Uncontrollable feelings of my family/Karen broke me down


Misunderstandings and uncontrollable feelings of my dearly beloved family and Karen completely broke me down


  • I love my family more than anything in the world, and they only want the best for me, but their misunderstandings in me brought extreme negative feelings transferred directly to me as sufferings.
  • I told my family of the importance of understanding, but still my sister “could” not read carefully to understand (!) and her negative feelings brought our mother against me almost destroying me/us!
  • The harder they “desperately” tried to make me understand their misunderstandings (!), the more sufferings I received bringing “fuel” for the spirits of my mother and father to save the world :-).

Karen broke my heart completely, which opened me spiritually

  • I love the “good side” of Karen more than anything, I only wish for us to “let’s stay together”, please understand that Karen’s life, troubles and actions towards me was part of the Master Plan.
  • When I met Karen in 2003, she broke my heart completely and my feelings were expanded “incredibly”, which was necessary to wake me up spiritually in 2004, which happened on her birthday!
  • Karen and I had an immensely close and “spiritual” relation and we promised to be each other’s “guardian angels”, which was a promise I kept all along, but sadly she soon forgot her promise.
  • Karen was completely broken down by a man destroying her as his “sexual slave”, and I helped her to “survive”, but she was torn between loving my “culture” and the disaster of our sexual relation.
  • I had to be STRONG, but I was given immensely strong feelings bringing out my tears making her wrongly see me “as a wimp” – the tears were only given to me because she was unfaithful.
  • The beautiful being of Karen was destroyed by “casual” sex, money and men, she decided not to be with me but sadly offered her self to me as a prostitute, which she used to work as.
  • My decision to reveal the secret of Karen as a prostitute to the world ripped her to shreds but was necessary to do to create extreme energy to save the world!
  • Karen played a “sick game” with her old “loverboy” putting her life in danger, and at one point she believed I could be the man “stalking” her, which was part of the “sick game” of her “loverboy”!
  • As late as in 2009, Karen thought of me as a potential new partner, but when I told her later in 2009 about who we are and our destiny, she could not control her temper sending me disgusting replies.
  • Even in December 2011 Karen showed her true loving feelings to me and interest for us to stay together, but she could not “offer” me sex and could not understand that I am the love of her life!
  • I saw the most beautiful lady in Karen and I was devastated to know about our destiny to be together also knowing that she continued to act “cheaply” making love to her “loverboys”.
  • Karen and I could have had a family and child together, she knew I would have been “the best father” and there was nothing she wanted more, but the darkness of sex, men and money betrayed her.
  • I was made a laughing stock by Karen’s loverboys, but we never lost that true loving feeling for each other and our destiny to be together will first come through when we will become our “true selves”.
  • Karen thought I was “gross” when misunderstanding me, and all I wanted was to get her to understand our destiny and to work out how we could be together.
  • The voice of the Devil completely destroyed me when it tortured me thousands of times giving “advice” on how to get Karen back and how she had had my family and friends as “customers”!
  • I suffered much going through my journey without support from a partner also knowing that Karen has been chosen for me as my future wife herewith removing my freedom to choose self.
  • I was put on Karen’s email list as late as in 2011 and just maybe her “spiritual feelings” of me was enough to make her in doubt about my “insanity” because “maybe he is indeed the one”?
  • Karen is a doctor and the darkness “helped” her to get her own practice and a good income, but she could not help me financially ….?

My sister’s loving but uncontrollable feelings made me a “Zombie”

  • My heart is full of love to my sister and vice versa, and it was her immense “loving feelings” to me, which betrayed her to misunderstand me, which was the main reason for most of my sufferings.
  • My sister could not understand me and my “big feelings” because her own feelings were restricted.
  • My sister did not have to read me carefully to “know” that I was “crazy” and harassing people, and when I finally started making sense to her, it was “impossible” for her to admit her mistake.
  • My sister decided not to believe in me because her psychology textbooks WRONGLY told her that I was crazy and because she did not believe in God and spiritual experiences like mine!
  • I gave my sister my book no. 1 in 2008, which she could have read and understood and also the opportunity to truly communicate, but she “knew better” and decided that I needed help!
  • I only met a doctor and psychologist if my sister would meet my “clairvoyant counsellor” – the first two “counsellors” wrongly locked me up at a mental hospital (!) and my sister “forgot” her promise!
  • The “system” locked me up even though I lived a “normal life”, they violated my basic human rights and humiliated me because everyone but me (!) wanted to “help me” remove my “ugly voices”!
  • My mother was given the choice between believing in the Source of darkness or light – my sister and I – and for a long time she chose the wrong voice of my sister herewith making me a “living dead”!
  • Sanna was busy studying “management” also to receive recognition of the family for being a success and “even better” than her brother, whom she could not “bear” teaching her on how to improve.
  • Sanna had a need of recognition also because she knew I was the apple of our mother’s life because I was open and positive where she often showed a demanding and ungrateful character
  • The roles were turned around: My sister thought I was crazy, but she was the symbol of a “crazy” world not listening/understanding because of her compulsive thoughts and strong but wrong voice!
  • My family wanted to hospitalise me even in 2011 (!), and my sister decided the same as everyone else, which is to “wait and see what will happen” instead of opening up and communicating with me!
  • My sister’s family continued living a life in luxury and even when I was dying, my sister or her grown-up sons could not read/listen to and understand me, which made me immensely sad.

