Clairvoyant readings: “You are the Grail and fond of knowledge”


Summary of clairvoyant readings on me

I was happy visiting the Arthur Findlay CollegeThe Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences – in the summer of 2005 and beginning of 2006, where I received teachings on how to receive spiritual communication by some of the very best International Mediums including Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker, Billy Cook and Mike Hunter.

My purpose for going was really to find out what my own spiritual experiences starting in 2004 was all about, which I did not know for sure before the spring of 2006, when I was told spiritually by the voice of God who I am.

I also received clairvoyant readings by the above mentioned International Mediums, which you can read the main messages of in this summary, and read or listen to in detail – or both at the same time – at each chapter below the summary.

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Janet Parker, 2006:


Janet Parker predicted in February 2006 the knowledge of my future scripts and also that I am Moses (which I was at my first coming before my second coming as Jesus and third as Stig) and the Grail. Main messages of her special “soul journey”:

  • She said that I met God, i.e. “my master”, as a child (which I can add lasted until I was 10 years old), I accepted the Master – “this is how it is” – and my destiny of life to become “me” as the Saviour, which would lead me to “the top of the mountain” – a symbol of “suffering” – in order to be schooled/disciplined through the sufferings I would be given in life led by the master self in order to develop as desired to be able to give my teachings to the world.
  • “The child had been sent for, because it has been written, it was known”, which is about my rebirth and purpose of life, which man has been waiting 2,000 years for.
  • Moses was “leading the people out of Israel” and I was “part of that great deliverance” – because my first coming was as Moses.
  • Janet spoke symbolic about “the opening of the Pyramid”, the ancient knowledge kept in “cobber jugs” and “great vases sealed with red cork” and she continued: “Preparing papyrus”, which “must not be destroyed because one day these words will be taught, these words will be spoken and read to many” – which are the words of my website/scripts to the entire world, and about “the documents” of creation of our New World :-).
  • “It is almost as if we go into your soul and it is a little bit looking at a Grail” – because the Grail IS my soul, which is “the living Source of everything”.
  • “At this point in your life you now have the key” – to access the “knowledge” (to be included in my scripts), which came with my full spiritual opening, when I started receiving direct spiritual communication only a few weeks after this reading in 2006.
  • Conclusion: “You have come into this world to be the fond of knowledge in certain ways, you are a teacher and never question, just be as you are”.

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Paul Jacobs, 2006:


Paul Jacobs predicted in February 2006 my future writings and work as the World Teacher:

  • “There is a teaching quality with you”.
  • “Lecturing or speaking to large audiences”.
  • “Philosophical interest”.
  • “Writings” based on “part of your own mind and also the spirit world bringing understanding and knowledge”, where “other people can benefit and read it”.
  • He also predicted the spiritual “overshadowing” of me, which became true around the clock from May 2006 exactly as he said: “It is not necessary to have the total unconsciousness state of trance”.
  • He foresaw the Living Testimony Organization, the only organization of God, whom I met in Kenya in 2009: “I am looking at an organization here” with “you being the kingpin”.

And you may find other “interesting” messages in this reading, which I never finalised listening to and analysing myself.

Clairvoyant readings by International Medium Billy Cook, 2005 and 2011:


Billy Cook predicted in a public reading in October 2005 my future book no. 2 “design of life”:

  • “I am seeing you in front of a computer doing “design of life” (“computer” is also the symbol of “the code of the world” to me).
  • He saw Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, on Kronborg Castle as the symbol of me, because I was the answer to the existential question: “To be or not to be” (would we survive the Judgment?)
  • The key for Billy to connect with me in this open demonstration was the word “Adolf” as he received, which I was the only one to understand because I had been given visions of Adolf Hitler, which I first learned later was because this is the man I was living as in my previous life (!) – because of the sins of mankind, which brought the world “immense sufferings” with the deeper meaning to help bringing “immense energy” to save the world!

In February 2011,I met Billy again at a workshop, where he gave me a short “one-minute” reading and spoke of my “German connection”:

  • “The feeling I get with it is that the pressure is going to be fine”, which was a prediction that the world will understand why I had to live my life as Adolf Hitler: Because of the sins of mankind, which I used to help saving instead of destructing the world.

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Mike Hunter, 2005:


Mike Hunter gave me my first clairvoyant reading, which was more personal than the above with these main messages:

  • “The truth is very important to you” – “people can look up to you with confidence and take advice and instructions from you”.
  • He received information on both sides of me at the time – the strong side of the light and the weak side of the darkness: “Whilst there is this aspect of quite a self assured man, this is not very much the aspect of who you are.”
  • He was also told about the darkness always keeping me down while I was a boy and all the way up until the time of receiving this reading in fact: “You battle with insecurity” and “always look for the negative not the positive and you would be drawn to feeling low”, which is what I have always felt with my potential strength just underneath, which I first started using when I started my journey for survival in 2004 and even more in 2006 and the reason why I had this “battle with insecurity” is because I let selfish people drive me without a true consideration to my personal development as this says: “You have at times allowed yourself to be overlooked, because you do not push your self forward”.
  • “You live for knowledge, you live to be fed and the spiritual aspects answers a lot of things for you that you have been searching for. Orthodox religion has not fulfilled the aspects there has been within to look for.”
  • “You have to get knowledge and philosophy. Music plays a part here incredibly, there is a gift here and with music you can just be”.
  • “You will have a family, you will have at least two children”, of which one will be a boy”. Because there is something about passing from father to son”.
  • In relation to Karen, whom I met in 2003 and “broke” with in 2004 after MUCH hurting (Karen is the former Mary Magdalene and this is per 2005): “You are not meant to be with them for a while”, “she has touched your heart imaginable” and “there is something more to come“.
  • Karen was initially used to open and develop me spiritually: “We have brought somebody to you that can add something to your life“, “you can grow, you can benefit, you can become touched” and “growing in certain way that nobody else can”.

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Georgie Jukes, 2006:


My good friend, Georgie, gave me this clairvoyant reading, which includes very personal information of my “dull and lonely” life I have lived all of my life because of controlling parents and managers around me keeping my natural self down.

  • “Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice – other people don’t do justice to you”.
  • “You are not happy”, “you need more laughter in your life”, “you spend too much time sitting and pondering”, “you put your self under so much pressure – work, work, work”.
  • “You have a very philosophical mind, a very wise mind”.
  • “You were put on this Earth plane for a reason”.

