And I was told that man has accepted my old, wrong sexual behaviour; they know it was darkness of man giving it to me. Finally, I was shown everything inside a Christmas ball as a message of relief; we are all inside the Source now – regardless of whether or not I continue the game.

Anne did a great performance, so did her great band, which to my positive surprise was younger and more lively that I had imagined, and I was thinking about being GLAD to seeing the third of Denmark’s three greatest female pop singers for the last 30-40 years (Sanne Salomonsen, Lis Sørensen and Anne Linnet), and also being happy to see her with my mother, and I was thinking that this is what makes life living, for people to go out and experience life, and again, I was thinking that this is what we almost did not when my mother was with John – except from the yearly Crazy Christmas Cabaret in Tivoli. Several times during the concert I felt Franz Beckerlee, the old guitarist of Gasolin, who is also my Facebook friend, and is this to say that you have been a “silent friend” of mine spreading faith in me too, Franz?

When Anne introduced her big hit “Tusind stykker” (“A thousand bits”), she told the story about how the late, brilliant Swedish artist Björn Afzelius, asked for her permission to record it, which she gave, and he then recorded it in Swedish as “Tusen bitar”, which became an even bigger hit in Sweden and Norway than what it may have been in Denmark with Anne, even though it was very big here too, and Anne said that this has made many Swedes, Norwegians and even Danes to believe that it is Swedish, “but it is not, it is Danish” as she said with strength at the same time giving me the feeling about the football qualification match tomorrow between Sweden and Denmark, where Denmark will show this “strength”, we will see :-).

At the end of one of the songs, which I did not record, the great guitar player, Søren, suddenly “lost it” and decided to give everything he had on his guitar when playing one long solo, and when going down and around in the audience, and I decided to record the last part of his tour around the theatre, and who do you see right there in the chair in front of him at 19:40 to 20:00 in the video (?), and yes, the new chairman of the Danish Social Democratic Party, Mette Frederiksen, and yes, maybe you felt that it was both your “ret og pligt” (“right and duty”) to be here this evening, and was it only to see Anne Linnet or maybe also to “meet Stig” (?), and yes, you were not afraid of “bumping” into me on the way in or out and what I could ask you (?), and no, because you know that I will not confront you in public, only in private, thus making it easier for you to come, is this how it was? Later, I received the feeling of the Jewish Synagogue in Copenhagen, and I felt Russia and was told that I was not at all allowed to enter there as I did, and also that Mette Frederiksen is now visiting me – somehow in this relation.

Anne also told good stories between the songs, for example after this guitar playing ending one song and before the next, where she spoke about how quickly life goes, “now another decade, and another and another, has gone”, “and then you are in my shoes”, which I recorded and this was given to her inspired with a reference to “walking in my shoes” by Depeche Mode, which again is about my sufferings, which was the main message of the evening; they know and they sympathize, but Anne, do NOT look down into the stage and walking backwards and forwards on stage without looking out on the audience, this is BAD HABIT and does NOT look good, and if no one has had the courage to tell you, now you know, you can do this better – but all in all, you are a great performer too, and I was thinking that Anne truly is one of the greatest artists of Denmark for the last 40 years, this is how it is :-).

Anne Linnet recorded the show tonight for a later DVD, which I look forward to seeing, and I was thinking that until then, you will have to settle with my highlights from the show for the first time recorded with my new camera, which is a big improve from the old mobile phone, and yes I am satisfied with the result of this almost making it look like a HD broadcast, I just have to remember which way to zoom, and I was feeling that Anne will not mind me putting this up for all to see her, it was truly a great concert, which she has also received very good reviews of, and she had a good balance between new and old songs, and many of her new songs are truly also of high quality.

