November 2015 – after script IV: My old engine is being dismantled, I am receiving a much bigger engine of all new life, I have reached my true self as the Source


Summary of the script today

November 22, 2015: My old engine is being dismantled, I am receiving a much bigger engine of all new life, I have reached my true self as the Source. Our New World has the key to open me, I will be pulled out of my body and replaced with everything new: You are all my force, I am you and you are all me. My engine driving the Old World is being dismantled, instead I will get a much bigger engine including all cultivated new life. I have reached my true self as the Source, my most important task is to create life and “invent new” having everyone following me. We have seen a whole new way to produce energy, we have installed a converter on my side making it possible to make energy more efficient. I received all money from the Commune symbolically meaning that I have received access to all force of the Source, which was my goal, there is no more darkness. My mother will shine the rest of the road home for me, I will become King of all because this is how my mother created me with all her love.


We have seen a whole new way to produce energy, we have installed a converter on my side making it possible to make energy more efficient. We have soon collected a railway station full of area codes to access, with railway station, we mean a whole new creation. We do this game against darkness without risk of my mother, i.e. the world, dying because we are already home. We used “a little dangerous” road via Karen and my old friend Christian E. to bring all life from darkness (in Spain) home to the Source (in Denmark). This is how we received access to all gold in here, this was the main channel bringing all home because all wanted to go home this way. It required that Christian E. believed in me as a ladies man and Karen as the opposite to bring “the widest road” bringing all life in-between with us. Karen would burn herself, risking her life, touching me after I started becoming my new self, which is also why I have not seen her since 2009. It was first, when Karen discovered “he is my man” that we built the widest motorway, i.e. bringing the most life home. It was Karen deciding that it should be like this transporting all of her to Stig, the man she hated, but really loved more than anyone. Karen and Stig together is the only thing thing they speak of around the world. Not Camilla or “other polluted” and me. Making love to Karen should have brought the end of the world, but it was the only way to bring my light inside her darkness to bring out all life. Karen didn’t believe it would matter making love to me, but it should have brought the end because it was really not meant for our plates to meet yet. This was the only way we could get my light over to her darkness starting the journey to bring all life home. It was really Karen single-handedly killing me because of all of the dark energy she possessed. “And now when we see you have sold tickets all over the world, we (Karen) would like to return home, “a monumental love”, which my mother was designed to hide. My mother was created inside Karen making Karen’s feelings infect my mother’s and vice versa, so when my mother did not want me to be with Karen in 2003/04, it infected Karen. And when Karen later fell in love with me, my mother was given the same feelings of love to me.

Strong darkness made my electronics in disorder, and “I was a Swede paying with Swedish money” when shopping, which is why Sweden defeated Denmark in football. The Danish government steal from the poorest and give to the very richest; my cash help etc. is reduced from DKK 11,600 to DKK 9,500 net per month (I have fixed expenses of DKK 7,350). To Helsingør Commune and the Appeal Board: I will still bring you to court; do NOT treat me WRONGLY, use THE GOLDEN RULE before all rules of man! I have turned around the attitude of many, who used to believe in the Commune over me because they do not make mistakes, but they do, they are CRIMINALS! All in their “system of Hell” can easily see that I am right, but still it is “difficult” for them deciding to give me 100% right – the case is now so clear that the whole world can see just how mad they are. But it was not easy for Benedikte, the mayor, seeing before reading my reply, so now she can see the COMPLETE MADNESS of HER system too. Still, Benedikte does absolutely nothing but accepting to being displayed as a COMPLETE IDIOT to the world. My decision NOT to give up has reopened darkness completely also bringing “the terror attack” of Paris the other day – this is about building yet another floor on the diamond castle of our New World.

Our New World has the key to open me, I will be pulled out of my body and replaced with everything new: You are all my force, I am you and you are all me. We will build up the new pyramid with Michella as part of my mother, she will crack me out on the apple pan machine “like an egg”, i.e. open my new self. There is nervousness of ladies out there, who will take part of building the New World, who were in love with Stig and who were not? I misunderstood the verdict of the Appeal Board and Helsingør Commune; I did win all and have decided to withdraw my court case. The Appeal Board and Helsingør Commune did not write directly that half of the compensation is NOT due to be paid back immediately. They asked me to reply with a short deadline before I had read and understood the case thoroughly, which made me misunderstand them. I decided to continue the court case against them because of this misunderstanding, but now expect to cancel the case. Still, I should have done better, which makes me “the fool” as a lesson NOT to put on unnecessary pressure, but to communicate, understand and do your work PROPERLY. I received all money symbolically meaning that I have received access to all force of the Source, which was my goal, there is no more darkness. Therefore, there will be no withdraw of life as stated in my letter to the Commune, this just gave gave man one last fear in life. Thus, the only darkness remaining was my own darkness, and I have not received confirmation via this experience that there is no more darkness.

The only thing remaining here now is a “naked tin container” from where we bring you out, I am the pencil that never breaks, and we are calling you home. We just have to pull you out of your body, this is when you will be all as we have collected right here waiting on you to return home. I felt a giant fish coming to me including everything new, which is matching me because this is what we exchange you with. All life of the New World has the key to enter my heart, you are all my force here, I am just you and you are all me. It is my temporary motor to drive life inside darkness that we dismantle and instead I will be brought everything new. It is in here that you and your mother are connected, so it is when we disconnect her that we awake you because her pressure made you a skeleton. My mother will shine the rest of the road home for me, I will become King of all because this is how my mother created me with all her love. I felt my mother leaving me and she said “goodbye for now”, which is because of the death of my old self. Instead I will get Karen, a much higher engine including all cultivated life compared to the very little light of me when entering darkness.

As much as Karen was killing us all, as much she will bring us all life for the first time around after having turned around everything. The world knows about installing this new engine, and the best part is that all is done, we just have to remove the curtain and then we go with full volume. My father did not like my mother “cheating” him to bring the birth of Stig, “his enemy in life” because he already had chosen Sanna to take over after him. It was decided that my father should no longer replant, the world would take over knowing already at this stage how to reproduce. “Crazy about dance”: Ena showed “mixed feelings” as the world has also discovered in me – all will automatically receive happiness in our New World :-). I have reached my true self as the Source, my most important task is to create life and “invent new” having everyone following me. We are way past the goal-line, and still I continue until I will receive the new furniture as the ultimate sign of our New World. I have something else when I am not everyone else, which is just myself as the only one having broken lose enabling me to do this completely naturally. My most important task is to keep order in here making the others follow me when I invent something new, which seems to be my role when not creating life. I am nothing here without Karen, but then I bring all power from outside also willing to play an act here if necessary, but “only on rare occasions” because it is normally reserved elsewhere. Now it is my time to be a one cell only from where is the only way to develop, this is the most important point I have reached, to be my true self. X Factor UK: Nick showed WRONG feelings of darkness, disrespect and arrogance, when Anton WRONGLY apologized to him as a symbol of the WRONG opposite world.


November 2015 – after script IV: My old engine is being dismantled, I am receiving a much bigger engine of all new life, I have reached my true self as the Source

November 22, 2015: My old engine is being dismantled, I am receiving a much bigger engine of all new life, I have reached my true self as the Source

November 15

Madonna made an emotional speech about the “terror” in Paris saying that we are turning darkness into light and showing her stage as a cross, i.e. sufferings, leading to a heart of love, which is very true, just OPEN YOUR HEART, Madonna :-).

FB 151115 Madonna

This is what Hans has been preparing too, and Sanna too when they went to Paris.

I am still coughing, and no, I have not had time nor energy yet to prepare my case against the Commune and Appeal Board, there was a hump of darkness I first had to get over, but I hope I will be able to do this, this week.

