I was physically dissolving and feared termination


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I received “invincible darkness” for years knowing that if I gave up, the world would end giving me constant fear and “cold sweat”, especially when I believed that the world would end “now”

  • I was close to desperation because of invincible darkness being so much stronger than I receiving the same “look of fear” as Muhammad Ali received when fighting the “invincible” George Foreman in 1974.
  • The feelings of responsibility bearing the world on my shoulders and finding answers to and taking difficult decisions about our New World as a normal human being was unbearable.
  • I received visions, speech and dreams about the world ending making me believe that it was truly ending and only because I decided to fight this, we survived, but going through this fear giving absolutely everything I had way above my physical and mental limits gave me the same extreme nervousness, shivering of my body and fear as I remember seeing on the face of an American man sentenced to death many years ago a few seconds before he was to become electrocuted.

I was EXTREMELY sad to see selfish rich people continuing to feast, go on holidays and buy luxury goods when I, LTO and millions of people of the world were (desperately) fighting to survive

  • It made me very SICK to see selfish and careless rich people continuing to feast when I was suffering myself and millions of people of the world was dying. How could you???
  • Denmark as example collected 110 million DKK for people dying at the Horn of Africa where they could have collected 10 or 100 billion DKK if they TRULY cared and did as I, and still they were proud of themselves. This attitude made me SICK to witness and the Devil tried strongly to make me judge rich people for termination (!) because of my sadness of your selfishness, but that would be wrong too. Everyone will survive in our New World.
  • I knew as a normal human being that I was becoming the Son of God and God including every single living being (!) and who wants to become that (?), which also made me suffer immensely
  • I had an incredible desire NOT to become the Son of God and God – just to be a normal man living quietly – but still I had no choice than to go through impossible sufferings to become the man I did not want to become (!), and to do it alone without support and understanding of family/friends etc., which caused me immense suffering.
  • As my “old self” I was a “hybrid human being” without an individual soul consisting of the spirits of my mother and father, who would simply vanish if I did not make it, also making me suffer just thinking about.
  • It also made me suffer to learn that as my “old self” I had been alive as Hitler even though I understood that this was only a reply to the evilness of mankind self!

My body was physically degenerating, I had bones as a “very old man”, my lungs were collapsing, I tasted blood and I was constantly breaking down physically because the Universe was dissolving!

  • Since 1997, I have received THOUSANDS of small heart attacks and flicker making me believe that I would die every single time, which is what eventually killed Michael Jackson as “another part of me”.
  • My body was physically degenerating with bones as a “very old man”, my lungs almost collapsing, I received the taste of blood of the spirit of my mother because the world was bleeding and I was constantly almost breaking down physically because the Universe was dissolving!

My journey to Kenya in 2009: I was dying from attacks of criminals, authorities and “sickness”

  • I was brutally attacked and almost strangulated, which gave me an incredible STRONG feeling to constantly look over my shoulder fearing everyone, and I had to DECIDE to stop being afraid!
  • A criminal gang of murderers/cannibals set me up and a “policeman” interrogated me with the plan to murder and eat me, which made my entire body tremble in fear.
  • The darkness of my family COMPLETELY removed my energy for one week making movement and speech IMPOSSIBLE – I was dying, which however was impossible to see on me and to understand!
  • I was harassed/interrogated by the Police and Immigration Authorities for one week – for working without a permit – risking imprisonment and removal of my scripts, which would have led to our termination!
  • I love Elijah much, but his selfishness, slowness, temper, lack of understanding and in periods lack of faith made me suffer much and almost terminated us in critical moments from 2009 to 2011.

The world was too lazy to read and understand my website and instead the strong and ignorant voice of people told them that I was crazy and I was verbally degraded!

  • I was public on the Internet since February 2010 encouraging people to read “a few hours” to obtain faith in me, which nobody “could” do, thus NOT spreading the message of me to the world!
  • Negative, ignorant and better-knowing people told me that I needed help, was delusional, on pills, an impostor/charlatan and a fake not shedding my blood for sinners to be cleaned!
  • So called “enlightened” people of the spiritual forum “Selvet” welcomed me with negativity, prejudices and condemnation, when they wrongly judged me as a swindler and expelled me!
  • My meditation group were parasites soaking out the rest of my life energy, and when I told them about their spiritual deceptions, I was met by hostility and crude attacks killing my “old self”.

Other sufferings

  • In Kenya in 2009, I lost weight to below 85 kg because of the darkness there, and in Denmark in 2011 I gained weight to 115 kg – more than ever – because of the darkness here!
  • From 2009 I led an economically poor life with approx. 8 USD per day removing much joy, but I did not starve – except in 2010 when the Commune “stole” my cash help.
  • When the darkness could not bring me down, it influenced people around me even making some sick and killing others!
  • I was very sad that media and governments continued following the old world order with some knowing about my coming but not having the nerve to welcome me through a simple email.

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I truly feared termination, to become God, I was physically dissolving and attacked by people etc.

I received “invincible darkness” for years knowing that if I gave up, the world would end giving me constant fear and “cold sweat”, especially when I believed that the world would end “now”

For years I have gone through a life without the support of people in me – except from LTO in Kenya – but with MUCH resistance, anger and sadness (!) knowing that if I gave up at any moment to my much stronger opponent of darkness, it would mean the termination of not only me, but the entire world.

This was truly not a nice feeling to have, sometimes to be as close to desperation as you can when you look this opponent of darkness, seamlessly invincible, directly into the eyes knowing that it will be the end of you and the world if you cannot defeat it just as when Cassius Clay as I like to call him (Muhammad Ali) was fighting the invincible George Foreman in Zaire in 1974, where he had “the look of fear” on his eyes knowing that Foreman was “invincible”, but still he decided not to give up and to go through immense pain to stop this “furious and unstoppable locomotive”, which kept coming forward beating and punching him up. Cassius did as I did for years, which was to DECIDE to win, not because he could but because he refused to give up, and in this sense, this historic boxing fight was the prediction of what I would decide to do myself many years later when I kept on telling my self “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP”, which was needed to stop “unstoppable darkness” constantly bringing me the worst suffering.

The look of fear in Ali’s eyes realising his nightmare against an unstoppable opponent as I realised the end of the world coming to eliminate us (!) – Ali and I took terrible beating in our fight for survival, but we NEVER gave up!

The determined Ali saw right through the superiour force; the elephant woke up with support of the whole crowd – ALI BOMA YE! – and trampled down the furious resistance symbolising my finest victory too

Watch the video “When we were Kings” here: https://ok.ru/video/202698000916

This feeling of responsibility not only to my own life, but to the entire world – on the shoulders of a completely normal man together with NO HUMAN SUPPORT (!) – was a responsibility way over what I could bear. I was loaded to and above my ultimate limit and if I broke down, the world would go under and for long periods of time – for months and years (!) – I was in doubt if I could continue without breaking down almost every single second, and at the most critical periods of time, I was given the feelings that the world would now go under making me fight with everything I had to keep it running meditating almost around the clock to give all of my energy and I was shown how eggs symbolising creation were destroyed, which was the absolutely worst you can imagine because it told me that the world was dissolving with me in the centre of it as its last, weak anchor holding it together.

I remember that during one of these extreme periods of anxiety in 2010 that I called my mother truly believing that this would be the last time I would speak to her and hearing her voice – these were the feelings given to me – and it made me cry for having to say goodbye to life, my mother and the world especially without being able to communicate this to my mother and for her to listen and understand. I was completely broken down, I could not tell her anything and I had fear and cold sweat thinking about what was “likely” to happen now after this phone call, and it was the darkness itself telling me that I had lost, but as long as I did not give up, we were still living – this was the difference between “everything” and “nothing” at the time, and you may understand that this was not always very easy to do when the darkness “almost” had me convinced that I had lost?

This fear was the strongest in the summer and autumn of 2010 but it stayed with me almost all the way until the end in 2011 – because the last remaining darkness was the strongest of all darkness and therefore able to “convince” me about potential termination for a very long time also after termination was no longer a possibility but now with a risk of less and less “destruction” of parts of the Universe – to bring energy – if I was to give up.