Arthur Findlay College were keepers of the Source, they planned light vs. darkness and created my new self and our New World

Below follows the full version of this page including the detailed readings and sound files.


Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Janet Parker, 2006

This is a full transcript of the reading, which took place February 7, 2006, at Arthur Findlay College. This reading is a so called “soul journey”, where Janet receives and transmits a symbolic language when she spiritually goes into my soul. It is different to other readings, and requires more patience of the reader to understand, but nevertheless, this is the reading, which gives the most precise information about my mission.

Listen to the sound file here:

How I normally work when I do a soul journey I very often have to work with a colour first and I know that you are in dark colours but I am actually going to use the yellow colour to begin with, because yellow suggests to me the knowledge of mind, it suggest teaching, it suggest all that is of wanting to know more, research, and I have to go very much into this colour with you because that is actually how I see you.

Now when I look at the colour within you I am taking it up to the mind, but if I actually come just above your solar plexus, I want to go there with it. And it is a paler yellow, now that paler yellow tells me quite a lot about you and you, how you look at you, and if I said to you that you know that maybe for many years you have been fighting you, would you understand that? (Yes). And as I look at this yellow it is as if I am into another yellow now and if you can imagine for me the sun as it sets, the sun coming down and I can see the oranges and the reds and it to me looks like the top of the world and I can see all these mountains and these are the colours that I would associate with the Buddhists.

The yellow is the colour of the Orient, and I am going to take my mind this way a little because it is as if I can see a pathway and I can see a couple, they almost seem quite old, they are not old, but it is because life has been not so easy, but they have this child by the hand, this little boy, dark hair, big eyes, and each of them brings him by the hand and they come to the base of the mountain.

It has been a long journey and the little boy must be three, perhaps four years old, and as we look up the big mountain here, there comes a stranger coming forward, and he has a stick in his hand, he has a simple sack over his shoulder, and he comes forward, he looks at the child and they all nod and at that point the couple release the child and the master holds out his hand and the little boy puts his tiny hand in the hand of the master and he looks to the people, the lady has gentle tears falling and the father can not look directly in the eyes of the child, he turns his head away, and yet the touch of this masters hand, he looks up and it is as if this child accepts in some way, this is how it is, and the couple turn and they walk away and the master squeezes the hand of the child and the child has to believe, he puts his faith in this master, never seen him before, and yet within the look there is something there, some recognition, the master doesn’t speak, and they travelled for many days, not speaking, the master takes sustenance, food, water from his sack and the child eats, and the child, three, four and yet the knowledge of ages, it is as if the child is old, and the child knows when he came into this family, that he was not meant to be, it is as if the child was too rich in knowledge, for these were simplistic people, kind …, but simplistic people, and they did not understand the inquiring mind of the child, but there came one day a knock on the door and the child had been sent for, because it has been written, it was known, and as they reach the top of the mountain, the child is taken in and schooled, disciplined, not easy, the only love was a love that was found through touching something that was out there, something that seemed intangible, and the child hears the sound of the gong and the gong brings a different energy, the ohm brings a different energy and it is as if the child is transported on the sound of the “ohm” and the child is a child no more.

And he sits cross legged in some kind of environment that looks almost like a great tent, a tipi, and the child sits as a man cross legged and here lying on the ground is his father, an old man with grey hair and an old skin and a man who is ready to take his place with his maker and there are many people sitting around and they are singing, they are chanting, and the residence, it is not a residence that is to heal or to resurrect, to bring him back to life, it is a residence that is to take him into the land of his fathers, and the son cries for the loss of this man that he never knew. He never truly knew this man.

Because he has returned you see, and the son went away 16-17 years and there is something within him that he could not be as the others, he could not be the duty full son, the provider, the hunter, it wasn’t for him, he had to go, and he travelled many rivers, many miles, many mountains, and he needed to speak to many men, he needed to touch many animals, he needed to come to his own understanding, and the father, who lies before him, opens his eyes and looks, he reaches out and the son takes his hand and it is “thank you”, no more, a tear comes and he departs, but the son is ready to take the burden, to take the responsibility, he now can take the heaviness of the great bullet of feathers.

He denied all his life, it wasn’t to be so, he said, it wasn’t to be so. I can not accept, I do not want and yet now these people, and these old men, who sat around with their rattles and their chants and their noise, he sees them in a different way, not from the outside, but he sees their need, he sees that that they require from him, and he sees that he is in fact the “strandless”, not the betrayer, not the coward, he had to leave to gain and when he had gained he had to bring the gains back to give, and he turns and he opens the flap of the tipi and the small children come forward and he looks at a small child, another little boy, who stands in front of him, this little boy full of need and he knows that he has to do what is necessary.

He had a choice before and he chose to go. Now, he could still go, but it is not good. It would be better if he stayed, he has so much to offer and he has to accept this responsibility and this great burden, because what he has gained has been the mediator, he has gained the diplomacy, he has gained the thirst for more knowledge, a knowledge that will bring a peace to a family, a tribe, a nation and the big fire is build, everybody sits around the big fire, and he looks deep into the flames and he sees the red, the flames, and the red takes him to so much anger, so much passion and he sees himself perhaps ten years before and that red is now much more orange for he has healed himself and he looks back into the flames and it is almost as if we see a white horse jump in the flames and he sees the ocean, for within these flames is as if the visions “come”.

Here is the “definition” almost, a dream and the ocean and the blue, turquoise ocean and the white sands, and white horses, and the horses that seem to be able to reach this world and the next for as we look to the cloud there is Pegasus, the winged horse, as we look to the river there is the Unicorn and then we look to the ocean and here are the horses that run free, run wild and here is a young man, who stand so dark skinned, dark haired, very Latin, almost Spanish, Con Questedor, and the white horse comes to him and puts his head by his face to say “come”, let me take you and freely they ride without a saddle, he ride over the waves for he has to think within his mind “what am I to do”, “where am I to go”. He needs love, he needs love and yet within his family it is almost as if he was told this is the kind of love you must have, this is the kind of family that we need to marry into, and the person that he loves is not the person that they want him to have and yet, what he needs is someone that will accept him, not for his title, not for his mind or his money, but for him.

