November 2015 – after script V: All life is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, it is only me on the way in; we are about to make the final journey


Summary of the script today

November 29, 2015: All life is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, flying around, it is only me on the way in; we are about to make the final journey. It should be impossible now for me to to lead a conversation “the old way” with the Source, but incredible love of my mother makes it possible. My mother fears what will come with our New World and is still so rooted to the Old World that the game including my sufferings continues. The war of darkness of the Old World is also not over yet because I continue working myself, this is the connection.


The world did not care about my death, they knew I included everything, which they wanted to steal to bring energy for their New World. My energy will now be spread all over our new creation via my principles, not theirs, which the world has agreed to understanding that this is the criteria of life. The only way to release this was via my old nightmare as “the big boom”, but we have moved all energy/life to the other side, so there is nothing to explode. I received public cash help because of ”unemployment” for years while working full time on my scripts – without darkness stopping “my lifeline”, i.e. me! I was never ”unemployed”, which is a symbol of how I cheated darkness while going through it, without darkness stopping “my lifeline”, i.e. me. I received new threats of my old nightmare making me believe that there is nothing I can do to avoid it to open my new self, but no, NEVER! What I am fearing, is what Hans and the world was planning, which was to bring the spark to their New World. Nobody was thinking about my death, because this would lead to the beginning of their New World when all energy inside of me would be released to them. The world knew that as the youngest of the family tree, I included everything including creation, which they wanted to steal. My energy will now be spread all over our new creation via my principles, not theirs, which the world has agreed to understanding that this is the criteria of life. The only way to release this was via my old nightmare as “the big boom”, but we have moved all energy/life to the other side, so there is nothing to explode, thus no old nightmare. This is the threat of my mother connected to me, which is what we are now removing, which will also start revealing our New World (when I have decided to do it when finishing my work).

The strong lights of the Source at the Sofiero Castle (see photo) “blinked” at me, this is the light we will spread all over the world. All actors stood forward in darkness, my father has done his shopping and is now about to remove all lamps here (of the Old World). Haven’t the world already called your name (?), yes, but it is my own free will when to come forward as everyone else has a free will. I will first end “the game” when I will receive my new “Swan chair” symbolising that my new self is completely finished and ready to fly. The weaker I become to sustain the Old World, the closer it comes to the end symbolised via Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter plane – potentially bringing World War III. Man changed my mother’s and my DNA and stole my energy, I kept on being regenerated until I was alive only on my will power without energy. This was the secret for me to bring back all life to become “nothing” of the Source; the closer we came to the Source, the more man saw my name all over. I turned around Samia from “keeping quiet” to “communicating”, which was about breaking down the strongest darkness in the Universe to lift all up. When you work for light, darkness brings your sufferings to stop, and when you work for darkness, you receive “darkness disguised as light” making you feel good. The world has seen into the white light of the Source, and what do you see (?), Stig, not my mother or anyone else but me.

Sanna was really the ugly duckling planted by the world inside my family, to let the world take over after my father and I bringing their New World Order of darkness. I always had confidence in my spiritual voice, where Sanna’s voice told her that I was wrong, which was WRONG because of money and power corrupting her. Thank your grand mother, Adela, she was the one making your father go against you and I here also feel another dark presence as Christ before, yes Hitler, my father’s father. Again, I was told about the only way out of darkness was via my old nightmare, otherwise it was impossible, but I did “the impossible” to make the world believe in me to get out. I worked as “nothing” as no man has ever done before, this was the secret for me to bring back all life to become “nothing” of the Source. The closer we came to the Source, the more the world started seeing my name all over, “I think he is bringing us home as he says he is”. My mother knows that she was used as bogeyman by the police to get to me, but she has still not figured out how I escaped them all with Sanna and Hans in the lead wanting to lock me up. I was smeared by the UN, when the Pope visited the UN, when the world decided to continue playing their act escalating darkness instead of announcing me. Pope Francis has begun his African tour today, what will he do, follow the world or decide to announce me now?

My mother is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, flying around, it is only me as my father on the way in – we are about to make the final journey. Hans is part of the steering committee deciding on the world development including the “Russian plane crash”, he worked for “the dark world”, and now “me”. My mother is feeling depressed knowing about me and what will come with the end of darkness and the light coming, which is “too much” for her. It should be impossible now for me to to lead a conversation “the old way” with the Source, but incredible love of my mother makes it possible. My mother is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, flying around, it is only me as my father on the way in – we are about to make the final journey. My sister was made in the picture of me, but it was “too difficult” for her to do as I; she also wanted our New World to become as what it will become, but she “could not”. The world used my father to get to me making him believe I was crazy and that it would only be a matter of time when it would break out. My father’s wife Kirsten went on school, she was meant to open to me and bring out my “pleasant light”, as Ole was meant to do before. It was my father’s task to bring back the energy to the world as I had “stolen” from him via my birth because of my mother. John gave a vow of fidelity to my father until the end to watch me, he never questioned that my mother and I were wrong – until the end – he was “bought”.

My mother fears what will come with our New World and is still so rooted to the Old World that the game including my sufferings continues. The war of darkness of the Old World is also not over yet because I continue working myself, this is the connection. Karen didn’t know that you had become poisonous to her, we kept her from you via her thoughts, and kept all old life inside of her, which is why it survived. Karen has always believed you were high-flown to the ceiling – she contacted my list of friends and offered herself to them to make me burn. To John, the most difficult was to remain in contact with Sanna after he realised she was wrong and I was right. I have felt my new physical self coming STRONGLY to me from the corridor for a long time, and how “he” has the key to me. My mother fears what will come with our New World and is still so rooted to the Old World that the game including my sufferings continues. I am myself so tired of the game that I would like to tell my mother to “stop acting, you know who I am, tell me what you know and have done against me”. My father had fear bringing on to Ole and later to John, which was his “breath” as the world needed to make their plans work, i.e. some gold dust of the Source. “Crazy about dance”: Karen and I will bring good hope to the world, the Source is in everyone’s blood, which will make bring CELEBRATION all over – the wrong winners won because my mother continues playing the game doing wrong. X Factor UK: I have confidence as “Blue Eyes”, it would not be the same without me – and Bowie too :-). Karen was not innocent, she and Jack would let the world overtake me, “a tragic love story” that would have eliminated creation.


November 2015 – after script V: All life is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, it is only me on the way in; we are about to make the final journey

November 29, 2015: All life is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, flying around, it is only me on the way in; we are about to make the final journey

November 22:

I dreamt of going to perfect Simply Red concerts and when I woke up, I received the lyrics “Something got me started – I’d give it all up for you”, which of course is about starting the energy of the Source bringing you our New World, and yes, I am happy seeing that Mick is on the road, “something” got him started again :-).

Yes, the New World will start with “where did you hide”?

They haven’t discovered yet what it meant that I am not unemployed and receiving cash help because of “unemployment”, yes, it was a symbol of how I cheated all of darkness going through all of it, and you could do nothing to stop me, otherwise you had succeeded stopping my cash help, this was “my lifeline”.

Yes, your father and Kirsten tried to bring you over on their side when seeing me as teenager, but they discovered that I could not be dragged out the arms of my mother.

