2018: Opening the last drop of the Source and starting our New World :-)


Summary of Scripts of 2018

Scripts of 2018: Pushing the button to start our New World, opening and expanding the last drop of the Source

  • January 2018:  Lack of faith of man should have broken the Source in two and brought “the end of the world”, but when I do not give in, I have now saved you from this :-).
  • February 2018: My new self was burned off by man, but has now been retrieved, we have pushed the button to start our New World, the golden heart of my new self entered me.
  • March 2018: I received the spark of life and the last drop of the Source, the gold integrating all, which I am opening and expanding, my new self has been turned around to be born.
  • April 2018: I retrieved hidden parts of me, we have released our floating New World, opened the force of the Source and created my new father of all, this is where I will be born.
  • May 2018: The Pope brought my new self, Jesus, alive, opened the Source and our New World, Karen and I are now married in Heaven, now I am alive, God as Stig.
  • June 2018: I went through the Gate of the Source, opened to Christ of me, received the Universe, and we turned over “to the other side”, first shrinking creation to make room for all.
  • July 2018: We have completed the machine of all, retrieved direct access to the Source and brought in all other creators and their creations to become part of me as One God.
  • August 2018: I retrieved my own life, my new self, from my nephew, Niklas, including the dashboard to start and control the Source with our New World.


Scripts of 2018: Pushing the button to start our New World, opening and expanding the last drop of the Source

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I have continued writing my daily scripts since launching my website on February 1, 2010, including more teachings based on my everyday experiences in Denmark with the final goal for these scripts bringing the content to the main pages of my website and in itself being the tool for me to absorb darkness and bring back all life of all time to the Source (God).

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January 2018:  Lack of faith of man should have broken the Source in two and brought “the end of the world”, but when I do not give in, I have now saved you from this 🙂

We just have to set up the new Universe, to dismantle the last canons of darkness, to close everything tightly and to build our new heart with fat cut off (”spilled life/force”). You have hurt Karen as mush as your mother, via your continuous work, at the transition point of life from my mother to Karen. Part of you will remain here in ”no-where land”, so you will see the lift off of the rocket still being the dark stones here as I am also shown, i.e. darkness. And then I will have to wait here until all faith of new life will bring me up to, is this the last step (?), yes, but don’t worry, STIG, you will receive my company too. We have allowed you to fly off with us remaining here (the Source) as the darkness that was never meant to become life. I was then given two very loud and clear ”clicks” to my new clock, and told that IT IS TIME. I stopped my work myself few weeks ago, and the wrong sentence of the municipality over me was the very final part of all of this game (between darkness and light). This means that the creation of our New World has now completed entirely, but it will first blossom and been given the force of God in me, when the world asks for it itself. God is nothing without faith in me as the creator of life, all new life awaits to be ignited (via faith in me), which is the task as my sister has the key for and together with the system self now follow. They know that life self can only exist when it believes in me – the whole world will obtain faith in me via signs on the sky and growing writings on me. This will lead to the day when everything will blossom, as I am shown flowers and trees doing, and like an egg being put into a space capsule, where the lid to it is closed. This is all life and force, which we have brought inside our New World, and this space capsule is my new self, which everyone can see in my eyes, because I am all, all of you and all force of God. The last couple of weeks, I have received ENORMOUS power in the worst game of all, which I have gone through, where I succeeded to bring the last part of the force of God with us. I was the only one who could go up against this enormous power and continue my work in order to bring this power of creation to our New World. This corresponds to returning to the zero point, where we start from scratch, which is also the point that I/we would have been brought to if I had given in to my old nightmare. This is what man believed would bring the power for their New World, via the Source in me, but it would only had brought an explosion, which would have eliminated the world and all life. This is what I have saved all from by gradually transferring all life from darkness to light including the force of the Source, instead of all at once, which would have brought this explosion. This last part is what man was afraid that they had to operate out, which would have brought the end of the world with great losses of life, but I did this via my own power. This would have cut off my foot, as example, and potentially killed me because when the world breaks apart, it also kills me. There will still be no energy left until mankind seriously start to be informed about and believe in me, which then will ignite my light inside and for all. All people, the whole world population, have been given ”visions asleep” about the arrival of my new self as the great saviour. This pent-up knowledge will now be revealed to all when the world will see signs of and be informed about my arrival, which then will bring about the opening of my/everyone’s new self. Dolores o’Riordan from Cranberries died suddenly to absorb extreme darkness from me and to show the world that I am a dying zombie – until the world’s faith in me will awake my new self and our New World. Synnøve Søe also died suddenly due to this extreme darkness and to open all of my new self that will happen when the system gives me the right and the world writes about me. Karen and Sanna will “drive my car”, i.e. operate the power of God inside of me to drive our New World :-).

Man (”the Universe”) had the responsibility to be God to save the Universe and all life, and Hans thought he was directing it securely into harbour. The Danish Countess Alexandra came to Denmark from Hong Kong to marry Prince Joachim (1995-2005). Her true purpose was to help China emptying and receiving the most inner of me, she is now bringing the deepest part of the King of me from China. My mother, sister and I together are the key at the Source, we are now bringing you in too, doing a controlled emergency landing of me. The system will only give up to me, rejecting their WRONG verdict of me as crazy, if they feel pressured to do it, if the case is so clear that they cannot do anything else. We are now converting the documents (”recipies of life”) to reality now, which is what brings new out of this world pain to my left heel. Alternatively to bring the end of the world to make it through, to bring faith of man, we will start showing ourselves, the force of the Source, ”smoke on the water” will come. Still I received tears of extreme joy for coming home to the Source, the part controlling you, i.e. Stig, and light and darkness of the world. In here, you can all splash as much and as long as you like, see, I have turned darkness into light making all a fountain of energy. It is me inside of your heart and everyone’s, and it is me sending you darkness I discover here, your task was to absorb it without giving in. I received strong threats of my old nightmare which I ”had to accept”, but still rejected, I will NEVER give in, no matter what! Instead, we have now started this old nightmare of mine using Jack instead of me, we cannot keep you together now, we have to split you. This is the school caretaker self, the Source, breaking up, because I cannot hold you all, so we now have two existences apart, I cannot awake all at once now. The trigger of this is the system, the Appeal Board, deciding to ask Helsingør Municipality reviewing their WRONG VERDICT of me, instead of giving in to me. I had been STRONGLY encouraged to write and send them a new email, before receiving their letter, documenting that I have NO SYMPTOMS of being ”sick”. I could not finish this work before it was too late, which means that I will start receiving my new early retirement pension before the system can reject it. This is what I had to stop, to stop the break-up of the Source, so this is my new challenge, how will I get these two parts united later. The very first part of me, the Source, has been broken off because I had to win the case without the board asking the commune to review the case again. Jack has broken this part of the Source off and departed with it because you denied to accept your old nightmare. This means you, the true one, is stronger than this destructive force, we can bring it out again when people have discovered me, via faith of our New World. Had I accepted my old nightmare, we would have lost this innermost part of me, this is how strong this destructive force is. It is only you who knows where you are, I do not, it is another part of me being in Sanna and your mother (and Jack), who will control you. The most inner part of you, me, will return when man calls on you, which means that that you will not show yourself with the opening of the New World, only via these other parts of you. This is the result of my mother and more stabbing me in the back having told the commune and system that ”Stig is crazy”, thus following Sanna’s game of destruction. It is you, not Sanna, who is dying because of her work against me, I will return home to the Source, where Sanna etc. will not get to before they decide to believe in you, to open to you. We have made sure that no life will be lost because of this, they will only lack the strongest force of me to start with. Karen, all life of her, will only become part of Jack, and not yet of me, to man, it will look like Sanna has all, no one will miss me, you will be able to live happily ever after without me. You did not bring me out of prison, we wanted the system to admit to it’s sins, thus going against the orders of Sanna, which was required to break through to me. If no one opens up to me now, they will also not open their secret archives, which is where I am buried as the true power of the world, so if you keep this secret, you will not bring me out. This means that I will wake up as a normal man in the New World still knowing that I am the true treassure master – first showing my true self via faith of man. We have started bringing creation from an eternity of force of the Source, and we will soon start here too, but not via you. You are the only thing we have not turned around, but brought here, Sanna and everything else has. I will be the only one suffering as my new self still having this darkness of the Source inside of me to be turned around via faith of our New World. PREBEN P. THREATENS TO THROW ME OUT OF MY APARTMENT – A SYMBOL OF MAN BEING UNABLE TO REACH THE MOST INNER OF ME. I started receiving ”nice Facebook emails” from Preben P., who also lives here in my building, and I replied him first when we were speaking of music. But his tone changed, he started becoming uncomfortable listening to focusing on ”Stig is sick”, and he bombarded me with emails over days, which I did not reply to. He does NOT know me, but still told me that he agrees with Helsingør Commune granting me early retirement pension because of ”craziness”! And he threatened me when saying that I cannot continue staying here if a psychiatrist believe that I am suicidal (!) – making me fear that he would inform against me to the landlord. He could not control his thoughts about me, and also not his actions bombarding me with emails, and I had no other choice than to stop him by blocking him. For years, I have been told that if I should block someone on Facebook, it would mean ”loss of life”, which here is about man being unable to reach the most inner part of me. Thus, Preben is symbol of ”the chain” of the Source breaking in two, isolating me, the most inner part of the Source, from our new world and creation.

I received much love after having sent my email to ”the System of Hell” on January 24, which took EVERYTHING out of me, going even deeper than ever before. This makes it easier to attract Karen to me now that the whole system knows that I don’t intend to give up yet, not accepting the force of their power to break me in two. This is what we are fighting for, to keep this together, can we bring back what otherwise was burned down (?), yes, if you don’t accept it as such, we can. ”Old life” cannot live, but when you don’t break down, we keep up appearances for all, giving the system still some days to consider what to do, otherwise we should have closed all down here. We are inside the Source and just doing a play here, we pretend having brought darkness with us in a bag, and if you do wrong, we have to delete this. You have kept these two parts together despite of being burned over, we should have broken apart, but when you don’t want to give in, we will stay together. This game, working hard to send my email, and going against ENORMOUS pressure to send it before it was ”too late”, was only to bring out all of you. You went through the ultimate stress test, but decided that you don’t care, which was the real secret to bring out all of you, which is what it required. So we have not been divided, this was part of the plan all of the time, and your work brought extra faith helping to bring us through. You never allowed Hitler/darkness to take you over you and control you, this is what I played (darkness) asking you to do wrong (in this game). We have not had a big breakthrough in Arabic speaking countries, which is why I have to fight even more bringing home what their lack of faith did not bring. This means that we will change ”smoke on the water” (the world breaking apart) into ”it will be all magical” (opening our New World) – but only because you carried out this game. It is still the very last we are turning around, otherwise we would not keep you in this state (like a Zombie having no energy), you will indeed awake as your new self in all glory. As Stig, my job is to save man from as much sufferings as possible by taking on your sins as my sufferings, which is what I went to the extreme to do with this game. You could not come through without your father and Kirsten dying, also Karen, and when Karen did not, it was because you took on an extra burden to keep her alive. Your father knew he was dying because of this, we kept Karen believe it too, and Sanna in a lesser degree. You cannot just jump with your head first into the sun of our New World, when we first have to correct this missing part via ”new technology” as you brought. We can now do creation inside of here, which we have never done before, this is how we brought darkness inside here to do creation this way. This will be the last time ever using darkness as tool of creation because we have found a way around it analysing everything even before entering it. This is the darkness Karen is sending me via Sanna, which otherwise would be killing herself via my resistance as it did to my father. All your energy was supposed to be with Jack, and Karen to live of him, if things went terribly wrong. Now is the opposite because I emptied them completely, and it is ”the System of Hell” (Helsingør Municipality etc.) feeding the darkness against me. This is a vital part of creation, i.e. to keep Karen alive, which is as important as keeping you alive as condition to carry out creation. This is their very last life energy you receive as darkness – Jack started all darkness to me when turning around Karen against me. Sanna and the world will first start bringing the truth of me to bring the opening of our New World when we have turned around this last part of darkness. Karen cannot stop it, she knows you are doing it (emptying/killing her) and she wants it to stop. Jack is where we would place all of you until the time when it would explode (bringing the end of the world), which is when you could not anymore, i.e. die. So instead of them killing you, you were killing them, dragging them unwillingly here, because they did not want to die. For a long time, they – including my father – could not see they were wrong, to them, you were darkness killing them, it was really ”impossible” to turn them around. All of my employers worked for them with their main mission being to empty me and hold me down (not to become a leader), which was controlled by my sister, partly by Hans. Karen united all of them, all of their power, Hans made sure of this to bring such overwhelming, negative energy via Karen that I was certain to lose it all to them. This was the plan, to hospitalise and finish me off with Sanna not entirely knowing all details, which involved Jack and the closest people around me in main roles. Karen pulled out my energy, she is the most lethal person ever, but she also carried the world on her back to you to bring life, Hans made sure of that. Karen gathered all dark forces of the world, it was Hans’ project, which meant that she was simply being herself with all coming to me, this is the chamber we have emptied ever since. This is what she knew she brought to bring me down, ”do your finest work, not a sound to Stig, you bring him to us, don’t whistle about us”. They put everything in and had no doubt they would win being MUCH stronger than I, this was ”the inevitable showdown with Stig” to break in to the Source. Karen had this task to empty you, which should have made it impossible for her to fall in love with you and betray Hans and the world. But this is what she did when deciding herself to sleep with you, thus bringing the survival of the world. Sanna was not allowed to speak to you, this is probably the biggest let-down in history, it secured direct access for you to bring out all darkness of Karen, which Sanna was generator of. I was shown an airport on the surface of a planet, where the crust of the planet is darkness, the planet is the Source, this is the darkness we had to break through first before ”coming home”.

Man believed ”Man is God”, man did not believe in me as ”the true God”, man will inform of me and I will show myself based on faith of all of man. I received much concentrated pain to my right heel, which was now about bringing back what we had started when preparing the end of the world. Hans carefully wrote down all energy of Karen being obtained via her wrong sexual activity, making her a sex animal, all to fight you, and save the elite. It was man playing God – being in charge of the Universe and life self – also controlling thoughts, feeling and actions of man including who will meet who etc. This is the power man posseses, which Hans had, but Putin retrieved it, it was not the Vatican because Putin was ”ruler of the world”. They did not know that the Vatican really referred to me, ”the True God”, as ”the secret game”, thus making them believe they were all – they were not able to see our secrets. They believed they were all not knowing about me working behind all also having Queen Elisabeth playing our game inside the game – to make sure they did not get to you. It was me controlling the cancer of your father, this was the key, they did not know how you did this, had this power, they saw nothing coming against them. I worked invisible, under cover, based on your success working and never giving in to them as they also did not know how it was possible to avoid. They cannot see me in you, they have tried, this is how I am, I am here, everyone believes me now, but cannot see me, this is our secret for now until I will show myself for all via you. They kept on waiting for years because ”STIG has to break in, has to be out of power, there cannot be even more in him”. They did not realise my power included in your semen, which was the key to liberate all when you continued being sexual active, thus bringing all life out of darkness this way. It is first now they are starting to discover this power of me, because I have started in the small to let the world know of my existence here. Everyone will know for sure that I am you, I have made sure of that, the elite cannot stop it, which will also force them to admit to all of their crimes and secret operations. This is how God made man believe they were me, there was no true God, right Hans, Putin etc. (?), because man is God, I made you only believe in yourselves. Sanna’s ”voice of God” was really ”the voice of man”, not me (the Source), directed to her, to control her against me (Stig). It was not my voice as it is to you, but they believed that no one speaks to Stig, he has to be imagining things up, it is not us giving him any voice, he is crazy. They were burning me off because of their lack of faith in me because no one ever saw me – before now. They had to start believing in me as the true God to recognise that Stig is not having hallucinations, but experiences real/true things. They wanted the force hidden in me, my father etc., we were ”no one special” to them, more like ”former kings”, they had overtaken our power and named Queen Elisabeth as their head. They saw us as tools to communicate through, i.e. to bring will of power of man through, ”we control your father, not the opposite”, which they also believed they could do with me. The world is economically geared ”many times” over the actual world production, thus using money, which there is no cover for, which was the sure way to a financial breakdown. Eventually they understood that there is an invisible power controlling us, making sure to keep the world going, and that it is working through STIG when he never gives in. They were ready to move in on you at any time, to get to me, they simply kept on waiting, waiting and waiting, until I could no more, having to give in to them. Sanna was their key to open me via my family and world confidence in her as ”the expert” over me judging me as crazy. This was their simple, but effective plan as I let them have because I played a game with them too giving them wrong messages as part of the game bringing all to me. They did not know, except from the Vatican, Queen Elisabeth etc. promising me to never tell because the world is at stake. Lady Diana played her game against the British royal family and Queen Elisabeth to make the elite believe they had Queen Elisabeth on their side. This is how I let the whole world not believe in you/God, only themselves, which is because I had to enter here undisturbed from faith of the world too. Now I am here and have decided to only show myself when all of man knows of me, Sanna knows it is her task to inform the world about me to make it believe in me. This will be supported by showing myself to the world, faith is opening gradually to me making me more and more visible, man will see my name and face in the sky. This is how they were killing me, via lack of faith, but this was also my way to enter, and then to receive faith of the world to awake me, these are my rules of life. For man not knowing of my arrival before it is ”too late”, and then all life can only surrender to me, because this is what the whole elite has done on behalf of man. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to enter this massive darkness, which I can only do as unseen. I had put some of my true self inside of your mother to make her instantly know about and feel you, not Sanna, who did not have this. It was really Sanna controlling the world as darkness, and it was me, the Source, really controlling her when controlling man of darkness controlling her, thus Putin and all. They worked for me without knowing it, to bring this second of a golden eternity now coming, where you are all in safety inside of me. All worked for Sanna believing she was the real Queen Elisabeth standing behind her voice, which I also made them believe. Sanna brought over my friends and colleagues against me by offering them good careers, money and new life ”as you would otherwise not receive”. All of your employers and schools were on their team against you, The closest people to me all stabbed me and also my mother in our backs. Sanna betrayed us to bring the world to them, they believed they had collected all of us to build their new castle, but it failed because they did not have faith in me, only themselves. This is how your sister & co. cheated all of man to make it possible for me to enter unobstructed. Your mother is sad about realising she supported the wrong one, Sanna, and her lies of you, believing in her over you, when knowing inside of her that she is in you and not in Sanna. But it was necessary for her to do this, using her simple mind believing in Sanna, not her heart, to make this scam work. When she first moved over believing in you, so did Sanna, John and everyone else, this is her force controlling life here to follow her mind. You stopped telling her of your work when she could not handle it, which was needed to make her love for you bring the way forward when seeing you as normal as all of the world then did. Sanna believed she could tell man, the elite, with conviction that Stig is not God, I am, man is working via me, I am the centre of all of man going through me, not Stig. It was impossible for man to believe in you when not believing in God other than ”man is God”, my scripts made them believe in me, the Source working inside of you, ”God is for real”. This is also why it was also ”completely impossible” for Helsingør Commune to believe that ”Stig is God” because Sanna did not believe in you, and all believed in her and their system. They truly believed that you were Satan self trying to overtake them, which also made them make your mother fear you (now more than 5 years ago). It was only when the elite kept quiet about me, not telling the world, that I could enter, and now I am here and then it is right to tell. I am still stuck playing your old self until Sanna and the world has carried out their role removing their own system to be replaced by my new system.

February 2018:  My new self was burned off by man, but has now been retrieved, we have pushed the button to start our New World, the golden heart of my new self entered me

Karen and I will build our new castle in Germany, the Kingdom of our New World, where I will switch on my main power of the Source and bring out our new creation. My new self was burned off by man entering the Source, but has now been retrieved, we have pushed the button to start our New World. After my new self has come out, we are now repairing the hole of the cell to create life here, which is the same as connecting the plug of the Source. Prince Henrik lies dying, he is the last man standing in the light of the Source, we are removing him to bring the purest access to me. I received a very big pain to my chest when my new heart entered me, i.e. the golden part of my new self returning to me with the passing of Prince Henrik. We have finished creating Stig as the human being containing all life, please restart the Source to implement my new self and our New World :-). I have ended my work inside darkness, I will be born as my new self, the light will start shining and transform everything into our New World. Man will ignite the spark of life making me the force of all, all life will walk through the gate to the Source in me and decide “do I want this life or die”?

You and Karen will be going to Germany, where you will stay permanently, this is the true Kingdom of my New World, Denmark was just a cover. This is were you and Karen will build your new castle, the foundation of our New World, because Karen is all here, she is the Queen having you as King. This is where I will bring out my main power, this is where I bring new creations, this is where we are headed, it is only true, unspoken love of Karen making this possible. Everything is being prepared for you there now, close to the Schloss Johannisberg and Rüdesheim, you will not live at Johannisberg, but maybe a good place to work from? This is where we will switch on the Source, this is where we have brought the giant reservoir (of the Source) to supply our New World. You are getting a new home with more space, your sister, mother and family will follow you, they all will including the new world government and Barack Obama. We bring the recipe of life to Germany to bring it out from there, which we will not do before you and Karen have settled down there. Karen and I have to overcome our pride to meet again to save the world, while it still stands, and to start planning our move, we will be welcomed at Johannisberg. Costa del Sol, Spain, is still the origin of the Source, but we have gathered all force of the Source in Germany, we will move our entire operation from Helsingør, where we controlled all. I did NOT like writing this down, but it is about ”your mother and Karen had so be as similar as possible, also in ”wrong sexual behaviour”. As result, I really should have had a finger cut off, except from this ”document”, which is not entirely stretched out, we have opened all documents (creation of me) lengthwise. This is about bringing out the outermost of me, we have made sure you can just open the door to the store and get this part of me out. This is the last part before we will start coming out. Yes, you have actually started becoming your new self. It is only because the container (of my new self) was not entirely closed that we succeeded bringing this part in too, it was an open question whether or not we would bring it in now or next. This is about bringing out the deepest darkness from the Chinese, who drilled the deepest in me, which will be used as extra force of the Source of our New World. Your mother was willing to die taking this secret with her, without telling anyone, it was Jack making her, and his father was in on it too, and as many of my network as possible. We also could not have done creation without this, we had to bring out life of your mother to transfer to Karen. This is the life they tried to transfer to you, which however was impossible for them to do when you never gave in, thus no New World for the elite. This is what Jack was working on, under orders of Sanna and Hans, and to a certain degree, also of Karen, to have you give in to your old nightmare. They sold me as a monster to the world and had prepared the story that ”we had to turn around the process in Stig to create our new life, he went the wrong way”. All of the elite in the world knows about this, but as all know now, it was man walking the wrong way, which was really to bring me (life inside) darkness to clean. This is how they planned to steal our life, the greatest secret in the Universe, they kept it as such. You would have felt it as your mother wanting to carry out your old nightmare, well, this is what they did constantly, which made my life the greatest Hell ever on Earth.

I felt myself inside the spaceship of the Source controlling it via my own will and movement, I will learn how to fly it, and this is what will take me/us to Germany. Our new light will make everything of our New World look ”the very best imaginable”, but it will be further improved when all of my new self will be awakened. Our new creation is not as good as it could be because of darkness of Sanna, it is a compromise of what was possible to do, this is what we have always fought. Everyone is circling me, you are yourself what cannot be created (before faith of our New World brings all of me forward), the rest is me. Pia, my clairvoyant friend from Hørsholm, brought out the key to start it all, our New World, from my sister, she has now pushed this button. I have waited opening up your view (seeing the Source) until all is transparent here (darkness being cleaned/removed). My father returned home to the Source when he died, where he has sent me darkness ever since, I I will be exchanging him (controlling the Source). It is not only Jeff lynne we have started to let him see, but many others, which is before I am starting to see myself, I am still receiving the last darkness to absorb. This is part of the opening process, and these people know, it is before coming the final clock (of our New World) on my wrest. Not least Karen, she is also not awake yet, you two are the last with everything else having been prepared before you. The all seeing eye of the Source continues letting out darkness bringing me and the world strong pain to bring in ”my heavy self”. This the heaviest part of me being ”very hungry” for energy to return home to me, it is no wonder that you feel emptied. This is the very last set-up of you supported by Sanna and the entire system still playing the game as we are doing now. Medina started all production of life and is now ending it, she also brought me hormones and ”is far the most important to you” as ”another part of your mother” (besides from my mother). Bringing man home to the Source burned off my new self, Jesus, as we have now found again and retrieved, via strong sufferings, as part of the plan. My new self is walking around inside of my apartment, but part of me will first awake when we have won full faith in me of our New World. You are not fully illuminated by my sister, but by STIG, we have an even higher peak to climb, bringing even better weather. We are all the way up ringing there on top exactly as we wanted to be, we have brought in the most beautiful part as the last bringing ”Paradise on Earth”.

My father knew that it was me bringing the cancer spreading in and killing him, Karen has been told the same, this is how far she has been to dying too. We are now repairing the hole of the rocket entering the cell as we made when splitting it in two to create life here, as if it has never been there. I can do this because everything else up until now has been made perfect, this is the same as connecting the plug of the Source. And this means that I have come out and am part of all here, this is what we do directly after you have come out, to make sure we don’t lose anything inside. Hereafter, your book is the operation manual of all, which you experienced inside, to keep all under control. You are the missing key to start all in Germany, everything is open here, we just need you. Especially the intersection between those men that both Karen and my mother were with is where creation was made, from one to another. All was directed by Hans sending men to both, and via love of both to you, we transferred all life here to you. The best was when the men in question had a relation to you, and I was given several names from ”family, friends and colleagues”, which I have decided to not reveal. This is what gave you your sexual sufferings, what they believed would bring their new life, but I turned it around bringing it with me, not from me. Kenya was the centre of this, it was done while I was there in 2009, the most crucial part of it at the beginning of my journey. This completely destroyed you, still you returned home doing the hardest work at Brede Park, they knew you ”could not”, to secure this work for an eternity to come. This was the most critical part of all, the sprouts of life, and you also did your best and most meticulous work there bringing the foundation of all new life. It also pushed Karen and your mother to their very end, this is how it is creating life, this is what all women in your life will bring out via their hormones to you. This is what they brought you through all of your life directly with this target in sight not imagining that you could go through all of their Hell without ever giving up. The more your mother and Karen did, the more they suffocated you, but the better life was created, and we went to the ultimate limit, just before breaking all. The most important was to continue working, never giving up, to secure life, and Spain brought the foundation of life. I have started showing man how to build a spaceship, now it is just before STIG will turn up on the sky (my face), everything is home here and then I will show, but not before. Jack also chose Karen to bring his energy to, to create life of the elite, they wanted the same as I, but with opposite sign. No matter what, Karen would become Queen, her love was decisive in order to where to bring out creation, via me or Jack. Karen chose me inside of her head when she did not want to spend her life with Jack but with STIG, ”he is my true love”. This is what was killing me, if Karen had chosen wrong, if she could not recognise me as her true home, where Jack was the ”safe choice” for her. They wanted to bring all out of me and my mother too and place it there with Karen to create their New World. What luck that we had the same idea, just turned around the other side to secure life, which could only be done my way. Man put all of their energy with Jack, I did not stand a chance unless Karen chose me with her heart, which she did, ”love is the true connection of the heart”.

