My Sufferings


Summary of my “invisible” sufferings taking on the sins of mankind to save the world

Weeping and bleeding statues, paintings and icons of my mother and I have been given as miracles to the world for years with the message:


* Including my father as it was revealed to me spiritually when finalising this chapter and furthermore my sister, Karen and “closest family and friends” including LTO, and basically “all sufferings of all time of all people of the world” helped saving the world.

This chapter is mainly about “my sufferings” as the man having gone through the worst sufferings in history because of the sins of mankind, which was “extremely close” to kill me, which as a consequence would have eliminated all life and brought a new Big Bang, as you also can see from the following video, which mankind however “could not” understand and did nothing about in order to change its course leading directly towards destruction. How could you?

Update August 2013: Everyone (of the world) underneath me took their parts of sufferings, and it was only what was not absorbed by my family, friends etc., thus the world, which was brought to me as my sufferings to absorb as the last man with no one behind me other than destruction in case that I could not.

Update April 2014: These pages on “my sufferings” were written in 2011, and little did I know that I would have to endure these sufferings constantly until now in 2014 to come through darkness, which was “impossible” to do.

Update December 2014: The single most important reason why my life was full of sufferings was because my sister and her husband decided to work for darkness against me, which brought me darkness (containing life to be cleansed via faith in me and brought to our New World) since 1978 completely destroying my life.

“There is no one as strong in the world as you”, had I given up on my mission, the world and I would have died, I took on the worst pain myself to release you

May 26, 2018: Chris Froome did “one of the best rides of all time” brilliantly winning the King’s Stage of Giro d’Italia as a symbol of me: “There is no one as strong in the world as you”. If you did not do as Froome did all of the time, you would have died and so would your mother, thus the world. I know and you know, now the world knows too, and this is about the relation between the work I do and how I feel, which is “absolutely awful” really being disabled to work.

It has been one long gruelling mission since 2009, where I was already broken down when starting it, it has been one long effort, one long rail since then, never giving up. I went on this “deadly mission”, where I could not give up, to collect all gold coins on the way here, i.e. all life as I sent you to bring home. They knew that only one man was capable of going through this hell, which demanded one with my will power and pain threshold. My work did not look special to many, I just kept on working with man not understanding the true and immense pain I was in all of the time. This is how I not only put man through sufferings of darkness, I took on the worst pain myself to release you.

Negative energy of my own family, friends etc. representing the world brought me the worst sufferings of any man in history

In April 2014, I wrote this memo “My Sufferings – background” that describes the background for WHY I received my sufferings, which in short was because of negative energy of my own family, friends etc. – INCREDIBLE misunderstandings, uncontrollable negative feelings and WRONG behaviour – representing the world. This is what brought me the worst sufferings of any man in history.

A few days after writing the memo, I sent it to my family, friends, ex-colleagues and “the system” together with this covering email in Danish.

This page includes summaries of my sufferings – click the headlines for full versions, download the memo or read it from Scribd

The following chapters include summaries of my sufferings, and by clicking the headline of each chapter, you can read the full text versions. You can also download the full memo of “my sufferings” here or read it from Scribd here:

Introduction: I received the worst sufferings in history, INVISIBLE to people, for God inside of me to absorb, which would either save or terminate the world

  • Writing this memo on my sufferings is part of my worst sufferings because of extreme sufferings, feelings of disgust and impatience given to me while writing it – and only having the energy of a 90 year old man (!) – with the deeper purpose to bring energy for the resurrection of my previous self, Jesus, to become my new self.
  • The strong voice of people and poor communication skills made it “impossible” for people to understand that I was suffering more than anyone in history and that I was more dead than alive when working harder and better than most, because when I did this, they thought that I had to be doing fine!
  • My family/friends etc. did not read me carefully, which made them misunderstand me, and their uncontrollable feelings and wrong behaviour when speaking wrongly behind my back, opposing me, being sad etc. were transferred directly to me as the worst suffering a man has ever gone through. They did not have to read to understand because “it goes without saying that he MUST be crazy when he claims to be the Son of God”, but this is where you were wrong :-).
  • The darkness of my family etc. represented the sins of mankind, which was brought to me – with the Holy Spirit and God inside of me – as sufferings, which would either save or terminate the world. I had to endure ALL sufferings of my family/friends etc., which was MUCH stronger than I, and I had to decide to NEVER GIVE UP to go through impenetrable and unbearable sufferings for every single second to save the world from a new Big Bang.
  • My family/friends etc. would NEVER have behaved ignorantly and wrongly in relation to me if they had known about the extreme sufferings it brought me the same way as the world would not have sinned if you knew that you were terminating the world. Now when you know, will you please show a clean heart and follow me to our New World?
  • Ultimately, the darkness was defeated because the love of my family/friends etc. allowed my writings to remain in public.

