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Share International: The World Teacher is among us!

Share International is a worldwide network of individuals and groups whose purpose is to make known the fact that Maitreya ― the World Teacher ― is among us. Benjamin Creme, a British artist and long-time student of esoteric philosophy, has become the spokesperson and principal source of information. Benjamin Creme is in constant telepathic contact with a Master who has dictated His articles to him since 1982.

Signs and miracles: For many people, “a real flood of spiritual phenomena taking place all over the world” provides evidence of the return of the World Teacher.

Note: Please notice that the messages from the Master to Benjamin Creme have been given under the same circumstances as the messages given to me from the Council meaning that the influence of “family and friends” not behaving correctly have caused both TRUE and FALSE messages but the main message of my return is correct.


The Medjugorje Web: Appearings of Virgin Mary

The Medjugorje Web is dedicated to providing information about one of the most amazing and important supernatural events of our time. Since 1981, in a small village named Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world. She tells us that God has sent her to our world and, these years she is spending with us are a time of Grace granted by God. In her own words she tells us, “I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God”. Since the apparitions began in 1981, millions of people of all faiths, from all over the world, have visited Medjugorje and have left spiritually strengthened and renewed. Countless unbelievers and physically or mentally afflicted, have been converted and healed.


Martinus: The continuation of the Bible and call of Christ!

Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981) was a Danish writer, who in his works known as “The Third Testament” gave a coherant and logical explanation to the spiritual and physical dimensions of life, analysed the structure and laws of the eternal universe and described how the universe is an organic whole consisting of living beings all working as one and evolving continuously towards higher forms of life.

In his own words: “I received no higher education, hold no scientific qualifications or doctorates and have no knowledge of the great philosophers and writers on religion. One evening in March 1921, I was sitting in complete darkness in my room in Norrebros Runddel in Copenhagen focussing my attention on God. It was while I was concentrating on God, and in this total darkness, that I experienced, in an awake, day-conscious, cosmic vision, my divine calling, unimaginable for me at that time, which was to explain intuitively and to manifest as cosmic science “the great amount” that Jesus could have told his disciples, but that neither they nor the public authorities of the time were evolved enough to be able to understand.”.

The preface to “Livets Bog”: The cosmic baptism of fire through which I had passed – the closer analysis of which I cannot specify here – had thus left the fact that entirely new sensory abilities had been released in me, abilities which enabled me – not in glimpses – but on the contrary in a permanent state of awake day-consciousness – to apprehend all the main spiritual forces, invisible causes, eternal world laws, basic energies and basic principles behind the physical world. The mystery of existence was therefore no longer a mystery to me. I had become conscious in the life of the whole universe, and had been initiated into ‘the divine principle of creation”.

Martinus described the universal laws and life

Jesus said: “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth”. According to Martinus, the Spirit of Truth was not the return of Christ, but “holy knowledge”, which is the knowledge presented in the writings of Martinus or in other words: The Third Testament is the promised continuation of the Bible!

What Martinus did not know was that he would soon return to life through me bringing one of the parts of me, which were divided between several beings alive as protection from the darkness. I am Martinus and Martinus is me and through Martinus, I will receive the same cosmic consciousness, which Martinus received in physical life.

Martinus was my messenger before you, he prepared a whole New World, which we are now moving into, based on faith of his disciples in me

November 18, 2018: Now comes in handy what you learned about Martinus, i.e. faith of the study group “The School of Life in Spiritual Science”, which I attended in 2007-08 at “the Source” in Brøndby. An event happened back then, a quarrel between members of the study group, which I had seen and told about happening before it happened. I was told to say “brush away the dust from your shoulders”, which I then did when it happened, which people listened to. I told Birgit M. about this coming to me beforehand, and how I had been opened spiritually and attended spiritual courses in London, which may have helped her believing in me.

The members of this study group are part of this special light, which is coming to me now because of my continuous work. This is what Martinus was preparing, a whole New World, which you witnessed via the reading and discussion of his “Third Testament” and works of life. What you were looking at was really a whole New World with Martinus being my messenger before you, preparing the part of man, who could understand. Martinus made a dream of a New World, which was not meant to be reached yet, but the one we are now moving into.

I have been allowed to do this as Stig via his disciples of this study group, who decided to turn their thumbs up for me, knowing me, thus allowing me in to his dream castle. This is what we have started creating anyway, with their, thus Martinus’, consent, which is my hidden paradise as no one should know about. This is the reason why I sent you there, for this study group to accept me, not believing that I was crazy, so there was also a fight there “for or against me”.

The question was if they would see me as a monster, thus shutting this paradise for me, being in their possession, or the opposite. The months I went there with “professor types” of people was enough to turn them around, which they first did, when they also realised that “Stig is not dumb, not crazy”. This was our real goal, lifting you all up to me, the real father, where no one has ever been before, and you did alright to make it here. There is also a whole community of Martinus lovers, who loves you, knowing that Martinus is you, i.e. the man we sent.

Braco: Transformation, healing and awakening for humanity

Braco (born 1967) is a Croatian man transforming, healing and awakening the lives of humanity! At the age of 26, he gave up his job as a businessman in order to help people with “a special energy and consciousness”. The work of Braco has since resulted in a large number of documented cases of physical healings and life transformations of people attending his sessions. Braco gazes at visitors in groups between 50 and 1,000 people without doing any individual meetings or treatments. He touches people with his eyes only and the connection between him and his visitors is a connection of thoughts, energy and a deep inner love, which activates a specific power in people and enables them to change their life, overcome problems and heal.

