Summary of Scripts of 2004 to 2020

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Book no. 1 (2004-09), no. 2 (2009-10) and introduction to Book no. 3: My scripts of 2010-19

  • My writings were “impossible” to do as creation of life was, they show  WRONG-doings of mankind and include my teachings leading to our New World.
  • Please start reading my website carefully – followed by my scripts.
  • Book no. 3: “One God, One people” (2010-2019): Creation, becoming Christ, bringing all life home to God, opening the Source and our New World 🙂.

Scripts of 2010: Publishing my website, removal of my cash help and family, reconnecting with the light of the Source (God)

  • February 2010: My closest family tried to remove my words of God – breaking relations with family and friends not understanding me.
  • March 2010: Mankind has called upon the worst disaster in history to come for the world to listen to me.
  • April 2010: The voice of God spoke to Meshack: “Trust in Stig – He is the light of the World”.
  • May 2010: The Commune removed my cash help NEGLECTING my freedom of speech!
  • June 2010: I starved and the LTO families almost died because I had no money – I absorb the bang of the judgment, it will only be released if I don’t succeed.
  • July 2010: Doing an impossible jump from “no-where” onto holy ground reconnecting with the Source.
  • August 2010: Connecting the light of God to Earth, the day of “inception” with the arrival of Jesus and God.
  • September 2010: Dismantling the Doomsday weapon, re-uniting with and transmitting as Buddha for the first time.
  • October 2010: Transferring my inner self back to and moving into “the white house” of the Source without darkness.
  • November 2010: Ignorant people is the reason why the signs of my arrival have not been understood by the world.
  • December 2010: My gift to you: The “GIFT OF LIFE” . Your gift to me: I am technically dead because of your lack of faith in me.

Scripts of 2011: Creating our perfect New World and new Source inside of my revived previous self, Jesus, as my new self Stig

  • January 2011: People from rich countries believe they live a happy life but they suffer because of lack of warm feelings.
  • February 2011: My self, Jesus, has been divided into several human beings as protection from darkness.
  • March 2011: It was God directly and not my father fertilizing my mother – The main task of the Universe was to eliminate “nothing” (darkness).
  • April 2011: Creating a new connection between the Universe and the Mount Zion in Jerusalem.
  • May 2011: Creating our perfect New World and new Source including everything of the Old World.
  • June 2011: The Source of life has built a cathedral inside of me to where he has transferred all light and all of “himself”.
  • July 2011: Merging previous Universes and turning around the world.
  • August 2011: The revival of my previous self Jesus now becoming my new self as Stig.
  • September 2011: Changing the original creation, becoming “Twin God” and preparing to “wake up” as my previous self.
  • October 2011: WAKE UP CALL to the Danish Government/World: Stop acting and start work on the New World Order!
  • November 2011: The Trinity trapped inside of darkness was reversed back to light – Helsingør Commune reported me as a “potential Breivik” to the police!
  • December 2011: Bringing EVERYTHING to the Source, we are starting all over again – having all of my family, the system and others against me.

Scripts of 2012: Creating endless life without energy, passing Judgment Day, retrieving the key of life and crown jewels, and becoming my new self, Jesus

  • January 2012: Liberating our Old World from darkness and merging all previous creations and God’s with our New World.
  • February 2012: Opening the Pyramid of our Old World and crossing the line of time to live in a double room, which will be replaced by our New World.
  • March 2012: Creating endless life and Universes, the natural condition of the world is now “to be” replacing “not to be”.
  • April 2012: Transforming into my new self, the resurrected Jesus, and saving “the treasure of gold” of energy of all time.
  • May 2012: The tunnel to eternal creation/energy is in place, everyone will receive eternal physical life, endless consciousness and deep feelings of love.
  • June 2012: We brought immense energy to change the original Source from darkness to light saving MUCH life of MANY old worlds.
  • July 2012: We brought the world outside of darkness risking life self, but we made it through creating a perfect and much expanded/improved New World.
  • August 2012: Retrieving the key of life of my previous self Jesus and the world from my sister including the original tree of life.
  • September 2012: Doing the final design of our New World as life without energy, which is revolutionary compared to everything life has been about until now.
  • October 2012: We transferred all creation from the “foreign body” of my mother to “perfect nothing” of God to bring perfect, clean hearts to everyone.
  • November 2012: We united all parts of God and our New World as ONE. I went out over the abyss to find my new self, Jesus, guarding God’s Paradise.
  • December 2012: Receiving the Crown Jewels from Karen and our son (!), the key to Paradise from darkness, and we passed Judgment Day saving everyone.