Until 2004/06: Controlling people made me in-going, lonely and sad contrary to my true inner self

Controlling parents and managers made me into a person I am not giving me immense pain in life

  • My mother was the most loving mother in the world, whom I love more than anyone, but her uncontrollable temper and negative feelings when growing up with the lack of a father to give me strength and confidence made me in-going, shy, nervous and sad.
  • Selfish, lazy and absolute business “dictators” misused my competences to do their “dull” paperwork instead of giving me outgoing work meeting people to develop my true self when communicating with and leading people. Paperwork kept me mostly as an in-going and unhappy person.
  • I was always kept in my “inside prison” struggling to find my true self underneath the surface, which I never really did until my spiritual openings in 2004/06 but then it was too late to become happy, because by then the Devil was now trying to kill me directly!
  • I have ALWAYS had two sets of complete feelings inside of me to chose from. The world gave me much negative feelings and thoughts, which I had to manage “inside of me” and actively to chose positivity. This was darkness of the world given to me to keep it from ending!
  • I was given a ”light stuttering” for many years, which made me even more ingoing when I was afraid to take the word when being together with others.
  • I am born with a complete set of double feelings with darkness always giving me immensely strong negative feelings trying to break me down.
  • I have had much deeper feelings than others making me decide to “hold back” to avoid being considered “too overwhelming” by “colder people” than me.

I never had a girlfriend before the age of 28 – sexual frustrations made my life a hell

  • I had developed an extreme shyness and nervousness towards attractive ladies, which kept me from having a girlfriend all the way until I was 28 giving me immense sufferings and this followed me all the way until it was too late, when the Devil tried to take me over actively from 2004/06.
  • I had received the strongest sexual desire of any man, which I could not get relief from. It became an obsession haunting all of my life and even though I knew it was wrong, it forced me for a period of time to commit wrong sexual behaviour, which I received a sentence for in case of repetition.

I always had much less energy than others, I worked hard and had a miserable economy making me into a sad hermit in despair

  • I always had less energy than others meaning that I could “only” run for 30-45 minutes when doing my absolutely best, unless ONCE when I was given energy to run for 1 hour and 45 minutes without any problems (!) and twice I have been given “normal energy” for a full day making it a “revelation” to me compared to the little energy I normally had, which I thought was “normal, which it however was not.
  • I worked hard throughout the years, which consequently meant that I did not have energy in private to go out to meet friends and for many years neither to keep my home tidy, which made my life very lonely, when I could see it passing by without being able to live it. I only lived for my work, which I also hated (!) because I was misused by lazy managers, who “loved” when I did their “boring” work, which continued to keep me down when I was not given out-going work.
  • It also made my economy break down when I did not have energy to set my economy in system and when I was tempted to be irresponsible as a reflection of the world. My telephone and electricity was shut down regularly, I lived in constant “poor conscience” and fear of the bailiff and creditors to ring my door, which he (they) often did, which made me decide not to open my door for years living like a hermit (!), I feared for the police to come to my work to bring me to court because of my debts, I feared to be dismissed as a consequence of this and I feared to be thrown out of apartments, which I eventually did twice in the 1990’s, and I tell you that it is NOT nice to live on the street for a period of time pretending to still live a normal life and being in control. My economy and sense of responsibility generally improved after year 2000.
  • And all of this darkness given to me was totally against how I truly felt inside of me, where I only wanted to do what I knew was right to do, but still I could not, which gave me more “internal fightings/sufferings inside of my head” between what was right to do and what I was “forced” to do. You could not see my suffering, which were hidden from you!

From 2004/06: The destructive voice of the Devil tormented me and brought me to my knees to destruct the world

My spiritual openings in 2004/06 changed my life drastically, but when I was met in practice with no understanding nor support from family and friends, but the opposite, I started receiving extreme sufferings first through “unstoppable” visions (i.e. dreams when being awake) and feelings and later through direct, negative speech from the Devil – led by the wrong doings of my own family/friends etc. chosen to represent the sins of mankind (!) – around the clock, with a voice, which was literally 10-100 times stronger than I because of the number of people opposing me, unbearable and destructing me/the world every single second, and for years I fought to be strong enough going through this constant pain with the world literally on my shoulders fearing to break down at any moment terminating the world as the result.


  • My voice and movement of limbs was physically overtaken in 2006-07 by the spiritual world, which made me desperate and almost kill myself!
  • My family etc. could not see the incredible disgusting and destructive voice given to me constantly killing me and the world, and that they were the sender!
  • I received an immensely STRONG destructive voice trying to force me to ignite the Doomsday weapon and I constantly feared that it would win and terminate us all!
  • The voice was so strong that it brought me to my knees when it penetrated my body and mind trying to stick to me and change my mind into being negative/destructive.
  • The darkness tried to destruct the spirits of my mother and father, thus the world and my worst experience ever was when the crying spirit of my mother showed herself physically asking for her life.
  • I had to accept the disgusting attacks of the darkness without becoming negative, which would have started the physical destruction of both me and the world.
  • It was INCREDIBLE painful when I had to work and meditate being the absolutely most tired to save the world believing that the world would end and all of us bleed to death at any moment.
  • I was given CONSTANT STRESS by the voice speaking constantly, giving me new ideas, questions, speculations and TESTS constantly breaking me down even when I could take no more.
  • Deceptions and wrong doings of my family etc. gave me spiritual deceptions and a nightmare when they thought I was crazy not understanding that they were feeding my spiritual voice themselves!
  • Other negative feelings – sadness, temper, laziness/impatience, selfishness etc. – was given to me directly from family/friends etc., which I constantly also had to overcome.
  • In 2010, everything was feeling ROTTEN and music sounded terrible as a symbol of the Devil almost destroying the world – we were practically not living!
  • The darkness strongly tried to make me set up new rules and decide as most ignorant, dictatorial managers would have done, which would have made the creation of our New World impossible!
  • Since 2006, I have had two conversations when meeting people both physically and with the voice inside of me, sometimes with an incredible desire just to lay down in despair and give up.
  • From 2006-09 I received spiritual indications of sexual misuse of children because this was part of the communities, where I lived, which was dreadful in itself to receive.
  • Spiritually inspired and negative speech given to other people on sexuality etc. also made me suffer.
  • Starvation is difficult and made me suffer in 2010, but nothing compared to the tiredness and negative voice/feelings I was given haunting and killing me constantly.
  • Continuing visions, unrecognisable songs and “feelings of people” were part of my “constant sufferings”.
  • The sufferings were constantly keeping me on my edge of breaking down and giving up with termination of the world as the consequence.

