The UN, NGO’s and media execute the poor!



In short: Foreign Aid is ”sufficient as a tailor in Hell”, the U.N. still execute the poorest as part of their 90% world depopulation agenda, millions of poor people suffer and die because of the selfish, rich man only caring about himself, irresponsible media do NOT live up to their responsibility waking up empathy of the population and U.N. to TRULY help poor people out of poverty, greedy NGO’s hide the REAL TRUTH of extreme sufferings of poor people and do NOT accept volunteers to help out, and desperate refugees knock on Europe’s doors while the Danish government as example use Nazi-methods to keep them out.

This page is really also “New World Order of darkness of the World Elite (Part V)”.

January 31, 2017: NGO’s were part of planning the whole game of me and my fight against darkness – together with the Vatican and world religions.

Foreign Aid is ”sufficient as a tailor in Hell”, the UN still execute poor people as part of their 90% world depopulation agenda

  • Millions of people of the poor world suffer beyond imagination and die because of the selfish, rich man only caring about himself.
  • I have used the Dadaab refugee camp as example of “unimaginable sufferings” of the poor world sending out my outcry to help, but the world did nothing but hiding it!
    • May 2016: Kenya will now close down it’s refugee camps, thus following the hidden plan of the UN and NGO’s ultimately to eliminate these people!
  • Foreign aid and contributions are “sufficient as a tailor in Hell” still executing the poorest people, thus following the TRUE wish of 90% depopulation of UN.
  • Global military spending is 1.700 billon USD, global foreign aid is 128 billion USD and still rich countries want further reductions in aid – to drop bombs on the poor!
  • Irresponsible media do NOT live up to their responsibility waking up empathy of the world population and United Nations to TRULY lift poor people out of poverty.

NGO’s hide the REAL TRUTH of extreme sufferings of poor people, thus directly KILLING PEOPLE!

  • The attitude of NGO’s and people is WRONG when you believe that “only little money” can bring a “big help”, when it is indeed keeping people in the worst poverty.
  • Selfish and greedy NGO’s paint a “too rosy picture” hiding the REAL TRUTH of extreme sufferings of poor people, thus directly KILLING PEOPLE!
  • Anders Ladekarl has a FAT contract and a “wildly fascinating” life as General Secretary for Red Cross Denmark “networking” with media, politicians, celebrities and royalties.
  • Anders Ladekarl, Red Cross, is ”PROUD” to be Danish because of ”great compassion” of the Danes, which Danes LOVE to hear with no one liking me telling the cruel reality.
  • May 9, 2015: A Red Cross collection show on Danish TV2 was the most primitive entertainment imaginable, which my mother and I do NOT like at all!!!
  • August 17, 2015: Anders Ladekarl has his freedom of speech, but he does NOT show a clean heart when living a life in luxury on the backs of the poorest people.

Desperate refugees knock on Europe’s doors while the Danish government as example use Nazi-methods to keep them out

  • August/September 2015: A large number of refugees knocking desperately on Europe’s doors: Let us protect ourselves and close our eyes, right? WRONG!
  • September 16, 2015: “We need a New World Order now!” – “Open your borders, open your heart, Europe!”.
  • September 2015: A national TV collection show brought in 86 million DKK, while Denmark use 30 billion DKK on fighter planes and reduce foreign aid by 1/3!!!
  • The Danish Prime Minister lied to the United Nations when promising to “live up to our collective commitment” to “eradicate poverty”.
  • The Danish Finance Minister lied when saying that “we fully live up to the needs” while prioritizing Danes above refugees; he is a “TAKER” controlling and killing life!
  • January 2016: Denmark use Nazi-methods approving controversial refugee bill allowing police to seize asylum seekers’ cash and valuables.

NGO’s have turned into cold and cynic “executioners” instead of true humanitarians also welcoming volunteers

  • No NGO’s accept volunteers to help directly from man to man in need herewith effectively blocking out the need of many thousands to offer immediate crisis help.
  • It was IMPOSSIBLE to become a volunteer with an NGO to offer HUMANITARIAN work despite of a GIANT need – so I was “hired” for free by Lutheran World Federation (LWF) because of my skills!
  • Hans to Stig: As coming Dadaab-employee, your Dadaab memo is “very problematic”. Stig to Hans: I speak out the truth instead being political and allowing people to die!
  • NGO’s work as bureaucratic businesses deciding over life/death – their work and lack of funds turn them into cold and cynic “executioners” instead of true humanitarians!
  • Some people working in the “aid industry” play a double-game sexually abusing women and children belonging to the weakest people in the world.
  • I left LWF because they don’t accept volunteers, don’t speak the truth about human disasters and because I wanted to help the poorest NOT doing their office work!


Foreign Aid is ”sufficient as a tailor in Hell”, the UN still execute poor people as part of their 90% world depopulation agenda

NGO’s were part of planning the whole game of me and my fight against darkness – together with the Vatican and world religions

January 31, 2017: I was told that the Save the Children foundation, as an example of NGO’s, were parts of planning me and the game between light and darkness, and the other day, I felt Anders Ladekarl from Red Cross, and was told that there is a game behind the game because he may have been part of the System of Hell really eliminating the poor world, as you can read here (this very website), and you have written very strongly against him and NGO’s, but they were really also part of planning all as the Lutheran World Federation (as I met in Geneva in 2009) also were, and yes “NGO’s behind the curtain” working together with the Vatican and “other churches”.

Millions of people of the poor world suffer beyond imagination and die because of the selfish, rich man only caring about himself

As mentioned on my website “normal life” – “Bring “normal life” in material terms from rich to poor people” – millions of people of the poor world today suffer beyond imagination, starve, dehydrate, are torn from the most dreadful diseases, humiliated by and dying in front of the eyes of the rich world simultaneously as “rich people” continue to prioritize their own selfish needs buying new widescreen televisions, expensive holidays in luxury maybe only a few kilometres from where poor people are dying, new cars and houses – which may be no. two, three or evstarvation-22en more in line – and “of course” to get the best “return on investments” interesting them much more than to truly help “the starving children of Africa” – and elsewhere – which they have difficulties “relating” to and even thinking of – as long as they can continue enjoying their own material lives undisturbed!

People, media and Governments – and NGO’s – of the rich world are responsible for the WRONG balance of the world today because of your WRONG attitude in practise accepting poor people to starve, dehydrate and die because “what can you do about it” (?), thus NOT truly sharing and showing love and compassion to help people out of misery to live a TRUE life.

My conclusions are:

  • The rich world is responsible for the poor world suffering immensely.
  • Do you believe yourself that your behaviour accepting people to die is acceptable?
  • You would never treat your livestock as poorly as you treat people of the poor world.


I have used the Dadaab refugee camp as example of “unimaginable sufferings” of the poor world sending out my outcry to help, but the world did nothing but hiding it!

Read the LTO newsletter on “Dadaab – a living Hell on Earth” below and you will understand the potential degree of “unimaginable suffering” of poor people while you continue to live a life in comfort or even in abundance praising yourself “lucky” to be born in the “right” family or country. This attitude and ignorance is what really screams to Heaven!

I have used Dadaab in Kenya as example of horrific living conditions – “more or less” – of poor people all over the world. One billion people are starving completely unnecessary today – the world would be able to feed and bring a “normal life” to everyone if only you truly wanted to!

The mental suffering of these people, who are already hurt by the negative effects of war in Somalia, is IMMENSE AND BEYOND DESCRIPTION when it comes to living in what may be the most overcrowded place in the world including:

  • Starvation and dehydration due to lack of food and water, and none/limited cooking items.
  • No/limited shelter, blankets etc.
  • Terrible sanitation and garbage “services”.
  • Dreadful sicknesses, no or limited personal hygiene, healthcare and no dental care.
  • Violent assaults, torture, rapes, burglaries and thefts by police and residents.
  • No legal rights, no working justice system, no justice, no influence on your own life.
  • Physical disability and mutilation.
  • No higher education, no work, no hope for a better future and no trust in the system or people.
  • People are left dying WITHOUT the International Community intervening!

Each of the above mentioned sufferings can make a person “THROW UP” or what is worse and when you experience many or all of these at THE SAME TIME and EVERY SINGLE DAY, this is when people experience THE WORST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL SUFFERING IN THE WORLD resulting in CONSTANT depression, anxiety, insomnia, ulcers, no physical resources and no life quality at all.

Refugees: “The life is without life”, “we are treated as cattle”, “18 years in Dadaab is enough – enough is enough!”. What will you do when you are desperate and the world does not listen? Make a riot, become careless, kill people? Or accept death as your only way out of this rotten life (brought to you with “blessings of the United Nations/the world”)?

And still the conditions of Hell – now almost 400,000 people at the Dadaab camp alone – continue to deteriorate even more as you can see from this article in the Kenyan Daily Nation of November 1, 2013:

Daily Nation 011113 - 1

Daily Nation 011113 - 2

November 2013: Over five hundred thousand Somali refugees will be repatriated back into the their country after the United Nation High commission for refugees and the Kenyan and Somali governments signed a tripartite agreement for a voluntary repatriation and reintegration exercise. A tripartite commission will also be set up to expedite the reintegration process. I wonder how the world community TRULY will help these people in Somalia when you “cannot” truly help them at Dadaab???

Later I was told spiritually that Dadaab was practically working as a KZ-concentration camp with “prisoners” dying from hunger etc., and the emptying of Dadaab was decided because “the official world” did not want to show the truth to the world.

When I was working on the first edition of the newsletter on Dadaab – before going to Kenya and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Geneva in 2009 – I read about “Standards and Indicators Reports” of UNHCR, which are prepared for Dadaab and similar camps around the world, but the reports are NOT online and when I contacted UNHCR in Geneva, I was told that they do NOT want these to be published, but still I received the 2007 report (which I don’t have any more) because I received a good contact with two Danes working there (as you can see from our email correspondence here) and only because I had a “good reason” to receive it because I was going to work for the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) shortly, and I was appalled to learn that the United Nations are hiding the truth from the world not publishing the detailed information about the severe sufferings, living conditions, sicknesses and deaths of Dadaab and other places, and it made us write this in the final Dadaab newsletter above:


May 2016: Kenya will now close down it’s refugee camps, thus following the hidden plan of the UN and NGO’s ultimately to eliminate these people!

May 14, 2016: It made me sad to see the total surrender and break-down of the world when hearing about the news of Kenya deciding to close down their two big refugee camps, Kakuma and Dadaab “because of “very heavy” economic, security and environmental burdens” sending 600,000 of the poorest people in the world on a dangerous tour back to an uncertain home in Somalia and South-Sudan, and really because the world “could not” send enough funds to truly help these “forgotten souls living the worst lives in Hell on Earth”, and yes, a true disgrace of the world it is.

CNN 070516Source:

I received the feeling of Anders Ladekarl, the general secretary of the Danish Red Cross as I have written the true story about on this very website, which is about how he shows “a kind face to the public apparantely wanting to help the poorest of the world”, where he, and the New World Order of darkness of man as he follows too, really has the hidden plan to remove all help to these refugees as example – with the ultimate goal to eliminate them, which is really what this development closing down the camps in Kenya is about.

Foreign aid and contributions are “sufficient as a tailor in Hell” still executing the poorest people, thus following the TRUE wish of 90% depopulation of UN

Why has man developed such selfishness that he allows millions of people to suffer and die truly not caring?