My father’s strong and wrong voice made him only listen to himself

  • Misunderstandings kept my father and I apart much of our lives, which made us both hurt much because underneath the surface, I love my father very much as I know he loves me too :-).
  • After divorcing, my mother and father expressed their negative feelings of each other to me, which was a big suffering of mine as a child, where I only wanted them to be able to be together.
  • We had good relations a few years before my father met his present wife Kirsten in the end of the 1970’s, where after our relationship deteriorated because of her morbid jealousy and acquisitiveness.
  • I was extremely disappointed that my father did not truly stand up for his right, but accepted the agenda of his wife herewith prioritizing a new family and life of “comfort” instead of his own son!
  • Over the years, I could not take the selfishness, misunderstood self-satisfaction and unreasonable behaviour of my father and Kirsten, and eventually our relation had to “explode” as it did in 2009.
  • I decided to stop our communication in August 2009 also because I always contacted my father and because I always asked the questions – it requires two active parties to have a “relationship”.
  • My father WRONGLY believed that he was the one trying to keep in contact, when “you shut yourself out for long periods” without understanding that it was his wrong behaviour “forcing” me out!
  • I told my father directly: You only hear your own (wrong) voice, have self-pity, you are not open, don’t communicate/understand, are unreasonable and lack respect – you have been a poor father!
  • After reconnecting with the Source in 2010, I desperately needed positive energy to survive (!), and I asked to see my father if he would be “be open and positive” and I said “I am the same Stig as always”.
  • My father decided to reject me: “You are mentally sick”, which “you cannot see yourself”, “I cannot remember when you have made me happy” and ”maybe you will acknowledge being a poor son”!
  • My father’s misunderstood rejection was “this close” to terminate us because of the EXTREME darkness he brought me giving me my most critical and one of my WORST experiences ever!

The love and sufferings brought to me by my mother saved the world

  • I love my mother even more than anyone and anything else as I know she loves me too, and this love led me through impenetrable darkness to save her and consequently to save the world.
  • My mother’s favourite song has “of course” always been AVE MARIA (!), which I bring here – together with “Maria, Maria” and “Dear little mother” to express my unconditional love to her.
  • My mother suffered immensely because of my “craziness” and was left alone with the thought that there is only one thing worse, which is that Stig tells the truth also making her the Blessed Mother.
  • My mother had INCREDIBLE feelings for me and sufferings when we did not see each other, and she was thinking about killing herself in 2010, which was only avoided because of energy I sent her.
  • The love of my mother and I was tested when my sister influenced our mother against me, which brought my mother and I our extreme sufferings and deadly “sicknesses” – and salvation too.
  • When growing up I could not handle my mother’s uncontrollable temper, which removed my confidence, a love-life and made me in-going giving me immense suffering when not being the man I am.
  • My mother’s destiny of life was to become “simple minded” and receptive to authorities around her to form her life and opinions – with my destiny being the opposite to form the opinions of the world!
  • My spirituality was difficult for my mother to “deal” with, and when I transmitted wrong spiritual messages of my mother’s mother because of her own darkness (!), I had “of course” become crazy!
  • My mother hurt much when I was hospitalised – nobody understood that only by following my spiritual voice without knowing what was true/wrong, I would follow the road of God to save the world!
  • I could tell my mother “basic parts” of my story over and over again and still it was “completely impossible” for her to understand shaking her head in disbelief, which caused me immense pain.
  • Incredible strong darkness tried to make me impatient, annoyed and careless about my not understanding mother to “remove her”, which would have ended the world, but love brought us through.
  • My mother/family knew that spirits worked inside of me, but still it was “impossible” for them to put together the puzzle I had given them to understand – with this memo being the last brick!
  • The worst nightmare of my mother was to chose between Sanna and I and to see us and the family being separated – and I saved my mother from her “aggressive cancer” using energy I did not have.
  • Extreme feelings and concerns of my mother brought MUCH pain and the only thing I REALLY had to be concerned about was the misunderstood concerns of my mother and family!
  • My mother and sister/family spoke wrongly about me behind my back unawarely humiliating me – and their misunderstandings as “poor communicators” broke with me as a “good communicator”.
  • I passed “extreme monitoring” by my mother and sister to show that I was not untidy and irresponsible as a “mental patient”, but “normal” (!), which truly made me suffer because I was a living dead!
  • My mother hurt EXTREMELY being an adoptive child without growing up in a “normal family” also including a father – her real mother took the secret of her real father with her in the grave, almost …
  • My mother loved speaking about the “simple things in life” on the contrary to me, which often made our conversations difficult – and feelings of inferiority, indecisiveness etc. made her suffer too.
  • On one hand my mother would have liked to help me financially even more than she did and was “allowed” to, and on the other hand she asked me to reduce my help to LTO, which made me very sad.