A part of him that just wants to love and to give so much and we see the Spanish dance here, it is as if I can see the passion within him, the red in her dress, the straight back, the “defiance” and I have the castanet’s and it is almost it is going to a crescendo because he wonders how much more can I take, how can I tell them. And the lady that dances around him, it is as if she plays a game, but you see, on the side there is the most beautiful young woman, she has no great dress like the dancer, no great “hostitatious”, sparkly jewellery or hair, she is just simplicity and serenity, and she brings a piece into his mind and into his being, and it is as if his heart belongs and he is expected to dance the dance and “parents?”, who are noble people and yet the true noble man would be honest and so as he dances he comes into this opinion “I will be a fool no more.

I have played the game, I have danced the dance”, and she has this rose, this red rose and his red lips and his red nails is dancing. He goes down onto one knee, she dances around him and he says “enough, enough” and he takes the guitar, everybody looks and he does not worry any more, it is finished, and he takes the guitar and he looks at this lady, paled blue dress and he takes her hand, everybody is amazed “why, why”, “let them be amazed” and he walks and the horse waves you see. And the horse kneels down, and he “helps her”, he puts the guitar over his back, they are ready.

They go to the ocean, and there they look across the ocean and there is the great ship and on the ship – a very old Galion – there is someone taking their last journey, and it is almost as if he goes back into some kind of dream, it is a last journey you see, and there is this man in his own ship, captain of his own ship, still captain of his own ship and yet gone from the living world, and someone shoots an arrow, a flaming arrow, it touches the ship, the ship goes into the blaze and it is done, you see, the journey is ended because there has been a permission, an honesty, a coming to understand that it is not in all ways necessary to be as people think we should be and to be able to love and to give love when we are ready and to return to the right place at the right time and to accept the responsibility when we are ready, but I come back to these yellow colours, the yellow shows me the flames all the time, the flames of the Galion, the flames of the fire at the Indian encampment and the red and the Spanish dancer within the flames, and the sun sets and I look, and it is as if now the place totally changes and here am I, I am OK for the great stone opening of the Pyramid, and there are the many cobber jugs, many, many big jugs, great vases, Papyrus, and they are wrapped around, and here are all the people and they are preparing Papyrus, the knowledge, the knowledge, the knowledge, and they are putting it in the vases.

They are sealed with red cork, this is the knowledge, and it has to be stored, it is almost as if we must not let the air in, it must not be destroyed, because one day these words will be taught, these words will be spoken and read to many. But the papyrus is in copper no longer, it is almost as if we go into your soul and it is a little bit looking at a grail, a little bit like seeing a lot of dots and raised images and that we read in a very strange way, almost without fingertips and then it will give us knowledge, because this is not straight forward. To read this and access this you have to have the key and at this point in your life you now have the key. Because the knowledge is coming forward more and more and it is almost as if your whole life has been spent in research in some way of trying to understand all that is, and more questions and answers, and yet the answers are simply within you. December 2017: I received confirmation about this knowledge being “the documents” of creation of our New World :-).

And were you to look at the simple truth that you hold, it almost is like a burden of responsibility: “Could it be I, could it be I that knows all this, surely not because whom am I, I am just some mere mortal” and yet it is almost as if there has been a resurrection of truth and it is as if you have come from a land, where the see was parted and where a man called Moses led his people and I look at “Passac”, I look at the time of leading the people out of Israel into the land of milk and honey, and yet would I have done it, would I have been part of that great deliverance – that is what it was – but yes, because the knowledge, the experience, the energy has all been part of an energy that has brought a richness to the world and through the pain of my nation and the pain of my heart and my soul I have come to understand that sometimes life can be so hard and cruel when all we want is just pure love.

For man to live with man as brother, for familys to be familys and for someone to find and know that they can love and touch and hold hands with without prejudice, without the looks. I just felt all of this life of yours has been a bit, Stig, your life has been questionable because you seem to have been placed in some kind of family position that has not always been comfortable and it seems “How do I deal with this, why, who, what, when?” and yet, it is just acceptance you see, and you see it is like the child, who was taken to the master, he had to trust, he had to accept the father who was dying, he had to accept that it was right for the son to go, but then the son came back and it was right then to accept the responsibility, and we look at the Spanish noble men, he played the game until it was time to stop and be true to himself, and then it was time to do it his way.

You have come into this world to be the fond of knowledge in certain ways, you are a teacher and never question, just be as you are. Three years from now you will find your life will be totally different and you will be proud. You will actually like who you are.


Clairvoyant reading by International Medium, Paul Jacobs, 2006

This is a transcript of part of the reading, which took place February 6, 2006, at  Arthur Findlay College.

Listen to the full sound file here:

As I am talking to you I feel in a way we got to pull the two together (work and spirituality). As I am speaking about that I feel very much here as if I am looking at an organization here, but you being the King Pin – that means the center of it, the main person – and I am looking here also as, I don’t know whether you have done this travel or if it is just an idea at the moment, but it is if I am looking at property here you understand where we can manifest what we want for our work and also for the spiritual aspect as well. Have you actually done that yet?

– I am not sure I understand totally.

OK, are you working for an organization, where you are the head?`

-I give an answer on something work related (and misunderstand the spiritual aspect).

OK, can I ask, is there in store on a mental level of wanting a building or property that can be your own place where work of a spiritual nature can take place?

– I have not been thinking like that.

OK, where your home is concerned, there is no thought of wanting to change home?

– Maybe I will change home.

Alright, as I am talking about changing home, I know I have got to work with this property, have you been giving any thoughts about if you change home, would you like a home that would be suitable – I am not saying it has to do about your mind work – but where you could do some work from, which would have a spiritual collocation as well.

– I have not been thinking so far.

OK, that is what I want. So it has to do with a property which can be your home, but it seems if while our interest is spirituality we can also be able to do that from there. Are you involved with any spiritual organisation?

– No.

And there is no thoughts of wanting to being that or start your own?

-I misunderstand and speak about a study group with Martinus.

It is more than that I want. It is an organisation, being part of that or starting one.


I feel I want to go in two ways: One, I feel I may be talking more towards the future, where there is a teaching quality with you, I don’t know if you have manifested before now, but if you haven’t, I know that the potential quality is there and you must also recognise and feel that yourself, and I know that has got to come into being. It doesn’t mean you got to be a school teacher, but it is teaching and training people. But not just in the material sense but also in a spiritual sense as well, because you have got the mind for that, you have got the communication skills, but also I just wanted to ask here, are you also ..anything to do with inspiration speaking or
trance is concerned?