If I am go give you some more words about this fear, you will have to think that I was constantly kept on my extreme physical and mental edge when receiving immensely strong darkness not knowing if I could keep “holding it” without starting to lose “sets” to the Devil. When fearing termination and also “negative consequences” of “destruction of parts of the Universe” if I could not hold “extreme darkness”, which was required as “fuel” for an ongoing process of creation, I had a constant feeling of physical indisposition, an infinite nervousness feeling strained and shivering all over my body together with my skin different places on my body receiving red or black areas of “scratching”, which was the darkness ”eating me” at the same time as I was given strong “feelings” to my right foot and angle and all around it – I knew this was the symbol of the destruction of the Universe – often with an extreme high-frequent pain simply reflecting the extreme overload of the Universe on my body – making me very scared every single time this happened – and at times it made it almost impossible to drag the foot with me when walking at the same time as I continued receiving the worst negative visions, feelings and voices and sometimes at night also the worst dreams too giving me threats of the darkness, and when I received fear and “cold sweat”, the feeling was the same as I remember seeing a man from USA on TV many years ago only seconds before he was going to be electrocuted; when he clearly was as terrified as you can get of what would happen to him now when he was convinced that he would just vanish becoming “nothing” after dying, which is the fear of many people today without faith.

Part of my journey was also to go through constant “impossible” tests for example how to divide money for the LTO team in Kenya, exchanging two gift cheques given by organizations to cash to send to LTO when I was starving myself crossing my borders asking supermarket customers etc., which you will have to read my scripts in order to understand just how terrified I was not to be able to do these tests, which of course ALWAYS crossed all of my personal barriers forcing me to do the absolutely most unpleasant of everything I knew of, which eventually became my lesson that the answer was always to do “the worst thinkable”, thus also “easy” in this sense to do because there was nothing much to doubt (!), and now and again I also had to answer almost impossible “riddles” in order to continue – not stop – my journey for example about who I am – I was not a normal living being without my own soul but a hybrid human being consisting of the spirits of my mother and father – which was the most difficult riddle to find the truthful answer to and I needed this to reconnect with the Source in the summer of 2010 because if I did not know who I was, I would not have been allowed access, which would have ended the world too, and I was “this close” not being able to answer this riddle – and also others later on – which was making me go through immensely pressure and fear again because I knew of the importance of answering them correctly.

And part of my pain was that I did not know when I was – and when I was not – in “Safe Haven” not risking termination any more, and I remember the 11th November 2010 when I was told that I had now reached my Safe Haven, which I however later found out was another message from the darkness where I was still facing the risk of the Universe becoming terminated, which after the Easter of 2011 again became the strongest risk ever when an extreme amount of darkness was released to the world just before we succeeded to close down the Source of darkness, which for the next week gave me “extreme fear” and constant “cold sweat” and doubt if I would make it through the week before arriving in what I again was told was my new “Safe Haven” the 7th May 2011, as I remember it, and the truth is that my fear continued after this when we continued doing “impossible” processes of creation for example when reversing the spiritual world in the summer of 2011 and afterwards to change the original creation etc.

I was constantly in fear of the worst case scenario for a long time also because of the simple fact that the true nature of darkness is to bring fear as a strong feeling “hanging all over in the air” very easy to feel for me – the same way as I received strong tiredness, impatience, negativity etc. – and I tell you that this feeling of fear is so much worse than I will ever be able to describe, and this was only my try to do it not having the energy or time to do it and suffering at the same time writing it because just the process of writing these sufferings are making me remember just how awful these sufferings were, which makes me suffer once again.

Besides the horror of believing that the world was ending, I also had the general feeling of an “ENORMOUS responsibility” above anything else to decide as a normal human being the “design of life” for all humanity of the world forever and ever – this was really what made the “fear” of this because I made irrevocable decisions and some of these decisions were NOT easy to take and even to find solutions to also because of just how poorly, stressed and tired I was, which was an incredible pain and you can read my chapters when writing our New World Order in 2009 in Kenya as example (pages 316 to 330 in book 2), which also was “this close” to bring me/us down!

This is a late addition written the 15th November 2011:

I was not only worried about “termination” in terms of the world ending and being replaced with a Big Bang and a new Universe, where it would take “some billion years” to reach life as we know it today, but to be “truly terminated”, which would be to become nothing forever and ever – this is the extreme fear I had and the “game” we were playing – and first now I have been given the answer to this fear at the innermost of the darkness as this chapter from my script of the 14th November 2011 describes:

“While I was working, I was asked if I would like to know if there was a risk of not only being terminated in this Universe with a new Big Bang to occur but simply to vanish totally and NEVER to come back, and this has really been one of my great fears throughout much of 2010 especially, and I was told that the risk would have been that we would have “coughed” much – like an ashtray – but that we would never have been terminated for good, and this is information kept at the innermost darkness and also that the darkness knew, but still carried on, and I was shown a treasure chest with gold at the bottom of the sea and told “there is nothing he can do to enter it, we have secured ourselves”.”

I was EXTREMELY sad to see selfish rich people continuing to feast, go on holidays and buy luxury goods when I, LTO and millions of people of the world were (desperately) fighting to survive

During my journey with hard work living on the edge for years and disasters of the world (lately Haiti, Pakistan, Japan and the Horn of Africa), it made me VERY sad to see how careless rich people – both my family/friends etc. and the world – continued feasting and apparently living “carefree” lives – judged on basis of my friend’s postings on Facebook – at the same time as I, my LTO friends including their families and millions of people of the world have been fighting as part of their everyday to survive.

Despite of people of the world including myself screaming in pain and desperate to survive, rich people have continued prioritizing themselves and their “selfish needs” continuing to go on holidays, buying new houses, cars, TV’s and other consumer goods, clothes and living “nice lives” when partying, eating out – look at Copenhagen a Friday or Saturday evening as example with many THOUSANDS of people eating/partying in town “burning” up money for their own pleasure – playing golf, going to concerts etc. at the same time as they could see, if they cared, that I and millions of people of the world were dying right in front of you, which made me “sick” to see (i.e. a repulsive as long as the world keeps suffering).

Until 2009, I was myself one of these “rich people” not TRULY thinking about others than myself (!) and the reason of this VERY WRONG attitude belongs with politicians and the media not fulfilling their fundamental responsibilities (!), and for the community not to do the EASY task to RAISE people to become GOOD people, which should be “as easy as nothing” to do, if you had decided just to do it!

Consequently, people did NOTHING to help me and practically “nothing” (!) to TRULY help the before mentioned people of the world in need but they continued to think of themselves and for many rich people applies that they in practice have accepted that “people elsewhere may not be as lucky as I” and yes, people of the world have EVEN accepted people in Africa and elsewhere to die (!!!) because “what can I do to help” (?) and “they also have so much corruption” (!) and we know THIS WRONG AND CARELESS ATTITUDE IS SCREAMING TO HEAVEN!!! How can you accept people dying in front of your eyes while you are feasting yourself?

It made me sad to see that selfish people decided to give as little as they did to help people starving and dying at the Horn of Africa as example and still the Danes were extremely proud of themselves when collecting 110 million DKK in August 2011 through a TV show (!!!) – focusing on entertainment instead of the PEOPLE in need (!) – making them say with the Prime Minister in the lead (!) that “in Denmark we stand united to help people in need” (!), which gave me throw-up feelings to listen to because a very large majority of these rich people – and this goes all over the rich world – may give only 20, 50 or 150 DKK to help people on their extreme limit of life to survive, and the day after most of the same people would not even think twice to spend for example 12,000 DKK for a new cooker for themselves or maybe 25,000 50,000 or even 100,000 DKK for a family holiday! If you TRULY cared, you would have done the same as I giving what you TRULY could to save people from dying, and instead of collecting 110 million DKK as the example, you would have collected 10 or 100 billion DKK! This is the difference and still you were “proud” of yourself; it made me SICK to see!