SNF16TAX1_532_1490571aWell, there are several reasons with the most obvious being that man has been “released” from responsibility from the welfare state taking care of our “collective responsibility” by collecting taxes, which brings in “very much money” and is used to pay for social benefits, healthcare, education, public services (police, fire, roads, culture etc.) and foreign aid etc.

You can see from this graph that the rich world in average gives foreign aid of approx. 0.45% of their gross domestic product, and if you look at Denmark as example, we give above average, but still it is “sufficient as a tailor in Hell” as we say here meaning that this is what it really is, it is the Devil at play with the state removing responsibility of individuals to take care of your next as you would do to yourself.

  • Public Danish Foreign Aid 2012, approx. USD 2.9 billion
  • Private contributions, collections, sales of clothes etc., approx. 25%
  • Total Danish Foreign Aid, approx. USD 3.6 billion
  • Foreign Aid per capita per month approx. USD 55
  • Foreign Aid per employed per month approx. USD 117
  • Average net income per employed per month approx. USD 3,600


This is the foreign aid that people give via income taxes, and in most rich countries it is below what Denmark gives, you can see that USA only gives ¼ of Denmark, and if you look at what individual people give (on top of taxes), for most it is only “some pocket money” at one of the countrywide collections for the benefit of refugees/NGO’s/cancer (either via collections from house to house, or via TV-shows), where many give 20, 50 or 100 DKK (4, 9 or 19 USD), and when you add contributions from NGO members and sales of used clothes, you will get total private contributions of approx. 25% of the public aid, which is how it is in Denmark.

And these contributions are often given after people/families have spent maybe 10 or 20 times the contribution at the supermarket the same day of their donation to buy luxury food and wine for consumption the same evening (and coming days), and this is what brings most people “good conscience” here believing that they have now done their “duty” as citizens – everybody believes that taxes takes cares of this, “I really don’t need to care/do anything!” – and this is a message being confirmed by TV-shows when celebrating new record/fine collections of maybe 14 million USD as here (from 5.5 million people to help the poorest people in Africa!), which makes not only TV hosts but also General Secretaries of NGO’s, people in general and even the Prime Minister stand forward with big smiles on their faces saying “thank you VERY MUCH, Denmark, for your fantastic help” and “this is for Denmark moving together truly helping people in need” as the previous Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke said after a TV-show collection for Africa as you can read from my script of August 30, 2011, which also includes my feelings of the day after having seen this ENTERTAINMENT show that “it gave me THROW UP FEELINGS to hear how the Danes “gorge” themselves with how “fantastic” they are (collecting a record 20 million USD) when the truth is that the starvation of the Horn of Africa is the MOST APPALLING SITUATION OF THE GLOBE EVER”.

dadaab-farah_1956686iA doctor examines Mihag Gedi Farah, a seven-month-old child who weighs just 3.4kg, in a field hospital of the International Rescue Committee in Dadaab

Unfortunately this is WRONG information given to selfish and spoiled people making them believe that they do right when they do WRONG (!) and far too little, don’t think that 14-20 million USD from a TV show is “fine” when you easily could have collected 100 times more if people REALLY wanted to help people as they would like people to help themselves in the opposite situation – so again, this is only “pocket money” given by RICH people, which is “sufficient as a tailor in Hell” only providing fractions of what is really needed to TRULY help people to get out of poverty and to bring everyone a “normal life” – give what you have exceeding “normal life” (average world income) to bring everyone a “normal life” (!) – which should have been the true goal of the rich world, but when the rich world “could not”, it was because the United Nations decided that a foreign aid level goal of 0.7% of GDP is “adequate” knowing that this will NEVER save and educate/develop/lift up the many hundred millions of poor and starving people of the world, but will send them to their graves as part of the TRUE AGENDA of the United Nations, which is to depopulate world population by 90%, which you can read about in my description of the dark New World Order here, and this foreign aid is given to NGO’s making them decide as dictators over life and death (also based on “country policies”) – after they first have deducted their own “costs” to be able to live luxury lives (compared to the poor) and run inefficient and bureaucratic “businesses” on the backs of these poor people choosing the few to help (giving far too little help) and leaving most without – they should work as VOLUNTEERS as TRUE Samaritans to help fellow human beings in need, see my learning experiences with the Lutheran World Federation below.


These figures are some years old, but still you may understand that receiving up to 100 or 250 USD per capita per year in aid is really what is “sufficient as a tailor in Hell”?

This is so little that it is impossible to bring people out of poverty. This is the biggest disgrace of the world, how could you decide to divide people into a rich and poor world, and for the rich to decide to keep the poor as poor instead of lifting all up to a “normal level” also without millionaires living disgraceful lives in wild luxury with each millionaire being able to bring thousands of poor people “normal lives” if you just had decided to divide resources/income justly among all.


If you want to look into details of foreign aid of the world of today, click this map.

Country Profiles

Steal 100 percent

Global military spending is 1.700 billon USD, global foreign aid is 128 billion USD and still rich countries want further reductions in aid – to drop bombs on the poor!

If you look at the 26 rich OECD countries, you should believe that their average foreign aid assistance has increased over the last 50 years, right (?), but no, WRONG (!), which is mainly because of USA reducing its aid in percentage of their national income, while they have continued increasing their own standard of livings for example buying large, showy American cars and eating the biggest burgers/food portions in the world making you almost throw up also developing incredible fatness including lifestyle sicknesses resulting in an “uncontrollable” increase of healthcare expenses for the unstoppable Big Pharma and healthcare sectors of USA ruining the country and bringing profits for the financing of the dark New World Order, which you can read more about here. This is extreme selfishness of the rich world, which “cannot” show true charity from man to man, this is the disgrace.

ODA 1960 to 2012Official development assistance (ODA) in percent of Gross national income (GNI)

Still today you will hear stories of politicians like “we need to take care of our own weak people, and have to reduce foreign aid as a consequence” speaking to the inner beast of selfish populations, which most rich people however easily can understand without truly understanding that weak people of rich societies may suffer, but still they are so much better off than most people of the poorest countries of the world, and here you can see the previous Danish Prime Minister in September 2013 suggesting a reduction of Foreign Aid by 2 billion DKK out of a total of 16 billion DKK (360 million/2.9 billion USD) at the same time as he wants to give tax cuts of 5 billion DKK (900 million USD) to the richest Danes (!), and no Lars Løkke and the rich world, this is NOT how to run the world (this is what is TRULY madness!), by focusing on yourselves, letting MANY millions of people continue to live suffering lives without hope as you cannot even imagine how tough it is and killing millions of people because of your decision to “look away” also hoping that the populations of the rich world will do the same, which is what they actually did “without problems” because it is so “much easier” to focus on your own selfish needs within your own border, and it is really a “mental barrier” for most people to look outside this border deciding to help people abroad (regardless of how people feel abroad – your fellow man (!) – believing that “as long as people “suffer” here, we cannot afford to help others“). This is the Devil self playing as “the tailor in Hell”, and people cannot or will not even understand.

DR Lars Løkke Ulandsbistand

Total foreign aid assistance of OECD-countries was 128 billion USD in 2012, while global military spending was more than 1.700 billion USD. Do you believe it was better to spend this much on warfare and “political intrigues” to bring about a dark New World Order rather than to help lifting up the poor world and remove poverty and debt of the poor countries once and for all?

This graphic clearly shows that most Americans overestimate how much is spent on foreign aid and they would rather cut aid than defence, which may be the same picture of majorities of many rich countries, thus making it “easy” for politicians to “just follow the people” wanting “security” (and war) instead of showing mercy with the poorest. What a mad world to live in!

Military vs foreign aid spending

The paradox is that you will often see that the absolutely most poor people having nothing are willing to share their last meal with a complete stranger having even less than him, which most “rich people” cannot because  they have become too selfish and lost their loving feeling including how to open their arms to strangers. They have enough in themselves and their own “selfish needs”, which is NOT how people are born. This is what WRONG CULTURE has learned them. This is what you did WRONG, which should have been easy for you to do right, right?

Rich and poor so it is SCREAMING to Heaven

Irresponsible media do NOT live up to their responsibility waking up empathy of the world population and UN to TRULY lift poor people out of poverty

Another reason why the rich world is not caring about TRULY helping the poorest and most suffering people of the world is because of generally IRRESPONSIBLE MEDIA not reporting (much) about humanitarian crises because this is “poor material”, which rich people sitting with the remote control at home in the comfortable chair in the living room don’t like to watch for very many minutes before changing channel because “this is very boring to watch” (!) and they prefer to use MANY hours doing nothing but watching imbecile entertainment – dumb films (violence/sex), TV-shows and quizzes/comedians often at the lowest common denominator, where they can relax and don’t need to think (twice).


When a humanitarian crisis for example as Dadaab has been on-going for a long time, it is simply removed from the surface of (most) media because “we have told about this before, there is nothing new to bring”, and the only new is that the world has still NOT helped this crisis where people are still struggling the most/living lives in the worst hell, which should be apparent for everyone is a situation you simply CANNOT sit back and decide to do nothing about (!), and as we write in the Dadaab newsletter above, if you try to imagine ALL people in a city of almost 400,000 people in USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan or another country in the Western world living in tents or on the streets starving, dehydrating, in desperate pain/cry and dying for up to 22 years in a row, would you accept this, don’t you believe that the media would report about it instantly/constantly and also that the politicians would be “forced” to help people immediately?

The difference is only that Dadaab is located in the semi-desert of Kenya, which most people have never heard about and really don’t care about, because they have to watch the next episode of their favourite soap-opera on their house-altar (the TV), which is then what the media brings them with exactly this purpose to make the world population “dumb” and careless in order for the elite to be “allowed” to depopulate the world and bring about their dark New World Order, and it is this careless and lazy attitude that was crucifying me and the world more than anything.


This is about WRONG ATTITUDE of the world because if these miserable/disgusting/appalling living conditions happened for just a few days in the rich world, there would be an outcry all over with extensive media coverage all over with everyone demanding actions from the Government here and now to act, but when such conditions are hidden for example in Dadaab, or let us say Haiti, Pakistan or elsewhere, it is allowed to stay this way for years/”forever” without nothing really happening because “we are tired of hearing more about this”, and when this is the attitude of media and rich and spoiled people, it also means that Governments and the United Nations are not pressured to change their “policies”, but can keep on hiding these tragedies and let people continue to suffer and die, thus “helping” to depopulate the world from illiterate people/”eaters”, whom “we cannot use for anything” as they say with cold feelings on top, and it must be “hard” for these leaders on top – including Pope Francis, whom I feel while writing this – to watch these poor people bleeding and dying because “there is nothing you can do about it” (?), and how do you really think it is to be among these suffering people (?), do you believe you have the imagination/empathy to understand just how much and just how many are suffering, or don’t you really care and don’t want to understand?

When a disaster happens SUDDENLY, the media will send in all resources to bring their “BREAKING NEWS” to the world because a SUDDEN disaster is the “best story” around “shaking people” thus deciding to watch/read (some), which the media then can “sell” to the world and because of this simple reason, people, politicians, NGO’s and “superstars” of the world become emotionally touched and immediately put in resources to helpStarvingChildren, which however does not take very long before it is forgotten because man does not have much patience and after some days, weeks or months as the most, the minds of people have switched to the next big news stories forgetting about the past, which removes resources again, and often people are even worse off than before. It should be clear that you do NOT leave people to suffer and die just because you have lost interest, and “have to” go on with something new, right?