I love my family more than anything in the world, and they only want the best for me, but their misunderstandings in me brought extreme negative feelings transferred directly to me as sufferings

I have also decided to include a chapter about my family and Karen in this memo even though I will not write very much because I have already done so in my writings, but I will give you an overview of some of the sufferings they brought me without a desire to make me suffer (!) because – let me make this absolutely clear to everyone – I love my family more than anything in the world , which they know is the truth (!), and I know that they have the same feelings about me, so the “sufferings” they brought me unintentionally have NOTHING to do with lack of love because of course they only want what is the best for me (!) and they will do “everything” to help me when it comes to “practical help” as they have done very much, but what my family to this date when this is written STILL does not understand is that all of their misunderstandings of and wrong attitude in relation to my scripts –

because they did not follow my encouragements to read carefully with the right attitude (Sanna!) herewith believing they were negative when they truly are the opposite (!) – leading to negative feelings and wrong behaviour speaking behind my back etc. in relation to me is what was transferred spiritually very directly to me giving me the MOST and WORST of my sufferings. We love each other more than anything else, but the misunderstandings of my family were killing me, (my mother) and the world.

I told my family of the importance of understanding, but still my sister “could” not read carefully to understand (!) and her negative feelings brought our mother against me almost destroying me/us!

Before starting this “game” seriously in 2008 by giving my first “book” to my sister, I had told the whole family united about just how important it is to understand instead of listening to one’s own wrong voice, which I gave examples of for example by telling that no one but me had understood Tobias and his wishes for the future simply because they listened more to their own voice than TRULY trying to understand Tobias, which is what I did when asking and listening to him, but still this was NOT enough to make my family do as I, simply to understand me, because they “glittered” due to their misunderstandings, ignorance and better-knowing, which you know by now was necessary to bring us through the Hell of “nothing” to reconnect with the Source and my previous self, the soul of Jesus, now becoming my new self.

I went through the experiences as I have also written about in this memo being a living dead for years, receiving the voice of Hell bringing me to my knees – many times with an incredible desire to lie down in despair and give up – and the worst sexual sufferings in history because of the EXTREME and UNCONTROLLABLE feelings mainly of my mother (!) because of the family feeding her with their misunderstandings and lack of faith in me, which mainly came from the “misunderstood hurt feelings” by my sister (but also from John/Hans), who could not take my “negative scripts” on her, which she told my mother about over and over behind my back, which was “easy” to understand for my mother at the same time as it was “completely impossible” for my mother to understand me (!) – “destroying” me every single time as the direct result (!) – and still my sister could not get herself to read my scripts with the same care as her work/education!

The harder they “desperately” tried to make me understand their misunderstandings (!), the more sufferings I received as “fuel” for the spirits of my mother and father to save the world 🙂

My family were killing me with their “misunderstood goodness” and “wrong behaviour and advices”, which they “could” not understand when they did not read or listen to me carefully – there was nothing I could do!

The more wrongly they behaved in relation to me and the harder they desperately tried to “help” me by “turning me around” to their “agenda” of misunderstandings – for example to receive medication to remove my voices (!), stop my negative writings (!), stop sending money to LTO etc. – the more extreme darkness they brought me and the more extreme energy I brought as a consequence to the spirits of my mother and father (the spiritual world was “reversed” in relation to the physical world, therefore) working for our salvation because of my decision for them to do so, but only if I was able to handle this the worst suffering without breaking down because if I gave up letting the darkness overtake me, the decision of the darkness through me would have been to destruct the world – as it tried to make me decide doing thousands of times – and this is how the destiny of the world was put into my hands as a mere human being with the task to carry out “mission impossible”.

This is what misunderstandings, selfishness and uncontrollable feelings firstly by my family – but also from friends, ex-colleagues, the Commune, Church etc. – can do and so much that this is what the plan to save the world was built on, do you see?

I have often thought that if I did not receive my spiritual openings in 2004/06 and a direct spiritual voice, I would never have changed my old wrong way of life (!), and also that if anyone received the same voice as I, they would (have tried to) do the same as I to become clean, write my writings and fight with the utmost of my life to save us all – and I am sure that my family and Karen and all other family/friends etc. would have done the same, and if you truly had understood that I speak with the voice of the Holy Spirit and God, you would also have done everything to help me through my journey instead of fighting me, and again we come back to misunderstandings because of strong, wrong voices of people including laziness!


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