I love all people, but this was more than I can bear, and when I write this, I receive the feeling of the spirit of my mother too and yes as her physical self she was wrongly influenced by this selfish culture, she was the symbol alive of a human being not doing what people should do – ONLY because of the WRONG culture influencing her negatively, because she is born with the loving and caring feelings of the spirit of my mother (!) – and would have done if the world had decided to do what is right. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO ACCEPT PEOPLE DYING TO MAINTAIN A LUXURY LIFE YOURSELF – this should be “simple logic” for everyone to understand (?) – and part of my sufferings was to be strong deciding that ALL PEOPLE including selfish and rich people should survive in our New World where my heart was with the suffering poor people, and the darkness tried STRONGLY to convince me to judge rich people for termination because of their attitude (!), which however in practise would be the same as judging all for termination (!), which therefore was wrong to do, but the actions of careless rich people made me SICK to see – how could you when people of the world were dying and you continued feasting (?), and this often on borrowed money or “not existing” money (!) after selling property and “securities” giving you “profits without working” (!), and what did you do to achieve this profit (?) and yes “absolutely nothing”, which was about to convert the whole world into “nothing”, which you know is “termination” and “accepted this was” all over the world, which is the reason why. It was wrong and it was killing the whole world!

I knew as a normal human being that I was becoming the Son of God and God including every single living being (!) and who wants to become that (?), which also made me suffer immensely

One of my worst sufferings too has been to be a normal human being with the knowledge that I am (becoming) not only the Son of God but as the creation of “everything” also God self (!) including every single living being and all matter of “everything” – just try to think my dear reader about what it would mean to you to become God knowing EVERYTHING of ALL TIMES and BEING EVERY SINGLE LIVING BEING knowing that this is what I am becoming (!) – and how can you live as a normal human being with this pressure of what you are becoming constantly on your mind (?) – this may be what you will ask yourself my dear readers of the future – and the answer is that “you cannot” (!) because as a normal human being it is far too much to think about – too much pressure/responsibility – and this was also destructing me as part of my constant sufferings especially when I several times woke up in the nights briefly thinking that I am “only Stig” – just a normal human being – and then seconds thereafter remembering with a very heavy feeling/burden “oh, that is right” followed by “I am not only Stig, I am becoming the Son of God and everything of our New World” and again, this would have been difficult enough to know about and “absorb” if I had other people I could speak to helping me through this suffering, but because people decided to close their mouths as oysters (!) and even to abandon me, I NEVER received this comfort and support from people, and the lack of understanding of people deciding to fight and leave me instead of supporting me is among my worst sufferings.

I possessed knowledge about who I am, about the risk of the world ending at any time if I could not take on more extreme sufferings, and this was truly impossible for one man alone to go through, but this is what you decided for me, and this is what was required of me to secure our survival.

I knew about whom I was becoming, I had an incredible desire NOT to become the Son of God, God and “everything” and an equally incredible desire just to be a normal man living quietly without publishing my scripts and my life to the world – and this desire was strengthened very much because my family/friends etc. VERY strongly wished that I would be left alone as Stig without spiritual voices “destroying” me, which I felt very clearly coming to me and directly also tempting me to give up (!) – and despite of this and despite of everyone but LTO in practise opposing me, I knew that there was only one thing I could responsibly do and that was to overcome my fear continuing to go through my impossible road of suffering doing my absolutely best to become this man, I did not want to become (!) and the only reason was that if I did not – if I decided to give in to the easy choice, which would have been easier than nothing to do (!) – it would also have meant the destruction of us all and this was of course “totally impossible” for me to accept, therefore!

I had to keep telling myself that it will only become good to open up the eyes of my previous self Jesus as the new “everything of the world”, but who wants to know everything there is to know, and who wants to become “everyone” knowing that all people you will meet are a part of yourself making you speak to yourself and giving them their thoughts (!), and my answer is that I have decided as my living human self only to “open up” and “enter” other people if and when there is a need to, which means that I should be able to live a “normal life” too together with all people. But WHO WANTS TO BECOME GOD (?) – would you like to become God if you received the offer (?) – the thought for me was a “terrifying burden” not knowing what I will meet and become, and I have continuously feared to become “some holy guy” (!), so I have decided that this is NOT how I will become; I will become a normal human being and live a “normal life” as everyone else without being different than you, why should I? Part of the fear was also to give up the way of living of the world of today, to enter an unknown future and to become “original people as we were supposed to become” without knowing what this will mean.

As my “old self” I was a “hybrid human being” without an individual soul consisting of the spirits of my mother and father, who would simply vanish if I did not make it, also making me suffer much

As my “old self” – a “hybrid human being” consisting of the spirits of my mother and father – it also made me suffer much knowing that I was a living human being without an individual soul meaning that if I should not make it through this journey of mine, I would simply vanish and become “nothing”, which is what I always feared to become when I was a child and also an adult all the way until my first spiritual opening in 2004, where I remember my self in the past sometimes lying in bed having “cold sweat” all over fearing how it is to be dead becoming “nothing”, which I was absolutely sure we would become also because “we only live once” as my mother always used to say (!) – my faith was not great (!) – which made me terrified (!) and this was now what I was facing with the threat of dying being very “real” during my journey (!), because the man I am as my “old self” without an individual soul is a man, who would simple cease to exist if I did not make it (!), and yes this man will also cease to exist when I will open up the eyes as my new previous self (!) – giving me some anxiety too but still “I” and soon “he” will be there somewhere as the combination of two of the three of the Trinity, whom I will be and be in contact with (!) – and still as my new self I should be recognizable to everyone as “the same man as ever”, but still I know that the true feeling of being my own previous self is very different to whom I was, because I have “felt” the energy of my new self as “the king”, which is both a different and “very good” feeling, so again it is the darkness, which made me fear to die and also the darkness making me fear what it will be like to become my new previous self, because there should be nothing to be afraid of but only good things waiting, but still you may be able to understand my nervousness and sometimes anxiousness too, also when writing these exact lines in October 2011.

It also made me suffer learning that as my “old self” I had been alive as Hitler even though I understood that this was only a reply to the evilness of mankind self!

At one point in time I also learned that I as my “old self” – the spirits of my mother and father – have been living as Hitler – and also other evil beings – and even though I understood that this was only in response to the evilness of man, it made me suffer just knowing about who I was – but I understood that without Hitler and what he also “created” inside of people – immense sufferings also bringing out loving feelings of people standing united against the sufferings (!) – it would have been impossible for us to survive – and in periods during 2010 and 2011 I was given the distinct feeling of a very destructive Nazi force inside of me prepared to destruct the world, which clearly was about to take me over – this was the amount of negativity/evil sent to me – and only by crossing one extreme pain limit after the other, I was able to keep away most of this destructive power from the world.

My body and the Universe was physically generating/dissolving because of the load of darkness, which was invisible to people and doctors but breaking me down physically

My main sufferings have NOT been given to me as physical pain or “easy recognizable and curable sicknesses” because the whole idea was that people of the darkness, which is my family/friends etc. representing mankind towards me, should believe I was doing “fine” – or at least “alright” – without knowing that I was on my extreme edge of dying for years, which would only have made the darkness even stronger than it was.

I did not receive much direct physical pain and sicknesses preventing me from work, but still I was loaded with so much darkness that it almost degenerated/dissolved the Universe and I, and had I started losing “sets” to the darkness, the Universe would start terminating, which I would have felt as a physical destruction of my body too. This chapter includes examples of the physical sufferings I have been given.

Since 1997, I have received THOUSANDS of small heart attacks and flicker making me believe that I would die every single time, which is what eventually killed Michael Jackson as “another part of me

When I was WRONGLY expelled from Aon in 1997 – by the CEO “Niels de Knald” (!) – I started receiving much negative feelings of people from the company and from the entire Life & Pension industry believing that I had done “something wrong” without understanding that it was persecution mania of the CEO, who was notoriously known as a liar and psychopath, which truly was the reason why I was expelled (!) – people decided to believe in this man instead of me, and NOBODY from the industry truly supported me through this (!), even though I had a high confidence in the business (!), do you see how important it is to understand and not misunderstand (!) – and these negative feelings started giving me such severe chest pressure some times that it was impossible for me to be anywhere, to stay awake and to sleep, and from 1998 it had developed so much that I started receiving what I later was spiritually told were small heart attacks sometimes with heart flicker – I remember receiving this the first time working at GEFI speaking with Paul from Woodchester on the telephone, where I was absolutely convinced that I was now dying, which was not the nicest feeling and not very easy to complete the telephone call (!) – and for the next more than one decade, and still sometimes today, I received THOUSANDS of these heart attacks often dozens of times every single day, often when I was running after having had coffee (!), which made it very difficult to run and continuing being motivated to run, which I however did (!), and every single time they made me physically “fall over” or “huddle down” believing that now I was dying – I never got used to receiving heart attacks (!) – and when I had doctors to run EKG’s on me maybe 2-3 times over this period, there was nothing to see because “of course” I did not receive any attacks when they did EKG’s on me, which then made it impossible for the doctors to see!

