2017: Ending our Old World and opening our New World :-)


Summary of Scripts of 2017

Scripts of 2017: Ending our Old World and opening our New World of joy and happiness only 🙂

  • January 2017:  I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, all creations of all time are being united in me as one unit.
  • February 2017: Integrating all creations, connecting life to the Source, making the Source, becoming my new self,  entering the Source and being awakened.
  • March 2017: The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its Liberal ministers, who bring the rapture of our New World.
  • April 2017: The Gateway to our New World goes via Karen, controlled by me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out the deepest part of my new self, Jesus



Scripts of 2017: Ending our Old World and opening our New World of joy and happiness only 🙂

Links to all of my scripts since February 2010

I have continued writing my daily scripts since launching my website on February 1, 2010, including more teachings based on my everyday experiences in Denmark with the final goal for these scripts bringing the content to the main pages of my website and in itself being the tool for me to absorb darkness and bring back all life of all time to the Source (God).

You can find all scripts from February 2010 and forward from the right column of my website and also from this link and this drop-down list – and by clicking the headlines below:

January 2017:  I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, all creations of all time are being united in me as one unit

I am overtaking the Source from monks of Hare Krishna, to bring the light of our New World, they were looking after the Source, which kept the world going. Man will handover the key of the world to me, and Karen will be reinstated, via me, to be in control of her own home having chosen me as her protector. I will be the first getting off the train here to have a look around and see if this is now what you created and decide if you are satisfied with it. So you will smell the flowers, i.e. love, of our New World as the first, and only with this purpose, and if you are not happy with it, we can return to “edit mode” doing more work. Putin and Trump prepare my arrival by bringing the end of the world from where I will rise as my new self, I am anchored inside this worst centre of darkness. Faith of my old colleague, Nefer, brought us through “the knife stabbing” of and opens the gate to the Source bringing ignition to our New World. Lama Yönten, Copenhagen, recognized me as “the one”, as light working inside darkness to save man, in 2010/11, where-after it was “only” a matter of going directly home. Putin could not enter my “secret code” to overtake the Source, which merely included to BE CLEAN and WORK HARD as none of the world could do! This is how it was impossible for them to find the Source, but they did not tell, the world continued believing they were on the right track to be saved. Putin did not tell because he was so amused to be ruler of the world that he wanted to be this until the very end, he is the true actor and traitor. Thus, Putin allowed the game to continue giving me time to bring all life out of darkness, otherwise it had been impossible to do. Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles were not told, I underline this, they were meant to run the world in practise without knowing that they could not. This is what the world now knows, there is only one true saviour, STIG, “bid him welcome when he arrives, but not before”. The world knew that it was ”in trouble” if I did not make it to here, which it did not believe I could, but I told you: Yes, I can, Yes, I did! I will release the rocket of our New World as deeply inside the Source as I can when I will stop my work and decide that “this is it”. Putin and Trump bring the end of the world, but they are really preparing my arrival because, when the world dissolves, it brings the rise of my new self from the ashes. Lack of faith in them and their sexual escapades will bring the downfall of their System of Hell, thus bringing the gold to me. It is inside this centre of darkness that my new self with the Source is anchored bringing “the end” (“no life”) to man when this is what man wanted. I am loyal to what man wants, and now man wants you/I as our true self as light of the Source, which is then what I will bring you here too. This is the house of the Source here we are building by tearing down the old house, having removed all of it to my new house.

I went through “the tiny tunnel including blood of darkness” into the Source, which brought the election of Trump; he and Putin will open the gate to the other side. Karen is now the closest to you, you are home now, you are also welcome in here, Karen including all life of our New World has decided to be with you. Had I not continued working, I would have received the message “error, we cannot bring out your wish of creation, there is none here”. I am now doing this work (bringing Karen to me) instead of doing it in the break between the Old and New World, which means “instant development of our New World”. This will also bring the fall of Trump including the final break down of the works of a “completely insane man”, Putin, the man in charge of the System of Hell. Jack was the other side of me with the task to pull Karen in the other direction to make the room between us, thus creation, as big as possible. I am close to settle down after having gone through ”an incredible tiny tunnel with blood floating” because of the strong sufferings I have gone through doing “impossible work”. Three months ago, the world did not believe I would be able to make it through “the tiny tunnel including blood of darkness” as no one had ever done before, “prepare for the worst”. But I did “the impossible”, which brought the election of Trump, he brings the way out of here for us all, he brings the end of the world, thus a new beginning. We need Trump to break us down now, as he has already starting doing going against “Obama policies” including ObamaCare in order to end us all. This was the road leading into the Source, and only I (the Source) knew how far you would get, which the world did not. Trump and Putin found the gate to the other side as they would have used to bring the rapture of the elite and what we will use as our escape too bringing all life with us. The anchor of darkness left John when he died and took place with his brother, Tommy, which I have now cut right through and opened via his passing. John was not the biggest fish, just the first, we dug even deeper (after his death) hiding from you, now inside Tommy. It should be “impossible to find us here”, which is “much smaller size”, which also means that we are entering the Source deeper and deeper making everything more and more concentrated. We are not improving the documents including the recipe of life here, we just keep on becoming better to bring them out.