– Unclear answer…

I very much want to look there, not just trance speaking, but also where trance healing is concerned. I would start looking a little bit more at trance healing, it is not trance healing as such but going into the passive stage of healing because it will help – besides the ability of the gifts of what we can do with that, it will also help you with your other developments as well. It has a knock on effect. I don’t want you giving up your material job at the moment, but I feel as we go forward you got to look at bringing some aspects of some other type of work outside the business world, can you understand?

– Yes, can you see a time frame?

It is going to happen gradually, develop our interest and potential, start manifesting …, where we can start using them – we may still have to work with our material job to begin with – but then there will be this change over completely, it will take at least 4-5 years. Are you interested in lecturing or speaking to large audiences?

– I don’t mind doing that.

Because that is what I am seeing here. And I also definitely feel there is a philosophical interest as well. I don’t see you working on a regularly basis as a demonstrating medium.

– No, that is fine. I am glad you are saying that.

That is why I said it will be a speaking side. Have you got an interest in a scientific aspect of this sort of subject?

– Yes.

Because I feel there is something like research with a scientific aspect to it. And do you also compile, do you write things?

– I do write things.

And it seems that you already have got writings done, like in an investigated way, do you understand?

– Yes

And there is still more you got to do. But it is as if what you already written in the future we can use and it seems if we can put it together and even maybe put where other people can benefit and read it.

– OK, that is one of my questions.

OK, in a way actually being a publication or a book or something like this. But there got to be what I call research or scientific aspects with it, can you understand that?

– Yes.

It is like looking behind it and giving scientific facts. I definitely got the speaking, moving into another …, I don’t like the word trance – it is what we call overshadowing. It is the spirit world where there is older powers than yours, but it is not necessary to have the total unconsciousness state of trance. The philosophical part and with the healing …

– Can you see anything about religious messages?

Well, basically this is why I am saying about the philosophical part, using philosophy, religion really is just man-made organisations, I would rather use philosophy and spirituality, it is speaking and teaching of known subjects, can you understand that?

– Yes.

That is what I want, that is where your force will be. Part of your own mind and also the spirit world bringing understanding and knowledge with it as well. Do you sometimes undertake a break to go away a few days on a sabbath, where you may go into a say, like – it doesn’t have to be a monastery – where you just can be quiet, you don’t speak to anybody.

– I have not been thinking like that.

But would you know whether you have …, has anybody giving you anything to do with guides?

– I know my life guide.

As I am talking I am aware here of a buddhist monk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is not what we call the orthodox monk as well – and again, they both want to work with you in this passive stage, definitely the buddhist munk would also have been a teacher, so he wants to bring knowledge to you, but the orthodox monk – I feel when he was here he would have been like somebody who would have done writing himself. … in a religious sense, he speaks of philosophy, bring understanding of
philosophy, spirituality, helping people in that way. Can I ask, in your other sittings, has anybody else touched on where its spirituality going on about with you?

– There has been a development the last 6 months and it is 6 months ago I had the last sitting, where they said it is going to be a surprise what is going to happen. And then I have seen a lot of things the last 6 months and now I am at another level.

But can you say, see what I am saying it can’t just be like I am saying this and you are saying it is very nice, but I cant see any sign or I don’t have any reminiscence with it. There has got to be a recognition of what I am saying to you.

– Yes, there is a recognition. I see that my self. I see that I am going to write that book myself, I see I am going to be a teacher, I see that.

Good. And I feel very much this buddhist monk would want to be teacher through the trance state.


Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Billy Cook, 2005

This reading took place at the Unitarian Church in Copenhagen October 31, 2005 as part of a public platform demonstration. Billy started by talking about “Adolf” as a “German connection” and he asked if anyone could recognise this description. I instantly knew that this was communication for me because I have seen Adolf Hitler in visions given to me (and first later I learnt that I was Hitler myself in my previous life because of the sins of mankind!).

Listen to the sound file here:

I am not sure which one to go to, but do you understand the German connection, is this in your family?

– It is not in my family, maybe a guide.

A guide, right. But let me come back here. Because what does the name Adolf mean to you?

– I just see a guy named Adolf.

You are seeing him. A boyfriend?

– No, as a guide.

OK, but as you know I would not normally confirm that. You have to find out, make sure for yourself, so I leave that with you. Is your father in the spirit?

– No.

There is a gentleman coming in who had a heart problem. Because I know that he did not come here before.

– Maybe my grandfather.

And I know that of him coming a way (….) so there is certainly one German connection I have really, the board exmarch is here tonight. I tell you a little story first. When the bombers used to come over during the war they used to call them in England “London doodlebugs” because they used to come over and stop over London and then they go “uuuuuuuuuu” (sound of a plane diving) very silent, and when I said to my mom when I was little: Where do I come from? And she said, he was dropped like one of those doodlebugs. Anyway I know that the gentleman have come to say hello to you, and I also felt once again a good mind on this gentleman also a man of the earth, a man of the land, do you understand that (yes) and I felt I would love that nature, but you do also, don’t you (yes), a part of nature, and I would say that I am seeing you in front of a computer for some reason and I know that you do design or whatever it may be

– No

But you can do, cant you (Stig: I am not sure), I do because I am telling you, but it may not be what it seems to do design on computer, it will be to you “design of life” and I saw I have a light changed here for you, do you understand what I am talking about (Stig: yes), because – do you have plenty of money? (Stig: no) do you want some (Stig: yes) I will see what I can get for you (Stig: thank you) – do you want a job (people are laughing). I am just seeing things that were meant for, and I will say to you before you make any drastical changes in your life, make sure that you are financially secure. Because if things are to be as what your grandfather is making me aware of, that he was a man for the future for some reason, but make sure – not great money do you understand – but I’d put the money in a little house or farm or whatever it may be, and I know that they were people that lived of the land or should we say what they worked at. They would know the sort of money coming through the family and I thought that some of their things were watched and should not make you around there – they should not be there too – but also cigarettes there somewhere and I know they had people that smoked but also a religious believe there too. Because I am aware of a “pushern” background and I felt that I am aware of hearing those old fashioned hymns. So I know that I am just aware of that feeling there for you too. But I don’t know if you like singing any of these hymns as well?

– No, I don’t think so.

Do you want to sing?

– Maybe, yes.