These heart attacks gave me constant fear for MANY years – removing my life quality – and it was first over the last few years that I have decided not to be afraid of these heart attacks when receiving them, but you may remember what I wrote in my book no. 2, which was that my father would die from a heart attack and since I as my “old self” consist of the spirits of my mother and father, this would also potentially be lethal to me and with me the entire world, and you may also remember that Michael Jackson died from a cardiac arrest in 2009, which was “complete madness” if you ask me (!) – I was in Kenya at the time receiving extreme darkness myself because of EXTREME anxiety of my own family in relation to me, which was really the only thing I had to fear (!), and resistance by my sister, which almost killed me twice there (!) – and Michael was truly “another part of me” and the reason of his death was that the darkness was more than I could take, and part of this was given to him with the consequence that it killed him (!) – however, I still feel and “see” Michael inside of me – so I could continue working and really because I was back then as I still am to this day the man having the best chances to make it all the way through my (“our”) journey – and I am feeling Obama here, because he would be the next one in line if I did not pull it through and that is either to take over the work from me with me dying or to sacrifice his own life to make it possible for me to continue, this is how it was set up to take on the darkness, i.e. the sins, of the world!

My body was physically degenerating, I had bones as a “very old man”, my lungs were collapsing, I tasted blood and I was constantly breaking down physically because the Universe was dissolving!

Since my spiritual opening from 2004/06, I have had throw-up feelings much of the time because of disgust given to me feeling my entire body “throwing up” because of EXTREME exhaustion, tiredness, lack of energy and discomforting warm, damp and nervous feelings inside of me, a heavy head feeling darkness physically embracing and pressuring me down making it “impossible” to think and concentrate – to work really, a blurred vision not making writing work easy, the feeling of my lungs collapsing (the same way as my mother’s lung collapsed in 2009 because of the darkness almost killing her too!), occasionally I received stomach pain including pain to my spinal column threatening my life when the Commune and/or their “employers”, whom I worked for, were “disgusted” by me (!), in the middle of 2010 I received the taste of blood in my mouth several times and told that this was the blood of the spirit of my mother, i.e. the world, bleeding, which gave me even more cold sweat of fear, and I received extremely unpleasant feelings, physical marks and especially high frequent sudden pain (i.e. of people of other civilizations given to me) – the most disgusting and fearful pain of them all (!) – given to my right angle/foot symbolising the pain of the Universe facing the risk of destructing and had the Universe started to destruct, I would do the same as a human being – this is the connection – and in the summer of 2010 I also felt my bones so fragile that they were almost collapsing under me, which was the state of the Universe almost dissolving. On the surface, the Universe and I looked “fine” but “we” were almost breaking down physically for years with every day being a nightmare to come through when not having the energy to work giving me the feeling that I would physically collapse and/or faint. I was physically degenerating because this is what the Universe was – again to lead us through the worst Hell of “nothing” to reconnect with the Source – and I was told that my body and bones were as “a very old man” almost collapsing under my weight, but still I decided to keep on running, which of course was right to do because it brought more energy to the Universe, do you see?

When spiritually overshadowed, I am constantly receiving visions and physical feelings and marks everywhere on my body

Being spiritually overshadowed also means that I am given all kind of visions shown to me inside – and also outside (!) – of my body and a “physical feeling” (for example as a “ball” in different sizes, but the feeling can be “everything”) moving everywhere inside of my body, being here, there and everywhere giving me everything from a huge variation of different “tickling sensations”, to THOUSANDS of “vibrations” clicking away with great speed for minutes at a time given to my right ear for years – also before 2004 – which in itself made me wonder if I would break down, and also direct sudden physical pain, which made me crumple up when lying in my bed when I received this mostly sometimes in the beginning of my spiritual openings.

My journey to Kenya in 2009: I was dying from attacks of criminals, authorities and “sickness”

I was brutally attacked and almost strangulated, which gave me an incredible STRONG feeling to constantly look over my shoulder fearing everyone, and I had to DECIDE to stop being afraid!

During my travel to Kenya for 4½ months in 2009, I was constantly suffering also because of other reasons – not only tiredness, negative speech, my “old nightmare” etc., which I also received MUCH of here – which was that I received a constant feeling of insecurity after I was brutally attacked and robbed by 3-4 young men in Nairobi – a rope was put behind my neck from behind forcing me down on the street stealing my laptop/mobile phone (including my first scripts from May 2009, which should have been included in my book no. 2, which are still “out there”!) giving me the “not very nice” feeling of suffocating followed by pain to my neck/throat for days afterwards – and for days/weeks afterwards I felt an incredible strong urge to keep looking over my shoulder suspecting that everyone was a potential criminal, which I had to decide to stop doing using my utmost will power because it was “killing” me mentally (!) – this was the only way for the feeling to stop – and especially in Gachie outside Nairobi, where I was living together with Elijah and his family, which was known as a place of drug users, alcoholics and criminals, I felt “more than nervous” when I often arrived there alone in darkness in evenings when returning from work in Nairobi, where I had my laptop on my shoulder and had to walk the last 500 metres from the bus station, where the drug users hanged out (!), to Elijah’s home risking to receive a stone thrown to my head – which Elijah had been “so nice” telling me that this was how they did it here (!) – or being shot because shooting regularly took place here, which I saw the effects of one evening when there were gunshots “just outside” our house, which made Elijah’s family VERY nervous and that was to my surprise even more than me.

A criminal gang of murderers/cannibals set me up and a “policeman” interrogated me with the plan to murder and eat me, which made my entire body tremble in fear

One day I met a criminal gang setting me up in a constructed game where one man – supposedly a refugee on his way out of the country to Zanzibar deported by the Police (!) – was trying to “connect” with me asking to receive my contact information, and later another man was arriving and playing a “police officer” – he showed quickly his police badge, so he might have been from the Police (?) – and he was interfering, when yet another man “escorted” the first man away, and told me that this man was wanted by the Police, and he would like to ask me some questions, and when we walked together towards a “quiet café”, I was told spiritually that “nothing will happen to you if you tell the truth”, and then I was interrogated by this “policeman” and also a “banker”, who “suddenly” arrived, for maybe 15 minutes at the back of this quiet café, and I was told spiritually that I was only released – as the first ever – because I told these two men the truth that I only had money on me to pay for lunches for the LTO team and that I was working with this NGO to help people suffering, and this was how I was saved from being murdered ending up as “meat on the plate” as I was also told spiritually, and afterwards I was physically shaking so much – when telling LTO about my experience – because of the after effects of fear as I have never done before or after. And since then, I have spiritually been told sometimes that “now they have killed another one”, which made me remember the fear and disgust every single time. This was also a reason why I NEVER felt secure in Kenya, which was a shame because I loved the people there, but a few criminals – driven by lack of money, starvation and ultimately because of a WRONG old world order – made my 4½ months there a pain when I was constantly fearing to be attacked, and only when I a couple of times was in Elijah’s rural village further away from Nairobi with his mother and family – including the church, school and the whole community here – I felt secure giving me time and calm to see just how beautiful these “original” people are – for example Elijah’s mother and Meshack’s father.

The darkness of my family COMPLETELY removed my energy for one week making movement and speech IMPOSSIBLE – I was dying, which however was impossible to see on me and to understand!