I have now tried designing myself, as my bank allows me on the Internet, and ordering the new Visa debit card four times (three ELO pictures and one of Kronborg Castle and the “him” concert), but the bank has turned it down every time (after two days each time), and yes, I have never met anything as restrictive as them because of “copyrights”, they don’t want “logo’s” etc. on the card and also not pictures from the Internet, where I found a fine one of Kronborg and “him” the other day, which can be downloaded and uses for free, but no, not on Jyske Bank’s cards, and yes, “a holy cow” it is to them, and I was really told “I am to them”.

Therefore, I decided to go to town today to take some of my own photographs to see if the bank can accept these – but maybe you don’t want Kronborg on the card (?), we will see – and I need this new card to to pay for my new furniture, and it will take 5-7 days to get it from the day they accept my picture, and yes, I would like to have a symbol of “me” on this card as a symbol of “access to money”, i.e. force of the Source.

Collage 221115

When I was out taking these photos, and more, I was also told about how my old nightmare will be carried out letting me believe that there is nothing I can do, but no, NEVER (!), and I will NOT ask for mercy, which for me is wrong to do, and no, I will not accept the unacceptable as a mean to become my new self and that is even though it may block/delay my arrival – and hopefully this information I was given is WRONG and part of the game.

René P., no one, knows my big secret, no one does yet, our new creation in here.

The Luxembourg channel isn’t quite empty yet, they did not have the courage to close it, and I feel John and my mother here, so my mother is now receiving some of the secret money meant for John.

What you are fearing, is what Hans was planning to bring the spark to their New World. Nobody was thinking about your death, because this would lead to the beginning of their New World – when all energy inside of you would be released to them, yes, this is so far what they had also understood, which was that as the youngest of the family tree, you now stood to inherit everything including your mother, i.e. creation, which is just what they wanted to steal.

This is the time they all know is moving closer, but now the energy inside you will be spread all over your new creation with your principles, not theirs, which they have agreed to understanding that this is the criteria of life.

And the only way to release this is via sexuality, i.e. your old nightmare, and then we are back to square one, because you have asked us to change the rules saying that you will never accept this no matter what, and who decides the rules (?), yes, this is my role, so can we, shall we (?), yes. This is the big boom, which you want to cancel.

“No cigarettes”, did your email to the church in Gachie, Kenya, help bringing you forward on this route? Is this the pleasant surprise you will receive just walking into us?

This is what we have transferred to you via Southern France, i.e. all new life, so yes, there is nothing left to explode and instead you have brought all this energy outside, which means that it is logic that there will be no explosion, i.e. no old nightmare.

Yes, this is the threat of your mother connected to you, which is what we are now removing. So it is when we will remove this, we will also start revealing our New World. But you have decided that you have more work to do, yes, to receive the Swan chair first symbolising that my new self is completely finished and ready to fly.

I was looking at the bright light, i.e. two lights, at Sofiero Castle on the Swedish coast, which has been constantly bright and “50 times stronger” than all lights on the coast since I moved in here in 2011, and I have been thinking more and more that these are truly also lights of the Source, and not of man, which was confirmed to me this evening when these lights were constantly “shivering” this evening when looking at them, not being constant as they normally are, and when one of the lights “blinked” at me, which was the feeling also given to me that it did, and I was told that this is what will spread light all over world.

Now, I received the feeling of all actors of the game standing forward inside darkness, this was our last mean of pressure against you, i.e. my old nightmare, which I don’t have to fear anymore now.

Your father has done his shopping and is now about to remove all lamps here (of the Old World). And haven’t the world already called your name (?), yes, but it is my own free will when to come forward as everyone else has a free will.

At the end of the evening, I was still given “threats” of my old nightmare, but now it was “just” temptations coming to me, no thank you!

So this means you can look into here when you want to.


The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, brought this Facebook update including Pope Francis’ video greeting the people of Kenya and Uganda before his visit to Africa on November 25-30, saying that “We look forward to hosting Pope Francis in our beloved country”, which made me give this comment:

FB 221115 Black Uhuru

It made David K. reply: “You have good cloths.have you given them to the poor next door or just had to throw stone first.its okey to judge sometimes when we luck deep understanding”, and to this, I could only say: “When I lived in Kenya in 2009, I gave most of my clothes to poor Kenyans, and I supported four families for the following five years. Please try to understand instead of the opposite, read my scripts and you will understand who I am and who sent me.”


I was given the thought of Cheryl from X Factor UK from yesterday, and was then shown the old light of darkness at Hittarp on the Swedish coast, and the question was if Anton would make it through the voting this evening.

Is Cheryl also incredible proud of being mentioned in your scripts and because I find her attractive (?), (however, she is too small for me, and also too thin, Cheryl!) yes, I noticed her years ago and have not seen her since, before X Factor now, and I understand that this is why she was brought to me/us at this moment in time to help lifting the ceiling of the Old World, and can it be that you are in love with me, Cheryl (?), and yes, you know what this means, right (?), yes, you have been given a place in history to help raising this ceiling and bring in a new, and I felt “just let it be, standing like this, Stig” and she is part of my mother.

Anton and Che Che were the acts receiving the lowest number of votes, out of the last six, and they had to do a sing-off, and I thought that the judges should be able to see that Anton has a superior voice, and deep feelings, to Che Che, even though he is a fine singer too.

Anton sung an incredible beautiful version of “I can’t make you love me”, and he impresses me every time because of his powerful voice and precise phrasing, which to me is “classic” on the very highest level and so much higher than the other male contestants, who “cannot sing” in comparison (!), and yes, this is how I hear it and feel his expression, which has so much more weight and passion, and how is it that such a huge favourite, as Anton started being, at the end of the competition now comes in as receiving the lowest votes for the second week in a row (?), and yes, Nick and the girls yesterday is a good reason why, they “infect” the audience with their “belief”.

After the sing-off, Nick told Anton not surprisingly that “I thought you sang that really well but obviously Che’s my boy so I’m going to have to send you home”, and Simon praised Anton and said “I really feel passionately about this, Anton. You’ve taken a lot of stick, some of it unnecessary. You are a character, you are a fighter, you are fun, a great singer, and I’m saving you because as much as I like you Che, I’ve become good friends with Anton now”, and here Simon was not only speaking of Anton, but also about “the stick” I have received and fought against.

Rita said that “I’m keeping with Che”, because you obviously prefer “Radio 1 hit-material” (?), and it was then down to Cheryl who said she wanted to make it clear it wasn’t a personal decision when picking Che over Anton, so she chose darkness, and no, she doesn’t want me, or is this what darkness makes you dream about, Cheryl, “me and Stig, a wonderful romance”, so there you see.

And I was thinking about how unjust life is, the judges going against Anton and influencing the viewers to do the same, and yes, Anton is the best contestant I have ever seen in any X Factor show and the likes of it, I just love his singing and expression.

So it was Nick’s “wrong feelings” that sent Anton off, and why didn’t Cheryl vote with me and for Anton (?), because it was expected from the record industry to vote for a “current act”, not a classic like Anton, is this it (?), yes, “hidden contracts” behind the facade deciding the outcome of the show. So this is how this program goes down in history, it was not free and objective. The record industry destroyed Anton, who was “not in their interest”, yes, darkness working in secrecy as darkness also did against me, and they chose Nick and the girls to carry it out, disgusting!