We have also seen a whole new way to produce energy and I am shown myself entering a very large room with giant tornadoes. It is right that we meet you everywhere, i.e. inside every new area of the Source, as the light, it is just a converter on the side making it possible to make energy more efficient, which we have decided implement, but still with you in the chair of all. This is only a little part of what is to be found out here before Peter T., whom I feel here, will “destroy” it. Every time it is Karen bringing us safely home to harbour. So we have received a way bringing in more energy via Karen. This is how Karen is with you all the time. Yes, we have received control of a whole new area of darkness of Karen bringing us this. This is what is still rolling in over me as darkness/my sufferings. Your mother would steal all documents if you did not bring her back.

Now we have soon collected a railway station full of stickers or area codes to access. With railway station, we mean a whole new creation.

I learned that the “black panther” symbol given to me the other day is about sexuality/darkness, and ultimately, darkness is coming from your inside now. And it is also about Samia, who seems to be a beautiful lady and “attraction” being the power here, but of course not to be brought out in reality.

I was shown a GIANT corncub being “processed” and the corn of it being put on my bicycle in a large back, and I was told that this is because of my message to the church in Gachie some months ago, which is also making this game of mine against darkness possible.

It is inside this darkness of you we have placed your mother, and I feel her as light. We do this game without risk of your mother dying because we are already home. We had yo reinvent you and all in fact because you were not here (in darkness), so you are doing all of this, all of you, waiting on me as “the stupid Source” inside darkness told me being moved and snuffling.

Steen P. from Helsingør, the old DJ and employee of the record store Phonoteket, behaved as expected when telling people in town “I have sold many records to Stig” (in the 1980’s).

November 16:

I dreamt about working for a HUGE Swedish bank clearing checks, it is illegal for the cashier employees to use ice in their work, which annoys them, i.e. a limit to our sufferings, and here is plenty of candle everywhere, i.e. “the Source”.

So now we can play with endless watches, not only my watch.

Yes, man wanted me to give in to darkness helping me to destruct the Old World.

I felt Sanna and Hans and was told that it is not easy for the world to change their support from them to me.

I was shown a banjo, which I have been some times, and I connect it to George Harrison, and I was shown the front of the banjo turning around, and I was told that you still decide when.

I watched the program “My free space” on TV2 Fri with Poul Krebs, and I was shown and told that there is a logo on his back, and a fire burning inside of him too, me, and yes, he has a beautiful house on the island of Samsø, where he played this beautiful song “Kommer solen frem” (“the Sun comes forward”) on guitar, and yes, we will soon release “the fire of our New World” :-). Here is his fine song in a slow, alternative version too, and here you can listen to it as “one of Paul’s many pop-hits”.

I was told that it was also a planned set-up, when I met my friend from Østerbro in the beginning of the 1990’s, Christian E., again around year 2005/06, I believe, where he invited me and 8-10 others, half men, half women, to a nice weekend at his giant farm house on the island of Funen, where all men and women ended up uniting, and planned in the way that they wanted to empty me via sexual contact with women.

Later, I felt both Christian and Karen and was told that they are in fact good friends as others of my network are too without my knowledge.

No, Karen doesn’t think you are a fool with “fool” here also being a reference to what I wrote yesterday in a comment to BT to the MP Søren Espersen from the extreme right wing party, “the new Nazi-party” or “Danish National Socialism People’s Party” as I have called them earlier, and yes, this time it is not Jews they want to eliminate, but all Muslims of the world, this is their “secret task and DNA too”, because they simply HATE these people, and this is simply what I wrote in my comment and I received the words “you fool” from the Source, which were included too, and yes, here Søren showed his true self for the first time, he wants war and to also bomb civilian women and children in Syria (!), and yes, part of the plan of the elite to bring this war to “help” terminating 90% of all life to bring about the New World of the elite, and yes, this is what he and the world is still working for, this is the darkness they now “play” because the true meaning is now to absorb darkness to help bringing the birth of my new self, and yes, Søren knows too – “you fool”! Afterwards, Søren was reported to the police for encouraging to kill civilians, and yes, it is not yet MARTIAL LAW in Denmark, as it is in France now and the coming three months after the “terror” the other day, which is what you want all over the world to enable you to “cut through” the normal constitutional state” to carry out all of your plans including war and suppression of the people, right (?), and yes, what have you planned of terror in Denmark (?), maybe “a nice bomb” at Nørreport Station in Copenhagen killing “some hundreds”, which should “do it”, or …..?

FB 151115 Søren E

Karen and Stig together is the only thing thing they speak of around the world. Not Camilla or “other polluted” and me.

It isn’t this “a little dangerous” road via Christian and Karen we used to bring all (life from darkness) home (to the Source), yes, the secret channel, we call it. I received the feeling of Anni, my father’s old cohabitee in the 1970’s, and was told that without this connection, we would also not have been able to create fish, i.e. my new self including everything. This was the main channel bringing you all home because they all wanted to go home this way.

It required that Christian E. believed in you as a ladies man, which is what I showed him there in the weekend, where he invited, where I was together with a lady, I cannot remember the name of, and yes, he was “very impressed” that I had succeeded to make Henriette my girlfriend in 2004/05 because he knew her and had tried to “score her”, which she had refused, and Christian is truly a very big “ladies man” himself, and this is also what I let him believe in the beginning of the 1990’s when we (with Kirsten, Britt and Britt) often went to the Submarine and Nokken nightclubs in Vedbæk and Rungsted together, which was completely against the truth (!), and yes, it was required that Karen believed in the opposite, that I was completely “clean” without experience with ladies, and it was to bring “the widest road” between them to bring all life in-between with us. And yes, Christian lives in Monaco, and this is about the road home from Southern France, where my father liked to spend LONG summer holidays every summer, to Denmark (bringing life home hidden inside darkness of Spain), as I have been told about several times before.

Karen would burn herself touching you – as I was close doing when meeting her in 2003/04 – especially after Brede (2009/10), when I re-connected with the Source (Summer 2010) and started becoming my new self, which would have been life dangerous to her. This is also why we have not seen each other for “many years” now, and yes, not since 2009.

This is how we received access to all gold in here (using the road of Karen and Christian E). And a little bit of Lloyds and all of that, yes, Bo from dahlberg helped along.

And Karen had set up blockers everywhere, and I here feel Mette’s son Kristoffer, who really was STRONG DARKNESS bothering much when he did not believe in me, and also Søren D.-N., who did the same making me suffer much.

It was first, when Karen discovered “he is my man” that we built the widest motorway, i.e. bringing the most life home. It was Karen deciding that it should be like this transporting all of her to Stig, the man she hated, but really loved more than anyone.

She did not know that she was being eliminated, and it was controlled by Sanna, then by me to save her and all life, which required that she accepted me because we needed a pair to do this.

Aren’t you going to write about Mylle and Noller (?), and alright, I brought the story the other day about Noller being interviewed on live radio by Madsen, and today, it was Mylle interviewing Noller live on his radio program, and I forgot to turn it on at 18:00 when it started, which is a bad time for me to listen to radio, which is why I often hear your shows the next day instead, Mylle, but here I remembered at around 18:25 to turn on the radio, and when I did, I discovered that it was in the end of the interview, so I didn’t get it all live, but I was told that Mylle and Noller had been speaking about “Madsen’s inspired interview with Noller” the other day, and when they had been listening to Noller’s new recording of “You’ve got a friend”, Mylle was inspired here when saying “there is also fire and rain in here, you do like these quiet songs from the 1970’s”, which made Noller say “yes, I do believe that there has been a little bit of melancholy Olsen over my entire life, and I do believe that this BLUE feeling …., there was really one saying “I think it is a fantastic album, but have you considered that it is a little BLUE”, and Mylle asked “a little BLUE” (?), and yes, “a little BLUE, you know”, and yes, Mylle was first thinking of the colour because normally you NEVER use “blue” in Danish to describe the feeling as you do in English, but this is what Noller was inspired to do here when speaking of the feeling of melancholy, which was because he was symbolically really speaking about the colour of my new self, which was just to “reveal you both” to the world about your knowledge and faith in me, “my gentlemen”, and yes, isn’t it funny (?), and no, I feel that they are sad too knowing about the punishments I go through when receiving darkness of the world as my sufferings, but this is how it is, I chose to do it myself, “God only knows”, you know :-).!/33:30

I was thinking about my old friend Henning W. again this evening, and also about how he inspired me much once, which I have never told him or anyone about before now, and it was when he bought an apartment in Roskilde in the end of the 1980’s, and wrote the deed himself, which was then signed and registered officially, and yes, he is one year younger than I, and I was VERY IMPRESSED that he was able doing this and having the courage to do it, so when my father bought his house on Junovej in Rødovre not long thereafter, which was at a time that I had reasonable good relations with him, I offered him to write the deed (saving money to have a lawyer to it), and it is really this old inspiration from you, Henning, which gave me the life attitude that “I can do everything myself” including to go up against the whole system of darkness including to be my own lawyer in my lawsuit against the Appeal Board.