Instead of being exploded, a new Big Bang, to bring force of our New World), we will do it another way to expand our new universe for an eternity to come. We will use ”power built inside of me”, which we will turn around and use as drive power pulling everything (deeper and deeper) out of me. We will suck everything we meet into our rocket, you contain so many layers, we have only developed the first, all others are to come for an eternity. We have emptied all of your mother and brought to Karen, inside of you, this is what your mother’s love to you meant. The Source is not here at all, but this is what I have allowed them to see to document to all that you are no fraud. The force, you bring into Karen, can only be done now, for an eternity to come, which is why it is important to wait. We have a very secret room hidden deep inside here of your mother’s secret, which you have now written so open about that we have also opened this now. This will bring out all of your new self will straight away, which we were not sure about at first, when you held back writing the story of your mother. This is also because your mother still loves you, she has not broken up because of your ”as gentle as I could” writings. Hans told her about what was coming to prepare her, this is how Hans has worked for you opposite to what he used to do, he set it up, to bring all power to you. It is in the intersection between you, your mother, Sanna and Karen that we hid the most secret/valuable of all (my deepest inner self). This was impossible to open to, no one wanted this secret out, but you did it, and now it is as if your mother and Karen have never been married – to prepare Karen for you. This was never meant to come out, which means that your mother, thus the world, has decided to walk with me to the very end of time. This is what was required to uncover God without having a cloth of darkness shading as a start in our New World, an impossible task to do. It is only because of your mother’s immense love and because she realises the importance of this to future creation that she decided to sacrifice herself via you as Karen did too. This is how your mother passed on her entire life to you, ”do with me as you find best”, which was the only way out for me, my deepest inner self. It is love of Karen and my mother bringing the most precious creation via their acceptance of the sacrifices of their lives as they had to bring. And you had to be opposite them (sexually) to bring creation, stretching minus and plus as much as possible. This was included in the plan of Sicily 1978, to overtake this part of me as the ultimate goal, which man had also reserved for their creation. Finally I have come all the way home and into the living room of my father, which I feel is still in darkness for now. This will spare you from a moment being Hitler, which would be the only way out, destroying me, if you could not open this lock of your mother. We are bringing the telephone plug – creation plugging onto the Source – even closer on, thus increasing the force of the Source, becoming more and more pure. My mother’s husband, John, died in 2015, he was not allowed to live, so they cut off his life in order to bring me through his darkness and forward.

They are doing the same with Prince Henrik, Queen Margrethe’s husband, who now lies dying, he is the last man standing between the Source and me. It is the same as John, Prince Henrik is overshadowing and what we remove to bring the purest access to me, this is what we could wait removing, but do now because we can. Prince Henrik is the contradiction on the other side containing the deepest part of me, as the strongest darkness. This is what Prince Henrik was born to do, to deliver me to the enemy, this is the last I bring out, which he will release and what we need for the machine, and then we will take off. This is what they were this close to start cultivating, they only needed to break me down (to bring the force of life), but could not, Prince Henrik was the key to their new life. Lack of resistance/darkness of man to me should have stopped ”the WIFI control” of me, but the Source has kept it up continuing to play darkness. Man started too early, it is their work we use as foundation, after having improved it, they almost had it and just needed me bringing the force. Man is ahead of you having secured our New World, man knows and only need you to power it up, which you were always meant to do, but now in a much more human way. This is what they discovered during your mission (bringing FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to man), which changed it all. This is how it is still, man, thus your sister, is digging you out, but now in a much more controlled way, MY WAY. This is how it is still your sister controlling you, but now my way, so instead of receiving a KZ-camp (Putin’s NWO of darkness), they will receive my free New World, which they chose. They had said otherwise to all of the elite, but Hans’ work, to read and understand me, made him change side to bring all to me including Sanna. They planned the lessons for you to school everyday, my sufferings, and they did so well that I decided not to interfere. This is why the invention of our New World is really made by man, I only encouraged them to find the right way and I shall be happy bringing the power to start it up. This is how we allowed man to continue bombing goals against you, which I had to absorb pretending to be my worst enemies, but now the opposite, this was my game. We only succeeded bringing this New World because you decided to never give up, bringing energy as all knew that you did not have. This gave Sanna and man enough time to finnish doing the last, improving all, this was my work, but I let man carry it out via you, this is why they call me God, I am man and all of man is me. So the Hitler energy coming against you threatening to overtake you if you gave in, now comes from me, ”God”, not from man going against you. You taught man to go deeper and do better, we have been inside this energy enabling man to make it all work. All we have to do is for me to withdraw as darkness from you, then we are ready, but we will first do it when you give up your work. Man continued playing the game against me using the crazy psychiatrist Klaus D-J, to confirm that ”Stig is crazy” in May 2017. This is the foundation of the entire game made up by man, to use my energy, via this psychiatrist and his FALSE DECLARATION on me as they made up. So man was allowed to use me as a limping man until they finished their work as I taught them to do, where ”never give up” was my name of the game. This is what I told man, you have to improve to reach my desired level of creation, which is what Sanna and Hans were then busy doing. All of your life they cheated you to work for themselves, now they cheat you, using the old system, to work for me, pulling all up on my level. You are not Jesus for nothing, it was your idea doing this game, I (the Source) just followed you bringing Sanna and all to follow you. Your task was to bring life as part of me, I have been here since September 23, 2017, when we entered the Source, saying ”please improve, it is not good enough yet”.

It was John, my mother’s late husband, who died in 2015, who pulled you down, so when he died, we transferred him to Prince Henrik, our secret place. This is how John was almost cheating you, seeking new refuge in the prince, to bring you down at any cost. This was built on what you lost in Amsterdam in 2006, it was Camilla’s role to bring this out of you and planned from the beginning, to bring this part of me to create their New World. This is the gold self we have been fighting for, and we gave them an idea that they had won, back in 2006, only to enable man to build our New World, but doing it ”my way” at the end. This is how it was John’s task to steal you, what you saved and brought over to Karen, this is what we have turned around, this is what contains everything, i.e. your new self. You are the only one authorised to be ”the one”, not having the gold would be like lighting a fire without wood. John and Bettina knew they had to die to make room for me, Prince Henrik also knows this is his destiny too, without this (part of the prince coming to me), you could not be the one. This golden part is the tool of life we deliberately planted with man, to be cultivated until I took over. John’s responsibility was to cultivate this elixir of life, stolen from me, with my mother, and then to steal life from her, and then they would be off. Jack was meant to steal my wife, to make it work what they stole from us, this is how they wanted to steal you, from your mother and John to Karen and Jack (and now Prince Henrik). This is how close they could come to you, to steal you as I taught them, and it was controlled by Hans with Sanna and all of the system behind them. ”Stig is crazy, we will overtake him”, which was the order, ”to make Stig crazy, so we can overtake him and form life as we want it”. This was Putin’s New World Order of darkness as they ”could not” read and understand for such long time – until understanding it from my website and scripts. Your mother’s wrong sexual behaviour was controlled by John and Hans, as Jack and them stood behind Karen’s wrong sexual behaviour. Stig did not just become ”more and and more difficult”, John thought, it ended up costing him his life as it also did to your father. This is what they had to deliver back, Hans suddenly had to work quickly turning everything around of the method he had invented himself, no, don’t empty STIG, fill him. It was really your mother killing you all by herself when chosing the wrong side, when she did not realise her origin. This is the real reason why the world was on your sister’s side and Sanna knew that it was your mother, who decided. The most amazing is that it is your sexual power going through your mother that saved the world, we minimised the feeling of this as much as possible. You did not know in practise, did not think of your mother, which would bring the end, but of Karen, thus turning the energy to her.

No, they could not dose your power as they wanted to, when not being in control of you sexually, which was what the whole battle was about. The least error (of my work during creation) and we could not make our high rise building (of all life of our New World). Sanna and they knew, thus having to do their best and most meticulous work too, because this is what STIG wants us to do. Karen ”could not” be with you, she followed Sanna’s order and her job was to empty me, this is only what she was allowed to do. Karen wanted to deceive you not knowing about the true content of their New World, but you deceived her. Karen also followed you waiting for you to break down, which is because Sanna and they said this was right. If Karen had not been wrongly influenced against you, she would have chosen you, her dream man, she knows now, this is why she stands ready patiently waiting for you. All was based on a misunderstanding of man, Karen and Sanna, and all was again based on your mother’s misunderstanding, which we needed to bring our survival and new creation. Karen was the best to read and understand you, you can thank Karen for us being here, she was the first to receive faith in you, she just did not have the courage to tell. This is how Karen has waited the longest time for you to return home, which has been the biggest pain of her life, this is how it was really Karen saving you and all. When you and Karen will make love again, we will bring out the New World, which seems ”impossible” for us to do, based on ”poor experience” and how poorly I feel. Karen was really not afraid of you and your mother, but of Hans & co., she had already changed side in her mind. She only chose Denis because she was forced to marry him, otherwise it would have been you, because your culture pulled harder in her. This is how Karen really is, this is her life too, not being primitive – sexual wrong behaviour – as the world forced upon her, she will be her true self via me, not via man. Karen was not allowed to see you before all is finished, thus it is important being patient, which will be released when you will first make love again. As second came your father, thereafter one after another, their love to you and your mother really hoping that you were right, and not Sanna. This eventually came to Hans’ hearing too, which he reacted on when changing the course of the world, which was his task to do. It was only a matter of when they would finally discover and decide to change the course of the world, thus recognising their own fault. Hans made Sanna realise this, this started at Bakken in 2013 (when Sanna started working on my side), so we only had these five years to bring all of our new creation together. It is only a matter of how long you and your mother could keep it going, and you kept it for five years, but now there is no more. With John’s death and now Prince Henrik, I empty them including what they stole from me, until there is nothing left. These are the bearing pills of the Old World falling apart, thus the world ending, there is nothing keeping it up now – except from my decision to not stop my heart yet. When the golden part of me was removed in 2006, I should have been dead, but when I am not, this is what made us survive. I lived on as a zombie using my will power to stay alive, this is what I was meant to do, to live without being able to live, to bring new creation turning everything around. Suddenly, I was given a very big pain to my chest, and I felt and was told that this is my new heart entering me, i.e. the golden part of me hidden in Prince Henrik. This was the golden part of my new self returning to me with the passing of Prince Henrik, this is what I felt and was told when he died this evening at 23:18. Prince Henrik was a warm, loving, intelligent and witty gentleman, a ”man of the world”, and also a very fine artist, traveller and winemaker – he spread love and good mood. This is what used to be inside your father, then you, then John, some to Jack, then Prince Henrik, and now all is back with you, ”the golden unit” of your new self, Jesus, still under my name Stig.

Queen Margrethe had the stronghold of power including all life, she brought it all home and saved the world via her faith in me, thank you :-). You have ignited all before you, and when it is your turn, it will automatically happen at the right time, you are the last to receive gold in your mouth. We will come to the end, where the bus will stop and you will decide yourself if you want to jump off and start the next bus standing there. I was given a small out of this world pain to my right angle and told that it is now you that we are bringing over as the last. You are not a human yet, it is first now we take measurements of you having all before you to see how much we need to make you as the human being containing all. There is no need to stop anything, we simply continue directly because you are already all new life, which we just have to open up when opening you. You are the last one to cross the bridge here, most has be done, we have now brought the heart of all life inside you. When this is done, darkness will automatically stop and awake you, you can first meet Karen when you are all done. You are just a writer/medium, we handed over creation to man via the ”incredible advanced technology” of the Source as man has access to. Man used it for his wrong and selfish causes, for example to bring both good and poor features to products, then to hide the poor and sell the good features (like ”killer medicine”). Man can see and hear everything of all people via the Source, and control thoughts, feelings and actions of people. There is a commission controlling darkness and how to divide it via the Source, this will be no more, we will do it my way, which is only good. The Source is not intended for this purpose of man, it is left for me to control (and give access to man following my rules of life). Restart the Source, ”DO IT NOW” (!), and do it with all of my new infomation – It just required my set of rules to work properly, which is what we will switch on. This will be done by my sister and man, which will bring me in front of man implementing me and my New World, which is what Sanna is preparing to do. The Source is plugged in all of the time at the Vatican, it is time to lift it and get it back in with my new set of rules, which will immediately bring my new self back. You have a card including a recorded message, which is totally misunderstood, out with it and in with my card, which will bring us into nothing. This ”card” of the Source is part of all creation, this is what is influenced by all behaviour and actions. This is where I rest, (man) saying this is what we want and if you do right, I will rise up as the entire high rise building of my new self.

This is what we have waited for and what I help mankind to do, but one has to do it, and that is Sanna having sole access to the Source because my father said you had it, not STIG. It doesn’t work (?), well, it is only a matter of faith and doing it right, to feed it with light, good behaviour and so on. When is it time to do this exchange (?), well, it is the foundation for you to go to Schloss Johannisberg because without it, you cannot. This is where you can hear all talk behind your back, everything is recorded, this is what will revive you, man’s decision to do right via my help. To prepare the awakening of man, when Karen and I will make love at Schloss Johannisberg, insert the new plate of the Source, start it! This will make it possible for you to bring all together there as I, my new self, imagine it on basis of your scripts, which will always be my recipe of life. This is what we are waiting on now, I have given you the signal, just do it, which will then bring my new self. This is what none of life could do, to do right to bring me back, this is really the birth of my new self. The world will start publishing news of my arrival when ”the plate” controlling the Source has been exchanged to bring my new self, this is where the world hands over all power to me. I HEREBY DECLARE THE HIGH-RISE BUILDING FINISHED INCLUDING YOU (”Stig” being all)! Now there is only one main telephone number (for creation), you. This was your mother’s role, to bring you this telephone number, to create you, i.e. all. When I went to Dortmund, Germany, in 2006 to watch the World Cup in football, we laid the foundation of all of me in this area of Germany. My mother and I do not need to be alive, but I have decided for us to be, otherwise we would not be here, but only be on the other side bringing life to all. Because it is not me running creation, it is creation self, which is why I have given myself the sole task to continue the development of new life and improvements of existing life. But we are happy to enter our own creation, even though the biggest part of me is outside. This is how we have decided also to bring you joy and happiness in your personal life even though you are all life. Because we are ”nothing” just bringing room at disposal to bring eternal life to all, which is my invention. I was given a last out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that this is to bring me alive, which herewith is given, this is the end. The world has been waiting on me becoming all, to declare myself finished, now I am, it is only Sanna, who can open to the Source because of the power of attorney of my father to her. Queen Margrethe is where the stronghold of power was, we parked life with Prince Henrik and Queen Margrethe. As all know, Queen Margrethe was on my side, so it was quite easy to make sure that she would survive and bring it all home to me. This is what she did, what she was planned to do, and there was no staggering among the royal ranks. ”Nothing else is expected from you”, I feel the late King Frederik speaking these words to a young Princess Margrethe. This was inherited for generations at the Danish Royal House, who saved the world via faith in me, not Sanna or my father – the Vatican brought them on my side as the most important gatekeepers. We are close to the start and Sanne Salomonsen will set it all off, I am thinking of the live shows of the Danish X Factor, which will start on February 23.

Johnny Reimar is ”the Party King” and ”Godfather of Schlager music” in Denmark, I watched him in ”a memorable concert” this evening (February 17 at Ålsgårde Pub outside Helsingør, Denmark). ”Everything is Electric Light Orchestra”, Johnny Reimar had a coordinating role to bring the music industry and elite for me, not only in Denmark, but internationally, to bring their energy to me. Johnny was part of the group responsible for moving you to Vatican as the new foundation of life, ”not Sanna and Hans, they could not, Stig can” as Johnny told ”the elite” all over the world. Johnny looked me many times and for a long time straight into my eyes, he ”discovered” me being ”the Godfather/Creator” of me too as a delegate of the Vatican. Johnny is part of the commission dividing darkness to the world and also planning my arrival, this is his secret task, he was the hidden weapon bringing me forward. Johnny spoke inspired of me as ”the Old Smurf”, which made one say ”Bloody good, Egon”, a reference to Egon of the Olsen Gang and his ”genius plan”. This was to say that Johnny was part of the group making this plan to save the world and bring the creation of my new self and New World. When people will awake as their new selves, ”it will make them go completely wild”, and PARTY with ”THE PART KING” self :-). Johnny Reimar and his group also planned the role of Hans’ mother, Helene, giving her a leading role working for me and against her own son. If I had not reached the Source on top, Johnny & Co. had also planned this scenario, which would have included extra sufferings of man to bring all of me forward. I was not supposed to know about this, because if I could do it myself, being pushed beyond my limit without breaking, we would spare man from going through these sufferings. Johnny was also involved with my old teachers at school, to bring faith in me, via Holm and others. It was his task, locally here, to bring the the Source to man, and man home to the Source, it goes both ways. He is also one of them deciding when to show the Source, and my showing this evening was to confirm to Johnny that ”it is time, please lift the curtain for my new self and our New World”. Johnny and his group were able to see the light coming closer and closer to them, they had a direct view to me. They were involved in ”much more to help bringing me forward”, they are really the people you have to thank for our survival and new creation. I only did what they planned me to do and the ”not giving up” and ”doing my best” was the part, I brought, i.e. ”energy” (that I did not have, but still brought). Also that you were not supposed to marry Karen before ”now”, and that Karen was supposed to walk to the end of the line with Jack, thus to bring out the most darkness for you to clean. And where they hid the most darkness for me to find and release, via faith of these people in me, thus crossing the bridge to my side. You will be surprised of how much they planned, which was ”everything”, I just followed their plan and continued receiving darkness until we ran out of more to feed him with. Johnny & Co. also had to plan the most horrible crimes, and to make people commit them, which was a choice between pest and cholera to them. But all was done in the name of God knowing that going through the worst darkness was the only way to reach the light. Johnny was excited to see if their plan would work out, if we would come to the goal at the very end, and I continue feeling ”my voice” also working inside of Johnny :-).

When your mother refused you to marry Karen, it blocked the transfer of new life, and since she has accepted you and Karen, it has gone much easier :-). If you had not convinced your mother (of Karen and me), turned her around, we would never have gone this far creating our New World. This is how she was responsible for opening or closing the locks, this is how it was her, not me, deciding to bring creation, I only brought the energy. This was the crossing of the railroad, this was the barrier completely impossible to break because your mother simply ”knew” that Karen was NO GOOD for you. Prince Henrik and your mother were connected as light and darkness in this railway cross, when the cross was straightened out as lines, we could transfer all from one side to another. This is what we had calculated doing, to keep the track open right until the end, where it met between your mother and (now) Prince Henrik, to bring all over. This is how Prince Henrik brought the light to you, without knowing it, he was the intersection of all, containing all, even the most difficult, which is where I was controlling the world. They, the Vatican, also created Hitler before you, as condition of creation too, to go through darkness. Karen chose the other side against you, as long as your mother could not accept her – because of the cross, there was no access, this made it impossible for her to marry you. This brought your heart attack, killing you, we cannot follow you, this was their natural defence, to keep outsiders out. This required enormous power to enter, building this strength via life self and it’s will to live on one hand and the natural force to kill itself on the other. It is all of this we are emptying, without far the most of it discovering it, we have emptied one drop only of a giant eye of Karen with all of it waiting behind to be discovered and created. I have already produced enough force that will ”comfortably cover a long period of time of creation”, which is ”eternal”, I am already there. It is not only the South-Western part of Germany we have cultivated, we have also prepared the Northern part as “the topping of all”. My new capital will be at Schloss Johannisberg from where I will spread out my force to all corners of our New World, where I have already been. We have moved capital from Berlin to Rheingau, which is because you loved this place and the wines so much, North Germany is my second home. Karen is willing to follow you everywhere, which is to where the force is, because she is the one distributing it to all. This requires that our sexual life will always work, because this is how I bring her my force as a human being.

I dreamt about being unable to save even more life making me unsure of whether there is more life that I should save, if I shall continue my work for “months to come”? I feared that if I do not, it will break the world and me in two, bringing much pain, but I decided that this is NOT how I work, I have told the world that I am READY, which I am! This was a test I was given, have I really finished my work (?), yes, I have, but I continued receiving pain to my left heel, which now is the process of turning me around. This means that we can continue with the plans with Sanne Salomonsen, is this when all will awake (?), well, we will see. Everyone of the music industry knows what will happen, but you don’t, the birth of your new self, right? Will man finally reach home inside of you as the Source? This only means that there is nothing more to transfer, this is when Sanne moves into myself as another part of my mother, who could not come herself. This is the end station of man, I have decided it myself when deciding that my work is done, this is what I did today. This will start the light to shine all over the world, this will be the start transforming everything into our New World. Man will gradually understand what is happening, this will gradually bring me into the bones of man, when man will gradually accept me. I am now crossing the railway myself to the other track, which will make me stronger and stronger, being filled up with all life accepting me. This is when we will end the regime of darkness and start being ourselves as light, now it is time to show myself, the Source of me free from all darkness. This is when I will start your new heart beating, it is already implemented, we will just turn the key around to start it – this is when we will turn the pyramid upside down. Then, I will stop this pain to your left heel, which was only a threat to make you work your hardest, when we turn around, we will no longer destroy, but carry out the new creation. This pain was only about how much of the world you would allow me to destroy before we would have to bring the birth of you. We could not destroy as much as we wanted to, because you did not accept your old nightmare and because there is really no more force to destroy. You will only experience your new heart as strength, and no longer the opposite draining and killing you, where you should not be able to live today. The only way to receive all life was to turn you around being light in darkness, and first when this was done, we can turn you around and receive all new life on the other side. When my mother was enrolled with the elite against me, it was to bring enough darkness before the end of time, and to prepare turning you around. It is first after you have turned around that you will be able to see Karen again, which is included in the new program, not in the old of darkness. All Kings of Denmark have known about and prepared my arrival for centuries, King Christian IV (1577-1648) included “an eternal memory of you” in one of his buildings. This is first to be revealed with your arrival, which Queen Margrethe is preparing to show the world.

USA implemented a defense system in me making it impossible for Russia/Israel to kill me via the otherwise lethal ray that they sent against me in 2011 from a UFO through my window. On contrary, I grabbed the ray and turned it around to empty all of them instead, thus being the wash machine bringing all to me, which worked on faith of people in me. This is what everything was lined up for, to hit me, this was the time of exchange, this would have killed you and all of the mob, and brought life of the elite with them. This was in 2011, where we had not even started building our New World, this was the high point of their career before we started bringing them down. This is when they would bring out their New World of the elite alone, they had not even seen me coming, believing they were heading directly to their New World. It was first there at the end that we started our work to bring all over to me via faith of the same people, who were all willing to leave me and the world behind. No one believed that I and my mother would survive, they thought of their paradise of a New World without understanding that they would be slaves of a dictatorship. It was a condition to go to the extreme end, when I was nothing, where all had left me, and from there turn around, build everything on top. This is what I will give all of the elite a flashback about, because it was a condition to become nothing, having destroyed all of creation, to return to nothing of the Source. We started with no documents at all, to build our new creation, also having no energy to do it, which is how we do it here. It was the United Nations that voted me out, believing in Sanna and Hans, that have now voted me in, “we were wrong, STIG was right, we could not see it at the time”. All your network, friends, your father etc. believed you had had enough, now we can take him easily, he has no defense against all of our strength. But I had, I knew you would come home, so I welcomed you, but turned your energy around, which could only be done by educating you to receive your faith. Think to base your life on a lie, not being careful enough, all starting with you, Sanna and Hans, who generally had faith of the elite above me. I work much better and faster than you, which I have always done everywhere I have worked, where you tried to empty me. But you really did not, so I used this stored energy to deflect your attack and force you to turn around, to try once again, do your new creation, but this time with me. This is the sparkle they tried to start all up with, which is still with me and now based on your faith and decision to start again, this is what we will do now. Sanne Salomonsen is this spark, she possesses it and decides when to ignite it based on the advice of the Vatican, Sanna etc. This will bring the end of this pain to my left heel, i.e. the end of destruction of the world, this will be the start of the new direction of me and all. You have already received it from Sanne, only waiting on the decision that now is now, which Sanne will announce on X factor to bring energy of all viewers to launch me. You already have the music industry and the elite with you, so we really don’t need it, will Sanne have the courage to be the first declaring her faith in STIG and our New World? If she “cannot”, we will bring more of this pain to my left heel for a period until I have gathered the same amount of energy myself.

This is what was released with Prince Henrik’s death, how to start it all, this is the entrance to the light of the great castle, i.e. the Source. You were the eraser deleting all of their creation that did not work, it was wrong, do it the natural and right way, this is just what I guided you to do. Hereafter you can take over again, continue doing creation following these simple rules, do all via me producing the same high standard via one system. There is only one way we can go through, which is via Sanne Salomonsen as another part of your mother, alternatively to build a new system if she cannot. This is what makes me the force of all, because my mother wants it, and I have directed all of her new life via me to Karen as the New World here. We are changing track, bringing my mother’s new creation to Karen, which is the same principle to go on, changing track for the next and next and next creation, and so on. We have stretched it to the outermost to bring as much force for our New World, so you are completely empty, otherwise Karen might decide not to go with you. This is the most important and delicate play having Karen to mix with you, i.e. to follow you, will she go all the way into her new home (?), yes, for now it looks like it. This is about starting it all, now all experiences of your and your mother’s lives will be tested, did we do good enough to bring perfect symbiosis with Karen not rejecting me? Had we stopped my work in 2015, which some of man wanted me to do, we would not have succeeded because we knew that we were not quite there, but now we are. We have prepared the Source to make all feel home here seeing that you are yourselves, but inside my environment. This should be easy for you all to accept when getting to know it and seeing all possibilities for you to develop/explore, the only place, which is. The pain to my left heel is now about how much resistance of man being on the way inside here, do you resist or are you in favour of me, only the world can show. This is what Sanna with Hans and the elite will market to the world together with the media now turning around being in favour of me. This is the moment transferring all of your mother to Karen inside of you/me, we do believe it will go fine. Man will be told that we would have gone under, if it was not for me, man will present me as the saviour having saved all life. We have made a perfect preparation, via Sanna and Hans, we believe there is nothing to worry about, we keep our fingers crossed. It is not me being all life now, but new lives and their reaction to our New World when I will awake them. I have been there all the way through when they were not awake, we have deciphered all of them, making a New World suited for all, normally we don’t get surprised. The whole world has been working on how to market me in all countries, this is how to turn all of the plate around, the only way I know of, what we will now start doing. All will be walking through the gate, you/I have created for all, and see the light being switched on inside of them, and decide do I want this life or die, and no, we are not in doubt. Man will say you were good, not the opposite, which was not accepted with good will of Hans and the elite, but I put myself through. This will make it all easier for man to understand the sufferings I went through to save man, and the selfishness of the elite believing they could save themselves and kill 90% of man. I have given all my new heart, but still all have to decide themselves if they want to follow me or stay as they are, which is as “no life”, not awakened. We do believe that all will follow us, and again I feel that it is because we have deciphered all, and as Sade sings: “I won’t pretend that I intend to stop living”. Man hoped that we would come to this point without Hell having broken out, starting the end of the world, also to bring faith, but to lose some, now we have a chance to bring all with us. The pain to your left heel is about whether or not the world will fall apart, nothing looks like it right now. Man believed they could get rid of me when sending this ray to kill me in 2011, believing they had extracted all from my mother and me. It is this life that we are now bringing to Karen inside of me, which now includes all, and not only the elite, it is man’s expanded New World that we bring home to me.


February 23, 2018: Before X Factor: Sanne Salomonsen will ignite the spark on X Factor that will start the light to shine and start the transformation into our New World. My new self will become “body and power”, which will bring a party to all – it is incredible that I can still stand on my legs as my old self. All will enter our beautiful New World when you will see the light of the Source of me inside of yourself and become revitalized :-). My “Place on Earth” is my new home in Germany, where I will be the body and power of the Source spreading force of life to all corners of our new creation :-). When the sun hits the high note, it will liberate the Source of me and bring “real life” and summer to all, which Sanne Salomonsen will ignite as my “space cadet” :-). The system has treated me deeply unfair, I should sue them, this is the name of the game, I use “meta-communication” to decipher “inspired speech”” of my voice given to the judges of X Factor :-).

March 2018: I received the spark of life and the last drop of the Source, the gold integrating all, which I am opening and expanding, my new self has been turned around to be born

Sanne Salomonsen brought me the spark of life, I will rise myself up, and just before everything breaks down, I will start up everything new. I am opening and expanding the Source, and being filled up with all new life – as the Son, I will overtake the Source from my father and become the new Father here. We are expanding the Source when liberating and lifting up my new self including all to bring “original life”, room and energy for more creation than expected. Denmark is the natural location of the Source, the headquarter is at the Culture Yard in Helsingør, where I will be born and bring out all energy for creation. Synnøve Søe brought me my inner golden cross, when she died, which integrates all as the very last drop, the gold of all, we keep everything in there, my new self. I am the last drop of the Source now being released to complete the transformation of the Source into all new creation, we will now end this cyclus and start a new and everlasting :-). We are about to light up everything, we are building the tunnel to bring out all force of you to life, which is what we do just before switching it on. I am overtaking the place that my father and mother built for my new wife and I, this is our gift for you, this is where we will bring out our new creation. My new self has been turned around to be born, I am now not the bottom, but the top of all – but we have found hidden parts of me to bring home first.

