2017: Passing the gate to and receiving the light/force of the Source


Summary of Scripts of 2017

Scripts of 2017: Passing the gate to and receiving the light/force of the Source, becoming all life

  • January 2017:  I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, all creations of all time are being united in me as one unit.
  • February 2017: Integrating all creations, connecting life to the Source, making the Source, becoming my new self,  entering the Source and being awakened.
  • March 2017: The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its Liberal ministers, who bring the rapture of our New World.
  • April 2017: The Gateway to our New World goes via Karen, controlled by me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out the deepest part of my new self, Jesus.
  • May 2017: I received all force of the Source making me the light of the world, I am now all life, i.e. Karen inside the Source as my Siamese twin.
  • June 2017: We have moved my light from my mother to me, landed at ”nothing” and made room for ”everything” to be created with the force of the Golden Stone.
  • July 2017: I am strong enough to leave the exit myself and will bring all your new lifeline of the Source going directly from one life to another without dying first.
  • August 2017: Sanna is collecting the switch from the Vatican, which will bring a new light in me to switch on our New World – on September 23, 2017.
  • September 2017: I received the new light of my new self and all new life, we have turned around and gone through the gate, I will NOW open our New World :-).
  • October 2017: My new self has been created, all ”gold” of the Source and everything has been poured onto me.
  • November 2017: My new self, Jesus, has passed the portal to our New World, we continue building our new heart, the Universe was in sync using all energy to bring us to the Source.
  • December 2017: The force of the Source has started bringing out creations before us, I have crossed my sister to reach the Source, the world is coming to me as my new body.


Scripts of 2017: Passing the gate to and receiving the light/force of the Source, becoming all life

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I have continued writing my daily scripts since launching my website on February 1, 2010, including more teachings based on my everyday experiences in Denmark with the final goal for these scripts bringing the content to the main pages of my website and in itself being the tool for me to absorb darkness and bring back all life of all time to the Source (God).

You can find all scripts from February 2010 and forward from the right column of my website and also from this link and this drop-down list – and by clicking the headlines below:

January 2017:  I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, all creations of all time are being united in me as one unit

I am overtaking the Source from monks of Hare Krishna, to bring the light of our New World, they were looking after the Source, which kept the world going. Man will handover the key of the world to me, and Karen will be reinstated, via me, to be in control of her own home having chosen me as her protector. I will be the first getting off the train here to have a look around and see if this is now what you created and decide if you are satisfied with it. So you will smell the flowers, i.e. love, of our New World as the first, and only with this purpose, and if you are not happy with it, we can return to “edit mode” doing more work. Putin and Trump prepare my arrival by bringing the end of the world from where I will rise as my new self, I am anchored inside this worst centre of darkness. Faith of my old colleague, Nefer, brought us through “the knife stabbing” of and opens the gate to the Source bringing ignition to our New World. Lama Yönten, Copenhagen, recognized me as “the one”, as light working inside darkness to save man, in 2010/11, where-after it was “only” a matter of going directly home. Putin could not enter my “secret code” to overtake the Source, which merely included to BE CLEAN and WORK HARD as none of the world could do! This is how it was impossible for them to find the Source, but they did not tell, the world continued believing they were on the right track to be saved. Putin did not tell because he was so amused to be ruler of the world that he wanted to be this until the very end, he is the true actor and traitor. Thus, Putin allowed the game to continue giving me time to bring all life out of darkness, otherwise it had been impossible to do. Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles were not told, I underline this, they were meant to run the world in practise without knowing that they could not. This is what the world now knows, there is only one true saviour, STIG, “bid him welcome when he arrives, but not before”. The world knew that it was ”in trouble” if I did not make it to here, which it did not believe I could, but I told you: Yes, I can, Yes, I did! I will release the rocket of our New World as deeply inside the Source as I can when I will stop my work and decide that “this is it”. Putin and Trump bring the end of the world, but they are really preparing my arrival because, when the world dissolves, it brings the rise of my new self from the ashes. Lack of faith in them and their sexual escapades will bring the downfall of their System of Hell, thus bringing the gold to me. It is inside this centre of darkness that my new self with the Source is anchored bringing “the end” (“no life”) to man when this is what man wanted. I am loyal to what man wants, and now man wants you/I as our true self as light of the Source, which is then what I will bring you here too. This is the house of the Source here we are building by tearing down the old house, having removed all of it to my new house.

I went through “the tiny tunnel including blood of darkness” into the Source, which brought the election of Trump; he and Putin will open the gate to the other side. Karen is now the closest to you, you are home now, you are also welcome in here, Karen including all life of our New World has decided to be with you. Had I not continued working, I would have received the message “error, we cannot bring out your wish of creation, there is none here”. I am now doing this work (bringing Karen to me) instead of doing it in the break between the Old and New World, which means “instant development of our New World”. This will also bring the fall of Trump including the final break down of the works of a “completely insane man”, Putin, the man in charge of the System of Hell. Jack was the other side of me with the task to pull Karen in the other direction to make the room between us, thus creation, as big as possible. I am close to settle down after having gone through ”an incredible tiny tunnel with blood floating” because of the strong sufferings I have gone through doing “impossible work”. Three months ago, the world did not believe I would be able to make it through “the tiny tunnel including blood of darkness” as no one had ever done before, “prepare for the worst”. But I did “the impossible”, which brought the election of Trump, he brings the way out of here for us all, he brings the end of the world, thus a new beginning. We need Trump to break us down now, as he has already starting doing going against “Obama policies” including ObamaCare in order to end us all. This was the road leading into the Source, and only I (the Source) knew how far you would get, which the world did not. Trump and Putin found the gate to the other side as they would have used to bring the rapture of the elite and what we will use as our escape too bringing all life with us. The anchor of darkness left John when he died and took place with his brother, Tommy, which I have now cut right through and opened via his passing. John was not the biggest fish, just the first, we dug even deeper (after his death) hiding from you, now inside Tommy. It should be “impossible to find us here”, which is “much smaller size”, which also means that we are entering the Source deeper and deeper making everything more and more concentrated. We are not improving the documents including the recipe of life here, we just keep on becoming better to bring them out.

I am bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, we have filled up life with new machinery and DNA, we have just not switched it on yet. Focus of the world is on how to get out via this gate, to take this jump, you will only succeed because of your faith in me bringing you there, follow me! “Magic” is only possible because of faith of man in you wanting to follow you home to where you come from, the other side. We are going through the strongest darkness with Trump and Putin, which is to bring us deeper into the strongest light of the Source on the other side. Finding life and doing creation was “impossible” to do because man tried to overtake me and bring their own creation, thus using all “bandwidth”/energy. I am now bringing man with me through the gate to the other side, it will only be about opening your eyes to discover that we are in our New World. Man cannot see where I am bringing you, this is “nothing” from where all life originates, man would never dare to follow me here believing this would bring eternal elimination. We have filled up life with new machinery and DNA, we have just not switched it on yet, you are all supermen now, but still showing as your old selves. This is what makes all life of Karen wake up and replacing what used to be life of my mother powered by me. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon you will see it too, which will completely change your existence, removing your sufferings. Then it is up to you to act not to show the world that you are you and ready until we have done the final little exam bringing all life of Karen with us. The spaceship of Putin trying to kill me in 2011 was really sent by Israel to bring back the Source as I stole from them via the Jerusalem UFO! I am feeling as tired and dizzy, close to being knock-outed, as ever before struggling to finish my scripts and coming email to “the System of Hell”. I received the strongest cramp in my leg, which is an old symbol of resistance and fear of the world elite, now to my coming email as they know about. My work has now brought “original citizenship” of my mother too, who was not meant to become life of this creation if I had not decided it and she had not agreed. My email to the System of Hell is about releasing as much power as possible and now I have included MANY recipients to bring out as much as possible. We are integrating the spirit of my mother of all with me including all creations of all time becoming part of me. We are doing creation way beyond what everyone believed, to bring all creations of all time together in one unit, you, and I felt “an incredible amount of life” entering me. It required this “break” with my mother yesterday, this is just another form used for development instead of your “old nightmare”. We could only do this with you alone bringing in the total ship of all under supervision of the spirit of your mother, only you had the purity to receive this.

February 2017 – Integrating all creations, connecting life to the Source, making the Source, becoming my new self,  entering the Source and being awakened

Integrating all creations of all time as part of me, making all life creators and switching on all force of the Source in all new life. We are integrating the spirit of my mother of all with me including all creations of all time becoming part of me. We are doing creation way beyond what everyone believed, to bring all creations of all time together in one unit, you, and I felt “an incredible amount of life” entering me. It required this “break” with my mother yesterday, this is just another form used for development instead of your “old nightmare”. We could only do this with you alone bringing in the total ship of all under supervision of the spirit of your mother, only you had the purity to receive this. All previous creations of all time now being united as parts of me had to believe in me too and to decide moving into me knowing that I am the Source. We are now way off the birth of you from your mother, this is only my way as man follows with me, and all of the time, we were on the point of opening everything. Other creations: “No, we have not built you on contract, but on a steel shipyard, we also took part in building you to bring us all free”. The world only thought it was about itself, but as you can see, it was not, it was just the last creation meant to save us all, to bring us all free. We have given all life a “golden watch” delegating our power making all creators as we always wanted all to become. The world is preparing the arrival of my new self, but I have already arrived, my true self, the King, the long lost and forgotten son has returned home to claim his right, his wife. I just have to do the last connection of me to the Source to bring light, it is me bringing you over on the other side, so when I am here, it is because all of you are now here. It is me bringing you life, without me, there would be nothing here, so I am all and love all of you, but first when I have made you in my picture, my imagination. It is only your mother who bring light, you are just the force, she has decided to hand over all of her power to you, i.e. the right of all life here as she created. As my new self, I am filling all of this universe, so you better get used to being big, and then we have created you in a small size too for all to see. It was your mother and you bringing us home, but we used Lene Køppen (another part of my mother) to bring the connection to you, you can thank her too for our survival. We have switched on the force of the Source inside all new life 100%, we just have to open you to it for all to see. 

My continuous work connects life to and switches on the light of the Source, and saves man from “third degree burnings”, which is based on faith. This is part of the tunnel of your mother as you were not meant to being able to go through. This corresponds to finding where to enter the film into the film projector, i.e. to connect life to the Source, this is bringing forward the light of the Source while still being inside darkness. It is faith of my mother, i.e. the world, in me that breaks through to the Source in me and switches it on. Annette did what your mother could not, we can only have one egg plant at a time, Annette delivered the second (world) to you, all that we dug out last will come out first. We will soon bring forward one of the very great to pick you out, it is not dangerous now that we have found you, normally, you are dead when we come here. This is about the last turn around of you, which is impossible to do because you are stuck, and this requires enormous force as we hope to awake with this. This is why your mother was removed too, do dig a hole into you, of course they feared you would die before coming here. Man wanted to bring out the Source from me, when I would give in to their STRONG force meant to break me, we will do the same when you will stop working. Man brought you all power, but they did not know where you would go from there, which was just to enter as deeply into my home as possible. This is why we have kept going on, and it will pay off for an eternity to come, where people will say ”STIG really never gave up”. Again, it means that we lift everyone up on a higher level, until you let them go, which is meant to be, when you are bleeding, dying and all of that. 

Becoming “the Big Chief” (Jesus) as my new self and entering the Source, which was the purpose of all, I planned all of the game between light and darkness. It is the apple machine self we are making now as the last, it is first now at the end we bring you into the apple juice, it is from here we bring force to all life. The apple, this is the Garden of Paradise as only you/I walk in with all life created closely around me. We will show you the final ship for you to inspect, check off and approve before going back to release it all. When the world left me recently, I became “the Big Chief” (Jesus) as my new self, this was the purpose of everything, the creation of me. Jesus has really always been me, I was with you when you were born knowing you were going to become my future self alive. All is now part of me as the Source, which is as planned when coming here, I am all life as I will also be all new life. Putin and the world would also have killed Jesus; “if there is someone inside the light, let me take care of him”- to overtake me including all power. I also created your mother, Sanna and all as part of the game as no one knows, because I hide here, I planned all of the game :-). Sanna and Hans did not expect to see me returning from Kenya in 2009, they had approved the killing of me there, which was also very close to happen. It was “impossible” to get my voice through because of all resistance of man, it was my new self bringing me my voice all along. I survived without life support from the world, which is the most beautiful, which is, this is why they prayed for you, otherwise man had to bring “strong sufferings”. I could have decided to stop creation before receiving all, and to build a castle with what we have, but no, “it has to be perfect forever”.