Highlights of the concert included among others (there were many) “Ledt efter lykken” (“Searched after happiness”) and “En anden” (“Someone else”) of new songs (some of the greatest songs Anne has made in many years) and the two last songs “Du er så smuk og dejlig” (“You are so beautiful and lovely”) and “En Forårsdag” (“A Spring-day”) of old songs, where Anne first slowly lifted up her classic “Du er så smuk og dejlig” in tempo and beauty giving it “new strong life” to everyone’s great happiness, and then she ended the evening with an extra-extra song, where she gently sung her beautiful “En Forårsdag”, which is often used here both at weddings and funerals, and yes, the audience including my mother sang along making it a very beautiful and memorable moment to remember, right Anne (?), she did not play all of her old, greatest hits, and there was really only one, which I would have been very happy hearing, which of course is “Lille Messias”, which I love very much, but I here feel that this is included in “the public ban” of me, so we will have to wait until the opening of our new “theatre-play” for you to play this, right Anne?

So we had a good evening together, everyone LOVED the concert, and I was happy to see that Käte and Bent also had the right attitude because they wanted this to be a good evening, and she said that she would like to do it again, and yes, we spoke well together, and my mother had told me that Käte had loved the Bob Marley sang, which I posted the other day on Facebook, so I had recorded a CD with Bob Marley’s greatest hits, which I gave her, and I told her that it was also to say that I am happy that she is my mother’s very good friend, maybe the best of all, which has been important in a difficult time after losing John, and she was happy receiving it. And yes, they know about me too, see my Facebook updates, but do not say as I do not say, and when this is the case, “Stig is normal” because then I am just like everyone else.

And yes, I was told that my mother is actually very sad for not seeing her old friend, Lis, which again was because of the negative energy and influence of John 2-3 years ago, who prevented my mother and Lis to visit me, and since my mother and Lis have not had contact, and yes, the other day my mother and Käte went to the cinema watching the new movie with Ghita Nørby as they liked much, and they met Lis there, but there was no conversation between my mother and Lis, and yes, two people who really love each other as friends and would love to have good contacts, but “cannot” because they cannot control their feelings and know what is right to do, and yes, making me sad.

In the second before my mother will bring me to the world, the whole world will know of me, not before.

It isn’t like having a knitting needle going through her ears for Grethe for not following you when seeing an Electric Light Orchestra concert, as I do now seeing clips of ths BBC Radio 2 show this evening, she knows it, feels it, which is your emotions being deeper for this band than any.

Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra was performing live on BBC Radio 2 this evening at the same time as we were at the Anne Linnet concert, and when I returned home, the three Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra Facebook groups that I am member of, were “boiling over” by positive messages of enthusiastic fans and yes both because of his concert, the new album and getting tickets to the forthcoming tour, and later, I received the feeling of Jeff, and was told that he returns the thanks for you having come this far :-).

Here is the new “When I was a boy” and the classic “Mr. Blue Sky” from the concert this evening, and yes, I am as amazed as all of the other Electric Light Orchestra fans, and act as they – you can find several of my comments at these Facebook groups this evening showing myself as “a fan like everyone else” :-).

Hearing new music from and watching Jeff live in concert is truly one of the greatest moments of my life; an era, which seemed dead and gone has been relived, and I simply LOVE it, and “much more than this”, it is the deepest feelings inside of me. And yes, to me, this band delivers nothing less than “the perfect ELO-sound” as I have inside my head, it has the full and rich sound that I want, thus being even better than the studio recording by Jeff alone playing all instruments, which gives a “thinner sound”, and in my ears especially because of the drumming.

I heard a radio interview with Jeff and Ken Bruce from BBC Radio, and no, Bruce did not bring us down because he also made Jeff and the band play two direct live tracks, “When the night comes” and “Turn to stone”, on the radio (before the concert in the evening), and when Jeff played “Turn to Stone” I was shown a marzipan ring cake as a cornucopia and I was told that this is about “eternal life” :-). And I am shown a GIANT and enormously wide fire of force at the middle of the rocket, and I was told that this is what I have brought myself, which is bringing this eternal life, and yes, because of faith of the world in you.