The Spiderman overtaken by dark forces is exactly how
I felt the STRONG darkness trying to overtake me from 2006 to
2011 with the aim to push the button of the “Doomsday weapon”!

When moving to Helsingør in October 2011 the “agenda” was to celebrate and little did I know that the TRUE agenda was to work even harder to come through the most dense and WORST darkness of all to liberate the part of the original Source trapped inside of darkness, which included to be harassed by the city of Helsingør threatening to give me a dead sentence removing my cash help and eventually wrongly declaring me “incapable”/”crazy” (!) and my meditation group and other groups on the Internet condemning and rejecting me and not least my family reacting STRONGLY on my writings of them in “my sufferings” culminating with Karen telling the family of my “hopeless self-centredness” bringing out the strongest negative feelings of my mother in me, thus opening the access for me to the inner side of the original King to liberate EVERYTHING from darkness, which it had made “sure” was “impossible” to do, but still we did it (!), and it took the greatest efforts and strain on me deciding NOT to give up despite of being “completely soaked out of energy”, TIRED and EXHAUSTED when crossing my ultimate pain barriers and also to offer the physical lives of my mother and myself to be sacrificed if necessary, which it however was not because of the sufferings I decided to take on myself voluntarily – and on top of this, my father, mother and aunt received new “attacks” of cancer giving them “fear to die” and sadness to me.

My sleep/energy was removed making me as TIRED as a living dead, but still I had to work my best

WRONG behaviour of my family/friends etc. completely emptied me for energy making me a “living dead” on the edge of dying for years, which they “could” not understand!

  • All WRONG behaviour of my family/friends etc. also removed my sleep and absorbed all of my energy to cover their own need of energy, which their negative feelings had removed!
  • This was “killing tiredness” given to me when I did not physically recover but started to physically degenerate, I started feeling as a “living dead”, a “Zombie”, where I constantly was so weak and tired that I could hardly keep myself together and hardly walk out the door in mornings to start work when I still felt as deadly tired as the night before without any energy.
  • No “pills” or “ordinary counsellors” could make me “feel better” – the only way was for my family/friends etc. to improve their behaviour, which was “totally impossible” to do!
  • I had to keep on working surpassing extreme tiredness, lack of energy, physical degeneration and of course still all negative voices, feelings and visions given to me – without starting to relax!

Rico, the “Zombie-boy”, looks like a dead man alive to show the world my sufferings being a Zombie because of sins/darkness of man

My scripts are the best proof of my suffering, I wrote them being technically dead but I never missed a beat but I never missed a beat!

  • I started my journey bringing the most immense sufferings to save the world in May 2009 already completely broken down by darkness and VERY tired of writing.
  • Still I wrote more than 5,000 pages since deciding for EXTREME discipline instead of being tempted by EXTREME tiredness and impatience to do nothing – the work on my scripts saved the world!
  • The worst period was in 2010 when the darkness had absorbed all of my energy, where the world only survived because of my will power to do impossible work and take on immense sufferings.
  • My decisions came into force with my scripts and website and part of my energy was used to protect anyone from removing my writings because they did not like the truth about themselves.
  • I had to work as “the best in the world” to convince the world: My writings is a testimony of my sufferings, which I wrote being “technically dead”, but I never missed a beat.

I was almost fainting and my entire body throwing up when I had to do my best slave work for the Commune and keep my home and myself tidy having the Devil as my manager!

  • Besides from constant negativity trying to overtake me, I was feeling beaten black and blue, dizzy, almost fainting, had difficulties to think/concentrate and felt like my whole body throwing up.
  • I had to work my absolutely best also to convince the Commune, that I was fully capable even though I was not when I was dying – they thought I was the strongest, but I was the weakest of all!
  • I had to keep my home and myself meticulously in order to save me from the darkness of my own family inspecting my every move because of my “claimed sickness”!
  • I was a slave of the Devil for years, the worst “manager” in history, destroying my work rhythm but inside of the darkness was the “road of God”, which I followed when I continued doing my best.

Sexual indecency of the world brought me the worst sexual sufferings leading to termination!