I knew that I was normally “protected by God” from being attacked, which I and the team saw several examples of, when “pushy” people towards me “suddenly changed their minds” because of “new thoughts given to them” – this is how it worked – but these attacks were carried out on me because MUCH darkness had to be absorbed by me this way (!), and I was told at the time that the reason of these attacks was because of lack of faith and resistance of my sister influencing my family against me (!) – of course she did not realise the effects of her wrong actions because she did not understand me and if she had understood, she would NEVER have done as she did – and I was also told that she was responsible too, when I woke up one morning COMPLETELY without energy, and when I say COMPLETELY, I do mean COMPLETELY (!), which meant that just walking out of bed and having breakfast was “almost impossible” to do, and to take a bath was one of the hardest “challenges” I have ever done, because I had NO ENERGY AT ALL (!!!), and this lasted for “some days”, where I simply sat down in a chair all day long without being able to move or even to speak – this was the degree of NO ENERGY, it was “impossible” for me to speak except from whispering a few words with the GREATEST difficulties if I was “forced” to “speak” (!) – and I was told spiritually that I was dying, which I told the family and LTO – and also of course that “there is nothing to be concerned about” because I was confident to recover – but still it was “difficult” to believe in for Elijah because one day from the office he invited me to play football through a text message (!), and I could only text him back with difficulties saying that I was unable because I was dying if he had not understood me (!), and after “some days” – maybe a little less than a week as I remember it, which you can read about in my book no. 2 – I had recovered from this EXTREME darkness and again I am here told “the influence of my sister on my mother”, who was the one sending this darkness to me, so Sanna was the darkness and the tool she used against me was my mother and herewith the Holy Spirit of the Universe (!) – and I remember when returning home to Denmark, that my family understood the brutal attack on me, but they did not understand the life threatening situations I was facing with the gang of the policeman about to kill me, and that my “sickness” with “lack of energy” was killing me too – I was met with silence of “ignorant” people not believing in me when I tried to explain – and then it was easier for me to understand and sympathise with the life threatening situation of my mother at the time when she was on hospital with a collapsed lung and we know people misunderstood instead understood me and I understood them, but as a general rule, people of the darkness was convinced that it was vice versa!

I was harassed/interrogated by the Police and Immigration Authorities – for working without a permit – risking imprisonment and removal of my scripts, which would have led to our termination!

I also had the “pleasure” of someone local peach on me to the Police for working without a work permit (!) – without telling me (!) – and one day FIVE policemen (!) arrived in civilian clothes at the office to pick me up for questioning at the Nairobi Police head quarters – not a very nice place to be with dictatorial, bureaucratic and degrading “officers” playing a “game” to show who was in charge (!) – and after “clearing” this after several hours of questioning and waiting (I was working on my own scripts!), I “just” had to pass questioning by the immigration office, where the Police sent me, who however were even worse than the Police – they have learned from the old English “superiors” to act a game to degrade, humiliate and remove the dignity of people! – and so much that they reflected the worst African bureaucratic and careless behaviour of government representatives delaying time, not keeping their agreements making you wait for hours without knowing when they would have “time” seeing you, and constantly giving you new tests to pass as part of their “game” (when not receiving bribes) as you will know from movies of African civil servants of the worst school, they were manipulating and harassing me – I constantly had to live up to new “crazy” requirements – as a slave owner would do to his slave having his life in his hands for.

I went through their questionings and threats for almost one week being accused for “the serious crime” (!) of writing critically against the system of Kenya (the Police had confiscated some of my scripts on paper from the office, which included some remarks about an expensive census of the entire population, which they had noticed!) and it was an even worse crime that I was working without a work permit (!), and I had to tell them that I did not work for LTO because I did my own private scripts, which had nothing to do with LTO – which was according to the truth, because LTO decided that they supported my private scripts, but they did not want me to publish them as LTO scripts (!) – but it was “more than difficult” to make Gerald the “bureaucrat” to understand, thus also his manager, and I experienced to be imprisoned in jail at their office (!) for a few hours and I was told that I could be imprisoned in a real jail – I had just read that an English lady had received a sentence of 40 days for working without a permit as I remember it (!) – and it made me scared to be thrown in prison not knowing under which conditions they worked and how I would be treated as a white man by criminal black prisoners and corrupt guards, but finally I was “released”, when I did the unthinkable to correct Gerald when he put his case forward to his manager in my presence – he tried to shut me up several times, but I did it (!) – and eventually they decided that I was not dangerous after all – but probably “crazy” because of what they had seen from my scripts about being the Son of God, which they did not truly believe in – and I was deported out of the country with a limit of 5 days with the “reason” that I had lived illegally together with black people, which white people were not allowed to do (!) and when I asked on my way out of the country where this is written in the law, I was told that this is NOT written in the law but a practise, which the Kenyans took over from their former colonial power! Gerald, how could you?

I received back my laptop with ALL OF MY SCRIPTS (!), which Gerald had confiscated, and I wonder what would have happened to the laptop and my scripts if I would have been thrown into prison, and we know “it would not have helped my fight against the darkness”, because my weapon was my scripts and if the darkness – through my sister (!) – had succeeded removing my weapon this way, the darkness would have been closer to the goal to terminate me and the world!

I love Elijah much, but his selfishness, slowness, temper, lack of understanding and in periods lack of faith made me suffer much and almost terminated us in critical moments from 2009 to 2011

All team members of LTO – John, David, Meshack and Elijah – brought me much joy because of their warm hearts and feelings, they opened my eyes to how people can be very different to the spoiled and selfish Danes and they have become my friends for life closer than anyone in Denmark (!), and I was happy for Elijah and his family to have me living and for all of the good things we experienced together, but I also received much suffering because of primarily Elijah’s way of thinking and working – a little bit from the others too – when he first of all continued to show selfishness, which is also coming to Africa (!), thinking of himself, money and his business, which he was very happy for me to help him with – primarily through my personal teachings on management and communication – which was his prime motivation more than to help the Son of God!

I could keep on encouraging and also directly telling him what to do without any effect – maybe 5 or 10 times for weeks without anything happening – which was “tests” I knew that I/we had to pass to avoid the darkness throwing me directly to Hell when he continued not to do what was required, but again his own way of things were more important – in practise to do nothing (!) – and it made me suffer immensely and a couple of times, we were on the “extreme edge” of losing to the darkness because Elijah did nothing – but he was very good blaming me when he had had enough of me – which I don’t believe he ever realised and first in the absolutely last second I managed to make us come through these tests, which really made me extremely nervous (see book 2).

My suffering also included that he thought more about himself and his own family than the three others of the team – dividing the money I gave him as the “manager” uneven and unreasonable for a long time until I changed it (!) – and not least that he had CONSIDERABLE problems to understand – he was very slow understanding to say the least and could not remember the same things I told him over and over again – and he decided to become angry with me losing his temper when I told him the truth about what he needed to improve on including to keep his promises (!), which he had SEVERE problems doing, which was a constant annoyance of mine and unacceptable for him to be told – he could NOT handle his uncontrollable negative feelings for me telling him what NO ONE had told him before because he was one of the “big” men of the proud and “very traditional” African family” (!), and this is even though he knew that I was telling him the truth (to help him), which more or less is the same as how people in Denmark reacted – including my sister etc. – when I directly told them the truth about themselves, which was “unacceptable” of me to do!

When I presented my scripts to the team in 2009 – also directly about them (!) – it was easy for David, Meshack and John to understand and support me – but it was “totally impossible” for Elijah, because he only read the scripts “on the surface” not understanding the positive truth about what I wrote and consequently he thought that I was negatively attacking him and his family – as most people also wrongly did here, do you see that it is the same kind of selfishness/darkness inside of my family and friends here as within Elijah (?) – and in order to get Elijah back on track, it first URGENTLUG required the CRITICAL help of the team in Kenya to speak in private with Elijah, when the card house was truly collapsing because he continued chasing his “business success” and selfish interests – feeling “ladies” here too – instead of supporting me, and first after a long talk between Elijah and I “in the last second”, he finally decided to “sacrifice himself” to accept my writings. The man I needed to believe in me and support me, almost pulled away my curtain – thus the world – because he could not understand and because of his selfishness, the same way as people in Denmark!