At the end of the evening, I was watching TV, and I was very surprised when seeing a “fire ball” on the sky, as part of this, in beautiful colours right outside my window, which only lasted one second, and my thought was literally “wow, now I have seen this too”, and I wonder if Earth will be able to survive for another 3-6 months if this is how long we continue “the game”, and yes, what do I know? And yes, if the Pound can survive for so long too without going under to bring the financial meltdown (?), and yes, what do you believe, if I don’t give up, right? And aren’t you afraid that Russia and USA will roll out the big weapons in an overall destroying world war (?), and yes, we know, Stig, this is NOT what it is about, this is about doing what is RIGHT and not WRONG to do, and then it is no longer than this!

November 13

I slept 10 hours during the night, but still I am incredible tired after 2-3 hours having to force myself to keep awake instead of sleeping.

You have almost turned yourself around ….

Frankenstein, so you were really not alive, but I made an exception with you ….

No, your mother is no space rocket, your father is also not, you are, and yes, the Son bringing everything here deciding when to launch it, which you will only do when everything is perfect, yes, we know ….

So your father was fighting you for power, and you did not know about it, and now you have the world for your feet ….. And yes, you were never meant to be born according to him, so what does this mean?

No, it is not difficult writing a script to “remove Stig physically from his address”, the difficult part is when Stig decided that he did not want to do this, but to go up against the entire world, which was their ultimate worst scenario, because who in the world will do this, and who in the world does he believe he is (?), and yes, they discovered that only one, the right one, could dream about doing this, and yes, keeping me awake without sleeping much and doing my best and hard work to keep you all down in order not to overtake me.

So you are really the whole pyramid of everything under water, i.e. the world and I are still suffering, waiting to break through, as I am also shown.

You better believe that Pia (from Hørsholm) screamed when she discovered that your sister, whom she decided to trust in over you, and the world was “making a baby” on you, i.e. trying to steal all of your life to survive itself. She first discovered this when you had turned around more than half of this world elite, thus starting to bring Pia true, not false, spiritual information, and yes, up until then, it was the false voice of Sanna “guiding” you, Pia.

So you could bring the suitcase, i.e. life, into the light now, as I am shown, but instead you have decided to hide under the incredible long dinner-table as I am also shown.

The new ELO album was released today and after having heard most of it already last week via a website, I simply played it all this afternoon on repeat, thus hearing it over again and again and again, which is many years ago that I have done with an album, and yes, I love the album much, it is truly a genuine Jeff and ELO album, but still, the sound is “a little thin” and mainly because of your way of playing the drums, where I simply like other drummers over you, Jeff, for example the amazing drummer from your new band, the good old Bev Bevan from the original line-up or even the Danish Mette playing on your 1990-solo album, who also did a great job, which all of this album benefits from, and am I the only one who can hear this? And yes, I would like more genuine strings too instead of keyboards, but still, it is a great album.

David Bowie is also making new music, and he has a new and what seems to be an amazingly exciting album coming out in January, and we have so far been given these short teasers of the song “Blackstar”, and to me, again it sounds like PURE ART on the highest artistic level like nothing else, and I much liked this Facebook post by Nick among other things reflecting on life and dead, and don’t you think that the skeleton, or mummy, inside Major Tom is my old “dead” self before becoming my new self (?), I do:

FB 131115 Bowie

This is COMPLETELY AMAZING music, can it be his best ever, which is coming (?), and yes, still I am not sure if Simpson & Holm on P6 would even notice it because you are stuck in the 1970’s and 80’s with Bowie, right, “my gentlemen” (?).

FB 141115 Bowie

At 17:10 I received the feeling of Stephanie from “Crazy about dance”, and I was told that “something special” will happen this evening.

I was shown an expanding triangle – as a string between fingers – and an office chair turning around, and I was told that we will expand the triangle going through everything once more – if/when I will continue the game, and yes, I am still feeling so awful that I am not totally convinced myself that I will be able to hold going through an additional case against the system of Hell.

I felt my cousin Jan and was told that he is the reason why we have come to where we are now – for giving in to me as one of the last, yes, he was a tough nut to crack.

No, the game really shouldn’t work when your mother knows how poorly you sleep and feel like, and there is only one reason why it does, and that is that her love is stronger than all, this is how we have programmed her.

I was told that BP started the destruction of the Old World “before time” (the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010) because the world was absolutely sure that I would give up and they would win.