I received the worst kiss of darkness from Samia, Canada, which is the opposite on the other side and the only tool to bring and awake me here. We have now changed from the Old to the New World, we have brought you through the most feared entrance in history inside Karen inside the Source – being all. I will remain inside the Source producing energy to all physical life and I will also be the part of us hanging out in the physical world. Sanna is on the same channel as you and was supposed to switch everything on, but now we will let your mother do it. We switch off lights here and remain here (as non-physical life) on this side producing light to the other side, where you are the part of us hanging out there. So now you know it is me inside here who changes the technology (to start all), and I see two wires being changed. Stig has decided to stay here, the man we could not save, to experience the best from both sides, it is man leaving this platform that makes it possible for me to enter here. This is where the chairman of the board sits to overview everything, it is here we hear and react to your mother’s now desperate cry for a new telephone, i.e. creation. Not all would accept that, so you have brought all life over to the other side of life, and you will stay down here in the basement providing energy for them. I use examples of man working, acting and communicating WRONGLY not to bother man, but to help man to understand what is required to sustain life!

March 2017 – The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its Liberal ministers, who bring the rapture of our New World

The Armed Forces planned to follow me into the light and then to eliminate me, and my network had been instructed to tell that “something terrible has happened to Stig”. The action of Samia yesterday was the same as killing you when you had brought the elite of man to the Source, but you will never die. This was Hans’ role, to bring man here and then to kill me, which is what has just been brought out – without killing me. This would have been a danger to industrialisation self (“force of the Source”) if they had succeeded removing you from the equation being all and trying to insert themselves instead. Man has not seen the Messiah, which is why we have made you, STIG, as closely to Jesus as we remember him, the world will believe you (my new self, the Messiah) were STIG all along. My family and close network were united in a group with the the purpose to hospitalise me and “steal my father back from Stig” to bring life to the New World of man.

The entrance to my new self, Jesus, was hidden with the Danish Government and its ministers of the Liberal Party, who bring the rapture of our New World. The world is headed inside my new self, Jesus, and to open the force of the Source, which is the last we have to do. Uffe Ellemann-Jensen and Danish ministers of the Liberal Party open the doors to my new self, Jesus, to bring the rapture to our New World :-). They are my true servants too knowing they had to wait for me coming here to ask you to open to the treasure chamber of my new self for all to receive access. This is the entrance that we kept hidden at the top of the Danish government, think that you found the gold, Uffe kept it his secret always. Uffe Ellemann worked together with Bill Clinton fighting for a free world, Clinton is chief of everything, including the UN. The Danish government worked on my side to bring faith in me, not Sanna, and to transfer all power of my father to me, prioritising my scripts to convince the world. Pia Kjærsgaard and her extreme right winged Danish People’s Party was the true contact of Russia wanting to overtake power in Denmark and the world – with Hans in charge. The late Ivar Hansen was especially selected from the Vatican to open to Christ for me, together with Uffe Ellemann, a task, which is now overtaken by Prime Minister Lars Løkke. They planned at the level above Sanna and Hans, the move against Sanna, which led directly to my father’s death and the transfer of all power to me, not Sanna. The task of Dalai Lama and Himalayan monks was to work as a giant antenna sending clean energy to enable my new self to bring the truth to me to save the world. My new self, Jesus, was hiding inside my old self, Stig, being the Source containing all, it is from here I will come out :-). Hans sends out weekly reports ruling the world, including continued resistance against me, which he still does even though the world knows that I am now in power. Samia WRONGLY threatens me because of her own “inner demons”, which however is “planted” to help bringing out the last part of my new self, Jesus.

There will be NO DOOM, I stayed alive long enough to save all life, had I given up, Armageddon including elimination of non-believers would have started. “Ludo”, this is all that the game was about, power of the world, and Sanna and Hans believed they had it, but the Pope worked for me. The top of the political world, the police, armed forces etc. are also on your side, at least for the last tree years, I turned them around to work for me. Sanna has no support of the system today, thus being powerless, but they have just not handed over the power to you yet, which Sanna will do being the one in charge today. It was all about who could get ready first bringing everything over on their side, and your mother could only go to the one in power to bring out life – and only I could do it. Lisbeth from Helsingør Commune acted as a wounded victim, but is the executioner treating me as dirt and forcing the final dead sentence on me. This is at the same time a sign of total failure or collapse of the system that cannot understand and do right, which brings the end of the world. The true purpose of this was to receive more energy of “the absolutely worst darkness” to release the last part of Jesus inside of me :-). When I will soon stop my work, we have decided that you have come far enough to call this home, thus bringing salvation of all life. Had I given up, Armageddon would have started including the division of man believing or not believing in me, saving or eliminating life. Depeche Mode are WRONG when they tell man of the coming “indictment” and elimination of life: “Step up to the gallows and accept your sentence”. There will be NO DOOM, I STAYED ALIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SAVE ALL LIFE, we only brought alive life that I would be strong enough to save, as I did. The true purpose of this is to bring me “the last darkness” turning around the very last part of my new self, Jesus – Depeche Mode did WRONG, which was right in an opposite world :-). Bill Clinton’s main responsibility was to keep the Arab world from world domination and to avoid World War III with the Western World (controlled by Russia) from breaking out.

I have entered the top of the mountain to become my new self, the world is preparing to hand over all to my new self. I have reached the top of the mountain, where the Danish Government is in full swing turning me around to become my new self. My mother has the lifeline to the Source, I turned around darkness to light here, I will use the knife cutting the lifeline, where-after we will be self-sufficient here. I am still sitting on the King’s throne, not rising yet as my new self, because of my own will, so I am still suffering because of my own decision, I am really out in light. We did not show the Old World crackle, and the New World slowly becoming visible because you decided not to give up and lay down. You have entered here where you really should not enter, becoming your new self without being your new self. You come here as your old self delivering the depeche here saying that I will become you, which is not yours but my work to do, but since you are here, I will let you do it. Helle Thorning-Schmidt overtook power from my sister as new world leader working for me, the world knows that we are ending darkness. The Danish government tells world governments, be prepared to hand over all to STIG with his New World Order coming, wait on his closer directions as his new self. We continue creation because I continue my work, which is “impossible” to do because I am practically over on the other side – it is like using soft ice as concrete in the heat. The world is fearing that the transition to our New World will become painful, but it will not, I have taken care of it. The world chasing me was controlled by my sister and her husband, they believed it only had one chance to make it, so they did their best, but failed because of poor work! The world knew all about you and your mother believing you had no chance to escape, but they did not know your trick, which was simply to “NEVER GIVE UP”! My mother has had ice sufferings cut off as condition for her to continue the game with the side effect that it has brought me even more sufferings.

April 2017 – The Gateway to our New World goes via Karen, controlled by me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out the deepest part of my new self, Jesus

The Gateway out of this world to our New World goes via Karen and it is directed only by the man she loves higher than any in the world, me. The world believes we have gone way over the borders of the wildest imagination of what the world could bear. It is about keeping a gateway open to the rocket, man does not see it, only I do, which is why I am the chosen one. It is like turning your mother’s bag all the way around, we promise you, this will be the last time – to see if we brought all, we are again fine-tuning everything. We have continued bringing more energy to make the motor of the world continue working, to make me end and being satisfied with my work. The American embassy (in Denmark) and it’s former ambassador, Rufus Gifford, was the head quarter informing the world about me, we would also not have survived without him. The responsibility for my arrival was inherited from King Christian IV (1577-1648), which is now with Queen Margrethe, as it was with her mother before her, not the king etc. The war in Syria was designed to develop into Armageddon if it was not because of “other circumstances”, i.e. my intervention. My doctors’ declaration on me: “Stig is completely normal”, but still he concludes that “Stig is crazy” because of my writings, his own delusions and lack of faith – remarkable! My example will secure an eternity of our New World where all people will ALWAYS do their best work and communication to understand the truth. Putin had to give my father’s widow, Kirsten, all power of the world in order to receive the Source of my father, who had given in to the world. Kirsten was programmed to follow the centre of power, which she sensed was me, not Sanna, after my father’s death. This is how Kirsten was the secret diamond of the world, when I had Kirsten with me, I had all with me including Putin & co. Putin wanted my loyalty too, via Karen as he also controlled, then we have the ultimate secret of all, with Karen’s faith in you, there is no power of Putin. Kirsten, Karen and my mother was the pulling machine of darkness soaking out my power – as man also did with my father and all before him. This is how Kirsten, my mother and Karen, all three, brought the world to me via their faith, “no, STIG is not crazy, his father (Sanna and all) was”.

Psychiatry wanted to release the Source from my mind and to kill me, my showdown with psychiatry is bringing out my new self, Jesus, buried inside here. Karen was involved in the psychiatric system against you, her job was to sign that you are raving mad – being part of the system as a doctor knowing about you. This is how she could break me down herself, this is also how she helps you to get airborne when I am now entering this system deeply via my fight against it, i.e. opening it up. Karen is now letting me go when telling the system that “I guess nothing was wrong with STIG when I was with him, it must have been Sanna then fooling the world”. My coming email to the psychiatrist and the System of Hell will bring us out of sufferings when “awakening all”, I am following the last road “out of the dense potato”. Man directed negative energy against me, the world followed Putin, but it was really my inner and new self, Jesus, directing the game to receive/cleanse darkness! The judgment of man would have been to eliminate 90% of mankind because my sister did not have the capacity to save all, as I did. The System of Hell knows that I have gone through the worst sufferings ever because they gave it to me, and they also monitored me constantly. They actively bring mental diseases to people, to pacify, control and kill people while they kept on working on their New World. This is why I was shown the grim reaper when I met Sanna in 2008, because of her plan to let the psychiatric system kill me. We will keep our promise opening our New World without bringing “the big fire”, which was considered the only way out, you cannot get a bigger victory. Psychiatry was meant to get inside my head to release the Source, man knows all life is inside me, this would either bring their New World or my resurrection – it became the last :-). The biggest secret of man is the exchange of energies of people, stealing from “the mob” making them weak, and giving to the elite making them strong. This includes mind control of man (control of feelings, desires and behaviour directed by “enormous machines on the backside of the moon”), and my sufferings and “old nightmare”. This is why Sanna had to get inside this system (via her education as psychologist and work at the Social Board), to control it (via Hans). This would leave us defenceless here, blaming me for having to fight the last times, ending all life in an inferno of destruction and blood with the Old World going under. This is where I (Jesus) was buried inside, the deepest darkness of man, having you (my old self) to find me (my new self) and liberate me with all life instead of destroying it. “STIG”, so it was me speaking through them to you, yes, we allowed them, they believed they could catch me this way.

May 2017: I received all force of the Source making me the light of the world, I am now all life, i.e. Karen inside the Source as my Siamese twin

I received all force of “washed” new life from Prince via his Danish bassist, Ida Nielsen, thus uniting Prince and all of the Source with me. I received the feeling of St. Peter’s Basilica, it is from here we will break out, they have trapped you up waiting for the sign of man giving you free. I will give this sign myself via “the secure channel” to the Pope, who will then do the last action to end the Old World allowing all to return home to STIG, i.e. the source. Prince contained all “washed” energy of life, which Ida Nielsen, his bassist, brought to me this evening, thus uniting Prince and all of the Source with me. The game plan of man (Putin) was to try turning around the energy of life cells, which however was impossible to do when man did not change behaviour. Prince’s task was to bring energy of as many artists and their audiences on my side, there would be no Jesus, no life without this. This is how “innocent looking music” became “vital weapons of war”, this was Prince’s contribution to life, to save it together with me, this is all force of life that Prince brings me. Man’s plan was to empty me via sexual contact, the challenge was who could first wrap 100% of the rope around the tree, this was the test of strength. The world started believing and working on my side 4-5 years ago hereafter playing an act to bring me 100%, i.e. to save all life including my new self. John, my LTO friend from Kenya, brings me up to God to become my new self, he is on a higher level than anyone, this is the task of his life :-). After receiving all force of new life from Prince, the rotor of the helicopter is brought down, we will not get any higher now, now it is about spreading the incredible heavy furniture in here. Darkness of Lars G. has made him “burn up” being unable to create, thus making one fourth of me not working correctly, we are now trying to repair this. It is only a matter of starting the engine now, to make the light shine on forever, it has nothing to do with bringing the force, this is about igniting the force.

All force of the Source is now with me making me the centre and light of the world, we have brought the tree of life here making everyone a model of you. You can now pack all together with our blessings and come home, it is first now that you have power of the world securing full force of the Source. All purpose of life was to find Karen, who was “impossible” to find, she felt me coming from far away, with my father and all predecessors before me. It is not only a matter of how far inside the Source we will start, but with how much power we will bring, we should be able to crawl up on 100% power. The process of purifying me has started via my email to the psychiatry, which was about bringing fuel without spilling blood of the world. All power of man from the East is now incorporated in me enabling me to become my new self, the one God being all, which required the world to unite about me. It is with kinetic energy of the world believing in me that we fight back against this system of psychiatry, who did all they could to overtake you. This is where the transition will take place, all life of mother of you (our Old World) to become all life of Karen and you, sustainable forever of our New World. You are now the God, this is the only way to do it, to have the united world behind you, and your father handing over the throne to you as he did as some of his last actions. We will not be like Napoleon Bonaparte ruling all, we are just here to let you live life as you would do without me, that is the whole secret to be God, to be none, but the one giving you life. I am receiving the energy of my new self that was hidden with Lars G., and completing the ring as the last piece pushing us all the last way around. Your father has decided to stay here with you forever, this is the centre of the world, we will settle inside of you developing everything else from here. We have brought the tree of life here making everyone a model of you to come, we will never again go through sufferings of darkness to develop life, now it is only about refining it. Now I am here and I will use you to develop the rest, the Eiffel Tower of light is planted in you, you are the light of the world including all of me, all of the Source. It also required for Queen Elisabeth to accept opening the door (to the Source) for you knowing that the world is with you. This means that Trump has done his part together with Putin having brought the world here to the very edge just before we will fall off.