  • I always received the strongest sexual desires of the world imprisoning and tormenting me when it was impossible for me to get relief.
  • As a teenager I was given a sign of the sexual sufferings of my life, which would (potentially) lead directly to the termination of the world – when I once received so strong scratching to my crotch that it became red, chafed and almost bleeding.
  • I miss love and support incredibly and my coming wife decided to make love to many other men instead of being with me, which made me hurt incredibly.
  • I received the choice between Karen and Michella, and had I followed my “sexual desire” and chosen Michella, I would have chosen “another part of my mother” leading to destruction.
  • Also after starting to live a life without sins in 2009, the worst sexual desires, temptations and sufferings continued.
  • My “old nightmare”: The Devil CONSTANTLY used the spirit of my mother trying to force a sexual act upon me using beautiful ladies as the cover, which would have killed us all.
  • In recent years, constant sexual visions and speech including spiritual, physical feelings to my private parts referring to my “old nightmare” made me feel much more than disgusted!
  • I received an ENORMOUS pressure by “50 people at the time” torturing me to accept the nightmare but somehow I managed to always reject it using my outmost will power.
  • In 2011, the last darkness was the strongest of all also stronger than me, and I had to set FREE WILL out of force to protect me not knowing if this would have fatal consequences!
  • For months in 2010, I was practically not living and NOT able to look at beautiful ladies even once (!), which would have started the end of the world causing me INCREDIBLE sufferings.
  • When being overshadowed around the clock, I NEVER have privacy also when it comes to sexuality (!), which you may understand in itself is hurting me much?
  • Eventually I came to understand that my sexual sufferings also covered over the process of the spirits of my mother and father creating our New World :-).

My family and friends abandoned me leaving me to die because of their misunderstandings!

  • No family/friends and none of 1,500 people receiving my publishing email was “able” to read and understand, which would only have required from 10 minutes to 1-2 hours per week to do!
  • I was up against the incredible strong and WRONG feelings and voice of people, who did not need to read to WRONGLY believe that “Stig has lost his mind” and “Stig is offending everyone”!
  • I was dying and almost desperate when asking people to READ and UNDERSTAND, but people had had “enough of me”, it was “simply impossible” for them to read – even when I was dying!
  • I wrote the truth of the wrong doings of people VERY directly, which brought out the absolutely worst in some people selfishly thinking of themselves without understanding the Big Picture.
  • People would gladly have accepted to be included in my scripts if they had only understood the big and positive picture, but the simple minds of people prolonged my pain.
  • If people only had followed my encouragements to read and understand, they would easily have been able to understand (!), but when they “could” not, they kept on bringing more sufferings.
  • Despite of being my normal positive self when people met me, people believed that I HAD to be evil because of what they believed were my “extremely negative” writings on them.
  • My family/friends etc. did not realize that they were the EVIL killing me because of their wrong doings, because ”surely we cannot be evil, when we only mean good”, but you were the Devil in disguise!
  • Extreme feelings of my sister drove her to do her best trying to remove my “negative” writings on her using the police and our doctor as her weapons bringing me much fear and sufferings.
  • My sister tried to remove my writings behind my back when contacting Microsoft, which partly succeeded; this is how close she came to eliminate my “life work” and the world!
  • I was living in constant fear that family/friends etc. would try to remove my writings from the Internet because of misunderstandings and uncontrollable, negative feelings.
  • Almost everyone was not “able” to read and understand, which brought me tremendous disappointment and sufferings and soaked out all energy of me.
  • In the end no one could remove my writings from the Internet (!) and my family could also not hospitalise me despite of their belief that I was crazy.
  • I have an unconditional love for my sister sharing the love of God with her – she was as important for our survival as I.

David Bowie in HEROES, my favourite of all songs (!), symbolising my unconditional love for my sister and that I share the love of God with her. She was as important for our survival as I 🙂

  • I needed love and understanding from family/friends more than ever, but their misunderstandings and fear made them abandon me and behave wrongly making me INCREDIBLY sad.
  • I was left to bleed to death by my own family/friends and even when they knew I was fighting for my life, they “could” not read and understand me in order to help and support me!
  • I was left totally alone without human support, money and food with the task to save the world still receiving the worst sufferings and fearing with “cold sweat” that the world would end “now”.
  • When people “could” not understand me, they spoke wrongly about me behind my back sharing their misunderstandings and angriness/sadness making me a “laughing stock”.
  • It was “completely unthinkable” for people to read my “rubbish” (!) and I was made a fool and a lunatic for telling the truth as I received it.
  • After reconnecting with the Source in the summer of 2010, I was “not living” and desperately needed healing from family/friends, who all had abandoned me, which made me “throw up”.
  • I met emotionally effected family/friends showing me concerns of my well-being and “wet eyes” hurting me much because it was ALL made up inside of your minds!
  • In practise it was difficult, impossible or very painful to speak about my true inner self and important work making me mostly speak to family about my dull, superficial everyday also hurting me much.
  • 4 of 10 family/friends said in 2010 that they would see me again, but in practise EVERYONE BUT ONE – in periods or all of the time – could not “bear” to see me again!
  • “Friends” on Facebook simply decided to leave me as friends without informing me when they had had enough of my “crazy” postings of new scripts making me VERY sad whenever this happened.

The whale of Vejle Fjord in Denmark was left to die by careless people in June 2010 symbolising the end of the world if I was not strong enough to take on the sins of mankind

The Commune treated me as a SLAVE and LUNATIC, and not even the church recognised me!