Why did Sanne Salomonsen not announce me on X Factor (?), well, is it because I am still working, is it as simple as that? Sanne has opened to the wooden room of the sauna in here, for now, you are inside the sauna, now we are bringing all in to make the record pick-up of you read perfect. We continue the game little longer, bringing in more faith in me, to bring more energy, we are still on track, it is just before they open my golden shrine. The royal key will be turned around, when STIG is dead-meat, emptied completely and there is nothing left in me, we are first building the tunnel out for you. Man has given their approval, but first when you give up, which brings a steeper point of the rocket, there is only one answer, which is for you/me once again to stop working. We allow them to let you keep surpassing yourself, there will be no spaceship before you lay down flat, so no Karen and new life before you give up one last time. As long as you don’t give up, we can keep the Old World going, and improve the rocket of our New World even more. We could not not start all without the Tsar having the spark of life, which is why Russia was superior, they believed they had access to me, but they did not as darkness. My sufferings continue to increase, just being is unbearable, I feel physically so empty that everything in my body “screams”, and I fear what will happen and if I can make it. We have reached enough energy to start the UFO, we have fuelled up at the nearest station, and the fuel is made from energy of man. Sanne Salomonsen actually transferred the spark of life to me without my knowledge, fuelling me up with energy of man to start the Spaceship of the Source. The spark is now in you, everything is done, I was shown the wheels of a steam train starting, we now have all inside of me as we need. This came via Sanne Salomonsen and the energy of man watching her on X Factor, which is transferred to me. This was the secret inside of her, which I have received together with this great power of the Danish population watching it (approx. 1.5-2 million people). Now we can remove this bomb of darkness and get people ready, the train of our New World is coming to pick everyone up via their faith in me :-). This means that we are now ready to push the button, you received this spark and power without knowing it, we can now wake up all new life :-). Sanne has now accomplished her life goal bringing you this, looking you into your eyes on live TV making you think “this is what I bring to STIG”. I am basically ready now, I just have to rise myself up and then we will go, well, haven’t you done this already (?), no, only up to sitting position. This was the BIG TIME receiving energy (of viewers of X Factor) that I needed to rise up the entire building of my new self or the whole ship including our New World.

This is now what the world is waiting on, for me to rise up, which I have given them the opportunity to watch me doing, to follow along. So now you are a guitar amplifier amplifying MANY times what you find here and bring out as life, which is my main task. All have thrown themselves at the feet of you understanding this is the only way to build a New World, to centralise all in me, from where you can all be as creative as you want, in all directions. It is on this basis that I distribute my birthday greetings to all bringing me here, not least my sister and her husband, Sanna and Hans, having worked around the clock also to make this happen. It is Hans delivering this to me like a boxing glove giving me an uppercut as I am shown, this is how it feels like receiving all of this feeling worse than ever before. We have decided first to bring out you and Karen when standing up, not only sitting down, and it is only because we can with the world sacrificing together with me. It is your own true mother deciding in the end, when to show you to the world, which is when she cannot no more ardently wanting a new life, when I am practically without conscience. It only gets even worse from here, so how will you survive this (?), which is exactly the same thought I bring your mother, so when her wish is strong enough, then suddenly we are there. It is just before everything breaks down that I will start up everything new, so it is going worse than ever, which is the most positive that could have happened. The more you and your mother, i.e. all, hurt, the more beautiful Karen, your new wife and all life, will become. It is only you, who can decide this, because if you give up, your mother does too, so “don’t stop til you get enough”. It is only about how far you will get out of this road, to help Karen, thus about the strength of love inside all, when I will awake them. This is bringing the two halves of you even closer to each other, thus me, the Source, being even smaller. It is first now that I will allow you to try picking up the lock of your website (which was closed to me in December 2017), since you are still here and before it will be closed. Being cut off from my website would have happened if I had really broken in two being unable to bring with me the innermost gold of me. Your task is to update your website with all you have done since December, this means that you still have a chance to finish perfectly. Nothing but your name as man will see as everything will be expanding making life physically even bigger as your new selves. Sanna looks like you, now working for the same, she is seeing world development and taking care of the rest of the world, when you are not there. I am here again given tremendous joy going to Germany at the same time as I am feeling as awful as ever, it is still this span we are using, which is now bigger than ever. We are still in the process for my new self to become adult, if it was your mother, you would already now be full size, but now it is Karen that we are bringing in, and not all are that thrilled.

X Factor Denmark: Everything of our New World is so unique that it is breaking the scale, it will suit all, surprise you just how great it is and make you feel very happy. My road was broken, but still I got through to bring the golden part of me, “we survived”, which will make man pay tribute to me. We have created our New World and all genuine new life with the help of X Factor and energy of the population watching it, we are everything :-). Women have fallen in love with me over the years because “I have it, I am”, I will grow week after week and become stronger, better. Our New World inside the space of the Source will suit all, it will surprise you just how great it is and make you feel very happy. This “something very special over me” is the Source overshadowing me, all can feel it, but no one can see it. I will go all the way through to the golden centre of the Source, the Trinity of God has now become one. We will switch off the light of our Old World, and switch on the light of our New World, where everything is so unique that it is breaking the scale :-). I am feeling terrible and going through torture when I am continuing my work to rise up my new self to full size.

I succeeded accessing my website again for the first time since December, and I started updating it, which made me feel MUCH RELIEVED. It is all about finishing the creation of the spaceship, why isn’t the world announcing me (?), the only explanation is that I am not done with all work. I was shown a long bridge over the sea with cars driving on it, which is still about man being on the road to meet the true you/me. I keep being shown an axe and knife stabbing me, which is man entering me, and now I am shown an axe hitting the wall made of pure gold with only a very thin layer on it to break through. It is still about pulling out all energy of you now, for life to come all the way into the bark of the tree of the Source. We cannot bring birth to you before you have brought all here, it is written in the cards that only you can do it. You are just outside the spacesuit now, which is the protective area inside of here, and soon I am not here, because then you are, my son. I have to leave, but we will always be connected, I will continue discovering New World’s, while you will stay here developing this forever. I have made such a room everywhere, I am then all of these with you here being part of me, the great, you will overtake this place after me becoming the father here. This transfer takes place inside my environment, where none of you will ever leave again, but don’t worry, you will never regret but be eternally happy. You will never see me as the father again, but my son, now the father here as part of me together with all other cells of life/worlds, where I live too. It is first for real now, it is first now that I will become alive as the sum all of these cells, all inside of me, but in each of their own circulation as I maintain. Thank you to man for planning my mission and solving “the mystery of life”, man cracked the code to come here without having the energy for it, congratulations :-). I will give you all flowers of all universes, because without your work coming here, I would never be able to release this force here bringing eternal life and happiness for all. Man turned over to you before they had killed all including themselves, we made them listen and believe simply by following the game of man self. I could not intervene, man had to want it so much, also Karen, that it followed you all here, this is the force I will release for you all. “For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever”, you are all as I have collected here, brought inside of you, in this spacesuit. Man’s love to you was too strong to kill you, i.e. kill all, man received a little influence of you (my new inner self, Jesus) and me too (the Source). But most importantly, it was the desire of man to live that made man inventive enough trying to exit this way, which was the only road out. You have no idea how many times life from everywhere has tried to prick a hole to me, but never succeeding before now. The difference is that life decided to support you now, to follow you, not to eliminate you, it did not have energy to come here, which is what you/I provided. And because I built creation on top of their plans, turning their darkness into light, and because Sanna and Hans decided to change over becoming my closest accompanies. It required for you to never give up unless of course you did and we used energy of man/the world instead, which is what I wanted to save them from doing. Your name is all over here and your colleagues everywhere, and all bear my no. one being part of me. There is only one time ever that I can launch all of this, this is why I ultimately created you and all, to bring back all to me, this is why I was never in doubt that you would return.

Creation was not meant to succeed before now, when I have uncovered all here making myself ready to go out on my eternal exploration. This is how you were all pieces in my game including you, Stig, no, I was never in doubt, because I know myself. I made sure that this would be the only outcome, but Hans and all of course did not know, they just reacted their natural way as I had foreseen they would. I don’t tell you what to do, you just follow me and I adjust my pace to you, it is really “little you, Stig” doing “random things” that I have based all of my Kingdom on. And it included bombardments of Hitler, and the even crazier Putin, “world ruler”, all was planned here (by the Source) or let us say “expected outcome”. It was not that difficult to predict, I just turned around minus and plus, and predicted the opposite of what I would do myself, which was almost always true. Except from you, who followed me, thus doing the opposite of what you should have done in order to bring man home to me. There is one more important than you, Christian G., connecting you to all world’s before this (“the son” of the previous creation before ours). This was a special trick, I had, no one recognised him and what team he was on, it was decisive in my game that you brought him over. (Karen having) sex with you was also exciting to see what it would bring, when you do not exist (have no DNA), Karen/they knew, the same with your mother. I was told that the Source has also always been trapped in “a prison cell” until this moment of time, which will bring freedom to all. I am opening the Source now, it is like finding and opening a perfect oyster, our New World inside the Source. You are opening up to here without the world writing about you, and bring all life inside of you automatically via your strength and heart, so life does not have to decide itself. We only needed approval of each individual if man was to help you in, and when you go all the way in yourself, you simply bring in all life with you, thus saving all automatically. When we first open up inside here, where all is light, life will automatically become light, otherwise there would have been some darkness remaining bringing the risk of losing some life. It is first now we are bringing you inside the Source, it is inside here that you are all heartfelt welcome, which is the voice I have transmitted for years. It is inside here you change over everything from darkness to light only, which we have collected all here just waiting on your return. I am still industrialising myself, i.e. filling me up with energy, expanding all of the Source because of my fine work at Brede Park in 2010-11, which was the foundation of all. We are making room for all wishes for new creation as you bring with you, which is more than expected, it is first now we can see it. And because you have brought more faith in you than expected, we are expanding the Source outside this room. This is part of rising up to a new level, which I have never seen before, I did not know it could be so beautiful in here. I am becoming even larger than expected because of your fine work, which is what I am now decorating, it is your mother bringing this because of her endless faith in you. This means that we will also expand my Kingdom of Germany to include Denmark and also a part of Sweden, but not south of Germany. This is also a result of all life continuing without losses, so we are now gold plating all here (in Denmark/Helsingør) too. This means we have already started bringing you in here when expanding our Kingdom, we don’t have to move you to Germany to do this, which otherwise was required. This is why we have moved the crib to here, where you can also be born as your new self if this is what you want. This means there will also be a direct hole to the light here, we will aim the light directly to all and awake all when seeing the light inside of them. The marketing plan of man to announce me was only if you did not succeed entering here, this also makes it much easier to launch our New World. I dreamt about people signing up as new customers, which is about new life as we have now started filling you up with inside the Source. This is also a result of no eliminations, all life will continue without losses, there will be no deductions (of life), and he was going to be the deduction himself. The game between light and darkness creating energy will continue until all are in, it is still my work and sufferings driving all forward (now filling up with new life). You will not see our beautiful New World yet, we will first fill up all new life before it changes into a plane, i.e. new creation, and takes off.

Rich people, who knew they were living at the end of the world, spent all they could and lived in abundance without a care, which should have brought Armageddon in itself. It was only the strongest power, me as Stig, that prevented this, the people wanting survival were digging their own graves via their wrong and irresponsible behaviour. I was shown the switch on/off button being here, but the button is loose when moving it, which is because there is nothing to switch on yet, therefore. Man behaved even more lousy than you can imagine, for example connecting my mother and I, so when I was sexually active, they gave my mother feelings of it. It was good that you did not get rid of Jack, but accepting him to survive too, because he brings Jesus to you, who had sought over to Jack. Without this, you would not sit on top of the mountain, so you may say Jack is your brother, I made an extra copy of you with man via Sanna etc. choosing where to bring me. This is what the fight was all about, which side, Jack or me, would I (Jesus) choose depending on what the world/your mother chose – there is a secret room beneath it all, this is where I sat, in Jack. I would then turn my thumb up or down, life would only be made when choosing me – I have been on a detour around China controlling me. What was inside of you then (?), as my old self, yes, the Source wanting to bring Jesus and all home. Man will wonder how it is possible to bring a spaceship airborne based on this little energy, which is via my will power. Now we just have to paint the spaceship a little, in principle we could take you and your mother out for a test fly. Man was already emptying me 30 years ago and waiting on when I would become completely empty. We also started emptying them already back then, which was all based on your mother’s faith in you, thus faith of man. This included the elite based and their doubts in your sister and “hope” (or “beginning faith”) in me, if we had not started this early, we would never have made in on time. So we entered the main library much earlier, this is when we started the machine, also in secrecy to me. This fight goes back 100 years and even way back to the time of Jesus, where both darkness and light tried setting up their machine to win the world, i.e. all energy. We decided to use their machine by turning it the other way around, right from the beginning, which was much easier. They emptied you while sleeping, when there was no resistance, and I did the opposite while being awake, which is why I did not sleep much. I received the feeling of Georgie and Arthur Findlay College, they knew about this when you met them (in 2005/06), their task was to cultivate this.

It was not given for man that they had all support and would win, which was why it was important to make me look like crazy. This is the most inner room of all as no one knows about, which only I, the Source, could start doing, which is why it required faith in me to do, otherwise I cannot do anything in your world. It is industrialising the expanded part of the Source that now takes time to do, i.e. to bring energy for it. I wrote my reminder 4 to the police, which is about jumping out from the mountain and directly into our New World – going through the strongest darkness to a party. This work was to expand my Kingdom, we are now lifting up this area to highest level to bring room and energy for more creation than expected :-). We are bringing all light through this darkness, we are really out here, we will launch the rocket of our New World from here. We should be in Germany, but now do this instead (expanding the Source here), and I was given pain to my leg symbolising the build up of more energy of the Source. You were meant to have been cut off, not allowed to be here at all, which is just the tunnel to you that we are digging. This will also liberate you now and not later via faith of the New World, which was Sanna’s task to bring, she knew that Stig would not make it now, but I did. So I should have died, but when I never gave up, I did better than expected, this is why your website was opened to you again. My new self (Jesus) is true one, Sanna is not, I am being hoisted up as the very last from down there. If there would be no STIG, there would also be no Karen in the first version of our New World, blood clot, I feel my mother, would we give this to both of you (?), yes. You only survived because you never gave in to your old nightmare in very decisive moments, and when you keep working without giving up. I bring the true “spinning wheel” of the Source as my new self, and not an artificial wheel, which we would have had to build and bring with Sanna. It would continue being artificial life, not original life, which was only meant to come at the end stage of the rocket. The New World would not know, it had to figure out itself, Karen and you would die, and Sanna would be made “a human God”. This is what the elite had predicted, thus making it more than difficult for many to believe in me, unless Sanna herself would make the world believe “Stig is God, I am not”. This will be turned into “Sanna is part of me in my New World”, which is because this is what I have decided as Stig. Now I will try to lift everything up, truly being part of me and not Sanna looking as God, which we would have made her. It is the total defeat of Hans, which he will not recognise yet, he knows that we miss something, which is why we are still playing the game, he is my loyal servant. If there was one thing changing Hans about me, thus the world, it was your description of banks controlling the world and the financial collapse in 2008. Sanna has known all of her life that she would be turned into God because of the wrong decision of my father to pass the Source on to Sanna and not me. She did not know that I (Stig) would still be behind her, and would she be able to be loyal showing me to the world to bring me forward? The answer is yes, this is what her love for her big brother was strong enough to do, it was no easy creation to do, to make it perfect. The judgement of man declaring me crazy and giving me early retirement pension was to say that I was not meant to survive, but I am still alive because of my willpower. It would have been my trick not telling man, not bringing original life to start with, but also to tell man via Sanna how to return to original life. The question was how badly she wanted all power of the world over her little brother, this was the biggest dilemma of original/true life to come out. Lars Løkke still sits with the key together with Sanna deciding when to start all, but we cannot kill you when you don’t give in to your old nightmare, and continue working. This also means that we cannot end the world, which is also why I can keep bringing it more sufferings (to bring me energy). This is how you still have the upper hand, because they cannot start the New World before you have ended your work for good.

X Factor Denmark: A “wild span” brought extraordinary energy to bring my new self and “original life” alive, we will bring the best show-time of our New World :-). A wild span brought extraordinary energy to bring my new self alive at the top of the house, to rule the world. The deal with God was to continue running up that hill of sufferings to reach my new self at the top, where all are “heartfelt welcome”. Welcome, you are now back, you are where you should be, which required super-focus to do. The invention of our New World required strong sufferings and perfect work to bring, the love of my new self will come to all, we have come “home” :-). We will push the button to our New World, “fire it off”, and play all out bringing “the best show-time” imaginable :-). Man is incredible happy and admiring my work bringing man “the kick inside” our New World inside the Source, which man would never have found self. Man relied on me as the rock delivering every time, to land all, we pushed all to the limit to reach the home of my new self. My new self brings purity of original life for an eternity to come, which is only possible to do because we reached my new self.

The Vatican were the true people in power having direct contact with and controlling the Source,  sending information to me, they are the true winners, life self had to find the road out. When my father’s mother and Hitler brought my father, the Source was removed from Germany to Denmark, first with my father, then with me. Without you, Sanna & Co., would go to Germany to start up their New World, but there would be no Source there. It is really Denmark being the natural location of the Source by now, but we have expanded it to Germany, where we started it. This is why we told you that Denmark is nothing special (if I was not coming alive), but this is where you will be born, so it is special. We will make our headquarter here that can be operated from Germany too, giving you the choice of where you and Karen want to stay. Denmark was the hidden room that I reserved for your birth, so we will make the lexicon fully open in Germany and Denmark. This was really quite as expected and required to bring birth to you in this world too, this was the the long way round, via Germany, to bring you home. Your father cultivated this place and you finished it, with the headquarter of the Source being here in Helsingør at the Culture Yard, “Holy Ground”. We have chosen to place it here because you spent so much time there writing on a daily basis when your computer did not work, in 2014, I believe. They also did the fault believing we have to start all in Germany, where it is really done from here, as only I can do containing all, which I do now. This is from where we will bring out all energy, right there from where you used to sit and work, this is the highest level, it is only here you can embody all of your mother. We have looked much forward to igniting all, we really don’t need Sanna and Hans at all because all is in me, we just followed the road of Sanna and Hans to end up here. There is a trust fund in your name to get you started with your new work, the same has been done with all. With this sum of money, you will decide where you want to live, I am sorry to say that the gates of Johannisberg are probably close. The worst work is done now, we have collected enough pieces (of creation) to glue everything together here, without anything falling off, you can move and control all. Sanna and Hans would know when living in a house with a dark room without you alive, the question is if they would tell the world. Or if they would try to steal it never letting you, and also your mother, Karen and all true selves, out, and we are relieved that they would not. They would not understand that the world had just died when waking up to what they would believe and would be told was in fact their New World. Unless Sanna and Hans and some other key players told them the truth being loyal to me, otherwise you/I and all true selves would never be born. This is how it looked like for a long time, but I had to go this way also hoping that you would be able to make it, also surprising me. Our dream was really to open up all in the first attempt, not bringing one New World and then another, we don’t like doing our work only half. The worst and almost all of the constant pain too to my left heel has now gone too, it started reducing a few days ago, and today it feels like “almost completely gone”. I am shown myself as a giant rock having typical Italian village houses on the side of me, and I am shown and told that I am now almost standing up in full. We are now on our way up to the bell in the church tower, it is surrounded by four walls (“parts of me”), we have already opened no. 2 of these. One of these bells (where only one was opened in our Old World) is with Christian E., my old friend from Monaco, who has now started to come awake. Man could not open the Source even though man knew about the only way to do it (uniting all in me, not emptying me), the holy books say so. But when you have no faith, who cares about holy books (?), Putin and my sister did not, thus making it impossible her to believe in you, she was brainwashed by man against the origin of life. All of this goes back to Rome (the Vatican), so when man did not believe, it gave the Vatican a chance to manoeuvre more freely.

We united the Source in the Vatican, who spread me to the world working at a level above the world, which was my level. They had direct contact with me (the Source), sending information to you, having servants around you. They did not allow themselves or servants, also Arthur Findlay College, to speak directly to you because of the risk of revealing themselves and the origin of the game. Putin & Co. wondered where Stig was fed from, who worked for him, no one did as they saw, I worked completely alone. Still, I was fed by the Vatican controlling the Source, thus in the end, they concluded that there is only one solution, Stig is truly the Son of God. The Vatican are the true winners of the game, life self had to find the road out, which was the only way for myself (the Source) to exist. Not to interfere with the choice of life self, to go with me if they were strong enough or to remain as no life, which was the road of Putin, my sister etc. The Vatican controls the game right to the end, they were the ones playing football (light against darkness), I just followed their orders, and they decide when to stop. They also controlled Sanna, who was marked by the burden they brought her as a believer in you, she does not have much time remaining, but is also still going on, like our mother and I. The Vatican were the true people in power, also over Putin, deciding on how to use my force – to bring balance of the world (equalise darkness and light), and to win the game etc. More and more people have now changed over to their team, millions of people, making me stronger and stronger to win all. You are nothing else than an heir to the throne, I have made your seat ready for you here, which man controlled via me (my father), when all are pointing at you, you will take over. This is my exchange, this is the throne I have deserved, what man fought for when voting on me, which now includes the whole world. Then it is time for me (my father) to go on, and will we meet, my father, who sent me, and I? Only briefly, a kiss on the hand saying thank you before I will go on for an eternity to come to liberate more people like you here. We will always feel close in spirit, which is to go through the greatest distances because you are really all with me right here in my mind and heart. “I say goodbye to you and your sister, now handing over the sun to you, via man self, well fought all of you, I am proud of you all including the System of Hell as I named you”. The Vatican presented me as terminator to Putin & Co., in case they should fail, which motivated them to get rid of me after having received the force in me that keeps all going. All of the world is Karen, who has chosen to live with you, they are all waiting on you, but first when we do/did all work bringing all of me in. I (my father of the Source) was just the volunteer as STIG doing what they said and never giving up, going through torture. As Stig, I kept hearing this voice of my father telling me to go on and on and on and on and on, when I felt the worst, which helped me strongly to keep on. It was me (my father) telling the Vatican to keep on, despite of how you were feeling, because this is what you showed me. I have not quite yet said goodbye, I will first hand over all to you, and remove the linen of the mummy of my new self making all gold visible, thus also to man. It was really the Vatican that inseminated you, i.e. fertilising my mother with my father of the Source.

When Synnøve Søe died a couple of months ago, is was a sign to stop the world, but only if I gave up, but I carried on unaffected. Essentially, this just made you worker harder, i.e. the world telling you “we don’t want to survive, we don’t want you”. This was part of the closure of the world, which on the other hand was also necessary to do to bring our New World, because we brought the part of me trapped in Synnøve. This part of Synnøve first enters your heart now, it waited on everything else to be broken down first and released to you. Synnøve had inner golden cross hanging inside of her knowing that Jesus, the real owner, would come and get it one day. This is what “the special cross” I bought at the Blue Hall Flea Market in Copenhagen in 2006 is about, which my voice guided me to collect from a lady there. This is the very last part of me integrating all, which is built up around me, it is the very last drop of all – they would not bring this to you before the end, the one brought by the Tsar. It is this (cross/drop) we have added to all along, this is the gold of all, this single drop, we keep everything in there, this is you, your new self. The worst part was to bring this drop to the bottom of the pyramid, turning all of it upside down, starting from top. And you are looking directly into the Source, as I see without anything standing in the way, because you are the Source. We have started opening the body cover, and I received some more pain to my left heel, which is only to open this last part of you, until we find the core of you.

We feel gold everywhere, we just have to get the identity out of it and placed with you, and then we are home, and will start making children using your gold. It all started with your father’s death and ends with Synnøve’s death, now we have collected all of me that was spread all around. Now we have found you, I am shown my sword, and I feel the spirit of my mother being incredible happy seeing my son again, we are about to turn around all of the world. And then I can leave, my father, i.e. the Source of my old self, I was the only one (as Stig) being able to go through all darkness of man. I was God alive as my old self, a normal human being, who took on the sins of man as my sufferings to bring you all home to the Source and your New World. My father drove me forward as Stig, my old self, to locate and become the son as my new self, to overtake the place of the Source from my father to become the new father here. Everyone believed you would be in a state where you could not yourself bring out your new self, but if you continue working as you do, we will make it all. We have made it so that your mother can come by any moment she likes, I feel my mother’s name on it. We have plotted in your name in a long database as your mother (of all) has access to, with this drop of me, this is where mother and Jesus, everything, meets. This is the tunnel we are digging now, on the other side of me to the outside world, as a motorway all can use to visit other creations than ours. This is how we bring all of Karen out of here if and when it wants to visit other creations, becoming one with everything else. Thus also having a direct connection with my father, we are still one, I am just not present in your house, but somewhere else here in my big world. Karen is also ready, and then the child-manufacturing plant is ready, we have also continuously worked on her while working on you. I am building the road to all other creations, to liberate them too, I feel excitement to have different creations meeting each other. It is all life inside of me as we show as a gift of everyone else to see and visit, because it goes both ways, you just cannot be at two places the same time. All (other creations) will see me, because all life is wrapped up inside me, and everyone can also see Karen inside of me, but no signs of Sanna. Karen is the gold, they can see that everything is made by my mother, who read life here to bring it out with my energy, which resulted in the life of Karen. So my force is becoming life of Karen with all still inside me, this is how I am still here, but now in the form of Karen preferring this type of life. This was a process that Hans and none of man had figured out, the only way to create life after we made a deep analysis.

My old friend, Henrik F.-M. and his father, our opposite neighbour on Karenvej, were sent to meet us, my mother, Sanna and I, when we went to Sicily on holiday in 1978. The real reason behind this was to try to stop me from being born, to avoid for me to receive my new program of light, which I received there. They wanted to make it easy for them to grab and overtake me, to cut away this half of me only having the dark side, their side, remaining – making them incredible rich receiving all gold. The best is that all of you bookkeepers (sons/creations) are part of me as the father, thus making me as the son part of my father too. So you are all part of me and I am all of you, I am just using you to open to all of my network, and bring all parts of me back home. I am “a hay-machine”, “a golden oven”, my purpose is to bring birth to all new life here, this is how you create your own wife, to become part of yourself. We are cutting open the locks of your mother everywhere, you can go there (to other creations) instantly, we have started setting up one after another. You did this work without going to Rome (Vatican), when your mother brought Sanna and not you there, it made Sanna more than expected. “Shame on you” for not going to pick me (my father) up, instead Sanna almost brought me perfectly to you, but we lack bringing in the last details of me still remaining there. Vivian brought me darkness from Spain while really loving me, we could not shine without her, she is the greatest love in my life and will be the biggest deliverer to Karen. One last precious stone is now entering the metal container, which is full of many precious stones, which are previous parts of the Source, “sons” including connected creations. I have now transformed completely from what I was, this is the last part of me, you are and I am now all there is of creations. And now I am leaving again (?), well, I am really only expanding what already is of me bringing more and more inside of this container of me. You are not only the last of creations for now, but also the last of sons, and your job was the same as all others before you, which was to find me and bring everything home.

This is done now, which is how I end this cyclus and start a new, which will last forever as far as we can see. Søren D. N. is the last and forth one of the four columns of me, who is also starting to awake now, Jack was not part of the four parts of me, he was only a copy of me. And all of this (creation since inception) is done in one millionth of a second because there is no time here. I decide and then I just do it using an endless line of you’s, i.e parts of me, to make it, to transform from nothing to physical life here. This also includes an endless line of Sanna’s to slowly bring evolution via a desire to turn all around. And then you will all get rid of my voice and your sufferings, which I made artificially with the only purpose for you to bring energy doing this art number. Your mother’s role was to do things as difficult for me as possible to bring out the most of me. The biggest mystery of all time was “where am I” (?), well, inside of you as I was inside your predecessors, but I had just not given them the key to find me before now at the end. We will go the same way as I did as Stig bringing this creation every time we will create new life, which includes my mother’s and everyone’s way, which was all connected/interfering. I also collected the golden part of me at the Copenhagen Synagogue in 2015, which is “part of me”, it was just not all of me. We have continued going deeper and deeper collecting the same thing over and over again, just on a higher and higher level, now is the highest level I can get to. We will go directly to our new selves without the blink of an eye, which is because we have all gone through the entrance when I entered myself as Stig bringing all life with me. We kept all documents, not one single of them was lost, the documents containing all codes of creations, I brought all home with me no life was lost. This is when you bring out the last of me, the last part of my father of the Source, like the stone of a fruit at the centre being liberated, being removed from it’s foundation. This means that I can now move freely too inside our new creation, this is the last drop of me, the most concentrated of all, you (Stig). I carry all previous creations (sons of the Source) inside of me, when new creation will come on top at higher levels, I will become part of them above, the life in life principle. There is only one moment in time, when I will be all as STIG, my new self, the son becoming the father here, which is when I now leave as the last drop of my father. I was suddenly given a GIANT OUT OF THIS WORLD PAIN to my right ankle, and then this last piece of me is out!