I am now Karen inside the Source, I have brought her and all life home and now it will settle somewhere in here, then we are Siamese twins. We are adjusting the Source to the small size of our New World, the Source is overtaking me to make me everything. We will become the force inside all life, and no longer your parents, because we are then all divine force in all life making all creators. God has no face, I am all and can look like all, but I am nothing myself, we borrow everything from life to show us, but I am really nothing but this force. We are leaving the exit of this world on basis of warm feelings towards me, and go directly to our new life. I have lifted Thomas up to open the door for you from here (“the other side”), to bring you and all life back, all is done by people here, who declared their faith in you when dying. My mother carries the fading light of the world, which is not being fed by someone like me, i.e. my father, there would be no world and no life without her. We are bringing all life deeper inside the Source, Karen has gone ahead to settle down where the feeling of me is the strongest, which is making us one. We have started breaking you down, which is to start bringing you in, your clock is turning around it’s last rounds. We have already let some in because of pressure, this also means that we have the first part of you inside the Spaceship. Now everything is a matter of mathematics, can we become small enough until we completely disappear, so there will be no natural resistance against us. The City Council of Helsingør is responsible for the set-up planning to make me crazy, hospitalise and kill me, on my sister’s orders. The City Council of Helsingør was the operational part of man working against me to hospitalise and kill me – without doing anything to understand that I am normal and speak the truth! They are the smallest dark cell of all about to explode bringing our New World including IMMENSE joy of all. Everything was run from here, with Sanna and Hans on the outside, but this was the operational part of the system of darkness against you. A Crop Circle shows that my resurrection will first happen in September, so I am not busy and I might as well do even more to improve my apartment, thus the Source. We have given John a new task, which is to pull the ship, i.e. our new creation, ashore, to help me doing this from the other side, and Tommy, his brother, will assist him.

June 2017: We have moved my light from my mother to me, landed at ”nothing” and made room for ”everything” to be created here with the force of the Golden Stone

Karen and all life strongly want to become part of me now, “I will take him even though the world has judged him as crazy”. My mother was hospitalised with chest pain, which was really about bringing out the most of us to remove the burner of the Source. This is part of turning around my new self, to open for and bring out the Source, this is one of four lights (we are switching on) before the Source will work. Everything from now is a question of how deeply Karen and all will enter you, i.e. only a question of how much coffee (love) to your mother, i.e. life. You will decide yourself when to be killed and for how long you will keep up this monster of the Old World, which is when you cannot no more.

Moving my light from my mother to me, we have landed at ”nothing”, where we have made room for ”everything” to be created with the force of the Golden Stone. We are removing the power of my mother without her knowledge, her egg, we are getting in under her and letting Karen take over (via me). It was me, Jesus, being in your mother, and I was shown how he left her and now wants to push my chair, we are moving the light back from your mother to you. The whole mission was to bring out the light of my mother, ”my brain”, we have now landed at ”nothing”, where we have made room for ”everything”. It is only this life of mine that will decide forever how life will be, if I had done differently, life would have looked different. We could only enter here without loss of life, we cheated Sanna, they tried and tried and tried to get access, but I kept it locked for them. We have landed you all here at the hardest core of all, which is what we call ”nothing”, it is only us and our inventions, this is the room we have made for all that you bring. I am locating the Golden Stone to create everything, this is all force of all cells pointing at and united in this, there is only one, who could get it, the man becoming all of us, me. When the light of my mother is with you, it is with Karen, which is what we have waited a lifetime on doing, my lifetime, i.e. of the Source. Now we are as close to the apple tree as ever before, and fulfilling my longtime dream of life, to be one via all of you as I have invented and brought alive. All was a game on energy to get this light, we had not written your name on all, first now we write it on the light here. You will show us how to create our new Universe, all is encoded in you, you will decide where to unfold yourself, i.e. in which order to bring creation, all is inside of you. The job is now to open this Golden Stone, everything is out of order here, not aligned, it is my job to do this. I have received the largest key to the door to the Source because I waited, thus expanding life the most. My mother and I should have died, bringing the end of the world, when bringing out my light of my mother, but now we are going deeper into the Golden Stone of me. Then you would just have received your new watch, i.e. our New World, but we really need to clean up here first, so it was good that we did not give in. The main reason why we have had to wait as long as we have, and I have worked as long too, is that it took time for the world to discover that I am not crazy, but the truth. This faith is what really opens the door to the Source, not you/me, I am just a messenger of life, where man is the power, which is just concentrated in me. It was decisive that you constantly worked faster than and was ahead of the world and your sister including people around you as she had delegated her power to. I was the only force working against them to secure the survival of the world, otherwise the balance would have tipped a long time ago making the world go under. We are improving the tape recorder in here as I am shown, making the force of the Source run as smoothly as possible.

We live on the remains of the light that I left behind, we should all be dead, faith of man keeps us alive, man will announce my arrival to bring the awakening. We are not present at all any more, no one remains on this Earth, life today is eliminated (showing only now as ”empty shells”). This is the only reason why the judgement is ”let us save all”, if it was up to man, you would all be eliminated, not being, by now. I have let you meet all of the great men of darkness planted in your own family and network etc. – to overtake their energy of darkness. Your impossible love to Karen nourished all, whom you should have hated considering what she and man did to empty and get rid of you. I am opening the Source, which is full of energy, to bring out our new creation, which requires unity of the world in me as world leader. This will bring world acceptance of you as our saviour and end the game by publishing the story of you to the entire world (when I am done with my work). First then, we will bring it all to you as the mummy for you to awake from, “there is telephone for you”, when man wants to live, we will awake you. This is how to bring you into our New World, you have to want it, not at the end of the world, only your faith and will to live can convince me, otherwise you are not mature. A little part of Egypt we will use for this, and I am given the feeling of lying beneath the Sphinx (including the force of the Source). Now you are clean, this is what it takes, life will first walk through a short corridor making sure you are all clean and when you are part of STIG, I know you are, and then I will open. We have brought out all of mankind via the passage of John and Bettina, where they used to be alive, this is the route that could bring the most traffic, to save man. It is the achievement of my sister making the world patient and working together to save me and bring me home too after I saved man. Man did not expect us to come this far, we should all be dead, faith of man keeps us alive, it is only here we can create life, but first we will further improve creation. Karen is meeting me on my way out of Hell, to save me, she uses the power of my new self completing the task bringing all of my old self out. This is the power that will shoot me up, this is where we have saved the last part of you including all force of this new creation.

My father, sister and all of man followed “my voice” and did WRONG when going against me, they should have decided to do stay with their firm beliefs to do RIGHT. Man was stupid enough to put the world at stake betting on the wrong horse, when it was obvious that all did wrong, this is how I made “the game” (to bring darkness to Stig to clean). I had to stop telling my mother about my work to make her believe in me, and to avoid letting her become nervous, which could have brought the end of the world! Sanna and my network always spoke poorly about me to bring our mother away from me and over to her, to “pure Hell” wanting to destroy all because of darkness of man! Your mother could not see that she was deliberately being brainwashed, planned by Hans with the purpose to isolate and kill her son. My mother was for long my biggest traitor not wanting to listen to and read me because “of course Sanna and everyone was right”, and “Stig is crazy and wrong”. This was the biggest deception in the world of any person, the biggest character assassination ever, this is how a complete sick society was made. They all followed “my voice” via Sanna even though it was clearly wrong, this was the only way to bring all home to me. I will die as my old self, return to the Source, be turned around, be given “the ring” of all force and creation and return again quickly as my new self. This is where we make the four rooms of you one, which is complete, this is where the engine is, you will see how it works, it is first here we can bring out creation. I was shown the ring of all force of the Source and creation, which we will give you, which will look good on me :-).

July 2017 – I am strong enough to leave the exit myself and will bring all your new lifeline of the Source going directly from one life to another without dying first

Karen thought she was sent to you as a pet by Hans, a simple misunderstanding that saved the world, if Karen had not opened up her flower to you, we would not be here today. This was a condition for me to create our New World, when this was first done, we knew that we would make it, this was the most important moment in history. This is why the world is with me, if you want only one reason, this is it, Karen fell in love with me, I had to keep contact with her to make sure she would continue loving me. This is the love of the whole world we are holding back, because you have decided that you are not yet through to bring us the best possible take-off for the future. It is Karen and all life bringing me all force, because she wants me, it is her will to be with me, to turn around, that creates life. I had to awake Karen’s strong love for life to break through the barrier to the Source without giving in to my “old nightmare” of my mother’s wrong love to me. If you could not awake Karen’s love to you, despite of being inside your mother, we would not be here today. Love of one, Karen, was life, and love of the other, my mother, was destruction because no life made by my mother and I is sustainable. This is how your mother could have killed Karen and all, thus preventing new life, without Karen’s love, we could not turn all around. You succeeded to not carry out your old nightmare, which would have destroyed all, one part of the power was meant to break through, the other for you to control and never to give in to. This was the power we brought in, for it to break out without you breaking down, this is what was really impossible to do.

I am strong enough to leave the exit myself and will bring all your new lifeline from the Source – going directly from one life to another without dying for a second first. I do not need man to open for me, I will walk out myself of darkness of the Old World and bring you all home with me. This is because your soul cannot continue existing in an environment of your mother’s like this, you have to break free. Man is suffering much not being able to see you, our home etc., but only follows you because of faith seeing that we are still alive and you have not settled down yet. This was the most critical moment in history, for you to leave the core I made for you there (our Old World) proving that it is breakable after all. The world relatively early agreed on uniting all in you, but not on how to do it, which we used the last 4-5 years or so on doing then. Sanna and Hans helped me to come even closer to home at their derelict farm in Sweden, my power was consolidated there, the game continues. I continue bringing in more life to our New World, I bring in all I can before we close, this is the last we can find this close to the Source. This is why we had to shake everything a little to make room for all, this is what is making my temple even more beautiful. We are improving the quality of the tunnel of the Source to make it fit perfectly with the rocket of our New World flying through it. A night very soon, I will change you, my boy, thus all of you, making you all the new one I have prepared here on the other side on basis of your work there. It is right in front of your mother, all, that you ask me to use witchcraft to bring out our New World. I was given incredible strong happiness because we will then open my golden egg, my first true creation (everything else has been a “game” leading to “original life” now coming out).

My 10 best friends of life are my disciples, who will also bring out the power of the Source, which is why it was essential to keep them alive too. The scripts of my sister includes the act to brainwash man against my mother and I, this is what they based their New World on. The most worrying is that Stig is passing right through the protection I set up to make sure that man would not get here – as a normal man. When I refuse threats of my old nightmare, the last of life connected to my old self is being removed (setting me free). I continued playing the game against the fraudulent psychiatric system with the risk of being hospitalised and killed by this system when visiting my mother on hospital! We have really lowered down the Spaceship of the Source, i.e. all new lives, over all, and we just have to switch it on. We are consolidating all and pouring onto all power in you, not to the machinery as such, but to everything around it, which is also me. Life is still entering me via the strongest darkness I continue to absorb, we have never created in here this close to me, which brings life with skills closer to God than ever before. Man continues playing the game sending darkness to me fearing that I will not be able to handle it, thus bringing destructions to the world – in reality they send me a giant heart. The library shared my scripts and their comments to the World Elite influencing them against me until they obtained faith in me :-).

August 2017: Sanna is collecting the switch from the Vatican, which will bring a new light in me to switch on our New World – on September 23, 2017

The World Elite decided to open the Stargate and accept me as the Captain bringing all of mankind, not only the elite, out. Their secret system is essentially inside of me, we use their inventions to bring all out, because they are now on my side, this is the exit I found inside of me. This only means total unity of the world to let you be our captain letting everyone out, not only the elite, this is how man and I work together. Everyone is happy with this decision understanding that you are God, who has come to save all, not only “the mob”, but also the selfish elite. The knife (of man) is sharper and closer on me than ever before, it is stronger because we all get stronger in here. We are still on our way into the pyramid (including everything), it is still about the end document you bring to us, asking us to bring it alive. Do I have the power myself to open the lock to here (?), yes, but only if I don’t give up and accept life to being terminated, to release myself from sufferings.