This is how the world works today – it decides on basis of COMMERCIAL INTERESTS OF THE MEDIA and IMMEDIATE FEELINGS OF PEOPLE instead of doing what is OBJECTIVELY the right thing to do, which of course is to HELP ALL PEOPLE SUFFERING ALL OVER THE WORLD TODAY, and to keep on doing it relentlessly until people do not suffer any more.

The poor refugees of Dadaab as example have the misfortune to be victims of a man-made war in Somalia fed by the superpowers of the world, which today is neglected by the world because Dadaab is not a sudden disaster, it is not “breaking news”, it is not coming as a “complete shock” to the world – Dadaab has been crying for more than 20 years – which the media believes it can sell, it is more “complicated to understand” and when the media believes it cannot sell the story, i.e. to “make money”, they will not report from it, which has the consequence that the whole world, politicians and people forget about Dadaab.

I become very sad when seeing this wrong pattern of the world and also when watching TV collection shows for Africa etc. where people mostly watch passive entertainment by artists on stage and can win cars etc. while famous people show their “humanitarian heart” answering telephones in a call centre where people can call in with their contributions, and if you give enough money, your (business) name will also be mentioned on TV for everyone to “admire”, and often you are only given little/inadequate informatrich-poorion about what the collection is truly about (which furthermore often focuses on “boring figures/statistics”, and not people), which is the humanitarian crisis and not least the factual living conditions of people, which should fill most of such a program and be repeated again and again for people to react emotionally on, and in our Dadaab newsletter above, we write that people will get the same feeling by watching weekly “reality shows” from Dadaab (as example) as they do when watching Big Brother, American Idol, Survivor or other popular reality shows on TV, because what makes these shows popular is when people get to know “real life people”, see how their lives develop in front of them on the screen and follow them in fortune and hardship – people simply become touched when they see the feelings of other people – and the difference is only to change over from “entertainment shows” to “real life shows” – and of course to do it with the consent of the people participating.

We encouraged the media to document the real life of a selection of families of Dadaab so people all over the world can follow the appalling conditions of these families, get to know them as persons and to witness the development from week to week, which should become a “positive story”, when the refugees will start receiving help from the people who are watching. But absolutely nothing happened!

This is how you start creating empathy from people, politicians and “superstars” (musicians, actors etc.) of the world, this is how you will get the world to react on “forgotten disasters”, this is how you will help the people of Dadaab (and elsewhere) to survive, to get out of misery and to help giving them a new beginning, a new life.

And this is how you will get volunteers to come to Dadaab (and elsewhere) to help with immediate needs and there is a need of thousands of “counsellors” to help directly from man to man.

The poorest people of the world are silently allowed to scream, suffer and die in Hell – hoping their whole lives to receive a better life, which the rich world will never give them as part of the dark New World Order of the “world elite” (the United Nations of the world!) and their scheme to depopulate the world. This has been decided actively from above by people of the likes of Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton! These are the men in charge of poverty and millions of deaths of poor people today.

Man should have decided to be responsible by helping directly from man to man to not only help people receiving food/education but to help all people to receive a “normal life” – how could you decide to be careless only thinking of yourselves? How could you accept such great richness in the Western world and to give so little to the most vulnerable? Foreign aid assistance from your government does NOT exempt you from responsibility.


NGO’s hide the REAL TRUTH of extreme sufferings of poor people, thus directly KILLING PEOPLE!

The attitude of NGO’s and people is WRONG when you believe that “only little money” can bring a “big help”, when it is keeping people in the worst poverty

Humanitarian organizations pretend to be humanitarian, when they indeed are the opposite not having enough government funds to work with and are removing the sense of responsibility of man to help people in need directly thus being part of the dark New World Order to forget about the poorest people allowing them to suffer/die because of selfishness of man/the world.

When NGO’s experience a constant lack of funds, they decide to “stretch money as far as possible” to “help” most people to survive for as long as possible.

If you take Danish Red Cross as example of NGO’s of the world “more or less” doing the same, this is the 2013 campaign they used to “help the innocent victims of Syria”, where they encouraged people to “support with 100 DKK” (18 USD) as the poster says, which was the general message to people.

Hjælp Syrien

Here they tell people that “your money counts – when you support us, your money is used the best way possible to help” and as example they say that 60 DKK (11 USD) can feed one person for one month (or 600 DKK / 109 USD for two families for two months), which equals 2 DKK (36 cents) per day, and how much food would you be able to buy and enjoy eating if you had only 36 cents per day (?), which is is “next to nothing”, right?

Når du støtter

Here is another campaign from Save the Children, Denmark, where Rosa, who is 5 years old, decided to give 100 DKK because it can feed 38 people, which is 2.63 DKK or 48 cents per meal, but no one told Rosa that after a few days, she would throw up herself if she received this “food”?

100 kroner PNG

This is the budget – around 50 cents per day – of the World Food Program of the United Nations feeding the poorest in the world, and you can here see an example of what you get from this “luxury budget”, which brings these poor people the same few basic ingredients daily, and how would you like to live on flour and rice every day not only for some days or weeks in a row, but for months, years and even 20 years and all of your life (as many have in Dadaab) never having had anything else to eat (?) – never having had meat or other “sweet food” or candy/pastry etc. to enjoy, can you IMAGINE this (???) – and can you imagine the incredible DISGUST instead of pleasure of eating, which is being built up inside of these suffering/innocent people (?), which the world don’t care about because you are “too busy” watching “passive entertainment” without doing a difference?

This is what you have accepted to bring fellow human beings. This is like treating people as cattle, and the worst part is that you believe you are doing “good” – this is how the Devil works in action! This is NOT a worthy way of treating people, this is the disgrace, do you UNDERSTAND???

WFP food package

The Danes gave 18 million DKK (3 million USD) for this Red Cross collection, and it made the General Secretary, Anders Ladekarl, say that “once again the Danes have in such a degree thought out over their own tip of the nose”, i.e. being unselfish (!), and it is quotes like this, which makes Danes/the rich world “proud” of what they do to “help”, and how do you think I feel (?), yes I feel DISGUSTED of this “misunderstanding” and WRONGNESS, which is how these suffering people feel to receive the same lousy dog food all of the time, and Anders has also told the Danes about just how much 100 DKK helps these Syrian refugees as example, and this is to show you WRONG ATTITUDE of the whole society “teaching” people that if you only give little, you will be able to bring a big help to these “poor countries/people”, and this is what “everyone” teaches, and the effect is that it makes rich people feel that it is truly possible to feed poor Africans with only little money, and the ONLY RIGHT THING TO DO would have been to CONSTANTLY tell the rich world that you HAVE TO SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE (= MUCH MORE THAN YOU DO) for everyone to be lifted up to receive a “normal life” – how could you be so incredible selfish/wrong and to accept millions of people screaming/dying directly in front of your eyes as if you were mass-hypnotized by media???

DR 061013 Anders L

I remember myself when coming home from Kenya in the autumn of 2009 – after having seen “international prices” at their supermarkets, which is what determines their prices and what most people outside refugee camps (not receiving food aid) have to “deal with” – how my mother believed that it was possible to get much more for your money than what you actually get. I send up to 2,800 DKK (510 USD, about 2/3 of my net disposal income, how many do this to TRULY help?) per month to four families in Kenya, which is difficult for them to feed on, so don’t believe that you do “good” by feeding two families for two months by 600 DKK / 109 USD as Red Cross says above because this will only bring people “dog food”, and how would you like to keep eating this – if you receive anything at all and are not just left to dying (I have seen DESPERATION in the eyes of many Kenyan’s not knowing from where their next meal will come as example making me think about how in the world could you allow fellow human beings going through these “worst sufferings”?)  – for weeks, months and years (?), and yes, you would also quickly throw up, wouldn’t you? This is NOT how to help by bringing people “life”, this is to help keeping people alive together with the feeling of being tortured and the thought that staying alive is almost harder to bear than dying, which becomes the preferred choice of many when they have run out of hope and strength, and simply “give up” deciding to lay down and die as it happens all of the time around the world.

wfp-syria-201103A Syrian family receives food aid at a WFP distribution point

Selfish and greedy NGO’s paint a “too rosy picture” hiding the REAL TRUTH of extreme sufferings of poor people, thus directly KILLING PEOPLE!

Anders Ladekarl, the General Secretary of the Danish Red Cross, is a Facebook friend of mine and in this Facebook post of his of June 25, 2012, he said that the infant mortality rate has been halved since 1990 in Africa, which made me ask him what the rate is at Dadaab and what he and the world do about it including wrong nutrition, miserable sanitarian conditions, crime, murder, rapes etc., and I told him that there is MUCH you could do for example to bring the updated truth of LTO’s newsletter and the secret statistical report of the UN, but maybe this is too much to ask for?


It made Anders reply that “we really do pretty much” saying that Red Cross has the responsibility of one of the four camps of Dadaab giving refugees access to food, water, health services and education, and he said that the problem is the arrival of many starved and weak refugees and also that the poor security of the area makes it difficult to do their work, and he said that “I have been to Dadaab many times, and it is certainly not a nice place to be a refugee, but for the half million there, it is better than to be at war areas of Somalia”, and yes I wonder if you TRULY know about the life conditions of these hundreds of thousands of people, Anders (?), or if the camp management has also painted a “too rosy” picture of the situation to make it “look good” also when it is printed on paper because they expect you to “report” about the situation in internal Red Cross magazines, which brings us back to NGO’s being “politically correct” because they are afraid of speaking the truth straight out – directly, openly and honestly – as you can see from my own personal experiences below with the Lutheran World Federation, and this is to “protect themselves” from the real depopulation agenda of the United Nations (!), and the world opinion if the REAL TRUTH of living the worst life in Hell imaginable should come out, and you really don’t want this, right Anders (?), and yes, you are brought forward here as example of all the “rich fools” of the world in the same position as you on top of NGO’s either being “too stupid” not knowing about the REAL SITUATION or to protect this from coming forward, or really both, you know (?) as I am told here spiritually.

In the post below I told Anders that I do NOT like that the unbearable situation of the Dadaab refugees (READ and UNDERSTAND our newsletter above, Anders!!!) has been accepted both from the world and NGO’s such as yours trying to make inadequate money reach as far as possible making this world “a living hell on Earth”, which is the TRUTH, but “of course” you and the world do “much” according to yourselves, which however is completely inadequate and impermissible, and I told him that it is about time for the whole world community to wake up and REALLY do what you should have done a long time ago to really help, but you have lulled yourself asleep via wrong culture thus accepting the unacceptable.


When you sit on top of the pyramid not really knowing the detailed realities – or want to hide it – you close your eyes and sell a story to the world about “just how good” you and your organization have done, which also helps your own career and “well being” forwards because of just how much attention and appreciation you receive as a “good man” from the rich society you are part of, and this includes direct access to the government, media, celebrities and not least the Royal Family – with Prince Henrik (Queen Margrethe’s husband) being thePoverty protector of Danish Red Cross – supporting you and making you feel like “an important man” meeting many “very exciting people”, Anders (?), and it must have been “very nice” too becoming the vice chairman of the “Council of Community Responsibility” as you did recently (?), and I wonder if you truly believe that you – and everything that you and your organization really stand for (when focusing on what you do NOT rather than what you do) – are “responsible” being worthy to be one of the heads of “Community Responsibility” (?), and maybe you really do believe that you are such a man with the truth being that you are one of the “figureheads” on top, who loves to TALK TALK AND TALK without working with and knowing the details, thus also bringing a “too rosy picture” of the truth to the world, and you do know what I think about people like you (?), and yes, that’s right, a total waste of time! I like people knowing about the details of what they speak of without painting a too rosy picture to lift yourself up where you don’t belong, and to work instead of all of this unnecessary talk, talk and talk – do you think you can do this, Anders?