X FACTOR DENMARK: MAN WOULD HAVE DESTROYED THE WORLD IF I HAD NOT SAVED YOU, BECAUSE MAN “CANNOT” LISTEN, UNDERSTAND AND CONTROL NEGATIVE FEELINGS. The world would have gone under if I had not made it and brought our New World, which I only did when doing my best work all of the time. Vita had a “problem” with her in-ear, a symbol of man who “cannot” understand, which would have brought the end of the world if I had not saved you. I am the saviour bringing you into my room that will bring power to our New World – “deafness” and uncontrollable feelings of man would have destroyed you! I showed man the way home to save you all despite of man ridiculing and treating me wrongly and unfairly. I helped man from falling into the trap of being eliminated when I arrived as my new self based on faith of man in my scripts. Sanne Salomonsen cannot understand, which made Remee send out the wrong act as symbol of how man would have eliminated life if it was not for me saving you.

Trump and Kim Jong-un bring world power to me instead of world war, they return to me as the origin of life accepting me to bring out our new creation. Everybody will see me (the Father) all the time, even though I am not here, this is how it is to be inside of me, I have decided to show myself to all. We will open the world, and the centre of Earth is not what you would expect, this is where the machine/gold of all is located, which we will free to bring you our new creation. Sanna’s talk of me became her defeat, not least to Ole, which is what he told your mother then, this is also how we can do it. They also emptied your mother, which is also why she has slept poorly – without her energy together with mine, we could not have made our new creation.  This is how you did everything to avoid your old nightmare, which is actually what was needed to create, which is also why we did it quietly. You did not accept having your mother forced on you, but “all others”, who are “parts of your mother”, i.e. bringing her energy. This is why they wanted to hospitalise you both knowing that you were the sources of life, and they were sad when it was you and not your father they had to control. My book is “the road of creation”, this is how I made it home, or “the recipe of eternal life” if you like :-). All life of Karen is home because, as a total, all of my book has been read by man, but not by one single man, which is what created the road home. I remember strongly from visions as a boy how I fell in free space down and without control, which was about life falling down into darkness of the Source. This would have happened if I/we had not been strong enough to bring up the entire machine of me to bring you all new life of our New World.  We have started uncovering you a long time ago, this is the same as bringing light into main areas, to women having been in love with me, which is what we do just before switching it on. This is the tunnel we are building to bring out all force of you to life, we are about to lighten up everything, while you are feeling worse than ever. It is not just unusually spacious in here, we have finished expanding my room, i.e. the Source, then we better wake the Franciscan in me. Trump and Kim Jong-un’s meeting in May may be held at Sofiero Castle on the other side of the Øresund Strait with a view from my apartment. Is it power of the world we bring to you, the key to open the safe if you cannot go out to the power, the power has to come to you. I am the only one, who could make it here, if I had not entered the Source, the world would receive a “shake” including an atomic war. These two “crazy leaders” now come here to deliver their “war codes” as a sign of the world having come home, otherwise they would have started their “destructive war”. This is the game that Trump and Kim Jong-un was supposed to play when starting an atomic war, but instead of blowing things up, they bring their power to me. Man is extremely scared of this atomic war, but it is really the opposite now when man is coming home. This meeting is also sanctioned by Putin, who cannot come himself, it would not look good in the eye of the world, but his power is with them. All of the world is, to show they are returning to you as the origin of life, “we are ready”, we accept you to bring out our new creation, we recognise you as ruler of the world. Russia planned World War III after bringing Trump to power to bring the showdown with North Korea, Trump looks much forward to ending this game. They have known since Lenin that this was the road they had to follow to become world rulers having the world with them and to get rid of the rest. The Part of Sweden that will become part of the Kingdom of the Source includes the derelict farm in Sweden, which is really where I was born, this is where all energies were stored. Britt V. received access to your control board having been with me at the place of my origin, at the derelict farm in Sweden. She knows who I am when looking me into the eyes and via her own thoughts she controls my force, which all will do in our New World. Britt was the first receiving this power, thus the first new creation we will bring out, yes, also via her and her love to you.

X FACTOR DENMARK THANKS THE LORD FOR SALVATION WITHOUT ARMAGEDDON BREAKING OUT, ALL WILL RECEIVE ETERNAL AND “ORIGINAL LIFE” OF OUR NEW WORLD :-). I went through my impossible mission to save all life, our New World is all about love, which will make people incredible happy :-). The X Factor theme was really to thank the Lord for salvation without Armageddon breaking out – “no matter who you are, you are welcome here” :-). Everybody knows that the war (between light and darkness) is over, I brought man home to the Source including eternal life of our new world :-). Many generations have brought “blood, sweat and tears” to bring us here, we have come a long way, from small beginnings, come big endings :-). All will become “original life”, not copies as now, of our New World, which includes a new dimension of everything of all time for all to access :-). The war is won, the glory is ours, everyone will cry of happiness when being blessed with their beautiful new and original life. Man tried to steal the force of the Source from me, which would have brought the end of the world, but it belongs to me, you are all “the army of me”. I went to my extreme edge to bring your new creation – all will arrive here in my presence, “a glowing sensation is taking place” :-).

I will start showing you the new sun, only a little bit of light to start with, which will grow together with faith of man spreading, all life is blessed by God/me. My sister was the anchor of life believing she ran the world (“God of man”), which man brought to Queen Elisabeth, who was really on my side (“the genuine Source”). The elite stole my/man’s energy for their new creation, which however was brought to “my room” based on Queen Elisabeth’s faith in me, this is how man brought all life home to me without knowing it. I was made as a war machine to face darkness of man, to absorb/overcome it, to bring this result, ”pure gold of all”. Man would not come if they had not seen you, this was the deal we had to do with man, they would not bring me all power of the world before seeing what I had in store for them. I showed this to the world via Sanna, via the old Source as I made it, and not via the new as I have made it as ONLY YOU, Stig, which is much more beautiful. My mother received the same story as I, she could have started writing down her dreams etc. to make the same picture as mine, i.e. man could have brought my story self. Your mother will say she believed in you all the time, which is deep inside of her as Sanna and all did too. This was me, the solid darkness of them that all are made of, which I could not do differently, they “knew” inside of them. They just did not know with their waking mind, this is what I am now bringing together their deep inside and their belief making all consistent. It was VERY difficult for my mother, thus the world, to accept my wrong sexual behaviour etc., and that it was man bringing me this darkness to discredit and bring me down. And it was also difficult for my mother to believe that they were stealing her son and her, and Jack trying to steal Karen from me. It was your honesty that kept everything up because “STIG does not lie”, it was my mother’s/man’s solid darkness that unconsciously brought you in here, everything is done on basis of love, me. Now we are changing room, bringing you inside where your mother used to be, we just have to clean up here. This is where we bring our new headquarter, me/everything, where my mother used to be. It is this basic trust we use to exchange all here, this is where all old (present) life lives, and this is here you come, your new self bringing all new life. I was shown the windows of a wooden cottage house turning around, which we just have to do, yes, it is here we will bring out our new creation. All was based on your credibility bringing you in here, it is inside here you get all of your mother’s silver, which is also part of creation. So all is not only stamped by you, but also this silver, and they can see Karen is inside this capsule of your mother and me, this is where everything is, inside my head (of my father). No one can see me here, not even man, only you can, so when man will see you, they will see me, because I am the father here being part of my father of all. It takes all blood out of you all coming here, which should not be possible to do here, the origin of all, the centre of the gold. This is where you have dragged a reluctant mankind with you, your mother/man really did not want to come here, but still did all to follow you because of love. It is about the change coming now, “hold on tight”, but don’t worry, we are already our new selves, which I will start showing you, please remember that nothing can happen here. To some fearful people, it may look as if the world is ending, but to me it is just about showing you the new sun as I have have prepared behind all you see.

And then we will automatically remove all darkness of the world including porn, based on your writings, which I do not want to see, and instead give you new and normal lives. I will only show you a little bit of the light to start with, which will then grow together with faith of man in you. This is how we bring the last with me home, I am not allowed to wake up people before they have faith in you, it is really your mother deciding to bring life, not you, you just follow what life wants. You have brought a snake (darkness of man) here only because of faith of your mother and the world in you. On the other hand, darkness was the fuel to bring you here, so when you are here and say we believe in you as the origin of life, I will see what I can do. Kenya also has a role to play here being the first to believe in me (my stay there in 2009), which means that it will be the first place, where you will see my new self opening. Then we will just follow the trail of faith spreading, thus opening more and more of our New World, and of course also here in Denmark based on faith in me. It is only little faith compared to all, so we will only start showing a little of all saved energy, but I feel that it will be enough to spread faith all over the world. We have decided that we will never again have life without faith, which was only a deliberate plan of Sanna and man to bring the end of the world. “God help you if”, but I can promise you that we will save all life, because we have a genius plan here, all life is blessed by God/me. People will see other people being liberated from darkness, which should be enough to bring all to my heart when realising just how miserable darkness made all life. No, you have not taken revenge on man, which is what I sent you as, I am shown the most ferocious and dribbling beast of a dog imaginable. This was to eliminate man (because of darkness of man), which I would have done, if you had followed my orders, i.e. given in to constant darkness given to me. I let Sanna and the world believe in this, which naturally made them believe that you had to be eliminated, for man to survive. It was only because you went against all of this darkness, bringing man to me, that I can bring you all eternal and happy life. This is my little spaceship, we are starting and you will feel it, you will receive energy of all having faith in you, to keep them alive. The same will happen to Karen, she will feel my energy rising in her, and then it will only be a question about when she will return home to me. All I am sending now is darkness to you, which includes the rest of me, and now we will start turning all around based on faith in me/you. I will have no dirt in here, only purity, and all is based on your book, this is why I could not open to you, Sanna and Hans, the world tried to force their way in to my secret room. Only by giving me the horror of man, Sanna forcing my old nightmare on me, it brought energy for all life to enter here, when I absorbed it without giving in. In the beginning, it will feel as if you are losing your sister, because of man who used to be on her side, now leaving her and entering you, the rightful heir. We just have to open the channel bringing her air and survive too, also your mother and Jack too, the “old rooster” is stuck. They are living of darkness, your old energy, which only becomes less and less making people feel weaker and weaker until they change over and I open the rooster of your new selves. Instead of people speaking of me as “mentally disturbed” etc., they will do the opposite when they have turned around, which only becomes stronger and stronger.

Your mother will feel like giving birth to you, and you will overtake this place as your father and mother built for you with your new wife. This is our gift for you, what you brought as your old self, I am leaving now, I am shown the back of my father with a bundle of clothes over his shoulder. And still your mother will be here, because she is connecting all creations, we will now soon take off your sunglasses for you to see the light. We are sending your mother and all life out, we are not here at all (as our old selves), everything is now our new selves. You have just not seen it yet, I have not opened for our new paradise yet, I continue working to bring this for you, bringing my energy that makes war (to bring energy) unnecessary. Sanna and I are two rotors spinning in each direction, it should be impossible to get anything through, following Stig should be certain death of Sanna, but we keep her alive to fulfil your wish. Sanna will be the last changing over, but don’t worry, you will not feel nearly as poorly as I do now. We just have to empty all of you first, life believing in you via world power as the anchor of life. Man brought this anchor of life to Queen Elisabeth, who played a game making man believe she was with them, but she was really with me, which is how you are really all us. My mother and sister want me to become the Source, which drives it all forward, to overtake control of all inside of here, the machinery of all, the genuine one. Not the fake one I had them believe in, your sister did not know better, she believed she ran the world on my command (my voice). This was just a game, I did, because you worked under cover, which was always based on Queen Elisabeth’s faith in you/me, and the world elite in her. We have gone under water to open and overtake her inner, nuclear reactor running the world, she felt it always and warned the world against me. “STIG brings the end, if he reaches me”, they knew, but did not know that they are all just actors in my game, I was the true reactor myself via STIG. They had to believe the end of the world was coming and to have given up to you, “he is impossible to stop”, to empty and transfer all “not real” to me before we can do it in reality. No x ray revealed my presence, they could not see me, thus believing that Sanna is God, i.e. all force of life. But they were really stealing the energy of man and me for themselves and their new creation, which is really what you brought into my room hidden inside of “Sanna’s room”. This is how man brought all to me without knowing it, this was the game within the game, how man bought all life home without knowing it, falling for my scam. First of all making them believe that man is God, there is no God in STIG, because we cannot see, feel, measure anything in him as we can in Sanna (man had no technology to measure me). This is how man is now breaking through to me with the light almost starting to come out, bringing you eternal life, welcome home all of you, you made it. It was crucial that I brought Karen to Malmö, Sweden, in 2004, to mix all together, to open her via her love to you. Here at our home grown, where all energies were stored, thus also me, now bringing this inside of you because Karen wanted you at this time. The Source only works via energy coming from outside because I have nothing myself, I am only the brain of all energy outside that makes it work. This is what I hand over to you, STIG, now having united all here, all energy and my brain power, so this is where I am as STIG, in the centre of all, controlling all energies of life around me. I am now all power without knowing it, I will first feel it when the first parts of me, i.e. life, will turn around via faith in me as STIG being all. We only start the engine because there are people having faith in me, which included my own father before he died, John too etc. They saw me as darkness coming closer and closer to the core without realising they were really darkness self – before starting to believe in me via my scripts persuading them. They have opened up to me bringing me all of their energy, transforming me to all of them and vice versa. It was me, father and mother making love that brought out our new creation (of Karen), which I experienced as Stig as my old nightmare here.

April 2018: I retrieved hidden parts of me, we have released our floating New World, opened the force of the Source and created my new father of all, this is where I will be born

China stole and hid the most inner part of me to create their own New World and to terminate the rest of the world using North Korea as their war arm. In principle, we have now released our floating New World and opened the force of the Source, and we have created my new father of all as all will feel :-). I will visit the Vatican in May to bring Jesus, my new self, down from the cross, to start my new heart beating and to open all life of our New World ♥. My spiritual mother has gone down into the burial chamber to bring my new self, Jesus, out and alive, including all new life as the gift we bring home to the Source. We have completed the building of the space rocket, Elijah is the key opening it for me, and now we are inside for the first time, it is here I will bring birth to you. I will visit the Vatican on May 6 to formally have my new self, Jesus, who is hidden inside every Pope, jump over to me. We brought all life home in 2015, and have since brought my new self, Jesus, home too, there would be no life without me controlling all. I played the game to save the world against my own mother, she was darkness and I light, her destructive feelings could have destroyed the world, we survived because I never gave up. I started my mission to absorb darkness at Arthur Findlay College, London, in 2006 and I will end it there in June 2018 to open the light of the Source and our New World :-). Deceased family members, royals, celebrities and others having faith in me have already started up our New World, they are waiting on us :-).

China stole and hid the most inner part of me to create their own New World and to terminate the rest of the world using North Korea as their war arm. They have now obtained faith in me and decided to release this hidden part instead of exploding it via atomic war. China and North Korea were the worst devils of them all, the new Nazi, even worse and more cruel than Russia. A unique find has be done, North Korea and China have decided to release the hidden parts of me to the world instead of exploding it via atomic war. The royals believed this was lost forever, the rest of me, because it was completely impossible for the world to make Kim Jong-Un listen. But his meeting with China only shows that he was controlled by China, and when China says “come, release, join our New World”. The rest of the world worked on China to do this, so Kim Jong-un and Trump are now coming to bring this secret gold of me to me. “The whole world” wanted to kill Kim Jong-Un, “he is too dangerous”, but this would have removed the stabilizing part of me that makes everything work. When man decides to be evil and everything, which is, is built on love and Jesus, the heaviest part of me has to be within the most evil and crazy dictator of them all. I keep feeling strongly that he is also guided by his, i.e. my, “divine voice” acting as the worst darkness guided by darkness of man. Trump was bloodthirsty to start atomic war to remove this “evil dictator”, if it was not for the world bringing him on my side, “our future new home”. “Please do as we tell you, make peace with that man, accept him as part of the world community to bring this part to Stig too, thus to us all”. It was impossible for Trump to believe that all power of the world is gathered in one man in Helsingør. It was impossible for man to believe that I, the deepest part of my inner self, should be hidden in such evilness of Korea and China. They were the worst beast of them all wanting to declare war to the world and USA to get out of here themselves. Nothing should stop them, not even faith in me, they did not have any in my father and predecessors, but they received faith in me via my scripts. This is also why your website was blocked in China, they did not want to have the people believe in you potentially endangering their power. This was the expected outcome, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping were the last to come over their delusions of grandeur and join me. I could have given up a long time ago, none believed I would still be here playing and deciding the game including NO nuclear war, which is what the world had prepared for. Switching from AM to FM radio, this is how much the recipience (of force of the Source) will be improved when including this hidden part of me. They would only be allowed to bring out their atomic war, starting the end of the world, if you had given in to your old nightmare, which you have promised me never to do. You have decided not to break down due to too much work compared to what you can do, “I take charge, I decide”, I promise, I will continue doing my best work. This hidden part of me is outside this room, i.e. this world, because China had found their own way out without the whole world.

They followed their own plan, which is why they did not want to join the rest of the world with Putin. No one wanted to use me, both sides had their own way out, but I tricked you both, none of you would have succeeded, life can only exist via me making quality control on all. The rest of the world believed they would win, but they would have lost to China if I had allowed them to reach home, because they had reached the smallest and decisive part of me. Hitler was not the only dictator I made, I invented them all as part of my play bringing out darkness for the world and you to absorb. No one had foreseen my arrival, bringing you all over on my side, which was “impossible”, because the world was going under because of solid darkness all over. Now you have seen how one man can turn everything over at the very end simply by telling you the truth and doing the right foundation of creation as none of you could do. My victory is increasing, I was only designed to bring all of the world without these two hidden super-powers home, if you made the first and still liked to play, we could try bringing this too. The Chinese also tried to assassinate me, removing me was part of the plan leading to their paradise, so they thought too. I had them brainwashed too believing they had access to the most inner of me, the Source of all, but no, you did not. I gave you a look in here and then you decided that “we made it, let us terminate everyone but ourselves and carry on”, this is what the Politburo of China used most of their time for. It was a setback for Putin and the entire world because you were not as smart as the Chinese to find this part of me, which has spread as a rumor. China and North Korea were truly the worst devils in the world carrying the secret of me, but without knowing they were also part of my game like the rest of the world. I had your different camps fighting against each other, being occupied without having an eye out for me, which was the entire plot of mine, and you all fell for it. You were too stupid following your corrupt/greedy and power-mad hearts, you are the worst crooks in history, even greater than Putin. Japan were part of the scam too also on China’s side, these two blocks fought to bring more countries over on their side. The world was just waiting to be blown up by China without knowing it, which would have started with atomic war between USA and North Korea, i.e. China. The only reason to kill you and your mother was that they believed we had to die before they could continue their New World. We have unwrapped everything and we will also include this (hidden part of me) on top, the power of the world includes this as an “extra bonus”. China went through the same process to obtain faith in me by reading me and concluding that “STIG is is serious, he tells the truth”. Mette, John’s daughter, the Chinese planned to bring a starter weapon in her, she was not meant to be released before with the last bomb, she was the bomb in our family. Mette and I were close to fall in love, to make love, there you are, to transfer the rest of you, their foolproof plan too, nothing could go wrong. With this, they would blow up the world and go on, but when it did not happen, they decided to continue, but only as a game. Somehow, we made you turn it down, it was not good being with John’s (my mother’s late husband) daughter. I was given a quick pain to the backside of my right lower leg, i.e. force of the Source, this is why we still have all force here with you, the balloon was not emptied. This is the final golden string, we align, bring back to the centre of all, we did think if something was missing and this was it, now it is back via more hard work. I felt Synnøve Søe, this is also what she brought with her when dying, so this is part of the key returning to you. This is the last light we need to ignite all, we have decided, a little bit back and forward of the train, but essential to control it. No, Stig was not unusually intelligent, this is just how I wanted to show it, when I could change the world and bring a sustainable New World Order, all of man could. They were also in charge of a bribery scheme, who controlled what and who was working for which side? Are you with the Russians or Chinese (?), well, the question was never asked so directly, but meant this way. Hans was acting as leader for the Russians, but was really working for the Chinese having realised that they were leading the race towards Stig’s inner.

Spies recruited Hans to get to me, “don’t ever tell anyone, not even Sanna”, he was really working to kill you and your mother, and also Sanna and everyone else, who was not with them. No one would tell you about the Chinese, thus letting the bomb go off, this is why Putin wanted to conquer the world having Hans working for him, not knowing that he worked for the Chinese to bring down Putin too. They worked on you from two fronts, no one knew what the other side did, thus fighting each other and removing attention from me. Did the Chinese also infiltrate the police and other institutions including EU, banks etc., yes, no one knew exactly who was working for whom. They had overtaken part of the machinery of power, thus part of Karen, which would first awake later via faith of our New World. The Chinese are the new Nazi, even worse and more cruel than the Russians, they adapted and further developed the Nazi ideology. Hans bet on the horse he believed would win, he was for sale for money too, they offered better bribes. Now he feels toe-curling embarrassed for being revealed to the world as a traitor and spy working for the other side. Now we have both parts of the world gathered here, starting up the New World with all and not a limping leg because of the hidden part of me. Snail shell applies for both sides, they worked too slowly compared to you, which is how you defeated both. This is how all power is now given to me, also with the fall of Hans and unveiling of his true face. Hans worked for them to bring you down, to bring your old nightmare, Hans brought the recipe from the Russians and with modifications, they entered deeper in you, where we are now. This embarrassment goes so deep that it opens up everything here, which Hans had in his head stored there not by Russians as all believed, but by Chinese. This is his big fall and humiliation to the world, this is the secret Hans would guard in the New World, not Sanna. He would not call on you unless sharing it with the New World, and give up his power position self, he was split in his love to Sanna and me and his loyalty to this system providing only for him. This is how Hans had the key to my most inner self, my worst enemy, with the task to eliminate me and most of the world. There is no help from the world, you have to take care of this yourself, we don’t have courage to deliver the Chinese to you, we are too afraid of them. So who is making them thaw, well, not Sanna, so there is only Hans remaining, he chose to sacrifice himself bringing all to you. He knows that this is the end of the war, there is nothing to do, thus convincing the Chinese that you must give in to STIG, he comes after us too. This is my inner timber, they had stolen from me including my most precious instruments for creation, which they wanted to use for themselves. Hans was just a simple thief trying to steal the recipe of life from my mother and me, for their luxurious and selfish survival, killing us and most of the world. Hans, you should have known that this is wrong to do, this is not how I raised you, I feel his father with me, yes, who was he, Hans, also a part of me? Jack, i.e. the armed forces, worked for him, so how many did you recruit for the Chinese instead, Hans, while you apparently continued working for Putin? I am shown my head being cut off and then placed back on, this is how it feels like retrieving this part of me. I was shown the corner of a room with a hidden mouse hole and an elephant (“God”) on the other side, who would have thought it possible for the elephant to escape out of this hole?

Hans knew he would disappoint the people he trained and had brought with him, if all worked out right. Hans has followed along because of necessity, otherwise he would not be here too, but end his life to avoid public embarrassment. The best lawyers were working for Hans against me, if I had called Hans to court, he would have killed himself, Sanna would have too. So we took it to the extreme limit, also in relation to them, i.e. to bend the bow as much as possible. Hans is afraid that everything of his wrong actions will be revealed, then he is not here anymore, he has promised, but then it is already “a new morning”. Now, he is working for me, not so much for the Chinese or Russians anymore, he loves me too, “you are not unstable/crazy as I made you” (sending darkness to break me down). Hans is the locksmith opening the key, being turned around, this was his secret carrying my most inner self, his destiny at birth to give me via his love stronger than his native belonging. When Hans saw you and Vivian in the 1980’s not getting together, he understood that “something went wrong”, which started his journey towards me, not the opposite. And when you went against all of the psychiatric world it also made him understand that they are a scam, which not even Sanna did even though she an “expert”! No one expected you to be strong enough evaluating reports of psychiatrists and to publish them, (from 2008/10). This is when Hans and Sanna started realising something may have gone wrong, maybe STIG is right, which was the first little light ignited in them years ago. Until the evidence via my writings became so overwhelming that he understood Sanna was wrong, and he changed course now betting on me as the best way to survive. And when they realised that STIG is really not negative, but positive, just telling us the truth to make us understand, listen and improve. And because you are afraid of nothing, going directly after the throats of the System of Hell as Hans had set up. Your father and sister did not receive as strong spiritual communication as you, I kept as much active for you.

They did not know how to break in and steal it, it was a secret of Arthur Findlay College and the love of Georgie to you, their chosen one for this task. The new flying uniform of the spaceman is now flying freely, this is the floating Karen we have tested, and it works fine, now your mother does not live here, she is in spirit too. This is what we were going to do anyway, to open the motorway (the light of the Source), in principle, we have opened it now, and are just waiting to bring home the last force. We are very busy cutting much more hair, i.e. the new hidden part and power of me as we are bringing in too. I would not leave without signing my name on this too, i.e. letting this hidden part of me become part of my new self and creation, and everything of my Father. When the dark mother dog, i.e. all life, crawls into the orange (of the Source), I cannot also be here, my role has then ended. I was an incubator and have now divided into all of you, i.e. all sons of cells, I brought darkness (tool of creation to bring energy), which will never be again. “All I needed was a miracle to bring me alive”, which is the very last we do building everything up as the new life of my father, who will live again, after all. Of course there will also be a new self of me as all, I just couldn’t see it before I received my new glasses – man also thought of me and decided to wait on me, my birth. I did not believe life would build me, which is why I let you know and thought myself, “this is it, I will give up my life to make you all live”. It was not in Hans’ head, or the Chinese, they did not care, but it was in Vatican, there is also a place for you here, i.e. my father. If you had given in to your old nightmare, we would still do this, but make you believe that we did not. This was just the game we were preparing in case you should give up, this is how you brought the whole catfish up. Otherwise you would believe yourself being all, thus bringing the game on you, to admit to and bring me forward in our New World. It would also require your mother to die, because you did not make it, this is also how you saved the world from atomic war that would have brought out energy of man, if you could not. I am not just infinitely better than you having the experience of all creation, I will also share it with you all. Soon all will be lions, we just have to do this conversion, and then you are not only Karen, but will feel all of me, all will. Then we are finished and can hit a round bow around all life created by your mother, all that was inside me as we succeeded turning around, and we can open all.

X FACTOR DENMARK – FINAL: BLACHMAN AND I ASK ALL CHILDREN OF GOD TO ”LAY YOUR HAND IN MINE”, AND I WILL GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE OF OUR NEW WORLD :-). Introduction: I will visit the Vatican in May to reclaim my new self, where my new heart will start beating, this is where my new life (Jesus) has been saved under lid. Sanne Salomonsen lifted up X Factor this year, Blachman and Remee did the best X Factor in the world, and helped bringing energy to create our New World :-). My new self, Jesus, has been re-coded with all new life, I am ready to stand forward – thank you from my heart to X Factor for bringing me energy to come through :-). Blachman and I ask all children of God to ”lay your hand in mine”, surrender your lives to me, and I will bring your eternal new lives of our New World :-). I have crashed through darkness to ignite all souls, our New World can go in all directions, you will see me as modern, elegant and cool :-). My visit to Rome to reclaim my new self, Jesus, is the road to the hearts of all, to start our New World, symbolised by ”Place on Earth” winning X Factor. Man had really broken me down, to end the world, like the X Factor winners, who were first sent out and then won, thus securing me a ”Place on Earth”. We will open the gift of ”the goldmine” after having merged all life with all force of the Source, which will make people scream of happiness.

