Normal Life


Summary of Normal Life

In short: I ask all individuals of the world to bring “Normal Life” from rich to poor people in material terms and from poor to rich people in terms of humanity.

Charity is to bring everyone a normal life; lack of charity is keeping 1 billion people in poverty and killing 20,000 children per day!!!

In the poor world of today, people are generally “poor on money, but rich on humanity” and in the rich world people are generally “rich on money, but poor on humanity”.

People of the poor world suffer and scream in pain because they lack a “normal life” in a material sense, and people of the rich world – contrary to what most believe – suffer very much too because their DEEP feelings of life including joy and happiness have been removed because of their priorities of life including selfishness and because poor communication with human misunderstandings brings them much trouble and misery.

The goal for mankind is to bring a “normal life” for everyone both in material terms to poor people and in terms of humanity to rich people, which will be achieved by bringing together and equalize the best from the poor and the rich world of today in order for all to receive a “normal life” in our New World.

Bring “normal life” in material terms from rich to poor people

  • Millions of people of the poor world today suffer beyond imagination, starve, dehydrate, are torn from the most dreadful diseases, humiliated by and dying in front of the eyes of the rich world simultaneously as “rich people” continue to prioritize their own selfish needs buying new widescreen televisions, expensive holidays in luxury maybe only a few kilometres from where poor people are dying, new cars and houses – which may be no. two, three or even more in line – and “of course” to get the best “return on investments” interesting them much more than to truly help “the starving children of Africa” – and elsewhere – which they have difficulties “relating” to and even thinking of – as long as they can continue enjoying their own material lives undisturbed!
  • People, media and Governments of the rich world are responsible for the WRONG balance of the world today because of your WRONG attitude in practise accepting poor people to starve, dehydrate and die because “what can you do about it” (?), thus NOT truly sharing and showing love and compassion to help people out of misery to live a TRUE life.
  • If you have income, housing and belongings ABOVE AVERAGE I ask you to share your surplus with people having LESS THAN AVERAGE.
  • LTO will provide a database for everyone to use to enter all relevant personal information, economical information and contact details into, to enable people of the world to find each other, communicate, share – and become friends :-).
  • I ask the world to provide free computers and PDA’s etc. for everyone to provide MEANS OF COMMUNICATION to the world. This is important!
  • Until “normal life” will come into force, I encourage the world to continue using NGO’s for present disasters, and when “normal life” will start working, to close down NGO’s.

Bring “normal life” in terms of humanity from poor to rich people

  • In the rich world, the love of money and material goods has made people spoiled and selfish, and also predominantly introverted and reserved because they prioritize “passive entertainment” from television, computers and games more than a TRULY active and joyful life together with family and friends, which is the reason why their DEEP layer of warm feelings of love and care to other people has been removed/reduced with the result that their humanity has decayed considerably in direct comparison with “poor and unspoiled people”.
  • Wrong behaviour of spoiled and selfish people has decayed communication and brought misunderstandings among people followed by sadness and suffering when people divorce and break up because of (unnecessary) disagreements.
  • Compared to Kenyans representing the poor world, who are not “infected” by the same disease of money as the rich world, Danes representing the rich world are not as genuine, loving, warm, outgoing and laughing people and without the same deep care for each other. Danes do not experience life and joy as deeply as Kenyans do.
  • The strong and often wrong voice of rich and spoiled people with the urge to interfere when it is not needed, is the true “disease” of “rich people. This is the voice you use to destroy your “beloved” children when they grow up and together with the love of material goods, this is what basically transforms rich people from what they originally were intended to be into generally shy and introvert people having difficulties to express their true feelings and happiness.
  • The selfishness of rich people makes them want more all of the time and never to become satisfied with life because they are fundamentally unhappy as persons. Lack of understanding and insisting to be right gives the highest divorce rates, “lost friendships” and sales of “happy pills” in the world, but still people cannot see they are unhappy because “surveys” tell them that they are happy when they are not! They don’t FEEL life as strongly as poor people and they don’t know about it!
  • I encourage rich people to listen, be receptive to and learn from the life experiences of poor people in order to restore your own “normal life” and show your inner self without a facade in order to start receiving deeper feelings of love, care and appreciation, and I ask poor people to help bringing rich people a NEW LIFE through communication and friendships via Internet to start with.
  • This goal is as important as to bring a normal, material life to poor people. Please help each other mutually to receive a normal and MUCH better life :-).

