Media and Politicians


Summary of Media and Politicians

In short: Media transformed mankind into irresponsible, impatient and self-centred people! I ask the media to act responsibly and to stop all indecency and together with politicians to become servants of the world bringing the unvarnished truth to the world.

Media transformed mankind into irresponsible, impatient and self-centred people!

  • People become “the culture” they live in, they learn from “passive entertainment”, gossip, “raw violence”, “sex without feelings” etc. and have become irresponsible, impatient and self-centred because of the media today!
  • “The name of the game” is to secure as many viewers/readers as possible and the borders of what is acceptable to do keep on moving meaning that it for example has become acceptable to persecute people and hang them out in public pillories without human considerations. This is what as examples killed Lady Diana and Michael Jackson.
  • The media consciously misunderstand and interrupt people without a true desire to listen and understand, people become “judged” in forehand, the media edit items or make up their own stories and this ALSO includes many so called “serious” media. Money is what counts, “anything goes” on this account, and the loser is the true virtue together with inborn, natural and responsible behaviour of objective journalists.
  • The media has transformed the world into a soap-opera of irresponsible, self-centred and gossiping people! What people as birth gifts know is wrong behaviour has become accepted because it is accepted by the media.
  • The media and mankind has sold its soul including the truth and what is true decency to the Devil. Mankind has become self-centred, small-minded and judgemental having big difficulties to understand the truth and to make the right decisions. This is what the media and mankind need to improve! 
  • “Sudden disasters” receive world coverage for a “period of time” because they are considered to be “breaking news” when they kill people “here and now”. But with impatience of the world and media, the focus quickly changes leaving behind people to ROT and DIE, where the media has a special responsibility to bring the attention of the world to people in distress. The media has KILLED millions of people in disasters over time, and for years they have been responsible for people suffering the most in the world because of their ignorance, the prisoners at Dadaab, Kenya!
  • The role of the media has transformed from “guardians” doing their absolutely best into “hunters”, and instead of showing the right perseverance to “never give up” as guardians, the media do their absolutely best and never give up as bloodthirsty hunting dogs until the prey, they have chosen, is cut down – or they are “pressured by “interests” of large businesses and governments not to bring or to distort the truth.
  • The mean link between media and politicians bring “good stories” “helping” them and hurting political opponents with “media advisers” being the contract killers cutting down people not necessarily taking the truth and fellow human beings into consideration– this is the Devil at work in his worst disguise, which I ask you to STOP and NEVER to repeat.
  • Most politicians of today have become dummies performing a superficial play as vote catchers through the media where they should have done EVERYTHING they could on important questions such as how to help the world and mankind to survive, how to create a New World Order to replace the broken down systems, how to improve the behaviour, communication and work of people to create a much better life and living instead of just “cutting down”, how to truly create an everlasting and a clean environment to stop pollution and avoid a melt down of Earth and how to help all people of the world to get a “normal life” without poverty and extreme richness. But you did not, I had to come and tell you what you should have done yourself?
  • The media and politicians – herewith mankind (!) – was busy, superficial, ignorant and negligent and therefore did not discover the Judgment as “the biggest story ever” before it was over (!), nor my arrival even though I have been public on the Internet since the 1st February 2010!
I ask the media to act responsibly and to stop all indecency
  • Be inspired by the Basic Work Recommendations, Ten Recommendations and the Golden Rule.
  • Become servants of the world bringing the unvarnished TRUTH to the world.
  • Stop hanging out people negatively – use wrongdoings as objective teachings to mankind.
  • Remove the lowest denominator and create a better balance of media items.
  • Protect life itself: Stop production of and destroy material of a direct sexual character.
  • Show people naturally without playing on sexuality directly towards the public.
  • Stop production of and remove material of war, violence, bad behaviour etc.

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Media transformed mankind into irresponsible, impatient and self-centred people!

The media has developed superficiality, impatience and “simple feelings” of people

Within a few decades we have seen a rapid development of media – television/radio, newspapers/magazines, Internet, games etc. – bringing new channels, technology, spreading, content and habits with it and an endless supply of entertainment to a willing world, which also unfortunately has made a large number of people dependent on “passive entertainment” as a main part of their lives on the sacrifice of human relations.

People have become “particular” and “impatient” because of the large supply of the media, and the “power of the remote control” or computer mouse has made many only watch a few seconds or minutes here and there depending on what immediately catches the eyes and “simple feelings”, which often is pure and shallow entertainment to relax on “after a hard day at work” including “entertaining news” bringing only a superficial and quick “overview” of news to people not having the patience to “absorb” all objective information in order to understand the “big picture”, the “latest gossip” on royalties, politicians, actors and other celebrities, talk shows, raw violence and sex both in “action”, porn and “reality” movies, sport, quizzes, constructed reality shows and superficial, “funny” or “naughty” videos, games, gambling and social messages on the Internet.

The feelings and thinking patterns of people are influenced by all experiences and stimulations people receive from people and also from media. If people around you are superficial and show poor behaviour, you are likely to become the same – people generally become “the culture” they live in, which you can think many examples of in relation to “cultural” differences of today between countries, regions, businesses and “groups of people” – and when people excessively are exposed to raw violence and “sex without feelings” through different kinds of media, these “experiences” will also become part of the “database”, which people will draw upon as “possible solutions” in given real life situations.

When comparing the society of “the free world” today with the societies of 50 or 100 years ago, the violence of today is more brutal, people are generally more aggressive and sexual experiences of many (young) people today have developed into a chase for “casual sex” with many different partners without true feelings because this is what others do. When the society changes, it changes people and when the media massively expose raw violence and sex upon people, this is how people and the society gradually become.