After some time, he did not read and understand my scripts carefully, which were designed to also make him believe in me – he was lazy and slow to understand as mentioned – and he started questioning me and who I am – primarily after coming home to Denmark in September 2009 – and when he for a long period of time lost faith in me because of his own laziness and also because I delivered “wrong information” of the darkness in my scripts, which he did not understand was given to me spiritually also because of his own darkness (!), he was removing the foundation of our New World itself, because I would not be able to give re-birth to my previous self without the faith of Elijah in me.

Update in this 7th version: I made Elijah stop his profitable business in Kenya in 2009 to support me (!), and when I left him and his family poor without an income in September 2009, he could not “forgive” me for removing his “good life” and could (would) not understand that his sufferings would help saving the world too. His faith – and “ability” to read (!) – was not great enough, and It took him “forever” to realise that this is what it was about, if he ever got that far.

The team was yet again required when I from Denmark in 2011 asked the team to help Elijah’s faith in me by talking about some of my scripts including dreams/information about Elijah (!), and this came after the long period mostly in 2010, when he had lost faith in me – which was also a requirement to be “not existing” to reconnect with the Source in the summer of 2010 – which also came after he and I had written long emails to each other in the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 where he continued accusing me for not understanding him (!) with the truth being that I did understand him fully, but he did not want to listen to and understand me (!) – it was truly IMPOSSIBLE to get him to listen and understand because of his strong voice and uncontrollable feelings – as you can read from our emails here, and from this moment on he decided to “put me on ice” almost not communicating with me at all except from a few times in 2011 after the team had spoken with him, where I became VERY HAPPY that he confirmed that we are still “best friends” and that he will continue supporting me. We only came through the obstacle of Elijah by a hair’s breadth; he is an important man in history also because I HAD to have his faith in me because of who he is, the prophet Elijah.

Elijah’s darkness and lack of faith made me suffer extremely also removing my energy and giving me part of the negative voice I received, but I would like to say that I LOVE ELIJAH AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY VERY MUCH because underneath the darkness given to him by God as part of his journey (!), he is one of the kindest and most caring men I have ever known, and a very strong communicator with a BIG SMILE – which characterises the whole LTO team – and I will here bring the song, which I introduced to Elijah, his family and the team, which is almost my “signature” song by now and of course it is “Lift me up” by Jeff Lynne and yes Elijah, I am about to “finish what I started”, which we spoke much of, and I will NEVER forget your smiling and dancing children when I played this fantastic song for them at your house. You are my “best friend” too :-).

Jeff Lynne singing “Lift me up” is to tell Elijah how much I love you and your family, and that the difficulties we had to understand each other was given by the darkness trying to separate us

In Kenya in 2009, I lost weight to below 85 kg because of the darkness there, and in Denmark in 2011 I gained weight to 115 kg – more than ever – because of the darkness here!

In most of my life I have been fighting to keep my weight and when I have weighed approx. 88 kilograms, I believe I have had the right weight – I am 190 cm tall – but for long periods I have weighed 94-95 kilograms or even more, which has always annoyed me and no matter what I chose in life, I knew that I would suffer either to become “too thick” when eating as I “almost” wanted to or to have “normal weight” not being able to eat as what I wanted to but having to “be careful” always also making me suffer.

When I was in Kenya in 2009, I lost much weight with my clothes becoming much too large (see the picture to the left) and I did not starve at any time, which was how the darkness in this country having difficulties feeding its population hit me, and when I returned to Denmark, I was thin – maybe the thinnest I have ever been weighing less than 85 kilograms I believe – making my old friend Preben believe that I had lost 15 kilos of weight, but slowly the darkness of Denmark started hitting me again and now STRONGER than ever, which was for me to gain weight, because Denmark has plentiful, and I don’t believe I have eaten more than in Kenya – I have had more wine and some more cakes, but this is not the explanation (!) – but still I have put on so much weight that I am now thicker than ever before now weighing 115 kilograms and it makes me suffer because I truly DON’T like to be thick – this is not the way life’s meant to be 🙂 – and also because I cannot now fit most of my clothes and as example I have been wearing the same trousers every single day for months because they are the only ones I can fit, and the “funny” part here is that I can tell that my growing physical size gets attention by people including my mother because they can see it and understand it, and that is not because they tell me, but I can see it on the eyes of people.

From 2009 I led an economically poor life with approx. 8 USD per day removing much joy, but I did not starve – except in 2010 when the Commune “stole” my cash help

Since returning to Denmark in September 2009 and moving to Kgs. Lyngby in November 2009 and Helsingør in October 2011, I have been living on a “minimum” compared to what almost all people do in Denmark, but not compared to the millions of poor people all over the world starving.

For most months I have decided to live for net DKK 1,200 per month, which is DKK 40 per day or USD 8 to cover food, clothes, transport and communication, and to send approx. 2,800 DKK to my LTO friends in Kenya.

This has given me an economically poor life – again compared to how life normally is here – but as you understand, I have NOT been starving at any time – except from the period in 2010 when the Commune wrongly “stole” my cash help – but I have been forced to buy the cheapest food without being able to do “impulsive shopping”, to buy clothes and goods as I would have liked to, or even to get an ice cream, pizza/burger etc. when I “felt like it”, which was many times, where I could only watch people buying here, there and everywhere also ordering food and wine on cafes etc. which was impossible for me to do herewith removing much joy of life.

For periods I have received extreme temptations to think of myself – to get a “better” life – without sending (as much) money to LTO, primarily because of my family thinking and telling me this WRONGLY again and again (!!!) – “think about yourself, Stig, your African friends only exploit you for money”! – which required extreme discipline to overpower and to continue doing and at other times, I have received strong feelings of “guilt” when I have been eating normally knowing that LTO was starving, which I often received through scratchings to the bottom of my head, which could be very severe.

Again, this suffering of mine is absolutely NOTHING compared to my other sufferings and nothing compared to what poor people of the world go through when starving and screaming. In this sense, this is NOT my main suffering, but an additional suffering.

More “small” sufferings to add in this chapter includes that I have had no holiday for years, but working almost all days, no sitting out in the sun relaxing and enjoying myself but continuing to work, work and work and ….

I was forced out of my apartment in Kgs. Lyngby by a bureaucrat of a chairman of the housing association prioritising WRONG and CRAZY rules instead of accepting my agreement with the landlord!

In August/September 2011 I was forced out of my apartment in Kgs. Lyngby – I moved in October 2011 to Helsingør – because the bureaucrat of a chairman of the housing association decided NOT to do what was the humane right thing to do, but to prioritize WRONG rules of the association giving a limit of max. two years of rentals even though I had showed her that their rules were WRONG according to the law, even though my landlord Poul Erik and I had DECIDED to extend the lease (!) and even though she and nobody else personally objected for me to stay (!), which made me suffer for 1-2 months having to continue working with the risk of becoming homeless, but eventually it worked out fine when I was “lucky” – “heaven only knows” how 🙂 – to receive a new apartment at a “perfect place” in Helsingør with the most beautiful view over the sea symbolising our beautiful New World.

The world was too lazy to read and understand my website and instead the strong and ignorant voice of people told them that I was crazy and I was verbally degraded!

I was public on the Internet since February 2010 encouraging people to read “a few hours” to obtain faith in me, which nobody “could” do, thus NOT spreading the message of me to the world!

I launched my first website with Microsoft the 1st February 2010 and my new website with WordPress the 7th December 2010, and at my new site, for a long period of time, I had written very clearly for all visitors to see my encouragement to carefully read and understand my website using a few hours to do this in order to obtain faith in me and help the world (!) but despite of my encouragement, I could see from the visits to each of my web-pages that no one decided to follow my encouragement – nobody (!) – and instead most ignorant people were “busy” to conclude that I was “crazy”, that my website was “too much” or did not have their interest (!), and it would only have taken maybe 3-4 hours to read and understand my main 15 web-pages to obtain faith in me, but NOBODY had “time” to do this with the consequence – as I told about on my website (!) – that almost no one believed in me (!).

A very large majority of my visitors only had
“time” to stay at my site less than 15 seconds!