Braco is the only one healing people simply by being present


Jacob Holdt: The pilgrimage leading to “American Pictures”

Jacob Holdt (born 1947) is a Danish photographer, writer and lecturer.

Arriving in America with only $40 for a short visit, a young Dane, Jacob ended up staying over five years, hitchhiking more than 100,000 miles throughout the USA. He lived in more than 400 homes – from the poorest migrant workers to America’s wealthiest families such as the Rockefellers. They not only gave him a hospitality and warmth, but their continuing friendship to this day.

Jacob is in his own words giving me a “poverty image”:
“Concern for the least and the oppressed”

He joined the Indian rebellion in Wounded Knee, followed criminals in the ghettos during muggings, sneaked inside to work in Southern slave camps and infiltrated secret Ku Klux Klan meetings as well as Republican presidential campaign headquarters. By the time he returned to Denmark 12 of his friends had been murdered (in the years since so many of his friends have been murdered that he has completely lost count).

Back in Denmark he put together the photos he had taken into a multimedia show named “American Pictures”. His show instantly became enormously popular and with the help of several black American friends, it was shown in 14 countries in 7 languages between 1976-82.

In 1982 the show moved to America, where Jacob Holdt has since presented it in more than 300 universities, city councils, churches, etc. The show has been updated constantly and one fourth of the pictures are now from the 90’es.  In his latest version from 1997 Holdt worked closely with leading educators, psychologists and workshop counselors throughout America and Europe in order to best incorporate universal themes of oppression.


Arthur Findlay College: Spiritual unfolding

The Arthur Findlay College offers facilities unequalled anywhere in the world in the Spiritualist movement as a residential centre where students can study Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfolding and kindred disciplines. Courses, lectures and demonstrations are all offered by leading exponents, together with the additional features of a library, museum, lake, magnificent grounds, recreational facilities and full board accommodation.

I was happy visiting the Arthur Findlay College in 2005 during “Danish week” and in 2006 during “Danish/Dutch week”, which you can read about in my book no. 1. I received teachings from some of the very best International Mediums communicating messages from the spiritual world including Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker and Billy Cook, from whom I have also received clairvoyant readings with the main messages that “You are Moses, the grail, the fond of knowledge, a teacher, overshadowed and you will write the “design of life”” as you can read here.


Dharmagate by Lama Yönten: Dharma practising

Lama Yönten has devoted his life to practising Dharma and helping everyone in need. Lama Yönten has been travelling in many countries to give teachings. He gives initiations, private consultations and advice. Lama Yönten lives in Denmark, where he teaches regularly. His teachings are intended to help people deal with difficulties of everyday life. The sessions are a mixture of both teaching and practice as well as answering questions from the students. His warm – hearted, humorous and pragmatic teaching style is both soothing and inspiring.

I was a regular and happy visitor to Lama Yönten in 2010/11, which you can read from my scripts.

January 12, 2017: Did Lama Yönten, whom I visited weekly in 2010/11, also have something to do with bringing the Source to me?. Yes, he was on this the highest branch of all fearing that it would break before I would reach it, and I receive his smiles and happiness going through darkness “disguising” it. It was almost impossible for him to recognize me as “the one”, and only in his purest moments, he could see that I was sent to overtake the world from him and his peers around the world. They did not realize that this is how I was absorbing and cleaning darkness, by living inside of it and going through it all. This is how all of the world, for a period of time, misunderstood the “feelings” they received of me being darkness, I was not this darkness, but worked inside of it. The same goes with Arthur Findlay College and all who could feel “the other side”, they received this feeling of darkness from me. But it was not me, it was the world that I was carrying, and only by penetrating this and reaching me in the centre of all, they were able to see me as the light curing the world. It took the highest and cleanest monks of the world to feel and realize that this was my true motive. Lama Yönten could not tell me back then, when he realized the truth of me, he was given a muzzle, the same was the world. It took for you to comment his teachings bringing your COMMON SENSE when he gave WRONG teachings of “ancient wisdom” not fitting to  a modern world. He first believed you were “out of line” because “no one speaks against a Lama”, before he realized that you are right. Then it was really a matter of going directly home, you had convinced the people in charge of the world that you were truly “the one”. This was about the survival of the world, to make man believe in you, it was all about making the world believe that you were not crazy, but only speaking COMMON SENSE. These monks also received wrong stories of me, but they decided to receive pure messages of the Source about me. This is what you can when you live a pure life, Sanna, this was the difference between you and these monks, and also me. There is a co-operation between Hare Krishna, the Vatican and Arthur Findlay College – and probably others too (?) – to keep the world going.


Centre of Wisdom and Compassion: Buddhist philosphy

Centre of Wisdom and Compassion – Tong-nyi Nying-je Ling – is a Buddhist centre located in the heart of Copenhagen. The Centre offers teachings in meditation, Buddhist philosophy and psychology. The goal is to create more happiness, peace and joy in the world. The here-living teacher of the centre is the German psychologist and former monk Stephan Pende Wormland.

I was a regular and happy visitor to Centre of Wisdom and Compassion in 2010, which you can read from my scripts.


The Theosophical Fellowship: Sanctification of mankind

Ananda Tara Shan was a Theosophical Teacher and disciple of the Lord Maitreya, who through her life’s work created a body of Teachings which carries the impulse for the New Age – the Age of Maitreya, the Age of the Heart. She founded the Theosophical Fellowship with the purpose to concentrate spiritual and physical energy at any time to lighten the crisis of the world and to work towards the sanctification of Earth and mankind.

I was a regular and happy visitor to Theosophical Fellowship in 2010/11, which you can read from my scripts.


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