November 23:

I now sleep better again with the new oil.

I wrote this email to the leader of the Collection department of Helsingør Commune asking for respite on the demand to repay approx. half of the payment I have received, which should be a matter of form to grant me, and when she does, I will call back the lawsuit.

Email til Anne Kommune 231115

The other day, I decided to read the website of my old colleague and friend Preben B’s new insurance broker company, which he has written, and yes, he is partner of this company, and the website bears Preben’s special characteristics, which is one long smear FULL OF ERRORS, which are so many that it completely destroys my experience of it when reading it, and would this text bring me confidence and make me a potential customer (?), no, not at all (!), and yes, it is incredible that people living professionally from this only having to write a “short” website “cannot”, and yes, no introduction or summary too, and no, Preben, this is simply VERY POOR WORK, but I am sure that he is proud of what he has done, and yes, I bring this because if I had written my website with as many errors as what he did, I would never have succeeded to appear as reliable to the world, thus obtaining faith to make us all survive, and yes, Preben this is the difference between poor and good work, you have to CONCENTRATE and use more time on it than you did, and yes, I have accepted errors in my scripts, which I have not had energy to improve more than they are, but for my main 50 websites, I have done much to make them as good as possible.

I was told about blood sugar and how my mother borrowed from you to make her and the world come through.

Møgeltønder, out with Prinsess Alex, a French lady, Princess Marie, suited the Danish Prince Joachim better.

You and Karen will cut the line to our New World together.

I only received threats of my old nightmare over the years because there were women out there wanting me.

I was told “old stories” not important enough to bring – for example how I had no friends and the system of darkness tried to paint the picture of me as anti-social, while people (at Brede Park etc.) saw me as “very nice” and liked me. And how Karen was part of the board controlling my “breakdown”.

I received this message from Samia this evening, who has seen “the ugly face of the devil”, which is truly upsetting her making her feel lost:

FB 231111 Samia

Later I was told if it is darkness disguised as light that she is fighting against, which is what is making her feel destroyed and yes because she can see I am right and try to follow in my footsteps writing long and sharing experiences, which she however has deleted again. So it is her breaking down, which is lifting you and all up. Is this how to break down the strongest darkness in the Universe formed as an Indian/original life on the surface believing she was right when she was actually being wrong “hiding her secrets” instead of sharing them, which is what I changed when turning her around and making her understand that it was indeed wrong. You have no idea how valuable it was that she decided to follow me.

I felt Søren Pind again again and I was told that he is also part of the world set-up seen now in Paris and Brussels (“terror”) to hit you according to plan, but really to lead me home seen from my side.

And Mogens Lykketoft on top of the UN to, is it Denmark mastering this “world development” (?), yes, and is Naser Khader part of it too (?), and yes, also Schlütter’s inheritors of the Conservative Party including Hans Engell, and who else (?), Lisbeth Kn. from the media world too and how many else? Who did not give up your normal jobs, not to be revealed, and no, not easy doing both.

Again I was told about how amazing it is that the world can stand on “nothing” as base, your mother left, it is now only father here.

So it is still Stig inside the spacesuit of Major Tom we have to bring out.

Was it industrialization self that we got behind with, and Samia helped opening to a new storage of force?

So they are using the waffle iron in Brussels to form you. Helped by Sanna and Hans.

The risk is that I may be too weak to keep up life just having to give up. Of course only if I give up and stop working and yes, the last 1/3 of every day is truly a nightmare to come through having no energy making me feel “more than awful” and testing my self-confidence to continue working.

I felt Holland, when I went there in 2006, and about being followed, and then I felt Hans and was told that it was really his task to overtake me, but he could not, he was not close enough to me, which is why they gave this part of me to John, thus expanding his role from Scotland. And no, I am not going to write this down on my website, it goes against all I have been told, and this is also to say, what I have felt now and again, that the information I am given could easily have been so contradictory and “giving no meaning” that it would have been impossible for me to “break the code” and write a website making the world believe in me, and the main ingredient to make it work was to “never give up”, which meant that I succeeded doing this; receiving reliable enough information to write this website that made the world believe in me, thus saved you all.

November 24:

I dreamt about how the album “Love over Gold” by Dire Straits brought out all gold/love/energy at the very last moment – giving EVERYTHING it had it had (symbolising my work).

I wrote the message below to Samia telling her that when she works as a servant of light, she receives darkness giving her sufferings, and when she is a servant of darkness, she receives “the amazing light” making her feel “so good”, but it is “darkness disguised as light”, and ultimately it is up to her to decide if she wants to do RIGHT or WRONG, but I hope she will decide to be with me.

To Samia1 241115

To Samia2 241115

And I received this nice email from Meshack, who is almost the only one of my old LTO friends from Kenya, who still communicates, except from David when I ask for it every half year or so, and yes, I am sad to see that you are still suffering not having much money (but happy to hear about rains coming), Meshack, but this is what servants of light do to help bringing salvation to all via our New World, and it would be wrong of me to send you money as result, which is what I hope you understand as “a true servant” having faith in me. Everything will be MUCH BETTER including “normal life” in our New World, it is about ENDURANCE, my friend, to follow in my footsteps because I am really suffering even more than you despite of having money, it is all about understanding. Later, I was told that this is the same as my mother not giving me money as she would like to.

Email Meshack 241115

Your name was spelled out to Kristoffer a long time before his mother and the family told him that “Stig is crazy”, so now he knows that it was really the opposite way.

I brought this update about Tivoli and the very Crazy Christmas Cabarat, where we will go on December 12, and my mother called today to say that she has bought tickets for her and me to go to the Christmas concert on December 13 in Helsingør Cathedral with the Launbjerg brothers together with Maria Montell, whom I saw in concert at the VIP-area of the Rolling Stones concert in Horsens in 2006.

I was told about Helsingør Dagblad (Daily News) also publishing a special edition of their newspaper to the Secret Network with news about me – including my new photos of Helsingør?

I felt the lunch restaurant Tivoli in Copenhagen, where I used to go many times with dahlberg and guests from London, and I was told that all guests there there that they had to be careful about me, which is why they did not speak “confidentially”.

I was shown a person on a mountain bike being pushed out of darkness of the helicopter and into light of the air, and this is about Samia and her reaction after reading my email, and yes, Samia, do you now understand what it is really about (?), and that is NOT to be quiet waiting for your time to come as you had believed in “all this time”? Later, I was told that olive oil is also good, and I was shown a tear of olive oil and felt Samia because of her sadness of my sufferings, as she now better understands.

It is only Sanna they have been listening to on the tape, i.e. the world via creation, not me.

“The Stig” showed “two sides” of the Stig in the post below, and said that “Some say he’s at the analogue-digital interface” to which I replied “Stig says that Stig is the only man being on both sides bringing “the code” to all, i.e. life and energy from the Source on one side to physical life on the other :-)”.