There is still a lady in Germany seeing you (spiritually), yes, what was her name (?), the lady from Arthur Findlay College in 2006, who just maybe fell in love with me also after I sent her a couple of long emails afterwards?

My mother had invited me for dinner and to watch “Crazy about dance” again, and as usual we had dinner and a nice talk from 19 to 20, and I was told that part of the game is also for me to “clean/empty” John’s computer, which I have “not been allowed” to do yet, which is therefore included in the prolonged game, and is there “a secret message” from John to me in there?

At dinner I told my mother about how I felt Bettina with me when cycling here and how I felt that my mother misses her much, as my mother confirmed is the case, and yes, VERY much is how it is, and I told her that normally I don’t tell her, but Bettina and John are often with me, and so is Ole, my father and even her adoptive mother, and yes, my mother dreams about her adoptive mother, and I told her that it is because she is with her, and then came the clue, which was to tell my mother that they are all still here, you just cannot see them, so try to imagine that the world is not only what you can see physically, but also what is spiritually, and yes, this was to prepare my mother to be strong because of the extended game we will play, and yes, I told her more about “the evil world” including designed sicknesses, wars and news, and how to make people sick, to kill them and make money out of them before dying, and yes, “all politicians know” about this, and it is all of this evilness, which is about to fall, “everything will be good”, and yes, my mother knows, and when I tell it to her like this, it “confirms” what she believes in, which is me, and yes, together with the message “this will take some extra time to do” because I have prolonged the game.

And I told her about “it is not normal for an employee of a union to constantly travel the world” as Hans does, and yes, my mother knows, and later she showed me an email from Sanna, who is now at a conference in New Orleans, and she said that this is how it is for Sanna, which is “to write mother” and also that “I will always love my children”, and yes, what she really said was that she also loves Sanna despite of knowing that she is darkness and what she did to eliminate me (us), which is now what she knows, which again is the same when she believed in the opposite only a couple of years ago, when the story was that Sanna was “clean” and I was “the worst darkness”, and still she would not give up on me, this is how our mother is, Sanna.

I was pretty strongly again given darkness wanting me to be negative about everything, which I had to go actively against.


Already at 17:10 today I received the feeling of Stephanie from “Crazy about dance”, and I was told that “something special” will happen this evening.

And then we watched the “Crazy about dance” show on TV2, which I like very much – not least because of what Søs has said more clearly than everyone else, which is that this is truly a place of love and “strong family”, and yes, I can feel it, Søs – and also feel that it comes to you because I am following you, and yes, “love from above”; you know :-).

I was not so careful about taking notes this evening when watching the “Crazy about dance”, which was both because of tiredness and because of my mother being present, it is “easier” to take notes when being alone, but the judge Anne told John “Faxe” after the first dance, where he partly danced alone, that it takes much confidence to do all alone, and this was really also about what it takes for me to work all along going against darkness.

One of the judges told Søs that she should really have a gift because it was her birthday, but instead you give a giant gift to others, which again was about “yours truly”, and yes, they know that it is about “TIME”, my friend :-).

I believe it was the host Claus, who asked Søs “you can still find strength”, “so you still have strength” and Søs replied “you better believe it”, and this was about whether or not I have strength to continue the game against darkness.

My mother and I loved watching the show this evening maybe even more than normal, which was because all couples danced the Argentinian Tango, which I do believe is my favourite of all dances, and it was mirrored by the same feelings by the dancers, who also love dancing this dance very much, and the first two couple had received high marks of 34 and 36 out for 40, and then it was time for Stephanie and Morten to dance their Tango as you can see here, and they did it BEAUTIFULLY and it was to original and beautiful music from Argentina including violin and more, and this is here I really did not wrote down the comments from the judges, which I discovered that I should have, but as I remember it, Jens said that he was now excited to see what he would say himself (!), and yes, what a “funny thing” to say Jens if it is not because you were expecting that this would include “inspired speech” for me to explain to the world, and then I do believe that he praised Stephanie for her character and authenticity and for now taking a new development step up, and they spoke of Sebastian’s violin, I believe, where I felt Jeff Lynne, which of course is a reference to the strings of Electric Light Orchestra, and then it was time for the judges to do “something special”, which was to give this couple four times ten, which is 40 and that is the maximum character, and this is only possible because you have decided to continue right until the end to make everything perfect as I am here told.