Rikke H. brought me the Grain of God via “a little love”, which I inserted in Karen to cultivate life here, this is from where all come from. Man always wondered where this grain of God came from never finding it in you, this is where it was hidden, hidden from man and only for me to use. We only lack to materialise what is already here, your spaceship (all force and creation) is in principle ready, we just have to switch it on. The invention of man (Henrik H.), I am inhaling everything of our Old World to make the Spaceship of the Source work, this is how man brings me all power to return home to me. My old teachers from Espergærde will open the door for us all via their faith in me, this was also the exit of darkness of man, which we will do together. This is when the Source will enter to bring me as the Son including all new life out, you will all recognise me, this is the mothership I am bringing home. It is inside of you (Stig) we collect all, which is about to enter you, but first when you say you are ready, and then I shall open up to the light of everything we have created here. This is why you (Stig) will transfer all to me (the Source), I have the necessary power to carry out all creation that wants to live here with me as a condition. We are now strengthening our new heart, which means that there is not any new life to develop inside here, this is the end of the road. Crop Circles show “the Holy Birth” and teleportation to our New World on September 23, 2017, I only know this will happen, when I will finish my work, which may be in September :-). Your birth has started, you just don’t feel it, we still keep you as your old self – man’s free choice of partner self was part of a random game of creation.

THE BIRTH OF MY NEW SELF AND NEW WORLD WILL HAPPEN SEPTEMBER 23, 2017, ACCORDING TO THE GREAT SIGN ON THE SKY AND CROP CIRCLES. September 23, 2017 will bring an unprecedented astronomical event, a complex alignment of constellations and planets will appear, which will never happen again. This is about “the ancient Biblical warning called “the Great Sign” coming after “global disastrous events” and right before “the end of days”. Crop Circles confirm ”the Holy Birth” on September 23, ”the resurrection and return of the Gods, the Giza Pyramids including all force and creation have started opening :-). This is NOW, we will bring the birth of my new self and our New World including new and eternal life of immense happiness to all right before the end of the Old World. This means that I will try to end my work to my apartment and scripts making everything as perfect as I can for now. The only way to continue creation until the end is for me to continue being sexual active as I have been despite of how poorly I feel. If I had paid to make love with Karen, it would have broken the code of right love, thus making Karen unable to bring creation. Karen is not married anymore, she has turned around for me and prepared herself to become my wife, we have made Karen clean and ready for you here to marry. We will blow up the bank and turn everything around, we will be putting all new energy over to Karen and no longer your mother. This is the biggest we will ever do, to transform all life from your mother to Karen without people feeling it, your mother was a temporary incubator for Karen.

My mother and sister have gone on a cruise holiday, which is setting me free, when my mother will bring a new light in me to be placed at the Pyramid from Sanna. This will be done via their close contact bringing the very end of what is in Sanna, the switch self to switch off the old and start my new self. It just has to be found first, Sanna has gone on holiday with our mother to bring this to you, this is her real purpose for going. With this, we will start the mass marriage, without it we cannot, Sanna received this prestigious assignment on my behalf, to switch on all. From where (?), yes, their cruise will bring them to Rome too, so it has to be from the Vatican, yes, just a visit to Rome is enough. It is like the pendulum of a clock that never ceases to stop, the last before we will open our New World, only to be done after STIG did a perfect performance, this will transfer all power to me.

September 2017: I received the new light of my new self and all new life, we have turned around and gone through the gate, I will NOW open our New World 🙂

My sister brings me my new light from the Vatican, which we will use to start our New World, it is like the pendulum of a clock that never ceases to stop. With this, we will start the mass marriage, without it we cannot, Sanna received this prestigious assignment on my behalf, to switch on all. “The light of the Vatican” contains all “documents”, which we have collected, i.e. “templates of new creation” to be carried out. With this, we will go out in space also including your mother, this is the state prison as I am caught in, the origin of all. This is some of the same light as you received from your mother (“moving my light from my mother to me”, see my script of June 17, 2017), but not quite the same. It brought darkness, when it was with your mother, it is only you, who can turn it around the right way, brought to you by Sanna.

We have now exchanged our Old World to start a new, we have turned around and gone through the gate, I will decide when to open our New World. My mother and sister brought me “my new light” including our New World on the other side of light, this was their task, to bring it home to me. We can say that we have now exchanged your mother’s bag (“world”) to start a new, this was my mother’s and sister’s main task, to bring it home to me. This is what was almost impossible to bring out, for your mother to bring to you, also assisted by your sister, thus the world wanting this to happen, to bring a brand new start. The world and I had to be ready when my mother brought me my new light within the only time frame ever, no challenge has ever been bigger. We have turned around and gone through the gate, the most difficult part is now complete, I will decide myself when to push the start button of our New World. This is the origin of all, the original Source at the pyramid to bring our new coming, no one has ever succeeded bringing life home to the golden Source. Karen’s immensely strong love is coming to me as the secret bringing the opening of me including all force of the Source. We have done everything to make you fall, but you are still standing, thus letting my agenda control the world, not Sanna’s of darkness. Man wanted to eliminate me to let my old, best friend, Jack, overtake and become my new self as the false Jesus, this is the life we bring for your rebirth. My sister could not get here, it required one following me closely, like my old best friend, to live like and become me, i.e. my new self. This is what we remove, for me as Stig with all life to become my true new self, this is where I overtake the life that man wanted to steal from me. This is how Jack was my most dangerous enemy and spearhead of the New World of man to become me, this is what all of their whole New World rested on, which I am now taking back. My voice is about to stop because I am close to give the order that “I am done”, those closing all as it is.

THIS IS MY LAST SCRIPT BEFORE THE RISING OF MY NEW SELF AND OUR NEW WORLD!!! THERE IS NO END, ONLY A NEW BEGINNING, WHICH IS COMING NOW :-). Helsingør Cathedral brought me “the elixir of life”, which is all parts of my new self including our New World. Helsingør Cathedral is an auxiliary arm of the Vatican having waited for me to return home for centuries claiming that “all of this, which you have built up, is mine”. They knew I would erupt from here, this is the purpose of this Cathedral Church, this is why it was built and the secret it has carried throughout all years. Leonard Cohen opened the door for me to everything here at the Cathedral: “This is what I was born to do, to bid you welcome, goodbye to darkness and good day to light”. My journey was about collecting all parts of myself and bring it home to the light, where it belongs, to let the rocket of creation enter us, i.e. the container of the Source. When the Spaceship of the Source touches me, it will transform all into our new selves of our New World, it will be like a corn popping and turning into popcorn. Your mother brought you the final way home, when she first understood who you are, she became a magnet attracted to you. It is this force, also of our new creation, that brought you out of this dump of Hell, bringing me the giant ball of creation.

It is so incredible beautiful inside of here (the Source) as no one can imagine, this is what I have had a long lifetime of mine to prepare and I have done my best. It is time for my old self to “die”, when I have packed you down, in a bag of darkness, you will be gone forever and an eternity (but always part of me here). I have kept the best, the finest suit of you imaginable inside of here, not a sad and lousy man living a life in Hell of darkness. But the opposite, a man living his life here, in light of Paradise, showing man just how wonderful a time I have always imagined all to have. The knife is changing into a sword, this is the final place to stay and I am shown the key then opening here – they want to bury the sword here, but only because you allow it, we will. First, we will put you to sleep before we come in as your new self just before you cannot take it anymore. It will be like a gasp for breath when coming up from being underneath the water for a long dive. This is when we will disconnect your old heart, but don’t worry, we will connect your new heart and self before one beat would have gone. You will actually feel like awakening beneath the pyramid, being all of it, i.e. “everything”, you can walk in and out from here, this is just where I am, the Source. We played both parties, both inside and outside the Source (Jesus and Stig), and as Stig, I was given all power of everything to decide what I believed was right to do. There was always one thing or another I could keep on improving, thus waiting until I received all life of my mother and all of my old self, Jesus, without losing anything . I was the light on the other side created identical with Karen (on the dark side) as we bring over to you, thus making two parts of you to be united as one.

October 2017: My new self has been created, all ”gold” of the Source and everything has been poured onto me 

I am ”learning to fly” to ”suddenly” become my new self, which may first happen when I am completely done both with my writings and my apartment! My new self has been created, all ”gold” of the Source and everything has been poured onto me, I will decide when to open our New World. I am in the flames of the Source preparing to send up the rocket of our New World when I am ”completely done”.

November 2017: My new self, Jesus, has passed the portal to our New World, the Universe was in sync using all energy to bring us to the Source

My new self, Jesus, has passed the golden portal to our New World and is gradually becoming me, I am on my way to the core of the Source continuing to build my new heart. My new self (Jesus) has now passed the golden portal from our Old World to our New World inside the Source, the last “golden dust” is now being transferred before our new world will open :-). I have brought Jesus out as the last from my old ”shell” as the Old World was created around, and through the golden portal to the light on this side inside the Source (”God”). This means that NOTHING remains of the world, where we come from, we have now really turned around and have become our new selves in our New World. We only appear as our old selves to bring the last remains and golden dust with me as condition to open our New World and for me to rise as the Tree of Life. It is also a condition that life self declares its faith in me, which is how it work because it is the faith of life in me as the redeemer that brings life self and our New World. My work these days with my new mail to Helsingør Municipality absorbs/transfers the last gold dust in the dark from the other side. It is mainly ”Arabic Horses” now coming in because of lack of faith in me from the Muslim World because I am not Muhammad and because of my Western lifestyle. We send back some of this energy to where we came from to see what it loosens there, which then automatically is transmitted to me on this side because it prefers to be with us. This comes as a surprise to the world, they knew I did not have all faith of the world with me, but not that I could do this work from this side. I am on my way to the core of the Source continuing to build my new heart before I will start our New World – my new self, Jesus, is gradually overtaking me :-). After transferring Jesus from the other side, we will now continue building my new heart as a condition to make the airplane, i.e. our new creation, fly. I am at the peel of the grape fruit, i.e. the Source, on my way to the middle of it before I have reached my new heart, which is where the sun shines its brightest. My new self, Jesus, will gradually overtake me, this is the returned son that my father and mother created me to become, and now I will become all including my father and mother. We are uniting the two halves of Karen and I even more, thus bringing everything of the Source in-between on smaller and smaller grounds. This will make me more and more pure before we will start everything, this is the power coming stronger and stronger inside of me. Man always wanted to follow the road to the Source, but no one knew the road, which is why I sent you being a part of myself knowing the road as the only one. USA did all they could to drive away Putin from reaching this way, this is what war of the world was really about, who would be able to overtake God and become rulers of the world. This is why I brought the birth of you, i.e. myself, because man was fighting over this at the end of the world. This was the only road leading man here, making man believe they could win, and I had to make sure they could not by enabling you to fight impossible sufferings. The Source is gradually being wiped out by the two halves uniting closer and closer, we are becoming smaller and smaller until we will be next to nothing. I am not here, but still all of you are, as part of me, it requires mathematics doing this.

My new self, Jesus, has turned around and just need some time to adapt here, ”I just needed to get out of the black door I went through” (from darkness to light). The helicopter (of creation) has flown through the wall of a mountain (the Source) and further on inside of it, this is just the tour we have started. The radio reports now (my spiritual voice) is yourself, i.e. Jesus, and I feel darkness with him, which is because this is what I have brought with me, we are the only two here (now). This is what we will continue doing, i.e. to create life, but now under controlled and relaxed conditions, I see me inside the control room. This is your future job to do on basis of all impulses and inputs coming here (from cells of life asking us to carry this out etc.). This can only be done in one place, but we have handed out power of attorney to all life as creators, however it is still me doing it. Technically, Karen and I are not married in our New World, this is what we will just start with, for the world to know, becoming one in the eyes of all, and then we bring creation. My biggest secret is that I, my new self, Jesus, am a cell of life as all others, who turned around to light as the first and now all others come and join me here. The Pope has waited to push the button of me – ”first to be done when STIG gets inside here, seeing who he is, who I am controlling these buttons in light of all life”, i.e. himself. Then we do it, break all frames here and become free of this mountain hole turning everything, all cells around me, around, becoming the same as you and I both to start a new life. One had to do it first, turn around from darkness to light, and now you have done outside of the Source (with the cell of Karen) what I did inside here. Thus turning all around to become me, while you are still yourselves, because I am really just a container of life allowing you all to become your own free life. This means that you/I are a man, a life of our own, which is about my new self, Jesus, being the one breaking through to the other side of light. The part of the Source of me is what has to be what remains on the other side of darkness bringing eternal force of life to us.