Superficiality and trashy entertainment are the key words, which is what a majority of media supplies and what a majority of people demands – giving a bad circular relation – and people will decide to watch the same superficial and trashy matter over and over again instead of creating a better balance with the media bringing and people demanding much more TRUE quality content challenging the intellect, fantasy and imagination of people for example through news and documentaries bringing insight at a high level on basis of TRUE objective details, which have not been distorted by personal beliefs and “ideologies”, beautiful movies showing the development of true feelings among people bringing deep and touching feelings to the people watching, breathtaking nature or wonderful fairy tales.

The conduct of the media has become “totally unacceptable” because of chase for money and fortune by any means

The impatient and superficial conduct of people – fed by the media – further “stimulates” the competition of the vast supply of media making it feel the need to constantly “develop” and do “something extraordinary” in order to “do or die”, which is “the name of the game” to secure as many viewers/readers as possible – and the highest possible income from advertisers – and in this “game”, the borders of what is acceptable to do keep on moving meaning that it for example has become acceptable to persecute and even to spy on private people, who are taken as reluctant hostages when their private lives are exposed to an insatiable world drooling and gossiping over the juicy details, which the media actively search for, may find and decide to bring without mercy – take Tiger Woods as one example – and without considerations to the effects this has on the people they chase.

It has become acceptable to compromise people in public pillories often giving a WRONG picture of “the victim” – or at least not the full and objective “big picture” – without giving people a chance to defend themselves herewith giving the public a one-sided and wrongful “verdict” as the result and because of the immense pressure this brings, people give up and might also break down – it was “reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson”, which ultimately cost Michael his life – and this “verdict” is given to people who have not been formally charged. You have stolen true justice from people and instead they become grilled by the commercial, superficial and judgemental media, which “force” its opinions upon the population making a majority believe the same without a true care for the personal consequences of “the victims” and without a thought of how they would feel themselves if they were the ones being crushed the same way. In the name of bringing “true entertainment” to the world, it has become accepted to kill victims as a “side-effect”!

You write the words to destroy like it’s a weapon” – the media killed Michael Jackson!

As part of the game, a growing part of the media consciously misunderstand and interrupt people, which is a true embarrassment to watch, without a true desire to listen to and understand what people say – people have become “judged” in forehand – or decide to edit items in order to create their own “angle” of a story, which they believe will “sell” the best, which however is the same as distorting the truth – take Fox News as a coarse example – or even to make up totally untrue stories often using what is claimed to be “reliable, anonymous sources” and to uncritically bring everything from slander to “sensational” stories and when “this is breaking news”, this is when the editor-in-chief is the most happy, because this means “money on the table” and then he has done a good job!

Even the most “reliable” media distort the truth because money and “pressure of businesses/governments” have become more important than the objective truth

How many “interview victims” all over the world have been in “good faith” when doing interviews with the media only to be disappointed when seeing the result that the media was not “able” to bring the “true picture” of what was said or decided to manipulate with the spoken words, to make up quotes, which were never said and even to pretend doing a positive story only to bring their own twisted and negative story instead (?) again with Michael Jackson as the best known example of this.

Do you believe that “only the worst” examples of the media have the “conscience” to do this?

Here I can prove you wrong because the now “world-famous” newspaper of Jyllands-Posten in Denmark, which brought the Muhammad drawings to the world and normally is considered to be a respectable and “reliable” newspaper, brought a few professional articles on me – directly or indirectly – from my insurance career when I was working for Aon and later for Fair Insurance, which totally distorted the truth simply because journalists wanted to bring “more exciting” stories than the truth to the public and I remember how sad I was that they did not do more in order to truly understand and also that they did not show human considerations.

And this is what also was uncovered for the world through the new “mega-star”, journalist Jeppe Kofoed, of the most reliable news media of Denmark “TV-avisen” from Danish National Television, which is also considered to be among the most “reliable” news media of the world simply because this TV-station receives license fees and do not have any commercials. Jeppe was revealed to the public for having faked a news item from Iraq in 2007 and also for manipulating the soundtrack of American troops in Iraq in 2006 inserting the sound of the same explosion two or three times, and later it was described that “to repair sound” is a common practise of the TV business and therefore Jeppe could see nothing wrong with what he did. Jeppe did what he could to promote his career but this became “the fall” for him and consequently he had to resign.

How many “serious” journalists all over the world do you think do the same every day without being caught and without being able to see that what they do is wrong simply because this is “common practise” of the business?

This is sadly the feeling of what is “acceptable” to do, which is DEEP inside of journalists even at the most “respectable” media today because of their desire to bring “exciting” stories and to promote their career, and this is how media work all over the world! Money, fortune and glamour have become more important than the objective and accurate truth for a majority of people today, and when the media is assailed by governments (or some of their organs including “secret governments”!) “asking nicely” or “ordering” the media not to bring “this or  that story” (for example on UFO’s and crop circles!) and large business co-operations asking to receive “good press coverage” in return for their payments of advertising fees, and “trying” its best to keep the media from doing their job to bring the truth about contamination, greed, fraud/crime, corruption and  other “irregularities” by putting on “enormous pressure” including threats of lawsuits and claim for (enormous) “compensation”, it is difficult for almost any editor-in-chief to remain “clean” and what used to be a good item on TV for example revealing the truth about the contamination of the largest company in the world, General Electric, into the Hudson River can be distorted so much because of “other interests” that it may become unrecognisable in the end. The Old World was a fight on who was the strongest in terms of money/”interests” and had the best lawyers, not necessarily on who was right, and on this altar, the truth was very often distorted or even kept from mankind.

“Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the TV screen
don’t make it factual”

And “factual” is sadly what many people of the world believe a story is after having read a new lie first on Princess Diana, since on Michael Jackson and now on Paris Hilton. You succeeded to kill the first two – do you also intend to kill Paris in the “holy” name to bring mere gossip to the world?

The indecent behaviour of the British newspaper News of the World is only the beginning of how politicians, media and the business world controlled mankind

As part of the growing light and the final showdown between good and evil of the world, the British newspaper “News of the World” was “cut down” itself in 2011, when it was revealed to the world what kind of inhuman actions, including phone hacking, they had decided to use/”stage” in order to bring stories to the world “benefiting” their own thirst of money etc. and the inner beast of readers and on the way, they forgot about not only the law, but mainly about decent behaviour, which should be “impossible” for people to forget? Their methods came as a shock to the public, and they were disgraced and had to close down the entire “old and proud” newspaper. 

This was a “shock” to the world, but you have still only seen the top of the iceberg. This is the beginning of the story unfolding of how politicians, media and the business world controlled mankind – are you ready to REALLY be surprised (?), the show is about to begin ….. :-).

The media has transformed the world into a soap-opera of irresponsible, self-centred and gossiping people!

If the media should decide to think of a borderline case “is it a responsible action if we decide to bring this” (?), the answer will often be “if we do not, you can rest assure that our competitors will”. This is how stories, which were “unthinkable” to bring only a few years ago, have become accepted by the mainstream media and population today, which the story of the private video of Paris Hilton is an example of.

How many of the media decided to do the right thing not to publish the news of the leak of this video, not to bring “gossip” and ugly rumours of Paris following this, not to chase her, be funny on her behalf and not to bring (links to) the video on their website because of human considerations to Paris? Is the answer none or “almost none” (?) because “everywhere you seem to turn, there’s a monster”– at least in the so called “civilised” world – and how many of you, who brought stories of Paris would personally have liked to go through the same as Paris if it was your own intimate life, which was exposed against your will to a drooling world? Is the answer none (?) and this is really what should have been your guideline when you wrongly decided to do what the rest of the world also did.

The borders keep moving further away from the inborn, natural and responsible behaviour of people working for the media and consequently for mankind, which you should be able to see clearly. In a great extent, the common denominator has determined the outcome: Unacceptable behaviour of the media has become acceptable the same way as poor and unacceptable behaviour, communication, work moral and sexual conduct of a majority of people today – from the “rich world” especially – has become acceptable or at least “tolerable”.

The media has transformed the world into a soap-opera of an on-going dramatic mix of reality and fiction, which is difficult for people to make out and because of all of the constant deceptions, lies, concealments and wrongdoings of the world, eventually it has become  difficult for both the media and mankind to distinguish between what is “right” and “wrong” – “wrong” has invisible often become “right” and vice versa – and because what is “wrong” is often what “sells” the best in this phony world of today, the media often bring the dark side of a story and also believe in and insist that this is right to do simply because we have now reached a point, where the majority of people often cannot see when they are wrong.

The media and mankind itself has sold its soul including the truth and what is true decency to the Devil. Mankind has become self-centred, small-minded and judgmental having big difficulties to understand the truth and to make the right decisions, the world has become artificial and superficial because of the desire of trash entertainment and on this “altar” you have lost your responsibility, objectivity, “the true world” and ultimately your TRUE deep feelings of love and care for people.

This is how mankind lost the battle to the Devil – because of your own weaknesses and temptations, which you simply could not resist. This is what the media and mankind need to improve!

Examples of the media cutting down and also directly killing people

The following are few examples only of the collective responsibility of the media cutting down and killing people, which is the power of the media when they decide to act wrongly and not to take on their main task and simple responsibility of bringing the unveiled truth to the world.

And these are examples of what happens millions of times every day when the media prioritize their own “needs” to make MONEY without truly helping the world to survive. This does not mean that I do not value the efforts of many skilled journalists of today, but my description of a largely irresponsible media is the general picture of the world today. If all of you “good journalists” really should have changed the world into a better place, you should have started by changing yourself, your colleagues and media business(es) bringing ALL of your focus relentlessly and continuously to TRULY help the people you report of instead of letting the media bringing them and the world down because of your impatience and focus on money!

The media and mankind persecuted and killed the beloved Princess Diana

The media decided to stalk the beloved Princess Diana around the clock to satisfy its own selfish needs to make money – she was a “very good story” – and the desire of the population to follow her every move, which made her life a Hell, caused her divorce and ultimately killed her in the tragic “accident” in Paris in 1997 when paparazzis of the press followed her car speeding far too much, which was the direct reason of her death.

The whole world mourned over the loss of her, which essentially was a test to the media and mankind for you to understand that you have broken every limit of decency and responsible conduct, when this as an example could happen but despite of this tragic loss of a person loved by the whole world (!), the same media continued to chase and deliver trashy stories of the same kind to a still “starving” world without showing a true desire to respect and treat all people as you would like to be respected and treated yourself, which truly shows the disgrace of a large part of the media including the so called “trustworthy” media and mankind itself for accepting this behaviour of the media and to continue reading these trashy stories as if nothing had happened.