FB 241115 the Stig

I ordered a new debit card today with my own photo, will they also refuse this, this time (?), well I will know in two days, and if not, I will have the new card in 5-7 days, and expect to order furniture hereafter, and then it is only up to the delivery time of this before we will finish the game and start up the New World, and no, I don’t know yet where to buy and how long it will take, so exciting it is, right?

I received this email from Jenry, a new friend, who is happy about my research and writings on the New World Order of darkness of man, which he uses to inform his Facebook friends about.

FB 241115 Jenry

I was happy seeing that my “special friend”, Lee Ritenour, comes to Helsingør to give concert at the Culture Yard on February 22 next year, and yes, people have heard of me.

I was shown a white light of the Source at the Swedish coast, has someone been looking directly into this and what do you see (?), Stig, not my mother or anyone else but me.

Yes, your mother’s name also stands on the letterbox to here, which is because I have accepted her/the world.

It is only here we are in the stream between you and Karen, bringing the force.

So the weaker you become to sustain the Old World, the closer it comes to the end symbolised via Turkey today shooting down a Russian fighter plane that did now know if it was flying on the Syrian or Turkish side of the border (?), and yes, a planned event to escalate the end of the world even further, and yes, can the “war-mad Putin” decide to be calm or is he “revenge-sick” to start war with Turkey, thus with Nato and leading to World War III (?), and yes, we will see, what will you do, your mad dog, Putin?

FB 241115 Al J

FB 241115 Telegraph2

I received the feeling of Jørgen Mylius, the radio DJ, and then Holm & Simpson from P6, and Madsen could have been part of it too, and the second thereafter, Mikkel and Lise on DR1’s “Aftenshowet” discovered (at the very end of their program today) that they were both on duty the next day, and started fighting (for fun) over who will get an interview tomorrow, and this was really about these radio dj’s and who of them will get an interview with me about my musical taste (?), and yes, it is really up to you, my gentlemen, and sometimes the answer is not “either/or” but “both/and” :-).

Yes, this is how it is that Sanna was really the ugly duckling planted by the world inside your family, this is how we arranged it, the world planning to take over after my father and I bringing their New World Order of darkness.

Again, I had confidence in my spiritual voice from receiving it the first day in 2006 knowing that I just had to follow it no matter how crazy it was, and we will come through, this was decisive too and yes all others did not believe me, because this is what Sanna’s voice told her, and this is how it came to be a game between her and me on who did the best work, and yes, I also feel Samia here now better understanding the importance of showing good behaviour, work and communication, and having good values, when it comes to receiving reliable spiritual communication, and here you have the story of Sanna’s life too, who was corrupted by money and power, thus receiving wrong spiritual information.

Did I bury the seed of Christ in Christmann’s wine field Idig (in Pfalz, Germany, when visiting him and the field in 2002), yes, the best white wine ever.

I was told about how computers and network from the beginning was built on darkness and monitoring, and I am still monitored by the world – the last of it?

Again, I was told about how all of the system and the commune know that I have fought against their darkness and is now free after having defeating you when you submitted to me and accepted to pay out what you owed me in special home aid.

Thank your grand mother, Adela, she was the one making your father go against you and I here also feel another dark presence as Christ before, yes Hitler, my father’s father.

I have received the name of Søren Frank MANY times lately, which is because it is high time for you to release your book on me?

I was told about when my mother and Sanna were on Mallorca on holiday alone in the 1970’s, and how Ole somehow made sure that I would not be able to get out of darkness without going through my old nightmare, which was an impossible prison to escape from, no one is strong enough to cross this burden, and that is unless I brought faith of all of you, who kept me in prison, in me, no, they did not even think that this was an opportunity because the world would be told that I was crazy, so it was impossible to avoid their plans, this was the plan of the world as my father and Sanna was told about.

So Ole was both a criminal and later liberator when obtaining faith in me. He was the first changing side after seeing that Sanna doesn’t have it, Stig has, yes, the bright look in his eyes.

It included changes in your DNA remotely controlled (when sleeping), yes, also from Russia, and it included your mother too to go against you, yes, you will see how impossible this prison was, and that is unless you were me. Every time I had to regenerate your and your mothers’ DNA with new energy (when awake), which they kept on stealing from you believing over and again that now you are empty, but no, “he just keep coming at us, what do we do” (?), yes, I worked as “nothing” as no man has ever done before, which was to be alive via will power alone without energy, this was our secret for you to bring us back to nothing of the Source, and if you can live, we thought that all can in here, and I here feel the Vatican etc. leading this game.

It wasn’t all we could recreate so you kept becoming weaker until simply becoming nothing. Until they started seeing my name all over the closer and closer we came to the Source, “I think he is bringing us home as he says he is”, and yes, it is then about faith, and I also feel David Bowie and his new video, which this is all about.

I was reminded about when Peter T. and I spent time together as friends (around 1976-78, when he lived on Elsevej, and I on the next villa-road, Karenvej, in Espergærde) and how we cycled after each other in “the King’s successor”, and how I once fell when we cycled on Agnetevej and how a car had to break suddenly to avoid running over me, and yes, this was a symbol about how man almost succeeded to kill me later, but only “almost”.

Yes, your mother knows that she was used as bogeyman by the police to get to you, but she has still not figured out how you escaped them all with Sanna and Hans in the lead wanting to lock you up.

No, we never knew that Jan B., my old teacher in gymnastics, could open up as beautifully as a flower, as I am shown, also supporting you.

The answer to this question is YES (Simon telling the other judges to keep Che Che, i.e. send out Anton) as you can see from my reports over the last weekend of the two X Factor shows.

FB 241115 Mirror X Factor

These were the reactions to my comment to President Kenyatta of Kenya to bring Pope Francis the other day to bring him to the poorest areas in Kenya and to sell his gold to help these people, and no, not easy to make better-knowing ignorants to understand about me, and it goes beyond me to see the incredible loyalty towards and ignorance about the Catholic Church and the “automatic negative thinking” about me without people making up their mind individually after truly reading and understandings my words and what I really say, but this is how it is among “stupid people”.

FB 231115 Pope reactions

FB 241111 Uhuru

I brought this update about Tivoli and the Crazy Christmas Cabaret including the wonderful Bent van Helsingør character played by Vivienne McKee, who was kind enough to give one of his/her’s Danish-English comments too, and after she saw me, she was “inspired” to bring an update from “Godfather”, a previous play, and yes, she knows who I am, and it is about finding my mummy this year, Vivienne, and yes, you know the play, which is about the mortal remainings of my previous self, Jesus, to be found “somewhere in there”.

FB 251115 Stig 1

FB 251115 Stig 2FB 251111 BvH

November 25:

I woke up to the lyrics “Winter, spring, summer or fall. All you have to do is call. And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ve got a friend” here beautifully by Carole King. And I was told “also from Harold Locust”, which is from SAGA, the band, and I understood that this comes to me because of “friends” out there sending me positive feelings :-).

I spoke to my mother on the telephone, she is depressed because of the weather, and cannot do as we agreed the other day, which was for her to find more things to throw out or sell on a market, and I would come to help her move the items when done, and yes, she keeps postponing it, and it makes me sad knowing that she just sits there doing nothing.