Ghita Nørby is my example TELLING MAN OUT LOUD what is wrong with life, for man to improve, to sustain life self!

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Bring “normal life” in material terms from rich to poor people

Charity is to bring everyone a normal life; lack of charity is keeping 1 billion people in poverty and killing 20,000 children per day!!!

The extreme right-wing MP, Marie Krarup from Danish People’s Party, is from a family of priests including her father, the also extreme right-wing MP and Pastor too, Søren Krarup, and she says in this interview from October 6, 2015 to the Christian Daily News in Denmark that charity to her is about helping people being close to her, and not refugees and “children in Africa”, and it is also not about “taking from the rich and give to the poor”.

I was completely stunned reading this, this is she as a learned Christian “teaches” the world, which made me write in a comment to the interview that “charity is towards everyone, not least the world’s refugees and poor, and the message from above is to give all a “normal life”, which also includes to “take from the rich and give to the poor”, and yes, it is really not longer than this”.

On November 14, 2015, Anders Breinholdt from “Natteholdet” (“The Night Team”) on Danish TV2 decided to follow up on this to help me showing the world clearly the difference on my and Marie Krarup’s view on “charity” when he “completely unheard of” used the first five minutes of his show to go through Marie Krarup’s definition of charity, and then to pretend being a Pastor with “the light” shining on him going through “The parable of the Good Samaritan” showing the difference of Marie Krarup’s and Jesus’/my definition of charity put into the story of the Good Samaritan, where Marie would simply pass the half dead traveller lying on the ground instead kissing her husband and looking after her children, where the “Good Samaritan” simply is one who helps his next, which, as here, may be a complete stranger (the half dead traveller) because who can bear seeing people dying on the streets without receiving help from the next man (?), but this is what you see everyday with more than one billion people still starving, suffering and thousands dying daily including 20,000 children without the world and individual people doing anything to give the required help, so the world can really LEARN and IMPROVE from this story. Thank you very much to Anders & Co. from Natholdet deciding to “show a difference” to the world by helping me :-).

Natholdet 141015-1Anders Breinholdt as the Pastor in light telling the story of the Good Samaritan below showing what charity is and is not, which is NOT what Marie Krarup believes it is, which is only to care for your close family, it is to care for your next, i.e. for all

Natholdet 141015-2To Marie Krarup (on the picture), charity is to help people close to her (her family on the picture), and not refugees and “children in Africa” symbolised by “the halfdead traveller”, which she gives no attention – this is WRONG and why more than 1 billion starve and 20,000 children die every day, because of lack of charity!

And here is the video from “Natholdet” on TV2 showing the world what charity is and is not – do you think you will be able to understand, or are you all as stupid as Marie?


The rich world is responsible for the poor world suffering immensely

This is to people of the “rich world”, which is almost all people of the Western World and people of the same living standard in “poor” and “emerging” countries:

Do you believe that you, your country and the world have done enough to help the poor and suffering people of the world out of misery? Do you believe that giving maybe 10 or 100 USD per year to an NGO and your Government giving maybe 0.1-1 percent of GDP to the poor world exempt you from responsibility (?) when you in practise still accept people of the poor world to scream in pain and die, which is what you do when they continue going through the worst physical and mental pain imaginable.

Read the LTO newsletter on “Dadaab – a living Hell on Earth” and you will understand the potential degree of “unimaginable” suffering of poor people while you continue to live a life in comfort or even in abundance praising yourself “lucky” to be born in the “right” family or country. This attitude and ignorance is what really screams to Heaven!