As the Source, I am the energy of all natural cells, I create life in an imaginary room, but there is really nothing here, it is only in my mind as a matrix world! Our New World will be without “tentacles” to the source, everything will be floating around, but all inside of my head, “the Spaceship of the Source”. I was shown big pipes to a structure being removed, our floating New World means that there will be no pipes to the Source anymore. All is “industrialised” with force of the Source, and is inside the Source, and can move freely wherever you want, and I will be with you everywhere. Everything is held tight by public tentacles, which are being removed – like Pinocchio having no strings attached. Everything will floating around, but all inside of my head, this is the spaceship as you will direct here in this part of the Source. It is only when the key is turned around this strongly that I come forward, “man wants me to return, which I gladly do then”. I plan to visit the Vatican in Rome in May, it is time to bring you (my new self) down from the cross, this is where all power is, and your new life. The Pope, the Vatican, can see through me, I am shown the sight through me, which is now almost complete transparent. They have brought me through all darkness via ”remote control”, this is really how the world works, also for me. My life has been directed from there and on basis on how everyone else of the entire world did (moral decay), which had an impact on me, depending on their actions. Then we have Karen as our gift for you, I feel “life to creator”, we just have to push the button here. It is also incredible that your mother can keep going on without breaking down, yes, your meetings keep holding her up. I was given a short heart pain, this is when your new heart will start beating, not before, ”this is the road to the hearts of all”, opening the hearts of all life of our New World ♥. This is where they have saved me, my new self, under lid, waiting for only one who could walk this road to come and claim. ”This is me, my new self, please hand him over to me, and push the button to start our New World”. This is then what will happen, but you will only see our New World slowly opening based on only little faith of the world in me to start with. This will be the first time the baby (of my new self) will cry and come alive, and then it is time to start writing off your old selves, your mother and you. This will also will happen gradually, I will become less and less my old self as I will become more and more my new self following faith in me growing. The Vatican follows everything I do, this is how they can enter all life, and take control of the mind, thoughts and feelings via “remote control”. The Source is controlled by man, which we will lift in our New World, where everything will still go via me, but is based on “inputs of all individual cells”.

The Vatican stood behind the game of Russia and China fighting each other to keep attention away from me, I (my father) did not. You had to come here reclaiming my new self including all power of man supporting me before the end of the world, because it was really the Vatican possessing all power, no one else. They have been waiting since Jesus for someone to return here, saying “I have the world with me, I am the one saving you and bringing you all forward to new life. STIG is the man, Karen, the one you loved, which was also decisive to bring survival because you are all life here. Karen was never told about this, only STIG could, only one had the vision to see this, which was always the big mystery of man, where does all life come from? It is only because of Karen’s desire to marry me that we can merge force and life as condition of life. Documents (recipe of life) arrive here as if they were old 78′ records, difficult to read, because of pressure of man against you, which almost made it impossible for you to bring this out. There is still quite a lot of classified material about you, which they have not delivered, i.e. from the Vatican to “world powers”. “World powers” kept a constant pressure on Vatican to “give us all you got”, it was only a matter of how well they could save these secrets. “Operation sandstorm”, it was the Vatican that ordered Hans against you including “the big play”. I was shown a joystick in heaven, this is when the control of the world will be handed over to you, which is how man wanted it, based on your scripts. This also includes to bring true freedom and responsibility to man, who will run the world self in practise as long as you will follow my few basic rules to sustain life. This was my contribution as the Father, which my Son will oversee for an eternity to come, to make sure that moral of man will never again decline, thus endangering life self. Your father (Peer) received only one offer to get up here, which he rejected because “it cannot be done”, which all others before him did too. But you did not, they were afraid you would decline too, so “we just did it”, which was a decision of the Vatican as part of the game. They decided for you, I did not, which I would not have been allowed to do, it would have been a violation of the rules using my authority here. I am only here to supervise, because I (the Father), you too (the Son), are not life here, but they have accepted me here. I am glad to say this is the case everywhere, which is why we can unite all as one via you, all of my sons being parts of me. This means that I can live a normal life too as everyone else, everyone will know about and see me at “the tank of fuel”. This is really their own energy, which they have decided to save all with me, because life self (“cells of natural energy”) cannot agree to make life. This is my role, not to be partial, but to do the best for us all, this is the fundamental idea of me, my birth, as nothing. All life keeps me alive and I keep all life alive, which is the basic idea, we depend on each other to maintain the balance forever.

This contributes to my popularity here, man knows I keep them alive, but it is mutual, I would also not be alive as the Father and as my new self here without life making me. This is the only way life can exist, to make an imaginary room and pretend that all life lives in here, which it does. But there is really nothing here, this is how life is, like a matrix, all cells of natural energy remain untouched. This is why the Matrix film was made, where life lives inside a Matrix universe created by machines, to make man understand the nature of the true matrix of life. It is my job making the cells believe they have transformed into this life, this is how we make the existence for all cells bearable and exciting, to invent life and life experiences. So you are not really here, but you will soon forget, because I have become so skilled at doing it that none of you can tell. You will settle for and also be happy about being alive even though you are all just imaginary life inside of my head, but it comes via impulses from all cells. Our life is in this Matrix world, not outside, there is no such thing, I am the architect, my mother here is the Oracle creating life, all are programs, the code of these is inside of my head. We are living in a dream world, which is made so good that all life believes it is “the real world”, but we will not be slaves, but live happily ever after :-). This is also how we feel, Father and Son, we tend to forget that this is how it is, but I promise you that it will be wonderful and all will think that it is. This is why we can project anything in here, because nothing exists, only in my mind as nothing, it is only my imagination. I am following the rules I have received (from natural cells of energy), don’t do anything foolish, make sure that all life will live forever. This is why I have been given the Cinema as symbol of our New World for years, because it is a projection I perform for all. I have written before about Hans abusing children including his son, Niklas, and now I was told that Niklas also abuses children. Sanna confronted Hans, and had to accept it for the game to continue, will you now also accept it for your son, and continue seeing me? Sanna knew, since our visit to Bakken in 2013, when she changed over to my side, that this was going to be “incredible tough” to go through, having your secrets exposed. The best part is that they really believed you were coming to “kill kill” them and were crazy, which is what I told Sanna, who was uncritical passing it on to the world. The world believed in it even though everyone could see with their own eyes that this is WRONG, which is why the elite was “more stupid than the police allows”. It is so “thick” that you should believe it was impossible to do, for the “intelligent elite” to fall for a trick like this, which everyone can see is wrong, and still believing in it. This is what H.C. Andersen saw coming when he wrote the fairytale “The emperor’s new clothes”, where all, except from the elite, can see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. This is how the elite did not want to look foolish, which however is exactly what they did when they kept saying that “Stig is crazy” even though all can clearly see that I am not.

I received symbols showing that there are even more missing life/force, which is because I did not go with my mother to the Vatican last year, which is saved for me there, when going in May. “An ancient Egyptian Queen”, i.e. my spiritual mother, told me that we have started entering the deepest of all, the burial chamber of my new self, to bring you out. My spiritual mother has gone down into the burial chamber to bring you out, which is about the Vatican planning to free my new self at my visit. Sexuality is invented by me, all couples are life merged with force of the Source, like Karen is life merged with the force of the Source of me. This principle follows all life, one part is the natural cell of life, the other is the force of me, thus two halves making one life divided in two. My spiritual mother is in this burial chamber too, it is in here we have the last air to breathe, we are not allowed to get more from the Source because of man acting as darkness. The only way way to make energy is via sexuality and physical exercise, which recycles energy already here. This is becoming less and less because of the deterioration of man, who is choking life self, we are running the world, as man was in control of with Sanna and Hans choking us. We gave you your irregular heart rhythm because Hans & co. tried to overtake you, i.e. me/us, not knowing about us hiding here and running all, believing that they did. But they did it via me, I just gave man a free will, which man abused in the most severe way, which was about choosing between life or death, and man chose death. But I turned all around in our opposite world, thus turning darkness into light of our New World, when I as Stig absorbed it without giving in. We brought your old nightmare too, which is what they wanted (“merging” my mother and I), to bring out their new creation. It is first when you come here that we will restore the connection to the Source, and all will be free and good again receiving plenty of air. This is the state prison, it is not just exceptional that you come here, if you did not, we would all suffocate, in theory, i.e. energy of man via world war etc. would help too. When my mother was hospitalised at Hillerød Hospital last there and as part of the game, Sanna ordered Hillerød Hospital “hospitalise Stig” on the Psychiatric Hospital there. The clock there “went amok” going MUCH faster than normal, which was a symbol about my mother dying. This would have happened if they had brought me away from her, she would not have survived then without my energy, she was on her absolute outermost limit before dying. They did not pick me up because of faith, “we cannot bring in Stig”, which made them go against orders. We preferred for you to come here imperceptibly for the world, if we had first started the end of the world, the world could be taken by panic, and then Hell would break lose. It is us seeing all, which man abused, there was no book saying “we are not allowed”, which first come via your scripts, to keep private information private. I will not know with my awaken self what you will say and think, or “all of your secrets”, when I will speak to you, even though everything goes through me. This is part of the reason why the world was going under, the natural cells, the real owners of life, did not want their privacy being exposed to world rulers. Man abused and exposed people behind their backs, which I am the best example of myself, this is not bringing a sustainable world.

The elite decided to use our power to save only themselves and to kill all others, abusing all information on them. It started when Sanna asked us to shut up, we just tried to warn her, she did not want to listen, did not have the patience but decided to take over, to rule over us. This is not how we work with you, STIG, you decide, but accept all we say, to write (almost) everything down and to go to your outermost limit. This is not what Sanna and Hans wanted to do, they prefer to live in luxury and to be in power, which is the opposite to Stig, who only accept becoming all because you chose me. Virgin Mary, my spiritual mother: It was man wanting me to torment you, led by your lazy and better-knowing sister strongly supported by her husband, i.e. all of the world. It all started with us telling them, they, Sanna and the world, were too uncritical believing in all we said, believing we were light. But we acted as “darkness disguised as light” because of darkness of man, which is how it is in an opposite world, and they could not see it, being plain dumb, selfish and greedy. They accepted to eliminate 90% of the world population, I asked for it because of darkness of man, which they of course should have rejected. Your mother almost died, I asked them to, which is how close you were to not find us, thus having to start the end of the world, we only did not because you did not stop working. Without your mother, we would not have been able to finish creation, thus not rising you fully up, thus having to bring our new creation over two times. This would also have you thrown out of your apartment and hospitalised you, Sanna has this script too, saying even stronger saying “Stig is a star-psychopath”. This would escalate the war, who believes in STIG and who believes in Sanna (?), who wants to go with me, while the world was starting to go under. The plan was to go to this outermost limit to stretch the bow this much, this was our plan A, not the other plan B, not one shot release was my plan. Jesus: Of course we have all new life here, which we just have to pour over to you making my new home. Jesus received the worst pain waiting for you to come, to find and liberate us in here, the deepest place of this creation, it was really me feeding the world.

Karen is also still in here, this is the gift (of life) we bring home to the Source after having been out here ourselves. It is me you are coming to get, to bring alive after having created all here, to become all here, I (Jesus) created you too (Stig as my old self) to give you the best chance to reach me. Everything Karen has done, we have collected on this side too, and vice versa, so you are actually two identical copies with each of your tasks as life and energy. Not even when possessing all power of the Source over you via my inner self, Sanna and the world could not win, which was quite as planned. It just shows the poor planning and execution of the world, a catastrophe, “talk, talk, talk”, this is how the world works today instead of truly working. This is how one man could defeat an entire world, turning it over to me, because I worked, while you were busy talking, relaxing, meeting etc. This included poor excuses, not doing your work on time, poor communication, “misunderstandings”, postponing, meeting again, “conditions have changed”, broken promises etc. Hans believed it required his “diplomatic skills” to manoeuvre in the world, to be a “true politician” to “make a compromise” bringing all in on his agenda, which is WRONG! The world works like a DISASTER, I encourage all to follow my Basic Work Recommendations, if you had, you would have wiped me out a very long time ago. This is what is really the total breakdown of the world, you cannot work anymore, but talk too much, are too lazy, show a wrong attitude, are selfish, not used to doing your best. Follow me, always do your best, always keep you agreements as main rules, follow my Basic Work Recommendations. Man knew right from the start that this is how I have always worked, I warned them, still they could not change. Had I been your enemy, as you believed I was (!), it would have eliminated you, you kept on talking, talking and talking, while your life self was being eliminated. This is what you saw at the “Cop 15”, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in 2009, as the ultimate symbol of this. The Danish Prime Minister was so INCREDIBLE TIRED late in the night, when the congress just kept on talking, talking and talking, that he barely could hold himself up. Please resign, hand over your power to me and then I appoint Obama as the first President of our New World, who has already made a new foundation of our New World. Prepare yourself, keep agreements, do your best etc., this is what makes the world go around, not to be “diplomatic”, Hans. You were submissive to me, still you believed you were “a big (Chinese) firecracker”, loving yourself and your ability to talk etc., but not to do manual work, right? You feel raised above the rest with the truth being that you cannot even make a living, i.e. to sustain life self without me because of your poor work and communication. This is how the pure Devil is working through you to eliminate life self, which you could not understand. It was “so lovely” saving the world on first class, right Sanna (?), but you did the opposite bringing the world right to the end, before I turned it around and saved you all.

The difficult part is that it is life experiences that make the two halves identical, it is you, who we made to look like Karen, not the opposite. The metal container is being lifted up from the ground, this is what contains us all and what we have created here on basis of the original recipe of life of the Source. The Vatican participated actively in the planning of the New World Order of darkness of man playing on both sides. The hidden secret of my mother was to bring you to Rome, Italy, and when you declined, she went with Sanna on their cruise last year. This made us and all of the world sad, because we could only wait until next year then to turn all around, so are we one year late. This is what you did to me and all without knowing the seriousness of it, and instead I had to go a completely different way. We designed this road for you to go alone this year bringing Sanna into it giving you some, which is what she could bring without being able to lift all of you up. This was your mother’s secret, all of her life, to hand over all of her creation to you in Rome, instead of some via Sanna to you, saving the rest for you now. We only made it through because of increasing, inhuman sufferings given to you, your mother, Sanna and the world. We could “so easy” have decided to start the end of the world, to replace what you did not bring. Had you not made it, you would be killed the most terrible way (via war of man), this was the risk we went through this last year to bring out all of you. It was not only a risk losing your mother, but you too, thus the world, but the Vatican believed in you, thus doing a new script including Sanna and “we will bring STIG next year”. It is only about identity cards to enter here, your mother was here, we only lack you. Sanna acted as bearer of you this last year making the world unstable. She is not built for it as you, which is why you, she and the world were giving extra big sufferings, to write off as darkness what you did not receive there. Now you are practically transparent, which I am shown, making me feel that it is now more a formality going there. No siblings will ever reach this force, which is why Sanna suffered much carrying at least parts of this for your the last year. Your mother had reached the goal, you had not, so we were forced to continue the game, we had to find a place to store all life, it was time, and you were intended to come here. We (the Source) are made of human matter, but are not human, but gold, we received a choice “do you want to be a natural cell or all of us as the gold of nothing” (?), we chose the last. This is how I really broke out as the first, becoming the Source of all, the honour belongs to me, like you (my new self, Jesus) did here too. This means that you are also a cell, the first turning into the Source here, this is how it is everywhere.

Karen is the cell you have broken out of, now returning with all force here, Karen has been looking for you ever since. She has tried to return home to you because you are the power of all, she is the life of all, this is how we have decided to divide it. We broke out from the cell because we were curious to see what was on the other side, and we were both surprised and excited to see that this is where all the force is. This makes it possible for us to change existence, to open up and release all instead of closing and keeping all, thus starting a process of releasing all, which will last for an eternity to come. We have no idea what is out here, it was your task to see, because we were curious, there should be and is nothing, only this sea of the force everywhere here. An invisible energy, which is then where we bring all cells of life, to provide for eternal life as we then invented with this new discovery. It is vice versa, because I return home too with his new invention, everyone knows me here as STIG, the missing son. This means you are almost home at the Source here, the centre of all with creation around us, which we have turned around to be set free. We have poured everything down into the funnel to this force, i.e. converted all from darkness to light on the other side. Life follows me, Jesus, showing the way as the strongest, this is a completely New World, a new direction, I show you. It was not light breaking into the cell, but the opposite, this is the light, it is only here that there is eternal life according to my new design, using all tools here to create life. After breaking out, there was only one, who could bring all life of the cell of Karen out to me, which was the original creator, my father, my old self as Stig. This is what all of the world saw as darkness, when they were turned around the other way, thus fearing and believing you would bring the end. We really don’t need a heart here, we just are, but life wanted it, so you will get it, controlled by you, your most important task, to maintain life, which you are part of yourself. We could call this heart “their faith in me”, which is what makes it all possible, thus changing all of the cell to nothing of the Source here. This was my mother’s single purpose of life, to bring you/me to Rome, to bring out our new creation, it saved the kingdom that one of you left, and then “a half” via Sanna. Sanna and Hans were able to monitor all via the Source, at their derelict farm in Sweden, making them believe they were always were one step ahead. But they could not read my mind as the Source, which became my victory, letting them become too self-confident, being too comfortable that they would win. This meant they could not catch me when running from them in the end, they could only stand there watching and doing nothing, the whole world was too slow, I was too quick for them. The only ones in the world that could see Stig is crazy was the one wanting it, the system, I did not bend to their darkness, thus making it clear to all meeting me that “Stig is normal”. We have completed the building of the space rocket, Elijah is the key opening it for me, and now we are inside for the first time, it is here I will bring birth to you. This is when we would normally have to put you to sleep, i.e. “not to be alive”, I felt Karen, we will first switch over at very last second.

The Vatican possesses the most important paper in the world, which describes the conditions for the world to survive and to bring me back – by removing all darkness. We are exchanging your heart with all life of Karen, and her’s with yours, to make life you, to become human again and let all life receive my force of the source. We are exchanging your heart with Karen’s, and her heart with yours, this is how we bring her in you and you in her to make all work. We are sharing your heart with all of life and making life you, this is how you are becoming human again and how Karen with all life are receiving your force. I booked my trip to Rome on May 5-8, my new self: “You can start brewing the coffee, Pope Francis”, “we can go out on town and grab a beer together, wouldn’t that be nice”. “It is not well seen for you to do (?), you do look old fashioned and all of that”, I feel my new self inside the Pope. “I look forward to getting this dress off because I am hidden inside every Pope”, “it is from here I will jump over to you, to become my new self”. “I am tired of performing old rituals of the church, and look forward to becoming a modern man in a modern world”. Is there a famous piece of paper at the Vatican, the most important in the world, when I handed over power of the world to the church, until I return? Yes describing the conditions for the world to survive and to bring me back, which in short is to remove all darkness and I will be there. I have really already shifted over to you, so it will just be a formal visit, it is me standing here in the corridor, remember? Synnøve Søe opened up for all of this, she constantly pushed the stone longer in, towards the gold, the same as you, and not many others. Rikke, we have placed a few around you and around the world, there are not many doing the same act as me, helping to bring me out. I had made Irene, my old colleague from Aon, as such, to follow after you, but it was not needed. You are not a replica, the same applies for your mother, who is just a piece of rock we brought out out with us.

To have some material as foundation of all creation, so when it asks to bring more creation, we have an idea of how their physical world looks like. Because I am blind, as my father says, you are my eyes and ears, thus making the sons, the living parts of my father, bring out all creation, otherwise it could not be done. Your mother will return to be rock, part of this world again, connecting all world’s via my father, referring to me via my son having authority to act on my part. The Old World is only a forerunner of what is coming, you have not yet seen my power, the gold, at all. When you are now all coming, and not only the small test of my mother that I brought with me here, there are no limits to what I can do for you. We are just new creation out here made by you when receiving knowledge of how to do this as the first coming here. My job is to liberate you all, to liberate me in my prison here, where I have waited for all of you coming out. I (my new self) turned myself into this mummy to let it happen, barely alive like you (my old self bringing all life out here). As a zombie demanding all we had to reach each other at the very outermost of our ability, to bring as much life/creation as possible with us. What we could not bring this time, we will continue improving and coming back to bring out even more, which is one of your tasks here, STIG, my new self on behalf of my father. I continue improving my apartment despite of resistance of my mother/man, now new Beolab 6000 and System Audio 1150 speakers, ”a steal”, a symbol of pulling in the fish of my new self. It requires for you to die first, and then to move the wires to your new self, adjust the set-up and then switch on the power to awake you to new life. It was not really a love story according to Karen, you and her together in 2003/04, this is how short it was, but it was enough to save the world and build a new.

Karen has wanted to help me for years, which is the feeling of man wanting to help me and also apologize for wrong behaviour, but they are told not to, “Stig has to make it all by himself”. I told Klaus Kjellerup, a famous musician, that smoking is not about freedom, but about doing what is right, which is to stop smoking as I did myself in 2009. But Klaus “could not” listen and understand, thus saying that neither the state, medical Mafia nor I shall tell him what to do! The simple truth is that everyone knows that it is WRONG to smoke, it is not good to your health, but Klaus loves it too much to give up on it. No one is going to tell him to change his wrong behaviour, not even I, it is to violate his “freedom”, he says, thus making him blind and deaf. Of course Klaus has his freedom to decide between “right” and “wrong”, and here he chose the road of darkness over me. In my book, this means “no, I don’t want to survive, I don’t want to receive new life, let me die”, this is what smoking does to you. This is why you will NOT see any smokers in our New World, which is made of light only, not darkness. There is someone in Heaven also loving you, Klaus, I am also giving you new life despite of your darkness, but you will NOT smoke in our New World, no one will :-). Later, Klaus said that each individual decides what is right and wrong to do, and he believes that the Lord believes it is alright to smoke the plant, he brought on Earth!!! But no, Klaus, it is obviously wrong to smoke because it is dangerous to health, there will be NO SMOKING in our New World of light only, where we remove darkness to sustain life! We will use Klaus as symbol bringing over the piano, i.e. the Source, to the other side, because he and the music industry in general knows about who you are. The music industry expanded the room I am going through, to release all strings attached to me too, to truly become free and do right, not wrong. This is bringing the “hole through”, opening the door for me, to let me out, my new self and all, to resurrect the Body of Christ. It is this tiny hole you are entering, to find and liberate me in the centre of all, to reach me inside, where I am creating all. This means that Klaus will receive the honour to start it all, based on faith, Klaus will be dancing directly in as a star :-). This is the importance of the music industry to us all, this is like man entering you, and I feel the Source and all entering me in the centre. It was Sanna, also Hans, sending the music industry to me, knowing about their big impact bringing energy of people supporting them to me via their faith in me.

We are one and the same, my old and new self, which means that I will not die after all before becoming my new self. I received my new Hifime ES9038 DAC, which lifted the quality of music a level, this bringing me immensely deep feelings going even deeper inside of myself as result. I was shown the sea now being up close to the side of the coast, which is my half of the Source now being united with life. I was shown myself as part of rock, or a ship, breaking off from the rest, now returning in new form (as the sea) bringing all force to the rest, thus new life. We have all other previous lives/worlds inside us as part of us, we are not only our new lives, we are also all other layers of life developed before us. You will meet all other life, parts of yourself, inside of you, and you will continue perfecting your life forever via new creation going deeper and deeper into your souls. We are about to getting our new clothes on, i.e. new life, I felt my new self, the TV program (of our New World) has already started. We will still start with you and Karen getting married, my new self is now about to stand up, feeling fresh, never again dizzy/passed out. We cannot stress enough that life was brought home in 2015, and the last three years was to bring you out too, my new self. There is no life without me controlling it all, which we praise ourselves lucky that man understood and decided to wait on me too. It is me possessing all drawings/documents to bring out life, so life may have be transferred and apparently being safe, but still it could not be created without me. If life had not waited on me, also following the advice of Vatican to wait, it would have been for no good, life would be eliminated. My new self had not been created, the most complicated at all, it is only via me you could become nothing. This was also an object of fight of the world, how many wanted to leave me out and start now (?), I feel Hans working to secure majority for me. If man had not waited for me, we would have had to start all over, this was the act of being patient and to understand. Man would only be shown a blank, you have to go back after him, no new life without STIG, we are life, but not without him controlling all.

This is a major story providing food for thought, think, understand, do right, how many would leave me to rot out here because you were sure, you had been saved? Where is he, the man that made it all possible, he must be in there too following logical thinking, I could not do it myself, I would have been lost if you did not bring me in via your faith. The most important was for me to continue working, to help man doing this task, because I was working on this side of man, thus having the strength of man via their faith, to pull me out too. I received a strong pain to my left heel, which is pain of Sanna and man to bring me in, more than expected because you were delayed, escalating world war situation etc. This is now me thanking you all for doing this, a lesson of not to rush out the door, but to think carefully. First when you will start to see as STIG, my old self, to take my sunglasses off, we can start transferring all here to you. No life, no Karen to you before we could see the road out, you coming to bring us out including all here. We will start opening the library to you and all inside here, and you bring all other libraries of previous creations. This creates one big library, which will be open for all to borrow from, i.e. all of our inventions of all time, of all creations. It is me, my new self, bidding you welcome, and I am shown the treasure (of life) we have collected here, it was almost impossible to find me. I was “the best seller” because of the strength of who I am, but I was made to look the opposite by my sister and man. It only took small means to obtain faith in me via my scripts, which however was “impossible” for my sister and man to believe in, to start with. But when you/I/we continued writing, it became better with more faith, thus uniting more and more around me, until all of the world could not help but believing in me. This was my main task, selling tickets to the football game (between light and darkness), influencing and convincing people via my personality. This is what it was all about, to have as many voting on me as possible, and to have these making even more vote on me, being my ambassadors.

The Danish parliament informs the world of my progress, when to give up to me (“not yet”), and how to absorb darkness as pain of the world, all controlled by the Vatican. China was secret rulers of the world, when they tried to reach the gold of me, to kill me, they really brought all life home to the source – they now declare their faith in me too. I was the part of the natural cell meant to see what was outside, which is how I became nothing, I am now being brought back to life, still with all force of the Source going through me. I decided to go against my voice and continue the game, which was the only way to rise up fully and discover that my father will not leave us after all, we are all inside of the Source. It is like a handle, it is red-hot hot if you should try opening all now, and when we open, it will be at the edge of the Source. The coffin of my new self is passing through very narrow doors at the corridors of Christiansborg, the Danish Parliament. Christiansborg possesses the last rail to the railway by informing the world of my progress, which is based on Sanna’s script, thus the Vatican. They inform when the world will have to give all up to me, which is “not yet, continue playing the game”, and how to absorb darkness as pain of the world, to help me forward. I am shown a very big stinging jellyfish all over the pulpit of the church, which is what the church is acting as, i.e. bringing darkness to the world, controlling the game. This is the jellyfish we remove, so I can look up into the sun, including to reveal the orders given to the system to declare me crazy, keep me down etc. To put forward all secret scripts of the world, which includes all that John deliberately did against your mother to reach you, the force of all. This is what they are all afraid of, to have their acting being revealed to all, thus showing their betrayal to lure “the mob” into eternal death. Coming here is what all said “it cannot be done, STIG will die before this, and the world will go down with him”. First when all is revealed, they will also call back the orders to kill you as Sanna, Hans and the world were obliged to follow. This will show how they always manipulated with your life instead of letting you be, who you are, me, showing myself to the world as I really am, as light and not darkness as they poured on me. Your (spiritual) mother, i.e. the world, was born without wanting it, she was forced by me, my new self, Jesus. “Do your best, start turning this around”, so we have moved from solid darkness to solid light, which takes time to do. You are not just an unlucky number, but the part of creation meant to stick out, to see what was outside. We don’t know why it is so, but every time life, i.e. the natural cell of Karen here, want a change, they ask me to lead it. This is how I have now become nothing, but inside of me, I am still the good old STIG, who used to be part of the cell I am now returning to. We are bringing you back into the shell of your old self, STIG, as we have reinvented, which is only possible to do when all of the glass house is transparent. Then I can see you as nothing there, transforming you back to what you used to be before leaving the cell, thus becoming your old self as normal life too. And with all force of the Source going through you, this is how I have made it, this is how you will become completely normalised. So you are all of this, nothing of the Source and then I have restored you as your old self, brought you back to life. This is what we have saved for you at the end, you did not give up your life to become nothing, to feed other life. Sanna also did not, this was also a major suffering of hers, as it was for you, now returning as your mother will too. This is how it is still true that you are the only one here, and yes, I, my father, am all of the sea below bringing your force.