The media wrongly persecuted and forced the leader of the Conservative Party in Denmark to resign

The former Foreign Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in Denmark, Lene Espersen, was forced to resign in January 2011 as the leader of the party due to a WRONG opinion of the media in her and because of this also from the population believing that she was “guilty” in scandals – one being that she did not interrupt a private holiday to attend an “important” political meeting, which she however did RIGHT not to do (!) – which made her unreliable in the minds of people as a top politician but the only TRUE “problem” was that this was proclaimed by a self-centred press, who could or would not understand the truth, which is that she acted correctly and that she is a responsible and hard working politician, who was a “star” respected by most of the same media and the population before she was faced with a struggle on power from “opponents” of her own party, who “motivated” the press to persecute her, which was not difficult to do because of their need of good stories to sell newspapers.

Slander, you say it’s not a sin, but with your pen you torture men”!

This is what eventually “converted” a large majority of the Danish population against her and now the population was “totally convinced” about her lack of abilities and sense of occasion (!) not understanding that they themselves were the ones, who were wrong, which would be “simply impossible” for them to accept, if people should tell them as I experienced myself when I tried to tell the truth of this story to my own family, which I could tell in the way they shook their heads in disbelief was such a “provoking” standpoint to have, which also made them decide to interrupt me and to effectively turn their deaf ears to me!

This is just how convinced people can be when they believe they are right when they really are wrong! It was a true disgrace to see the media forcing Lene at one point to apologise for her right behaviour in a desperate try for her “to survive” and finally to cut down Lene when they imposed their know-all and WRONG belief on most of the population.

As late as in 2009 the same population believed that Lene was one of the most trustworthy politicians in Denmark – more than the Prime Minister (!) – and it should not be difficult for you to understand that it was not Lene, who changed so much in such a short time, but the media and with it, also the population?

After the media had “cut down” Lene as the chairman, they decided to hold back on the persecution – she was now preserved after they had reached their target (!) – and Lene continued working as the Foreign Minister until the next election in 2011 without meeting the same kind of misunderstandings and unreasonable resistance and by the summer of 2011, Lene’s credibility in the population had now increased much again, and the question for you to answer is:

Who do you think truly is to blame?

The media wrongly persecuted and forced the political spokesman of the Conservative Party in Denmark to resign

The former group chairman and political spokesman of the same Conservative Party in Denmark, Henriette Kjær, was also forced to resign from her positions in January 2011 and to leave politics entirely in order to protect her family and private life after she was “cut down” by the media following a public pillory, where they first searched actively for and believed they found “dirt” on her, which “justified“ a persecution on her due to a disorder of her private economy, which they proclaimed made her unreliable as a top politician because “how can you treat the economy of Denmark if you cannot take care of your own” (?), which in fact is easy to do as I did myself when I took care of the economy of my bank customers in the 1980’s, when my own economy laid in ruins (!), which is another story to symbolize that I don’t approve of a society based on money as you can read from my chapter on New World Order.

Because of the persecution and “guessing” of the media, a large majority of approx. 75 percent of the Danish population believed the same about Henriette without taking into account that she is an indisputable skilled and talented politician widely respected for her work and that her private life did not – and should not (!) – interfere with her working life. She received a “verdict” from a self-centred press and population not having any proof of her private life deteriorating her work and it should be “simple logic” for all that your private life is not to interfere with your working life and vice versa as long as you have not committed a crime. This WRONG act broke down the dreams of a human being, who was forced to resign in order “to survive”. I felt as “bad” when witnessing the know-all press and population wrongly cutting down Henriette as I did with Lene!

When a disaster as in Haiti and Pakistan is no longer considered “breaking news”, the media runs away killing the lives of a great number of people left behind

The disasters of Haiti, Pakistan and Japan in 2010/11 received world wide coverage for a “period of time” because they were considered to be “breaking news” when they killed and hurt people “here and now” with “the potential” to “upset” the feelings of media consumers of the world making them “good stories”, which potentially could bring in more viewers/readers and more MONEY as the result.

However, after what was truly a short period of time, the world media and herewith the world lost its interest in these disasters because people do not want to listen to the same stories over and over again, they are impatient, easily become “bored”, want to be entertained and in order to “satisfy” this need, the media moved its attention to new “saleable” stories herewith neglecting their responsibilities to follow up on the long terms effects of the disasters in order to keep the attention of mankind and Governments of the world on these and for all to do their absolutely best to help the victims first to survive and since to get a better life.

Considerations to money and indolent people with the “need” to be “entertained” was more important than to show TRUE responsibility helping all people to survive and improve.

This is also the reason why “slow” disasters of the world – long term war, drought etc. – receive almost no media coverage, they are simply too “boring” and therefore “impossible” to “sell” and because of this negative effect of “raw capitalism”, suffering people of the world are left to bleed and die in the worst pain imaginable.

The now 500,000 (!!!) Somali people of the refugee camps of Dadaab in Kenya is the example I put forward to the world because they are the people suffering the most in the world, which is “impossible” for the world to understand because of lack of TRUE care and by now, these people have been living desperately in despair for up to 20 years as the result.

In the LTO newsletter “Dadaab – a living life on Hell”, we made an outcry to world leaders to start rescue operations immediately and the media to produce responsible “reality shows” to wake up the feelings of true compassion of the world in order to truly help and even though approx. 1,500 journalists, politicians, NGO’s etc. of the world received access to this information through my publishing email of the 1st February 2010, absolutely nothing happened!

This was another test given to the world, which you did not pass and I look very much forward to the world truly starting to help these desperately suffering people to improve and eventually to receive a “normal life” as part of the criteria for all people to meet to open for your new life at our New World.

The role of the media has transformed from “guardians” of the democracy to “hunters”

The traditional role of the press is to act as guardians in relation to the democracy and to communicate news, which requires the attention of the democracy but the media of today very often do not bring the “right” or “most important” stories for the democracy to follow up on because demands of efficiency create a constant busyness of the media with lack of attention to details and poorer work quality than required as the result – you have to work carefully with and understand the details in order to understand the “big picture” – and also because of preconceived opinions, stereotyped conceptions and simply wrong priorities due to the chase for money.