This was the strong, selfish voice of people working, NO ONE followed my encouragement (!) with the closest being people I already knew, namely the LTO team – especially Meshack reading all of my scripts word by word maybe as the only one (!) – followed by my aunt Inge and my old friend Fuggi, who read what he “liked” to read skipping “the crazy parts”!

As mentioned, I did my absolutely best to inform the visitors to my website that it would take only “a few hours” to read my website in order to understand me – and to encourage people to start reading my scripts word by word as the natural continuation after obtaining faith in me – but even though this message should be clear for all both to see and understand, nobody had “time” to do this and nobody followed my recommendation to do what it took to understand me (!), which was the reason why my website at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com only received approx. 10,000 visits in total – with a few people returning many times included in this number – from December 2010 to November 2011.

And the same very large majority of my visitors
only had “time” to visit one of my pages!

The message is that the world was not able to read and understand me in order to communicate the “pretty easily understood” message that I had returned. If the world had not suffered from a strong, selfish voice including a sceptical and lazy attitude (!), my story would have spread like rings in the water all over the world a long time ago, and of course it made me immensely sad to see that even though I did my best to make you understand and even though “many” people of the world was waiting for my arrival, “nobody” was capable to read and understand me and to spread the message to the entire world. Do you see that you need to improve when it comes your “ability” to read/listen, understand and communicate?

I was also sad to see that I did not receive one single comment or “like” to my more than 300 postings of new scripts to my Facebook profile since 1st February 2010. People could easily comment on superficial postings, but no one throughout all of this period could send me a comment or merely a sign of “like”. I was left with “deadly silence”.

Negative, ignorant and better-knowing people told me that I needed help, was delusional, on pills, an impostor/charlatan and a fake not shedding my blood for sinners to be cleaned!

I have received only little feedback on all of my writings and uploaded videos to the Internet – people are “afraid” of me and what they believe is my craziness or simply ignoring me, however with a growing number becoming “unsure” because it makes sense what I write and I still act as a normal man (!) – and most of the few comments I have received have showed the ignorance, better-knowing and/or poor behaviour/language of people, which of course are all characteristics, which I ask you to remove in order to show a clean heart to enter our New World.

Here are examples of ignorant and better-knowing comments I have received, which of course made me sad to receive – and I was “lucky” only to receive few negative or even “ugly” comments compared to what Eligael, the witness of the Jerusalem UFO in January 2011, for example received from better-knowing people smearing him grossly when they accused him to do a hoax video of the Jerusalem UFO (!) – read some of the comments he received here and here and you will understand just how extremely LOW people can get.

  • “You need help”
  • “Hmmm, I wonder if it is possible to get in pills, what Stig is consuming”
  • “Your a fail…”
  • “Your explanation is shit and I know many smart people who are not so arrogant and can make a 10 year old understand physics.”
  • “Ur saying u were JESUS in ur previous life?u gotta b kidding me,u didn’t leave GOD the FATHER’s throne to die for sinful man,u didnt shed ur blood for the sinner to b clean,ur fake as can be,the virgin mary is not ur mom.”
  • “I do not need to see anything further than your video to tell you with 100% certainty that you are totally wrong with your interpretation of what this means.”
  • To one of my videos including the light of Virgin Mary: ”Another dillusional person? Good luck with your claim. The lights are from a distant structure and the small moving light is from a small airplane your dummy.”
  • When saying who I am to a too strong “believer”: “The Bible says, “There is no other name under heaven which we might be saved (Jesus). Jesus said only those who believe in Him will be saved John 3:16/John 14:6. His name has not changed from Jesus. Jesus said if someone says He has returned, do not believe it, he said when He returns every eye will see Him. Matthew 24,Revelation1. A channeled spirit is a demon or fallen angel. Jesus is the only Lord and Master of Man. He said the Father gave Him all power in heaven/earth

I should almost reserve a special chapter for my “friend” Jiro – “the Devil’s advocate” – but I will only bring this dialogue from the 8th October 2011 and also tell you that because he is fighting Rael – also “claiming” to be the Son of God (!!!) and saying that there is a link between mankind and people of other civilizations – it is “totally impossible” for him to read and understand me, and this is how I also was made an “impostor” and “charlatan” by this the man of the Devil symbolising “a large part of mankind today” and yes it always make me hurt when meeting ignorant people misunderstanding and especially degrading people wrongly.













So called enlightened people of the spiritual forum “Selvet” welcomed me with negativity, prejudices and condemnation, when they wrongly judged me as a swindler and expelled me

In February and March 2010 I also experienced the feeling of being humiliated and degraded by so called “enlightened people” of the Danish spiritual forum www.selvet.dk, who essentially were the same selfish, ignorant, better-knowing and lazy people here as I have seen in practise everywhere else (!), except from a few people in Kenya, and my aim was simply to get people inside of this forum to read and understand me and to help their spiritual development – one should have expected that my arrival would have been received with happiness and that I would have received a warm welcome – but when people did not either here truly follow my encouragements to read and understand, the same happened here as everywhere else, which is that they judged me as a swindler and showed their negative and uncontrollable feelings, which was NOT nice to see!

I gave them positive messages but was mainly met by prejudices and condemnations of sceptical people, and here are some examples of what they told me:

  • “Poor you the day you will wake up and recognise how reality works”.
  • “I have read a part of Stig’s material, and it is the most incoherent Greek, it is nothing else than a long diary from a person, who cannot see a whole of the world we live in”.
  • “Regrettable that the owner of this thread becomes personal and decisive over what others experience and better-knowing about others reality”.
  • “You judge in forehand all of us users on Selvet as unbearable to listen to. Are you completely raving mad”?
  • “I don’t condemn you, I condemn what comes out of your mouth because as I say as a starting point you are right”!

Again I did my absolutely best to make myself understood using MUCH resources, which I did not have, to write new postings to explain and sort out their misunderstandings, but my direct language was not “well received”, which in other words are about HYPER SENSITIVE people for whom the truth is “unbearable” to be told as directly as I did with the purpose to wake them up, and that is even though people (should have) understood that I was right, as you for example can see from the last bullet point above.

Also here I was met by the “opposite golden rule” of people who thought that I was rude to them – for telling the truth directly in order to help them, which you know is the same with everyone else (!) – without understanding that they were the ones behaving very wrongly and bringing me endless sufferings at the time, and the story ended by the non-believer Michael, the administrator of Selvet, who could not control his negative feelings – based on his misunderstandings of course – and together with the owner of Selvet, they decided to throw me out!

This is how I was welcomed by this forum with many “anxiously” waiting for the year 2012 and my return! They too were not “able” to understand me because of their strong and wrong, selfish voices!

You can read the thread of Selvet here and you can read the reason why I was thrown out and my answer to the forum, which was censored by the Devil of Michael (!), from my script of the 15th March 2010, and later I was happy to see that this forum supported me when saying that Selvet would have been “a very different forum, if Stig D. had not been thrown out because of his belief. Think about the debates, which could have been between Uffe BigBang and Stig, and how Stig could have guided the users of Selvet and thrown light at all of the dark corners – all the way to the owner of Selvet and the unpaid staff” and “let this be an encouragement for …. to demand Stig back, ….. It will create joy and big smiles on this arena”.

My meditation group were parasites soaking out the rest of my life energy, and when I told them about their spiritual deceptions, I was met by hostility and crude attacks killing my “old self”

In September 2011 I met a group of “very nice” and so called “enlightened” people through a meditation group in Helsingør, which at least is how they showed themselves as long as I stroke them the so called “right” way, but when I spiritually was shown how Niclas as the spiritual leader of the group was deceived by darkness disguised as “loving light” giving him wrong messages, I decided to tell him and the group to help them (!) first verbally and since in my open letter to the group included in my script of the 29th November 2011, which however became the beginning of a true nightmare, which these “nice people” now started showing me, which was the true face of the other side of them not being able to “stand” people telling them the truth straight out as I did – they had lulled themselves into a “non-aggressive, loving sleep” of delusions, where everyone agrees (!) where they did the same as Buddhists, which was to avoid people they did not “like” (and in my case to put me through crude attacks!), whom they could have helped if they only had used my philosophy to communicate strongly and honestly instead, but they were fooled by darkness disguised as love, do you see (?) – so instead of communicating with me as I encouraged them to do over and over again, they decided to become “completely silent” (“helt stille”) as oysters (!) and speak wrongly about me behind my back bringing me much darkness and sufferings including my “old nightmare”, so in order to go through the absolutely worst darkness of all at the end of my journey, I had to meet this “spiritual group of love” to bring me this darkness (!), and basically it was totally impossible for them to believe in me not because of what I wrote and told them, but because they did not want to believe in me because how could this “loving light” they receive spiritually be “darkness” (?) and the answer was that it was energy of the light, which the darkness used as a parasite and they were the parasites themselves soaking out the rest of my life energy as my “old self” helping to kill me before becoming my “new self”.