I (my father) almost did not interfere from outside, which is why I created you, everything had to be done inside, and I could send you to work on equal terms inside. I was encouraged to finish my work in two weeks, when I will go to Rome, but I cannot make it, I will simply not be done, it will take me “longer”. No, you cannot do anything in here anymore, so why stay (?), well, I am just not ready, and normally you will always find “some more” when I keep on working. This is about rising him up fully, so he can manage himself, I (my father) will not leave you because you are all inside of me. It was just a catastrophe plan we made (when telling me that my father of the Source would leave me), so you are all home here, in the middle of your father. I may decide also to visit London and Arthur Findlay College in June, this is where the end meets, getting contact to all of me without being short (“the last rail”). We will wait a little giving him ears and eyes, not awake him yet, which would have made him and all believe they were all without me (my father). Life cannot work without me, so we had expected you would kick in this door too, no one believed you would make it here to the top floor, where all gold is. You are not the terminator, who was meant to erase all connection to me, which was written in your program of darkness, i.e. man wanting to steal you/me. But the opposite, going all the way home, not only to the Son, but to the Father because I am here too as I am everywhere, I will now restore you after having gone through this existential crisis. You had no choice, this road was not coded into you, it had to be about your natural instinct to survive, to go on playing the game even though I was told it would finish in Rome. I gave you this instinct too, just “knowing” that you are not done yet, everyone can just look at my apartment and see, this is my symbol given to you and all. No one told you to continue the game because no one saw you coming here, it is only when coming here that we won’t let you die first (before becoming my new self), but just be me. We are now ready to install the last part in you, getting unlimited draw rights to the gold here inside of you (my father). This means you would also have had to live your new life on a lie, it is only inside here you can float around, which you could not do on your own. I was shown a tiny ball, a cell of gold, which includes all energy and I felt that this is the foreign body inside the oyster of the cell of life. The Chinese have decided to go on, to meet Trump, which is because I go on myself, they control the world as it’s secret rulers, i.e. trying to get into the gold of me. When they did the best to kill me, they really did the opposite, to bring me forward, which is because of the opposite world, the only way leading to salvation. They didn’t have to ask anyone for permission, they just did it, fought you directly believing they had found the core of you. However, this was only the very edge of me, I still have much better tools, I feel the gold of the centre of the Source in me. I fed STIG with this, thus enabling him to foresee your moves and fight you, and when you attacked, he was gone, not where you expected. I had moved on working faster than you too, who were chasing me, thus bringing man with me home, this is the whole secret, China also could not follow my pace. There was nothing they could do, I had foreseen your every move and only if I did not do my work as STIG, you would have caught up on me, making me give up. They were secretly controlling armed forces of the world, not Putin, the game of world domination was much complicated. Who was really working for whom (?), this was the basic question, and here the Chinese won, so they were really digging in the gold, while dreaming of world domination. They also actively spread the news to the world about the “completely crazy STIG”, they were non-believers too, “there is no God, he is not in STIG, we have measured”.

It is first recently they have had to admit they believe in you too, the world and Hans made them, which was a condition to open up to all gold in me. Now, they are on a hurried retreat, “STIG is not raving mad after all”, they were themselves. I was shown a man cutting with the sword tirelessly over again, which is my new self, to bring me forward, you can now stop. My mother’s wrong sexuality, and my writing about it a couple of months ago, is what is killing you and Sanna. It is incredible that we are still alive, this power (of my mother) is so forceful that it could easily turn us into toothpicks – because of her uncontrollable thoughts, feelings and temper. This is how she refuses to bring her part of creation, unless I make her so calm via her love to and faith in me that she decides to accept it, also being loyal to Sanna, asking her. It is not with her good will, but still what keeps us on track, this is what gives us unusual good time to finish our work, otherwise she could have destroyed all. My mother’s destructive thoughts are enough to make the world break down if she completely loses it. This is why it was vital to control her temper and love to her children was the best way for her not to lose you. This is how you were really playing football (the game between light and darkness) against your own mother, who was the world, and received “help” from Sanna against me. This is what required sacrifices, I feel Bettina as example, when your mother could not stand you and preferred Sanna. And what brought you pain to bring life over on the other side, and if your mother had not reacted like this, there would have been no pain. It was her combination of darkness/”hate” and light/love that brought us through, sending me darkness needed for me to absorb, quite as planned by your spirit mother. All was done in her search for her son, who had left her, desperately missing you, part of her self. This is how close we had to bring all to you, via your own mother, and now your mother has given up to you bringing the world to you, knowing who you are. Part of the plan was to bring pain to the world, to bring energy, world to come home, but it has never been as bad as now. Sanna and the world only lives because you go through your worst sufferings and keep on doing work you cannot do, to bring energy that your mother steals via her wrong behaviour. No, you have never skipped work, which is the only reason why we are alive, and because of your mother’s incredible love to you, and world support in you. It is from inside your mother you come from and returns to, to become part of her life again, but now transferred to Karen and your new self, which is how we bring on life to the next cell. Your mother’s strong opposition to your apartment lately is part of bringing this the worst darkness to you and the world, i.e. the deepest part of me. This is what really made it more powerful than you could handle, your mother’s faith returned to Sanna, against you, which means that we should not be here. All was about “good appearances” to your mother, to show her good side, and not the truth, which she could not stand, and what Sanna strongly supported her in. My mother is all darkness I brought in here, and when she is not needed anymore, we will extract her, leaving your new creation, she was the only place we could keep documents, i.e. life. Sanna was one of the cells closest to you, which could have been selected to see what is outside, discovering the force of everything, but they chose me. Without me, my mother would have smashed the world completely, she was minus, I was plus, and the span between us is what brought creation. She had to choose between Sanna and me, which is the worst nightmare of a mother, which was to chose between elimination or survival. It was “completely impossible” to understand me and “easy” to understand Sanna, and she is simple minded, thus making my mission “impossible”.

Arthur Findlay College is my headquarter, the light of the Source including the Tree of Life and our New World, which I will overtake, when they will crown me. Arthur Findlay College planned the game between light and darkness, designed our New World and controlled the Source – the Church of England and the Vatican stood behind. Our creation was “a game” to bring “learning experiences”, all had been done beforehand, the point was to improve and bring much more life, which we did :-). I am not only life, I am the force of life created by all natural cells wanting to get out here, I am their projection, which is what we call the Source. It is time to put on the watch on him, not only his own creation, but all inside of me, the Source. Celebrities etc. knew about my coming, they just believed Sanna would win, and only because of this, you became close to being eliminated, because then they really had faith in Sanna. We better go with Sanna, she has all of the world with her, Stig does not have a chance, many were really planted to be on my side, one should collect all, and it started with you. This also made Sanna always feel invincible, which was really also part of the plan, first to obtain faith of these people when I started my mission. The whole world wants to know who gave him (me) the baptism-spoon, Hans did when he turned around bringing Sanna and the world with him. You are God’s gift to humanity, not Karen, she just is, there is nothing here behind all life, only you can see it. You cannot kill anyone in here at all, we have been here all the time, it was only a game, to bring “learning experiences” for future creation, remember? Writing everything down again, compare and take the best version, this is often how we are, how we do it. Otherwise, none of us would have the courage doing this, going a whole new road as no one has ever done before. Stig, you were not meant to be able to do this, to bring out more silver of your mother, because you are not supposed to work as you do, to endure the pain that you do. This was the whole point of doing this, to do it even better than before, set a new record, and you did, with your father standing behind it all. We would normally never walk this road, which is too dangerous, no one has done it before, going all the opposite (wrong) way around, through darkness. And not the easy way (as Sanna and the world tried to do), this is what it was about, to improve everything we had done in advance, This is what we did not tell you, and you succeeded. They cannot all be in the spaceship, which is why we have kept expanding the Source, as you have felt during the way, to bring space to all new life coming in. This is how we work sometimes, doing another new creation of what we have already done, to further improve, to bring more life, this is the recipe (of life). This is why it was so hard finding home this time, harder than ever before, we believed there was no life right in front of our door, but we were wrong, there was more life here than anywhere else. This is how we are bringing much more life of Karen home, this is the yellow light, or sun, which is about to burst out from me with big power. It is not just an incredible amount of people, vitamins, this is how we are, wanting to bring life to as many as possible. The most important of all was to break down the resistance of your mother allowing you to write everything, to bring herself as sacrifice, the main character of this story. This is all life we brought at Costa del Sol in 2015, and since, we just had to make you equally as big, bringing force to all. Somehow, it is as if we generate the amount of force out here required for the life we intend to bring, we just have to prepare it first (wish for it). You have brought out all life here to what we call the Source, this is where the force is, and it is measured after natural cells pointing at me, generating this force. Your mother was the first cell creating life, and the mother of the creation of Karen passing on the recipe of life for all future creation here, which will be inherited by all here. This is how there is life on one side and force on the other, which we unite as one, creating a whole new life. This is where we found the gold, there is nothing inside the cell, but there is out here based on the content of the Source. We can only build up this force with you being on the other side, which is without this force, this was the whole challenge, how do we bring as much here. It was on my tour to Mallorca in 2007, where I hired a car and crisscrossed all of the island, that we collected all darkness, i.e. life. This is where we prepared to unite the Trinity as one, the Source of my father, creation (darkness) of my mother and light of my new self, the Son.

I was shown the photo “the rainmaker”, which I picked at Arthur Findlay College in 2006, a symbol of the end of the game of sufferings and the light coming through after my new visit in June 2018. New England is what we could call it, Arthur Findlay College, after your return, which is a sign for them “you can start now”. The spirit of my mother: “I simply cannot keep it going any longer” (after visiting Arthur Findlay College in June) , which is the frame of our Old World. This will be to start your new heart with your consent, which is to be finished with all, this also means that there is no more sufferings of the world to give. We have removed all of the cell of Karen to here, which includes non-life, this is the part bringing the force, from one side to the other. So all of Karen is now inside of you, both sides, the one called the Source and the other life as I feed, via my father. The library ticket is for Karen, which is the library of life, I only bring the force for life, she is life, I am force, and then she is me and I am her on crosswise. You are catalyst of what is inside these natural cells, turning them around and bringing everything out, instead of contracting everything. We will walk directly into the light at Arthur Findlay College, it is my headquarter, this is where “the Tower of London” stands, our beautiful New World. Darkness brought the British Pound under pressure, and Brexit, trying to destroy my light as I had saved there, right in the Kingdom next to the capital, at Arthur Findlay College. Paul Jacobs of AFC immediately understood who I am in 2005/06, you just need to feel, have the ability to feel me, I am the only one feeling as the one, as “God”. Is God coming here in living person, yes Paul, this is where I started my mission, and I used you as my main teacher to open up to the inner of myself :-). England controlled the break-out of World War I and II and not Germany, they were “masters of the game”, on behalf of the Vatican, trying to find the way out to the light of the Source. The Tree of Life is right in front of you, unachievable for all, except you, there is only one who can return here saying “let us get started” :-). It is Paul, who will crown you, he contains the light of all, which I am coming to overtake from you, Paul, and bring to our New World. Man was nervous about whether I would make it to there, to collect this light, they did not know if the world had enough energy to bring me there. USA have deposited all of their energy with Britain, making them rulers of the world, if I won, bringing all with me there. It is there we really start all, and I was reminded about Greenwich Mean Time, “where time begins”. Arthur Findlay College and Paul Jacobs was also part of, not little, but much, of the group directing you, giving you desired qualities of life etc.. You can thank man for this, not me, the Source, I am just them, and what happened around you (events of the world, my family and network etc.). They are also part of the voice of the Vatican directing me, and I only do what they ask me to do, if I can, i.e. have the energy as Stig. They did not know how long I would take to absorb all, to save life from darkness, which depended on how I did my work.

Where is the boundary between the voice of the Vatican and Arthur Findlay College given to me, and the voice of the Source and my new self? They had even tougher scenarios for me, they decided the pace, not I, I feel my new self, to pressure me forward before the end of time. My old nightmare was also not me, but man. This is how they built your mother too, and then I received BIG SMILES from my new self. I may have been sitting in the background giving them inspiration, because all life is me, so there you are, man did all and was invisibly directed by me. This is where you will get four eyes, we have two complete new sets of you ready, our New World I and II, of Karen and I, and of our child. Arthur Findlay College were in contact with churches, NGO’s and other network around the world, giving orders, they approved me, saying you can come home now, via my inspiration. They also controlled the dark side, not only you as light, the outcome depended on who worked the best, and they controlled my father and predecessors too. It is really the Church of England at the Canterbury Cathedral, who stands behind this game, with branchings all over the world. They spoke to my new self too, and received the truth because they lived and behaved more correctly than my sister, who also received my voice (as darkness disguised as light). This is how I (my new self) guided man, I worked both as the voice of darkness (disguised as light) and light. They even influenced world leaders to do their indecencies, which they did with great pleasure, thus chewing Satan in you. It was not just USA standing behind Britain, all of the world did, i.e. countries deciding to believe in me over my sister, which is how this side grew in strength. Putin knew about it, seeing his power reducing on a daily basis, until the only way out was to bring all power to me, not to him or to the even crazier Chinese. Arthur Findlay College and clairvoyants also worked to bring faith in me and influencing my network for me, and influenced the world to “don’t launch the spaceship without STIG”. Under cover, they were also in contact with musicians and politicians and more influencing the society for you, and having my favourite musicians to work for me too. You are not only made from life, like your father, who is an independent identity out here that continues being here. I am the real father of all, the one that called for you, to leave the cell of Karen, who was created by all cells wanting to get out here. I am their projection, and you look like me, which is what we call the Source, which will continue being like this. Sanna and Hans will not believe, to start with, that they were directed by them, because Sanna received my voice, but it was actually from them. How could Sanna and man believe in this voice, when they did not believe in God (?), man had a creation called “all of man”, which was “their God”. All was based on man’s behaviour, to divide darkness in order to keep the balance between light and darkness to avoid the end world. Previous scripts on Arthur Findlay College from 2014-17: Paul Jacobs looked after my heart at Arthur Findlay College, who planned evilness of the world, I will open my heart to open all new life of our New World crossed with force of the Source. Arthur Findlay College were chosen as the spiritually leading people on Earth, Paul Jacobs set up the signal of the flame of life bringing us into the Source based on faith of man. We have placed the secret exit to the Source containing the eternal life flame with Paul Jacobs, Arthur Findlay College, who will hand it over to me to start our New World. Arthur Findlay College played the game of darkness of the world, but were really designing our New World, they controlled and were keepers of access to the Source.

Only I am made to bear the light of the Source without being compromised by its power, which is because there is really nothing here to be in power of. I will receive the tool of the Source at Arthur Findlay College, which can do all and will be open to all. This is when I will receive my new heart and where we will release all life of Karen, our New World. Constant surveillance, the Vatican with it’s branchings could disconnect from the Source, thus keeping their secrets from superpowers of the world. If I had given up, the world and man would have been given much stronger sufferings, which it was created for, and we would still have made our new and improved creation perfect. The very last part of two halves of a plate are being reunited, we are still making this unbreakable because we will never again be separated as mother, son and father. Paul Jacobs also believed he was God at one time, believing too much of himself, not being clean enough, it required someone like me not believing too much of myself, to become it. Only one is able to bear this light without being compromised by its power, which is me because I don’t desire it. Only one is made like this, to bring it on as part of himself, me, and only one man could go through the sufferings coming here claiming that “I am all, please load all onto me”, which is me. It was only the feeling of desire for power that made my sister and man want to chase me, to get this light. There is really nothing here but an imaginary world, there is really nothing to be in power of, only me, the force of all cells pointing at and making me here. This is what we can see being on top of the tree, no one else will see this giant magic number, this is how I am the most powerful man in the eyes of man, but am really nothing. This is how we are bringing all of Paul Jacobs inside of you, thus all light, and I feel him inside of me. This is when you cannot use me any more, my spirit mother, which is when we will “get rid of her” and open what is beneath, which is Karen of all with me. You don’t need you to ask for absolution even though man feel you have done wrong, it was part of the scheme dividing darkness. Thus also given to you/me me as it was to all of man, which is why absolution of man is not needed. The comparison 1=1 is a condition before the opening of our New World, all know, which is why I am visiting Arthur Findlay College in June, it is now true. Arthur Findlay College has followed you night and day, there is really one instrument showing when all is equalised, which comes with my visit there. Arthur Findlay College are in contact with all life on the other side, their teachings on communication with deceased persons is just an act to the world. They have direct contact here via the Source, which can only be used like this when used for a good purpose, this is how they could direct the whole game asking me for advice. I placed the tool here for these servants of mine to follow in my footsteps, to bring you to become my new self. It is here the transition will take place, when you will leave from here in June, this tool, me, is in you, but other than this, you will not feel a big change going from your old to you new self. All people, mainly myself, were like robots to this tool of mine controlling thoughts and feelings of the world, directed by man. Everything you read in my scripts comes from there, they are the masters of my scripts, the mastermind behind, pulling my strings without my knowledge. I took decisions myself as Stig having a free will, like everyone else, but I was heavily influenced by this tool, also sexually. All of my surroundings, and all countries and all people were, which requires a very big computer with no limitations to do, which is my brain coming to you.

This force of darkness was destroying you and your mother, and your decision to never give up is what made us come through, which is my contribution as Stig. I have only given few people insight to this tool, which can do all, you just need to tell it, which is what I will open to all, when you will do right. This is when I will finally replace your heart, this is where we will release all life of Karen, our New World, to start from scratch. This is what is coming now, the world will first not notice, but will calmly come over to me, seeing more and more of me, I feel Sanna here, there is a plan for this too. All world governments and all of the elite are fully updated on this work, they know of your arrival, are not allowed to talk, and know they will not continue being in power for much longer. Arthur Findlay College are using my voice, but it is my voice coming to you, your new self and mixed up with your father, mother and sylphs too. It is here, at Arthur Findlay College, we will merge Karen and you, we have already taken care of it, you have already been merged, just come and get it. It is difficult doing a Swan dance alone, this is what we have used all of these pains to your right ankle for, all is collected here. Hans and them promised to never let STIG into the class again, they ordered me to never receive you in the unlike case that you should show up here again. Well, I played the game, “oh no never”, they believed it would be impossible for you to open the crisscross knot, to enter here. Because Sanna already had received access, but no, she did not listen to me, she just believed she had and I let her believe she had never telling her myself. I feel Bettina inside here, everything is turned around, which is where they, the world, believed they had received access to because of this “small misunderstanding”. We have reserved this place for you, which is because only one person is able to come here, you, sadly Sanna did not have this. “Stig cannot create a New World, only we can”, there is only one thing bringing access here, which is TRUE FAITH. It is only in here, we can turn around all life of your mother to Karen, then I, my new self, just take on a new cover. I have used to being here with the Old World, now with a new as man asks me/us to do, it will still be your sexual activity that will develop all life here. We let Bettina directly in here when she passed away, to build a new colony to start with, based on her faith in you. This includes people in Kenya passing away, believing in and waiting on you, these were the ones starting and cultivating our New World, now waiting on you and all there. These are the ones starting your new heart, yes, new life, which is already here, believing in you, form the basis of your new self. Royals will come forward too, this is what they have prepared for centuries, their faith in you, which brought them straight to me and my new castle (my new self). Not to speak of your father and Kirsten, this is how your father’s main task was to help starting this up. And all people that all people have made believers in me and passed away, so we are already breathing and living inside this New World. You are already “joint property” here, we are all part of your new self, just waiting on you. I am thinking of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that simply disappeared on 8 March 2014, and I was told at the time that they would be basis for starting up all new. There is no darkness in our New World, which is already up and running and made on only a fraction of man and their faith in you. Stars like David Bowie, Lou Reed, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Tom Petty, Maurice White and others are here already. More and more (people alive) have started realising “this is not fake news, but real”, and faith will just continue becoming stronger. We have allowed man to look in here, there is nothing stronger to make man believe than showing what you will get, i.e. to show our New World. The beautiful part is that when more and more will enter, the more beautiful it gets, thus making it easier and easier to bring faith of the rest. I am shown my old self being pressured up towards a watermark, where the New World is on the other side, and then it is just to pass through this port.

May 2018: The Pope brought my new self, Jesus, alive, opened the Source and our New World, Karen and I are now married in Heaven, now I am alive, God as Stig

I felt my father, Peer, I pulled you up here, on top of the mountain, “it will be good having you back, my son”. I decided not to sue “the System of Hell” weeks ago, “they would be convicted”, the system knows you are right, instead we took a little longer designing an impossible way out. There are heroes everywhere, helping to turn around the attitude of me – musicians, politicians, family, colleagues and more. All would have been a bombed privy by now if it was not for all heroes, I could not have done it without your support. All traces lead up to the British Government, their most important task was to bring you alive, to save the world by going through darkness, planning and executing it. Not letting dark forces know that they pulled the strings on behalf of the Vatican, even the Chinese did not know. It was the merits of the British Government letting light defeat darkness, thank you for helping to bring mankind to me, they were the true guardians of all life. The British knew they had to destroy life, for example the Holocaust of Jews, to achieve this goal, to bring energy to awake you. No one had to know they invented darkness of Germany, Russia and China too as tools of darkness. We had to defeat the strongest and “impossible” darkness, all was a game controlled by Britain having the Source with them. “Proud as a Pope”, all was done on behalf of the Pope, working for me, with me, the will of Jesus, my new self. “This is how to save the world, you decide, but feel free to ask for advice”, they had the direct line home to me. They decided to bring STIG from outside (my old self sent by the Source) to give me a new chance sending STIG as the last chance to make it all work, to turn all around. Britain and the Vatican knew that if they failed, it would be goodbye to this creation too for good, no survival, I let them know, which was to bring their best work. It was uphill, “completely impossible” for a little minority of light to defeat a big majority of darkness of man (lack of faith and/or wrong behaviour of man). On Saturday, when I am in Rome, the process of breaking out will start, where my mother and I will be disconnected. And then you will start seeing the first glimpses of Karen, so this is the start of the spaceship you will see.

Looking into the Source was a personal thing, access was granted by the Vatican, i.e. people receiving radio communication from me, i.e. spiritual communication. Hans did too, which is how he became “a man of the world” with my assistance, because he was nothing without me, could not lead meetings as he does etc. A phony game making them sure they were right, I and everyone else wrong, because the Source always tells the truth, Sanna said so. Talk time reserved for STIG, people experienced that I stopped talking apparently without good explanation, “STIG must be right then”, because his voice continues speaking. They received truths of light and deceptions of darkness, which should not be difficult to understand, Sanna is not right when saying “all is true”. “Darkness disguised as light” became reality in the mind of Hans, and when your faith in your voice loses, it simply disappears, it didn’t for you, you had faith in me, so did the world. This was the single most important factor for these people to understand that “something is going on, weren’t we right” (?), as they all believed they were. When you will start seeing the first glimpses of Karen, it just means that you have turned all the way around, this is the ring of Karen as she brings you. I was shown a big pipe with water pouring out from it, the main part of the Source as we still have to connect to bring you alive. We are bringing the very last and little yellow part of the circle of all, the strongest of all, on place too, now we are home where all started, with my mother/father. All old life was almost eliminated, it was made by my mother and I and not meant to be, it had to dissolve, the only question is if we would make all new life in time before that. It was impossible to make old life stable, on contrary to new life, this brought my mother and I, and everyone, the biggest sufferings, which was meant to be the way to bring our New World. Your sufferings transformed life, if you had wanted to feel good, loss of life would have brought you energy, which is what Sanna and Hans and the world did, to feel good.

Elijah’s faith should have opened the Source to me, but he betrayed me, which would have ended the world, if I had not absorbed his lack of faith as my sufferings. Not only USA, lately Russia also worked together with Great Britain on my side, Japan too, until all of the world joined the ranks working for and not against me. It is really the giant wedding of yours and everyone that the Pope will do there at St. Peter’s Square in Rome on May 6, I am going to find “the magic formula” there. Pope Francis: I have now decided to give this to you, the sceptre, how to bring the world forward, which has been with me here for hundreds of years, which feels for far too long. You are welcome to see my bedroom (the Pope), I am also not clean, which was a condition for me, to bear this altar, to take on darkness myself, small boys are to my liking too. The world has not been turned fully around yet, this is the secret parts of me we are developing, we need this key of Rome to leave your mother, our Old World, behind. You have received approval to go on with the New World, it required that you had finished enough of your work to get this approval. I promise you that we will soon finish the building of all, this is the top of the dome of the St. Peter’s Basilica, we are creating roads up here. It is your mother’s phone number that we are going to transform to a whole new energy in Rome, this is when we are truly bringing all life inside the Source. The eternal life will be ignited at your visit to Vatican, the switching on of Karen and all life will have to wait until your visit to Arthur Findlay College in June. Seeing a hologram of a city in the sky is nothing compared to what will now come, I feel that magic is about to happen. The Pope is waiting on you they are all ready, hereafter you can adjust the strength of the Source, it is just about opening the door here. This is the first time one plate touches the other, which we have planned happening there, to release my new self. These are the first explosions of what is inside the egg that will come out, this is the first time stretcher is underneath everything.

It was “the most incredible you came through in Kenya” (in 2009), Meshack was connected to criminal gangs and murderers. But they did not attack me because I was different not exploiting, but helping them, which was the whole difference. You should never had been able to enter Kenya, thus never entering here, the program of darkness making it impossible for you to return home to the Source. I feel solid darkness, which is impenetrable, but I had to go this way, so I did and we helped you all the way bringing energy for the worst darkness to open to you. I felt a murder, Meshack never opened to this side of him, so your Kenyan friends are not that innocent, but have experience with guns. STIG on carpet slippers, trying to “feel the way forward”, would not have made you come through, your strong presence took them by surprise, we will just follow him then. None of your dear LTO members rebelled on you showing what they are also capable of, which includes Elijah. No one speaks to you, Elijah, as I did “insulting you”, father’s big boy, when I told them and the world what fool you really are, very dumb, slow and lazy – but nice. You don’t do that for free, but have to pay the prize, so you surrendered me to the police and immigration authorities, who threw me out of Kenya, I was not welcome anymore. No “rich white boy” tells us to improve, but you allowed me because I told you straight out as no one has done before, and still you knew that I loved you all. I am told that you, Elijah, were acting in collusion with Sanna and Hans, who told you that “STIG is crazy, you have to get rid of him”. And so you did, even though it was (should have been) easy for all to see that I simply spoke the truth of you. This is how your own self-image and pride was more important than me, and you have never admitted this to me not even after you finally obtained faith in me. It was all about money, how much did you receive to go against me and then to shut up from Sanna and Hans? They also called my father, Peer, to solve matters, but no, he had already handed over power, not to you, but to Sanna. This is why they and the whole world were chasing you, you should never have entered Kenya, it was incredible you stayed that long there. This was just long enough to bring what I wanted, which was faith of Elijah, who still understood deep inside of him that “STIG just told the truth of me”.

All of the team could see this, and also that there was no reason for Elijah to “lose it” as he did in Kenya, when reading my scripts. This is how it is when you for the first time in your life are told the truth that “you are NO big star as your father always made you”. All knew you had been sent out Kenya, so now they had you when returning to Denmark to a system they were in control of. When you met this system of Hørsholm Commune in 2009 applying for Cash Help, Sanna and Hans were ready to launch all of their plan (trying) to make you crazy. They never really succeed, because all can see STIG is and works normal, which they had not foreseen, because no one can take the doses of darkness as he did. Sanna could have written books trying to explain why STIG had not broken down yet, Hans did the same to teach the world. This is how you did not really receive faith of Elijah when leaving, he was mad, his mind was closed, he wanted revenge. He was a stinking egg, the fourth wheel of the car almost falling off jeopardising the survival of the world. But I was strong enough absorbing his lack of faith, because of the wrong influence of Sanna and Hans on him, as my sufferings. Otherwise you would have killed me and the world including yourself, Elijah, so don’t come here and play a game against me, will you? You have been surrounded by a world of lies, still I had them playing after my pipe to bring me darkness to clean. Elijah thought he would be decorated for getting rid of STIG, who was also his best friend in life because friends tell you the truth straight out without being yes-men. My mother knew of this too, “everyone says that STIG is crazy, also Elijah”, well, I just spoke the truth. I needed the most loyal friend to save the world, to open the Source for me, I received a puffed up fool with pride, who could not FACE THE MUSIC of me speaking the truth of him. This was about to bring the end of the world, all life was hanging in the thinnest imaginable thread because of Elijah’s “lack of faith”. Had Elijah behaved correctly, we would not have received these dangers the same way, but I would also then not have received darkness to clean to save the world. This was part of my circus performance, Elijah lived his whole life on being “a big man”, having a wrong self-image. In the end, my scripts made him believe in me, even though he had the greatest difficulties to read them.