The role of the media has transformed from “guardians” doing their absolutely best into “hunters”, and instead of showing the right perseverance to “never give up” as guardians – for example to relentlessly bring stories on poverty of the world to keep on motivating the world to help – the media do their absolutely best and never give up as bloodthirsty hunting dogs until the prey, they have chosen, is cut down.

When the media bring stories to address the democracy, it is often small and superficial stories without a connection to the “big picture” but what they believe here and now sound “important” or “unreasonable” and therefore need attention. And because of the desire of fame and fortune of politicians too – and the constant drive to do almost anything to get voters – it is always possible to find “willing” politicians, who will give here and now “know-all” and often judgemental statements to the press with a promise to follow up on this or that small subject. And this is often what will be included in the “superficial news” of today as you see all over the world, which then often will be forgotten again. 

When the population watches the “political story of the day” and interviews of politicians from their comfortable chairs, most people only want to hear short items and short questions and answers, which journalists constantly are aware of so when politicians answer a question for more than maybe 30 seconds, most journalists will strongly and impolitely interrupt – some are “worse” than others – without a care for the details of the matter and consequently the truth, and when this has become the agenda of reality today, you have reached a world of “professional” media and politicians thinking of their own “interests” not truly caring about the “big picture” and not truly having a desire to make this world a better place to stay. They have lost their original high ideals and have become “professionals” making a good living.

The mean link between media and politicians to bring “good stories” “helping” them and hurting political opponents with “media advisers” being contract killers

The media is “dependent” on politicians and on the other hand politicians live and breath for the media because the media is the channel they need to speak through to reach the population watching or reading at home. To “help” politicians “look good” in public and to work “under cover” to influence the press, we have seen a tremendous increase of public relations managers/secretariats (“media advisers”) in recent years – spreading from USA to the world – with the task to bring forward what they believe are the “right” stories including “convenient leaks” to the press, and it is often friends or “good relations” on “both sides” helping each other herewith removing objectivity as the determining factor, which is part of a political “game” to gain the “interests” of leading politicians and the government, which often is on the cost of others as part of a constant power on struggle, where it is more important to disagree and win than to listen to and understand the objective truth and to meet in reconciliation.

The media adviser lives to “change the game” of the press to be favourable for the politician, he represents, and the opposite to the political “opponent”, which he wants to look bad or even better to entirely “cut down” (!), and the outcome of his work can become the end of the career of an “unlucky” opponent if the media adviser has succeeded to get his hands on what he wants to sell to the press as “true dirt”. This is how they feed the willing press with a “potential good scandal” (if one paper will not bring it, the next will!), which can sell and then both are happy without having taken human considerations into concern, because everything goes as long as they are doing fine themselves and can enjoy a good lunch/dinner and “more money/power” because of their “success” as partners in crime. This is the Devil self working, and when a politician is “unlucky” to be caught harming an “opponent” (I do NOT like that word!) through undercover work, he will try his best to wash his hands because the official story is that he was “of course” clean not knowing about what his media adviser was doing behind his back, where he in fact was the man employing the contract killer in the first place and maybe not that “innocent” when briefing the adviser on the agenda or accepting the proposals of the adviser behind “closed doors”. This is truly a DISGUSTING system of the Old World, which I ask you to STOP and NEVER to repeat – how could you become so mean?

The world did not discover the Judgment and my arrival because you were “too busy” with “other priorities” to find out!

Most “professional” politicians of today believe they do “very important” work, but they have really become dummies performing a superficial play as vote catchers through the media and also “civil servants” or “administrators” – which is what most employees of the world have become – taking care of a budget where they may find it “necessary” to change the distribution of a few percent from one year to another.

Instead, they should truly have done EVERYTHING they could to understand and help on the most important questions to reform the world for example on

  • How to help the world and mankind to survive?
  • How to create a New World Order to replace the broken down systems of capitalism and socialism before the world economy and mankind will collapse?
  • How to improve the behaviour, communication and work of people to create a much better life and living instead of just “cutting down”?
  • How to truly create an everlasting and a clean environment to stop pollution and avoid a melt down of Earth?
  • How to help all people of the world to get a “normal life” without poverty and extreme richness?

And they should also truly have understood and related to the thousands of UFO’s from other civilisations circulating Earth and other signs and miracles all over the world documenting the Judgment and my arrival.

This is what should have been more important for ALL OF YOU to do, my “dear” ladies and gentlemen instead of following your own narrow-minded agendas.

So because of selfish interests of media and politicians including mankind and because the world was busy, superficial, ignorant and negligent, the “public world” did not discover the Judgment as “the biggest story ever” before it was over (!) and did not discover my arrival even though I have been public on the Internet since the 1st February 2010 (!) or DID NOT WANT TO REVEAL MY ARRIVAL TO THE WORLD, which the next chapter is about.

The world could have been terminated but you were “too busy” with “other priorities” to find out! 

The following is my letter to my local newspaper Helsingør Dagblad from November 2011, which I bring here as an example. I gave the newspaper of my home-town “the greatest news in history“, my arrival (!), but busyness and “preconceived opinions” made it impossible for them to take the right decision to “read and understand”, thus bringing this news to the world.

The official world knows of me, read my scripts in secrecy, but still it “could not” announce my arrival because of fear having their wrongdoings expose

The “official world” including the media and church etc. knew about my arrival, the Judgment, people of other civilizations and UFO’s for several decades (!) and they have also been reading my scripts in secrecy not wanting to reveal their interest in me to the world (please read my scripts documenting the true number of visits to my website including “secret visits”, which were not meant to be exposed).