Afterwards, it was Ena and Thomas turn to dance as you can see here, and I noticed straight after the dance just how incredible touched Ena was from the experience, and Anne picked up on this telling her that she had noticed this, and also that contestants come out of “Crazy about dance” as new persons because of the experiences they receive here and “the very close “family-bonds””, and what Anne was really speaking of here was the process bringing “new persons” to all life, which is a process of love, I tell you, this is what this show now symbolises to the world, and didn’t Ena react by saying “Oh God” (?), and yes, I believe she did, so now you know, who is “this link” :-).

Later, Britt was also VERY inspired when she spoke about a strawberry being crushed between the buttocks with her usual strong passion, and this was really about how darkness is destructing my old self, which it will end up doing because when I will “give up”, I will end being my old self, the strawberry will be crushed, in order to become my new self bringing you all your “new persons” too. And Britt continued being inspired in what she said here, but I did not write it down.

I received the feeling of Benedikte Kiær and then I believe it was Anne saying something like “columns of smoke coming out of the nose”, which is about Benedikte playing the role of “the dragon”, which we could also call the “Evil woman” for letting Helsingør Commune allow to “play dirty tricks” with its citizens and me.

Stephanie and Ena danced a group-dance with their partners where they had to be “evil” as each other’s rivals, and straight after the dance they broke totally out of the role laughing out loud, which was just to say that this is how the play of darkness against me is right now because behind this facade – of Benedikte, my family and many others – is the strongest love waiting to come out.

I returned home and I was thinking of the best coffee at Café Karisma, and I was then shown a big beer barrel at the bar there and then a glasscase full of cakes, and I was shown how this is now being packed behind a curtain because it will first open later.

This corresponds to drive in rainwater without mud flaps on the car as protection.

The spaceship of everything flew by outside and it showed itself as the spaceship from the Moonbase Alpha, i.e. darkness, and I was told “hi, old man” and this was because we continue the game.

So I, i.e. the Source, will hide down here at the coffee container inside my coffee perculator as I was also shown – quite funny “balancing” with the vertical pipe :-).

This just means we have never had mother as close to father before.

Ships of the Source continue sailing by, and I have really not set up my camera at home on my stand and tested this properly in order to take steady recordings using a big zoom, but I decided to record this holding the camera in the hand, and yes, how can you see that this is a ship of the Source (?), and yes, normally it does NOT have all of this incredible light on it, and here it also has blue lights on it symbolising me, which a normal ship never has.

It is now your mother is handing over all of her weapons, and I am shown a giant spider and insects, i.e. symbols of “sexual torment” of me.

In other words, you are the motor of the ship deciding yourself when to start.

Carsten Ehlers is also one of those working against you, and yes, one of Kim S’ old pension customers, who is “an esteemed” accountant from Price Waterhouse, who earns “far too much money”, which I remember from when I also did “the boring work” with his pensions as “Kim’s slave” from 1991-97.

I was shown only one wall decoration – out of “endless” – at a big castle made of diamonds, and I see a tunnel inside this wall decoration, which leads into darkness, and it is from here that we are about to come out from, and it made me think of the amazing wall decorations at the Alhambra Castle in Spain, which seems to be “endless”, which impressed me much when visiting it in 2006 and giving me the thought “how in the world were the able to do such fine and so much “impossible” work” (?), but they did :-).

Late this evening I heard about the appalling terror attack in Paris killing more than 100 civilians, which “alarmed the whole world”, and I was told that “I will only say that this is one of the conditions to make the lights go down”, i.e. bring the end to the Old World, as a warning of what may come, and the level and amount of evilness coming really depends on how well I do in my fight against darkness, and yes, all of the political world and the media know that this is designed by the world elite (to help bringing my coming via the energy that it brings/darkness that it absorbs), but still they all continue playing a game officially being “horrified” over this even though they have planned it themselves.