A few days after the post above, “Gunmen kidnapped four aid workers and killed a driver at Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp”, and I was told spiritually that this was because of Anders’ WRONG attitude to me (!), which made me write the following in the same post telling him that he lives in  a “political world” setting the limits of how you, Red Cross and the whole “business” behave making you lack the courage to speak out the truth to the world making you wimps, and when you “cannot” speak the truth as strongly and clearly as required, but hide it and instead try to “save your own skin”, it means that you are VERY DIRECTLY killing people in need, where you could have helped the world far better via a better performance.


And I told him that it was his darkness and wrong behavior towards me, which was released and the direct reason leading to this attack on these aid workers also to show you that the conditions of Dadaab are inhumane and has been an alarming crisis for years without the world society truly “bothering” to do what it took to really help, and this was to make him, the business and the world open their eyes to the DISASTER of Dadaab and do something serious about it now as you should have done many years ago, but no, the world “could not”, and again this is not only about Dadaab but about an entire world “in crisis” with one billion people being allowed by the world completely unnecessary to starve and die.


No, I never received a reply on this from Anders, who was too busy meeting new, nice people and having representation/dinners on the expense account of Red Cross (?), and I am here also thinking of how your predecessor, Jørgen Poulsen, was VERY BUSY to bring home his “compensation” of DKK 750,000 (USD 136,000) from Red Cross (see the article here and below) after he had decided himself to stop working for Red Cross and try a political career as Member of the Danish Parliament (morality is good, but double standards of morality is doubleplusgood when you can benefit youself stealing from starving children?), and this was an example brought to the attention of the media and the world to show you what these people on top of such organizations like Red Cross REALLY think about, which is their own selfish “needs” financed on the back of the poorest people of the world, and this was to show how a man like Jørgen Poulsen, who had a “good reputation” in the population to “protect the poorest” in reality is a greedy Devil, this is how these “good hearted NGO’s” work all over the world, and this is what I do NOT like at all, not the least bit!

Jørgen Poulsen i BT06122007Jørgen Poulsen, previous General Secretary of Red Cross Denmark, decided himself to pursue a career at the Danish Parliament, but also to pump out a compensation of DKK 750,000 from Red Cross – stealing from hunger disaster in Zimbabve!

As you can read from my script of November 10, 2013, I was told that all darkness of NGO’s was collected in Jørgen Poulsen and given to me via his wrong action demanding this WRONG compensation in 2007, which was an attempt of darkness to bring me down before I later visited Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, in 2009 to start my war against all darkness, which is what I did with this visit, this is the meaning of this man who decided to follow the wrong road of darkness not being able to resist this temptation.

Anders Ladekarl has a FAT contract and a “fascinating” life as General Secretary for Red Cross Denmark “networking” with media, politicians, celebrities and royalties

It would be sad to say that Anders Ladekarl suffers himself because he has a FAT contract with Danish Red cross giving him a monthly salary in 2013 of DKK 102.776 (USD 15,600) including free car of a lease expense of 8,200 DKK per month with all gasoline and operating costs paid, free computer, Internet, land-line and mobile telephone, newspapers and other subscriptions, and he is allowed to fly on Business Class when flying for more than (very exhausting!) five hours when he is going on “field excursions” to receive ”first-hand” impressions and witness information about how the poorest people in the world are doing so he can talk, talk and talk about this when returning home to Denmark when speaking to media, politicians, celebrities, royalties and his own employees before he leaves work at the fine Red Cross office in Copenhagen to be with his nice family in his DKK 8,75 million (USD 1.33 million) luxury villa in the rich Skovshoved suburb north of Copenhagen.

Yes, what a fantastic career and wealthy life you have, Anders, and everything is paid on the backs of the most suffering people in the world, who are screaming and dying while you drive in your luxury car and eat expensive dinners including fine wine, and do you think yourself that this is the best way to help poor people (?), and no, you are not lying to yourself because it doesn’t take much brain capacity to understand that I am right and you are wrong as you can read and understand from this very page, right?

Update November 23, 2015: Anders Ladekarl received “a long row of critical and degrading comments about his person and matters of pay in Red Cross”, see here, which made Anders here decide to share a link to his contract on Facebook asking people to tell him off, and instead a majority of people decided to support him because “you do an excellent work – as all of your colleagues at Red Cross do“, as one wrote, and no, it is “not easy” for ordinary people to understand that this whole system is WRONG and meant to remove responsibility of people in order to make people suffer, starve and die.

FB 231015 AL

While working on this very website October 4, 2013, Anders brought this Facebook post saying that it is not everyday that you receive 1 million DKK (182,000 USD), which happened when the Hørsholm department of Red Cross (which I know myself from “volunteer work for the Devil” as I did in 2008/09 before leaving for Kenya) brought him this letter confirming a transfer of this amount coming from the profit of their Red Cross store (selling used clothes donated by people, which however has decreased by approx. 1/4 since 2005 as you can see here), and the letter “authorised” Anders to spend this amount “where you believe there is a big need of aid here and now”, and Anders did not think twice but decided to spend it in Syria, “where they will fall on a dry place” as he said, and the “natural reaction” of people was that this was “SUPER WELL DONE” (and beautiful, incredible good and strong, charity, fantastic, lovely as people said) because again this shows the “incredible will to help” from the Danish people (!) – you can almost taste the WRONG self-satisfaction of people, cant you (?), it is only peanuts from the rich man’s table, my friends (!) – and I asked Anders if Syria (however much they are suffering) need this money more than Dadaab and how many extra deaths this will bring (to Dadaab) because of his decision as DICTATOR (?), and this story was brought to me to show you that this is what Anders and his like-minded is, DICTATORS deciding on behalf of the poorest people, who are turned into numbers of mouths to feed etc.!

FB 041111 Anders

This time Anders decided to reply and he said that “your use of language does not promote an important dialogue and discussion of an eternal dilemma of emergency aid – who needs help the most when we haven’t enough money to help all – we prioritize the best we can“, and I could only tell him that I just tell the truth DIRECTLY to help him and the world to open up your eyes (you are a dictator when deciding on behalf of others) – and this is what I do NOT like NGO’s to do, it is NOT your “professional job” to help people in need, this is a natural task of man to help his fellow human beings, and this is how Anders decided to “exclude” me and the truth because of my language, which his negative feelings “could not” take/understand instead of reading, understanding and learning what this site will teach you.

FB 041111 Anders B

Update May 2014: The Danish Royal House decided to give Anders Ladekarl the Order of the Dannebrog thanking him for his “fine work”, and I told him that he can cancel the word “GUD” (“GOD”) engraved in the cross, because this is not an order of God, but an order of the Devil (!), and no, Anders did not answer, and why was that, Anders?

FB 280514 Anders L

Update June 2014: It is truly a “wildly fascinating” life to be General Secretary for Red Cross Denmark for “Mr. Anders Ladekarl”, who was here invited for a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace by Prince Charles (!), and yes, you get to live a “glamourous life” of the rich world meeting both royalties, politicians and celebrities making life “fantastic” for you while you continue pretending that you actually do a TRUE difference to help poor people of the world, Anders?

FB 110614 Anders L

FB 120614 a proud Anders Laderkarl at Buckingham Palace .....

Anders Ladekarl is ”PROUD” to be Danish because of ”great compassion” of the Danes, which Danes LOVE to hear with no one liking me telling the cruel reality

On October 13, 2014, Anders Ladekarl brought this Facebook update saying how PROUD he is to be Dane because of hundreds of people helping when Red Cross opens asylum centres in Denmark (including refugees from mainly Syria), when 20,000 Danes help Red Cross in the annual collection collecting DKK 20 million this year, when Denmark maintain one of the highest aid percentages in the world, when more than 215,000 people supported Red Cross last year (in Denmark) and almost 30,000 volunteer every week.

FB 131014 Anders Ladekarl

FB 131014 Anders Ladekarl 2

FB 1310 to 151014 Anders Ladekarl 3

Anders played his act when he brought this follow-up saying that his Facebook post reached the Danish TV2 news showing the population ”what humanity means in practice”, but no, I do NOT think so, Anders.

FB 131014 Anders Ladekarl TV2

I decided to comment on Anders’ post by saying that it is scary how you can ”impress” and brainwash a population that cannot and will not understand the cruel reality of what you REALLY do behind closed doors, and once again I brought the summary of this very website trying to make people understand this cruel reality, but no, they will not and cannot and instead they praise themselves for their enormous ”humanity” and they love NGO leaders like Anders Ladekarl praising them (wrongly) even though he is placed on Earth as darkness self to bring out this cruel reality, yes, ”the opposite world”, you know.

FB 1310 to 151014 Anders Ladekarl 4

FB 1310 to 151014 Anders Ladekarl 5

And it continued when Anders was also invited by several channels of the national DR TV to speak about “my hapiness for being Danish” as he wrote, which I commented with the video of the character Oluf Sand from “The Julekalender” (“The Christmas Calendar”), who ironically says with a Jutlandic dialect “yes, this is truly lovely” (also to say that it is now Christmas time again), but no, it is NOT, Anders!

FB 151014 Anders Ladekarl

May 9, 2015: A Red Cross collection show on Danish TV2 was the most primitive entertainment imaginable, which my mother and I do NOT like at all!!!

My mother and I watched some of the Red Cross collection show ”Smid Tøjet” (”Throw your clothes”) on TV2 – collecting used clothes from Danes using the ”smart slogan” to ”loose your clothes” and then showing celebrities etc. in trailers stripping in order to ”create interest”, which is how darkness works because I do NOT like you to use sexuality this way (!) – but had to stop because of the incredible poor and primitive/sex oriented stand-up comedians on the show, who were simply very embarrassing to watch (this is how ”family Denmark” have been ”educated” deliberately by the elite that humour is about today, so this is what most brainwashed people find funny, but my mother and I do NOT!), and also the host giving away cars to ”lucky winners”, who was swearing and cursing on live TV to ”family Denmark” and no one stopped him (!!!), and my mother told me ”a thousand times” about just how much she hates these primitive stand-up comedians, but we agreed that we love the trio De Nattergale, who makes intelligent humour, this is the difference.

Smid Tøjet 1The “Throw your clothes” collection on Danish TV2 for Red Cross was the most primitive and embarrassing entertainment imaginable – NOT my cup tea at all!

As a ”sign above”, one of these primitive stand up comedians, Simon Talbot, suddenly ”could not remember” his jokes, this is how it works ”from above” removing or giving people their memories, and he had to get his papers to be reminded of his jokes, and yes, this was really just to tell you, ”family Denmark”, and the world about this: My mother and I do NOT like your kind of primitive humour, and that is NOT AT ALL (!), will you please stop doing this, and yes, this is what you will do in our New World, but until this, you are ”obliged” to do as you do according to your ”secret contracts” with ”the system” to bring the level of ”family Denmark” down to the lowest possible, and this is happening all over the world.

EB 100515 Talbot

I told my mother about how sad I am that it takes a primitive entertainment show like this to make Danes ”donate” to poor people, and later, when my mother had gone home, I watched the final part of it, which was just as primitive and embarrassing as the first, and in the middle of all of this was the General Secretary of Red Cross, Anders Ladekarl in a tuxedo, who was clapping and smiling all over and obviously enjoying himself, and I could only think that you are showing yourself as a disgrace to the world, Anders, and soon your act will be discovered by the whole world, and yes, this man has just returned home from the catastrophe in Nepal (flying on business class?), where he did nothing else than ”talk, talk and talk”, Anders (?), and no, we do NOT need ”expensive people” of your kind (not working much, but talking) in our New World, who is really the opposite of what you show the world.