When I asked the official world – Governments/Politicians, Media and the Church – through my scripts MANY times to announce my arrival to the world, I was met with “deafening silence” from an official world fearing to have its secret operations, UFO cover up, protection of the political/economical “balance” of the Old World Order (nothing stopping them to maintain this Hell!), long time knowledge of the Judgment coming without being “able” to prevent it because of “interests” of “people in power” (!), and other wrongdoings including their own lack of responsibility (in relation to economy, climate etc.) and personal wrongdoings (“victims” of oppression from powerful and rich “groups of interests” and maybe even bribery, crimes and other irregularities) revealed to the world.

In this respect I stood alone facing the entire official world, who “could not” break from a collective world decision to continue living in covert defying my direct encouragements for them to do the only right thing to tell mankind openly and honestly about their knowledge of me, and it did not matter whom I asked and how much I used my best skills telling about the extreme sufferings they caused me very directly including destructions and sacrifices of the Universe as a direct result of their silence and wrongdoings; I kept on being met by “deafening silence” from a whole world of so called leaders, who also “could not” take the right decision to communicate directly with me as I also encouraged them to do and this because they knew that I would publish any emails I received, and instead a few governments (Canada, USA, Russia and France) decided to show their knowledge of me by showing “characteristic patterns in their visits to my website” as you can read from my scripts of June 23, 2011 and June 25, 2011 as examples, which they knew I would see because I have been following visits to my website.

I even discovered what the Vatican Church was “willing” to do when I put out a bait for them in my script of December 24, 2011 publishing my script late in the afternoon including a message that I was sad to see the commercial Christmas of people forgetting what Christmas is about, and poor people of faith not being able to afford celebrating Christmas and a direct appeal to the church to bring my message to the world including my arrival, and later the same evening the Pope had been busy to include my message in his midnight mass with this message as you can read from my script of December 25, 2011:

“Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light” he said and he also prayed for those who would spend this Christmas in poverty and suffering.

But the Church was “not able” to announce my arrival to the world (!) even though they believed from reading my script of December 24, 2011 that I was about to become my “new self” the same evening, which only showed the world that the Vatican Church is part of the Old World Order prioritizing to keep its secrets rather than doing the obvious thing, which is to announce my arrival when having knowledge hereof, which you might have expected for the church to do as a perfectly matter of course (?), but no, they “could” not, and this was the largest church of the world not being “able” to announce my arrival.

This is about a CORRUPT and FEARFUL world knowing about me not being able to do the right thing to simply speak out the truth. I was DISAPPOINTED beyond description, these were the leaders of the world collectively acting wrongly knowing that they sooner or later will be revealed to the world.

Public liking or disliking based on feelings determine the colour of governments

Politicians and media do not TRULY communicate about the important questions mentioned above, which therefore do not truly get the attention of mankind, and instead the attention of most people in relation to politicians is “do I like him or her” because of the appearance, colour of skin (!) and personal charisma of the politician, and this is how feelings and superficiality turn into delusions when this becomes more important than the objective content and truth of the politics of the party, which the politician represents – which people of course will not “admit” to if asked – and the public “liking” or “disliking” of one single political leader can change the government of a whole country from one block to the other, which you saw an example of in the United Kingdom when the unpopular Gordon Brown succeeded the popular Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister in 2007, which consequently brought back the opposition of the Conservative Party to power after 13 years at the following election in 2010 because of the public dislike of Gordon Brown.

In Denmark, the true reason why it was impossible for the “red block” to come to power following three elections of 2001, 2005 and 2007 was not because of the content of politics or because of weak leaders of this block, on the contrary, but because the leader of the “blue block”, Anders Fogh-Rasmussen was extraordinary strong, bright and also known to keep his promises, which was an invincible recipe.

When Anders was appointed as the new Secretary General of NATO in 2009, he was succeeded as Prime Minister by Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who does his best but does not have the same personal strength as Anders and a part of the Danish population may also still remember when Lars in 2008 was almost cut down by the media (!) when he spent public funds on private consumption (restaurants, hotels, tobacco etc.) and only because he was “miraculously saved” in the last second, he became Prime Minister in 2009 and since, the red block won the next election of 2011 leading the way for Helle Thorning-Schmidt to become the new Prime Minister, which they would not have had a chance of, if Anders had continued as the Prime Minister. This is the meaning of one single man being strong enough to move the majority of an easily influenced population, which also is the case of the next example.

Irresponsible and unreliable media and politicians corrupted mankind and the world!

In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi was the Prime Minister for three periods since the 1990’s – until he FINALLY was “forced” to resign in November 2011 due to the light spreading around the world (!) – because of his personal charisma and extensive and effective control over national media including most television broadcasting either through personal ownership or influence on state media because of his position as Prime Minister.

He was the leader of 60 million Italians and the seventh largest economy of the world making him part of the “good company” of the G20 countries taking important decisions of the world and this is despite of the repeated trials and allegations against him of bribery, false accounting, false testimony, embezzlement, tax evasion and Mafia collusion, which he has done everything to escape from including the passage of new laws, which conveniently and effectively have delayed ongoing trials against him.