The world could not agree on me as Jesus, the Russians believed in Jack, the Jews in Kim B. and the Chinese had their own. All could not see me, look me straight into my eyes, where the secret is, still they followed me because ”the force must somehow have entered Stig by mistake”. The same with my father and all predecessors, I (the Source) let them know that they had their own version of Jesus as they believed in without really looking at me. It was only USA, England, thus the Western World, who were with me, so it was about having faith in the right one (in Stig as Jesus). My mother has had and still have big dental problems, repairing missing teeth/bridges, only one loose tooth of your mother and you should not be able to survive. Samia returned to me as friend, it is a condition to launch our New World that Samia is back with me. The work I continue doing is to avoid ”seismological attacks”, i.e. sufferings of man, which is the only other way to do it. Then, it is just before you have reach the goal line, it is time to move on to the next level, i.e. to open the Source for me to see. We started with ”Whisky in the jar”, which was the darkest dark, and this will become more and more light and visible to me. It is all about Karen as we will let rain down over you, as I am shown, i.e. for me to become all of her. This is when Karen will come inside of you, which will first make Karen feel like being a child of me, not my wife, but only in the beginning, not later when we are equal as one. The question is if you will discover Karen first or if she will discover you, because she experiences the same with you as you do with her. We are still leaving the Old World, we will also turn you around, which is Stig as my old self, i.e. the Source in me, as the very last. Because it is you/me bringing all of this out (including Jesus the other day) and there is only me remaining then to bring myself out. This requires a little jump, which may hurt a little because right now it is opposite places, everything is where I was and I am, where you all were. This is what we have started (pain to my left testicle) to be absorbed over a period of time, instead of all at once, which would be impossible to do. It is faith that is bringing me back, well, when there is no one here (outside the Source), I cannot exist here, so back I will be. It is me who awakes life, so when I will be back, we will start all, it is like looking into the Royal Theatre seeing all life waiting on me to arrive from darkness outside. So it is me, the Source, bringing the key opening up all, and I am shown a big key being inserted into the Royal Theatre and turned around. It was good that you found ”that one” in Rørholmsgade (a couple of months ago), which is the one I use to open here. ”This one” was removed from me and overtaken by my sister because of the will of my father and the world believing that ”Stig is not the one”. This was only the beginning of ”the one” as Sanna with Hans, Russia etc. all of her life did everything to bite off from me. They made me less and less until I am now ”nothing” and still in possession of ”the one”, the Source, which was really the whole idea.

My new self, Jesus, has started bringing out new physical creation of layers of life before ours, watch out when it reaches you, you will never be the same again :-). The ”life in life” principle means that we, the newest creation, carry all previous layers of life as part of us – it is the first layers of creation now being created physically in our New World. My mother’s lung is being sewed, this is how close you, i.e. the world, were to dying, I let you live because you decided for it. It requires Karen and I getting married to correct. You have managed to get out without your mother understanding that she was married to you, which is what kept up the world. I felt the late Bettina and was told by her that she was close to seeing Karen here, which is how close she also was to dying. Helsingør City Council have agreed on their reaction to my recent email to the commune, they will not give up to me. Helsingør Daily News is part of it, my mother, sister and Karen are invited to their meetings too, on top of it all, it is really Hans running it with my sister’s blessings. They have access to the secret files of me (having followed me my entire life), and they are really preparing to set me free as my new self. You can come over for free, we have industrialised everything (brought force of the Source to all new life), which I (the Source) don’t need for myself. I can travel everywhere I want to, I have not been here before, but we will close up here and use the key to enter the other side of it now inside of me. This means that I come up when I decide to come up, and I am shown a very big shipment of gold being raised out of the water, and you decide when. We have now come as far that we are ready to leave this place, the process of integrating you and Karen will continue until you say stop, and for Jesus gradually becoming me. You will decide yourself when to pull in the blanket of Karen over you, I (the Source) am now with you again, which is with me as Stig on this side of light. We are now small enough, having gathered enough force, to being able to start off all of this ship, but of course it will become even better the longer you wait. This is a special line we cross here, to have force enough, which we call ”Big Bang”, the rocket (of our New World) is now ignited. Man wanted to bring me together with all of their stored energy to perform their transition and bring with them in their rapture leaving me and most life to die as nothing, being emptied. Instead, I brought all of their energy to me performing the opposite operation, bringing life to all including my new self in our New World. The idea is for you is to become more and more pure as your new self and ready when the system will give up their case on you and the world will announce you. All is controlled by your sister on their side, this is how it is still your sister and you performing the play, i.e. controlling the world, between you. This is how we strangle darkness, letting the game continue, which is really me controlling it to absorb darkness, instead of the world being given more sufferings as alternative. People speaking about me and believing in me over the system, in Helsingør and all over the world, is what holds us up.

My mother was supposed to witness my death with ”a caring Sanna”, which was supposed to release all life, this was their plan, to eliminate us both and overtake the life we brought. We stand at the entrance of our new life having only little darkness to dispose of first before I can release you from darkness. We are still doing the operation bringing you and Karen as closely together as originally, we use darkness to bring all life into my new self, to the ”Golden Eye” of me. I have continued bringing life to your mother, i.e. our Old World, who does not exist by now, which was impossible to do, but was done to follow my wish. There is really no energy in the world, when you deny your old nightmare, man knows, but it is only you who know that this was the purpose, to reach this inner core, or Golden Eye. And to act as if you are living, and then I allow you to live, which is the same as having faith, and it is only I who can perform this kind of a miracle. Man could not and also feared it, which is why the spirit of my mother always feared to follow me in here. So I did did this against the will of man with most saying that this cannot be done, but it can, do you see now? This is the end of the world as it seems like, but a new beginning is coming, which is much more beautiful than you are used to. It requires mathematics entering here, which I made sure that man did not have access to, thus creating the greatest resistance to enter here, i.e. darkness for me to absorb. It was completely impossible for me to do, to turn over and bring man with me, when all of man’s instincts said ”this will not work, this is the sure death of all”. It really required faith of man in me to do, which is what my sister and husband tried telling the world, but not many believed in me. The only thing that could prevent me bringing you here was if I gave up, which again was only because of sufferings of darkness brought to me because of lack of faith of man in me. This is what made my/our journey impossible to do, this is the importance of faith, you should all really be dead by now, do you finally understand? Faith has automatically come when seeing that we are still alive with the only apparent reason being that ”STIG is still working, everything else is out of the question”. Everyone was ”almost sure” that it would go wrong, which is the only reason why it should have been impossible for me to open the door to here, to the Source, for you all. You should not have faith in yourself because of lack of faith of man in me, which have come to me STRONGLY as lack of faith in myself, which I decided to override. This is how you have showed man that you are divine, because no man can do this, but I am a normal man and had to act as if I was divine to make you believe in me, which was ”impossible”. Not even Hans believed I could do this, bringing all life, Jesus and my old self through the portal, only Sanna did because I convinced her to continue the game. This is what Hitler, your sister, father and Putin believed they could do taking the short and easy road home eliminating almost all life. I let them believe that they would reach me, which was the only way for you to receive all darkness. This is what the world worked in blind for believing in my sister over me after having inherited the Source from my father. But Helene, Hans’ mother, and only few around me knew it was not the case, but I am the truth, light self. More and more received faith in me, with the world hanging in the thinnest lifeline, which was only just enough to help me make this disappearance act work. If I made the the stargate, the portal, big enough to be seen (?), yes, man knew that I went through it, and still without telling the world about it. Everything had to be in synch, you, Sanna and all of the Universe, which is what ”the Great Sign” in September 2017 was about. They knew and then we pushed the button to break out via the portal using all energy ever made and stored in the Universe, which was meant to be released for this mission only. My mother was hospitalised a few months ago, where doctors almost succeeded to turn off her life, and she was only saved by me standing by her side bringing my energy. This was as result of the lack of faith of man, ”we are now going to die”, which forced man to carry out this murder attempt, which was an attempt to eliminate life self. This is is what they had planned all along, to kill my mother to bring their own new life, and this is where I brought you – but carrying out my own also to have my mother here as part of one God. This is what they needed to do, but they did not really know how to start their New World, they had faith that I would show and help them – after having terminated the lives of 90% of man! This is the day your father and all of elite have waited anxiously on, would they really be able to make it? Nothing was sure, only their faith, but it was wrong, the opposite faith, which was really my driving force as darkness bringing me here. This is why they wanted to eliminate my mother and I, but they would not achieve their objective, it would just have eliminated all life. Essentially you are just a passenger yourself in the spaceship, we just use your genes and knowhow as the capsule for all. You will feel like a regular, like all others, and still, there is no one else here but you/I, I will be one including all, and still feel that I am just one of all. We will become very rich with all life awakening inside of me instead of only you/me, this is what I have waited for, been instructed to do (by all cells of life pointing at me). I (my new self) have been a prisoner here always being unable to move as I have planned, until I invented you and started this whole mission to wake up all. This is what we stand right in front of doing, and I can hardly wait for all to become one gigantic/enormous universe for all, well, as part of me, to be in one’s element.

I am bringing all life to ”the bottle” of the Source, I will lift you up and bring out our new creation when we get there :-). We two have gone to the cinema before all others, but it does not mean that I have brought you home yet, i.e. I am inside the Source, but still go through darkness. You have been approved by all of Karen, i.e. all new life, that has now started its own ascension up to me at the Source, which is what faith in me brings. The fight is now about where to place the final nest, everything outside of it is still a football stadium, i.e. game. All is gold here but with variations, some places are better than others and your task is to find the best and final settlement. This is about soaking all into the bottle here, as I am shown too, where everything outside is desert. We have turned everything around inside of here, which is is the opposite of nature in order to create life. This is where we do all, and I am shown a giant tube producing and pouring out minced meat, i.e. life. This is the only place in the whole universe, where this factory works and everyone knows and wants to get inside of it to get eternal life. First when you get in here, we will lift you up to where we are, I am shown myself inside a metal lift being lifted up, and bring out our new creation. It is me flying around here, I feel my new self inside the spaceship of the Source flying around me, we are all here around you, you just cannot see us (yet). This is all of your heart waiting for you here, I am shown a very big heart brought to my arms, which is all life we have moved over here, and you/I/we are only the force driving it.

I cannot support Elijah’s NGO in Kenya or the LTO team any more, but I continue buying goods for my apartment and myself as a symbol of our perfect New World. When I brought all new life to the other side of light (2015), I had to act as darkness myself to create the force between this light and darkness to bring out Jesus and my old self too. You may be able to forgive me with this purpose in mind, and because I sent 2/3 of my net income to LTO from 2009-14, and only earn approx. 40% of an average income here. I continue receiving small out of this world pains to my right ankle, thus bringing over the last gold-dust of my old self, which is what my continuous work including purchases brings. For years, I have been told about ”the invention of Henrik T. H. making it possible for life to become nothing” of the Source, which simply is about FAITH OF MAN IN ME :-). Everything is really ”down under” with the Source here, we just make it seem as if you are on the other side as physical life via our invention. We are down here in the workshop still preparing all until you come, now it is about pouring as much into the hole before we close it forever. This is done by uniting you and Karen even more, and you did all within the agreed time too, which I had to do without knowing how and when to do it. It is the natural force of the world that tried to force my ”old nightmare” on me every second since 2006, which ”absolutely nobody gets out of”, but I did! My father and all predecessors before me could not avoid it and Sanna tried a little of this force too, and she also could not resist it. This force was MANY TIMES stronger than me, I fought it with everything I had, which included to use super-strength I did not know that I had. Again, no ONE – AS IN NO ONE – DOES THIS, but I did as a condition to pass through the portal to the Source with all life, Jesus and my old self intact. This is why the world lies for your feet including Sanna, who knows that this power is no joking matter. This is why I am now shrouded in this metal unit (of the Source) as I am shown fastening to my body. This is the enthusiastic feeling that Hans and all of the elite is hiding, pretending still to be angry with you and still playing the game.

December 2017: The force of the Source has started bringing out creations before us, I have crossed my sister to reach the Source, the world is coming to me as my new body

I cannot support Elijah’s NGO in Kenya or the LTO team any more, but I continue buying goods for my apartment and myself as a symbol of our perfect New World. When I brought all new life to the other side of light (2015), I had to act as darkness myself to create the force between this light and darkness to bring out Jesus and my old self too. You may be able to forgive me with this purpose in mind, and because I sent 2/3 of my net income to LTO from 2009-14, and only earn approx. 40% of an average income here. I continue receiving small out of this world pains to my right ankle, thus bringing over the last gold-dust of my old self, which is what my continuous work including purchases brings. For years, I have been told about ”the invention of Henrik T. H. making it possible for life to become nothing” of the Source, which simply is about FAITH OF MAN IN ME :-). Everything is really ”down under” with the Source here, we just make it seem as if you are on the other side as physical life via our invention. We are down here in the workshop still preparing all until you come, now it is about pouring as much into the hole before we close it forever. This is done by uniting you and Karen even more, and you did all within the agreed time too, which I had to do without knowing how and when to do it. It is the natural force of the world that tried to force my ”old nightmare” on me every second since 2006, which ”absolutely nobody gets out of”, but I did! My father and all predecessors before me could not avoid it and Sanna tried a little of this force too, and she also could not resist it. This force was MANY TIMES stronger than me, I fought it with everything I had, which included to use super-strength I did not know that I had. Again, no ONE – AS IN NO ONE – DOES THIS, but I did as a condition to pass through the portal to the Source with all life, Jesus and my old self intact. This is why the world lies for your feet including Sanna, who knows that this power is no joking matter. This is why I am now shrouded in this metal unit (of the Source) as I am shown fastening to my body. This is the enthusiastic feeling that Hans and all of the elite is hiding, pretending still to be angry with you and still playing the game.