But yes, Anders seemed to ”love it”, which is what he expressed in this Facebook update after the show when he thanked people donating clothes to be sold in shops of Red Cross around the country, people working in their shops, sponsors and TV2 for ”a wonderful show”, and yes, this is the difference, I really find this kind of entertainment deeply ”problematic” and also unpleasant in every aspect of it, and I here feel my sister’s husband, Hans, who is also the one giving you ”directions to follow”, right Anders?

FB 100515 Anders L

August 17, 2015: Anders Ladekarl has his freedom of speech, but he does NOT show a clean heart when living a life in luxury on the backs of the poorest people

In this article, the newspaper BT tells about a number of famous Danes, who believe that Denmark should receive more refugees but themselves live in “ethnic Danish areas” for example without Muslim immigrants, and this includes Anders Ladekarl, who lives in his fine house in the wealthy quarter of Gentofte north of Copenhagen, and this made Anders react via this Facebook update, where he says that “according to BT, it means that I am not allowed to mean anything about refugees”, and he continues saying that “it will probably not become better that I also have an Audi and earn more than 1 million DKK per year”, and he turns this into a matter of freedom of speech – “stop fighting cancer if you have not been a cancer patient yourself” etc. as he writes – and “the funny thing” is that he has most of his followers (“disciples”) with him, but no one seems to react to the fact that Anders works with and has “opinions” about not only refugees but the poorest people in the world, which is what he makes more than 1 million DKK per year on, and yes, Anders, you are allowed to have your freedom of speech, but no one seems to understand that you do not show true charity and a clean heart (in relation to people needing help and me), when you live a life in luxury on the backs of the poorest people in the world instead of doing as I did, which was to give most of your money away and to help the poorest people directly from man to man. No, I do NOT like what you do at all, and I do NOT like what almost all people here believe supporting you in what you do.

FB 170815 Anders L.

FB 170815 Anders L2


Desperate refugees knock on Europe’s doors while the Danish government as example use Nazi-methods to keep them out

August/September 2015: A large number of refugees desperately knocking on Europe’s doors: Let us protect ourselves and close our eyes, right? WRONG!

I wrote this comment to BBC News on August 20, 2015, and in the days following this, we started seeing drowned refugee children washing up on the shores of Greece – because the rich world “cannot” show “true humanity”. People here are collectively brainwashed to do nothing, and they just sit in apathy doing nothing but continuing their everyday lives, many in luxury, which is making all people here murderers, which is “screaming to Heaven”, don’t you think?

Let us all cut down on refugee aid, the number of people we receive and build walls around us in Europe to make sure that we can continue our own lives here without being disturbed too much by these growing crowds of refugees wanting to enter Europe..

And let us close our eyes to the many thousands of people screaming in pain and dying in Africa, Syria and all over the world – they have nothing to do with us, so let us just accept that they die while we continue over-spending on luxury here, this is what most people believe here, so this must be right, right? And let us send all illegal refugees out of Europe the same way as Trump wants to do in USA, what a “brilliant idea”, they have nothing to do here!

And let us use our far too little aid to “help” refugees in their neighbour countries instead of letting them come here, which can help “many more”, and let us then NOT speak about how CRUEL the lives of people living in what is TRUE HELL of refugee camps for example in the Middle East and Kenya is, because when these people are out of sight, they are also out of our minds, and then we can continue living as if we did not know.

NO, WRONG, WAKE UP AND SHOW TRUE HUMANITY!!!! Open up to these people, who are people just like you, your children, family and friends, and share your money, food and home as long as there is a need as you would like people to do to yourself and your family if you were in their position. If all did this as a natural act of God inside of them, there would be no poverty and despair in the world, but selfishness and greed by people and governments here makes this “impossible”.

You have NOT shown anything like TRUE HUMANITY yet, you only believe you have, but it is like a snowball in Hell, which makes me very sad to see. You can give 10, 50 or 100 times more than you do, but you “will not” and rather prefer these people out of sight not caring about whether they live or die, that is the true problem. And what “luck” it is that it is not you, who is the refugee, right, no WRONG!”

This situation was made by the United Nations of the world carrying out its wars, “policies” and lack of funding (“Halving of UN’s rations released the stream of refugees“) in Syria, the Middle East, Africa etc. bringing these large number of refugees, which they now “cannot” take responsibility of. It is a humanitarian disgrace of apocalyptic nature making state leaders including the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, whom I feel here, to “mass murderers” with a smile on their lips and support by most people here; this is how he is shown to me when writing this.

FB 200815 BBC NewsFB 200815 BBC News 2

FB 200815 BBC News 3

The Danish Minister of Integration, (the racist) Inger Støjberg, brought this Facebook update on August 31, 2015, about this “writing on the wall” of the Danish National Museum saying “Inger you have BLOOD on your hands”, and most comments from people were supporting Inger, “Inger, carry on, you are on the right way” etc., but I decided to do the opposite when writing “it is good enough, I will even say that you, together with little Lars, is a mass murderer because of your “policies”, don’t you agree” (?), and then I encouraged her to speak out the truth and I brought the text from my website above. Inger Støjberg is also the most popular minister in the Danish government, which is telling the world about the hostile attitude of many Danes to “foreigners”. The Danes are NOT liberal as they would like to appear as, they are full of prejudices.

FB 310815 Inger S

FB 310815 Ingerr S 2

This little boy, shown uncensored by the British media, became victim and the synonym to the WRONG policies of Inger Støjberg and Lars Løkke of the Danish government as example of WRONG policies of all world governments and the United Nations – this is the blood you have on your hands, Inger & Co., when you “cannot” do what it takes to solve this crisis. See more drowned refugee children here: “Facebook Banned These Photos Of Europe’s Refugee Crisis“.

British newspapers 010915


Pernille V., a popular local Conservative politician in Helsingør, said here/below on September 3, 2015, that she does NOT want to see pictures of drowned children etc. on her Facebook wall, which is in direct contrast to my encouragement above (to make people see, open their eyes and react to the reality), and to show you how selfish people CLOSING THEIR EYES to the world looks like – “we don’t want to face the cruel reality”, which is as WRONG as it gets, and she says that she does not want to receive responsibility of these people, who are victims of their own people’s sick belief in a culture and country far from hers, big parts of the Muslim world is breaking apart and she cannot save the whole world from war, and “first I bear a responsibility for my self, my family and close ones, thereafter to the local community and my country” as she says, which is truly how a Devil speaks deciding not to help people suffering the worst, this comes directly from her heart with “wrong feelings”, and sadly this is what most of her many followers completely agreed with her in. It was then “impossible” for me to make people READ/LISTEN, understand and agree with me when I told her that she is WRONG, irresponsible, extremely selfish and do not show humanity as most people here do not, which again simply is because “it is not my responsibility, which is why I decide to close my eyes”, which is WRONG!!!

FB 030915 Pernille

FB 030915 Pernille 2

“The official policy” of all Danish media was NOT to show dead people as Denmark’s national radio and TV here is example of, when they ask “is it all right for the media to share pictures of drowned refugee children” (?), and their “closed eyes” policy “protecting” people from the brutal reality, which could help people to awake, provoked me so much that I wrote “make sure now to bring the uncensored truth to the people by removing your fear/black fields – you are not a big gang of WIMPS, are you?“.

FB 030915 DR

Maybe because of the British media bringing these pictures, and maybe because of me too (?), several Danish newspapers decided to change their policy in the hours following my comment above and OPEN their eyes to the cruel reality of the evil world by bringing the pictures – as Jyllands-Posten here is example of when they brought the picture in their article (but not on Facebook).

FB 030915 JP

These are the leaders, who “cannot” solve the refugee problem with a few hundred thousand people coming to Europe and not least the millions of people, who are refugees in Syria and neighbour countries not being able to afford coming to Europe and having absolutely nothing, “out of sight, out of mind” receiving far too little help from the world despite of what politicians say, which is normally how it works here, and these people are left in the lurch to suffer and scream in pain by these leaders and the media too; , and I wonder if it would be possible to help the boat below if it was these leaders on it and not some “poor creatures”, whom nobody really wants to receive.

FB 040915 Gregg


A few thousands of the refugee stream to Europe also arrived in Denmark on their way to Sweden, because almost no refugees want to stay in Denmark because of the Danish INHUMAN POLICIES telling them “you are NOT welcome in Denmark”, and first, the Danish government “could not” give these people “safe passage” to Sweden because of CRAZY RULES saying that they need to register as refugees in Denmark, which almost none of these people want, and when they reject, they are sent back to Germany despite of many Danes supporting the refugees and some even taking matters into their own hands transporting them to Sweden even though this makes them “criminals” in Denmark with the risk of being arrested and convicted – WHAT A SHAME. Later, the Danish police changed “policy” and decided that the refugees could use public transport to get to Sweden.

This is the Lebanese newspaper “the Daily Star” of September 7, 2015, telling the story of how Germany welcome a large group of refugees in their country at the same time as it includes an advertisement of the Danish government informing about the latest tightenings for refugees in the Danish law, which is the same as saying: “We do NOT want you to come to Denmark”, which is also what the Washington Post as example says below, and only how the Devil self works!

The Daily Star

WP 070915

WP 070915-2

The Danish population was divided in two halves with some opening their hearts to these refugees as Billie’s Facebook post below is example of (she writes about the dead refugee children, who could have been her own children, and if it was, she would show the world her dead child on contrary to NGO’s, who also decided to close their eyes not showing them), and others for example standing on motorway bridges here spitting down on desperate, tired and hungry Syrian people walking on Danish motorways trying to come through the last difficult road to “freedom” in Sweden, which is what it means to them, and saying “get back to where you came from“, yes, this is also the cruel reality of heartless people of the rich world today – “Denmark, refugees are knocking on your door, I have never seen you as selfish and lonely before” – and I wonder if they would have the same “policy” if it was them walking on the motorway?

FB 020915 Billie

FB 070915 Johanne

Rasmus Balstrøm 3

In the middle of the crisis and great difficulties, there was still room for human warmth and a smile, here and here with a Danish policeman playing “where is the ring” with a Syrian girl in a walking break on the motorway – I could not stand for this picture capturing the moment as only few pictures does, and I had to bring it here too :-).

FB 100915 JP

It should really have been EASY for everyone to solve this “problem”, which would be for governments to OPEN UP and ENCOURAGE people to take individual responsibility by granting refugees “permission to stay” in their own, private homes including a “normal life“, how difficult can it be (?), and yes, when no one does nothing, nothing happens, and this could have been a task for both governments and even better NGO’s and churches to organize, but most did NOTHING (!) – with the exception of the Pope, who encouraged Catholics to give shelter to these refugees (I wonder from where you received the idea, Francis?) and a private initiative on Iceland, who (also) here shows a good example with private people offering house room to 14,000 refugees even though the government only “welcome” 50 refugees, which is really SCREAMING TO HEAVEN of the miserable system of governments (and the United Nations) today – LET PEOPLE HELP PEOPLE IN NEED!