I met much poor behaviour of stubborn and simple minded people of this group doing nothing to TRULY communicate, listen to and read in order to understand me but everything they could to put their own wrong and ignorant “beliefs” upon me, which included crude attacks and again the difference was that I am right, and they are wrong, and really because I work MUCH better and am MUCH stronger than “all people” (!) – because of a decision only and not because I am better than others – which is why I am given the spiritual truth and in other words simply because I did not give in to the darkness as they had done.

I was wrongly accused by Maj, who took on the role to be the “spokesperson” of many of the group, telling me that I was angry, aggressive, accusing/blaming people and having a sense of guilt (!) without showing love, openness and kindness (!) and certainly not acting as Jesus would have done (!!!), and she told me that I seemed to be mentally ill, maybe a psychopath because you have “such a strong belief that you are the ONLY one being right”, which she could not handle because she had another “belief” than me, and she really nailed me onto the cross when she stated: “If you tell me you are Jesus having the only truth of the world and everyone else are wrong, I will get off here”, so this is what she then did choosing the Devil instead of God. You can read about the attacks of her and the group in my scripts of the 2nd December 2011 and 5th December 2011.

I tried to explain my best a few times, but when I understood that it was simply IMPOSSIBLE to make Maj understand – she was a true grumbler literally taking the exact opposite view of mine without doing anything to understand and at one point she even started accusing me WRONGLY for not trying to understand her (!!!) and she might tell the world one day about who truly understood and misunderstood (?) – I decided to stop communicating (I don’t want to waste my time and to continue becoming sad by misunderstandings of people), but to publish my script of the 2nd December to the group for them to read including my reactions on their WRONG behaviour, which made Maj totally lose her temper and what was left of her “good will” now blaming me for defamation, insulting her honour and abusing someone’s name in public places (!), and all I did was to use my freedom of speech to show the TRUE face of her and the group to the world, but as I have seen with most other people (!), I was met with hostility because I hung up their clothes to dry so to speak, and these were indeed so called people of light, but when you don’t stroke them with the hair as we say in Danish, but truly the right way telling them the truth directly in order to help – this is how it is (!) – they are more hyper-sensitive and potentially meaner than any other people I know of not because they “simply cannot take it” – it takes “nothing” to shake them – and yes they are people not being able to control their negative feelings, and they do have a lot of feelings because of their spiritual openness and we know, which makes them favourite victims of the darkness.

The group ended up by declaring that I am selfish having lost connection to reality and some even felt pity for me (!), and also that there is no such thing as darkness (!) – which is what darkness itself spiritually told these simple minded people believing in this lie without looking at the world of today with war, crimes, poor moral and indecency and without reading “my sufferings” as I had given them in order to understand the true nature of darkness (!) – and the majority of the group decided to move on without me continuing to be smothered in and lulled to sleep by darkness disguised as “spiritual love” – exactly the same as I had seen on the spiritual forum of Selvet in the beginning of 2010 – herewith in practise choosing the Devil over me (!) and continuing to finish me off without supporting but condemning me (however some “silent” people of the group started receiving faith in me making me even stronger to fight darkness!), and this was at the absolutely last part of my journey, where the darkness of this group together with Helsingør Commune, my local newspaper Helsingør Dagblad and my own mother was strong enough to bring me inside of the deepest darkness of all to release light and life itself tied up as the skeleton of darkness, which was “impossible” to do, which we “knew” before starting as I am here told, but when there is a will, there is a road, which is also the case here.

During this “experience”, it amazed me utterly to see how people simply decided to believe in their own ignorant, better-knowing and wrong voice totally rejecting my statements of the truth for example when Maj told me about how much she is suffering herself but “I don’t believe this is the fault of the whole world” herewith with a hand stroke rejecting all of me and my explanations of how the sins of mankind ARE my sufferings including my memo on “my sufferings”, which I had attached for her and the group to read, but she and most did NOTHING to understand – they too did not have to read to know that I was crazy (!) – so on basis of their deafness and stubbornness I was made “crazy” or “disturbed” by Maj and the group, and she will have to be the one taking the prize of all to show her better-knowing ignorance the most clearly, but most of my family/friends etc. were sadly doing exactly the same as she, however in silence, where she just had the courage to stand forward.

The other side of these “nice people” were the worst darkness self rejecting God appearing as a normal man and they accused me for being everything, which they are themselves – showing the remaining part of the “opposite world” – but still they are TRUE servants of God, who will help me to enlighten the world when they will wake up from their shelter too showing who they truly are :-).

When the darkness could not bring me down, it influenced people around me even making some sick and killing others!

The darkness sent to me by negative, angry/sad and concerned people – because of misunderstandings (!) – in 2010 and 2011 was so strong that it made people around me sick or brought other “misery” to them – people of the Commune, Brede Park and Falck becoming sick, losing their temper or even wife (!) are examples – and around my home in Lyngby people died because of this darkness, and it made me VERY sad, when Winnie living at the next staircase – just on the other side of my wall – died from a cancer, which was given to her, as I was told, because I had decided that the cancer my mother received should NOT kill her. She was the one receiving me with the most heartfelt warm in Kgs. Lyngby, and I will NEVER forget her. The darkness tried to kill me but when I would not allow it, these are some examples of my surroundings being hit instead.

I was very sad that media and governments continued following the old world order with some knowing about my coming but not having the nerve to welcome me through a simple email

It made me suffer to continue seeing the media following their old world order with all of their disgusting “news sensations”, sex and violence, the same with TV/films and not least politicians keeping on fighting and disagreeing over the old world to protect their power bastions etc. with governments knowing of my coming and with me a New World Order.

And it made me VERY sad that NO POLITICIANS had the nerve to follow my many encouragements simply to send me a nice email welcoming me to this world and to send a copy of it to the media, which would have helped raising the faith of the world in me VERY much, which would have made the sufferings/sacrifices of the Universe in 2011 unnecessary/smaller (!), and sometimes I even feared that the “official world” did not know about me, but I was helped by a handful of governments deciding to give me “hidden messages” showing their support through visits to my website recognizable to me as “government visits”, and I also received information on “referrals” to my website with “secret messages”, which I did not include many of in my scripts, but they kept coming also fitting with information I wrote in my scripts, so I noticed these “secret visits” too, and this made me happy :-).

I could give you other examples of other sufferings, and maybe just a couple here:

  • When my computer – especially in 2010 but starting earlier, maybe in 2008 – and other electronic devices stopped working because of “spiritual darkness” (!) or had problems working, it made me “suffer”, and to this list you can add my CD-player (I suffered when I could not listen to music because of my big LOVE for music), Italian coffee machine, laptop etc.
  • All of my life, I have been given many examples of my “memory” being removed just like that – where I could not remember names and faces, and after some time the memory of people I have gone to school with, worked with, had experiences with etc. simply vanished – a large part of my life was removed with my memory lacking, which for example Fuggi may remember when we met the first times in 2009 after not seeing each other for many years, where I could not remember this and that of what he told me, but where I could remember the stereo equipment of an old friend in Espergærde and what we listened to in the beginning of the 1980’ but I did not remember who the friend was before Fuggi told me!


Karen broke my heart and opened me spiritually

Read this, the next chapter of my sufferings here.


This website was first published November 12, 2011, and has since been updated few times.