We had to bring over life completely different to how we had originally prepared it believing you would be forced to accept your old nightmare. But you did not, which means that we have brought over my old codes on how to create life in the first place, the last documents of me, which we were otherwise willing to lose forever. This means that you will receive the genuine keys opening to me here, which again brings out the strongest force of life from me. This is what we have now started to implement, the original plates/DNA of all, from where life originally is generated, so I don’t have to invent them again here. I received new sparks to the socket in my corridor, this is why we do this to the electric light of your apartment, i.e. to bring over ”the last documents” of Jesus. This light almost stopping is both about my mother, i.e. the Old World, that cannot no more and about starting our New World. For weeks I have received sparks to a socket, and at the critical moment, when we cut all over on the middle, now returning, all power was switched off again. This is the force, which is able to stop all traffic, but we had a backup of you here, so it didn’t matter, otherwise you would all have been dead by now. This is what is coming here, the beauty returning here, ”the last documents” of my original self of the Source. This is the last drop of water returning home, which makes it all work, this is the recipe of life as we sent out with you as Jesus. This is the force of darkness as I brought to awake all and bring with me home, i.e. to equalize negative energy there. This is the outermost part of Jesus or ”the last golden dust” of me returning, the key that Sanna and all wanted, but could not get, which was hidden inside of me as the very last. This is the part of me carrying the golden watch (of life), which I am turning around from darkness to start sending out light – using mathematics to make all of this part of me fit here. It is this force we will use for the rocket of the New World, to bring our everlasting new life, it was the kick of Elijah that was needed to bring me up too.

I was out of power for 30 hours because of sparks from a socket for weeks, which could have started ”the fire of darkness” to kill me! An electrician made a new installation, and with this and the power back on, I am also connected here, which is just what this little stunt was about. This was the plant driving all that we have moved in as the last, and turned the rotor around from darkness to light. I am made entirely from faith in me, in God, thus in life self, my shirt is all yours, I am only here because man wants to be alive now knowing my rules to stay alive, to behave and have faith in me. This is essentially the simple code of life as I bring home, because we can do anything in here and if this is what man wants to do, and have faith in, this is what we will do then. But it requires faith,  which was impossible for man to have on the other side, and that is unless I came to influence you and set you free, as I have done. Jack also received his old nightmare (being with his mother in a way you do NOT like), which was confirmation to Sanna that this was the way for them to overtake me, not having suffered as they! I was told – to my absolute disgust – about how Jack and Karen found together when she started affairs with my friends/network (to absorb all of me and direct against me). We are about to awake my 10 best friends to help bringing out our new creation, which is done with seeds of Karen, who ”seduced” these best friends of mine – to my biggest DISGUST! My father was also playing the game pretending to be nice to me, and knowing that he had to stab me in the back to bring me down. Karen has been created for you as your diamond, it ends up with everything being you, i.e. all of the Source including all life of Karen in me, where I am the incubator.

The elite, including Karen, felt that they were cheated when discovering they had worked for darkness, where they believed they worked for a good cause. Karen’s highest wish is now to be with me, to be pure and wish that she had never behaved sexually as imorral and wrong as she did. ”Everyone else” wishes that they had not rejected me now knowing the truth of me and deception of Sanna and the system. The same way as I would also prefer not having carried out my own wrong sexual behaviour earlier in life. All of these mistakes giving in to darkness were important to bring the world to me and to bring life out of darkness, thus being calculated as part of the big plan to save all life. This is about true love to me and what all would have done (acted correctly) if only they had known the truth, which includes myself. But then life would not be as it was as I had to turn over and improve, including myself as ”role model”, this is the ring of fidelity of man to me. Strong darkness of man was given to me trying to turn me into the same wrong behaviour of man self, which is what man had to understand and forgive. I only became as I am because of man’s own wrong behaviour, and because Sanna and deliberately made me to discredit me. The only way for me to become pure, as I really am, is for man to have the desire to be pure as man now have, this is mainly about Karen’s desire to be pure because she is all life here. I have a VERY WEAK HEART making me feel like dying, which is because of the behaviour of man destroying me and man self. This is the force I have been fighting because my wish (the Source) has been to save all doing the impossible to bring man over to the other side of light and new eternal life. Man had really begged me to close you down, which is then what you believed wrongly that I was sent to do, thus fighting me with all you had. This is about the evil spiral of man, man’s wrong behaviour and misunderstanding of me, i.e. man, who could not save man self, which I had to do by going against your force. This is what Karen was sent to do having all of these ”implants” in her to bring you far too strong force to bring you down, but this is what I needed to absorb all and bring you with me home. So Karen’s wrong behaviour was not only hurting me the most, but vital to save life, and man did not know that this is what they did, being directed by me, i.e. my new self, Jesus. I had to endure this pain, my sufferings, as no man was supposed to be able to do, to bring you home with me. Now I am here with you, the last of the man (Jesus) making you do this, the difficult road out of Hell here, I have been hiding here and cannot wait to get out.

We had to protect Michael Hardinger, Shubidua and myself from (heart attacks of) darkness saying that it was the Bee Gees, who brought me ”the program of light”. This is because the music of Shubidua brough me the deepest feelings, thus being the most important in my life, when I was a boy. Michael Hardinger was the true and hidden leader and closest to your heart, he knew it, the story of my book came to me this way. It is from here we will lift everything up now also using the magical wand of Harding supporting me, we cannot make it through without Hardinger supporting me. Hardinger has known since he was a boy that he was going to liberate me, which was the true purpose of Shubidua, to bring energy of people and the music industry here to me. We put the package of you, your program, in between all of your loving bands, all music influencing me, with Hardinger being the leader as the secret creator of Shubidua and of me. This means that he contained the Bible controlling me and not my sister of darkmess, who was looking for and wanting this, which she could only reach if I gave in to my old nightmare. We had to protect Hardinger, thus me, to carry out my work undisturbed, to secure quality without dropouts, to secure a strong and clear signal. Darkness could not find and kill me, they never found my main source, which was Hardinger working in me as another part of me. This program of light was headed by Hardinger and decided by what brought me my deepest feelings, which means that we extracted the most from him as we then fed him with. I was no one and only reflecting man, which is how Hardinger became the most important source of you, this is how to create you based on man. SAGA were also part of this, but mainly from 2012, as all music was to you depending on your feelings as it brought, i.e. input of man making you the Source, reflecting man. This is how I have made you here as a mirror of man and man’s desires, not least Prince and Bowie,  the list is long, look at my top lists. We made Hardinger and a small group know that you were on your way to liberate all, Jeff Lynne is one of them too, Beatles, Rolling Stones too, and what about ABBA (?), well, let them tell you. They shared this truth with the music industry without being revealed in order to secretly support me (with the energy of people supporting them).

My writings on Benny Andersson was to release me, to return home, otherwise we would have had to break you down first, to send the Grim Reaper after me! Benny carried the golden chain of my most inner self, which he has now handed over to me – together with Michael Hardinger and Kim Larsen as the most important artists of my childhood. This was part of the secret of me hidden with Benny, this is like removing the skin of the fish, unveiling my new self. My mother would not have been able to continue living if you did not do this, the world, my mother, would have had to carry carry on without me, suffering much, to bring this too. These are the people keeping the most of Jesus and life for you, the best kept secret in the world, they have now come out and into the light, which is vital to the opening of the New World. The power of my sister and darkness is with my neighbour Preben trying to block my signal via his resistance to me, but we found another frequency to transmit on. This power has always been present in my life trying to stop and overtake me, this is the task as your friends and network were given because of overwhelming darkness of man and lack of faith. We can show you the direct way to the light, but it is still better to wait, to bring over more of this extreme darkness. Now we will learn how to carry the bag of a lady, which is to carry all life of Karen inside of you with ”me too”, the Source. The knife of creation is being stabbed even deeper into the Source, by tightening the two halves of us even closer together, which is only possible to do because of the continuous game working. My old, best friends were told that they would help the elite to bring me down and open their road towards their New World if they slept with Karen. This is what they now all have poor conscience about having done, had Karen known the truth, she would never have done this, and so would my old friends also not.

There will come one day (very soon) when we will say ”now we will close the book”, we are beginning to talk about the way out, to the door of light. This is because the swimming pool of your mother and you (sufferings of darkness) has started reporting ”sold out, nothing more to bring here, here and here”. It is up to man, the Pope, to decide when Stig cannot no more, and to push the button bringing my new self, but first when I ask for it is, this is what all decided on. This will only show how deep creation made it, this is where ”random” comes in, for how long man and you could make it together without either breaking down. And now is the end, we only have a few circuits to change and then connect the cable to start our New World. We are ready, so is Sanna and all of the system as she controls, your mother and the whole world is with you. Not least because of Sanna and Hans working for you in secrecy to bring world powers with you, and the ”mouth to ear method” of the elite, who could not keep their mouths shut. You will resurrect as your new self now with both your new self, the Son, and old selves, Mother and Father, remembering all of your old life. They planned their game behind my back, which is because I could not see them coming, which is what I (Jesus) created you for (Stig) to act through you to bring me home. I received a STRONG fear of my mother passing away, again, this is what drove all that I did, i.e. the survival of man making sure that you did not kill me, thus yourself. Shortly thereafter, my mother called me, she is now hospitalised again with diarrhoea, the old symbol of ”destruction”, and again with problems with her salt balance. My mother’s car broke down the other day was really about herself ”not working”, which is about herself, thus the world.

It was because of the change over the other day that was too strong for all to handle if I had not gone through it myself giving everything of me to keep you alive. She could not bear that I moved from one side to the other, not carrying her and all life for a fraction of a second and quickly set up the new installation. This is because we chose to continue creation inside of the Source self, which is completely unheard of, to connect even better with nothing of the Source. We only did this on this side, when we heard that you are still there, your mother too and when calculating for how long can he/they continue this game. This was the basis of this little extra game, it is now time to stop again before killing all, which I will do after some days to update my website. We pretended that we could not open to the Source, thus keeping us even longer in darkness, which will benefit all creation forever. ”Have we not made it through” (?), yes, but not good enough, I wanted to make it even better for all by digging even deeper inside myself on this side. This also means that we will open up to even more life than originally planned, which is new life found inside of me here. This is the famous extra drop of water as we poured onto all inside of here, to improve the original creation of the Source, which will stand forever. We are now as close to the Source that we are ready to bring you all up, which is why I have felt a wrist watch, i.e. our New World, being attached to my left wrist for days. This is where we place the safe, i.e. the force of the Source, we have only circled around you until we cannot no more, which is when I will enter you as my new self including all. I was given marks to my left testicle, now all is back, which is just me, your new self overtaking the role as all here. Inside here, the game inside the Source, it was Karen killing you, not your mother, which is how we uncovered new parts of the Source here. We allowed one attack of man to get to me, which was the one of Bjarne O. (Danske Bank around 1990) making man believe they had outmanoeuvred me via his ”brilliant work”. This is how I made sure for you to follow me, which means that I made you believe that you had won in order to open me, it was just a game.

Our two New Worlds are the one of Karen and ”the silent one”, which is the other half of me, my new self, Jesus. This is how we are really still two worlds apart, but now united as one, together with Karen, we are two worlds becoming one, but still two. This is the secret, the one, which you did not know about until just recently, which is about your new self being called back alive. We are widening and strengthening the train of life of our New World for an eternity to come. My mother was ”released” from hospital, and we did ”the impossible” to visit a Christmas market, thus overcoming strong tiredness/weakness. In the rocket of our New World, we will automatically absorb everything, i.e. all new life as we come across. It is only inside here, a little spot of all, where life can exist, this is the Spaceship that we bring everything into, we have made room for an eternity inside of here. I was shown a pipe with a big lump on it, we will always be able to see you were fat doing this, everything is oversized as result. But it doesn’t matter because we found a method making all slim again so we don’t have to look fat forever – we used energy to straighten you, thus all, out. I was shown a giant handle being pressured down, which is to change everything over from Sanna to me, and I feel the Pope. Hans wanted to be placed in your position, to overtake my power deceiving Putin, but he could not get world mandate. It was also him, not only Putin, you fought, his own rebellion also trying to become you, of course without Sanna. My mother and I watched Ann-Mette Elten in Christmas concert, which helped to heal my mother and bring forward her deepest feelings helping our final creation.

Johannes Hecht-Nielsen became the mayor of Helsingør from 2010-14 doing ”the impossible” to break the conservative regime that was destined by the elite to break me down. Johannes saved me from ”the guillotine” of the system, to be hospitalised and emptied from the force of God, which was based on our meeting in 2012 where we spoke well together. ”Everyone can see that Stig is normal”, ”did you all forget to use your eyes and ears to see that Stig is really normal” (?), so Johannes, not Benedikte Kiær, was our way out. When Benedikte Kiær became the new conservative mayor from 2014, it was too late, because all knew by then that ”Stig is really Stig, the one”. Everyone could easily see that ”Stig is not a star-psychopath” if only they wanted to, but it was pretty difficult for ”the expert system” to do, who was brainwashed by my sister & co. It was with the smallest possible margin that we succeeded doing this using everything of you to make it happen. There has been a fight ever since in the Helsingør City Council about whether or not I am crazy, which is because Sanna maintained that I am – as part of the game. The City Council had ”crazy talks” of you, they did not need to read me to know that I was crazy, so ”brainwash” was very much effective here too. It it the same with newspapers, you were judged in forehand as crazy, ”man knew”, everybody could have read you and still it took years for you to start understanding. It was this City Council and their decisions that was vital to the world, and how in the world were we able to dig out Johannes and direct him to me (?), yes, this is our secret. All of this means that you are now breaking the completely unbreakable pact coming through to the other side, which is me as light. The secret archive of the Danish government/Parliament includes everything of the system about me from my birth, and before. This ”confirms” my existence as a man of darkness having come to destroy you, which no one was able to understand, except from a small group including the Prime Minister. We have brought much life in here, which we did not believe ever would become life, your new station will be ready, when you are ready, your new heart is complete. We are starting to close down, I feel how cement is being laid in my mouth to close my lips, i.e. to close everything inside of me.