FB 131115 BBC

So it is working the opposite way, like a catapult seat, I am now coming in to you in darkness where I have never been before, I felt the Source coming from outside and entering me, to see your mother in action before dying too, which is invaluable information to receive, i.e. to get to know the conditions of life out there in order to improve future creation, yes.

I received the feeling of Pia from Hørsholm and was told that she is with you also helping us to do this using her eyes watching you, as you allowed her to do in 2008, this is how I (the Source) look at my self (Stig inside my mother) backwards before leaving this place that does not exist (!), and yes people must believe that I am crazy, but no, they do not :-).

So now I, the Source self, is playing darkness and I am shown and see an arm of an octopus coming close to me and bringing me cigarettes including the desire to smoke. And I was told that the Source is a little annoyed of not having played the game of USA, he can see what could have been done better to support me making it possible for me to dig deeper, which is what it is all about. This means that your mother is home, we have turned round the roles.

When I went to bed, I was shown a square in Malmö, Sweden, and reminded about how many refugees they have received, and I was told that Paris was the powder barrel meant to blow up with the feeling coming to me that Syrians in Sweden and “everywhere” will start their terror actions too, so we will see what will happen.


The ship of the Source on the narrow Øresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden has been visible now for more than 6 months. It contains everything of the Source and creation including our New World, and is really my new self, so when you watch this from “outside” you are really looking at everything, which is including yourself.

With my new camera, this is now even clearer for everyone to see and understand if you will, which is easy to do, you just have to read me :-).

Clip 1 from 00:00 to 01:39

This is the newest clip from November 13 at 22:45: This is the most clear recording of a Ship of the Source that I have made so far. Besides from having “incredible strong, white light” on it, it also has a blue light symbolising my new self as well as a green light symbolising “go”, i.e. energy of light with me saying “continue with your journey”, and no, ships do NOT normally sail with so much white light on it and certainly not with coloured lights like this.

Clip 2 from 01:39 to 02:19

From November 7 at 22:46: This ship of the Source had a red light on the front of it, besides from all of the white light, which is often the case with ships sailing from right to left as a symbol of “no go”, i.e. energy of darkness going against me (on contrary to ships sailing from left to right, which often has a green light on it as a symbol of “go”, and more rarely blue lights on it as a symbol of my new self). You can also see “the red blinking bend” here after 26 seconds blinking 3 times, which has been here for many months now and is also a light of the Source.

So the red light on these ships from one direction is energy of darkness of man going against me, and the green light on ships going the other direction is energy of light supporting me – this is how you can see the game symbolised by these ships.

Clip 3 from 02:19 to 03:27

This is from November 8 at 21:32: Here is my first try to catch a Spaceship of the Source flying outside my apartment, which was not quite easy to do because I really could not see it in the seeker of my camera, but still I got it as you can see now and again on the clip, the most clearly at the end of the clip. I am sure I will get another and “much better” recording “soon”.

Clip 4 from 03:27 to 04:46

From November 12 at 17:47: Simply a ship of the Source with much white light on it.

Clip 5 from 04:46 to 05:44

From November 12 at 17:49: Another ship of the Source with much light on it, almost like a Christmas Tree.

November 14:

“You are not allowed to bath in the fiord”, yes, your mother was also told by the summer camp in Jægerspris (where I was every summer for 7 years “when I was a boy”), run by the YMCA scouts, that “your son is special” and “we feel lucky having him”.

I had GREAT difficulties finishing the last two days of scripts today working on my outermost limit. I had difficulties to concentrate because of dizziness, and I was truly close not to make it, but again it was my feeling to “just do it” that meant that I came home on my goal of work also today.

“See” and I felt a ship, yes, I here received a deja vue about the Ships of the Source sailing by; I have known of them “deeply inside” always, but it is first now that this feeling is opened to me.

This evening, I decided to watch the football match between Sweden and Denmark live on TV instead of X Factor UK, and before the match, I was shown extra men coming out from the Danish dressing room to the field, and I was told that Denmark will feel like having an extra man on the field.