I am constantly tired despite of receiving new Cannabis oil and sleeping 8-10 hours per night, and it has been mentally an almost impossible task to get started “decoding” the new video by David Bowie because I know it will take many HOURS to do, and yes, this is also a truly great album, where David started playing classic rock again after several years of experimenting :-).

And I started by reading a handful reviews/analysis of his new single, and could see that no one has understood it correctly, obviously I am the only one who can decode it correctly because David and I share “origin”, and hereafter I started working on and “translating” the symbolic lyrics before going through, taking hard-copies of and commenting the video.

Later: So it was about finding the jam in the middle of the Princess layer cake (?), my favourite cake, i.e. finding the Source in the centre of it all as Bowie sings, yes, the video and lyrics of David Bowie, and now I have done the draft working several hours on it knowing that it will take as many hours to put it on my website and get it done, which may take a couple of days to do, before I will publish it to Facebook and to the David Bowie Official Facebook group.

And yes, David Bowie’s song is about my book and my work to bring all life home to the Source, and I cannot tell you just how big an honour it feels like to receive a song by my big idol, it is almost surreal, but no, I know, it is indeed REALITY, which is “completely wild”, and yes I love it :-).

I don’t have the heading of my new site on this song yet, but it will be something like: “David Bowie IS part of me as the Source (“God”) at the centre of darkness, Major Tom (my old self) is dead, I am becoming my new self, switching on the light and receiving the diamond of our New World in my eyes”

I was told that my mother is feeling down and depressed knowing about me and what will come. Because you showed your mother this Bowie video the other day about the end of darkness and the light coming, and all of this is just “too much” for her to handle.

While working on Bowie’s video, I was told things like Sanna and Hans also almost being finished with their work, they are amazed that you can continue playing your act, still working.

Why don’t you bring out newspapers any more? It is done, i.e. creation.

Stig was smeared by the UN, as I was told when the Pope visited the UN, was this act of Turkey/Russia planned by the United Nations when the Pope was there (?), yes.

We really should not be able to lead a conversation by now – the Source and I – there should be completely closed where you are. It is really impossible to lead a longer conversation now, and it is only love of your mother making this possible, i.e. this has not yet been completely closed, and this is where we come from – allowing us to bring out the last we can.

No, she doesn’t mind her own Son being God, it is more that you keep her out of it, and yes, I don’t tell my mother much because for years, she and John “could not” listen and understand, which made me decide, and tell them, that I would not tell – but it is not entirely true, I have told my mother about “the evil world” and how it will break down.

We are about to make the final journey.

No, he is not making interviews – I feel that it makes life difficult for some journalists out there writing about me?

I felt my sister, “this is what I have always wanted”, which is what our New World will become, this was her dream too.

“Stig, you are not well” – what about the last part of it (?); and yes, being declared officially SANE by the system (?), and yes, what about it, when will you submit to my request doing the right thing, Helsingør Commune and the Psychiatric Hospital in Hillerød/Helsingør?

I felt Samia here, who knows from my email that it is about “doing the right thing”, i.e. to write and publish “what I tell her” (spiritually), she just “cannot”.

I was told about Vivian they would use against me, now they see how I used her for us, how I had to be poor to come through, and not telling my mother to let her be in good faith having courage to go through all of this without knowing it before now.

Yes, it is easy seeing when you know it, right Sanna (?), whom I felt, and that is that I made you in the picture of Stig, this was the person I liked you to become, but you “could not”, it was “too difficult” for you to do, right?

I continue feeling René P. , yes, I was a detective against you for many years, but I have worked for you the last couple of years, as “his voice” here tells me.

Does Hans have something to tell you about the Russian plane too, and yes, he is part of the steering committee deciding on the world development, you are, Hans (?); and yes, travels to Libya, Egypt and around the world you do, ehhh for your Union or is it for “the dark world”, who is really your “employer”, and now, “me”, right?

This is what we mean by “the worst smearing of you”, which is that the world decided to continue the game escalating darkness and war instead of letting the Pope announce me at the United Nations, and now, the Pope has arrived to Kenya today, so what will you do now, Francis (?), and yes, to follow these people deciding what you are to do, or to break the silence deciding yourself to tell the world about me (?), and yes, you have got my approval to go ahead.

Is this what Hans recommended the world to do, instead of announcing my new self to the world?

So the world used your father to get to you making him believe you were crazy and only a matter of time when it would break out.

I was told about Fuggi and Jette as examples of friends stabbing me in my back without telling me and when they started being on my side again, they also did not tell.

And I was again told about how the dark world succeeded making Karen and as non believers because of darkness of the world, and no, it was not easy for me to make the world believers with such a start on life. And they completely avoided to bring you into the board.

My father’s wife Kirsten went on school, she was meant to open to me and bring my “pleasant light”, as I feel she was expecting, as Ole was before, therefore. I felt my father, it was his task bringing back the energy to the world as I had “stolen” from him via my birth because of my mother.

So your mother is already out here in the spaceship of the Source, flying around, it is only you as your father on the way in.

John gave a vow of fidelity to my father until the end to watch you. No, John never questioned that you or your mother were wrong until the end, he was bought and decided to believe that the world and not I was right.

Half of your house block knows about who you are and that you won the case over the Commune.

These are the kind words from a new friend I received after my comments on the thread of the Kenyan President the other day, I do believe she is Kenyan, and she works for the Ministry of Environment and Energy on Maldives.

FB 251115 Mumessiah

I have started “following” David Bowie’s wife Iman (from Kenya too):

FB 251115 Iman

November 26:

I dreamt about painting the walls black inside a big room, I don’t know how and hand it over to Henrik T.-H. (old class friend).

No, your mother doesn’t have an alarm on her now.

Is the war over now (?); yes, but only if you decide to give up working, yes, this is the real connection, and no, I have not yet received my new furniture, so there you have it, we are not done yet. And yes, “I kan bare komme an”, or “Just come and get me”, is still what it is about, so this is the game that the world continues playing.

I received a STRONG pain to my chest and was told that Anne, the leader of the collection department of Helsingør Commune, would rather like to stab me in my heart, i.e. not to grant me respite, but she cannot.

When working today, suddenly I was given the STRONGEST imaginable pain under my right foot for 15-30 seconds, and I was given the thought of my mother and my fear of her dying, and I understood that she is again thinking of committing suicide – this is why I receive this strong pain. And I am thinking that this is a symbol of “the end of the world” via all of this escalated darkness. And I was told that my mother is also sad knowing that her daughter made her life a misery, via John etc.

In the afternoon, I continued working on the Bowie site feeling so down that I am almost giving up, I just “cannot” do it, but then again, I decided to look at the clock, which is now 15:55, and yes, to hold out until 18:00, and then this has to be it knowing that this is how to come home on this one too.

Karen didn’t know that you had become poisonous to her, we just kept her from you via her thoughts, and kept all old life inside of her, which is why it survived. Karen has always believed you were high-flown to the ceiling.

I felt Karen and was told over hours about how she also became René P.’s lover, which helped him up, and how she contacted my list of friends also offering herself to them, and no, not the kind of thing you want to hear. Now she is sorry and just wants me. I was then shown and told that this was to bring me as long into the fire that I would melt, be destroyed.