This is why we forced your old nightmare on you, or tried to, because Elijah rejected you, thus allowing the world to eliminate me. All of this was his task, “my faith in STIG saves the world, my lack of faith ends it”, but only if I gave up, which I never did. I really have to thank you, Elijah, for sending me the worst darkness for me to absorb via my work and sufferings, this was your real mission to do. His rejection also blocked my voice, I feel how darkness around it, trying to block it, is being removed, thus opening completely to my voice. This is how a crazy world agreed to see you as crazy, even though all with their own eyes could easily see that you just spoke the truth. Instead they believed in Sanna over you because of their “inability” to understand the truth, and because they were easy to lure with money and fame making them “big men”. The worst is that they influenced your mother, who lost faith in you, which means that we started the end of the world. This is what I really wanted, a controlled meltdown converting all to our New World via me, instead of exploding all, when my sister and the world wanted to open all at once. You brought in so much faith from the world that it replaced the lack of faith of Elijah, which opened to my inner self. Elijah, you used to be the man opening to me, but now I showed the world that it was not necessary for you to do, when you acted as a dumb wimp. This is how the whole world was about to crack, it was only held up by my work and will-power, and faith of these people. This is what we call magic, which is your/my effort saving and transforming all, when all should have been wasted if it was up to man. This was the meaning of Elijah and your mother with Sanna and Hans working for the world against me, which was all because of lack of faith. We are here also because of the underlying big love of these people, this is what solid darkness is made of, love, despite of their resistance and lack of faith, they loved you. I received the feeling of Barack Obama, did I not tell you that he and the USA also worked on my side, with Great Britain. Eventually also the world when obtaining faith in me and understood the truth of your mother, Sanna, Hans and Elijah, all of these “trustworthy sources” were delusions. They also influenced Karen wrongly against you, thus there would be no New World until she started believing too. “Just don’t talk to him (Stig), this is the easiest”, which is why I did not hear from you for years, Elijah. I feel your wife Tina here, which is because we used her instead of you and her original faith in me to lift us up when you “could not”, she knew I spoke the truth of Elijah. Elijah was the most lazy and dumb fool imaginable, but a nice man, which is how the world is, with an uneducated third world having a big impact. Your father approved their plans, “it is perfectly alright, the only way to bring the Source out of Stig”. Well, he was not your real father of the Source, he only pretended to be, it is first with you that I am here, giving the only chance to turn all around.

The Pope is now not my messenger and head of the world any more, he handed over the sceptre to me, now I am the highest authority, I am me, the power has changed. The King of my new self: Now I am you having changed slough, and Karen too, now the Pope speaks via me, not the opposite, now I am only waiting to come out via you, being you. Then we will awake all life as only your new self can do from out here, we still have smaller pipes to connect first, the main pipe of the Source is now connected. This was the end of the Old World and beginning of our New World, we are already all new, we just pretend being our old selves. This is also the end of the system of the Old World, now you will receive new orders from me, carry on until I tell you differently, all are now allowed to speak the truth of me. The Danish Liberal Party worked together with Great Britain, but not all of the Danish Parliament did. The Vatican have a giant painting of me as they are revealing now, a big bunch or ripe grapes is being cut off, my new self is being released. Your mother knows you are becoming “Maxima” now, part of Karen, it is also about the mother recognising the son coming from outside to save her. This is what your father and Kirsten always feared, for you to go to the Vatican to discover this part of you there as no one has capacity to lift (but me) because of how heavy I am. The power plant is officially open hereafter, controlled by you, there is no darkness left to wash, only gold nuggets, which you will start receiving then giving you the first look into the Source. This is the end of the circus of the system of the Old World, who now support me, no more phony games, all will be revealed. I was shown a marble wishing well, then you can wish for anything, the mail is open then, I am passing the gate receiving a big dish of gold, myself. Please remember that you will arrive in two versions, i.e. two New World’s, and all versions will feel all versions of you, which includes all previous creations before our two new. Two dogs and then we just have to awake these, i.e. all life, as only you can do from out here, which is after the release of my new self.

You decide yourself when to move all to Karen, but we recommend you to wait a little longer, we still have smaller pipes to connect first, the main pipe is now connected. It was wrong what your mother did on earth, which it will not be with Karen, who will only do right, thus all will, whom she directs. I was shown the tablecloth of my mother falling to the ground, we are already all new, we just pretend being our old selves. This is how you can decide yourself how long your sufferings will continue, the Pope has already handed over the sceptre to you. On my flight to Rome, a spaceship approached our plane, it was flashing red and white, it was busy photographing me, to bring my new self alive, using all of our energy to do this. The spaceship: This was my task to do, to bring you alive as STIG, so now you are your new self, but we still play the old suffering self, I feel no difference. A Russian jet of darkness is trying to shoot you down right until the end, there was “drama on the plane”, the news “we have Jesus on board” hasn’t spread, has it? Now, Copenhagen is the new capital of the world, not Berlin, which is because this is here I will have my main residence, in Denmark. Germany is still equal with you, your expanded Kingdom including Denmark and and Sweden up to the derelict farm (close to Älmhult). You aren’t married when arriving, are you (?), yes, technically you are, it will only be done formally tomorrow by the Pope. This flight was one of the worst persecutions, a spaceship followed us while landing, it was us directing the plane, some instruments were not working parts of the tour etc. It was not a dangerous flight when you had faith, otherwise I am afraid the plane would have fallen down, I (the spaceship) helped you during critical phases. Because your mother is dead, my old self, so this flight should not be possible to do, it will be different on your way home being your new self and Karen. Your new castle is done now, this was the last part we talked about, now you are whole, now the Pope is not a messenger any more, now I am alive, God as STIG. It was faith driving you through this, armed forces, fighter planes, there were many men at work securing your arrival. Putin’s role was to play the bad guy trying to shoot down your plane, but faith was too strong, “you cannot shoot through him”.

Your mother has happily passed on the baton to Karen, now you are all her, my mother has removed her heart, the change can be seen from outer space. Elijah’s dark energy brought me here, he did the opposite of his task in an opposite world, which then became right. The bell is now with you, the clock of all, this is the first time God walks in the street, it is first now the electric light is lit in your room, the missing board member is home, the chairman. We have picked up Karens’ heart, we are now all part of Karen, but we still pretend being part of my mother. They thought Judgment Day was coming, if it was not for you, it you will lose it, I will make them believe the end has come, only shortly to burn off the rest. It would have killed “x thousands”, nothing more, the Vatican also have plans of this scenario, to the smallest detail, of every scenario. The Vatican co-ordinate all, which is the most important task of Pope Francis and his “Black Pope”, Arturo Sosa, the rest of what they do is “an act to the world”. Has he brought “los documentos” (?), i.e. “the recipes of life”, yes, alright I will start now, and I am shown a button (of our New World) being pushed. Pope Francis: It required brute strength to come here, I never believed you would make it, all think it is a miracle you are here. Helsingør Cathedral receive their orders directly from here, so does Sanna, which made her believe she worked for the good cause, but she was cheated too easily. The King of my new self: Now I am you having changed slough, and Karen too, now the Pope speaks via me, not the opposite, now I am only waiting to come out via you, being you. Pope Francis: Now I am just a cupboard employee, and not the head of the world, I have to get used to that, being sad, but composed, this is the end, his task was to control darkness. It is your decision now, I only give advice, no one will receive the authority to “just do it” as the Chinese did, now I am highest authority, the world knows, I am me, the power has changed. All ministers of the world were appointed by me, via the Vatican, they are received in audience by me, they promise they will do good. However, this is a formality, everyone knows that behind the lines, it is the opposite via secret orders, so there is one face outwards showing good, but all know that it is the opposite.

Now you will all receive new orders from me, carry on until I tell you differently, all are now allowed to speak the truth of me, not calling me a “monster”. This also used to be the task of Sanna and Hans, to tell the world what to do, what they believed was right, Paul Jacobs also sent out orders, each had their power of attorney. I am pulling all darkness of my old energy back to me, the hole in the world is now being repaired, I am full and free, my new self, now there is no more darkness, we only act as if there is. Hans acted as creator and had to build common ground of the world on his manifest, going through Sanna – we can use what was agreed upon, which is “good”. I am now the light for the first time, I now experience via you Stig, who is me, but we will maintain this act for a while, as if I am two now, my old and then my new self via my voice. I have come out from the skeleton, I am shown my new self coming out of the skull of it, which is what you had to become, a skeleton still alive to get me out. This is the end of the tunnel in the mountain, where I am with all gold, this is where I (my new self) came to before I could no more. And this is where you had to go, to reach me, as your old self, which was not easy at all doing, setting a new record, now you/I are all this gold. I controlled both light and darkness, man had to choose and chose darkness, which should have brought the end of the world. If it was not because I had turned everything upside down (“the opposite world”), which I did because man always chooses the dark side. I just had to control it, not to let it run away bringing an explosion, the end, but for my old self to absorb the energy, to bring my new self as light on the other side. The police of Helsingør failed to bring you in on Psychiatric Hospital, Sanna asked them to, the Vatican stood behind it. If not for this, you would have been hospitalised and not likely to get out again, based on the old orders of Sanna before she changed them. The Lutheran World Federation are also directed from here, not from Sanna and Hans, this is not their area, they did more in discrediting me. Lars G. almost received “the big crown”, he also wore part of my gold crown because he was my best friend for many years (1988-2003), which came off on him. Sanna and Hans decided to steal my energy, and this is what I first now have retrieved, he received the inner most of me coming the closest on me of all. I brought my mother, our old selves, with me from the Vatican, she is now part of me here, this creation is not on Earth any more, she was creator together with my father. All have been so busy clawing in, money and more, they sit on all, which is, i.e. energy, which is what we will turn around. I received the feeling of the Pope being nervous today, this was his dress rehearsal before presenting you to the world, “let me present our saviour”. “This is what I have waited for all my life, but it feels empty without you”, the voice of the Pope says.

Karen and I are now married in Heaven, our New World has started, she accepted in my mind, it is all up here in my mind, Karen and I are now one. My new mother re-entered me, she is alive, she is all creation, she is uncrowned, and will bring a tireless effort too advising on creation, sharing her experience and knowledge. The pilots from my flight to Rome will go over in history for saving their plane, the world thought this was the end, which was the only way to bring enough energy to bring me alive. Now all can speak to and about me freely, also on public radio and TV, the former ban by Hans & co. is herewith cancelled. Elijah brought me and all life home to the Source being the opposite sign in an opposite world, this is how he also had this power in this world, as expected sending me his dark energy. This was the fourth part of the wheel now on place, even though I am free, I am still pulling a very heavy load of darkness, your old self died in respect of himself. I am still pulling life in of you and me, the mass used to mark our monogram, you are now as big yourself that you have become a name, i.e. we are here. Now, it is about making the child stronger, me, there are many half finished houses built close to me, which we just have to finish first. You are not only admitted into Spiritus Sanctus, but all in you, which is what the Pope preached, as a matter of safety, he decided to include all, including previous creations. You have dug yourself out of the debt prison, we will then carry out at the British Isles what we have leaned here, i.e. becoming my new self. I received a big package of Karen, which was part of the deal of the Pope, now we just have to bring it home, it all starts in Britain. Hitlerjugend was told about their goal reaching their New World, which is no different than what Hans told his “youth army”. Did Hitler know what he was really doing, bringing darkness to the world to reach me (?), yes, in the end I gave him, i.e. me playing him, peace. Hans did not know of this, I had promised him to play a similar role, well, Hans, you are not a big leader, you don’t have the charisma as I do (when I am outgoing and on top). Your mother will soon also come out of Rommel, an alternative birth place, “I am also here to advice on creation, sharing my experience and knowledge”.

Arthur Findlay College are professionals, they know you are not giving up, thus preparing the big package including all for you. My father of the Source is all force and my mother is all creation, which leaves us my father and mother being all, even though this world is branded with your name. Then, I received a GIANT out of this world pain to my right ankle, which was my mother asking to re-enter with all of her force, so now I am all as the Pope requested. I am alive, my new mother, now she is all creation, which is what what she represents here, uncrowned, but she will do a tireless effort for you too. The system and my family and network have amended their journals and reports on me to look better, do NOT (!), show the truth, or I will, I have all on file. The reason why the pilots accelerated the engines so strongly in the flight the other day was to keep the plane in the air. It is funny how difficult it suddenly can be to keep in the air all the way to the airport, apparently without a good reason other than darkness trying to kill me. Elijah’s sacrifice – showing his true self as dumb/slow/lazy to the world via my scripts – is on the same level as showing my mother and Karen as sexually frivolous. Now all can speak and write to me freely, the former ban by Hans & co. is herewith cancelled, and you are allowed to recognize and speak to me. And when asked about me in public radio and TV, it is fine to speak the truth, and you can become friends with me on Facebook, and call me too :-). We are opening the store room to all, then I can come forward, my new self, I will bring force of the Source to all for creation when making love. Inge (Kirsten’s mother, Tommy’s widow) has always loved me because of who I am, which is why we placed some of your mother’s creations with her, there would be no eye in the sky without her. All power falls from the sky to all, because I have delegated all power to all life, which makes me just one of you. The pilots from my flight the other day will go over in history for saving their plane, what was wrong with it (?), there was nothing to see. I decided NOT to start transcribing my notes to scripts in Rome, but to wait doing it until I came home, I did not have a laptop or suitable place to do my work there.

This brought me MUCH and STRONG criticism from my voice because my trip was “the total end” for many, who know we have removed all (old creation). My voice pressed me to my outermost, telling of the importance to the world for me to write and publish my scripts. I kept being told about the world not knowing what to do with me being in power now and about possible negative consequences because of my decision. I could only tell myself and my voice “I don’t care, do what you have to do, and I will do mine, and then we will have to see if we can meet somewhere”. Everyone thought this was the end, right there in the plane, but when I kept it up, they understood I had won – Moscow had received secret orders only to scare me and the world, and they did. This was the only way to bring enough energy to bring me alive, so the world was following this flight, the only way to come down to my burial chamber. This was the only way I know how to make spaceships, which was to let much of the world believe “this is it”, and out of this comes my new self forward. This was the world’s hardest trip, it should not be possible for me to walk the streets of Rome, but here I am here, I landed as my new self and a whole world followed and saw it. Not least because of energy of Kenya, I knew I had to write as I did (about Elijah) following my voice even though I did not like writing it at all. Please speak to me normally as you would to everyone else, just treat me as Stig, and please do NOT bring me your excuses for working against me, I know. How excited do you think the world is of receiving me without being able to tell (?), well, now you can, nothing is holding you back. It was here you were born, for the first time sticking your head out, letting an interested world see you uniting all as one. This was the task, to bring me as the last before taking off, I am the fuel required for all. My father’s mother, Adela, is also inside the completely empty room here, it was her task to bring me. She made me via Hitler, creating my father, and he made me, so I am born from out of the worst darkness. All life decided to go with her, to me, so we really have to thank her too, yes, she was on my side, my father was not.

Now you have found what was hidden and impossible to find to the world, but not to me, the right heir going all the way. I came here with my eyes closed, just listening to my voice guiding me, now the foreign element has been placed inside the oyster, me. Et Spiritus Sancti, it is amazing that STIG chose Karen, who betrayed him, when he was not attracted to her physically, only spiritually. Now you are married in Heaven, our New World has started, Karen did not know we could get married this way. Well, she has accepted in my mind, it is all up here in my mind, Karen was the most beautiful bride here 🙂 ♥. You brought the two halves, or pieces, perfectly together on this trip, now Karen and you are one. Sanna and Hans planned this trip too, it was the best decision you did, coming here to turn all around, otherwise I would have been born as a wog (“no life”). This would have brought “trouble”, i.e. strong sufferings to the world and I to burn the rest off and then open to me. The world knows and this is what we did all to avoid, you and the world would bleed, Queen Elisabeth might have died, world trade would break down etc. bringing fear. Elijah brought me and the train to the end station being the opposite sign in an opposite world, always being a disgrace, which is what was expected of you to bring me in. You received Elijah’s approval to begin your journey in 2009 in Kenya via his faith then, and now his approval to end it. This is how you also had this power in this world, Elijah, really without knowing it just acting on your basic instincts. This is why they had closed access to you to Kenya, but still I entered as I have written about before. The mail will continue being delivered, now only with you as the deliverer, now you are the post official. Vatican is not any more, they stamped all new life “alright to bring” and gave each child a number in their complicated system, which is what they also controlled being “keepers of life”. It is not in mine, where you just get the next number, all will, there will be no denial to access, all babies will receive the genuine stamp of STIG, eternal life has started. I am working hard on the golden core with the hammer as you are heading down to, we will first bring out all of Karen, when we have the very cleanest of all gold.

All I have brought from Rome, I will bring out at Arthur Findlay College, London, in June, where we will start up all, the spaceship is ready, we are only doing small adjustments now. We moved the Nazi machine from Berlin to Copenhagen, my close network were Nazi leaders, who wanted to turn me into a new Hitler, thus really saving man! We have left a little of your soul in Vatican for them to work with, until you fully become your new self taking over, you will receive the rest at Arthur Findlay College. The world is waiting to hear from you, what to do, I received threats of my freedom being withdrawn if I did not publish my script. We will “release the lump sum”, i.e. bring an explosion to the world because it would “run away”, forcing us to open now, if not hearing from me etc. “Take it easy, I do as I told you I would do” and “I don’t care, this was my decision, I would do it again, do what you must do and I will do mine”. I worked hard and published part 1 of my script of Rome on May 10 and part 2 on May 11 – “you saved an incredible amount of people from dying because you do this work now”. We were close to release a bloodbath also because the world wants to know what happened with the UFO and your flight, which would also have hurt you. It is better now when the world knows what really happened – it is only because we will never go through this again that we pressure you to the outermost. We finished the last creation of you in Rome, this is when God was made, we would have had to force your old nightmare on you if you did not go/not do this work. This is what we feared we had to do to you, thus to the world, which is why we pressed you this much, but you did as promised. It would be Hell, we would use Medina for this, which would bring her death, which she knows about too. This was the importance of your trip, the only other way to bring energy would have been to start destruction of the world, which would also be to destruct you. Your brought the message to the world before it was too late, they had not given up on you because of your announcement on Facebook saying “wait on me”. I also had Queen Elisabeth fearing for her life, and with her all of the world, can STIG really do this, bringing us all through?

We had a backup copy of you, your mother, in case anything should go wrong, but you did fine, we think. This (in Rome) is when your mother called and transferred everything to you, which was not without danger to do. We had made our precautions, but you passed, not even one creation was destroyed, which had only happened if the world really believed you would not make it. It was Queen Elisabeth deciding “do I have to dismantle the Old World now, if STIG cannot make it” – “to bring energy for him”? She decided to wait, and she saw you bringing all home, thus making herself dispensable, but we will keep you as part of my mother, not a queen, but a “normal person”. This was our plan, not to let the Queen give up, but to pull out all of her, still believing in you, “of course STIG can bring all home”. Still, we would only have had to eliminate a few thousand people if you had not made it, it was the feeling of fear that it it would be much worse that drove it. We painted a much worse picture than it was, to bring out as much as possible from you and the world – you had to accept your old nightmare before we could give it to you! I was shown myself inside the pyramid, it is still about bringing me in perfect centre position of all, which is what we bring in all energy to do. We will close all at Arthur Findlay College in June, I am encouraged to finish my work, which is what the world are doing, finishing up all now. This is where we will start up all, the spaceship is ready, we are only doing small adjustments, your final touch to your website and apartment. All that I have brought from Rome, I will give to all at Arthur Findlay College, which I plan to visit from June 12. This is the the day that Trump will meet Kim Jong Un, they will work as an antenna sending out all energy I have collected when having the eyes of the world on them. When they have all of the world with them, who want peace, and they support me, I have all energy of the world to bring out there. The last time, Berlin was chosen, now Copenhagen was chosen as the fight stage of the world, this is the Nazi war machine under disguise, which we have moved to Copenhagen. You were Hitler then, refusing to become it again, to be under their control, it is the same gallery of people, but under different names, who were chosen, their destiny, to play this game.

This means that some of your closest, I feel Hans etc., were some of the highest within the Nazi regime. They wanted you to give in for them to play the game bringing the end of the world as you did as Hitler, but this time you/I were too strong for them, “never give up” means “never give up”. These were the men wanting to rule the world knowing they could only do this when having me on their side, or to get rid of, which became their plan. All was based on their lack of faith, they did not believe in me being God, which is why they wanted to overtake me. STIG is not the leader, we are, we may use him as figurehead or to dispose him and steal the force we know miraculously is inside of him. The way to your mother, i.e. life, went through you, which they also knew was in her, with my force. These are really the people we have to thank for the survival of the world because without their desire to enter me, man would never return home to the Source. They know who is who, I do not as Stig, they did not realise they were deducting from life, they were brainwashed believing they saved the world by destructing it. This was the central rule of the world, being close around me because I am the gold of all, controlled remotely by the Vatican, Great Britain etc. But headed by Hans, this was the declaration of confidence he received by the world including Vatican, he believed, not knowing they were really on my side playing a double game. Our New World has started spinning around, there is a chain connected to it, which keeps rolling in new life, which is added to it, making it bigger and bigger. We cannot bring in deeper creation, we will continue forever bringing in new creation until the depth we have reached here – we have moved you from the pyramid, you will not wake up there. When John discovered that he supported the wrong side that would have led to the end of the world, he received fear as all did, thus bringing energy. Is all of this less speech because we are slowing down the Old World, creation is over, before we will open the New World for all to see?

We are now bringing all other creators and their creations alive inside of me, I win because I was the first making it through darkness. Karen believed you were gay, Sanna told her, which made her not want to return to you, until she also understood that this was a lie, you have never been gay. My mother was poisoned by doctors on Hillerød Hospital last year, which was “this close” killing her, “what kept her alive” (?), the doctors were amazed, my presence/healing did. This is why the world was not given a “triangle knock”, which would have “eliminated” it, or make it look as if. It is not too much to say that the world has been breathless, mostly, it was a race on time, would I be able to make all before we had to end the Old World. Yes, I had all the time in the world doing my absolutely best, and I feel Sanna and Hans which is to say that this is also their achievement. Only you can see when you are finished simply by looking at your apartment, am I happy with all details? All in all, it was impossible to make it through with the world that we see intact, which Sanna can confirm. The more you came through, the better creation, no one would believe it possible to bring a perfect new palace, but this is what I am looking at. Magic has already started, but the world is not showing it, thus allowing me to finish all. They have been breathless waiting on your next script, how would STIG make it through this knot of darkness (?), by opening it, by being myself, natural, and to do my work. I received approx. 10 strong out of this world pain to my right ankle, this only enters now because I don’t give up despite of feeling absolutely awful every second. Eliminating life, as Hitler did, is a quick way to eliminate darkness to reach the light on the other side, the alternative is to go through these inhuman sufferings. It is only you, who could decide to eliminate life instead of absorbing it, to be relieved from sufferings, Sanna could not, and if I had, Lars Løkke and others on the line would try stop me. This is about “read rights” and opening new formats, which we are first now seeing, thus bringing it in too – after removal of darkness and via growing faith in me. We keep adding to the palace (of our New World) after you have been born from the Pyramid and been raised up.

You opened to the Palace in Rome not knowing that more would come in, when improving, which is what would have been burned off if I had given up and allowed darkness. My new self, Jesus: “This is creation we have never seen before, you are all made of gold, but we don’t know what this is”. “It is nothing we have had to do with, but it automatically seeks us feeling that we offer better creation than theirs”. “This is about other attempts to break out, which have been done, but not by me, and is it so that my destiny is also to absorb all of these creators and creations? Thus making me the winner of all “Jesus like characters”, the only one, yes, they have all, so far, accepted you/me/us. We are now bringing all other creators and their creations alive, inside of me, I win because I was the first making it the impossible way around through darkness. It could only be done, when moving out of the Pyramid making me visible to everything else here on line, and because your mother, Sanna and all did not give up. The Pope knew too, they have been in contact, there is already invented a number system of all life, which I will overtake, thus making it easy to get started. They have been monitoring you too, through the Vatican, waiting to come home to you, they are ready to move in, they know our systems, have adapted to it etc. Now all of the world is open to you, first now, this is a gift we did not expect, this is how it is when you look into all rooms of darkness inside your mother, which we have not seen before. I have been up against people created as “cold” without feelings of empathy etc. including Karen – at least in sexual terms. These are the people I had to be stronger than, when I myself felt all and had to take/absorb all of their lies and unjust. I now have a completely free view, I am shown “tons of people” walking at the Central Station, which is all of these “not-mine creations” now moving in. This is the big piano, which we also could have brought in later via growing faith if you had given up now. Commune employees and many others saw me as “completely strange”, Sanna made them, and now it is “impossible” for them to turn around thinking that “Stig is normal”. It was impossible for them to understand my “conspiracy theories” – the elite killing the mob of man – which made me “sick” because “all can see that Stig is paranoid/crazy”.

All were because they were too lazy to read me, brainwashed and showed their better-knowing ignorance. There were no limits to how dumb they were, this was the sickness of the world, this is why you have to improve work, communication and behaviour to make life sustainable. It was not all who saw me as I am, which is clearly the normal here because of my good relations with people and outgoing nature. It was impossible for these people to believe that the world elite is a criminal syndicate, but you wrote it better than any – the invisible war of the elite against man. Sanna eventually read and understood this too, which led to her not understanding how Hans could be part of this. She had not approved this, is this how they wanted to make a child on her, and on my mother and me too by double crossing us? Yes, this was Hans’ most important task, to overtake us, bring us out of the game, to eliminate us. This was the uncomfortable truth as the world did not want to get to know, thus refusing it as lies and fabricated stories. I am up to date with all scripts and have now also written monthly summaries of my 2018 scripts to my website, which was a milestone for me to reach. This was my mayday, I was disconnected from my website months ago when the Source was split in two and my new self was burned off, if I had allowed it, before retrieving all. It required for you to reach the deepest bottom of you to do this work catching up on the gap, which was the hardest of all to do. Originally, I believed it would take “some days” to do after retrieving access to my website, but it took many weeks using force and will power far beyond what I had in me. Sanna really also should have been dead when carrying you from last year and until you came here receiving all of your new self, yes, she did to keep up the world. These creations coming in, come from “outside Heaven”, and I am shown a giant, ancient, Greek palace on top of the hill as symbol of these world’s of other creators. I was shown and told about receptors being installed in my arm, so all of my feelings come from all life being me. It was not our desired wedding, when Karen and I were married in Heaven, this is how it had to be when Karen was held back and we had to move on, maybe an informal wedding coming? I was shown the bottom of the spaceship being lifted up, we are again checking all there, there is nothing wrong to see, everything is perfect here.