And he continued to be the leader even though he repeatedly was connected with escort girls and orgies, which brought his marriage to an end, even though he has appointed female politicians and ministers on basis of “good looks” with backgrounds as actors, “stars” and “glamour models” from the media world he knows so well (television and magazines) and even though he is known for unfortunate and controversial statements out of touch with reality when representing his country as the Prime Minister for example only days before the fall of President Mubarak in Egypt in February 2011 when he wrongly defended the regime and also tried to play down the scale of the massive protests of the Egyptian people: I hope that in Egypt there can be a transition toward a more democratic system without a break from President Mubarak, who in the West, above all in the United States, is considered the wisest of men and a precise reference point” .

Besides from corrupt dictators and war criminals of poor countries, Berlusconi is the clearest example in the world of indecent and unacceptable conduct of a country leader; what you saw through Berlusconi was the Devil in his strongest and purest form and what extreme richness – Berlusconi is among the 100 richest people of the world – and the media is capable of doing when manipulating the population by distorting the objective truth to help the interests of one single man on top. And when the media and others help the man on top, the man on top may also help “his good friends” by returning favours with “money, good positions and sex”.

The abuse of power, poor moral, judgment and behaviour of Berlusconi should be easy for everyone to understand, but still almost half of the Italian population decided to vote on Berlusconi not only once but THREE times (!!!) and simply because millions of people were easily duped by his charismatic personality and lies.

Italians were deceived to vote on “the Devil” as their leader and my question to you is if you truly believe Berlusconi is a good “role model” of Roman Catholic values (?) and how do you value Berlusconi compared to Barack Obama (?), who is the example to the world of the opposite of what Berlusconi represents.

Berlusconi is the example of irresponsible and dishonest rulers of the world, of media deceiving the public and of how mankind is disillusioned by their own feelings not being “able” to understand the objective truth.

Irresponsible and unreliable media and politicians are what corrupted mankind and the world!


I ask the media to act responsibly and to stop all indecency

Always use the Basic Work Recommendations, Ten Recommendations and the Golden Rule as guidance

The media have the freedom to inform and also to entertain the world when you follow the principle of freedom with responsibility, which first and foremost means to follow the Basic Work Recommendations, the Ten Recommendations and the Golden Rule to treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.

This is the guiding principle I ask the media to use every single time you consider bringing an item forward to the public.

In the following I give examples of what I consider to be responsible behaviour as guidelines for the media with the purpose to bring the unvarnished truth to the world, live up to your true responsibility and to help mankind developing advantageously.

Become servants of the world bringing the unvarnished TRUTH to the world

In this time of transition from the old to our New World, the media have a main responsibility to inform mankind objectively, honestly and directly about my teachings, and the progress of opening up to the new life of all at our New World.

In this context I ask the media to act with the greatest care of responsibility and to break from any “bad habits” to distort the truth or to edit and create your own news “fitting” to your selfish “interests”. I ask you to become servants of the world helping and bringing the unvarnished TRUTH to the world, which also includes to write very openly, directly and honestly about the wrongdoings of our Old World.

Please always find the “real truth” of a story doing your best quality work and prioritize stories based on a thorough knowledge of the objective details giving you the true “big picture” without being misled by negative feelings or what may seem to be the truth when only scratching the surface.

Stop offering and using “anonymous sources”, publish your sources and let them stand responsibly by their statements. I am looking to OPEN the world and the media is an important factor in this respect.

Stop hanging out people negatively – use wrongdoings as objective teachings to mankind

I ask the media to stop playing “hunting dogs” persecuting, stalking, spying on and hanging out people negatively in public pillories. Behave dignified and be true guardians and role models of the world always doing your absolutely best to draw the attention of the world to important and relevant subjects.

Using Tiger Woods as an example, it would have been adequate to report 100% OBJECTIVELY – without “guessing” – about his sexual escapades once and objectively again if he was to repeat the same error without any need of the media following up on the same news again and again only to bring forward smutty gossip to the world in order to increase own sales. And instead of besieging his house to the discomfort of his family, you could have contacted him with a request for an interview and to respect no as an answer.

I see absolutely no limits when reporting about and being enthusiastic of Tiger’s fantastic golf achievements. This is the difference when it comes to bringing “negative” and “positive” news.

This example can be used when the media will be reporting objectively and responsibly about wrongdoings and weak characters of people of the Old World, the business world and governments including crime, sexual indulgence, cheating, corruption, poor human/work moral (“weak character”), undercover activities and much more in order to TEACH mankind of its wrongdoings and NOT to repeat the same poor behaviour in our New World.

I ask you to ALWAYS use the Golden rule and to take all necessary considerations to victims as well as persecutors when reporting about wrongdoings. Write the truth 100% objectively and directly without holding back, do NOT be afraid, but do NOT write lies and do NOT write with a negative view to bring people down, but with a positive view for everyone to learn from the past!

You are also welcome to write about the wrongdoings of my old life as an example to help mankind to improve when following these guidelines, which means that I do not want to see any negative and judgemental writings, gossip or “breaking news” about my or other’s wrongdoings.

“Before you judge me, try hard to love me”.

Show the world instead of creating it!

Remove the lowest denominator and create a better balance of media items

Use the absolutely best quality of today within each sector of the media as your quality guideline and create a much better balance in what you bring to the public removing the lowest denominator as a factor and with this a lot of the poor entertainment, glamour, quizzes, talk shows and reality shows of today.

Keep and continue to develop the best of these, bring more documentaries on real life and people to inspire mankind and be more quality minded and patient as keywords for example if you were to do a series of maybe 10 or 20 episodes of 2 hours each objectively of the life and working life of Maria Callas as an example of detailed “level 3” information aimed for people with a deep interest in Opera, a two-hour concentrate of this as “level 2” information aimed for people having an interest at a lower level and an introduction of a few minutes as a short “level 1” information to draw the attention of people to the series.