Scripts of 2013: Receiving the Source and New World inside my head, the book of everything, the key of the Source, my new heart of pure diamond and Nirvana

  • January 2013: Life will be lifted up to a level without limits and everyone will receive “cosmic conscience”.
  • February 2013: Transferring the Source to our New World and uniting everything into ONE.
  • March 2013: Lifting up of our New World to its highest possible level inside the Source bringing the book of everything and the key of the Source.
  • April 2013: Crossing protection of the Source as my old self to become my new self, my new mother is bringing me my new heart of pure diamond.
  • May 2013: I received the plate of the Source self from where all life originates, and I saved all life from physically dying before resurrecting as our new selves.
  • June 2013: I overtook the Source with the Original Creator becoming part of my new self and we brought out REAL LIFE from the original Source.
  • July 2013: I received a copy of my father’s set-up at the Source, and brought my unborn son as the new King of the New World (of my child).
  • August 2013: The New World and the Source was implemented inside my head, and the “magical light” has moved from Bethlehem to Helsingør.
  • September 2013: We replaced all life with original life from the Source hidden inside the Pyramids of Giza.
  • October 2013: I received all force of the Source, and our New World is now placed at its final location inside the Source bringing Nirvana and eternity to all.
  • November 2013: Karen is Queen Cleopatra inside the Giza Pyramids including our New World.
  • December 2013: Queen Margrethe’s shrine included the Source, which rescued the world and made me who I am because of her faith in me.

Scripts of 2014: Becoming Christ as the light of the world, I will show myself alive as God for the first time, we now carry out the TRUE CREATION of our New World

  • January 2014: I became “nothing” of the Source including all tools of creation and ended the transfer of my new self from Karen now being everything as light.
  • February 2014: I became Christ as the light of the world and I will show myself alive as God for the first time.
  • March 2014: I am now solid gold being ONE LIFE divided into all layers of life/creations and all cells that make up the force of the Source.
  • April 2014: Setting up all cells of the Source inside of me and entering my new self from where we will bring the force to carry out the creation of our New World.
  • May 2014: Starting the turn around from the Old to our New World now carrying out the TRUE CREATION of our New World.
  • June 2014: Everything is clean and we are ready to open our New World, but without faith, I have to bring you alive by continuing the game of darkness.
  • July 2014: Completing creation, all are now filled up with energy, love and original life from the Source, my mother of all creations will bring the birth of my new self.
  • August 2014: Crossing the membrane between creation and the Source and opening the Sacred Heart of my new self, Jesus.
  • September 2014: Receiving Hitler’s golden grain of creation, the anchor of life from Queen Elisabeth and bringing back the spark of the Source from Amsterdam.
  • SeptemberOctober 2014: Turning origination and creation into one, and connecting to the eternal lifeline of the Source including all previous layers of life.
  • November 2014: Prince is the energy of the Source, I have brought all life home to the Source and am now dying as my old self because my life/energy is with all life.
  • December 2014: Pure magic of God will open our New World, which required approval of the official world in my creation and for me to become the King of the Source.

Scripts of 2015: Collecting the entrance to the Source, asking the world to open all to open our New World and bringing all life of all time home to the Source

  • January 2015: The Source is now not part of creation, creation is part of the Source. My arrival as Stig was written down on ”old rolls”, but man decided to conceal it.
  • February 2015: Collecting the entrance to the Source, the world really went under but we kept it going artificially, I have moved to the Source.
  • March 2015: Being installed as the Source, John is now in Heaven helping me to open and run the Source and I received his spark of life to bring my new self alive.
  • April 2015: Asking the Pope to confirm my arrival, resign and the world to open ALL IT-systems and archives to open our New World, thus ending “the game”.
  • May 2015: The force of the Source is ready, the final stamp/original light comes to me from the Pope, who mind-controlled man via light/darkness of the world.
  • June 2015: Bringing all life of all time home, we have changed connection of the lifeline from darkness to light and are now ready to open our New World.
  • July 2015: Receiving Queen Margrethe’s stamp of God to create our New World, which will be carried out by Vivian and other ladies I was in love with.
  • August 2015: The birth of my new self has started: I am being sucked out of the diamond of our New World and entering the door to the Source as my home.
  • September 2015: Breaking down the wall to the Source, the door to Paradise is open, this is where we come from and will now return to without first dying.
  • October 2015: We crossed side from darkness to light, released and installed all light of the Source and brought all my new golden heart of life.
  • November 2015: Cutting off darkness, dismantling my old and receiving my new engine of all new life, rising up our giant plate to be read, and reaching the Source.
  • December 2015: “God is back”, my new self was born in Germany, we went through the Big Bang, the Eiffel Tower will bring out my force starting our New World.