Should we sing Dancing Queen together? (People are laughing.) But anyway, I know as they are talking to us I do feel the joy that comes from this man to say to you that everything will work out for you. It seems to be that I want to make these alterations to my life changes but it is too soon. That things are not planned properly. And I felt that in your work – you work in a office or something – because I am seeing, and I understand why you are fed up, but it is boring, isn’t is? Yes. And I feel it is .. the whole thing is going on, threading water and so it goes on, but I will say that you will do, but you are at the beginning and I feel that we have to make plans about doing things. They spoke to me about a bakery, would you understand that?

– No.

I still get this bakery for some reason. Does anyone have a bakery here? (people talk). I know that I want to say that to you that although things sometimes look a bit difficult, I would say that it will be a sweet change of life for you. But I don’t know if you do like reading? Because I got these books and there is a film called “Sweet bird of you” – a woman called Jodie something was playing in the film – but have you been to California again? No. Because I would say, look out when there is some
contact with California. I still want to go to Australia somewhere. Have you been there? (Stig: No). Well, who has been to Australia here or wants to go there? But anyway, when the changes are there, once again it is this learning in the future we have there for you. And I would say that is what we have to concentrate on. Because it seems to me that as I begin to concentrate on life – or spiritual life should I say – remember that you got a physical life also. And whether you have had your head up in the clouds a little bit or being to spiritual, our grand dad and grand mother wants to pull you down to earth. And say, ok, it is fine to be spiritual but you also got to live life. And I don’t know if you have been a little bit “airy fairy” ..

– What does that mean?

It means spiritual.

– Properly, yes. I am not sure.

And people make that mistake. And I want to say to you right at the beginning, do not make that mistake. To be spiritual is not just to know that spiritual thing but it is to live it. It is about care and compassion and love, that is spiritual. Not just learning about it. It is about doing it. And you can do that in your physical life, because that is where you have learned a lesson that will enable you to go on to work with spirits in that way. So don’t be up there, but I want you keep your feet firmly on the ground. And I will say to you, now that you are here – that is from your loved ones – I would say that it will get stronger and stronger for you where that you will go on – once again you have learned your lessons – and I would say, that is what you really need, grounding and going forward, and eventually it will come for you. I don’t think Georgie in anyway means anything to you?

– Yes.

Because I know that am just aware of feeling that name that should link around you whether it is just friendship or whatever. I know that I am just hearing that name there with you. And I get the word “invitation” – have you been invited somewhere?

– Yes, by Georgie.

Right, is it a woman?

– Yes.

Do you like her?

– Yes, she is a nice woman.

But I would say I get the word invitation and I feel I want to say to you accept it. So although there will people saying, don’t go, don’t do this and don’t do that, you find out for yourself because I know that I get that name and patience I would say and that it will be OK. But also you will learn something, not about her, but about yourself, which I feel will be very important there for you too. So new experiences which I would like – it is great to have new experiences. and remember don’t get stuck in the mud.

– How?

With knowledge. As you grow it should evolve every year and get different and I feel that sometimes when you get a believe you stay for that believe – it should always evolve. Sorry with that theory but always move on with your involvement and through knowledge and learning things then you will find that your whole mind experience new things. It looks good. Now … If someone should collect coins at one time – I don’t know – I just see old coins, so if it is a German man it would be a Pfennig, but it is not – but I just have a look for you, it is old coins to me, sometimes when you rub old things it turns to silver, and I feel that is what I want to say to you. New things happen there for you and your grandfather and grandmother are there trying to help you. Also as we are talking a bit there is a name of Inge or Ingrid that she mentions there should be around somewhere too, I feel that I hear that name. and I know as we talk about that – does Holbæk mean anything to you, because I know I want to be around there and I know that also I want to go where Hamlet lived. Where is that?

– Kronborg Castle.

What does that mean to you?

– I was growing up in that city.

Oh, right. Because I know that I am just going where Hamlet was. I don’t know if you like Shakespeare or not? I know that I just aware of saying to you those tragedies of Shakespeare, remember life is not a tragedy. You have two choices in life, be happy or unhappy. Turn away the unhappy now and start being happy. Be yourself. I want you working here, I want you …. and I am saying to you, I feel there are changes and it is as though I am hearing that Bob Dylan song “The times they are a-changin”. I will say that to you.


Clairvoyant “reading” by International Medium Billy Cook, 2011

The following short “one-minute” reading took place at workshop of Billy Cook in Copenhagen, February 2, 2011 – and when Billy speaks about “German” it is about my former life as Adolf Hitler:

Listen to the sound file here:

Yes, young man (thank you very much Billy for calling me “young man” :-))

– I first had the purple and then the light blue changing to a “king blue”.

Right, now has there been any depression around you (?) (“yes”), right, because I want you to be not too bright away to bring it back to a natural colour, do you understand (“yes”) and when sometimes if anyone works with colouring and healing one should “bright is too much” (Stig: I cannot hear it better than this) or is too yaki, then there is a problem, it is when it is nice and just nice, do you understand what I mean (“yes”) and what other colour and I would say you need to get that with you and I’d say it is gonna be alright and what was the other colour?

– It was light blue changing to “king blue” (somebody in the audience helps Billy to understand by saying “precision blue”).

I don’t know what precision blue was, I know what precision was but not precision blue, it’s German isn’t it (?), the English word for a colour is “slightly lighter than a marine blue” – anyway I know that the feeling I get with it is that the pressure is going to be fine, it is going to be fine with you and once again it is a waken up spiritually I would say, it is where things have been laying a little dormant but where they are coming forward once again.


Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Mike Hunter, 2005

This is a full transcript of the reading, which took place in August, 2005, at Arthur Findlay College. This was my first clairvoyant reading, which included personal information.

Listen to the sound file here:

There is a gorgeous blue. … it could be more blue and quite green. Then there is pink, then it went to red, there is brown and there is also a deep violet. As I was aware of this first colour, it uplifted me, it gave me a feeling that there are aspects here where you are somebody very much “at great” with mind, that is what you are. Always on your go. But you know, there has been through your life an awful lot of self inspection. And there has been times here – and you wonder why – why am I not entirely satisfied. Why don’t I feel fulfilled?

You have had success within your work aspects. You are somebody that people trust that is why the truth is very important to you because that comes within that blue. And yet the person that can control within work, a person that can delegate, a person that can be inspired within work and be confident within work is not always that person in reality, because within you is a sensitivity that for some time now you have had to battle with. Not just now in understanding, but going back. And it is interesting because you have leadership …, there is a aspect here where people – you delegate – and people can look up to you with confidence and take advice and instructions from you, and I wish you would give it for yourself as much, you know because whilst there is this aspect of quite a self assured man, this is not very much the aspect of who you are, does that makes sense?