You, the media and your Government are to blame for the incredible WRONG balance of the world today leading to these completely unacceptable conditions, which everyone easily can see is both EXTREME and WRONG but still you have not solved the problem and still you do not truly care because “what can I do about it” (?) and “I do not approve of the corruption of poor countries” and this is then your “excuse” to do (practically) nothing as long as you do not suffer yourself (?) and therefore you have accepted things as they are today?

Please understand that people are dying RIGHT NOW directly in front of your eyes (!) while you are feasting and living a life in luxury in comparison (!!!) maybe sometimes “thinking academically” of the poor people and all of the “troubles of the world”, when you happen to discuss this “subject” with friends over a “nice dinner” potentially making you all feel “disgusted” (?), and while you continue to talk and show your apathy without acting, millions of poor people continue to suffer immensely and die because millions of “rich and spoiled people” think and behave exactly like you – and my question is therefore to all of you:

Do you believe yourself that your behaviour accepting people to die is acceptable?

Do you REALLY think that your behaviour is acceptable (???) and I ask you to REALLY think carefully! And do you believe it is acceptable when your Government over consume – bringing you welfare – to “keep the economy going” (for many countries with an alarming irresponsibility leading towards the slippery slope) at the same time as your Government have felt the “need” to cut aid to developing countries and even to cut the number of refugees granted asylum and protection in your country and the welfare given to them in order to “protect” your own lifestyle?

Do you really believe it is acceptable that poor people of the world die when you live a carefree life in luxury (?) – compared to their living conditions – and what would you do if the roles were swapped for you to live in extreme poverty watching rich people dribble just thinking of the next very nice steak to eat or a new affair to begin? How would that make you feel?

This is what the “financial crisis” of the world gave an answer on, because when people of the rich world – with USA and Greece as examples – lost personal income, “return on investments” or even their job, they thought that “Hell is lose” making them react strongly and impatiently with their “incompetent” Governments (!) not understanding their “immense suffering” and not bringing them out of “misery” here and now.

I hope you can see the stark contrast and your unreasonable conduct yourself?

You would never treat your livestock as poorly as you treat people of the poor world

“Rich and spoiled people” protect first of all their individual wealth, hereafter the wealth of their family and their country before they will start thinking about the welfare of people of other countries – if they do at all – and my answer to you is that it should be very obvious to all that your selfish behaviour and prioritization leading to the deaths of millions of people is totally UNACCEPTABLE!

In my world I do not separate people into different categories as you have done accepting some to live in a wild and tremendous abundance, a large “middle class” living a “normal life” in material terms and a large “under class” of poor people, which the world in practise have accepted to live worse than the cows and pigs they feed themselves with the result that “rich and spoiled people” on one hand could never dream of accepting their livestock to stave or dehydrate – this would be cruelty to animals making these people feel very strongly and disgusted – but as long as it is not people from your own country, the same people do not truly care and therefore accept people of the poor world to be treated more cruel than the worst imaginable treat of their livestock in practise making it acceptable in their minds for poor people of the world to starve, dehydrate and die. A disgrace!

Everybody can see this is WRONG: Please bring “normal life” to the poor world

This is the monstrosity of a world order, you have created, which everybody can see is wrong, but because of your selfishness, you have accepted your fellow human beings to go through such immense suffering – beyond your “ability” to comprehend – which you would not allow a pig to go through.

It should be simple logic for all people of the world to understand that all people are to be treated equally as good as you would like to be treated yourself and that your first priority should have been to change the world order in order to help all people to achieve this goal. It should NEVER have come this far! Therefore:


Share your income, housing and belongings above average with people having below average

If your available monthly income together with the result of your “available” fortune (without selling real estate and “securities”, which would break down the economy) divided by the number of months until the 1st December 2016 is more than AVERAGE FOR THE WORLD, I ask you to focus on HOW TO GIVE   – and if it is less, I ask you to focus on HOW TO RECEIVE.