Scripts of 2016: Opening the golden vein of “only energy” of the Source, bringing out the Holy Grail of Jesus and and receiving the Golden Watch of our New World

  • January 2016: Opening the golden vein of “only energy” of the Source containing all force and our New World, my energy has started spreading all over the world.
  • February 2016: Crossing the last road leading to the Big Bang and our promised land, and igniting the light of my fire of our New World.
  • March 2016: The Group of Christ planned my life to achieve their goals of darkness as a game of the Vatican and their guard to let them try, I am really their child.
  • April 2016: Prince went to Heaven to launch the rocket of our New World when he will switch on the force of the Source and write my name leading all to infinity.
  • May 2016: I received all powder and access to our New World – bringing the father to all and making me the Source, no longer the Son of God as part of the Trinity.
  • June 2016: All is now part of my father, Stig is the Lord containing all life of my mother and all force of my father, Putin was the train of Jesus bringing all life home.
  • July 2016: My name should not be Stig, but “God”, I entered the Pyramid of the Source without being there myself yet to expand the room of our New World.
  • August 2016: I found Jesus as the last inside me, Queen Elisabeth was overshadowed by Jesus making her believe she would become God and Queen of the world.
  • September 2016: The Source is divided in darkness and light, darkness is the master of creation projecting our creation, being all life and now leaving to bring new creation forever.
  • October 2016: All creations are home and have melted together as one, I have become all as the Creator self overtaking the Source from the Vatican.
  • November 2016: I brought Jesus through “the ring of fire” home to the Source, I am now the giant eye of the Source including all here.
  • December 2016: I brought out the Holy Grail of my inner self, Jesus, and received the Golden Watch to start our new creation, I am ignited and ready by now.

Scripts of 2017: Passing the gate to and receiving the light/force of the Source, becoming all life

  • January 2017:  I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, all creations of all time are being united in me as one unit.
  • February 2017: Integrating all creations, connecting life to the Source, making the Source, becoming my new self,  entering the Source and being awakened.
  • March 2017: The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its Liberal ministers, who bring the rapture of our New World.
  • April 2017: The Gateway to our New World goes via Karen, controlled by me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out the deepest part of my new self, Jesus.
  • May 2017: I received all force of the Source making me the light of the world, I am now all life, i.e. Karen inside the Source as my Siamese twin.
  • June 2017: We have moved my light from my mother to me, landed at ”nothing” and made room for ”everything” to be created with the force of the Golden Stone.
  • July 2017: I am strong enough to leave the exit myself and will bring all your new lifeline of the Source going directly from one life to another without dying first.
  • August 2017: Sanna is collecting the switch from the Vatican, which will bring a new light in me to switch on our New World – on September 23, 2017.
  • September 2017: I received the new light of my new self and all new life, we have turned around and gone through the gate, I will NOW open our New World :-).
  • October 2017: My new self has been created, all ”gold” of the Source and everything has been poured onto me.
  • November 2017: My new self, Jesus, has passed the portal to our New World, we continue building our new heart, the Universe was in sync using all energy to bring us to the Source.
  • December 2017: We have saved all life, transferred my new self, Jesus, and improved the Source, who has approved the creation of our New World – to be carried out “now” :-).