Generally, give people time to answer when they are given a question and listen actively to what is said for example as what Elvis Costello does when interviewing Elton John and others in his “spectacle” TV-show, which really is to show TRUE COMMUNICATION among people. Always agree with people concerned if you are communicating at “level 3”, “level 2” or “level 1” and seek to reduce the large number of superficial and sometimes also primitive media of today only scratching the surface as level 1 information and create more level 2 and 3 items with your best quality and objectivity.

The purpose is to let quality media contribute to the development of intellectuality, good communication skills, patience and behaviour of people instead of the opposite as you see today.

I also ask the media to live up to your TRUE responsibility and to show your TRUE will as guardians of the world to CONTINUE reporting about all “forgotten” disasters of the world including the long-term effects of these until they are no longer disasters; to wake up governments and mankind to truly help poor and starving people in misery as quickly and good as possible. You can read the LTO Newsletter on “Dadaab – a living Hell on Earth” and also ask UNHCR to publish all of their “secret” “standards and Indicators Reports” giving examples of some of the worst places on Earth to start helping and I also think of bringing “Normal Life” to all of these poor people ASAP.

Protect life itself: Stop production of and destroy material of a direct sexual character

I ask the media to stop all production and publishing of audio, visual and audio-visual material of an explicit sexual nature and to completely destroy ALL existing material of this kind from ALL types of media including the Internet, Blu-rays/DVD’s, audio/video tapes, books, magazines, newspapers, art etc.

The request also includes to destroy all movies, clips, pictures etc. of “soft porn” focusing on the sexual act without true feelings of people, which also includes teenagers and young people as examples showing off their sexuality for example on the Internet revealing themselves more or less in stripping shows etc.

This behaviour is NOT part of a “normal life” and is compromising life itself. The purpose is to protect life itself by removing this. All people are creators in their own right, which you can only continue to be when you act in a responsible manor and do not share your sexuality with the public.

Please make sure that my request is carried out 100 percent accurately with no exceptions as part of the criteria to open up to your new life at our New World!

Show people naturally without playing on sexuality directly towards the public

Show people as they are with human dignity without playing directly on sexuality in front of the public for example by touching themselves inappropriately – also on the outside of the clothes – or consciously showing sexual undertones.

This is of course with due considerations to the natural and direct attraction of a man and woman, where it is fine and an important quality of life to see the signs of people in love being attracted to each other and also kissing through the media.

I also believe it is fine and natural to show “true love” of a couple as part of a movie showing the warm and loving feelings between a couple to show life as it is including the love life of people as long as this does not become the main part of the movie but that it is part of a natural balance of life and as long as you show the love life non-explicitly and naturally without being “primitive”, “pushy” or “direct” and always to do this as the climax of warm feelings of love evolving between people.

As other examples, you will continue seeing the curves of a lady for example wearing a beautiful dress and also people showing even more of the body in a natural and relaxed way when there is a natural reason doing so for example when being at the beach, working as a (clothes, bikini, lingerie) model, being a model for artists etc. and even when publishing natural pictures of “good taste” of people with little clothes on, but I do not expect to see pictures and films of people without clothes on including the exposure of female breasts..

The key word is “natural” (beauty) leaving out “glamour” of today with the purpose to receive attention of people and the determining factor is the FEELING of each person for example when answering a question like this: “Why do I want to wear this particular dress and move or act like this” (?), is it because it looks “natural”, beautiful and fits to the occasion (?) or is it because I want to draw the attention of people to me deliberately using my body as a (sex) tool?

This will change the appearance of many movies, reality/entertainment shows, music videos, newspapers, magazines, commercials etc. of today. The music videos of Michael Jackson with Naomi Campbell in “In the closet” and Chris Isaak with Helene Christensen in “Wicked game” – a symbol of what I have gone through – are examples of videos done with a good taste using the natural beauty of human bodies as part of the expression of “art” in contradiction to many music videos of today including several of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears as examples and even more from several hip hop artists, which unnecessary are “bad taste” using “sex” and “glamour” directly and “pushy” as “tools” with the primary purpose to increase sales.

Show life as naturally as possible and do not use “glamour” as a tool to deliberately draw attention to you.

Stop production of and remove material of war, violence, bad behaviour etc.

Besides from showing a responsible sexual behaviour, I also ask the media to stop production of material, which includes war, violence, crime, use of drugs, tobacco, medicine, gambling, “prize shows” and rewards – you do not need “money” as a factor to create excitement – “bad behaviour”, ugly language and negative or false information on people including threats, lies, “rumours” and “gossip”, or encouragement to or glorification of the just mentioned.

I ask you to remove all existing material of this kind, to save it to a special database – or otherwise to separate it clearly from other material – and not to use nor to publish this as “entertainment” in our New World; it has been part of what corrupted the Old World and should therefore be used cautiously. The material may be used as teachings and part of documentaries of the Old World when appropriate and needed in our New World with the lesson to mankind of what not to return to.

I realize that this will remove a large part of the “junk culture” of the world today including many Hollywood movies, games etc. and the purpose of doing this is to protect mankind and light itself.

When it comes to the world of songs, I accept the millions of beautiful songs, which may contain a few inappropriate words here and there according to the list above, however I would be the most happy for you to update the lyrics whenever this is possible and appropriate and of course to produce new songs in only suitable  language.

I ask you to remove the words (all or some) of “very negative” songs including songs containing “excessive use or profane language and/or sexual references” and to completely remove all “extremely” negative music of the “extreme metal” genre including sub-genres (“death metal” etc.), which is expressing darkness itself in its most disgusting form.


This website was first published February 10, 2011, and has since been updated some times.