I was told that the “resurrection” of the old discotheque Svingelport in Helsingør, it opens on November 21 after having been closed or worked under other names for many years, is because of “my wish” and also a symbol of my resurrection, and yes, I have often been thinking about how much I, and all people here, loved this discotheque in the 1980’s, and these thoughts “were passed on”, so now it is reopening, and yes, I would love to go and may even decide to go on Saturday to watch a free concert there, “Kim Larsen copy”, but let us see if I have the energy, which I may decide that I have not.

Samia disappeared “half” today – but returned after one day.

Samia half gone 151115

FB 151115 Samia C

Email to Samia 161115-1

Email to Samia 161115-2

November 17:

I was dreaming of driving a super sports car through “the worst challenges” so strong that they should easily stop me, but I know exactly what keys on my keyboard to use coming through without exploding, and even though the car at the end is completely black from smoke and torn apart, I made it through and now meet the master at the room at the end asking him to “fill her up”, and even though the master says this was not meant to be and “not possible” to do, I ask him to do it, which he then does. And yes, about my way through all darkness to my new self in the middle.

“Alone in the Universe”, this is how I feel like, being completely ALONE, if it was not because of my mother, and to repeat doing the same work “day after day”, and no, I am not amused at all, but receive smiles for doing it.

This morning, my coffee percolator “could not” brew, and I “could not” connect my phone to my PC, but it both worked in the second try, this is also how darkness works here, sending darkness to electronics making it “hurt” the same way as darkness is sent to me very directly making me “hurt”, as it has for years.

I received the lyrics “EXPRESS YOURSELF – You’ve got to make it”, and I felt Madonna encouraging me to do exactly this, which is to continue my work to end the game and “win all”, and this is what I will do starting to look at the law again to find out how and to prepare what may end up with new letters for the Commune, Appeal Board and the court in some days, we will see, and no, it shouldn’t be that difficult, but the truth is that I have no idea where to start looking, which is about reaching out for my torch and shine my light inside this darkness as I am also shown here, when I will start.

The power of Crown Princess Mary also continues going on, and yes, I feel her here, but what was this power about again (?), as I was told about 2-3 years ago, I believe (?), and yes, I cannot remember, I have been thinking of looking it up again to include on the front page of my website, which I may do one day.

I had slept all morning, and worked all afternoon, and decided to go out shopping late this afternoon instead of starting to read the law, which has to be tomorrow then.

When you slept with Karen, the world should have exploded too, but no one knew, I told none, so I made it continue. “Think that I have walked around with blinds”, yes, the voice of Karen missing me. “A monumental love”, which my mother was designed to hide. “And now when we see you have sold tickets all over the world, we (Karen) would like to return home”, yes, it is something like this, Stig. It was really Karen single-handedly killing me because of all of the dark energy she possessed.

It will be “a moment in paradise” when we will unite, yes, what we are all waiting on, and this is the most beautiful song from the Zoom album.

No, Karen didn’t believe it would matter making love to me as long as she kept quiet about it, but it could and should have brought the end of the world because it was really not meant for our plates to meet yet, but it was the only way we could get your light over to her darkness starting the journey to bring all life home, which your mother and the world did not understand.

And I received the lyrics “When the night comes, That’s when I think of you” from the very beautiful new song “When the night comes”, and I understand that this is what Karen does of me.

You cannot create your mother including all inside Karen without Karen’s feelings infecting my mother’s and vice versa, so when my mother did not want me to be with Karen in 2003/04, when seeing how much Karen hurt me (emptying my energy), it infected Karen, and when Karen has been in love with me since realizing who I really am within the last couple of years maybe, my mother has been given the same feelings.

“Friends arena” (Stockholm), there is no one of the Danish or Swedish team not knowing about me.

I wanted to take out some cash from the ATM at Jyske Bank in town, but for the first time ever, it was in disorder, like my coffee machine and connection between telephone and PC this morning, which made me think that it will be difficult for Denmark to win.

I was about to return home when I was reminded that I had a little Swedish money in my wallet left over from my tour to Sweden a few weeks ago, and I knew that the Føtex supermarket would accept Swedish money too, so I went in there, and when I met “Ms. Føtex” in the cash desk, I told her that “I am Swedish today, can you handle this note” (?), which she could, and I felt that this was about the second part of the qualification match to the European Championships between Denmark and Sweden this evening.

I was given the name of the previous Danish star player in badminton, Peter Rasmussen, and told that you don’t know how long we have waited on you, and yes, it mattered what you did speaking of me, Peter & Co. :-).

So is my will power strong enough to win this football match (?), which I hoped that it would also because it otherwise would be the last match of the Danish national coach Morten Olsen, and I would like him to end his career by qualifying and going to the European Championships.

I don’t write down all I am told, what about this one (?), Wallman’s in Copenhagen, where I saw the “magician” Joe Labero perform in 2003 and shook his hand after the show on the way out, he has seen the face of God/you every time since when doing his “magic of God”, and yes, he is just an actor.

I was told about my emails to Helsingør Commune about special home aid and the WRONG sentence over me, which I sent to the office of the mayor, which is how to create faith too via her employees reading me. And who feels the worst waiting on my reply to Helsingør Commune (?), me doing the work and writing it or they (?), and yes, they know that they are playing the part of the Devil.

I had a burger in town, and went home and saw Denmark getting a good start on the match against Sweden, and after 8 minutes of the first half, I was given the vision and taste of the delicious bacon on the burger I just had, a symbol of the Source, and then Denmark hit the bar almost scoring.

After 18 minutes, it was instead Ibrahimovic scoring to 1 to 0 for Sweden making me think that darkness was truly strong as all signs showed today now making it difficult for Denmark, but still I believed in them because they looked strong.

Later, Sweden scored to 2 to 0 and even though Denmark reduced and equalized before the end, Denmark should have scored four times to qualify when looking at the aggregated result, and I was told that this was just to show the world about the strength of darkness coming at us after we have opened for it completely again, but still it is about never giving up and extracting as much as we can from this darkness. Denmark played with everything they had for you. And Morten Olsen decided to stop as coach after 15 years immediately after the match, and I would like to thank you very much too for your professional work, Morten. I do believe you were the best national coach of Denmark ever.

I was shown myself enter an igloo in Greenland, and then a spaceship seeing the inside of it from ELO’s new album sleeve, and a little later, I was told for the third time by Jyske Bank that they did not approve my photo for my new Visa card, and yes, I had chosen the ELO spaceship for the first two tries, and the inside of it as the third try, but no, “copyrights” makes it “impossible” for them to approve for me to have it on my Visa card, which is NOT how it is meant to be! So now I will try using a fine photo of Helsingør on the card, and wonder if they will dismiss this too for finding in on the internet.