  • The Commune and their “slave working locations” were also my hangman, whom I had to overcome to return home.
  • When meeting the Commune, they “instantly” decided that I had a “normal working capacity” and soon they ordered me on my first slave job: Physically hard work as a gardener, which was killing me.
  • I did a superfluous job search course with selfish people reporting their misunderstandings and not the TRUE picture of me to the Commune, which was darkness almost costing my life!
  • WRONG feedback on me and my “negative” writings convinced the Commune that I was “anti-social”, they tried to remove my FREEDOM of speech and removed my cash help leaving me to die!
  • In the minds of the Commune I was now “crazy” and “suddenly” I had lost my “normal working capacity” (!) and “of course” they could not approve for me to do my own “crazy work”!
  • I was now without an income starving and abandoned by everyone and after a few months I had my cash help returned, however I did not receive protection of my freedom of speech!
  • Before my help was returned, I was alone and starving and not even NGO’s, churches etc. could help me – this was my dead sentence at the same time as it was my FREEDOM to save the world!
  • The Commune HELPED returning my cash help “immediately” and after three new months of work in the park, they finally understood that I really worked HARD and had GOOD relations with all 🙂
  • I received the extreme disgust and nervousness of the Commune towards me as direct sufferings too.
  • In December 2010 I was again declared fully capable to work, which was changed in March 2011 without my knowledge (!) and first in June 2011 after ILLEGAL work for Falck, I was rehabilitated!
  • For two years I did “slave work” for the Commune “only wanting to help me” with the conclusion: You misused me terribly, did NOT learn me anything, but I taught all of you how to truly work!
  • I gave everything I had to help Falck, and they gave me all of their worst negative feelings, which brought me much suffering and fear, which was needed to create energy to change creation self!
  • The Commune considered giving me disability pension in June 2011 (!) even though they knew that I worked better than everyone and had good relations with all – how “crazy” can you get?
  • Helsingør Commune threatened me with a new death sentence and feared that I was a potential mass murderer as Breivik, and even whistled on me behind my back to the National Police!
  • December 2011: To Helsingør Commune: STOP HARASSING ME and accept my FREEDOM to speak and work!
  • In December 2011, the Commune brought me the verdict of the official system: “We don’t believe in you, we don’t want to listen to you, we don’t like you, we will take charge ourselves and decide what is right or wrong”, and in February 2012 they maintained that I am “unfit” to work because I am negative (!) and because “millions of people” will believe the same for claiming that I am Jesus. They believed I was a ”narcissist, who loves himself and keeps on talking” (!!!) – nothing could be further away from the truth! They were sick because of “the Jante-law“.
  • The final verdict of Helsingør Commune, May 2012: “Stig is schizophrenic” and cannot work (!), which even children from kindergarten can tell is WRONG!
  • In June 2012 a psychiatrist declared that I appear perfectly normal but he misunderstood my spiritual communication as delusions, i.e. “paranoid schizophrenia”, because compulsory thoughts made it “impossible” for him to read and understand me. The reactions of people to the declaration brought me the worst suffering of all during my journey.
  • July 2013: How two municipalities and the Psychiatric System of Denmark with brain dead systems/people developed into my executioners.
  • July 2013: The Journal of Helsingør Commune on me and my email telling them about their “better-knowing ignorance” and neglectful human behavior.
  • Updates 2012-2015: The Commune refused to declare me completely fit for work and wanted to transfer me to Permanent Disability Pension, but “could not”!
  • I confronted an entire ROTTEN system as Mogens Glistrup also did. It killed Glistrup and was “this close” to killing me, because the Devil does not like to be challenged, i.e. to be terminated!
  • Jobcentres were the killer machine trying to break me without knowing that they brought me darkness to create our New World.
  • May 2014: My email to the official system (municipalities, psychiatric hospitals etc.): You were the System of Hell MISUNDERSTANDING and TERRORISING me when you believed that I was crazy, dangerous and wanted to kidnap/lock me up on Psychiatric Hospital.
  • From December 2014 and forwards: Helsingør Municipality, the Appeal Board and attorney to the government acted directly illegal and unethical rejecting to give me the ”special home aid” they cheated me for forcing me to ”live on a stone”. First in October 2015, I won the case when the Appeal Board decided in my favour.
  • Mails from May to August 2015 to Helsingør Commune and the Psychiatric Centre To ”the system of Hell”: CANCEL your WRONG verdict/diagnosis of me!
  • I understood the Pastors of Lyngby Church, but they could not READ and UNDERSTAND me – not even the Church was “able” to recognise/support me because of their strong voice and selfishness!

I truly feared termination, to become God, I was physically dissolving and attacked by people etc.

I received “invincible darkness” for years knowing that if I gave up, the world would end giving me constant fear and “cold sweat”, especially when I believed that the world would end “now”

  • I was close to desperation because of invincible darkness being so much stronger than I receiving the same “look of fear” as Muhammad Ali received when fighting the “invincible” George Foreman in 1974.
  • The feelings of responsibility bearing the world on my shoulders and finding answers to and taking difficult decisions about our New World as a normal human being was unbearable.
  • I received visions, speech and dreams about the world ending making me believe that it was truly ending and only because I decided to fight this, we survived, but going through this fear giving absolutely everything I had way above my physical and mental limits gave me the same extreme nervousness, shivering of my body and fear as I remember seeing on the face of an American man sentenced to death many years ago a few seconds before he was to become electrocuted.