CBS News 060915Daily Mail 020915 Iceland

Sadly, this refugee crisis is also part of the plan of the New World Order of darkness of the World Elite with the aim to work as Jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS) to undermine and spread terror inside the western world leading to the clash of titans eventually leading to the end of the world, which however is now “too late”, and in reality all of this human sufferings is helping to absorb the last part of darkness before we can open our New World, which is really “the hidden agenda” of the World Elite after obtaining faith in me and changing side from darkness to light – this is “the key” that the Syrian people is giving me/us all. Here is a picture of an ISIS soldier one day, and refugee in Munich some days later.

FB 090915 ISIS soldier one day, refugee in Munich some days later

When all comes to all, this is the picture of this crisis, which forever will remain on the cornea of all people; how could governments and rich people decide to close your eyes accepting people to suffer and die as this little boy is example of while you did nothing (?), SHAME ON YOU!

FB 040915 India Today

Please, do NOT forget about the millions of people in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa (and all over the world), who are stuck there living lives in Hell missing everything including attention and humanity of the world!

Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.The Zaatari refugee camp for displaced Syrians, near the Jordanian city of Mafraq

September 16, 2015: “We need a New World Order now!” – “Open your borders, open your heart, Europe!”

I was happy seeing that Nanna succeeded to record her new song “Open your borders, open your heart, Europe” (despite of having no money and a poor health) to support Syrian (and other) refugees coming to Europe, and she also sings that “we need a New World Order now”, and yes, sure we do, Nanna, this is what I bring to you all – 🙂

In 1985, Nanna was everyone’s “darling” in Denmark being a big star, who also wrote and created the Danish support song for Africa simply called “Afrika”, which became as huge a hit in Denmark as “We are the world” and “Do they know it’s Christmas” did in the world, but today, Nanna is no longer as popular, but “controversial” speaking out her direct opinion on the world letting down people, which is why she asks for a New World Order and is no longer accepted as the same star as she used to be and also not allowed to participate in the collection show on national TV on September 20 even though her song is the most obvious of all to include (!), as Nanna says here, but in my Universe, she is still shining as clearly as ever, and I promised to share her very beautiful song with the world, which is what I do here as the best place I can imagine, Nanna :-).

FB 160915 Nanna

September 22, 2015: Nanna uploaded this new version of her video, but as you can read in greater detail from my script here, I did NOT like that she decided to be selfish replacing the video showing refugees on their dangerous road through Europe with pictures of herself, which do NOT fit in, which made me SAD to see.

September 29, 2015: Here is the new Swedish support song for Syrian refugees, which you can also hear from a live performance on Swedish TV here – a very beautiful song.

FB 290915 Stig Swedish refugee song

September 2015: A national TV collection show brought in 86 million DKK, while Denmark use 30 billion DKK on fighter planes and reduce foreign aid by 1/3!!!

The  TV collection show on September 20 mentioned above received “great support” and brought in “an impressive amount” of 86 million DKK to Syrians as you can read as example here, even though many people had decided to block it (!), and afterwards there were no limits to the self-satisfaction of Danes believing they had shown “incredible humanity” with “people in need” because “this is how we really are” (!), but the story is really that you should give “100 times more” than you do to really make a difference to help these MANY MILLIONS of people starving and screaming in pain, and this is where the world gives FAR TOO LITTLE to really help, which is what is killing the poor people, and the world knows about it including the hosts of this TV-show, but they brainwash rich people to believe that you are human helping poor people, when you do not do nearly enough to truly make a difference, this is part of the game of darkness to terminate man (!), and at the same time, the new DARK Danish government wants to reduce foreign aid by 2.6 billion DKK (approx. 30 times more than what was collected, but Danes do not speak about this today) – in a world with MANY new refugees (as they have created themselves!) – and use 30 billion DKK on new fighter air-planes, and yes, what about using 30 billion DKK on refugees and  ask Danes voluntarily to collect to new fighter air-planes as Mikael Simpson suggested, you really have to see this “impressive” collection result in perspective to get the right understanding, which Danes and the world population cannot because they are brainwashed, which makes me very sad to see, and because of this, poor people in the millions all over the world continue screaming in pain and dying being “blessed” by “the human rich world”.

September 30, 2015: The Danish government has now presented its new 2016 budget including a decrease of 2.3 billion DKK in foreign aid and a removal of 3.5 billion DKK from foreign aid to help (Syrian and other) refugees in Denmark as you can read here, which equals a HISTORIC BLOOD BATH reducing foreign aid by a total of 5.8 billion DKK or 1/3 of the annual budget. This is Denmark in a “nut-shell” with the true goal of the New World Order of darkness to eliminate all poor people of the world.

FB 300915 Information

Information 300915-1

Information 300915-2

The Danish Prime Minister lied to the United Nations when promising to “live up to our collective commitment” to “eradicate poverty”

In this respect it is a direct lie when the Danish Prime Minister in the United Nations also in September 2015 said about poverty in the world that “we must make sure that we live up to our firm and and collective commitment, and Denmark, I can assure you, is ready to do its part” and “we will continue our efforts to eradicate poverty – I assure you, Denmark will continue these efforts with determination” and also “history will judge us and hold us accountable for achieving the results that we owe our children and their children“, and yes, “little Lars”, this was taken directly from “out of the blue”, how does it feel like showing yourself as A BIG FOOL to the world believing that you could make this scam of a game reality? SHAME ON YOU – and the whole world!

The Danish Finance Minister lied when saying that “we fully live up to the needs” while prioritizing Danes above refugees; he is a “TAKER” controlling and killing life!

The Danish Finance Minister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, said on the news of Danish national DR1 TV on September 29, 2015, here that “we adjust foreign aid to the recommended level of the United Nations” and “We are still among, even with this reduction, the five countries in the world giving the most foreign aid, and furthermore we have made sure this year to bring in the largest amount ever to near area contributions in connection with the Syria crisis, so we fully live up to the needs, which are at the moment”, and yes, this is what this IGNORANT, LIAR AND MANIPULATOR really said (!), “we fully live up to the needs” (!!!), and I wonder if you have any idea about how people are screaming and suffering in these “near areas”, Claus, while you are eating yourself even more fat and present the new state budget without really knowing what you speak of? It is truly a DISGRACE, and it includes you and also the media to “allow” you to get away with this without really showing the world the truth about how “life” is here and around the poor world, where there are still 20,000 children dying from hunger every year; these are the people you are murdering with COLD BLOOD because of your “policy”, Claus – you make me feel SICK!

In the video-clip below from a TV-debate from October 4, 2015, with Anders Ladekarl (Anders and Claus are really “two sides of the same coin”!), Claus Hjort Frederiksen defends the reduction of foreign aid by saying “Do you think we have to take the money from the elder, sick or the medicine, which would be to argue the same way as you with your “little Hassan’s” (which means “a case/view, which is especially important to you”, which Claus apparently knew as the only one here), and besides from “little Hassan’s” being an unfortunate choice of language in this connection, there is only to be said to this often used argument that there is so much wealth in Denmark (as example on the rich world) that it is not a matter of choosing between helping the poor of the world or this community, who by the way are “way better off” than the poor of the world (!), but to help both, and you can begin yourself, Claus, and no, it isn’t so that your hat has started being too tight because of your “great wisdom”, has it, Doc?

While writing the text above on Claus Hjort Frederiksen, I was given words in Danish including the word “Professor” that I could decide to use ironically of Claus as a “better-knowing ignorant”, and I believed that I could use the word “Doc” in English from the “What’s up, Doc” line of Bugs Bunny thinking that it could mean Professor”, but when I looked up “Doc” in slang dictionaries, it did not include “Professor” as meaning, which is why I first ended the paragraph above with “Professor”, but later in the day, I watched the film “Instinct”, as you can watch here, on Danish TV starring Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Donald Sutherland, who may be my favourite contemporary actor, and besides from being one of the best, modern films I have watched touching me much, it included the word “Doc”, which was translated into “Professor” in the Danish subtitles, which made me understood that this was connected, thus making me change the word ending the paragraph above from “Professor” to “Doc”, and also because of the message of this film, which is NOT to take control over people as Claus Hjort Frederiksen is WRONGLY doing as a “taker”, but to remove governance of people because I do NOT like dictators governing over people and removing their freedom, which is a fundamental right and requirement of life, and especially not when the Danish government, as part of the UN, is working with the hidden agenda to reach “National Socialism” removing “the weakest links”, which includes refugees and poor people as “useless eaters”. Claus Hjort Frederiksen IS a “taker” controlling and killing life, which I do NOT approve of, Claus!

January 2016: Denmark use Nazi-methods approving controversial refugee bill allowing police to seize asylum seekers’ cash and valuables

In the autumn and winter of 2015, Denmark decided to accommodate refugees in tents (!), see here where refugees say “we freeze”, but the minister says that it is “fine conditions”, which had one real purpose, which was to “help keeping refugees away from Denmark”.

FB 090116 Helger

Politiken 101215Minister of Integration from Politiken, December 10, 2016, hanging up death refugees on her Christmas Tree because of the inhuman Danish “refugee policy”

Denmark is SERIOUS – we do NOT want refugees here, it is much better then to let them live a miserable life where they are or to die on the doorstep of Europe – we do NOT care, we do NOT want to share our richness with people in need!


This is why the Danish parliament approved a controversial law allowing authorities to seize refugees’ cash and valuables, and raising the waiting period before refugees can apply for their families to join them from one year to three, see here.

Twitter 171215

Dave Brown the Independent

Illustration Steve Bell 2016The Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen from the Liberal Party “Venstre”, a true, new Nazi leader. Source: The Guardian.


NGO’s have turned into cold and cynic “executioners” instead of true humanitarians also welcoming volunteers

No NGO’s accept volunteers to help directly from man to man in need herewith effectively blocking out the need of many thousands to offer immediate crisis help

I had this email dialogue with the Recruitment and Expatriation Manager of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Denmark in 2009, who was very “helpful” to inform me about the “policies” of their organization, which is similar to all/most NGO’s, on how they have become “blind” to truly help people in distress/need by “protecting” their own employees because of the “responsibility” they feel to these instead of showing a TRUE passion and responsibility towards the refugees TO REALLY HELP THEM USING MUCH MORE RESOURCES THAN TODAY sending out thousands of volunteers to offer immediate crisis help (mental counselling TRULY needed etc.).

These are some of my arguments included in the email correspondence:

  • ”It has been my belief that by offering my resources voluntarily and by working hard that I would not put a strain on the system, but to help. I believe that an extra hand cannot hurt when you think about how difficult the conditions are for an incredible amount of people all over the world”.
  • “Is it possible to imagine for you to contact your organization where you are directly represented in refugee camps to ask a coordinator or similar if they can use extra manpower where the only thing I need is a little to eat and drink and in principle nothing else?”
  • “Personally I don’t feel a need to be included in the insurance schemes/contracts, you mention, which I understand the reason for creating, but I only think that I – and probably many others – are rejected for this reason where I see it more as if there is a need of help – which there undoubtedly is a big and acute need of many places when these lines are written – it is not a security scheme for myself I prioritize, but just to be allowed to be placed where my help – together with many others having the same wish as I – could make a difference to the most weak an this in practice almost without putting a strain on the system”.
  • “I am willing to pay for my own transport and insurance and via a message to the local embassy that I am inside the country, I have no need to be included by neither international nor national contracts – I work voluntarily without pay or other “rights” – and don’t feel a need to be included in an evacuation plan. I can bring my own tent and spend the night at the place accepting the risks, which may be connected to this.”
  • “I just thought, as mentioned in my previous email, if it was possible to be allowed to contact a coordinator, camp manager or similar to give the same offer outside of the “big” organization with respect for the “bureaucracy” that you mention, to hear the people on the place if they can accept extra manpower without any requirements of receiving anything in return”.
  • “ …. when I think about how many who really has an equal need to receive help in an even greater extent in many developing countries, because they are much weaker because of the circumstances – human contact, understanding and help to come forward – which I understand is not what is prioritized the highest, when you think of the number of expatriates compared to the number of beneficiaries, I cannot avoid noticing that it is more than annoying that you don’t want to open the doors for people like me, who are willing to take his own personal responsibility and just offer help from man to man.” 