I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, we have filled up life with new machinery and DNA, we have just not switched it on yet. Focus of the world is on how to get out via this gate, to take this jump, you will only succeed because of your faith in me bringing you there, follow me! “Magic” is only possible because of faith of man in you wanting to follow you home to where you come from, the other side. We are going through the strongest darkness with Trump and Putin, which is to bring us deeper into the strongest light of the Source on the other side. Finding life and doing creation was “impossible” to do because man tried to overtake me and bring their own creation, thus using all “bandwidth”/energy. I am now bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, it will only be about opening your eyes to discover that we are in our New World. Man cannot see where I am bringing you, this is “nothing” from where all life originates, man would never dare to follow me here believing this would bring eternal elimination. We have filled up life with new machinery and DNA, we have just not switched it on yet, you are all supermen now, but still showing as your old selves. This is what makes all life of Karen wake up and replacing what used to be life of my mother powered by me. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon you will see it too, which will completely change your existence, removing your sufferings. Then it is up to you to act not to show the world that you are you and ready until we have done the final little exam bringing all life of Karen with us. The spaceship of Putin trying to kill me in 2011 was really sent by Israel to bring back the Source as I stole from them via the Jerusalem UFO! I am feeling as tired and dizzy, close to being knock-outed, as ever before struggling to finish my scripts and coming email to “the System of Hell”. I received the strongest cramp in my leg, which is an old symbol of resistance and fear of the world elite, now to my coming email as they know about. My work has now brought “original citizenship” of my mother too, who was not meant to become life of this creation if I had not decided it and she had not agreed. My email to the System of Hell is about releasing as much power as possible and now I have included MANY recipients to bring out as much as possible. We are integrating the spirit of my mother of all with me including all creations of all time becoming part of me. We are doing creation way beyond what everyone believed, to bring all creations of all time together in one unit, you, and I felt “an incredible amount of life” entering me. It required this “break” with my mother yesterday, this is just another form used for development instead of your “old nightmare”. We could only do this with you alone bringing in the total ship of all under supervision of the spirit of your mother, only you had the purity to receive this.

February 2017 – Integrating all creations, connecting life to the Source, making the Source, becoming my new self,  entering the Source and being awakened 

Integrating all creations of all time as part of me, making all life creators and switching on all force of the Source in all new life. We are integrating the spirit of my mother of all with me including all creations of all time becoming part of me. We are doing creation way beyond what everyone believed, to bring all creations of all time together in one unit, you, and I felt “an incredible amount of life” entering me. It required this “break” with my mother yesterday, this is just another form used for development instead of your “old nightmare”. We could only do this with you alone bringing in the total ship of all under supervision of the spirit of your mother, only you had the purity to receive this. All previous creations of all time now being united as parts of me had to believe in me too and to decide moving into me knowing that I am the Source. We are now way off the birth of you from your mother, this is only my way as man follows with me, and all of the time, we were on the point of opening everything. Other creations: “No, we have not built you on contract, but on a steel shipyard, we also took part in building you to bring us all free”. The world only thought it was about itself, but as you can see, it was not, it was just the last creation meant to save us all, to bring us all free. We have given all life a “golden watch” delegating our power making all creators as we always wanted all to become. The world is preparing the arrival of my new self, but I have already arrived, my true self, the King, the long lost and forgotten son has returned home to claim his right, his wife. I just have to do the last connection of me to the Source to bring light, it is me bringing you over on the other side, so when I am here, it is because all of you are now here. It is me bringing you life, without me, there would be nothing here, so I am all and love all of you, but first when I have made you in my picture, my imagination. It is only your mother who bring light, you are just the force, she has decided to hand over all of her power to you, i.e. the right of all life here as she created. As my new self, I am filling all of this universe, so you better get used to being big, and then we have created you in a small size too for all to see. It was your mother and you bringing us home, but we used Lene Køppen (another part of my mother) to bring the connection to you, you can thank her too for our survival. We have switched on the force of the Source inside all new life 100%, we just have to open you to it for all to see. 