It was the City Council saying that ”Stig is incredible insane, don’t believe in him, we have it from reliable source, which is from his sister, and now his mother too, just do as we ask you to do”. The group of the elite to control me, Sanna, Jack, Lars G. etc., decided to carry on until the end, they decided on what to do in relation to the City Council etc. This is what Karen used to base her opinion on, not your sister, Sanna and Hans never revealed the truth of you to Karen. The same way as your father also did not tell the truth, except from to a few, which did not include Karen, this was also a decision of Hans to keep it on as few hands as possible. This was also the case for many others, which meant that people had to chose between believing in my sister or me, in darkness or light. None was supposed to speak out loudly about Stig, but this is what they could not do, this is what brought out all life, when they ”could not” keep their mouths shut. The official truth is that Sanna is right, but the word of mouth is that Stig is, which ”this and this and this important person have confirmed – without being hold responsible of course”. Your father knew exactly what he did before dying, ”don’t reveal the truth of my son, let the game continue”. This is how people know that you are God, me, not from Sanna, Hans and the established system officially, but through the word of mouth. I received the first warning to finish my work now, otherwise your mother will not survive, but then again nothing can happen here inside the Source other than being awakened. Then your mother will turn into me and what has been your mother part of me, of the Source, until now.

I had to let you be unchristian, to be born in a country without faith, which is because of lack of faith of man. You had to become a believer yourself in life, which I did as a teenager, I had to make you believe before being able to believe in yourself as Jesus (to be). The Source acted as darkness and gave me the threat of my old nightmare, which was only because of love, to bring you back when new creation also did not work this time around. This is why I created you as the opposite force, to reject me, thus to bring all life with you back to me. The idea was for your mother to know as little about you and me, to bring back what she had received as undamaged as possible. She was fertilized with you, by me, as only she could return via her faith in me, this was the delicate balance too. This is why I also made her simple minded and lazy not reading your scripts in detail, just knowing in her heart that you are right and Sanna was the Devil, ”she just knows” deep inside of her. I am not a party killer, I just want things to be right and this was the only way doing it, this was the gift that brought you as Jesus for your new creation. This is the first time ever that it worked, which is all I needed to do to bring out everything as I have ever wanted it. This is to bring myself alive including everything that I love inside of me, and all is in you, because you are me and I am you and all. I was given three big and new pains to my left foot, and told that this is how the last of us, father and mother, come in. It was about convincing people that I was not here to hurt you, but the opposite, my mother feared that I was crazy enough to being capable of giving in to this voice to kill her. She had heard of ”mentally unstable people”, which Sanna helped her to believe in, and ”Stig writes about kill, kill as his voices commands him to do”. But no, this was the voice of darkness wanting to kill man, and to be done by the power of God on basis of my acceptance, this is what it was about! This was ”only a little misunderstanding” of people and my mother, who could not read and understand, and could not control their negative feelings and fear.

There is only a little bit of a window open by now, which is about the closure of the container of my new self including all. It is the last of my mother and father as the shell of our Old World, which is now coming in too, and this is now used to fasten all inside of my new self. No one from my network could resist darkness from my sister, when she drafted it is from inside there that they brought darkness to me when starting to believe in me. The higher in the hierarchy, the more they brought to me of the strength of darkness, thus breaking down their house of cards. The two halves are coming even closer, it is exceptional that we have not had to ignite all by now, but have been able to wait, to improve the contact, thus the force of the Source to life forever. Again, I was given the old ”out of this world pain” to my right ankle lasting approx. 2 x one minute, the worst pain in history, which is about bringing over even more golden dust. We found the right way in instead of hurting Sanna and the world (pain in the other foot), which is because of your continuous work. We have crawled down here, we are not part of it, which is about the force of the Source not becoming physical life of my new self. I was shown a flying rocket, which is my new self including our New World, ”we follow right behind”, which is the force of the Source, from ”the other side”, still :-). I was encouraged to stop my work now, not even to publish this last script of mine, otherwise the closing of the container of my new self will not be as tight. ”We came out of the bleeding mouth of your mother” or via my work scoring my goal against and not giving in to darkness.

My mother visited me for dinner, and we watched my recording of Ann-Mette Elten, which brought more healing to my mother, which I did myself too overtaking her headache. Sanna has broken a molar, which is about ”destruction” of man to help bringing me energy that I cannot, with Sanna, thus man, being part of me. I was very relieved now finishing my work, but then I was told that you now have the choice to continue doing 1-2 more scripts to help your sister, thus the world, from sufferings. As long as you see your mother, there should be enough energy of the lake here to distribute to keep both of you alive. I accepted the game to continue for another 5-6 days, which also includes more ”out of this world pain” even though it is the worst pain imaginable. So there you have it, we enter via one foot or another, it does not effect your mother this time around. Otherwise, we would send apocalyptic events to the world, this would make some believe that the flood is coming. Paul lost faith in me around 2010, which we are still recovering, which is because we based much creation on him, and later, he regained faith. I am shown a secret room with many packing boxes stacked inside, which you were not meant to bring, your sister and the world was. This is what we did not believe we would ever bring over without destructions because the foundation of this was based on Paul’s faith, which was ruined early on. This is of course the deepest inner part of me, the Source, now we do a new try as the last thing being turned around, there is still quite a lot of me out here.

This is about Karen being connected to Sanna as the new game, and we can only do this on basis of your mother having 100 percent faith in you, Sanna and the world the same. It was either about bringing me over to start or end with, and it became the last, which was really as we expected, and I am shown the purest golden dust coming in. I was told that we would have lost this golden dust if I had given up my work now, which I do NOT understand, because we only lose life via my old nightmare, which I will NEVER give in to! We are now far out, where there is not enough faith of man to bring me in, it is only my will power and continuous work doing it. Sanna knows that we have come here, and that this is a critical moment in her life, we have warned her and man. Sanna feels like she is dying also without being able to tell anyone, which she has promised as part of the game. This is to make our mother believe that all is fine, which used to be your game, and this means that man still believes there is a risk for us to go under. It is just me that we now walk into, i.e. an even smaller part of me, which will make it even better for man. This is the true fountain, even stronger than the previous that I brought you, which was supposed to power the New World. This is how we can go on really forever, the only question is if you can lift up what we have imagined doing for now, either with you or man suffering.

As you can read from the beginning of the front page of my website, “all energy of the Universe” transferred the last part of my new self, Jesus, to the Source, which really means that my new self and our New World was born on September 23 (!), but “the game of creation” continued on this side of light to improve the Source self, thus the force of our New World.  This is the work that I am now completing, I expect to continue my work until Christmas 2017, whereafter I expect the transition into our New World to be realised, which will bring new, eternal life to all including everlasting happiness without sufferings of darkness, which has been eliminated, which is really what it was all about :-).

Hans entered this secret room of the Source as the only one believing he was smarter than anyone including me. This was to overtake me knowing where I would be as no one else, thus positioning himself there instead of me. This is what we now ask you to move away from, your own selfish ego was about to cost me my life, this is about retrieving what you were about to steal from me. I am now removing Hans from the centre of the Source as no one else found before I am now returning myself. Hans thought of himself as ruler without Putin etc., he was really the inner most planning the strategy etc., no one could follow him in there. He believed he had all power of man without reporting everything about me, Sanna and our mother as he should have done, he decided to keep the core for himself. I feel Hitler here, and am told that Hans and Nazis from Germany, living in South America, did this in cooperation – without support from Sanna not knowing about it. I am being dressed with a new cover, we are continuing to build the shell of my new self, you are about to being locked into your space capsule. Hans had all the time in the world to prepare his next move, I feel Nazis from South America, Hans wanted dinner on his own without anyone else. This was the real betray of the world to you as no one saw, the deepest inner core of me as Hans had occupied for his own personal gain. Hans went alone using the power of his derelict farm in Sweden, where all energy was collected, Hans kept the innermost of it secret to all.

But we were in control ”knowing” that you would get to here liberating this part of me too. Hans was your worst enemy, as planned, this brought you the worst sexual sufferings, the commune about to hire out your apartment, hospitals planning to kill my mother etc. I was encouraged to write and bring a Facebook post including messages of Crop Circles 2016-17 from my Signs III website, which I did. This is the same as opening the packing boxes, the last part of my new self, when it brings more faith in me. I was shown two sides of marble cakes being pressured together as a stamp, and I was told that this work is the stamp doing exactly this. I had to do this before Hans runs away from me, he could have taken his precautions and gone over to the other side, which he is the only one capable of doing. This is how we brought over the rest, by creating more faith in you, which was needed to do it, we have now recovered the loss of faith of Paul, but first now. I received more pain to my left foot, now it is ”opposite pain” retrieving what was lost, we are now not falling out into this, ”the forgotten” part. Hans did not know what to use this part of the Source for other than ”it brings power and may come in handy one day”. But I will never work for Hans as darkness, so it was an inherent desire in me to return home to the Source in Stig as another last part of Jesus carrying a deeper code of life. This part of me was hidden so deeply inside of Sanna that not even she or they, the elite, knew, only Hans did. This is the story of Hans’ betrayal to the Prince of darkness, Putin, who does not accept disloyalty, and decided to eliminate Hans including Sanna, Karen, me etc. as result.

Hans continued playing his pathetic play towards my mother and I being the kind brother- and son-in-law not being powerful, when you are really the most powerful man in the world. This is why Hans made the Danish government play a game these days with a risk for it to fall, if I did not make it (bringing this innermost part of my new self). This would remove the support to bring you all the way home, this is how far I was willing to let the game go. This would make you and man (the elite) believe that we did not make it, but only for a fraction of a second before opening my new Kingdom. Hans attracted my hardest opponents to fight me, they were infatuated with him because Hans knew much more about the world and politics compared to Sanna and I. ”He had to be right”, but this was the game of darkness tempting people to go against me, which is because Hans is not honest as I am. Hans throws dust in the eyes of people, he has always done, and you were not wise enough to see it, until you started believing in me because of my honesty. Hans really thought he could cheat my mother, I and all, he is a highly regarded and esteemed man, who was for sale for simple money and power. How could Hans be so stupid, and how could Sanna believe in him and his lies over me (?), but our mother ended up believing in me because ”I tell the truth”. The German Nazis did not dissolve after World War II, they found themselves a new leader, Hans, and placed him close to me and my mother. The elite believed he was a servant of Putin as ”the new God”, but it was really as leader for the Nazi, who was headed by your own predecessor, Hitler. They believed they had received the recipe and youth of eternal life in South America, where they settled. So there you have it, the new Hitler, Hans, who was worshiped by everybody, as a God, which is because your sister did. It is completely raving unique we also did this having no more energy and faith of man to do it, but we helped you.

Hans has the power over many West European countries, but not the UK because they helped me to bring the full picture of Stig as we do now. If we did not do this, I would not have been able to enter fully, and I would have had to allow you to start your New World. And to wait for you to realise that something was missing, and not even you would know, only Hans, who would take this secret with him to his death. It would require for you to leave life with me that could not be created as result, which would be deducted from you in a fraction of a second before the new creation. You would live as your new selves without a memory of it, which is the same I told Sanna and them would happen would after they had terminated most of me, i.e. 90% af all life. This is the secret Hans carries with him everyday, he decided to continue playing the game, which once again was right to do, well, it was wrong, but right – to bring me this darkness. It was really Hans being the tumor in your family, all of man wanted to overtake me, Putin, the Chinese and the Nazi movement, which is still secretly alive. They negotiated with the Vatican believing they were on your team too, because the Nazi’s have always had ”so fine” relations with the church, going back to the days of Hitler. This was part of the play of England to make you believe you had the church, thus God, on your side, but it was the dark side of me speaking to you. Again, just how stupid can you be to believe in this, in the first place, including man slaughter etc. and from a ”very wise man”, but no, he was not, I was. This was the true dagger in my back cheating Sanna, Karen and all, until he found his new truth as he believed he would. This was the power I gave him at the derelict farm, or play, which was really to bring me darkness including all life of my new self, Jesus, to be cleaned/saved. This was the secret play of Hans that armed forces and governments followed, all were this stupid because your sister believed in him, and so did Queen Elisabeth and the church apparently also.