The idea is also to share housing and belongings as good as possible, because I don’t see a situation in front of me where former USD millionaires will continue living in large houses with much expensive clothes, furniture, art, cars etc. without sharing with poor people to provide everyone with “average housing and belongings”.

This is NOT about “this is mine” – it is about sharing the resources of the world.

LTO will build an online database to connect people of the world

Living Testimony Organization will build an online database as soon as this is possible for all people of the world to enter information on their financials, housing, belongings and contact details, which will enable all people to communicate directly and for people having more than a “normal life” in material terms – both in terms of money and possessions – to share what they have with people having less.

Provide computers to the world for people to communicate and bring “normal life”

The only way forward to bring “normal life” to the world is for people of the poor and rich world to start communicating with each other directly – using modern technology and the Internet – and to become friends, where rich people will share what they have in excess of a “normal life” in material terms and where poor people will help rich people to understand what it means to have true and deep feelings of love and care simply by showing how they live and by being themselves, which will inspire rich people to do the same, when they will understand what they truly miss in life and the nature of their suffering.

In my script of the 10th July 2009, which you can read from Book 2, I asked the world with President Obama as the chairman to provide FREE computers, PDA’s, access to Internet broadband and power supply when needed for all people of the world to enable everyone to communicate directly. Therefore, I ask mankind to use all available resources to produce, distribute and setup these computers and to START HELPING DIRECTLY as good and as quickly as possible.

Use NGO’s to save people here and now – and afterwards close them down

I do not approve of a large number of NGO’s working like private businesses with bureaucracy and in-efficiency creating different systems to cover the same need, professional careers and expense accounts on the back of people suffering the worst – often with head offices in Geneva, Switzerland, one of the wealthiest cities of the world, offering a good life with plenty of good restaurants to visit to hold so called “important” business dinners using contributions, which were given to the aid of the poor.

However, in my scripts I encourage the world to use all available resources including NGO’s here and now to save the people suffering the worst as long as this is required and when NGO’s are no longer needed, I ask you simply to close them down – and here also thanking them for the help they brought to the world, when they were the primary tool to help.


Bring “normal life” in terms of humanity from poor to rich people

Kenyans have deeper and warmer feelings of love and care than Danes

When I went to Kenya in May 2009 – my first true experience of a poor country – it was to meet the people on Earth today the closest to the intended picture of mankind, this is what I was told and why I left, and I witnessed how people can be when they have not been “infected” with the disease of money and attraction to material goods. It was a true eye opener of my life.

I met people on the streets inviting me to stay with them and to share what they had even though they did not have much. This is an attitude you will never see today in a so called “developed” society as Denmark as a symbol of the Western World.

During the 4½ months I was in Kenya working and living together with local people, I saw the characteristics of how man originally was intended to be. I saw smiling, warm, outgoing and laughing people caring for each other, people who were social, open, talkative and relaxed, “normal people” who had no “problems” to stand up in front of an audience singing, speaking and just being out-going and sharing what they had on their heart – shyness was not existing which stroke me compared to the conduct of MANY people of the Western World.

I saw people who love their families deeper than I have ever seen before as the backbone of themselves and the society, people who were genuinely interested in both the families and happiness of other people and people who cared for and were willing to help others because they knew what it means to suffer themselves.

Despite of the problems Kenya also face when it comes to alcoholism and unfaithfulness leading to AIDS, I generally saw strong and energetic people with a human dignity, kindness and calmness, I have never seen before in the Western World and this mostly from people who had lived lives in “isolation” from the temptations of the big town and rich world at their rural village being deprived of the essentials of life.

The biggest experience of my life was to look into the eyes and souls of the most caring and kind people I have ever met

I can best describe these “original people” of Kenya by sharing “the biggest experience of my life” with you, which was the 4th May 2009, where I visited a school at the rural village of Kwawanzilu, which is a typical African village a couple of hours outside Nairobi.