I was given a big sound to the kitchen and told that we have already now placed one of mother’s four new corner stones here because of my hard work today, and yes, if it was the Source self and not my mother, who could do it.

And I was shown a cartridge belt with only few cartridges in it, which was about Sweden and “empty bullets”, i.e. they would not be able to score.

I was shown and told that we have discovered that this is about pressing the right numbers in the right order as we can do, which your mother could not because she was blind, which we are not because we see with your eyes. We can see here that the chicken/turkey dinner should already have been eaten, i.e. ended the game.

Seen over two matches, right (?), as I felt “a stupid Source” inside darkness now saying, and yes, the second match will be played on Tuesday (it is Saturday today).

We have started creating the New World again. We have seen there is an invisible car inside the stand at the stadium itself, which we are now using; yes, a desire to transform when entering the right digits as not even you had. It means that we don’t need a chairman (connection of all life), i.e. me, because everything is so intelligently connected that it automatically works together when done/opened in the right order, and yes, fine by me.

Despite of what I was told about the football match, Sweden took over the play more and more in the 1st half, and they scored to 1 to 0 just before the break.

In the break, I saw two acts performing at the X Factor UK, and I heard the comments of the judges, but there was no inspired speech.

In the start of the second half, Sweden received a penalty and scored on it to 2 to 0, and yes, it did not look good by now and Sweden could also have made it 3 and 4 to 0 with a bit of luck, and I understood that this is because the enormously strong darkness now coming against me also symbolised by the letter of the Commune to me the other day not yet giving me all the money, i.e. access to all of the force of the Source, and symbolised by the Paris “terror” attack too.

Only one of endless combinations have my name on it, to create life, yes, make perfect, I don’t care, I don’t have to be everything if life can be made smarter.

I was told that the Source working inside darkness is like an invasion to the United States doing over what they did.

During the second half of the game, I felt rays of energy coming from Sweden/the Source to my TV turning the TV signal on and off for maybe ten times, and later in the half, it did the same again maybe five times while the Danish speaker spoke something about “power”, and this was indeed a sign about my energy, and I was told that it is a sign of how I opened and closed my eyes “hundreds of times” during the afternoon when I was so tired/dizzy that I really could not write my script of yesterday just wanting to sleep or do nothing, until I decided to pull myself together and “just do it”.

I was told that Laudrup etc. knows that the Danish football team is about me playing against darkness, and I was thinking, while it looked the worst, that I did not give up, as I never do, and that Denmark would show the same attitude, and yes, Denmark took over the play the last 20 minutes, and succeeded to score a goal, thus only losing by 1 to 2 giving them a good chance to quality to the European Championships if they win by 1 to 0 or more on Tuesday.

It is still darkness of your mother coming against you but we have turned it around in our direction.

I was told that the terror of Paris had to be there, it could not be in London, and also that “the terror nest” has to be Syria.

Yes, with difficulties, we have now completely opened the refrigerator again, i.e. food for creation.

This is really about finding underwear, i.e. a new foundation of life, a new way forward.

The driving power is still my sexuality and hundreds of ladies, who were in love with me, and I was shown many women, which I have not found attractive myself but told that they found me attractive.

Samia was very kind sending me a new and long email yesterday, which I first had energy to read and answer now (actually first on November 15, but I have included my reply here).

FB 141115 Samia 1

FB 141115 Samia 2

FB 141115 Samia 3

FB 141115 Samia 4

FB 151115 to Samia1

FB 151115 to Samia2

FB 151115 to Samia3

I was happy seeing “secret visits” to my website MANY times today by “Mylle”, i.e. Jørgen de Mylius, who is the best and most famous radio DJ in Denmark from the 1960’s and until today, he is still active on Denmark’s national radio channels P4 and P5 every day, and I listen to him almost every day at the moment too, and maybe you liked my video and report on the Anne Linnet concert, Jørgen (?), and yes, have we met too (?), and of course we had, but you don’t know, and it was in the then antique record shop “Accord” on the King’s New Square in Copenhagen maybe 15-20 years ago, where we “met”, or let us say were in the same room.

FB 141115 People you may know


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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