Another example of “better-knowing ignorants” believing they are right and a woman, who learned to dance by the Holy Spirit, as she says, which makes primitive people express just how crazy they believe she is, but I believe in the lady – knowing how the Holy Spirit comes to me, which may be the case for this lady too, and I told them that it is completely impossible to imagine that the truth may be the opposite of what they believe (?), and yes, again about “the Night team” helping people to behave WRONGLY.

FB 171115 Natholdet.

Samia “returned” today, and this was maybe “a little help from my friends” to remove any uncertainty of Samia about me.

FB 171115 Samia

“The Stig” showed that a parking place has been reserved for him – and me too as I am told – at the Central Park in New York, and I gave the comment: “Stig says that I thought you were hiding in Hyde Park, but I see that you made it to the Big Apple, where parking can be difficult, I hear.”

FB 171115 the Stig

The names coming to me the most often – often several times per day – is my old friend René, Bjarne O. and Holm.

November 18:

I woke up to the lyrics “Kom lad os gå kom lad os se, Gennem tusind verdner venter vægtløs kærlighed” (“Come let us go, come let us see, through thousand worlds wait waitless love”) from the beautiful “Mon de kan reparare dig” (“I wonder if they can repair you”) by Lars Hug, and yes, Lars, I can be repaired, and what an amazing song and talent, do you agree with me, world? And yes, Lars, I am still thinking of buying one of your paintings if I win all money against the Commune, and you will allow me to have a painting of yours as the central in my living room above my sofa?

I fell asleep again, and woke up later to Yazoo’s “the room is lit by electric light” :-).

Days ago, darkness brought me much work making work reading up on the law impossible to do, then I used the last of the two small bottles of Cannabis Oil, which I bought in Copenhagen in August, and I have now started using the oil, I bought previous to this from Brian Sandberg on Christiania (hoping and believing that it will not give me throat pain this time), and this oil makes my whole body/system feel differently and change my sleep rhythm so far making me sleep and feel poorer.

I also noticed that the clock on my desk stopped working for some hours yesterday making me think that I have to change the battery, but later I notice that it started working again, and now at 14:40 it is going precisely again, which is just another symbol of “strong darkness” coming at me, which was the reason why Denmark “could not” defeat Sweden yesterday.

The new government has decided to steal from the poorest in this country, from people receiving cash help like me, and to give to the very richest owning the largest houses via tax deductions (they call it “make it easy being Danish”!), an opposite Robin Hood, and they do it by introducing a loft of how much people can receive in total of cash help, home aid and special home aid etc. as you can see here, which is DKK 13,121 before taxes for single people without children like me, and it means that my benefit will reduce from a total of DKK 11,600 net per month to DKK 9,500 net per month (I have fixed expenses for DKK 7,350 per month, which do not decrease the same way), and for couples with children, the reduction will be even greater, and yes, this money (from October 2016) is given to the absolutely wealthiest in this country, and they “sell” this plan with the argument that it helps “motivating” people to get a job, but the sad truth, as everyone knows, is that there are no jobs to get or else are people on cash help too weak or sick to work, so they are lying (!), and yes, they are carrying out a crime and yes, they get away with this steal at high noon, they are not arrested, and yes, as part of a plan ultimately eliminating the “poor and useless eaters” like me, which is also why Denmark is now about to introduce new and even stronger and inhuman tightenings to refugees as you can see here making it “impossible” for them to bring their families here, removing fundamental rights and to allow them to live in tent camps here etc., and they do this new law “here and now”, which is over three days only giving no one time to read and understand it, and to handle it carefully because it is “urgent here and now”, and no, this is NOT how to work, NOT AT ALL, your bastards – as the Source tells me, and I am shown you as the darkest beast here!

I received the feeling of Jesper W. from Danica and was told that he misses me too as I miss experiences of work and my old network, “you belong here in the (life) insurance sector”, and I was told that the same applies to Anders M. from Norway and “many others”, and yes, I am not “alone in the Universe” in this respect.

I was really too tired to write the Commune etc. today, but I sent the email below because they gave me a deadline to reply “before November 19” if I had comments to their calculations, which I did telling them that I will go to court to receive their verdict that the Commune cannot demand half of the amount to be paid immediately because I now have “fortune” (!) and because they have to pay me interest on too late paid out benefits, and as a consequence I asked the Commune to wait on their verdict before asking me to repay half, and I told them that THE GOLDEN RULE to treat people as you would like to be treated yourself ALWAYS has preference to rules of man because you cannot imagine that man will rule against his Source, can you (?), and yes, we will have to see what their reaction to this will be.

All correspondence in the case is included here:

“Til alle, som er nævnt nedenfor i min mail af den 3. ds. samt Dorte Lindgren Pedersen, som jeg beder Helsingør Kommune videresende denne mail til.

Til Helsingør Kommune: Venligst udbetal det beregnede beløb og lad kravet om tilbagebetaling få opsættende virkning, indtil forventet retssag er afsluttet

Jeg henviser til vedlagte “påtænkte afgørelse” af den 11. ds. fra Helsingør Kommune, som opfordrer mig til at kontakte kommunen inden den 19. ds., “hvis du har bemærkninger til de oplysninger, vi lægger til grund for beregningen af den særlige støtte og efterbetalingen”.

Jeg kan hertil oplyse, at jeg er enig i afgørelsen for så vidt angår efterbetalingen for perioden 17.12.2011 til 31.10.2015 med den tilføjelse, at jeg endnu ikke har haft mulighed for at efterberegne beløbet, som jeg vil gøre inden klagefristens udløb (4 uger fra den 11. ds.).

Med hensyn til afgørelsen om at kræve den del af efterbetalingen, som vedrører særlig støtte til boligindskudslån, tilbagebetalt straks, fordi jeg nu “lige pludselig” har “formue” over 10.000 kr., kan jeg kun sige, at ALLE MENNESKER UDEN UNDTAGELSE (!!!) – altså bortset fra jer, som arbejder i jeres “helvedes system” (!) – kan se, at dette er FULDSTÆNDIG GALAMATIAS, for enhver kan se, at hvis jeg havde modtaget denne del af ydelsen på kr. 500 pr. måned løbende, som jeg hele tiden har været berettiget til, så ville den være indgået i mit månedlige budget og være blevet forbrugt, som gør sig gældende for hele den ydelse, I har snydt mig for, og så ville jeg i sagens natur IKKE have optjent en formue, og så ville I ikke kunne stille krav om tilbagebetaling.

Så det strider imod enhver logisk og rigtig menneske-opfattelse, når I først begår bedrag ved at snyde mig for en del af min ydelse, som I systematisk og formentlig meget bevidst gør ved ikke at oplyse borgerne om deres sande rettigheder, og når I så tvinges til at udbetale beløbet, så ser I straks jeres chance til at få i hvert fald en del af beløbet tilbagebetalt med henvisning til en regel om tilbagebetaling, som kun teoretisk kan komme i anvendelse på grund af jeres eget svigt/bedrag (!), og sådan behandler man altså IKKE mennesker inklusive mig!

Det svarer til, at en fangevogter bevidst har nægtet en fange ordentlig mad og forhold i årevis, og når han så beordres til at give maden og at forbedre forholdene, så nægter han, i hvert fald delvist, og sådan virker det da heldigvis ikke, gør det vel? For det siger sig selv, at da “hullet” om at efterbetaling af ydelser på grund af systemets “fejl” medførte modregning i selve kontanthjælpen, som alle på samme måde anså som værende KOMPLET GALAMATIAS, blev lukket, så er det “den samme ånd”, som ville have gjort det samme for at undgå krav om tilbagebetaling af støtte til boligindskudslån på grund af “formue, som udelukkende er opstået på grund af systemets eklatante svigt”, hvis ellers lovgivningsmagten havde været opmærksom på det. Det siger da sig selv, gør det ikke (?), eller er I “for langsomme” til at forstå, hvordan man behandler mennesker rigtigt (?), som altså er, at gøre, hvad der er LOGISK RIGTIGT at gøre, og hvordan man selv ønsker at blive behandlet!