And these are some of the arguments of the Devil, who effectively shuts out thousands of people, who otherwise would quickly line up if people truly knew about the GREAT NEED of help as mentioned in our Dadaab newsletter above.

  • “We hire people with the competences, they have. We have tough access criteria and only want to send out the most qualified in the field.”
  • “Most often you are leader of local employees, which requires that you are at a much higher level both within education but also within the experience that you bring.”
  • “Administratively we hire Danes on Danish contracts. Furthermore they are also insured from here. We often work in insecure and underdeveloped areas, where the risks of damages and sickness are considerable higher. No expatriates are hired on projects where they are not secured like this.”
  • “I suggest you to contribute with your competences even though the danger is that you may find yourself behind a desk again.”
  • “I know of no organizations taking in volunteer work the way that you describe.”
  • “In relation to “be allowed” to help, we consider expatriation to the field as any other job.”
  • “We have a responsibility to the people we help and towards the people donating money to us but equally as much to the person we expatriate.”
  • “To send you out into a refugee camp for you to work with something you don’t normally work with from home without insurance or protection from the organization, would be deeply irresponsible of us as an NGO.”

I offered to work with (and live with or next to) the most suffering people, which I was not allowed to do because NGO’s believe that it would be “irresponsible” of them to place me with these people, thus removing my own free will to help. Who decided to give monopoly to paid professionals to work with the weakest people in the world WITHOUT offering what these people truly and desperately need, which you cannot and will not understand and react to?

As you understand, I do NOT approve of a large number of NGO’s working like private businesses with bureaucracy and in-efficiency creating different systems to cover the same need, professional careers and expense accounts on the back of people suffering the worst – often with head offices in Geneva, Switzerland, one of the wealthiest cities of the world, offering a good life with plenty of good restaurants to visit to hold so called “important” business dinners using contributions, which were given to the aid of the poor.

However, in my scripts I encourage(d) the world to use all available resources including NGO’s here and now to save the people suffering the worst as long as this is required and when NGO’s are no longer needed, I ask you simply to close them down – and here after all also thanking them for the help they brought to the world, when they were the primary tool to help even though this was only “sufficient as tailor in hell”.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to become a volunteer with an NGO to offer HUMANITARIAN work despite of a GIANT need – so I was “hired” for free by LWF because of my skills!

In the beginning of 2009, I wrote an application to do pure humanitarian work and sent it including my CV to a total of approx. 120 NGO’s in different countries, among others

  • All or almost all NGO’s in Denmark – and received no/negative replies.
  • Red Cross/Caritas in approx. 15 countries – and received no/negative replies.
  • Approx. 40 NGO’s in Kenya – and received replies from 6-7, mostly negative.

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) was the only NGO inviting me in for talks. The negative replies included the following reasons.

  • Volunteers are only “recruited” locally.
  • NGO’s only accept “experts” from developed countries working within their field and they are hired on contracts securing salary, insurance, vaccination, recovery plans etc.
  • NGO’s do not accept volunteers from developed countries doing humanitarian work!!!
  • A few NGO’s said that maybe I could do office work alone, which I rejected.

These answers surprised me because there are vulnerable people all over the world suffering because NGO’s are understaffed as a result of lack of funding, and because local people/refugees may not have the necessary skills, education or work permits to do the work that experts from developed countries do.

(An Aid worker in Dadaab: “There are huge needs in all sectors and we don’t have the money to do anything about it. We can’t even go look for the most vulnerable refugees because when we find them, we can’t help them. It’s overwhelming. We have asked that this situation be officially declared an emergency but that hasn’t happened”. Source: Human Rights Watch – “From Horror to Hopelessness”, March 2009)

From the time I sent my application to volunteer, February 20, 2009, until I was “allowed” to start my assignment at Dadaab, May 4, 2009 (plus maybe 14 days before reaching Dadaab), it took THREE MONTHS (!), which is NOT my idea of how long it should take for volunteers to get started work to help people in desperate need.

This was the “professional process” I went through to be hired as if I was a paid employee/leader .

  • I sent my application to LWF the 20th February 2009.
  • I had a telephone interview with their HR Manager in the beginning of March and we agreed that I could do a mix of office and humanitarian work, if possible …
  • I had a job interview with DanChurchAid (part of LWF) in Copenhagen 19th March.
  • I was asked to do the following, which I agreed doing.
    • Give 2-3 references on former employers.
    • Send a medical declaration confirming that I am in a good physical/mental condition.
    • Take out insurance including Hospital and Medical expenses, home transport etc.
    • Receive a full vaccination program.
  • I was to start the assignment the 4th May 2009 and I was told that maybe I should stay in Nairobi the first 14 days (to get to know LWF Kenya and the city) …?

As you can see from my email correspondence with LWF below, the only real reason why they “hired” me as a volunteer was because of my professional skills to help them doing office work (!), they “could not” accept me to offer only humanitarian assistance to people in distress so I was “allowed” to help them doing:

  • Budget monitoring, i.e. tracking project expenditure versus plans.
  • Develop and monitor adherence to a Travel, Leave and R&R plan for Dadaab staff.
  • Design and operate an asset inventory for LWF in Dadaab camps.
  • Organize self-help activities at the Save Haven (the only humanitarian work!).
  • Assist in the updating of LWF Kenya policies to include Dadaab (e.g. security and others).

LWF website

They decided on my behalf that I should sign their standard employment contract (as volunteer), had to take out insurance and receive vaccinations and medical check-up all on my own costs, which I would NOT have done if they had not demanded this. I should also pay for my own travel, living and working costs. They treated me completely as if I was a new employee, and I would probably be offered work and pay – together with the LWF manager of Kenya, who noticed my good professional skills (!) – and a professional career if I had connected to this system of the Devil.

All I wanted was really to be “ALLOWED” to do HUMANITARIAN WORK as easy and quickly as possible to HELP people in distress and of course without meeting BUREAUCRAZY and without going through a process like if I was going to become a full-time HIRED employee (!) – this is what I met at Lutheran World Federation, this is how the world works today – not my cup of tea!

In the world today it has become an INDUSTRY like all other industries to HELP people in distress, what happened with help from man to man? What happened to REAL humanity? With this, NGO’s and all of this “industry” and bureaucracy would not be needed at all! I leave it up to you to evaluate, my reader – please think carefully.

Hans to Stig: As coming Dadaab-employee, your Dadaab memo is “very problematic”. Stig to Hans: I speak out the truth instead being political and allowing people to die!

Update February 2015: On basis of information I have been given on my sister Sanna’s husband, Hans, as ”world leader” (read the front page of my website), I have decided to include this email correspondence between Hans and I from April 2009 when I was visiting LWF in Geneva and on my way to work for them at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

Hans decided to comment on my first memo on Dadaab from April 2009, which I had published on Facebook (see the final newsletter here from January 2010 made in co-operation with LTO in Kenya), and did you write your ”good advice” to me, Hans, because you felt that the earth underneath you started burning and you ”had to” do this to defend your role as ”world protector” not really knowing what you were speaking of being ”unable” to understand the truth of how the world in fact deliberately is eliminating the poor with the acceptance of the United Nations and NGO’s as you can read from this very website (?), though it looks on the surface to be the opposite, and it was this ”opposite” truth that you had also fallen for and tried with everything you had to defend in relation to me, and yes, it took you some years from 2009 until you finally understood that I just spoke out the truth loud and directly for the world including you and my sister to understand.

Hans says in his email that ”as a trained political observer, I want to say that the article is problematic” and he then tells me that it is untrustworthy to make a judgement before personally going and seeing the conditions in the camp, and that it is ”very problematic” as employee in the camp to write that the police is criminal and corrupt, which can bring a rejection to entry and reason of repatriation if LWF receive knowledge of the article, and finally he believes that my article is strongly critical to the work done in the camp (it takes too long to register people, people are imprisoned without freedom rights etc.), which  ”an employee cannot allow to to express an opinion about”, and yes, this is what he decided to write (being brainwashed by “culture” and “politics” as most people are) not seeing conditions from the eye of the refugee but from the system (!!!), and this how the worst darkness is working, Hans, which is to ”work on the side of the system as a cynic not being critical about it” and without a freedom of speech to speak out the direct truth to TRULY help these people, and yes, this is what this ”very clever man/world leader” told me, and I wonder if you had any ”second thoughts” about this, which could be to alarm the police in the camp and LWF about me for example ”to arrest me” as part of your game to ”bring me down” (?), and yes, just guessing of course.

In my reply – written when I visited LWF in Geneva feeling the absolute worst ”Zombie” ever during my entire mission – I tell Hans that I have not written my memo because of considerations to me but of considerations to the people suffering the most in the world today, and that I have written the memo based on reports, which again are written on basis of visits to the camp including interviews with refugees, which I have brought my ”emotional comments” to in order to make people understand what these reports really say.

I tell Hans that I have written the memo now because I suspected that I would not be given the chance doing this again later with LWF because of their ”loyalty considerations” towards all (government, NGO’s, work conditions), which apparently is more important than the weakest of all people, and that I have given the memo to LWF including the recommendation to edit the memo together based on experience from the camps, ”but I am afraid that you may be right that this will not happen, thus rather allowing people to die”, and this is exactly what happened when I the day after was told by the cowards of LWF’s General Secretary and their Programme Manager of East Africa that they would NOT support me doing this because of ”political reasons”, which ultimately was the main reason why I decided NOT to work for LWF.

NGO’s work as bureaucratic businesses deciding over life/death – their work and lack of funds turn them into cold and cynic “executioners” instead of true humanitarians!

After being “hired” by LWF, I was taken “under the wings of the Swedish Program Officer Tore Samuelsson, who put this induction visit together for me in Geneva to visit all departments (mostly managers/directors) of their “business”, and this is not what you would expect a “humanitarian organization” to do to a new volunteer, who simply wanted to offer humanitarian assistance directly from man to man, is it?

“Of course” they would reimburse my travel and hotel expenses, which was 3,200 DKK (the cheapest flight/hotel I could find), which was completely unnecessary to pay and that is unless they really did not see me as a “volunteer” but a “potential future leader”, who had decided to learn the business from the ground before I would be offered a job with your head-office in Geneva or in Kenya/East Africa or other “nice locations” you can be sent to (?), and yes this is how it works, managers employed by NGO’s “enjoy” the privileges of travelling, living and dining on the expense of the poorest people in the world, and when I think about how NGO managers (such as Anders Ladekarl) travel around the world to come on visit to see how things look like, it makes me feel disgusted. This is NOT how to help people my friends!

Induction Visit to LWF April 2009

On the other hand, this “kind invitation” to meet the management of a big, international NGO is also how I was able to learn about this industry to unlock its secrets including how they misuse MUCH resources because of completely unnecessary administration/bureaucracy (compared to direct help from man to man) and how they deliberately keep “confidential/sensitive information” from the world.