But the sensitivity you have, you are now starting more and more to recognise, and that is brilliant, that is good, because I can feel there is “letting go”, “I can accept that I am this sensitive, I … not argue with it”. That is the reason why I feel “you can have all the money in the world” and this is not enough for you, because it goes beyond that.

There are aspects here as a child and even now, not that everybody in the outside world would know, that you battle with insecurity. You do not feel always worth a … you feel – you may at times, not so much now, always look for the negative not the positive and you would be drawn to feeling low. But that is on is way gone. Ok. Because you do not need anybody to make you feel low, you can do it on your own, or you did.

And there is blue, which is the colour of communication, ok. But it is not only communication, it is the colour of truth, it is the colour of the power and philosophy of the spirit world and I just know that you are searching, but don’t search too hard. Ok. Because you are like a school boy sometimes and you live for knowledge, you live to be fed and the spiritual aspects answers a lot of things for you that you have been searching for. Orthodox religion has not fulfilled the aspects there has been within to look for. But you know again do not try to search too hard if you can help it – hold on a second – the sitting in the quiet is very important to you. We say that to everybody but for some people it is more important. I am one, you are the other. And it is just for your own discipline, you are a disciplined chap.

OK. There is here a little more understanding to come of your self, a letting go of the past. In ways your life has been complicated and there has been aspects of the past that you have chosen not to remember or want to remember particularly but just to let go and leave it in the past of hurts, but you will find, and at least if I tell you, you know, there will be times when you sit – if that hasn’t happened already – tears will come, just let it go. It is emotion. You are a very, very sensitive chap. And you are starting to woken up, more and more to this. But rather doing it being negative, be positive. I can’t … this emotion, if he said to me what is it, I couldn’t tell you, but it has to come out.

So … as me, if it happened and at least you can know about it and I do believe that you will become more sensitive, at times there will just be this – no problem – just let it go and you will feel a sense a strength there will come of it, but also here – please take this in the spirit I mean it – don’t overcomplicate everything because I am afraid you do, because – but you are no worse than me I tell you, the other world know, they understand.

You have put a great deal into your work and business life. And you should be proud. Success is important to you. Please take again what I am going to say now in the way that I mean it. You have felt that you have been driven by a sense of true to yourself not just to you but to those in the prime of connected to you. But you can say it, not look at me, but you can say “I have done ok”, and I know that here you did not always have the sense of support on …, but aspects made you strive at the man you are today, and I tell you …. Ok – am I correct that you have your own business or that you are self-employed in some ways, in way that there is responsibility and management, which one is it?

– I am not self-employed, I work within the insurance industry.

Am I correct that you have quite a position there?

– I have some position, but would like to have a higher position.

OK – I tell you why. There is here, I am aware of a helper, ok but I just have to say hello to you from a member of your family. He just wants you to let you know briefly that he is there to give you strength, and interestingly enough he is a grandfather, on your fathers side rather than your mothers, hang on though, there is one grandfather that you looked up to, am I correct, one you knew more than the other.

– I have not known the grandfather on either my mothers or my fathers side.

But was there one there was … through you about a little bit more than the other?

– A little bit on my fathers side.

I got to stick with that. Forgive me. Because as this gentleman came forward, he is quite an assertive man, he is strong in his character, and he would – and some people would not stand … with people, and you do. You are … and it is not a criticism. And you have at times allowed your self to be overlooked, because you do not push your self forward, and that is something that you and I could be do, but this gentleman came forward here, and he is quite smartly dressed, something that he worn, something to do with a connection to fishing, where fishing is concerned, just as a past time, maybe in a small amount, something to do with fish and fishing, because this gentleman gave me the awareness

of you do need the two aspects, you need – I have got problems with his chest and his lungs here, I am not sure if is cancer, but I just that “I got problems towards the end of my life and I was very, very tied“ – but there needs to be the balance in your life, but as well as keeping your spiritual aspect, he wants you to interestingly enough continue with your work and to build a reputation for yourself. Because you haven’t achieved what you are meant to achieve yet. OK. And you feel unsatisfied anyway, but I did not want to say leave just yet, I want you to stay there because there is more to come, ok. Now am I correct that in your position now you have two immediate people you would report to, not just one?

– That is correct.

Because he just wanted to say here, there is going to be more responsibility – and that is why I was getting responsibility and leadership – it is there, and you are getting a little impatient. Ok. But you have ideas and you have this feeling “I need more, I need this responsibility of stretching” over and above what you already have. He does not want you to go any way just yet, I did not feel – and this is his opinion – he just gave the feeling “tell him it is to come”. He may have to be a little bit patient but within the next 12-15 months, I want you to watch where you take a step up.

It has something to do with a meeting there will come between your big boss and your line boss and you, where there is talk of something more to come. You have felt as you have been overlooked, but you haven’t. Please remember that. And they are going to put you in charge of something more. You can motivate, you can inspire people and it has something to do with this here that I talk about, not marketing, but it has something to do with an aspect here where you can turn things around and you will be more profitable to the company.

He wants you to have a nice car, but the nice car comes with responsibility, so I know we are talking about – and I don’t know if you like BMW’s or not – but I know that he wants you to have a BMW and it is a big, nice one. So what I feel he is saying is this: If you can not allow yourself to frustrated just keep on keeping on, it is potentially there for you, which is what I want to say from him, he is a nice man, he would have been smoked in his days going back. He would not always have spoken a great deal but I know that there is this strength that he wants to give you to say “just hold in there”.

Now there is here, I must give you this help, because there is – they want to talk about the emotional part of your life too. That is interesting (Mike sounds surprised) I struggle with giving guides because I cant feel them, but it is not saying they are not there, but of all the people I would have expected – there is a gentleman here, he is like a priest – of all things (he sounds even more surprised), he is not some Chinese man, Jewish man, no, this chap came forward with a dark colour and he was holding a candle and this candle represented your life. I felt that you have been disappointed in your relationships going back and am I correct that it is better now?

– It is not better now.

But it will be, it’s fine. That is what he is talking about. That is fine. You must meant to have children.

– No.