Og ja, lad os lege med tanken om, at kommunens tilbagebetaling IKKE er formue, men at den formelt er “47 månedlige ydelser” af mindre end 1.000 kr. pr. måned i gennemsnit, som den i virkeligheden er (!), og at jeg derfor er berettiget til at bruge disse penge uden krav om modregning på samme måde, som jeg ville have gjort, hvis I blot havde opfyldt jeres forpligtelser i første omgang – det siger da sig selv, ikke?

Og tilsvarende gør sig gældende for rentekravet, for ENHVER TÅBE kan se, at når det er almindeligt, at for sent betalt løn og “anden erstatning” bliver tillagt morarente, så er det LOGISK RIGTIGT at gøre det samme for for sent betalt særlig støtte uanset hvad, der står eller ikke står i loven herom på grund af bevidst undladelse for at spare, forglemmelse, lovsjusk el. lign , hvilket betyder, at jeg fastholder begge krav, og at jeg forventer at gå videre med sagen, som betyder, at jeg forventer at genoptage min retssag mod jeres rådne system for at få rettens ord for, hvad ALLE MENNESKER – altså bortset fra jer halvhjerner – umiddelbart kan se, er rigtigt at gøre, og ja, bliver det ikke spændende at se, hvordan retten vil forholde sig til mine ord om, at DEN GYLDNE REGEL ALTID har fortrinsret for “menneskets indretning/regler”, og ja, det er vel umuligt at forestille sig, at mennesket skal dømme imod dets ophav, er det ikke (?), og i parentes bemærket kan jeg tilføje, at dette betyder, “at så ønsker vi ikke livet som mennesker”, i hvert fald for den del, som I ikke måtte give mig medhold i, er det ikke sjovt?

Dette betyder i praksis, at jeg nu anmoder kommunen om at udbetale det beløb på kr. 40.860,95, som I foreløbigt er kommet frem til, og at jeres beslutning om at kræve kr. 19.225 tilbagebetalt får opsættende virkning indtil, at retten har truffet afgørelse herom. Dette er den eneste rigtige måde at afgøre sagen på nu, og jeg kan tilføje, at jeg vil vende tilbage snarest muligt, og i hvert fald inden 4 uger efter den 11. ds., når jeg har haft tid til at gennemgå beregningerne og at læse op på loven én gang til vedrørende disse to spørgsmål.

Og lad mig tilføje: Føler I jer ærligt talt ikke TIL GRIN overfor hele verden ved at optræde så direkte forkert og menneskefjendsk (?), og ja, I kan godt selv se, at skoen trykker helt forkert, ikke? DERFOR: BEHANDL MIG (og alle andre) RIGTIGT, IKKE FORKERT!!! Og I har naturligvis stadig chancen for at undgå at møde mig i en retssag ved at give mig 100% medhold nu, som ALLE altså kan se er RIGTIGT at gøre, ikke?

Og nej, jeg skal nok lade jer slippe for mine kommentarer til regeringens fuldstændigt, uduelige nye aftale for at lade kontanthjælpsmodtagere glide hurtigere ned af rutschebanen mod afgrunden selv, det vil sige “tilintetgørelse”, fordi det er den “mørkets plan”, som de stadig kører efter (som kommer helt oppe fra FN-systemet og Vatikanet som “verdens overhoved”) – og det samme gør sig gældende for de yderligere, umenneskelige stramninger overfor flygtninge, og ja, så fik I også lige den med.”

Think you can turn around your mother’s and peoples attitude to you in your case against the Commune because all believed as granted that the Commune only does and is right, but no, they are really criminals.

I was shown fire under a Marie biscuit, we will only pretend you burn now knowing you will continue your case.

I watched Michael Falch in the fine program “10 I like”, which I follow weekly, and here, one of the finest artists in Denmark did his favourite songs including Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young with incredible passion, energy and charisma infecting the audience and me too making this by far the best program of the series, and I could only think “Michael, please make an album with your favourites like this, and I will be HAPPY listening to it over again” because you bring “new life and energy” to these old classics :-). Later, I was told what song do we want to play with Michael, and yes, what about “the wildest birds” (?), so here you are :-).

I was shown a moving light of the Source on the Swedish coast, and I was told that I will just make my bicycle here so there is room for your mother, which is what your email to the system does, which is to make them understand that you don’t give up.

And can they all see in this dark system that you are right (?) and yes, this is easy to see, but still it is “difficult” for them deciding to do the right thing by giving me 100% right. Yes, my pen is my weapon making people understand. And is this enough to bring my inner self, all of me, out from the inside here?

I was shown the small pedestrian streets in Malaga close to the big square, so we are now back at the worst darkness. We just pull up one snake at the time in this game, and “treat” this first.

So this is about building yet another floor on the diamond castle, and no, you have not let me down.

Is this connected to “the Eagles” in Paris (?), yes, because you decided to continue the game, thus bringing this “terror” attack of darkness the other day.

Is this to bring out darkness of John apparently not having reached you yet (?), yes.

I felt Benedikte the mayor, who also received the email, now they know that you have launched the last battle to make them give in to you fully.

I felt Michella, it is now her energy coming in strongly over me.

So it is the entire system with Peter T. and the fake sun etc. that we continue. When this is done, we will put forward the silver bowl and Squash logo – as I am also shown, as I still am with almost all. It is this threat of Peter T. to be destroyed that brings forward more decoration of the chair.

I was shown a fish-net full of spices coming out of a BIG black mouth, yes, we have it, you just have to get it.

I felt Lars G. and Jack, it was their task moving in to kill you, which they have known since they were small. Steffen, Jack’s little brother, was brought there “to equalize”.

Again, I received the strongest pain of the lower part of the back side of my right leg, as if it was exploding, which I have not had for months, and yes, force of the Source.

This case against the Commune is now so clear that the whole world can see just how mad their darkness is, and I feel Sanna because this is “her old system”. No, it may not have been easy for you seeing, Benedikte, before you have read my reply above, but now it is easy for you to see the COMPLETE MADNESS of YOUR system (?), and yes, this happens in your commune and you have decided to do absolutely nothing about it just accepting to be displayed as a COMPLETE IDIOT to the world?

I received the feeling of Amsterdam Central Station, where we walked pass last year at the mini-curise, and yes, John knew there that you would never give up because you are designed to go all the way. And this is even though I have felt unsure for the last week if I would be able to find energy to continue the fight right until the end, but this is what I have started doing now.

After many years, Tobias has finally received an education – as a social- and health care assistant, and yes, I love his big heart towards people needing care, which is what is driving him, he is good with people.

FB 181115 Tobias

I noticed this visit to my website from Aalborg this evening, and yes, it is the Aalborg department of the Appeal Board handling my case, and maybe my letter gave you “material to think about”, which was so strong that you had to read my website (?), and what is your verdict, am I completely crazy or can it be that I am indeed the one (?), and yes, I cannot be “complete crazy” because I have been right so far in “our case”, right?

GC 181115 Aalborg

November 19:

I slept poorly because of the new Cannabis Oil, which is the old “Hells Angels oil”, you know, making work even harder to do.

I have not forgotten about Michella, it is with her we build the new pyramid up. “Bob dog”, with “dog” being “darkness of man” because she had the most powerful aggressions to you. This means that she will crack me out on the apple pan machine, and I feel “like an egg”, i.e. opening me, which is my mother’s job, so “part of my mother” who fell in love with me, she is.