First, I had a meeting with all teachers of the school who were very kind to invite me in and they were genuinely very interested to listen to me and vice versa, and afterwards I spoke to approx. 75 of the school children standing in front of me in the open and dusty school yard.

The children had many kilometres to walk every single day to and from school – and after school to and from the river to get water – and at school they had very long and hot days without any food or water, which made it difficult for them to “concentrate” as they told me (!) and all of these children of the age of maybe 7-12 years welcomed me with the biggest smiles and happiness I have seen in my life all of them “more than eager” to shake my hand, which touched me much to see.

In these children, who were not “polluted” with all of the “warnings and good advice” as children of the rich world receive all of the time destroying their personalities, I saw a spontaneity, nearness, sincerity, confidence and also hope and happiness – despite of their suffering – as I have NEVER seen in people before. When I looked these children into their eyes, I saw an original sparkle, curiosity and openness, which I don’t see in the eyes of selfish children of the rich world, and I thought that I looked these Kenyan children directly into the souls of the most caring and kind people I have ever met, which is simply why this was the biggest experience of my life.

As the conditions are today, these children have NO chance to receive further education but still every single one of them immediately raised up their hands when I asked them if they wanted to receive further education, which you will NEVER see in Denmark, where most children of the same age will not be able to answer this question and will be more interested in their new computer or mobile phone than speaking to a guest for example coming from Kenya, who they also might make “jokes” of because he is “different” to them and therefore looks and maybe even smells “strange”, which of course is a feeling that none of the unspoiled children of the rural village in Kenya received in relation to me. This is the difference.

When all of the children decided to sing songs of Jesus in front of me, which they were inspired to rename with “Stig” (!), I had the moment of my life. I have promised this school and also the church of this rural village to bring them “normal life” in material terms as the first of the world, which is a promise I have all intentions to keep.

Witnessing such joy and happiness among people suffering beyond description lacking both food, water and electricity is what I want to share with the world in order for you to develop the same degree of loving and caring feelings – and perseverance – to bring joy and happiness to all.

The DEEP warm feelings have been removed from rich people prioritizing money

I hope my experience will make you understand the TRUE DIFFERENCE between “poor and unspoiled people” and “rich and spoiled people”, who themselves believe they are the most happy people in the world because this is what “surveys” tell them when they include parameters such as material prosperity, the welfare state taking care of you, infrastructure etc. without understanding that DEEP, original feelings of love and care have been removed from rich and spoiled people because they have decided to love money, material goods and “passive entertainment” more than people imprisoning them to stay at home to have “good steaks and red wine” and one evening after the other sitting passively and silently in front of the new “house altar”, which of course is the new and simply “wonderful” high definition television (!) instead of being much more together with family and friends spreading and receiving happiness and also to experience life everywhere where it is to be found for example through exciting social and cultural events.

Rich and spoiled people are able to smile and become enthusiastic when they think and speak of material goods – a new gadget, luxury shoes, handbags, kitchen, bathroom etc. – because this is what they prioritize, this is what they believe “success is all about” and when they speak of other people, their first action is often to think and speak negatively of these despite of their true inner feeling, which is that they like people, which however is a feeling difficult to bring forward and express for many because this is not what they are used to do.

This is to say that people become what they chose. If you prioritize material goods, your feelings and human relations will suffer in direct comparison with the deep feelings and relations of “unspoiled” people and when you truly prioritize people without being selfish, you will receive these deep feelings of love and care, which is what truly makes you feel the value of living, that is simply to live and be happy.

Faith in God brings you warm and caring feelings

Furthermore, a vast majority of people of the poor world generally have faith if God, which helps them to receive deeper loving and caring feelings than the majority of people of the rich world, who do not have faith or do not have the same profound faith as in the poor world. This is the true significance of having faith, because when you believe in God – and more when you live a decent life – you will receive warm and caring feelings of God and when you do not, you will receive cold and uncaring feelings.