I was EXTREMELY sad to see selfish rich people continuing to feast, go on holidays and buy luxury goods when I, LTO and millions of people of the world were (desperately) fighting to survive

  • It made me very SICK to see selfish and careless rich people continuing to feast when I was suffering myself and millions of people of the world was dying. How could you???
  • Denmark as example collected 110 million DKK for people dying at the Horn of Africa where they could have collected 10 or 100 billion DKK if they TRULY cared and did as I, and still they were proud of themselves. This attitude made me SICK to witness and the Devil tried strongly to make me judge rich people for termination (!) because of my sadness of your selfishness, but that would be wrong too. Everyone will survive in our New World.

I knew as a normal human being that I was becoming the Son of God and God including every single living being (!) and who wants to become that (?), which also made me suffer immensely

  • I had an incredible desire NOT to become the Son of God and God – just to be a normal man living quietly – but still I had no choice than to go through impossible sufferings to become the man I did not want to become (!), and to do it alone without support and understanding of family/friends etc., which caused me immense suffering.
  • As my “old self” I was a “hybrid human being” without an individual soul consisting of the spirits of my mother and father, who would simply vanish if I did not make it, also making me suffer just thinking about it.
  • It also made me suffer to learn that as my “old self” I had been alive as Hitler even though I understood that this was only a reply to the evilness of mankind self!

My body was physically degenerating, I had bones as a “very old man”, my lungs were collapsing, I tasted blood and I was constantly breaking down physically because the Universe was dissolving!

  • Since 1997, I have received THOUSANDS of small heart attacks and flicker making me believe that I would die every single time, which is what eventually killed Michael Jackson as “another part of me”.
  • My body was physically degenerating with bones as a “very old man”, my lungs almost collapsing, I received the taste of blood of the spirit of my mother because the world was bleeding and I was constantly almost breaking down physically because the Universe was dissolving!

My journey to Kenya in 2009: I was dying from attacks of criminals, authorities and “sickness”

  • I was brutally attacked and almost strangulated, which gave me an incredible STRONG feeling to constantly look over my shoulder fearing everyone, and I had to DECIDE to stop being afraid!
  • A criminal gang of murderers/cannibals set me up and a “policeman” interrogated me with the plan to murder and eat me, which made my entire body tremble in fear.
  • The darkness of my family COMPLETELY removed my energy for one week making movement and speech IMPOSSIBLE – I was dying, which however was impossible to see on me and to understand!
  • I was harassed/interrogated by the Police and Immigration Authorities for one week – for working without a permit – risking imprisonment and removal of my scripts, which would have led to our termination!
  • I love Elijah much, but his selfishness, slowness, temper, lack of understanding and in periods lack of faith made me suffer much and almost terminated us in critical moments from 2009 to 2011.

The world was too lazy to read and understand my website and instead the strong and ignorant voice of people told them that I was crazy and I was verbally degraded!

  • I was public on the Internet since February 2010 encouraging people to read “a few hours” to obtain faith in me, which nobody “could” do, thus NOT spreading the message of me to the world!
  • Negative, ignorant and better-knowing people told me that I needed help, was delusional, on pills, an impostor/charlatan and a fake not shedding my blood for sinners to be cleaned!
  • So called “enlightened” people of the spiritual forum “Selvet” welcomed me with negativity, prejudices and condemnation, when they wrongly judged me as a swindler and expelled me!
  • My meditation group were parasites soaking out the rest of my life energy, and when I told them about their spiritual deceptions, I was met by hostility and crude attacks killing my “old self”.

Other sufferings

  • In Kenya in 2009, I lost weight to below 85 kg because of the darkness there, and in Denmark in 2011 I gained weight to 115 kg – more than ever – because of the darkness here!
  • From 2009 I led an economically poor life with approx. 8 USD per day removing much joy, but I did not starve – except in 2010 when the Commune “stole” my cash help.
  • When the darkness could not bring me down, it influenced people around me even making some sick and killing others!
  • I was very sad that media and governments continued following the old world order with some knowing about my coming but not having the nerve to welcome me through a simple email.

The look of fear in Ali’s eyes (click the link and watch after 01:06:00) realising his nightmare against an unstoppable opponent as I realised the end of the world coming to eliminate us (!) – but we NEVER gave up!

The determined Ali saw right through the superior force; the elephant woke up with support of the whole crowd – ALI BOMA YE! – and trampled down the furious resistance


Misunderstandings and uncontrollable feelings of my dearly beloved family and Karen completely broke me down


  • I love my family more than anything in the world, and they only want the best for me, but their misunderstandings in me brought extreme negative feelings transferred directly to me as sufferings.
  • I told my family of the importance of understanding, but still my sister “could” not read carefully to understand (!) and her negative feelings brought our mother against me almost destroying me/us!
  • The harder they “desperately” tried to make me understand their misunderstandings (!), the more sufferings I received bringing “fuel” for the spirits of my mother and father to save the world :-).