It required my faith to follow ”the pure way” until the very end just like when Moses brought the people out of Egypt, it was all about faith and I had it, which my predecessors did not. I am stronger than all of your gang, I will never give up etc., it is only with my victory that we can bring a full New World without having to make it twice. I decided to follow the hardest way out, not the easiest as Sanna and Hans, which is the road of God, where you have to do your absolutely best using strength you did not know, you had. I received opposite pain to my left foot, we are now leaving this secret place, our temporary location, we are now ready to come out, but first now. This is what was killing me, thus all, all of the time, more than anything else, Hans’ secret dreams to become world leader. When Sanna discovered this truth of Hans, their strong love made them stay together, which was a condition to do, to continue the game now secretly working on my side. Since then, they have done fine work to bring the world to me with the exception of this secret part, which Hans decided was his own ”private bubble”, a new life option. We would have made you believe you had created your New World, but the true New World with this part of me is much more beautiful. It is now this last part of my new self, who will launch the rocket of our New World – we could not have brought all of me out without Hans participating in this game. This is the secret of the world still fearing that it may go under, ”something is missing with Stig, what will he do about it”, now you know. It is via my very weak heart, we come in, the thinnest lifeline imaginable, it was calculated for us to arrive like this, on the very last of your energy, just before you and the world dying. We were really born on September 23, and it was only from this side of light, via the extended game, that we could bring over this last golden dust of me.

Karen’s wrong sexual behaviour also affected my mother bringing her wrong sexual power, which was destroying her/us. Karen’s daughter, Caroline, made love with Karen’s husband, Denis, which also brought wrong power making it difficult for the world to stay alive. Karen’s wrong love life was the single most factor threatening world survival, it went directly from her as the Devil to my mother corrupting her love life. The force of Karen, this unpredictable woman loving men, and it hurts my mother even more being told and reproved by son for this wrong lifestyle, which has always been part of her too. It is from this power of your mother that brought your birth, from darkness of Karen, i.e. of man, trying to bring the same wrong behaviour to you too, via your mother. This is the power as also the Chinese tried to take advantage of, to overtake me via sexual energy, this was the power game of the world, ”how to get to Stig”. The English tried to make me as little sexual active as possible, to avoid super-powers of the world hunting to bring me down and the power of God to them. I only succeeded when not giving in to my old nightmare, and all was directed by your sister, attacking you, in principle to give Hans all, or Putin or whomever would win their game. It was the power of God included in my sexuality, which we could not afford to let lose as man wanted to. This is why I was under control all of my life making sexual activities impossible, unless it was required to lure man into bringing their energy to me, not the opposite because I never gave in. This work today just helps me to stamp in, this is how your name is nailed down all over the world, Hans did not know that I played the game too using him and his game as part of mine. Hans even sent Jack and you on summer holiday to Vorupør in 1982 with the goal to empty this part of you via sexual encounters with women as he believed you would meet. Jack’s father was in on it too, working against you, and being told to be good friends with Stig, welcome him, make him your best friend, Jack. This is how Hans manipulated with people to bring him what he wanted, and it was also against my mother using her friends against her too without her knowledge. It was difficult for Karen to choose between Jack and me, when she could not feel what is right to do, which should have been easy!

This is also why Hans was careful not to become your good pal, but has kept a distance to you. No, Hans does not mind, we are just revealing our secrets now, which is completely natural to do when coming to the end of the game. This is what Hans believed he could live best with (the Nazis), he knew that this part of the Source was dug out from me, stolen from me, and bringing the end of my life. While he was smiling at me and treating me nicely all over the years, what a cold and cynical man, is this how you will describe yourself, Hans? Or will anyone else (?), and no, everyone believed he is such a kind man, people were willing to do the most horrendous to make their New World come through, regardless of the costs. Hans was even willing to sacrifice Sanna, not only me, to live a life as king of his own, because it would bring so much wealth, power and ”preferred sex with children”. This description is nothing compared to the character murder he and Sanna did on me, the difference is that they told lies about me, and this is just the plain truth about you, Hans?

I was shown ”less than a drop” of water being poured onto a round circle of cotton wool, this is next to nothing, but it contains all force of our New World. No one was able to bring together one hundred percent, thus being willing to bring out the creation, they believed they could. This was ten percent or even a little less, Sanna (?), and yes, it depended on what she decided to do, for life to live or die depending on how much she could absorb. This is what the world then settled with, without releasing that it is only me, who can decide on this and my motto is ”all or nothing”. Now there is a purple carpet all over without holes in it, with purple being Karen’s colour, this is how we prefer it. We would never carry out our final creation without this complete carpet, this is the difference between darkness and light. The only question was if we would be able to bring this last part of me to the light before the end of time, which I have decided on. This is the condition of creation, I decide and you do what you can, and at the final time, I evaluate all to see if I want to bring out this creation. I am only willing to do it if this carpet is intact or expect it to be soon thereafter, and my verdict is that we are still with you here, go ahead! This is the last stone of the giant statue as we are now engraving your name in, Hans was willing to let this go, when asking him, he could not decline. I am given the feeling of work being done to the iron skeleton, i.e. the foundation of our New World, we are now implementing this part of me too. This was about the fight to become the only one, who is me, and no one else. So now ”the world is my oyster – welcome to the  pleasure dome” :-). ”Kill, kill, kill” was Sanna’s task, Hans was more busy with what was to come, and people will compare his presentation with mine and decide for themselves, what do you really prefer? Hans was more working to bring the end of the world including the financial breakdown, again to benefit himself.

Now we can play the piano (operate the Source) as easy as with a feather, I have lifted all up a full level, and I have put in the program to automatically lift us up for an eternity to come. The only way to bring you darkness, was to let your mother have a wrong sexual behaviour too, coming from Karen. I was send so strong lethal doses of darkness that I should have died several times, and not continue working, but this is the only thing that made me absorb this darkness and survive. We have invented ”the birth machine” to bring force of the Source and automatic creation of all that will come forever. We will never again do down in the basement of darkness to bring up the content via sufferings. I received a little out of this world pain to my right ankle, this is the very last because you will now stop working again – and not later resume work. Hans told outsiders that STIG is right, which triggered it, he was not strong enough to keep this part, it was this delicate balance rolling it over from him to me via my work last week. We will continue creation going deeper and deeper inside myself, where new parts of me will become all, after me, where I was just the one making this happen, and I will always be here. I was told that we kept World War an option for man to bring, if I had not carried out my ”extra game” after September 23.

I decided to exchange and update my computer stereo system, which I did, which is a symbol of new and much stronger force of the Source now being implemented. This extra script means no pain to your left foot, i.e. sufferings of Sanna and the world, to awaken the force of the Source. Sanna cannot understand I should be finished by now, she only sees darkness in front of her and still fears for her life, which is only until I will switch on all light here. We kept on playing for more energy of the Source, even after you had decided ”this is it”, but no, there is still something in here. Sanna, Hans and the family did NOT react to my latest scripts on them, as Karen also has not done, which is merely because it is the truth. Sanna is living in ”pain hell”, if I had not done this extra script, we would have brought her much more pain, she knows. Now, we have ”sucked out everything that reminds of power of me”, so there is nothing left, what you see is directly into me, which is really directly into the light when turned around. We almost did not make it through the entrance to the Crazy Christmas Cabaret before they closed the doors, but we did, i.e. we brought all of the Source with us before closing. The Crazy Christmas Cabaret was about ”the Farce awakens”, which the force of the Source actually did during the play :-). It was only fear of Sanna and the world, ”I will dig you out”, and this was only because I wanted to get even deeper inside the Source. I was reminded that ”you said it yourself, when we are inside here, all have been gathered”, ”all is closed now, which is because I say it”. It is inside here we bring out the magical formula inside of you, which is the final force of the Source to start the ship of our New World. I was shown the inside of an almost infinite high-rise block formed as a column, each floor is one creation, we just have to fly through all of the column to light all up. We have started (with all previous creations inside of me), and our New World is the last, which may take some weeks to do, I don’t really know. I was shown the helicopter (of creation) flying up inside a high chimney of darkness and coming to the top of it, which it had to do, to go through all darkness, before we could ignite all. This has has now been done, the force has awakened, and now we just have to wait for the light to reach us and open our New World :-).

The Danish government held weekly meetings about me, which was about ”who to believe”, and they called in my friends and network for questioning, who they believed in. It was ”impossible” to penetrate their minds until the gradual effect of my writings set it and people started believing in me, ”he is honest”. All of this talk of you went against the rules of Sanna and Hans, and this is what saved you and all, it went into the big database of you. Your sister did not realise it was growing, her only concern was to keep an eye on you, not on her own backing, which was gradually shifting to me. Hans also did not, this was not the problem, my direct actions were, so they believed, this is how they lost, I undermined them from within. This is how Sanna and Hans did not do their work good enough, they did not cover their own inner flank, which was the only way to get to them, to receive faith of the elite in me. Eventually I also convinced Hans, who convinced Sanna, who did not not really read me, and then it was only a matter of time before my mother, i.e. all life, was on my side. It was Obama controlling all about you on the other side, the right side, these are the people you will meet very soon as your new self, people from both sides now all on your side. Hans was wiling to pay out big ransoms to people/governments putting the noose around my neck, which includes people of our own government, thus the police, Helsingør Commune etc. In principle, we continue going upstairs (suffering) while igniting all, I continue suffering much. I was shown a stronger and stronger flame of the rocket, i.e. force of it, it is faith of all previous creation before us bringing this, which is now building up. A very little part of you was released at Mijas, Costa del Sol, in 2015, which we have nourished since. It is first now that we are bringing Karen in from Sanna, and still using the platform of the Old World to do this. I was told about the need to stop writings and improvements to my apartment because of my mother, thus the world, who cannot handle it any longer, i.e. survive. And still, I continue writing this ”secret script” and to buy more things to improve my apartment, which continues ”creation” bringing more force in.

We just have to park the spaceship with you before picking up everyone else, when we will first let this (new life) float inside of you, you will feel better. I received the feeling of Sanna, well, it is time then to give it to you (from her), the responsibility of the world, to keep it running. This is the final part of the world asking you ”can we please start all over” (?), sure we can. Can we hang our coats in your wardrobe (?), sure. Man had to break through darkness to reach me, and they hated me for it, they were sure it would cost the life of Sanna crossing this darkness of her to become me. I continued receiving many marks to the back of my left, lower leg, we are still filling you up (with force of the Source). Excuse me, John, would you mind dying, because I cannot come through you (?), the same was the case with Sanna. But we had to make her survive, bringing you over on the other side of her seeing what is there, otherwise the world would die, it was attached to Sanna until the very end. This is what I made the world believe, it would be impossible for you to come around Sanna to the other side, which was also to bring out all of them. This is just the spaceship (of the Source), I am bringing to you, going around Sanna and what is left of the world. This corresponds to exchanging private parts, we have brought all of you inside your private parts, it is first now that Jesus enters me – to bring out everything. This is the pride of Sweden, thus the world, coming to me, your new body, the rejected losers (of man) coming in, this was the epoch-making moment when Jesus entered me to become me. I received strong marks to the backside of my left, lower leg, it is just me (Jesus) getting to know the hollow inside of me before we fill the house up with all, Karen, inside of you. Forever and ever no. 2, you were called, do you remember (?), this is another deja-vue being ”dug out” to me, I lost to darkness/my sister in all previous creations, and first now, I win. My TV and Internet ”froze” for days, and the Telia network broke down (!), and for days thereafter, my TV and Internet continued ”freezing”, a symbol of my mother and life dying. When my family ”spilled” during dinners over Christmas, and when a rat was found in Tivoli, it was symbols given for ”loss of life”, or ”loss of force of the Source”. These were ”inspired messages” to say that we cannot bring this with us now because of lack of energy and faith to do it, which has to come with faith of all new life.

I was shown myself upside down looking out from the bottom of a spaceship, the only reason why you see it as such is because I have not turned you around, it is mere fantasy. Elijah could not be trusted, which is why we placed his power with his wife, Tina, this is why you went to Kenya, to bring her faith in you, otherwise we would not be here. Luxury was Elijah’s enemy, so I placed his true self with her, which is because she could see clearly who I am, even though it ”completely impossible” for Elijah to share my scripts with his wife. Georgie (from Arthur Findlay College in 2005 and 2006), was our radio signal, which was ”adjusted” when meeting me in Denmark in 2006, she knew what it was about. It could only go through her to you without distortion based on her purity and love for you, she had to pull back too as part of the game to ”confuse the enemy”. This means that Georgie brought me the closest to God, while darkness tried to make us lovers, which would not have been good. I did my ”classified tour” and made New Year Dinner for my mother, which I really could not, n reality, my mother and I are now both so weak that we really cannot do anything. We just have to set up the new Universe, to dismantle the last canons of darkness, to close everything tightly and to build our new heart with fat cut off (”spilled life/force”). You have hurt Karen as mush as your mother, via your continuous work, at the transition point of life from my mother to Karen. I was then given two very loud and clear ”clicks” to my new clock, and told that IT IS TIME.


This website was first published February 1, 2017.