I had had very poor/little sleep for days before going to Geneva for this induction visit, and I was already a “living dead”/Zombie when arriving at Geneva airport, where I stood in a long line to get a taxi, and when it was finally my tour, the taxi driver decided NOT to take me up because my hotelWorldEconomy11 was too close to the airport, but what he did not know was that I did not have a map and was completely out of energy making the walk to find the hotel the worst walk I have ever had in my life – also carrying pretty heavy luggage and having a strong limp, see below – and I went approx. 1 kilometre too far having to go back before I finally arrived at the hotel, and what I did not know was that I would be “on” the rest of the afternoon and evening in meetings and that I again would receive NO sleep the night there (my “spiritual friends” kept me awake because of extreme darkness coming against me of these people) making me CRITICALLY tired/exhausted the next day, and still I had to continue being “on”, outgoing, strong, asking many questions and understanding the answers from these many meetings with people all looking at and monitoring me because I was a “new invention” in their organization, and furthermore I had received this strong limp on my right leg making it visible difficult for me to walk (these sufferings came on top of “my normal sufferings” with spiritual voices, feelings/desires and visions of darkness etc. given to me around the clock making every second unbearable itself).

All in all, this tour brought me the WORST DARKNESS/SUFFERINGS of all I have received throughout my journey (which is VERY MUCH, I have no idea of how I came through this immense torture as it was) – this is how much darkness, which is hidden in Geneva and at NGO’s really not helping but killing the poorest people of the world because of what they and the world DO NOT do (!) – and we talk of sufferings so deep and painful that most people will never be able to understand.

Despite of my sufferings, I managed to give people a good impression, and “of course” Tore invited me out on dinner in the beautiful and VERY RICH city of Geneva, and “of course” it was on the expense account of LWF, and he was furthermore preparing a visit himself to Africa to visit the region and follow up on the work they did there, which made me feel sick to hear because it should be completely unnecessary to work like this having these costs.

These were the learning experiences from my visit, which I have written in a “nice language”, and should I do the same today, I would have written it MUCH stronger and more directly in order for you not to misunderstand how I truly evaluate this “unnecessary industry”.

As I write in the memo below “LWF work with beneficiaries on one hand and donors on the other – similar to my experience within Insurance working with private customers on one hand and clients like banks on the other”, which was my overall experience. These were ordinary managers/employees having professional careers in a “business” in a rich city bringing them many “pleasures” trading with “suffering/starving/dying people” as their “product” to which they tried to attract as much donors/money as possible the same way as any business tries to sell its products and get more customers.

When I heard about stories like “when repatriation programs are designed, food distribution or schools may be closed to “motivate” people going home”, it made me realize that these organizations play with life and dead not nearly having enough resources to do what it really takes to help people often meaning that they take decisions as “mastngo-process-vs-hcd-process2ers” ruling over “the mob” having a direct impact on the lives of these people and because they cannot bring decent lives to people, they do their “best” to stretch donor money for as long as possible buying the absolutely cheapest “food”, which the same people would not like to feed their dogs with, but when you have worked inside this “business” for some time, this is how you end up, which is to look at these people as “a group of people”, who could be animals, which need to be fed and as Erik from the DanChurchAid – part of the LWF – told me at my “job interview” (to my disgust!), he had decided to put away his feelings because otherwise he would not be able to “survive” in this business (I would NEVER be able to work with these people if I shut down my feelings, NEVER!), which was confirmed in one of my meetings with LWF, who told me about the problem of aid workers becoming “cynical” to protect themselves against the experience of people suffering, and this is how many of these people have become when turning into cold, insensitive and cynical people shutting down their feelings (“what do we care? – we still cannot make a difference ourselves”, people have given up to a far too inadequate system!), and furthermore, these managers often do not know the details of the work (which applies for MANY/most managers!) and the consequences of their decisions when they work far away as for example in Geneva deciding on “strategies”, and this is how these people become “executioners” instead of true “humanitarians”!

And I was simply appalled when I heard that they have only allocated 1-2 counsellors per 1.000 inhabitants for “Trauma Healing Programmes” meaning that “mental sufferings” of most people living lives in the worst hell imaginable – see our Dadaab memo above – are NOT understood and prioritized by ignorant people, and you may understand one of my main claims that you should send out MANY THOUSANDS of volunteers to “heal” the sufferings of people simply by talking to, listening, understanding and showing love from man to man, which is what is making a HUGE difference also in the survival numbers of people, but no, the world “could not” do this, and NGO’s had effectively cut off this option, because you did not need it or should we say, you DID NOT WANT to TRULY help people, right (?), and yes the more people die in the third world without the world really understanding, listening or caring, the better it was for the World Elite to accomplish their goal on reducing world population by 90%!

You can see from my memo that my belief is that there must be thousands of financially secure people in the developed countries feeling the same as I: “There must be another purpose to life than what I do now …”, thus wanting to volunteer to help other people directly, if only they knew how and could because it is “impossible” today as I have showed you ….

I also suggested LWF to “recruit skilled volunteers – doing work that local people cannot do – LWF can save on its salary expense account and do more activities directly for the beneficiaries”, which was to tell them that I do NOT like “professional industries” with salary and expense accounts to help other people in need. This is NOT what you are meant to make money on, this is a matter of showing a TRUE humanitarian heart and mindset simply making sure that fellow human beings are helped when they have a need to be helped and to make all people working for the NGO-industry unemployed (!), but no, the world “could not”, you had accepted millions of people suffering/screaming and dying as long as you were doing fine yourself, a disgrace!

From our Dadaab newsletter above: “At LTO, we know from our own experiences, that the mental suffering – “the invisible disease” – is even worse than the worst physical suffering/sicknesses especially when people, who are supposed to help, do not understand the nature of mental suffering, do not prioritise it and do not treat it. THIS IS THE TRUE DISGRACE – that nobody is doing anything to help people with their mental sufferings!”

You can see from point 4 “Communication” in the memo below that I gave a STRONG impression on people, and all I did was to ask MANY questions, listen, understand and give some ideas/suggestions of what they could consider, and these people (Tore and more) gave me the advice to have a “suitable language” and to “not take over” at the same time as I should never hide my commitment (!), and this is both WRONG – always show who you are, and most people received a positive impression of me, right (?) – and what this organization does itself when it speaks “cautious” and “politically correct” because they don’t want to “offend” anyone at the UN/UNHCR or their donors, which is how you WRONGLY “pack in” humanitarian crises and let them become easier accepted/not detected. I do NOT like that – speak out the truth directly, honestly, openly and let me add STRONGLY for the world to understand and act. This is what I asked you to do, but you “could not”, you were working for the Devil trying to bring me down.


And I saw how in-efficient this “business” works because of the requirement of “different reporting’s” of “different donors”, which is truly a crazy man’s work (as you thought of me when learning about my website/scripts?) because this entire industry should (theoretically) have developed one standard of the best/most professional quality and when you “could not”, it brought out much extra resources/costs of the entire industry making you do “unnecessary work”.

They told me that “appeals are only funded with 60-70% and it has become increasingly difficult funding new projects …”, which is also what you saw with the Dadaab camp – see the memo above – which is about the world having lost interest and governments NOT even funding what is essentially needed to rescue and feed people, and even less to bring all people a “normal life”, which they have neglected to do for centuries.

Some people working in the “aid industry” play a double-game sexually abusing women and children belonging to the weakest people in the world

I have been told spiritually that the motivation of some people working in the “aid industry” with the poorest people of the world sadly is based on sexual abuse because they “cannot” control their desire of not only taking sexual advantage of young women for “almost no money” but also for people having “child sex” also including people from the Lutheran World Federation as I am here told, who “look much forward” to visiting these “young and delicious” children to bring themselves “joy” and “amusement”, and do you think that taking sexually advantage of the weakest people in the world bringing them even more wounds on their souls is something that I approve of (?), and no, I DO NOT (!), how in the world could you sink so low even deciding to abuse the weakest people of the world while keeping a façade of you being “one of the good guys”, and this is how it is with people living a “double life” with two façades, and this may be what my “old friends” of LWF may think about me too when they realize that I am only what I told them, the Son of God sitting next to my father as One God.

I left LWF because they don’t accept volunteers, don’t speak the truth about human disasters and because I wanted to help the poorest NOT doing their office work!

This is the email I sent from Nairobi to Lutheran World Federation in May 2009 explaining why I decided not to work for them (taking the decision the day before I should have started after having met Elijah’s brother Misheck on the street, who led me to LTO, the only organization of God and after having sent a short email to LWF about my (planned) decision) with this being the key points.

As you will understand I have not come to this world to “help LWF” with OFFICE WORK at Dadaab (see the tasks they offered me above), which anyone can do, but to TRULY help the most suffering people of the world.

  • It is impossible or at least almost impossible TO WORK AS A VOLUNTEER ONLY DOING HUMANITARIAN WORK (I was “hired” as a normal employee going through their normal hiring processes), which is what I believe is the true mission of helping people, which is why I proposed LWF at my visit to only employ volunteers without building careers and paying out big pay-checks to “professional people” on the backs of the poorest people in the world.
  • Give employees the freedom of speech, which was the reason why I showed them my first memo on Dadaab (which later became the Dadaab newsletter of LTO above when LWF “could not” help) and proposed to continue working on this, improve the quality of it and to publish it in LFW’s name to make the world truly understand about the HUMAN DISASTER of this refugee camp with hundreds of thousands of people living lives in hell suffering more than anyone can imagine. I met with the director, Eberhard Hitzler in a “crisis-meeting” (because I had suggested Tore S. to do this the evening before, which Tore therefore had set up between the three of us) to discuss the matter, and he decided NOT to do this because of political reasons, and it did not matter how much pressure I put on arguing about the importance of doing it over again (to write the truth VERY DIRECTLY for people to understand and NOT to pack it in into a “political language” because of their “interests”!), he did NOT want to bring the full truth to the world, and I wonder how close I was to be thrown out of LWF because of my “stubbornness”, Eberhard? This was the task I offered LWF to help me with for them to show their true humanitarian heart, but when they “could not”, they showed me their true face of evil. I had hoped they would have decided to meet me differently, but this was the face they showed, and this is the face I am then reporting. This was the main reason that I left LWF.
  • I don’t like that LWF and other organizations are based in Geneva, Switzerland, and other rich countries creating “normal businesses”, where people do normal work and careers receiving salaries, insurance, pension etc., where the beneficiaries are far away at the same time suffering and I don’t like NGO’s spending money on flights, hotels and dinners too, and not least the giant and completely unnecessary bureaucracy they build up having different policies, requirements, reports for different sponsors etc., which are resources stolen directly from the beneficiaries.
  • I don’t like private donors sending contributions to NGO’s financing all of this when they really should donate what they can spare (exceeding a “normal life” with the goal to bring “normal life” to everyone sharing resources equally) directly to beneficiaries through bank accounts or other CHEAP payment systems.
  • I also don’t like governments to collect taxes for aid work, formulate different policies around the world and use different NGO’s around the world all with different policies trying to do the same.
  • I was given the WORST PAIN a man has EVER received during my visit to LWF in April 2009, which was very close to break me completely down (terminating life as the result) – the worst crisis I was given throughout all of my journey – which was because of the incredible darkness of people here receiving careers and living a life in luxury in one of the world’s richest cities pretending to truly care about and wanting to help the poorest people of the world when they really remove the responsibilities and attention of people to help man in need directly.

Do you think this is RIGHT or WRONG (?) – why have you done NOTHING about it?

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This website was first published October 27, 2013, and has since been updated some times.