Karen broke my heart completely, which opened me spiritually

  • I love the “good side” of Karen more than anything, I only wish for us to “let’s stay together”, please understand that Karen’s life, troubles and actions towards me was part of the Master Plan.
  • When I met Karen in 2003, she broke my heart completely and my feelings were expanded “incredibly”, which was necessary to wake me up spiritually in 2004, which happened on her birthday!
  • Karen and I had an immensely close and “spiritual” relation and we promised to be each other’s “guardian angels”, which was a promise I kept all along, but sadly she soon forgot her promise.
  • Karen was completely broken down by a man destroying her as his “sexual slave”, and I helped her to “survive”, but she was torn between loving my “culture” and the disaster of our sexual relation.
  • I had to be STRONG, but I was given immensely strong feelings bringing out my tears making her wrongly see me “as a wimp” – the tears were only given to me because she was unfaithful.
  • The beautiful being of Karen was destroyed by “casual” sex, money and men, she decided not to be with me but sadly offered her self to me as a prostitute, which she used to work as.
  • My decision to reveal the secret of Karen as a prostitute to the world ripped her to shreds but was necessary to do to create extreme energy to save the world!
  • Karen played a “sick game” with her old “loverboy” putting her life in danger, and at one point she believed I could be the man “stalking” her, which was part of the “sick game” of her “loverboy”!
  • As late as in 2009, Karen thought of me as a potential new partner, but when I told her later in 2009 about who we are and our destiny, she could not control her temper sending me disgusting replies.
  • Even in December 2011 Karen showed her true loving feelings to me and interest for us to stay together, but she could not “offer” me sex and could not understand that I am the love of her life!
  • I saw the most beautiful lady in Karen and I was devastated to know about our destiny to be together also knowing that she continued to act “cheaply” making love to her “loverboys”.
  • Karen and I could have had a family and child together, she knew I would have been “the best father” and there was nothing she wanted more, but the darkness of sex, men and money betrayed her.
  • I was made a laughing stock by Karen’s loverboys, but we never lost that true loving feeling for each other and our destiny to be together will first come through when we will become our “true selves”.
  • Karen thought I was “gross” when misunderstanding me, and all I wanted was to get her to understand our destiny and to work out how we could be together.
  • The voice of the Devil completely destroyed me when it tortured me thousands of times giving “advice” on how to get Karen back and how she had had my family and friends as “customers”!
  • I suffered much going through my journey without support from a partner also knowing that Karen has been chosen for me as my future wife herewith removing my freedom to choose self.
  • I was put on Karen’s email list as late as in 2011 and just maybe her “spiritual feelings” of me was enough to make her in doubt about my “insanity” because “maybe he is indeed the one”?
  • Karen is a doctor and the darkness “helped” her to get her own practice and a good income, but she could not help me financially ….?

Through Karen, I learned the BEAUTIFUL song “let’s stay together” by Al Green, which I will always relate to her. It expresses our true love underneath all of the darkness, which was given to us

My sister’s loving but uncontrollable feelings made me a “Zombie”

My heart is full of love to my sister and vice versa, and it was her immense “loving feelings” to me, which betrayed her to misunderstand me, which was the main reason for most of my sufferings.

  • My sister could not understand me and my “big feelings” because her own feelings were restricted.
  • My sister did not have to read me carefully to “know” that I was “crazy” and harassing people, and when I finally started making sense to her, it was “impossible” for her to admit her mistake.
  • My sister decided not to believe in me because her psychology textbooks WRONGLY told her that I was crazy and because she did not believe in God and spiritual experiences like mine!
  • I gave my sister my book no. 1 in 2008, which she could have read and understood and also the opportunity to truly communicate, but she “knew better” and decided that I needed help!
  • I only met a doctor and psychologist if my sister would meet my “clairvoyant counsellor” – the first two “counsellors” wrongly locked me up at a mental hospital (!) and my sister “forgot” her promise!
  • The “system” locked me up even though I lived a “normal life”, they violated my basic human rights and humiliated me because everyone but me (!) wanted to “help me” remove my “ugly voices”!
  • My mother was given the choice between believing in the Source of darkness or light – my sister and I – and for a long time she chose the wrong voice of my sister herewith making me a “living dead”!
  • Sanna was busy studying “management” also to receive recognition of the family for being a success and “even better” than her brother, whom she could not “bear” teaching her on how to improve.
  • Sanna had a need of recognition also because she knew I was the apple of our mother’s life because I was open and positive where she often showed a demanding and ungrateful character.
  • The roles were turned around: My sister thought I was crazy, but she was the symbol of a “crazy” world not listening/understanding because of her compulsive thoughts and strong but wrong voice!
  • My family wanted to hospitalise me even in 2011 (!), and my sister decided the same as everyone else, which is to “wait and see what will happen” instead of opening up and communicating with me!
  • My sister’s family continued living a life in luxury and even when I was dying, my sister or her grown-up sons could not read/listen to and understand me, which made me immensely sad.