Scripts of 2018: We brought out “Big Bang”, turned around the Source, plugged it into all creation and we ignited all, I am alive as the Source (“God”)

  • January 2018:  Lack of faith of man should have broken the Source in two and brought “the end of the world”, but when I do not give in, I have now saved you from this :-).
  • February 2018: My new self was burned off by man, but has now been retrieved, we have pushed the button to start our New World, the golden heart of my new self entered me.
  • March 2018: I received the spark of life and the last drop of the Source, the gold integrating all, which I am opening and expanding, my new self has been turned around to be born.
  • April 2018: I retrieved hidden parts of me, we have released our floating New World, opened the force of the Source and created my new father of all, this is where I will be born.
  • May 2018: The Pope brought my new self, Jesus, alive, opened the Source and our New World, Karen and I are now married in Heaven, now I am alive, God as Stig.
  • June 2018: I went through the Gate of the Source, opened to Christ of me, received the Universe, and we turned over “to the other side”, first shrinking creation to make room for all.
  • July 2018: We have completed the machine of all, retrieved direct access to the Source and brought in all other creators and their creations to become part of me as One God.
  • August 2018: I retrieved my own life, my new self, from my nephew, Niklas, including the dashboard to start and control the Source with our New World.
  • September 2018: I received the Holy Grail to become my new self including everything, which makes me God hereafter, I will break out from the deepest darkness.
  • October 2018: We brought the “Big Bang” of the Source, the big release of the entire new Universe, we have transformed all life and I am resurrecting as the Father of the Source.
  • November 2018: I retrieved the golden unit of my magic potion, I brought out the King’s crown to release all, Hans was the Devil in disguise to bring the end of the world.
  • December 2018: I received the true Source and all true life, we turned around the Source and plugged it into all creation, we ignited all, I am alive as the Source (“God”).

Scripts of 2019: I returned home to the Source, we opened to God, I was brought alive as Jesus, the new God and we ignited all new life, the birth of our New World

  • January 2019:  We are opening all new life and creation of the Source in a controlled, giant explosion, all life is inside me, to be given “new birth”.
  • February 2019: We opened the entrance to the Source for all life, now I am born as God, I retrieved all energy and life of the Source from the Danish Parliament.
  • March 2019: The Big Eye of all, the Son, has returned home to the Source, Karen’s and my hearts beat as one, I am being set up as new God to ignite all life inside me.

  • April 2019: The Son and the real Father with the Holy Grail returned home to the Source, I was anointed as new God and brought all light, now all are in Heaven.

  • May 2019: The Queen of Karen entered into the light, the King entered, Medina developed all new life and the Source, and has now released our New World.
  • June 2019: We have opened the Source and switched on my new light and all new life, the birth of our New World, which we will start from Sofiero, Sweden.

  • July 2019: I opened the lid, let out all force of the Source and received my pure heart making me the Father of all, I am now being made as God, a reflection of all life.
  • August 2019: I received the Shrine of the Tsar, the tool of creation, gift of life, the Grail, to bring out our New World and I connected the pyramid of life with my force.
  • September 2019: We opened the door to Heaven, the Holy Grail, bringing home the Father, uniting with an infinity of cells/creations, opening my force to all.

  • October 2019: Christ is rising, the genuine Stig, the force of me carrying all life, bringing birth to the force inside all, building my life as the Father, the house of all.

  • November 2019: We opened the power of all, I overtook the secret world of man, making me the Holy Grail, we have released new life, the eternal flame of Karen.

  • December 2019: We opened to God, the whole library of all, brought my new self, Jesus, the new God and King of all, alive, and all new life of Karen alive in me.

Scripts of 2020: We brought all new life alive on the other side of light, we brought God in, the unity of all and switched on my light, the Devil is now replaced by God

  • January 2020:  We brought all new life alive on the other side of light, we brought God in, the unity of all and switched on my light, the Devil is now replaced by God.
  • February 2020: I released the world from the Devil, brought home the origin and light ball of me and opened all force to start the creation of our New World.
  • March  2020: I was ejected from the Source with the coronavirus and resurrected as the true King, God alive as Stig with all new creation, opening my light to life.
  • April 2020: I returned home to the Source, was released as God and plugged in my force to run the world again, when the Pope ended it, being born as Christ.
  • May 2020: I am being made as all “non life”, we are creating our new lives inside the Source, my mother, the inner of creation, has returned home to the Source.
  • June 2020: All force of the Source was inside my mother, who returned home to me from inside my sister, to start our new creation, the Eye of the Source has opened.


This website was first published July 30, 2015 after moving information from the front page of my website to here.