My continuous work connects life to and switches on the light of the Source, and saves man from “third degree burnings”, which is based on faith. This is part of the tunnel of your mother as you were not meant to being able to go through. This corresponds to finding where to enter the film into the film projector, i.e. to connect life to the Source, this is bringing forward the light of the Source while still being inside darkness. It is faith of my mother, i.e. the world, in me that breaks through to the Source in me and switches it on. Annette did what your mother could not, we can only have one egg plant at a time, Annette delivered the second (world) to you, all that we dug out last will come out first. We will soon bring forward one of the very great to pick you out, it is not dangerous now that we have found you, normally, you are dead when we come here. This is about the last turn around of you, which is impossible to do because you are stuck, and this requires enormous force as we hope to awake with this. This is why your mother was removed too, do dig a hole into you, of course they feared you would die before coming here. Man wanted to bring out the Source from me, when I would give in to their STRONG force meant to break me, we will do the same when you will stop working. Man brought you all power, but they did not know where you would go from there, which was just to enter as deeply into my home as possible. This is why we have kept going on, and it will pay off for an eternity to come, where people will say ”STIG really never gave up”. Again, it means that we lift everyone up on a higher level, until you let them go, which is meant to be, when you are bleeding, dying and all of that. 

Becoming “the Big Chief” (Jesus) as my new self and entering the Source, which was the purpose of all, I planned all of the game between light and darkness. It is the apple machine self we are making now as the last, it is first now at the end we bring you into the apple juice, it is from here we bring force to all life. The apple, this is the Garden of Paradise as only you/I walk in with all life created closely around me. We will show you the final ship for you to inspect, check off and approve before going back to release it all. When the world left me recently, I became “the Big Chief” (Jesus) as my new self, this was the purpose of everything, the creation of me. Jesus has really always been me, I was with you when you were born knowing you were going to become my future self alive. All is now part of me as the Source, which is as planned when coming here, I am all life as I will also be all new life. Putin and the world would also have killed Jesus; “if there is someone inside the light, let me take care of him”- to overtake me including all power. I also created your mother, Sanna and all as part of the game as no one knows, because I hide here, I planned all of the game :-). Sanna and Hans did not expect to see me returning from Kenya in 2009, they had approved the killing of me there, which was also very close to happen. It was “impossible” to get my voice through because of all resistance of man, it was my new self bringing me my voice all along. I survived without life support from the world, which is the most beautiful, which is, this is why they prayed for you, otherwise man had to bring “strong sufferings”. I could have decided to stop creation before receiving all, and to build a castle with what we have, but no, “it has to be perfect forever”.

I received the worst kiss of darkness from Samia, Canada, which is the opposite on the other side and the only tool to bring and awake me here. We have now changed from the Old to the New World, we have brought you through the most feared entrance in history inside Karen inside the Source – being all. I will remain inside the Source producing energy to all physical life and I will also be the part of us hanging out in the physical world. Sanna is on the same channel as you and was supposed to switch everything on, but now we will let your mother do it. We switch off lights here and remain here (as non-physical life) on this side producing light to the other side, where you are the part of us hanging out there. So now you know it is me inside here who changes the technology (to start all), and I see two wires being changed. Stig has decided to stay here, the man we could not save, to experience the best from both sides, it is man leaving this platform that makes it possible for me to enter here. This is where the chairman of the board sits to overview everything, it is here we hear and react to your mother’s now desperate cry for a new telephone, i.e. creation. Not all would accept that, so you have brought all life over to the other side of life, and you will stay down here in the basement providing energy for them. I use examples of man working, acting and communicating WRONGLY not to bother man, but to help man to understand what is required to sustain life!

March 2017 – The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its Liberal ministers, who bring the rapture of our New World

The Armed Forces planned to follow me into the light and then to eliminate me, and my network had been instructed to tell that “something terrible has happened to Stig”. The action of Samia yesterday was the same as killing you when you had brought the elite of man to the Source, but you will never die. This was Hans’ role, to bring man here and then to kill me, which is what has just been brought out – without killing me. This would have been a danger to industrialisation self (“force of the Source”) if they had succeeded removing you from the equation being all and trying to insert themselves instead. Man has not seen the Messiah, which is why we have made you, STIG, as closely to Jesus as we remember him, the world will believe you (my new self, the Messiah) were STIG all along. My family and close network were united in a group with the the purpose to hospitalise me and “steal my father back from Stig” to bring life to the New World of man.