Rasmus Seebach’s amazing song “I mine øjne” tells the truth of my feelings to my sister: “Even though we have fought and carried on, I will love you forever, and if you have ever been in doubt, you know it at any rate by now”

My father’s strong and wrong voice made him only listen to himself

  • Misunderstandings kept my father and I apart much of our lives, which made us both hurt much because underneath the surface, I love my father very much as I know he loves me too :-).
  • After divorcing, my mother and father expressed their negative feelings of each other to me, which was a big suffering of mine as a child, where I only wanted them to be able to be together.
  • We had good relations a few years before my father met his present wife Kirsten in the end of the 1970’s, where after our relationship deteriorated because of her morbid jealousy and acquisitiveness.
  • I was extremely disappointed that my father did not truly stand up for his right, but accepted the agenda of his wife herewith prioritizing a new family and life of “comfort” instead of his own son!
  • Over the years, I could not take the selfishness, misunderstood self-satisfaction and unreasonable behaviour of my father and Kirsten, and eventually our relation had to “explode” as it did in 2009.
  • I decided to stop our communication in August 2009 also because I always contacted my father and because I always asked the questions – it requires two active parties to have a “relationship”.
  • My father WRONGLY believed that he was the one trying to keep in contact, when “you shut yourself out for long periods” without understanding that it was his wrong behaviour “forcing” me out!
  • I told my father directly: You only hear your own (wrong) voice, have self-pity, you are not open, don’t communicate/understand, are unreasonable and lack respect – you have been a poor father!
  • After reconnecting with the Source in 2010, I desperately needed positive energy to survive (!), and I asked to see my father if he would be “be open and positive” and I said “I am the same Stig as always”.
  • My father decided to reject me: “You are mentally sick”, which “you cannot see yourself”, “I cannot remember when you have made me happy” and ”maybe you will acknowledge being a poor son”!
  • My father’s misunderstood rejection was “this close” to terminate us because of the EXTREME darkness he brought me giving me my most critical and one of my WORST experiences ever!

Cat Stevens and Ronan Keating singing the very beautiful song of Father & Son, who could not understand each other, but still they loved each other, just like my father and I

The love and sufferings brought to me by my mother saved the world

Ave Maria by Andre Rieu, who is loved by my mother here with Mirusia Louwerse singing

Luciano Pavarotti, the best tenor singing the most beautiful Ave Maria I have ever heard

  • I love my mother even more than anyone and anything else as I know she loves me too, and this love led me through impenetrable darkness to save her and consequently to save the world.
  • My mother’s favourite song has “of course” always been AVE MARIA (!), which I bring here – together with “Maria, Maria” and “Dear little mother” to express my unconditional love to her.
  • My mother suffered immensely because of my “craziness” and was left alone with the thought that there is only one thing worse, which is that Stig tells the truth also making her the Blessed Mother.
  • My mother had INCREDIBLE feelings for me and sufferings when we did not see each other, and she was thinking about killing herself in 2010, which was only avoided because of energy I sent her.
  • The love of my mother and I was tested when my sister influenced our mother against me, which brought my mother and I our extreme sufferings and deadly “sicknesses” – and salvation too.
  • When growing up I could not handle my mother’s uncontrollable temper, which removed my confidence, a love-life and made me in-going giving me immense suffering when not being the man I am.
  • My mother’s destiny of life was to become “simple minded” and receptive to authorities around her to form her life and opinions – with my destiny being the opposite to form the opinions of the world!
  • My spirituality was difficult for my mother to “deal” with, and when I transmitted wrong spiritual messages of my mother’s mother because of her own darkness (!), I had “of course” become crazy!
  • My mother hurt much when I was hospitalised – nobody understood that only by following my spiritual voice without knowing what was true/wrong, I would follow the road of God to save the world!
  • I could tell my mother “basic parts” of my story over and over again and still it was “completely impossible” for her to understand shaking her head in disbelief, which caused me immense pain.
  • Incredible strong darkness tried to make me impatient, annoyed and careless about my not understanding mother to “remove her”, which would have ended the world, but love brought us through.
  • My mother/family knew that spirits worked inside of me, but still it was “impossible” for them to put together the puzzle I had given them to understand – with this memo being the last brick!
  • The worst nightmare of my mother was to chose between Sanna and I and to see us and the family being separated – and I saved my mother from her “aggressive cancer” using energy I did not have.
  • Extreme feelings and concerns of my mother brought MUCH pain and the only thing I REALLY had to be concerned about was the misunderstood concerns of my mother and family!
  • My mother and sister/family spoke wrongly about me behind my back unawarely humiliating me – and their misunderstandings as “poor communicators” broke with me as a “good communicator”.
  • I passed “extreme monitoring” by my mother and sister to show that I was not untidy and irresponsible as a “mental patient”, but “normal” (!), which truly made me suffer because I was a living dead!
  • My mother hurt EXTREMELY being an adoptive child without growing up in a “normal family” also including a father – her real mother took the secret of her real father with her in the grave, almost …
  • My mother loved speaking about the “simple things in life” on the contrary to me, which often made our conversations difficult – and feelings of inferiority, indecisiveness etc. made her suffer too.
  • On one hand my mother would have liked to help me financially even more than she did and was “allowed” to, and on the other hand she asked me to reduce my help to LTO, which made me very sad.

Jose Carreras with Leonard Bernstein in “Maria, Maria
– immensely beautiful about my mother

Savage Rose in the very beautiful “Dear little mother
also symbolising my love to my mother


This website was first published November 9, 2011, and has since been updated few times.