I felt John, and then Frederikssundsvej in Copenhagen, where I lived for 1-2 years from 1989, and this was about how John was working against my mother and me for the next 25 years patiently waiting to “be set free”, and just how stupid can you get (?), and I felt my old best friend Allan M.-H. and was told that all were against me. I felt Sanna and was told that to John, the most difficult was to remain in contact with her after he realised she was wrong and I was right.

I was told that “Marchmann var også kaldt vagtmand” (“Marchmann was also called watchman”), which is about how Allan and all of them had the task to spy against me. Later in the evening, I understood that “watchman” was also given to me because I found the “Eternal Watchman” on YouTube and this fine video about Bowie, which I will include on my website, and yes, he has got it right on contrary to many others, who are “convinced” that Bowie works for Satanic purposes, and yes, it is outrageous to see what is out there of better-knowing but ignorant people, for example this video, which comes up everything you search for “Bowie – Blackstar” and just by seeing it, it wrongly infects people, and no, I do NOT like that at all!

How do you think it was to live as Karen for a long time wanting to “send Stig to a doctor” and now she knows that she is only alive herself because I stayed out of the prison of “the doctors”, and yes, she was trying eagerly to kill herself by getting me locked up.

Yes, they all loved you and reported on you against their will.

Margrethe Vestager has been very busy working on wheter to continue darkness of the world or to announce me.

I received maybe 10-15 wrong heartbeats this evening stronger than for months.

So the whole world is waiting on the clock, when it is time, and I felt the city hall of Copenhagen and the clock there, as all have seen, and I am shown how it shifts from one minute to twelve to twelve.

I have felt my new physical self coming STRONGLY to me from the corridor for a long time, and how “he” has the key to me.

Finally, my new debit card was approved (the picture), and I will get it within one week.

I was told about the importance of Hollande being on my side, now working on an international coalition against ISIS, and yes, it is “incredible” so strong that this “terror-nest” can be despite of all of the world bombing it constantly, and yes, how long did it take to fight down the “elite-troops” in Iraq in the beginning of the 1990’s (?), and yes, days, and yes, just making me think of a “poor act” to the world, but this is how it is when it is really the civilised world playing this terror-act with itself on both sides as both the (secret) aggressor and “the victim”.

I was told about Mickey from Selvet and how he was also influenced against me by Sanna, and yes, how DUMD does this make you feel (when he went up against and blocked me in 2010).

I was told that René P. will also get his name on the poster (as one of the heroes) because it is incredible what he has done to to avoid financial meltdown, and for how long can he he keep it from melting down. Something to do with the British Pound.

And no, I did not hear anything unusual in what the Pope said in Kenya from what the media reported, and in Denmark, there was very little reporting on this “historic visit”, and no, I did not see you visiting the slum in Nairobi, the poorest people of a rural village or the Dadaab refugee camp, but this is maybe how it is to be a Pope having to settle with what “the host country want to show me” (?), as I am told with his voice.

November 27:

I have taken some more Cannabis oil the last couple of days, which resulted in 12 hours of sleep (!), and I woke up to Bryan Adams’ fine “I’m in Heaven” and I was told that this only underlines what I have been thinking about Bryan Adams new album and at least the two singles from there, “Brand new day” and “You belong to me”, which is that they are as good as Bryan’s big hits from the 1980’s, which became clear to me when hearing his his fine concert from Hyde Park and hearing these “big new hits” comparing them with the old and thinking yes “they are as great as the old”, and this is truly rarely to see artists of age do, to make as good songs as when they were young, and here we also have to thank Jeff Lynne, because it is Jeff practically playing all instruments and also producing, and yes, I love it :-).

I was given the lyrics “Han ser sig om, På firmaportrættet, Af fuldmægtig Holm” (“He looks around, on the company portrait of head clerk Holm”) from “Woodoo” by Sneakers, one of their greatest hits, which is about my old teacher Holm, and I was told yesterday that he also took out energy from me.

I was given an example of a former colleague from Fair Insurance, who “did not believe in Stig” because of his own better-knowing ignorance, and how the way to fight this was to repeatedly bring new posts/messages on Facebook “to cut through armour of darkness”, and I felt Sanna and Hans, they knew this was how to do it.

I was also told that my mother now has so much money that she would like to keep this hidden for still some time, i.e. for game to continue.

I have been given thoughts of when Jack returned as my friend “from out of nowhere” after we had not seen much of each other from approx. 1985 and the next 20 years, and yes, I was invited for his big 40th birthday party in 2005, which was shortly after I had met Karen in 2003/04 and being spiritually opened in 2004 as result, and yes, suddenly Jack was there again offering his friendship, and we know, a planned act to “help me” become crazy, but on the surface to be my friend, and yes, Jack even visited me on Psychiatric Hospital in 2008 a couple of times, and I spoke to him via Skype when I was in Kenya in 2009, and then he suddenly left again not wanting to remain friends when I returned home in 2009, and yes, I was also told that the anti-psychotic medicine as I was given in 2008 was meant to “kill my voices” so I would not be able to tell the truth via my scripts to the world, but you failed, because you should have killed my faith to be able to do this, and this you could not, and we know, how do I feel about Jack (?), and yes, let us just say disappointed of having your old best friend to play a trick on you just pretending with the hidden agenda to kill you.

My mother had invited me out on pizza’s at the fine Italian restaurant Amici Miei, where we have been before having had fine food, but this time was the first time having pizza’s and would they be of the same great quality as the two on the square and Rucola in the Gefion Centre (?), and yes, they were, which amazed me because I did not find the same when I lived in Copenhagen years ago, and this is the case with pizza’s here, of fine quality, but there are no restaurants making burgers of the same high quality, but they made come?

As usual, my mother was negative about everything on the menu card even though everything looked delicious to me, and when she had her pizza, it was NOT good because it had strong salami on it, which my mother had not seen (!), so I had to give her some of my Parma ham instead of her salami, and then it worked out, and this was just a symbol of how I gave her energy as I don’t have to make her come through, and yes, while sitting there, I felt so completely awful that I was thinking how in the world am I to come through this until New Year without giving up (?), and yes, furthermore I cannot take my mother’s negativity and it made me think that another scenario could have been that I had abandoned her, thus all life, as result, which also would have meant that I had not brought you home to the Source.

Already before meeting my mother, I had been thinking about STOPPING THE GAME by telling my mother “YOU DO KNOW ABOUT WHO I AM, ABOUT WHO WE ARE, STOP PLAYING AN ACT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW AND HAVE DONE”, and yes, it goes directly against my believes in everything that you “cannot” speak the truth because of “limitations” of other people, and in this context, my mother is the worst. But when we met, I felt that I did not have the energy or will to “open up” by doing this, which is why the game continues.

I received the feeling and song of Ziggy Stardust, and was told that this is indeed the most famous character of David Bowie, who simply is “the great, I am”, you know :-).