The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its ministers of the Liberal Party, who bring the rapture of our New World. The world is headed inside my new self, Jesus, and to open the force of the Source, which is the last we have to do. Uffe Ellemann-Jensen and Danish ministers of the Liberal Party open the doors to my new self, Jesus, to bring the rapture to our New World :-). They are my true servants too knowing they had to wait for me coming here to ask you to open to the treasure chamber of my new self for all to receive access. This is the entrance that we kept hidden at the top of the Danish government, think that you found the gold, Uffe kept it his secret always. Uffe Ellemann worked together with Bill Clinton fighting for a free world, Clinton is chief of everything, including the UN. The Danish government worked on my side to bring faith in me, not Sanna, and to transfer all power of my father to me, prioritising my scripts to convince the world. Pia Kjærsgaard and her extreme right winged Danish People’s Party was the true contact of Russia wanting to overtake power in Denmark and the world – with Hans in charge. The late Ivar Hansen was especially selected from the Vatican to open to Christ for me, together with Uffe Ellemann, a task, which is now overtaken by Prime Minister Lars Løkke. They planned at the level above Sanna and Hans, the move against Sanna, which led directly to my father’s death and the transfer of all power to me, not Sanna. The task of Dalai Lama and Himalayan monks was to work as a giant antenna sending clean energy to enable my new self to bring the truth to me to save the world. My new self, Jesus, was hiding inside my old self, Stig, being the Source containing all, it is from here I will come out :-). Hans sends out weekly reports ruling the world, including continued resistance against me, which he still does even though the world knows that I am now in power. Samia WRONGLY threatens me because of her own “inner demons”, which however is “planted” to help bringing out the last part of my new self, Jesus.

There will be NO DOOM, I stayed alive long enough to save all life, had I given up, Armageddon including elimination of non-believers would have started. “Ludo”, this is all that the game was about, power of the world, and Sanna and Hans believed they had it, but the Pope worked for me. The top of the political world, the police, armed forces etc. are also on your side, at least for the last tree years, I turned them around to work for me. Sanna has no support of the system today, thus being powerless, but they have just not handed over the power to you yet, which Sanna will do being the one in charge today. It was all about who could get ready first bringing everything over on their side, and your mother could only go to the one in power to bring out life – and only I could do it. Lisbeth from Helsingør Commune acted as a wounded victim, but is the executioner treating me as dirt and forcing the final dead sentence on me. This is at the same time a sign of total failure or collapse of the system that cannot understand and do right, which brings the end of the world. The true purpose of this was to receive more energy of “the absolutely worst darkness” to release the last part of Jesus inside of me :-). When I will soon stop my work, we have decided that you have come far enough to call this home, thus bringing salvation of all life. Had I given up, Armageddon would have started including the division of man believing or not believing in me, saving or eliminating life. Depeche Mode are WRONG when they tell man of the coming “indictment” and elimination of life: “Step up to the gallows and accept your sentence”. There will be NO DOOM, I STAYED ALIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SAVE ALL LIFE, we only brought alive life that I would be strong enough to save, as I did. The true purpose of this is to bring me “the last darkness” turning around the very last part of my new self, Jesus – Depeche Mode did WRONG, which was right in an opposite world :-). Bill Clinton’s main responsibility was to keep the Arab world from world domination and to avoid World War III with the Western World (controlled by Russia) from breaking out.

I have entered the top of the mountain to become my new self, the world is preparing to hand over all to my new self. I have reached the top of the mountain, where the Danish Government is in full swing turning me around to become my new self. My mother has the lifeline to the Source, I turned around darkness to light here, I will use the knife cutting the lifeline, where-after we will be self-sufficient here. I am still sitting on the King’s throne, not rising yet as my new self, because of my own will, so I am still suffering because of my own decision, I am really out in light. We did not show the Old World crackle, and the New World slowly becoming visible because you decided not to give up and lay down. You have entered here where you really should not enter, becoming your new self without being your new self. You come here as your old self delivering the depeche here saying that I will become you, which is not yours but my work to do, but since you are here, I will let you do it. Helle Thorning-Schmidt overtook power from my sister as new world leader working for me, the world knows that we are ending darkness. The Danish government tells world governments, be prepared to hand over all to STIG with his New World Order coming, wait on his closer directions as his new self. We continue creation because I continue my work, which is “impossible” to do because I am practically over on the other side – it is like using soft ice as concrete in the heat. The world is fearing that the transition to our New World will become painful, but it will not, I have taken care of it. The world chasing me was controlled by my sister and her husband, they believed it only had one chance to make it, so they did their best, but failed because of poor work! The world knew all about you and your mother believing you had no chance to escape, but they did not know your trick, which was simply to “NEVER GIVE UP”! My mother has had ice sufferings cut off as condition for her to continue the game with the side effect that it has brought me even more sufferings.