It is like Peer and Kirsten marrying again, but the opposite way, as I am told with much passion and happiness (their marriage was about my destruction). Don’t you think there were scenes of celebration in Scotland with the prospect of you burning up (?), and I feel my father and Kirsten secretly there too (seeing John etc.) in 1989, and yes, believing I was darkness and my father light.

You have support deeply inside the Commune, which has to be after the Commune has read my email of yesterday.

I was told about nervousness of ladies out there, who will take part of building the New World, who were in love with Stig and who were not?

Your mother has a surprise for you, she knows from the Commune/Benedikte that “we will go a little tough against him”, which is then what I have to overcome.

So this is more a matter of where we will deliver the child, i.e. my new self with all. Your mother has been told to very quickly end the conversation if you start speaking of “your new self”, in order not to compromise herself as she has been told.

This is how they, this dark system, is bringing you, and everyone, an even bigger gift, which they are all aware of, and the only question is really only “how far can you go yourself”?

I felt Sanna, she is with you right there at the front of the car.

This is how your mother is the ambassador bringing everything forward.

The question is now if the Commune will pay out the gross amount of approx. DKK 40,000 or if they will deduct the approx. DKK 19,000 as they have said they will demand to be paid back, or if they will first pay out the DKK 40,000 and then collect the DKK 19,000 (?), and I was encouraged to write this while seeing a new email from the Commune coming in – and yes, I am sick and tired of playing this game (!) – and let us see what it says, if I “scared them off”.

Yes, they will pay out 40,000 DKK now, and they say that I should not understand their demand of pay-back as “here and now”, and they encourage me to agree with the collection department how to pay the DKK 19,000 back, and eeehhh, what is now this about (?), I had expected that they would deduct the 19,000 from the 40,000, thus only paying out DKK 21,000, but they paid out everything.

And yes, after a couple of hours reading up on the case and the law, I discovered that it was my misunderstanding based on the wording of the letter of the Appeal Board from October 29, which simply states that I have to pay back the DKK 19,000, and they could easily have written that it is not here and now, but when I am on cash help, I am allowed to receive respite until I will get a better income and also that this back pay does not mean that I am obliged to pay back half of it immediately, and yes, this is what led me on the way to my misunderstanding, and the other part is the deadline to answer the letter from the Commune of November 11 “before November 19”, where I really had not prepared my case in detail as I had planned to do before answering, and this “pressure from outside” meant that I made a mistake believing that I had understood the verdict of the Appeal Board and the letter of the Commune without knowing that I had not, and yes, this is just another example, this time showing me as “the fool”, that you truly need to communicate well to make people understand (!), and, as for me, to read (listen) and understand thoroughly before you believe you have understood correctly, and yes, when I now read the verdict of the Appeal Board again, I can see that I misunderstood these paragraphs hidden on page 12 of 15, where I noticed the rule in § 14 that the Commune cannot offer help if one’s fortune is more than DKK 10,000 and the rule in § 92 that help given to home deposits, which made me believe that this is what they ask me to do now because my “fortune” is above DKK 10,000, but I had not noticed the rule of § 14, article 3 saying that fortune coming from payback of social benefits are not included when calculating the fortune, and yes, this is where it stood, and I had not had time, nor energy, to read and understand this, which I should have, so this is what I apologize for, but then again, the Appeal Board should really have written this with “big letters” in the beginning to make me understand, and yes, another lesson in the art of communicating and understanding.

I will now contact the Collection department asking for respite, and if they grant me this, I have decided to cancel the court case, I will not go to court only because they don’t want to pay interests, and yes, these are the small margins we are working on, the importance of communicating and understanding/not understanding the truth.

We are prepared to open the container, but you cannot see the light of the cars out here in this darkness yet ….

I was shown myself inside the spaceship having roses all over on the window frame, and we were flying in light, and yes, because now I have understood, this is the difference, and this also makes me incredible relieved because it seems as if I don’t have to continue fighting anymore.

I received the feeling of Lars Løkke and yes, the new loft over cash help including other social benefits, was your idea after reading my case against the system when understanding how much I would be paid?

So now I can return to my market analysis on furniture, and yes, if all goes well, I will also have my new debit card next week, so I can order my new furniture there, and just maybe I can get it delivered before Christmas so I will become my new self before Christmas and before going to Germany during the Christmas (?), were you nervous about my postponement of the case for 3-6 months (?), and I feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt here, so this is what the whole world was (?), or maybe this is needed too for all of us to go there to collect the last before I will become my new self in the new year (?), and yes, we will see.

And I was told that some of the information I have received the last week has been wrong as a consequence of my wrong decision, but this is really always the case no matter what – because of darkness.

So now we can go on turning everything on before Christmas evening if you want to.

Today, I also offered my mother to come here for dinner tomorrow because I know that she is also out of energy having difficulties making dinner for me on Fridays, and then I have to “take a deep breath” doing it myself tomorrow – and from time to time.

The Prime Minister of …. is relieved too that we don’t have to pull the knife through …..

This means the end to the power of my father and Kirsten, it was them starting the end of the world when deciding to go up against you and to support Sanna, the DNA of the world of darkness.

And I was thinking that my misunderstanding of the verdict of the Appeal Board and the letter of the Commune had to be planned because of the radio interview between Madsen and Noller, where there was “a hole” in the radio broadcast also “helping” to give me the understanding that there was “a hole” in the law, but there was not, therefore DO NOT RUSH UNNECESSARY, thus making poor work/misunderstandings, but agree on a deadline, which is acceptable for both parties, and let people always WORK THEIR BEST, not their fastest (nor their slowest!). So it was my own darkness I fell in.

I received the lyrics “It’s all about the money, It’s all about the dum dum didudumdum” from Meja, which is what it is, as a symbol of the force of the Source, because I have now decided that I won the case 100% (except from the interests), and this is what symbolises getting 100% access to the Source, so I am sorry for the wordings of my letter of November 18 to the Commune etc., but now you know why I did as I did, which is to NOT push people to do poor work.

It is a Serb, and I received the feeling of Djokovic, and I felt that he feels me when playing tennis, it is here we do shopping, he is my secret card, i.e. symbol of winning all, saving all life.

I was told about Karen being a millionaire (including values of her home) having expensive habits, which she shows to her surroundings, but she misses me behind her facade.

My mother, we have shown her the golden necklace (creation) on, then off.

Switzerland is where the money is, which is connected to my tour to Geneva in 2009, and I was told about Maj, an old collaborator from Teleperformance, the other day, and I see that she is now working in Switzerland.

You already have had your child, and I feel that no more will be coming. Because Karen and I are the Source, not human as such.

I felt my father, so we acknowledge our defeat.

I wonder if my mother’s dinner table plan includes Karen and me, yes, and only because I stayed together with my mother until the end.

Did Karen continue, with disgust, being together with other men knowing that this was part of the game bringing me darkness (?), yes, without Denis knowing too.

Therefore, there will be no withdraw of life as stated in my letter to the Commune, this just gave gave man one last fear in life.

I was told about Ena from “Crazy about dance” already now, so something to watch out for tomorrow.

So there is nothing back except from a naked tin container, which is from where we bring you out. This is just the recognition we had to reach, which is that there is no more darkness now.

You are the pencil that never breaks or that is part of it, part of me, and we are calling you home.

The same goes with Karen, Sanna and everyone, it is high time.

I was shown the spaceship next to a Jumbo Jet at a hangar, the spaceship is much smaller, and my inner self comes forward from shadow of the hangar playing dumb and saying “I’m afraid”, but still coming forward ….

Was this game to see if your family, Inge etc., would support you?

So now the apple farm plantation is here, we just have to open it. Now I am soon history, yes, every breath I made and step I took, will be famous because the world was watching me.