The strong voice of spoiled people influencing your life hides your personality

In the so-called “developed” world, people have a tendency to interfere in the lives of other people telling them what they should do according to their own – often wrong – belief instead of TRULY listening to and helping/developing people according to the true needs/skills of people, which is the same as stealing the freedom from people to be themselves and to develop naturally according to the higher purpose of life given to them as their “birth gift”.

The strong and often wrong voice of rich and spoiled people with the urge to interfere when it is not needed is the true “disease” of “rich people. This is the voice you use to destroy your “beloved” children when they grow up, of course without wanting to, this is the voice, which school teachers use on children to “help” them, the voice friends use on friends, managers on employees and the “official system” on people and all of the time because “we only want the best for you”.

This is the voice telling you every single day “do not do this, do that, because this is much better”, “you need to change, because your behaviour annoys me”, “watch out for him or her because they only want to hurt you”, “if you do this, what do you think people will think of you” etc. and together with the love of material goods, this is what basically transforms rich people from what they originally were intended to be into generally shy and introvert people having difficulties to express their true feelings and happiness, which is the true and general picture of the reserved and cold people of Denmark representing the rich world in direct comparison with the open and warm-hearted people of Kenya representing the poor world.

This is how your personality is removed from you making you into somebody else, which is not the person you truly are, and gradually you will start becoming the person, people have “formed” you into by showing a facade to the world instead of your true inner self, and the facade will become stronger every year of your life until you are trapped and cannot escape. Finally, you have become another person on the surface than your inner self, and this is what truly makes you suffer.

When you for example become a banker, lawyer, accountant or a worker, butcher, writer etc. you will start to become the same person in private as you have “learned” to be at work meaning that you will start to speak the same language as your colleagues and show the same “culture” in private as at work, which is not your true self, and when you become a manager, you will become used to order people what to do because you are convinced that “I know better and am more than they”, which is also how you will start to become as a private person, which of course is unsustainable in all sound relations both at work and in private resulting in fewer true friendships until the day when all of your true friends have deserted you because people do not like “dictators”.

Do you remember the happy person inside of you as a child (?) – he/she is still there!

What you don’t know is that you have now been taken over by your own desires loosing the connection to your true inner self and making your life a living hell. Do you remember how you were as a child or even as a teenager, when you easily and often could smile, laugh, be “curious” of life and show your happy feelings together with people? And do you think you are still the same happy person today? Do you experience the same deep feelings of joy today as you did as a child or does “the responsibility of life” weigh so much that it decreases your true happiness?

The person you were as a child is still inside of you underneath your facade. You only need to discover him or her again and when you do – when you find the courage to be your true self – you will start making your family and friends happy because this is the person, they love very much and you will ultimately start becoming happy yourself.

The self-obsession and small-mindedness of the rich world makes human relations suffer

Rich and spoiled people of today have become small-minded and self-obsessed thinking of themselves almost all of the time: On their “hurt”, fragile feelings because they “believe” people have behaved “unreasonable”, on their envy of others being better off than themselves and their constant, new “needs” to realize their desires making them think that this is what they must have to become “happy”, which they never really become because they keep wanting more all of the time never becoming “satisfied” because they are fundamentally unhappy with themselves as persons.

This selfishness gives people great difficulties to listen to and understand other people, which brings misunderstandings and sufferings, when people cannot see their own wrong beliefs and mistakes because they are “convinced” that they are right, when they often truly are wrong because they only “guess” after having scratched the surface of things without knowing the facts, and because people are spoiled and want to be right, people become stubborn and insist to be “right”, which is how conflicts between people of the rich world arise – even on small and unimportant issues compared to the big picture – and make people hurt, when it is “simply impossible” for them to solve their disagreements even though their inner feeling is that they would like to overcome the disagreement and to remain friends.