April 2017 – The Gateway to our New World goes via Karen, controlled by me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out the deepest part of my new self, Jesus

The Gateway out of this world to our New World goes via Karen and it is directed only by the man she loves higher than any in the world, me. The world believes we have gone way over the borders of the wildest imagination of what the world could bear. It is about keeping a gateway open to the rocket, man does not see it, only I do, which is why I am the chosen one. It is like turning your mother’s bag all the way around, we promise you, this will be the last time – to see if we brought all, we are again fine-tuning everything. We have continued bringing more energy to make the motor of the world continue working, to make me end and being satisfied with my work. The American embassy (in Denmark) and it’s former ambassador, Rufus Gifford, was the head quarter informing the world about me, we would also not have survived without him. The responsibility for my arrival was inherited from King Christian IV (1577-1648), which is now with Queen Margrethe, as it was with her mother before her, not the king etc. The war in Syria was designed to develop into Armageddon if it was not because of “other circumstances”, i.e. my intervention. My doctors’ declaration on me: “Stig is completely normal”, but still he concludes that “Stig is crazy” because of my writings, his own delusions and lack of faith – remarkable! My example will secure an eternity of our New World where all people will ALWAYS do their best work and communication to understand the truth. Putin had to give my father’s widow, Kirsten, all power of the world in order to receive the Source of my father, who had given in to the world. Kirsten was programmed to follow the centre of power, which she sensed was me, not Sanna, after my father’s death. This is how Kirsten was the secret diamond of the world, when I had Kirsten with me, I had all with me including Putin & co. Putin wanted my loyalty too, via Karen as he also controlled, then we have the ultimate secret of all, with Karen’s faith in you, there is no power of Putin. Kirsten, Karen and my mother was the pulling machine of darkness soaking out my power – as man also did with my father and all before him. This is how Kirsten, my mother and Karen, all three, brought the world to me via their faith, “no, STIG is not crazy, his father (Sanna and all) was”.

Psychiatry wanted to release the Source from my mind and to kill me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out my new self, Jesus, buried inside here. Karen was involved in the psychiatric system against you, her job was to sign that you are raving mad – being part of the system as a doctor knowing about you. This is how she could break me down herself, this is also how she helps you to get airborne when I am now entering this system deeply via my fight against it, i.e. opening it up. Karen is now letting me go when telling the system that “I guess nothing was wrong with STIG when I was with him, it must have been Sanna then fooling the world”. My coming email to the psychiatrist and the System of Hell will bring us out of sufferings when “awakening all”, I am following the last road “out of the dense potato”. Man directed negative energy against me, the world followed Putin, but it was really my inner and new self, Jesus, directing the game to receive/cleanse darkness! The judgment of man would have been to eliminate 90% of mankind because my sister did not have the capacity to save all, as I did. The System of Hell knows that I have gone through the worst sufferings ever because they gave it to me, and they also monitored me constantly. They actively bring mental diseases to people, to pacify, control and kill people while they kept on working on their New World. This is why I was shown the grim reaper when I met Sanna in 2008, because of her plan to let the psychiatric system kill me. We will keep our promise opening our New World without bringing “the big fire”, which was considered the only way out, you cannot get a bigger victory. Psychiatry was meant to get inside my head to release the Source, man knows all life is inside me, this would either bring their New World or my resurrection – it became the last :-). The biggest secret of man is the exchange of energies of people, stealing from “the mob” making them weak, and giving to the elite making them strong. This includes mind control of man (control of feelings, desires and behaviour directed by “enormous machines on the backside of the moon”), and my sufferings and “old nightmare”. This is why Sanna had to get inside this system (via her education as psychologist and work at the Social Board), to control it (via Hans). This would leave us defenceless here, blaming me for having to fight the last times, ending all life in an inferno of destruction and blood with the Old World going under. This is where I (Jesus) was buried inside, the deepest darkness of man, having you (my old self) to find me (my new self) and liberate me with all life instead of destroying it. “STIG”, so it was me speaking through them to you, yes, we allowed them, they believed they could catch me this way.


This website was first published February 1, 2017.