“CRAZY ABOUT DANCE”: KAREN AND I WILL BRING GOOD HOPE TO THE WORLD, THE SOURCE IS IN EVERYONE’S BLOOD, WHICH WILL MAKE BRING CELEBRATION ALL OVER – the wrong winners won because my mother continues playing the game doing wrong to me

We went home to have coffee at my place and to watch the final of “Crazy about dance” on TV2, and first we had half an hour, where I showed my mother David Bowie’s “China Girl” and “Let’s dance” and told her that this is the music from the 1980’s, which hold the best today, it still sounds very fresh, and I showed her the spaceship of Electric Light Orchestra flying around too (add for their new album), and then my mother said, that she would just like to see the TV until “Crazy about dance” would start, and I was told that she did not want to see this fearing that I would tell her more about what this really means in connection with our New World and me.

“Crazy about dance” started, and Britt told Ena after the first dance something about the SOUND, VISION, dance and the audience making it feel like Hollywood to her, and yes, one big act you know to finish the game between darkness and light of the world :-). And then Ena and her partner Thomas scored four times nine for their dance.

I received the feeling of Karen just before Nikolaj told Ena something like “it is exactly about the good hope, which Lis Sørensen has just sung about (see here), that you express, and so much that it is heartrending, which was really about what Karen and I will bring together, and I felt that my mother thinks of us too.

Britt was giving Stephania feedback on her first dance, and then suddenly the light “failed”, and I was told that it was because of my mother not telling the truth to me about what she knows – and yes, the light came back after not that many seconds, but you did see it like my mother did when noticing that I wrote down notes when this happened.

Claus, the host, asked Stephania “how is it” (?), and Stephania answered that “it it crazy, completely wild”, and these words, “completely wild”, I received already in the very beginning of the show including the feeling that these people of “Crazy about dance” follow me and know about how “completely wild” I am about David Bowie including his “welcome to REALITY” as I wrote the other day :-).

And then Stephania and her partner Morten scored four perfect tens, and I told my mother that they are clearly the winners – even though they had two more dances to dance, and the audience would have the final vote, but already here, it was, or should be, clear to all that Stephania and Morten were the best.

After Ena’s second dance, Anne told her to everyone’s surprise that she is a sex symbol and something about understanding why she was about to close the door, and this was really a reference to my old nightmare and about how I could have decided to close the door to my mother and the world because I could not take her/the world’s darkness/negativity coming against me. I believe Ena and Thomas scored 37 points for their dance.

I was here encouraged to bring my feeling from the very beginning of the show, which was that one said “vild begejstring” (“wild enthusiasm”), and I felt Peter A. G. from Gnags here, which was about their album “Plads til begejstring” (“Room for enthusiasm”).

After Stephania’s next dance, Nikolaj told her something like “you are born directly on Broadway in New York, this is in your blood”, and New York is here “the Big Apple” where apple is symbol of the Source, so this is about the birth of her new self inside the Source, and Nikolaj continued saying that “you could go directly into the next video by Madonna”, which is because I was thinking earlier of Bowie and Madonna’s “religious/spiritual interests” as they have had for many years.

Again, Stephania and Morten scored a perfect 40, and obviously they were the right winners, and I told my mother that it has been a positive surprised to see Ena making it all the way through to the final, but she was really not the right finalist based on her dancing, and instead I believe that Søs and Mads would have been the right couple, and James and Mie if it was only Latin dances, and my mother agreed and also mentioned John “Faxe” and Karina as potential finalists.

Here, I was given the thought of Bowie, and I was shown the top of the Palm House at the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, thinking of the Tivoli Gardens (symbolising our New World) and then shown a GIANT orange beneath the top of the Palm House with orange being a symbol of the Source too.

One judge told Stephania about her big dress something about “Ole Lukøje” (“Ole Close-eye”) and about how it somehow included “all your dances”, which was inspired speech about how tired I am and how I include everything.

At the end, Jens told Ena after her third dance here how she has brought him happiness every Friday and even though he might have been holding back on the grades, he shouted “CELEBRATION”, which is because this was the happy song by Kool & the Gang as the band had just played making both Jens and me happy because I am thinking of this song as a CELEBRATION of our coming New World, and Jens was so enthusiastic that he repeated shouting “CELEBRATION” 30 seconds after when another judge was speaking, this is what will come to you, Jens, and to everyone :-).

And yes, Ena and Thomas received maximum characters of 40, I believe, for their last dance as Stephanie and Morten also did, and then the first part of the show was over, and then my mother went home to see the decision coming 20 minutes later, and of course there was no doubt about who the winner would be, because everyone could see that Stephanie and Morten were the best having scored three times maximum characters by the judges, but no (!), this was NOT how the final score after the public had give their vote, because Ena and Thomas were announced as the winners, and obviously because everyone likes Ena much, and to me, it was a true shame and even disgrace to see that the public “could not” vote on the right winners, and I was told that this became the result because my mother “cannot” accept and speak about my new self and our New World, and cannot tell me the truth about what she knows and have done against me. So this is how she is doing WRONG, which brought this WRONG result.

And I was told that this WRONG result also has to do with what Bowie sings, and what I have been writing for years, which is “We were born upside-down, Born the wrong way ‘round”, thus making right look wrong and opposite. And because your mother cannot grasp your greatness. So your favourites lost because of your mother’s roots and belongings to the WRONG Old World and her fears of the New World.

Your mother is sad that she will never witness a true pop/rock concert with you, and I was given Gnags as example and told that I have set everlasting memories in Peter A. G. (after seeing him and his band Gnags in concert a few months ago).

I was reminded to write about the assistant in the Chillo store in Copenhagen selling me Cannabis Oil the other day and how he has discovered that it is really not legal to do according to Danish law, and we both smiled when I told him that “if the Police were here, we would both be arrested”, and yes, because of the complete craziness of the law when we know that this only does good.

And I was reminded about how I was encouraged to look for a cupboard or shelves to my bathroom, which I did, but I realized that I would not have energy to both go out and buy this and to start my site on Bowie, and even though the first would be “nice” to do and the last a “pain” to do, there was not doubt about the right thing to do, so I started working on the Bowie site.

While watching “Crazy about dance”, I kept on receiving Sting’s “All this time” and the lyrics “I looked out across, The river today”, which is because Samia obviously about me, but so far I have received nothing via mail of email from her.

For weeks, I have been given the feeling of looking forward to seeing SAGA in concert in Copenhagen again, and then Michael Sadler announced a week ago here that their German concert promoter has passed away, which may make it more difficult for you to arrange a new European tour where Germany is 80% of such a tour (?), and yes, “sufferings” given to SAGA too.

I have been thinking that maybe there are sea rules saying that a ship has to have a green light on its right side and red light on its left side when sailing in the dark (?), which may be the reason why most ships sailing on the Strait in front of me from left have a green light on it (but not all), and most ships from right have a red light on it (but not all), but then a ship of the Source sailed by from left having a red light on it (!!!), which was just to show me that it is indeed ships of the Source sailing by, and yes, when most ships in the evening look like ships of the Source and are ships of the Source, it is easy to start believing that they are not because now the unusual looks like the usual, which it is really not, so just to show me – and yes, then there are some ships carrying BLUE LIGHTS on it as this one, besides from one single green (it came from left), and this was to tell me that this is the true power with blue being my colour, which is all over.