I was shown a new blinking red light to the left of the two strong lights of Sofiero on the Swedish coast, and it gave me the feeling that we are hiding here, now we just have to pull you out of your body. This is when you will be all as we have collected right here outside your window, just waiting on you to return home. Yes, after discovering yourself that there is nothing more for me here New World. You were just a commodity now returning home.

I felt a giant fish coming to me including everything new, which is matching me because this is what we exchange you with. It is still us turned around giving you your pain.

I was given the lyrics “It’s not that hard, if you just turn the key” from Madonna’s fine “Open your heart” (“with the key”), as I have also received many times over the years, and no, it is not that bad if you don’t have the key because we have tons of keys here in order to enter you, we have all in fact, and I here feel Obama too and told that this is the highlight of his career and life, “we did it, Stig” and I am shown him lifting my arm in victory, but I am way smaller than him, and I am shown myself as Yoda from Star Wars, which is because “the force awakens”, you know, and this was the goal of the world, which I won, you are all my force here, I am just you and you are all me.

This exchange of me is what normally requires my massive heart attack including the elimination of all life, but here is it just beautiful music. So it is all of Karen we have for you outside here.

And finally, after having waited eagerly on Bowie’s new single for days, it was released this evening, and you may be able to understand all of the symbols (?), and yes, I wrote a few of them in this update this evening, and will return with more, which I had hoped would be the publish of this script, but the “Hells Angels Cannabis Oil” destroyed this when destroying my sleep, so it will have to be tomorrow instead. And yes, when watching it, it gave me the STRONGEST feelings imaginable, which was of the same character as when I watched the “Ashes to ashes” video in 1980, which is what REALLY got me hooked on Bowie – after I had originally gotten to know him years earlier via “Life on Mars” – and yes, “the greatest art of the world” and that is “ever” to me, an enormously powerful song and message actually making me shiver when seeing it.


FB 191115 Bowie comment

November 20:

I could not sleep at all because of “the H.A. Cannabis Oil”, which I decided to stop taking already yesterday afternoon. I had to stay up, and eventually at 08.00 I could go to sleep, and I dreamt of Karen being unfaithful with other men making me sad, but also that we potentially have greatest love coming for us.

Bee gees have already arrived here – still leading the way.

I received Bob Marley’s lyrics “Could you be loved and be loved – someone else is judging you”, i.e. the New World having the key to me.

The idea is that your mother will shine the rest of the road home for you. So it is your temporary motor to drive your mother, i.e. life, inside darkness that we dismantle and bring you everything else. It is in here that you and your mother are connected. So it is when we disconnect her that we awake you because her pressure made you this skeleton from the Bowie song.

Without knowing it, you become king of all because this is how I created you with all my love, goodbye for now, and I feel my mother leaving me, but not quite yet and I feel my father as dumb inside darkness, it is via her that I am here, so first when you decide that you are completely done with work.

I am here shown the yellow colour of the album cover of Kim Larsen’s 2010 album called “Ladies and gentlemen”, and yellow is my mother’s colour like Easter, i.e. your death now coming. And instead you get Karen, a much higher engine, remember that you were only a very little light entering darkness, yes, we cultivated life on the other side of Karen, this is what we are bringing home and making you all of – still you decide when, and yes, this is about “Kom igen” (“Come again”) from Kim Larsen, which is what I will as my new self :-).

In principle all are dead now and only part of you because your mother on the other side, now your side, having cultivated life there, which you opened and allowed me to do, as the voice of my mother here says, this is what we are bringing you, which will make you feel as fresh as ever before never again having to worry about your sleep as now.

So as much as Karen was killing you all, as much she will bring you all life. Life of Karen has been a pain on my neck always, and always a fight to stay alive before being killed, yes, life killing me wanting to be nothing, but not this time around where we have turned around everything.

This is why they have never seen Christ before, you have never been all life here before now.

And I was surprised seeing a ship of the Source coming from right to left, here in the middle of the night – this is before I fell a sleep in the morning – for the first time every having replaced the red light with a green light, which is because we have turned around the energy of your mother.

Yes, Sanna knows we have to go through this installing the new engine for the world. And the best part is that all is done, we just have to remove the curtain and then we go with full volume.

Remember that the New World was attached to your right ankle recently, yes. So now we just have to switch on the power plant and then everything will work and change into our New World, so golden light of the diamond is on the way to you shortly, and I was shortly giving a strong, white light on the Swedish coast.

No, Sidsel doesn’t understand what it really means to be one of my servants, it means to work for yourself, I am only your catalyst and you made me and yourself as you wanted to via my mother.

And no, it did not suit me at all to be awake all night receiving more notes to write down also knowing that my mother will come for dinner, thus having to clean my apartment and prepare food, which is not easy doing when having no energy, and still having work to do with writing the collection office of the Commune, the market analysis of furniture and yes also having to go to Copenhagen to get new Cannabis oil, which is truly putting on a pressure on me.

I was shown Karen’s daughter Caroline sliding down a steep forest hill in a comfortable chair without being injured – also because of me.

“Well, he is going to be called something”, which then became Stig, and no, my father did not like my mother “cheating” him to bring the birth of Stig, “my enemy in life”, because I already had chosen Sanna to take over after me, everyone told me it was right to do. It was decided that he should no longer replant, because the world would take over knowing, already at this stage, how to reproduce, which was only a matter of moving “DNA-material” from one person/individual to another, but as you saw, my dear friends, there is “a higher will” than this, which is me, and I am the one whom you were fighting without calculating my true strength, right?

After waking up at 15:00 in the afternoon, I had a plug in my right ear all afternoon, and when I wanted to start writing my script of yesterday, my notes first did not want to open on my PC, and I was told that it is because of darkness of my mother coming this evening.

I succeeded both writing the script of yesterday, cleaning and making dinner before my mother arrived at 19:00, and I showed her my recording of Anne Linnet, which made her say “it is like being there again”, which is truly the feeling you get, and I also showed her clips of Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra recently, she understands my excitement of their revival, and also of David Bowie’s new video explaining her about the symbols and “he shows what I write”, and yes, just before we will open to the light giving me new eyes, and no, my mother doesn’t comment, she just let it in.

“Crazy about dance” started, and Britt told the dancer Stephanie something about being “more resolute, more militant” and I felt my inner self as “dumb” inside darkness speaking through her, and then she said “it is a German”, which is a famous phrase from the TV-series Matador as well as about my new self with Germany being the Kingdom of our New World.

Nikolaj told the dancer Ena something about how we have seen all of her faces, and how she surprises us showing a mix of all feelings, showing all, and how her partner Thomas had become touched for the very first time having tears in his eyes, which was because of Ena’s feelings, and this was why I was told about Ena already yesterday, which is because the world has discovered my “mix of feelings” too. The host Claus was also inspired when he told Ena that “you have gold in your eyes”, and yes, “gold” is the force of the Source in my eyes, and Ena answered “yes, I have been called the panther with gold in my eyes”, and Claus said that we see her eyes, her red nails and how she has gone through transformation, and he really spoke about my transformation from my old to my new self.

Later, Jens told Ena that she has a gift via her way of dancing and interpreting, which creates happiness and humour, “this way you are a rich couple”. And one judge spoke of her TV-series character Martha from Badehotellet (“The bathing hotel”), which made Ena laugh and say that maybe Martha will take a dance with a cod – with the cod being a symbol of my new self.

My mother told me twice just how fantastic a teacher as she believes Thomas as, which was also about me.

Jens told one of the dancers about how happiness automatically comes as a result of dancing, and he said “it comes to all coming to this fantastic world”, and this was really about the endless joy and happiness without darkness that will come to all in our New World.

My mother was happy being here and when looking at the view over the sea and my apartment, she said, that “You truly live gorgeously”, and yes, my mother loves everything about it, i.e. loves being home at the Source.

So it is not just your confidence that the world has noticed, they have also celebrated you and me, us, I, for my sensitivity.