But instead of doing everything they can to understand the other party and to find unity – or at least to agree that on this subject, they disagree but this will not break their friendship, which is far more important – people will insist on their “right” without listening to the other party, they will become angry and sad and if the disagreement continues, it will bring people to break up with partners, children/parents/siblings, friends and colleagues for a period of time or even permanently, which again will make people feel deserted and unhappy, which in many cases will develop into a depression when people cannot stop their negative thoughts from influencing their feelings – and the true tragedy is that this happens for millions of people who cannot control their feelings again and again even though they would like to see each other, which you also saw examples of when practically ALL OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS DECIDED TO ABANDON ME when they were “unable” to understand me because of their “strong voices” making them convinced that I had to be crazy and of course after only having scratched the surface unknowing about the true facts and without truly wanting to desert me making both them and me unhappy.

Do you believe that the sales of “happy pills” in the Western World is an indication of people being happy or unhappy (?) and do you believe that the highest divorce rates of the world are to be found in the Western World because “rich people” are happy (?), and the answer to these questions is of course all you need to understand that “rich and spoiled people” are truly unhappy.

But still the belief of most people of the rich world today is that they indeed are happy, which is a feeling brought to you by the sly Devil himself because of your wrong behaviour and prioritization. You are unhappy but you believe that you are happy; you do not even understand this basic fact, which is how the Devil has influenced your lives because of your wrong way of living.

The only way for rich people to regain full humanity is to learn from poor people

Lack of deep and warm feelings to truly experience life and human relations is the true prison of people of the rich world and the only way out for these people is to be open and instead of telling people of the poor world what to do, to start reversing the roles and be receptive to, experience, ask and listen to poor people being the closest to the “original people” in order to learn the true value of life to restore your “normal life” including deep feelings of love and care, and to prioritize life itself being happy together with other people as the most important of life or in other words, to bring back the right balance of life for all people.

This is the goal and also what will become the biggest challenge for “rich and spoiled people” to understand intellectually and to accept because most do not know – or cannot remember – what it means to have spontaneous, true and deep warm feelings of other people, they have not had these feelings since childhood, and I can only encourage you to follow in my footsteps to become friends with “poor and unspoiled people” to understand the same truth as I discovered, which is that I do not show the same deep and warm feelings as these people because the “culture” of Denmark has ruined and spoiled me too – even though my mother and I have very deep feelings, which we however have been “forced” to hide not to be misunderstood (!)  – which you also should be able to see when reading the emails from the LTO team to me in my scripts compared to the emails I send to them. You can “see” the deep and genuine feelings of love and care in these emails and the sincerity they are written with, which is without a “hidden agenda” or “flattery”, which is so widespread and wrong among “rich” people.

Only by becoming friends with and learning from poor and “original” people, by changing your prioritizations of life, by finding and showing faith in me and by having the “courage” to break from your old habits and start showing your inner self without your facade, you will start to receive and become accustomed to a new set of feelings, which will make you feel deeper and more intensive so you will start feeling and experiencing life to its fullest and to become TRULY happy.

This is what I ask “rich and spoiled people” to do and poor people to help bringing – through communication/friendships and through computers/Internet to start with – and when rich people have understood this truth and started to truly live, I kindly ask you to objectively and positively encourage, help and support your family and friends to follow the same road, you decided to follow.

This is how to change the world into a better place for you and me and all of us – and this goal is equally as important as the goal to help poor people to receive a “normal life” in material terms.


Ghita Nørby is my example TELLING MAN OUT LOUD what is wrong with life, for man to improve, to sustain life self!


On March 13, 2019, the Danish public service talk radio station Radio24syv (“Radio 24/7”) brought what supposedly was a portrait interview with “all of Denmark’s Ghita”, the beloved actress Ghita Nørby, who was “interviewed” by the journalist Iben Maria Zeuthen.

The interview caused such a strong reaction of media and population and debate in (social) media that it has been called “Ghita-gate”. It divided the population in two camps, for or against Ghita, and the radio station self believe it is the best radio made for more than 30 years.