FB 281115 Stig ship 271115


Here is another ship from November 26:

FB 281115 Stig ship 261115

Yes, Stephanie and Morten lost in “Crazy about dance”, which is is also why the wrong red light was on a ship sailing from left, and yes, you are still stronger than your mother/the world bringing her with you. This is how your mother gives endless power to the game, thus sufferings to you. Faith of Inge etc. me is keeping up my power to play the game with my mother, otherwise we would be destructing all.

We have turned around the football (Old World) inside out and now almost sewed it together the other way around.

I watched the Matrix Revolutions on TV, and was told that the key to everything is that you are not unemployed, which was about “the keyman” of this film, and yes, everyone can see that this is the case and still I continued receiving cash help because I am “unemployed” in the eyes of the system, which is showing the complete failure and breakdown of the system.

I was told about Fair Insurance being sold to the much bigger Norwegian insurance company, Gjensidige, in 2006, when I worked for Fair, and how this was necessary to bring me to Norway to start the preparations of locking me up, which is about Norwegian doctors, who needed my energy waves.

I was told about how my scripts are goodnight reading for the Pope, and how he was happy seeing that rains make farming possible for Meshack and his family, and I felt that he would have liked to visit them.

Has Bowie come to me here at the end helping me to show my true face to the world with risk of being ridiculed by the same world that he helps me saving (?), yes.

I was shown a very lucid vision of “GIANT PEOPLE” – of the size of several floors of my apartment block – already walking around, which is a funny thought, and yes, our new selves are just playing to be our old selves as part of the game from 2012 (read the front page of my website).

I received the feeling of Synnøve Søe, who is not sad about my sufferings as my mother is, and that is because she understands that this is only way to absorb darkness.

I was told that Bowie is not the only one with me, “Captain Fantastic” (Elton John) is too as is the whole music industry, I feel Bryan Ferry here, who is a BIG favourite too as I have always regarded “almost on the same level as Bowie”, and the whole world, and still you are just sitting there in Helsingør controlling the world together with your mother, they know.

Now you are just the most beautiful, I felt John saying this from the Source, everyone thinks so but no one says anything, we are still playing the game because of your mother.

And I watched how Neo had faith in himself and used “the force” of the machine world going up against darkness of the agent Smith (the negative side of Neo), who wanted to absorb all and destruct the world, and even though it was an impossible task for Neo, he made it and saved all life of Zion, “the war is over” as they said, and yes, these Matrix films are still my favourite action films because of their story line and how great they have been made, and yes, I love all of the main characters, and have been watching the three films several times over the years. And this is indeed what makes it “Happy Xmas, war is over” also in the real world where “Neo is Stig” :-).

I felt my mother and was told that at the same time it is urgent for her to set me free, yes, by choosing me knowing this was right to do – over Sanna.

I was told about how my father had fear bringing on to Ole and later to John, and yes, his “breath” as the world needed to make their plans work, and yes, some gold dust too, which is what you prevented.

Isn’t it incredible what cigarettes can do, and I felt Pastor James from the Deliverance Church in Gachie, and then Pope Francis, and yes, the Pope would have liked to go there too, and we know, this could qualify as one of those poor places that I would have liked to see the Pope going, but “he could not” because of you, BLACK UHURU!

No, it is NOT nice for my mother being alone in her apartment, and it is also not nice for her that she cannot speak to anyone about us, and it makes me sad seeing her sad and doing nothing/being weak instead of deciding to be strong.

This could easily have become my last song today because work was impossible, which is simply because my mother has allowed herself to go down into such a great depression, which is what brings me all of this darkness and work, so come on, mother, decide to be STRONG, how many times do I have to tell you (?), just follow me.

November 28:

My sister was kind to invite me (together with our mother) to Hans’ birthday tomorrow via a Facebook email, and I really don’t like this game so much that I was thinking of staying at home, but I know what is right and wrong to do, and this would have been wrong, which is why I accepted. Niklas and Tobias are in Texas, USA visiting Niklas’ old host family from when he was there one year, and Tobias simply love their big cars and guns, and he looked like a potential school shooter on a Facebook post here being completely enthusiastic about these guns, so it made me embarrassed.

I had far too much work to do writing and publishing the script of yesterday, which was close to being too much for me to handle, compared to how I feel, but again, I decided to pull myself together and “just do it”, so this is what I did, but I could not continue working on my Bowie site.

I was thinking the other day about how David Bowie used to be in Danish newspapers in the 1970’s, which is also how I got to know him, and this “triggered” Robert to start bringing many old clippings to the Bowie Facebook group, this is also how “inspiration” works :-).

FB 271115 Bowie clips

FB 281115 Bowie 1

FB 281115 Bowie 2

X Factor UK: I have confidence as “Blue Eyes”, it would not be the same without me – and Bowie too 🙂

I was not very motivated to watch X Factor UK this evening after the experiences last week, where I was told that their program is fixed and they sent out my favourite, Anton, on purpose, but still I turned it on, but my Sony Tablet via the Film-on app “could not” cast the picture on to my TV, which is the first time it shows this “error”, but after 10-15 minutes of watching it on the tablet, it worked, and was now sent to my TV, but the same “error” continued following me during the broadcast, where it suddenly stopped for some seconds before resuming, and yes, “spiritual darkness” as we call it here, and I felt rays coming from outside from the Source doing this directly.

I was told that the judges would much rather see my decoding of the new David Bowie song.

And would there be any “inspired speech” at all (?), and I was not sure about it, but Cheryl told Che after his 2nd song that “that was like night and day” (his 2nd performance compared to the 1st) and she sung it “che che che, that was like night and day”, and here she was very inspired because “night and day” was really about the song by Frank Sinatra both because I had seen a film starring Sinatra starting a little earlier on Danish national TV and because Sinatra is a symbol on me via his “BLUE eyes” with blue being my colour, so there you have it again, Cheryl :-).

Simon told Reggie N Bollie that “you have taken that turn from being contestants into becoming artists, you have now got that confidence”, which here was inspired too with “artist” being Bowie because he is an ARTist, not a musician in my mind, and “confidence” is about me like Neo from the Matrix film as I wrote yesterday, which is that I have 100% faith in myself.

Cheryl told Louise about how her, and everyone’s, second performance was better, which meant that “that just sky-rocketed for me”, which was really about the rocket of our New World about to being switched on. And Simon told Louise that “it felt like it was YOUR SONG, I’ve got this feeling about you, I think you are really, really special, I don’t think this competition would be the same without you”, and here “YOUR SONG” was a reference to Elton John and what I wrote yesterday that the whole music industry is with me, which also includes X Factor.

I felt Karen, after Jack, and was given the thought that she was not as innocent, and I was told that now we will all be drugged.

“Loosing my religion”, R.E.M., because when I was sleeping, I would be overtaken by the world, which is why I slept only little for years, and yes, the most cowardly game and people imaginable.

We could play “Elvira Madigan” for you many times, which has to be about “a tragic love story” and I felt that Karen is not to be trusted, a harlot, and I was then given sudden pain to my right ankle twice, which was to say that Karen and Jack would have eliminated all creation if they had succeeded their plans to overtake me.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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