Donations – no, thank you :-)


From the launch of my first website in February 2010 until today August 17, 2012, when this is written, I have had a text as you can see below encouraging people to help me receive a normal life, and also to help my LTO friends in Kenya, and the whole idea was to receive an income based upon the work I did when writing my website and scripts, and when I now will stop doing this work I will NOT ask to receive pay/donations for historic work meaning that I do NOT believe in “royalties” as a concept for work already carried out.

When finishing this work, it becomes part of the collective property of the World, and I will find another way to receive a “normal income” in the future, and I am thinking of living a “normal life” in all aspects, so if someone believe they can use me as labour, I should be happy to work for you :-).

The following is the text of this page until August 17, 2012, which is now NO LONGER VALID.

The principle of my work is to receive donations from people, who would like to support my mission in order to give me a “normal life” in material terms and the opportunity to meet the world. If you would like to support me, I would be grateful to be hearing from you at

Donations can be paid directly to my bank account 5012-1346485 with Jyske Bank, Horsholm Branch, Denmark. All donations will be made public at this site and I will not accept receiving more than what will bring me a “normal life”.

Except from my mother bringing me some gifts, food and a little money on a running basis (maybe 100-200 DKK per month in average, she would have given me more if not her husband John had put a stopper to it not wanting me to receive more than my sister and his two daughters even though they all have good incomes!), I have not received one single donation (!), i.e. ZERO (!), which has forced me to live on public welfare – and to go through sufferings of the official system treating me as a slave and lunatic – of approx. USD 1,770 net of taxes per month from which I pay my rent, bills etc. and also transfer normally USD 460 per month to my friends of Living Testimony Organization in Kenya (sometimes less, if I have more bills), which is giving me a net disposal income of approx. USD 170 to 230 per month to live for (food, transport, communication, clothes).

This is the “poorest” material life you can get in Denmark with an unofficial poverty line of approx. USD 520 per month (disposal income after payment of rent and fixed expenses), which is the line that local authorities of Denmark use for single people without children on cash help  before they will be able to grant “single benefits” such as medicine, dental treatment, glasses, removal  etc., and no, I have NOT applied for such “single benefits”, which I am sure that my Commune would not grant me when seeing what I transfer to Kenya – and I might add that compared to the sufferings I am otherwise given, my material life is a true “luxury” and in practise NOT a part of my sufferings.

Will you also please consider helping the team members of Living Testimony Organization in Kenya and their families TO SURVIVE by contacting them directly: 

Elijah Katama:
John Mbugua:
Meshack Itumo:

David Mutisya:



This website was first published December 6, 2010, and has since been updated some times.