After the end of “Crazy about dance”, I showed my mother some YouTube clips of old and new Danish music classics, which made me very moved and so moved that I could hardly speak, and this made me understand that it is this feeling of mine that the world has noticed too.

Paris and Israel are now one and the same to you, so this terror attack on Paris is really about trying to hit me, i.e. the old agenda of the dark world to overtake me, but I am not even there anymore, what did you say (?), yes, Stig is not inside the pyramid anymore, we have built a new, haven’t you noticed?

Yes, Sanna and Hans, all, knew that you would go so far that we almost did not bring out your new self found in here.

René P. Fene is the strongest one coming through to you, I feel him strongly now and often, and I feel that he is almost breaking the membrane.

I was given a sound to my kitchen, which sounded exactly as when you hit a finger-nail on a desk lamp and this is the lamp that we now switch off.

There are still some people having smiles on at the city hall selling tickets for you.

November 21:

It is not easy for your mother knowing that I am becoming God, as everyone knows.

So Denmark only lost the qualification match to Sweden because of my own darkness the other day ….

Your mother, an airport, everyone is now waiting on you yo explode.

I had to go to Copenhagen today to buy some more Cannabis Oil, which I did, and I had also been encouraged to go an see Jens Olsen’s World Clock at the City Hall of Copenhagen, which I have been told earlier has stopped working because of me, and shortly before coming there, I was told that they have of course covered the fault of this. This is the device self keeping time on everything.

Jens Olsens Verdensur 211115Jens Olsen’s World Clock at Copenhagen City Hall “keeping time on everything”

I bought my Cannabis Oil at the Chillo store, which this time was two tubes of 5% oil of 10 mg, where I bought 7% oil the last time, but this was cheaper and “almost as good”. And I walked a little around town before returning home “completely beaten” because a tour like this pulls out energy I don’t have.

Copenhagen Christmas Market 211115Copenhagen Christmas Market with
the Parliament “Christiansborg” in the background

When I returned home, and checked up on Facebook, I received a shock seeing that the dearly beloved comedian and “special friend” of mine, Jan Monrad, has suddenly passed away, which also truly made me sad. He was really one of the greatest here, “completely unique”, and yes, a “special friend” coming to me again and again.

FB 211115 TV2 Monrad

Now we only need you as the door closing the jumbo plane here.

I have something else, which I only very rarely show, which is me.

We are way past the goal-line, and still you continue, and why now (?), and yes, receiving the new furniture has to be the last, ultimate sign of our New World, so let us decide to continue until this, which may be “weeks from now”.

I felt Jan Monrad, yes, I show the way for the Trinity, this is my role – based on faith.

What is it then, what I can (?), yes, turning everything around. Yes, what you are, when you are not everyone else, but just yourself as the only one having broken lose enabling me to do this completely naturally. My most important task is to keep order in here making the others follow me when I invent something new, which seems to be my role. It is all my power you did not allow me to pour out over you instantly (as darkness that would have eliminated the world).

I am nothing here without Karen, but then I bring all power from outside also willing to play an act here if necessary, but I feel “only on rare occasions” because this power is normally reserved elsewhere.

So what do we do when the refrigerator is empty (?), yes, we invent, which is why I was a Business Development Manager in my professional career, and why I asked you, Margit and Peter, to become this in Fair Insurance in 2006, which came “directly from above”, but no, you “could not”, could you (?), which is why I was asked to stop working for you.

Karen is not at all as tough under her skin as she looks like. And I am also not – because of my strong and direct writings – as you have seen from my feelings.

So Monrad took the rocket because of my darkness.

I felt strings from my left hand being removed, you will be free.

Now it is your time to be a one cell only from where is the only way to develop.

I felt Vorupbør, where I was with Jack on summer holiday in 1982, and yes, I was “very shy”, and I was told that the Source was following me all the time.

This may be the most important point you have reached, to be your true self.

I felt Monrad again, I have been sent up here waiting for you to ring the bell, and yes, he was truly one of the funniest comedians ever, and he made such a deep impact on me as child when he started “reading the news” on entertainment shows on national TV in the 1970’s.

I felt EU, and was told that Margrethe Vestager has not relaxed for one minute.

So we have been all the way out here to collect you, Stig, there is no mother here.

And I received the strongest attack ever of darkness for a few seconds trying to overtake my body physically to bring out my old nightmare, but no, it still needs my acceptance, and I will NEVER give it to you and that may be despite of what you have decided to be neccesary as part of the game to bring me out here, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN!


I watched the X Factor UK show live this evening again, and this is what was given of inspired speech this evening.

After Anton had done a marvellous performance simply giving everything he had once again singing about “shining down on me from heaven”, the judge Nick said to my very big surprise “Anton, I loved your dining room by the way. Anton, here is what I think. I think that you have a solid great voice but it feels technical to me. I don’t know if you’re the kind of artist, who I would want to listen to on the radio… or buy the album. There is something that feels like an act to me, that doesn’t feel real or raw enough to me” – with “dining room” being a reference to new life of our New World and “act” about my own “acting” in this continued game between light and darkness, where Nick is darkness here – to which Anton could only say “I’m not an act. This is all real, there is nothing fake about me”, and this TRUE feedback to Nick’s WRONG criticism now made Nick say “Don’t get aggressive” (!) – how can you be so completely wrong and unjust, you are an emotionally SICK MAN (!!!) – and Anton was very clear and bright when replying “I’m not getting aggressive, just putting you straight”, and this was indeed what he did because he had just sung with all the emotional intensity, vulnerability and passion as you could ever want and maybe have never seen in the X Factor UK before.

Somehow Nick succeeded to influence Rita and Cheryl about this too believing that Anton had emotionally protected himself (!), and this now made Anton realise that maybe Nick was right, so he apologized to Nick when saying “Sorry Nick, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you” and Nick replied “No offence taken” (!), and yes, this is how it is in “an opposite play” here with Nick representing my sister, whom I feel here, and Anton representing me, where “everyone” believed I was a fool or “wrong” and also that I was aggressive when putting them straight, as Nick wrongly believed (!), which this symbol is about, and they wanted me to apologize to them for my “wrong behaviour” without being able to see that the roles were turned around and they were indeed the ones being “disrespectful to me”, which is what they should apologize for, but cannot (!), but the parody did not end here because when Simon said “I completely disagree with what he says, it’s a fantastic song, and do you know, Nick, not every artist on here is a radio one artist”, which made Nick say “I didn’t say radio one”, and when Simon tried to continue speaking among other things saying “I don’t think that you quite get it”, Nick decided to “shut his ears” when arrogantly speaking himself without listening to Simon at all (as my family, my network and the world for a long time did NOT want to listen to me too) and saying “I do get it”, but no, Nick, you did not get it, you acted as a COMPLETE FOOL here in “the trap I had set up” as my inner voice tells me, and yes, just to tell this story and show the world just how unreasonable “the opposite world” was to me when it “did not know better” because of its POOR BEHAVIOUR and “inability” to listen and understand, shame on you!

And it made me think how can you bring a judge, who “cannot” hear it, the divinely given voice to Anton, who, together with Louisa of the show, shine above everyone else at this show, but no, he does not get it because he is a true Devil receiving “wrong feelings” from darkness, this man.

Louisa also did another great performance, again given me the feeling that she and Anton are superior voices to the others on the show, and it made Cheryl say “to sound like that and to take this song from step to step to step to the end, where you took us to those beautiful notes, it’s unbelievable to me”, and this was really about how I have brought you all up one step after another until reaching the end with incredible beauty here, and it was confirmed when Simon praised her for delivering “her moment” in this competition and “you are actually very sweet and humble, where you could have been a monster”, and yes, I know Simon, because this was me you were speaking of too, and a monster I would have been if I had given in to your darkness as a symbol of darkness of the world, but I did not.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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