I decided to listen to every word of the interview and bring my view on it in this script from April 15, 2019, see also below, what I believe is right and wrong of what is said, when you listen to the interview objectively and look away from Ghita’s loud voice, telling Iben off, which is what has caused many people to react (strongly) against her.

The following is from chapter 13.1 from my script:

Ghita Nørby is a vital part of the story telling man what is wrong with life and behaviour of people today, who “cannot” show themselves, feel life, be natural and let go of their genuine and true emotions without restrictions, but are reserved and have a filter on to “protect” themselves, and there is no better way to understand than through examples, and this is my example given to the world, to show you what people would normally say is a normal and sane person, the journalist Iben, who does this interview with Ghita, she does not look different to most people that we meet everyday (?), which is just the point, this is to show you “cold” and “reserved” people not being in contact with their true and natural selves, who hide behind a facade and maybe even a hidden agenda as here, where Iben is on her guards and thinks more of her own career and employer’s in­terests than on Ghita, she has designed a whole concept of how to bring out the wanted story from Ghita, to expose Ghita to the public, which a razor-sharp Ghita instantly saw and reacted against with all of her heart, this is how people are (“more or less”) of the society today, also often misunderstanding people, which is WRONG and killing life – do not turn inwards and hide, turn out­wards, show yourself, be direct and honest, and live life as it is meant to be lived.

A majority of people reacted instantly and automatically with their negative feelings against Ghita Nørby because of her loud voice, they heard her as “disgusting and vicious” against “poor Iben”, which is the same as MANY people did for years against Thomas Blachman on Danish X Factor telling people the truth straight out with loud words, “YOU CANNOT SING”, Simon Cowell doing the same on British X Factor and Gordon Ramsay doing it on his “Kitchen’s Nightmares”, where he had to shout out the truth to “lousy amateurs” and lazy ignorants doing miserable work, who were still convinced that they did well and acted the most arrogant when thinking and saying “Gordon does not have a right to treat me this grossly, he is wrong, I am right”, and they then acted the abso­lutely worst, shouting back at him, maybe even threatening him, as if it was him having a problem (!), and this is despite of these people truly doing absolutely miserable and about to going bank­rupt, and yes, all of these LOUD WORDS are only given in the name of love to cut through heavy armour of careless and will-deaf people, to make them understand what is otherwise “impossible” for them to understand, to help them improve and survive, and if they did not, if they spoke with a “nice language”, these people would simply not get it and not react, and you can see from epis­odes of “Kitchen’s Nightmares” a large number of people “turning around”, who eventually got the message and realized they had to change and improve in order to make it, which is the same as in this case with people, who “cannot” understand they have to improve on their way of being, their behaviour and communication in order to feel and live life as it is supposed to be, so you may real­ize that Blachman, Cowell and Ramsay, as examples, are not brought to Earth to make people suf­fer and bring them down, but to help people realize the seriousness and importance of having to improve not only to obtain a better life, but for life self to be sustainable, because if you do not im­prove, life will not be at all (!), this is part of turning around life from “closed and inwards” to “open and outwards” asking people to always do your best behaviour, work and communication, to be yourself and to treat people as you would like people to treat you.

I do wish it was not needed to SHOUT in order to make people listen and understand, but this is how it is with deaf and careless people today, which is why I have SHOUTED myself in my scripts and emails over the years to MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND THAT I MEAN BUSINESS! People have to be “provoked” and “shocked”, to be left “speechless”, in order to react and relate to what is really being said beneath the loud words, this is why Ghita also speaks out with LOUD WORDS giving Iben and the world a lesson of how life is meant to be, do you think you will be able to “forgive” Ghita’s, Thomas Blachman’s, Simon Cowell’s, Gordon Ramsey’s and my so called “wrong behaviour”, when you understand that we bring this message of God with the purpose for all to improve in order to sustain life self?

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