But he says that he brought this candle along and he said “talk about emotional aspect of your life” and you are going to have to be just a little bit more patient, because you have been sending thoughts up to them “come on, when is it going to happen”. Because your very being is to share. That is you, and if you are not, it is difficult. And I just felt here – and this is interesting – because as this candle came, it was to say “you will have a family, you will have at least two children”, of which one will be a boy. Because there is something about passing from father to son.

And you may feel it should have happened a while ago, lost opportunities, it was not right. Because there is something here about your heart being broken. And although you may feel as a few where to blame in some aspects, but it was not right. But what will come, will be. And you know – but you must always walk the spiritual path to some degree, there is a lovely healing gift here, but there is also a deep level, I am looking at something more here, I know I should talk about mediumship here as well here, but I felt an altered stage in the healing, which is something that will more and more come in as time goes on, but you will remember, this does not have to mean that you have to become a trance medium, but it is about … I understand ….you see there will be, the gentleman the priest from a catholic religion interestingly enough with the candle said “we want to get his life sorted first, he has been working on him self now for some of the time – many books”. But would you just tell him to keep doing seminars, just keep doing something, even if it is not every week, just keep involved, because once the next five years, it may take that long, you will always be involved, but they want to concentrate on you being fulfilled and getting to where you are meant to be with your work and the spiritual side building alongside, to give yourself the benefit of that position.

Now, ok – this gentleman said , there is something to do with a stripped up for you here for you, well there is not always the freedom left forward and it is quite (Mike knocks three times in the table) … do you understand this? But you are open minded as I am open now and you have to wait, you have to get knowledge and philosophy. Music plays a part here incredibly, there is a gift here and with music you can just be, and there is creativity within you, I tell you, because I know here just allow the spirits to guide you, I believe we have free will and if something is meant to happen, it will.

And I know I have got to say, I don’t want to give to much away, because I want it to be a surprise when things come, but let me just say “the person that you will meet has something to do with children from a previous marriage”.

– Have I already met her?

Let me have a look for you. Is this making sense to you?

– It may have. I am not sure.

But what I mean is this. Somebody that has had at least a couple of children. Or children from the past from a previous marriage. Because whether it is to – what you have had, not what you have had, but who you think you are in contact with, all I know is just to give you that little bit more is to say “somebody you have been involved with quite strongly or been here before”. You will understand what I am going to say now. Because there is similarities into feeling conformed going back. And yet I do see that being .. forward for the children.

– Would she have children for herself and we will also get children together?

Oh yes, oh yes. Just remember that for me, would you. Now … this person that comes into your life is there for whoever, I cant say 20, 30, 40 years, all I know is when I say can you give me a bit more of what to look out for, now that doesn’t mean to say, … somebody come to you that doesn’t have children, but you are not meant to be with them for a while, ok, so don’t think I cant do with anybody unless they are – one experience brings down a barrier, ready for another experience, so just – whoever comes into your pathway that feels right – enjoy the moment, ok, and I am talking longer term here.

Now I want you to say …, we have got five minutes and then – … you do have a gift. You do have a lovely sensitivity that is more and more awakening and I see this candle this gentleman shows me that you have got a lovely light to develop and you are more and more, but there is work on other levels to do first and yet you know this, rather than it be … on spiritual first … this you wanted to build alongside, but you know there is the responsibility that you feel will be, that you have to achieve, have to do, but that is confirmation I think, but I wanted to say to you here again, just keep on sitting in the quiet, it is so important to you, keep doing that would you because you will gain strength or be inspiration and they will help you go forward, I will give you a little bit of knowledge about the future, but not too much or an indication, let me just say this, this soul that came through this priest – I was so surprised to see him – it is very quiet, but there is a profound faith with him, but there is just no question and that is what you will have, ok, you have got a lovely voyage to do, but remember I have mentioned teaching.

– Yes, will there be travels?

Just to say this, there will be here things that over the next five years, experiences will come to further your knowledge and understanding, in some ..will be charge, so that will be travel and it has stopped … and going on to different places and see different aspects of the world, but – I am still with the spirit – so in other words …. or temple .. the spirits is happy with the way of life.

Now, what questions do you have?

– Can you please tell me about this woman, Karen, why I have met her and what she means to me? (I showed a picture of her)

I will try. If it comes I will give you. I don’t make things up. I would rather be honest. Ok. There is a bond here. She has touched your heart imaginable. And you at times – and this is when you pull your self down – because I know that there is excitement, there is “bubbles“ you know and a thought here. She awoken to you to be contacted and you will meet up again, will you please remember that. She has a difficult time, ok. She is still understanding, still dealing with matters of the past. I hope that makes sense to you. And there is still damaged heart here in ways, but also she has a sense of responsibility. And all I can say to you and that is the potential I feel and if it is otherwise I would say I don’t give false hope. All I know is I heard a voice from the spirits say “It is not finished yet”, but it may not be all that you wish for, but you are a little bit – take this in the way I mean – demanding. Now what I mean is not about purple of “I want this to be”, “I want this to be” and sometimes that feeling gets the better of you.

And I would just say “there is something more to come“, this is what I got back, quite strongly. But I know there has been difficulty with this lady, a sense of great hurt with this lady, in the sense of at the moment she is not entirely sure if she is coming or going in her own mind. But I can tell you there is a great deal of thought for you from her.

– Should we develop spiritually together?

Well, I just know you are of the same light – you must have felt that. But again I want you to be just a bit patient and allow it to grow. She has a nice gift as well. The same as you. You are good for one another. And I know it is not everything as you wish for, and that you get frustrated. But would you be grateful for small mercies at the moment.

But the spirits said to me – and I must say this to you and then I finish – I must say this: “We have brought somebody to you that can add something to your life“, there will be times of frustration and difficulty. If you choose to walk away, that is your decision. The power will move with you. But if you can go through this relationship or stay with this relationship, you can grow, you can benefit, you can become touched. And growing in certain way that nobody else can. That one person can help us grow. But however long it is – and I will be honest, I think I am out of my part, but I don’t know if she is so amazing if she can open your mellow I couldn’t tell you, but the thing is we must not be too “we want this we want that” just enjoy the moment. There is unfinished business here, let me just say that to you. But just try not to be too intense, let me just say this, there is also your grandmother here …. (no more tape).


Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Georgie Jukes, 2006

The following reading by my “good friend”, Georgie, whom I met at Arthur Findlay College in 2005, took place at Renee’s apartment in Copenhagen August 23, 2006. I have not written a transcript of this reading, which is very personal as you will understand when listening, and important to bring to the world because of this very reason as a teaching, which shows what “controlling people” around me wrongly made me become: A man, who was not able to become his true self living up to his full life potential making life sad and dull as the consequence as it happens for millions of people all over the world.

Listen to the sound file here:

At the time when I received the reading, it made me feel very uncomfortable because it was my most inner soul being turned inside out, which I was not ready for at the time; it made me feel embarrassed, but the embarrassment is really belonging to “controlling” people around me in my life so far, who were responsible for my life turning out both dull and lonely – in contrast to my true nature – and this is referring especially to my controlling mother when I was growing up (I am sorry, but it is the truth, mother), the lack of a father to bring me “masculine” values and the “strength” I always could not bring forward from my inner self, and also controlling and selfish managers misusing my true competences and keeping my natural self down, which may have had an even bigger negative impact on me because this really destroyed my life.

I also felt badly when receiving the reading because I had started receiving Hell around the clock from the spring of 2006, which tormented me much and made all of the good advice of the reading IMPOSSIBLE for me to follow, which was the reason why Georgie at the end warned me against “patches of dark shining through” when working with the light, but there was NOTHING I could do to keep the darkness out, which the spirits knew about, Georgie (!), since this was my destiny: To fight the darkness directly in the final battle between the light and darkness of the world, which was a “game” you also participated in, Georgie :-).

This is some of the information from the reading about my “dull and lonely life”:

  • “Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice – other people don’t do justice to you”, “life is not good”, “you isolate yourself too much”.
  • “Conflicts of two worlds inside of you”, which was totally true because I could not bring out my natural self because of people keeping me down, which removed my natural and good mood, which I however still felt the potential of underneath the darkness of me!
  • “You cannot have a partner right now in your life”, ”you are not happy”, “elements of self doubts in you”, “you need more laughter in your life”, “you spend too much time sitting and pondering”, “you put your self under so much pressure – work, work, work” – all of which were NOT me but how the world wrongly “created” me!
  • “Sometimes you hold back on stuff – in family, work and sometimes friendship”, “you put out on the outside, OK, but on the inside you think that’s not right, when you get to a point you will speak out more and put your opinion across because it is valuable” – and this is indeed what I learned from all of the years of injustice and from this time forward, I had gathered enough confidence to tell the world: “That’s not right” (!), which is what you are reading at this website including Georgie’s own WRONG abandoning of me in 2006/07 as her potentially best friend after the spiritual world misguided her because she showed “greed” in relation to me asking me for money for a course, I could not afford to spend at a time where I was breaking down and without money. This was the last money I had, which she accepted to take from me (!) and I only wanted to see her without a need to attend her course :-).

The reading also included a little bit of information about my “mission”:

  • “You have a very philosophical mind, a very wise mind”.
  • “There are changes that are gonna come for you but they are not the changes that you think are coming; remember I said that because that is important”.
  • “You were put on this Earth plane for a reason”.


Arthur Findlay College were keepers of the Source, they planned light vs. darkness and created my new self and our New World

These headlines are taken from the front page of my website from where you can read the full chapter.

Arthur Findlay College were keepers of the Source, they planned light vs. darkness and created my new self and our New World

  • I visited Arthur Findlay College in 2005 and 2006 to learn about my spiritual opening: “You are Moses, the Grail and the fond of knowledge”.

  • I worked from inside of the heart of the Source at Arthur Findlay College to receive access as Stig coming from outside to become my new self via faith of man.
  • Paul Jacobs, Arthur Findlay College, looked after my heart, he had the key to destruct the world, his faith crosses creation with force of the Source :-).
  • Arthur Findlay College were chosen as the spiritually leading people on Earth, Paul Jacobs set up the signal of the flame of life bringing us into the Source.
  • We have placed the secret exit to the Source and the eternal life flame with Paul Jacobs, who will hand it over to me to light the Source and start our New World.
  • Arthur Findlay College played the game of darkness of the world, but were really designing our New World, they controlled and were keepers of the Source.
  • I started my mission and will end it at Arthur Findlay College, where I saved the light of the Source and the Tree of Life, and from where I will start our New World.
  • Paul Jacobs was my main teacher to open up to the inner of myself, he contains the light of all, which I will overtake to start our New World.
  • Britain planned the game between light and darkness making them rulers of the world, Arthur Findlay College, the Church of England and the Vatican stood behind.
  • The Voice of the Vatican directed me, receiving inspiration from my new self invisibly directing man and working both as the voice of darkness and light.
  • I will receive the tool of the Source at Arthur Findlay College, which can do all and will be open to all – and my new heart and the release of all life of our New World.
  • Only one can bear the light of the Source without being compromised by it’s power, me, which is how we bring all of Paul Jacobs, thus all light, inside of me.
  • Arthur Findlay College are in direct contact with the Source, which is how they could direct the whole game, to bring Stig to become my new self.
  • Great Britain’s most important task was to bring me alive, to save the world by going through darkness, planning and executing it, without darkness knowing it.
  • We will pour all life into the Source of me as the Tree of Life at Arthur Findlay College, awake my new self, light up the gold and start our New World :-).
    • We will carry out our New World in Great Britain, where all starts, Arthur Findlay College are preparing the big package including all for me.
    • All I have brought from Rome, I will bring out at Arthur Findlay College, London, in June 2018, where we will start up all, the spaceship is ready.
    • Paul Jacobs will switch on all life, the last slot of me, the key to start all creation, everything will be poured into the fountain of the Source in London, June 2018.
    • Arthur Findlay College led all darkness to me, received and stored all new life to be placed in me as the Tree of Life, the lifeline of all, when I will return in June.
    • Arthur Findlay College set me up as the centre of the world, they collected all gold in me and will now release me to bring out all life of Karen in me.
    • Eventually, the world followed Arthur Findlay College, who controlled all of the game including my sister, mother and my “old nightmare”.
    • We will turn around and start opening our New World in London, the British kept Karen as the mother of our New World the best secret.
    • My stay in London will light up the gold, awake my new self and bring the rising of our new sun, the world is waiting on me there :-).
    • My visit will end my old self and bring the birth of my new self, start the spaceship of all and let life float directly to the force of the Source in me.
  • All energies of the Universe was stored at Arthur Findlay College, they planned, created and brought me this gift as the Son of God, all is now one in me :-).


This website was first published June 20, 2011, and has since been updated some times.