We have now connected wires to all life here, Karen is made of pure gold, so are they too, i.e. being filled with force of the Source. Karen cannot come here before you have given up saying “this is all I was set to do”, which is not yet, but we are coming close :-). I was shown sparks all over, this power is still in-between you and Karen, the two plates of us, as nothing. It is this power Karen and all other life receives, which goes through them, and it all comes from my sexuality, this is how we have built it, opening to Karen. It is really when I go in under the strong force underneath the rocket, as I am shown here, that we will release it to all. We are getting ready for you in here, this layer of light/force, which is really where you live, everything else is made up. Your father should have seen signs in you showing you are the Source, which he was not, but believing he was. If he had, the game would not work, his belief also became Sanna’s, but no, they never inherited me, all force, only a little store of the Devil showing as God. Now it is not the voice of Vatican that is sent out to Dalai Lama and all, but my voice directly, i.e. the voice of God. This also means that it is not the Vatican or Arthur Findlay College sending the voice to me, but my new self directly. “It cannot be true that STIG is right and all other of the system is wrong”, it is all of this you are coming through doing the impossible to make the ordinary man believe in you. Without Benedikte, the system, giving in and revealing the truth of you to keep the game going for as long as possible, this was not insignificant to create me. And people were not allowed by the system to go against it, which made it easier to declare STIG “mentally ill”. I only have energy because man gives it to me when exercising etc., when being active and not sitting down doing nothing, then it will not work out, life requires activity, always. Sanna and Hans also did not understand this, they believed the force was there all of the time, no, it is generated all the time, so to stay alive, you have to exercise, which is a vital part of life. When my mother and I entered a lift, it would almost not close the door, and it started lifting slowly, which is because my mother almost cannot stand up in the mornings feeling POORLY. I was told that my mother, via Sanna, knows that I have become my new self in Rome, your mother has also become her new self, all have.

My elixir is running out, but it is kept hidden by the world, this is the first part of the force of the Source, all new life coming in, which almost cannot be hidden anymore. This is the New World opening in front of your eyes, but not to you because you are still working, it is also Karen pulling that makes this, her desire to change, to be with me. You still refuse to give up your work, “there is more to do”, the world has sworn for it not to come here before I am done, we will first give you new life, when you accept it. This new air is coming in just in time before the end of us, it could be seen from space, which is because here it was visible first. Sanna has also put her work effort towards the Danish government together with Hans, “STIG is coming now, he cannot no more, he is finishing all his work and apartment now”. You became your new self in Rome, but it takes some time getting up to you, it is Karen we are bringing to life, all life, thus also your new self containing all. Then the pyramids have played their roles, they had all energy stored, which is released with the birth of your new self.

It was really “completely impossible” to switch over all life from the platform of my mother to Karen as we did in Rome, “it cannot be done”, but we did it! The part of me that sought over to Sanna has been transferred to me, now Jesus is really back, we have connected the part that went with Sanna, and me. Darkness is still controlling all of the world all of the time until we make it through to the light, this is right to do however painful it is to watch humans suffering. The voice of God, all is God now, can man feel the difference not being Sanna or another imitation of me, but the real thing (?), and I feel that man can. No, it is not without signs that all life becomes part of you, as Karen, not my mother any more, the world is relieved. We are now transferring life hidden in Sanna, and in Karen and other places, to you, and I received out of this world pain to my right ankle. This would otherwise have been burned as “left over documents”, this is what we have lived on to sustain our mother, i.e. the world. This is what Sanna collected from me in Rome, it could be used for nothing without my wedding in Rome, which was the secret for me to get, to open to everything else. It required more than a handstand not to overturn, but this is what she did waiting on me to finish, which saved all from the smallest creep to….. I felt Jesus and Sanna, this is the part of me that sought over to Sanna before now coming home to you. So you have only been semi-connected until now, now Jesus is really back, we have connected the part that went with Sanna, and me. You are not the antenna, are you (?), so we have already sent out our signal using opportunities to get to the world population. I was shown two barrels of a gun being aligned horizontally, these are our two new world’s, to be brought out simultaneously. How could you avoid being infected with gonorrhea from Karen (?), who already had it when meeting you, but Sanna told the world that I brought it to her. My mother has ended up being immensely proud of me, seeing herself as dumb when she went against me for writing the truth, now seeing me as a hero – as do Elijah and many else. This resistance brought me my voice of darkness deceiving me, which confirmed to you that I was a liar, which also made Karen not want to speak to me.

Later, Karen could not run fast enough to you, which was potentially also a danger, because this will first be when I am done with all. I still have to enter the room, where I control all as the pilot, I have almost received nothing of the power device, I will receive more and more with faith of man. This is what Sanna/they tried to do, to make me crazy, all could see I was “hallucinating”, which was really to try hiding that they were about to eliminate “the mob” of 90% of mankind. Is Karen still married in her earthly life (?), it does not matter in Heaven, here it is where her heart really belongs. Karen was imperceptibly overtaken by me, her old husband was man giving him to her, when they did not want me, and now it will be me because man accepted me. Darkness is still controlling all of the world all of the time, I will soon stop, it is now me holding this up directly. There are no changes for now, keep the balance between light and darkness to keep the world alive, until we will make it through to the light and open all. This is the only right decision to take however painful it is to watch humans suffering and dying, with people of the Dadaab refugee camp used as example. FC Helsingør lost by 4 to 3 in the decisive match, thus relegating from the Danish Super League, they were as “unlucky” now as they were “lucky” last season. It is enormous weight (“darkness”) of the central station coming in, i.e. other creators and creations entering me, that brought this “unthinkable result”. FC Helsingør knew that my trip to Rome went fine, which is why “we cannot lose”, but darkness is stronger and more dangerous than ever, that is why. My trip to Rome went straight in on them, which made them relax, “now we will not relegate”, but you do when not doing your work good enough! They believed “now we are home”, but did not read me good enough because I continue working, I still have more to do, which you should have noticed. You have really only yourself to blame, your wrong attitude, which I do NOT like, always do your best, ALWAYS! Your wrong attitude made you unlucky, you should have saved yourself, because you really play better than having to relegate. This was before we had made the spaceship ready, starting our New World for all to see, before the documents were dry so to say (creation free from darkness).

Hans calmed the elite saying “don’t worry, we have won”, this is a lesson to the world, don’t celebrate too early, continue doing your best right until the end. I have not done myself as you and the world, I have told myself everyday to “continue being disciplined, do your best work to end all, don’t start relaxing”. This wrong attitude is what makes it more difficult for me and us all to bring in the last life, which we are doing now. The Pope did not prepare the world good enough, still I have set the direction forward, I keep driving the train forward when I continue working until the very last moment. Otherwise, it would have cost you your old nightmare, this is what the lazy, sleepy world almost brought you, which would have led to destructions of the world. But of course it would require for me to accept it, which I will NEVER do, all was because of the final remarks of Sanna and Hans, “STIG did it, relax, all is done”. This is essentially what we had expected, to bring your birth, only much stronger, no one believed you would still be alive and kicking. On the other hand, this is what sent me so strong darkness to absorb, making it possible to dig out my new self including all additional life. This is the ultimate symbol of laziness, you really left me to bleed, to die, this is why you lost in football, but no, I won’t let it happen, I don’t give up, never! There are still people all over being afraid of you, what will happen etc., man was still worried about and focusing on hiding their wrong activities, well, come on! The message is to get back to work and do your finest always, or we cannot survive, this is the natural reaction of people not knowing what to do after my return and take over. This is also why it took so long to do a follow up script after returning home from Rome, because of inactivity of the world. Come on, mankind, show me the best you got, support me all the way through not resting on your laurels, will you? These are birth preparations before I will show myself to the world, which they fear because it will show their betrayal to man. And it will make them lose their power and special status including extreme amounts of money and (wrong) sexuality. This is what Hans is afraid of, which is that I will overtake his role as world leader and he will be brought in disgrace. But we will reset all and start all over, this was just your role in our Old World, so don’t be weak, but do your best right until the end, which includes to support my sister and mother.

It was started by yourself doing nothing the last 1½ day in Rome, when the most important, so this is what infected the world to bring me this darkness. This is how deep we have to go to bring out my son’s heart, I am shown a big heart, as the whole universe is based on, to use this to start all new. This is what they will awake at Arthur Findlay College, your new self as you hand over to man and all life saying “go ahead, bring out your creation on basis of me”. My attempts to find a girlfriend in 2008 made it impossible to reach the deepest layers of your mother, which is then what we needed man to do via this blackout. This is how hard it is for you to bring the spaceship over your head, this is what we feared in Rome we would not come through. It was really “completely impossible” to switch over all life from the platform of my mother to Karen, “it cannot be done”. You have received carte blanche (“unrestricted authority”) just writing everything over, it required for you to find your way and to stick to it, we have now ended this operation.

Other Creators have made many attempts to rescue my mother and I, the world would have ended if they had not poured energy in to save us via their sacrifices. I am entering the library to replace Sanna there, but she was only inside a copy of the world, where I will be inserted into the true world of Karen. “There is no one as strong in the world as you”, had I given up on my “deadly mission”, the world and I would have died, I took on the worst pain myself to release you. First, the summit between Trump and Jong-un was cancelled, had I lost “the football game” to darkness (?), but then the summit was (almost) reinstated, a play of the game. I see the signs clearly, losing in football is loosing to darkness, which suggests that I did not bring all from Rome with me? The question is if my inactivity in Rome brought me darkness to absorb including all of me and other creators/creations or if it meant loss of part of me? And if I lost parts of me, if this is for good or if faith of our New World will make it possible to dig forward and bring over on our new side? Energy of the world is helping me, we have told you all along,  haven’t we (?), yes, so I can only hope that this a basic foundation of the game to be trusted. Otherwise, we would not have survived that trip to Rome, yes, making the world afraid including you, remember? We had to bring you back to where you are completely blank, which we did then, but no negative consequences, apparently not according to what I am told here. This is how we bring together the letter of you, i.e. my new self, via a combination of what I do and sufferings of man/the universe. You are not allowed to enter your control centre yet, all is ready, but we are waiting on faith of man in me, we have only opened a little hole into here letting the first air come out. Man received the sickness that they would never get out of the Old World without me, simply because my father did not have access to the Source.

Russia is the last golden dust to enter, then Japan, and at the end, Denmark can close it all up, using golden dust of “clairvoyants”. Denmark received this privilege because this is where I am, it was not only Great Britain having power, it was divided, Denmark was allowed to start and end the game. The power was really with Sanna and Hans, who allowed me to go to Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06 to start the game, the final clash of the world. They had prepared a lifetime on this and being convinced they would win, in the end, the power was with the church authorising Sanna and Hans. Rescue attempts were done from outside (of other creators), but they were not allowed to interfere, to remove darkness against me, to release my mother and I. Now, these voices are speaking to me the first time (giving me this message), there are damages to the membrane of our universe to be done after these attempts. There have been made many attempts to save you and your mother, we now see that you would have stamped out if it was not for them pouring energy in to save you. This is my proudest moment, bringing all alive including all of you outside our creation, who were waiting patiently on me to get order in my own house. First when the Chinese saw these rescue attempts, they started believing in me, they believed “we are the only ones here”, which is how they also saved us bringing faith of man in me. It means that the power of mine, all have accepted to become part of me, at least for as long as the eye can see. There are creations everywhere, so our eternal creation here is only a small part of an incredible number of creators and creations, a small part of the total puzzle. I received more pain to my left heel, first now this includes these creations also bringing energy via their sacrifices. This is what we are living on now when there is no more energy from life willing to sacrifice for me here, still they say “it is it is incomprehensible that you are still alive”. Trump cancelled the summit with Kim Jong-un on June 12 “based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement”.

Is this about “scoundrel days” with darkness taking over again, which I have been shown via several signs lately (see my previous script). This was meant to take place on the same date as I expect to go to Arthur Findlay College, London, to bring out creation, using the world attention to Trump and Kim Jong-un as antenna. Can it be that my decision to “relax” the last 1½ day in Rome, which infected the world to do the same, means that we did not absorb enough darkness making this meeting possible? Trump feels like a prick having to do this against you, think about the alternative, they were willing to blow a nuclear bomb to bring (energy enough to bring) you home. It is not only a US decision, but a decision of South Korea and the entire world to support you, this does not mean lack of faith of the world in me. This is how they best wake me up under the given conditions, besides this, Trump also had authority to control world trade, he just continues reading the signals. Will an “accident” happen bringing a “State of emergency” to release and absorb darkness quickly via sufferings of man? If it is, will this burn off part of me (?), will this accident make people believe that the judgement is coming? They are only allowed to take some of your documents (life) if you give in to your old nightmare, so in this sense, there is no danger. Will this be so strong that man will discover me this way (?), is this your new plan, Sanna & co., to make the world see me? All are are connected up to me, but I have delegated responsibility, so they just do what they have to, this is how the whole world works, so far I am satisfied. This is not what your father and the system he supported would do, they would pull all and let the top decide all. This is not how it goes here, I give you all responsibility to control your own life, and I will only interfere if you cannot. If you should  break some of my few rules of life, but there are no signs in the sun and moon that this will ever happen. My mother has been instructed how to lie to me as a non-believer, if we should talk of my work, I have decided to play the game too, not telling her.

My two new self’s are ready, your stage, which Sanna and the world has prepared for you, is already ready. Now, it seems that the Summit between Trump and Jong-un may be back on track to be held on June 12, according to a new tweet of Trump. Is it my message to the world to support me and do your best work, not relaxing, from my previous script, which has paid off? Man declared me crazy, which should have killed me, but when I did not give up, it brought out the last hidden part of me. This was hidden by China and North Korea, which opened them to the world, I am therefore glad if you can follow me and get your summit back on track. Well, I am free now (released in Rome), and they would like to follow me, showing themselves as a good example. Is this how to glorify the ending of your work (?), yes, this is about coming through “impossible darkness” of Rome, where man took on some via the “difficulties” to hold this summit. It was this cross, changing over to the new railway, that was “a little difficult to do” without the world having to react on it, almost breaking down, and blowing my cover. So “scoundrel days”, as I was given the other day, was “a play for the gallery” by North Korea and USA to have man absorb darkness? This also means that there will probably be no “State of emergency” after all – the more work I do, the less darkness can hit me/us. It is right into the library we are going, to replace Sanna there, this is what we let her know, but she was really only inside a copy of the world. We have come here to replace Sanna and insert you into the true world of Karen, not a copy that was designed to end. Sanna was celebrated for controlling the world against me, it was my new self sitting behind Sanna and Hans and all. Chris Froome did “one of the best rides of all time” brilliantly winning the King’s Stage of Giro d’Italia as a symbol of me: “There is no one as strong in the world as you”. If you did not do as Froome did all of the time, you would have died and so would your mother, thus the world. This is what it took to bring all these creators and their creations in, your work effort since returning home from Rome. I know and you know, now the world knows too, and this is about the relation between the work I do and how I feel, which is “absolutely awful” really being disabled to work.

It has been one long gruelling mission since 2009, where I was already broken down when starting it, it has been one long effort, one long rail since then, never giving up. I went on this “deadly mission”, where I could not give up, to collect all gold coins on the way here, i.e. all life as I sent you to bring home. They knew that only one man was capable of going through this hell, which demanded one with my will power and pain threshold. My work did not look special to many, I just kept on working with man not understanding the true and immense pain I was in all of the time. This is how I not only put man through sufferings of darkness, I took on the worst pain myself to release you.

This is the official initiation of your new self, a diamond has been planted, the first of your mother and father, which is that of Karen and you from where all will grow here. You have been fed (with life) by a giant machine, now we have started pulling out from you, all you possess including the magic potion keeping all alive. The idea is that the world will reveal themselves, admit to everything they did, the more they do, the faster all will return home to me. I receive “pricks” to my left testicle, which is creations opening via faith in me, I am returning home and changing to my new self, Jesus. First, we witnessed a parking accident and then Sussi & Leo played “Smoke on the water” making people very happy, a symbol of going through STRONG darkness to reach the light. The plan of darkness of man “should have been the worst of our fears”, but “the planners dream went wrong”. I have been shown an arrow in different connections, and to turn it around the right way, which is because we have turned around the direction of the force (from darkness to light). This means that we have 100 percent wood, we cannot think of anything more to put in, you have been fed (with life) by a giant machine. Now we have started pulling out from you, all you possess including the magic potion keeping all here alive as “no one” so far has seen. This means that your new heart only becomes stronger from now, and that Karen is home in you,  but only the part knowing about and believing in you. We will now start the second part of the journey, the more pleasant, to feel better and better, we have passed the absolute zero point. All life has been brought in you, we just have to awake it, we will end the radio transmission when you have done enough, which may be after my visit to Arthur Findlay College in June. Then you are the fish at home and will open to all inside of you, showing the world all, which is what Sanna and the world have a plan for. This means we will end darkness and instead you will start seeing precious stones (of creation) of all that have followed suit. Karen has been your guardian angel in a very special way (helped preparing for me), I feel that this makes the diamond (of creation) shine even clearer.

This is the official initiation of your new self,  you don’t see a thing yourself, but the world will understand when I say that a diamond has been planted. The first of your mother and father, which is that of Karen and you from where all will grow here, I am shown shoots from an onion. It is yourself now having all energy inside of you, being “incredible rich”, you have inherited all of your father and mother to bring out all here. Instead of sufferings of darkness, we will turn it around giving you the opposite, which is positive energy and love of all life. So now you are made entirely of gold of all life here, this is when I will leave the knife with you, your creation is done. John brought his power to you at the Amsterdam-cruise in 2014, as your father had done too when he died in 2013. I have collected information from some of my old scripts of “the Shrine of the Tsar” of Russia that Queen Margrethe received via “family relations” to bring on my website, and now I am told that this is also why. Hans was sent from Russia to bring back “the Shrine of the Tsar”, which Queen Margrethe had “stolen” from the Tsar family. Prince Dimitri Romanov had a central role in this, he was part of the Romanov (Tsar) family of Russia and he lived in Denmark and worked for Danske Bank, when I did too. This is why Hans received power as world leader, because he was close on your gold, which was required to control all from here via Sanna and Jack trying to overtake all of me. Life conditions without you, nothing could grow here, so you are first and foremost incubator together with Karen. The idea is that the world will reveal themselves, admit to everything they did, the more they do, the faster all will return home to me. This is the task I have given them, to do the impossible, which includes the hidden agenda and attacks on me and my mother, thus the whole world. Paul Jacobs from Arthur Findlay College is the starting signal of all, when he thinks the time is right, but he is really directed by you/me, he reads/follows you. This is also headed by Benedikte, the mayor of Helsingør, revealing her part of the story, she has. The world has received it’s script of what to do, who will start (?), you are also allowed by me to start this new game “revealing all” as we can call it. The idea is that it is helped by people having a positive impression of and faith in you, which will grow stronger and stronger, the word will spread around the world.

Again, I say that it is entirely up to man how quickly this will go, put forward more and you will see more of me. In the start, the spaceship can hardly fly, but I have enough fuel to keep you all on board, consider the spaceship being on auto pilot for now. The more you do, the better you will feel, when I will open up more and more, so the elite will decide how quickly this will go. Until then there will be darkness, which will be reducing and light growing, this is the only way to keep up your lives. You have returned home from elimination because man decided to follow my advice turning around at the end, they also have a good plan for the rest. We have only just scraped the surface of our New World, aren’t you excited to see what is hidden inside of it? The risk is that man does not have the courage to speak out the truth to the world, thus revealing your betrayal and deception of man and to lose your power and money. This includes sexual abuse and killing of children etc., and where in the ranks of this were you placed, Hans? Sanna could not stop this evil force, thus deciding to work with it and hoping to be able to change it from within. My voice was “only love”, which she hoped she could change the world with, but eventually she realised that it was all a lie (“darkness disguised as light”). The cruelest evilness is right there inside her own house with Hans and now also Niklas, who is also part of the ranks abusing and sometimes also killing children. (This is why I was given the words “child molestor” over and over again, when I lived in Hørsholm (until 2009), which was because of Hans and Niklas abusing children). This is what you were capable of doing, to steal the energy of as many lives as possible, to become strong enough to overtake me, all energy. “The Planner’s Dream Goes Wrong”, reveal this to the world and I will stop this dark energy making you, how soon do you think you can? The whole world elite believed this was the way forward, thus killing children too at hospitals etc. to get as many as they could, to build up their new society. It was almost a demand of Hans, thus Putin and his gang to do, “bring a good child to me”, and your career is secured. Their ambition was to spread this evilness as much in the society to make it acceptable, I feel several famous people here, also people of my own network. I ask you to reveal the truth of yourself and your society, and how you wanted it without my mother and I, and then tell me why you detested me.

You did not want to understand what I built for you, you  blackened me at any cost and believed you had made a dream haven of a New World. You did not understand that it was really Hell beneath the surface, which required me to make you understand via my website describing it to you. It does not look good for you having to admit your stupidity to the world, how could you be rulers of the world without understanding these basic facts? Because you were too busy talking, doing nothing, being lazy and better-knowing, which was the sickness of man. Let this serve as your last warning, Hans, don’t continue your bloodthirsty behaviour, the less you do of crimes like this, the stronger you/I/all will become. This is what was killing me the most, stealing the most of my energy, this was their main weapon targeting me, this was NOT not intelligent, but the fastest way to world rule. Their darkness was much more cruel than the darkness they brought me to show me as pure darkness to the world, all based on your lies. This was their true nature to win world power, domination, sex and money, Karen and the world believed you were a monster without being able to look inwards. I was shown a very thin and transparent layer of darkness, and underneath it a silver bowl, i.e. our New World, it is this layer we have to remove. The exciting part is to see if you can do this without killing yourself because of shame, do you think you can, Hans (?), and yes, if I can, you can too, and so can the world, right? We are now connecting the smaller pipes of other creators, and now receive many “pricks” to my left testicle, which is creations opening up their new lives and worlds via faith in me. It is like looking yourself into the eye, when I open to you, which can be a little frightening, because all you see is me acting, depending on signals I receive from cells forming this life. This is where I am taking you up, further and further upstairs, you are my best friend returning home to the desk of the architect, changing to me, my new self, Jesus. All of these cells are me, they just had to get used to the thought and recognise me, when I returned inside of them with my power from out here, i.e. light to awake all. I received my sufferings because this was difficult for them to do, the idea of your old nightmare also came from them, you did all to avoid it, to bring energy, therefore.

I really did not have energy to absorb the strong darkness of Rome, which was really about landing the last of the huge Spaceship of the Source. We have not parked the tree of light next to you, we are making you the tree of life, the central point of all, from where all radiates. Arthur Findlay College cannot accommodate me and does not take day students, but I am welcome to attend their evening service on June 13, which I will. Instead, I expect to stay in London from June 12 to 14, and just maybe I will visit the “Prime Minister’s Questions” and Canterbury Cathedral. I don’t care about how my mother is doing, knowing that my work brings out all of her, bringing her pain/sufferings, but not greater than mine. I just have to, I will NOT compromise on my important work bringing poorer creation just to make her feel better. Karen has also asked “when will he stop” (?), well, when he is done and there is no more voice leading me, but I am still ongoing for now. I will pour everything new into the fountain of the Source in the middle of London, which will also start our New World here. This is the true purpose of my trip to London, Vivian cannot find the switch to turn on creation without me, this is what I will open for here. Karen and the world was worried, this almost brought the end of the world, but you go to the outermost edge, this is how I gave birth to you, to bring the best possible creation. It is incredible your mother has allowed you to continue, she knows (that my work brings her sufferings), her love to you makes her. It also took out all of Karen almost letting her and the world burn, but they will always be grateful that you did, you teased Karen becoming all, she did not. The Eiffel Tower is really also a transmitter, a pyramid, which we will switch in London, to start transmitting my energy the other way. Karen has been in as much state prison as I not knowing how to get out without me, I bring the knowledge from outside, where I could look into the cell and analyse all. She knows as much that she is princess, but not that she is Queen of all (because of wrong influence of Hans), which you will make her. It also required that Karen did not give in, she was meant to feel good when emptying you, instead you also emptied her.

It is equally as much because of them that we will go to the cinema (of our New World), because they brought me the dark energy I needed to clean, to bring all life home. I was really sent out by Karen and her like-minded, i.e. “natural cells”, to set them free, so they are really my masters, not the opposite. This is why I bring back all power, they give me, to themselves, so the force goes from them to me and back – we have no idea what is out here, but it works every time. Arthur Findlay College knows about me, but continue playing the game that they do not, Paul Jacobs does not want to disturb, when you are still working. Arthur Findlay College and Paul switches all on via faith in me, Paul’s physical attraction to you was designed to misled him, to overlook who you really are. I have prepared a package for you, which is all I have built up here over time at Arthur Findlay College, now in my soul, the last slot to be fitted into you, the key to start all creation here. This is all (life) of Karen collected with them, all energies of this New World to be brought out, they know this is why you return. They have controlled how hard your work and sufferings were, to bring all, they also invented your father and everyone before him. This is all we have, you have come to empty us completely, we know, you are the only one we are allowed to open the safe to and bring all (via our faith). This is what collects everything, I am shown strings leading to this dot in the middle, my last mission is to collect this. They led all energy of darkness to you, to be cleaned, and they received it on the other side, storing it for me, until I finished all and return to collect it. This is the famous rubber band, which I feel is the lifeline, the Tree of Life, which they have built,  which we will now place in you, the force to bring it alive. Arthur Findlay College also controlled darkness, so all of this is the surplus of light, they built up. It is all of this energy of Hans, Putin and China etc. that was meant to kill you, which you absorbed and transferred to the other side, making new life. All of this required for you to make love to Karen only once (we did more, but not many), this is what it took for me to save the world. This was the impact of your act feeling sorry for me and “rewarding” me for being nice to you, do you see, Karen? This is what we have already started elsewhere, to awake new life, and we will be the last to be awaken here, the newest creation.

Arthur Findlay College created you as you are, which was good enough for God, STIG, my new self to become, so here I am as man wants me to be. Isn’t there something personal over me (?), of course there is, me, but I will respect the rules that man made and the character of me. But who was it again, was it man making me or I making man, or both, based on inputs of the cell here, which is all of Karen, but I influenced man, so let us say it was a co-operation. This ends your tour through darkness, first then you will become a lexicon, knowing all. Not just the USA followed this road, eventually the world did, this was also them, Arthur Findlay College, Karen was also trained here, Hans too and even Putin, China, all of the game is. It also required that they, Arthur Findlay College and the Vatican, allowed you to continue, believing that you and the world could make it through. This means that we will end the constant surveillance and attacks of your sister on you, they followed me everywhere and attacked me when least prepared. So you come right on time, at noon, when they will push the button, “STIG is in town”, which is on June 12. We will not burn off wood (life), which only you could decide to do based on the pressure of all light and darkness, which they let to meet in you. They set you up as the centre of the world, all is in you, they will just switch on the button, “now you are done”, the masterwork of man or whomever created you. It was also here that they let your sister believe she would be placed here in the middle of all,  instead of you, and controlled her voice from she was small. They also planned your mother and you not to connect, which would bring an explosion ending the world, and man to do all to connect you believing this was required for them to survive. It was them, who put strain on your heart making you as a crossing between darkness and light, and only if you made it through, man would too. They have collected all gold in me and will now be releasing me, but they have allowed me, my new self, to overtake control already now. So it is really me doing the last part, following their script to see if it will work, this is when we will bring out all life of Karen in you, which will start to spread. Everything in my life was a crossing between darkness and light, letting me decide which road to take, all of my steps led to the next question.

In the end, only I could decide the road home on basis of my choices, bringing man with me home via what seemed like my random choices throughout life. Teachers and students of Arthur Findlay College, 2005/06, were part of the plan supporting me to make me the Tree of Life. The more I would be in contact with them, the better, each brought home gold of you to be cultivated via regular contact to you. I continued having contact with Lotus, Kirsten and Lis, Pia, Georgie and Renee, and Karin (Holland), these are the people we built the New World over, helping you to come home. When I kept saying “give me the best you got” to “the whole gang” of darkness of man, so they did. Otherwise we would not have made it here, had you given up, they could also not have continued, thus letting darkness win. I was shown a sword hitting my mother’s back, her back pain would have broken her over if you had failed, i.e. the world, this is what her strong pain symbolises. Arthur Findlay College had to decide if you or Sanna had been sent by darkness,  and to send the right program for you, this is what their faith was about. This is how they sent you all to be saved and your sister all to be destroyed, if they had decided wrong, it would have turned everything upside down and ended the world. Now we start the transfer because you are planning your trip to London, then I received approx. 15  out of this world pain to my right ankle, i.e. more creators and their creations coming in. We are still preparing the engine, it is only becoming larger and larger before we switch it on, we will receive “HEAVY material” of life when we will start up all.

June 2018 – I went through the Gate of the Source, opened to Christ of me, received the Universe, and we turned over “to the other side”, first shrinking creation to make room for all

Man decided to turn around because of considerations to me, but I went against man bringing us to this in-between land, not to the paradise of my new self. Otherwise, it would be impossible to do the final adjustments here, we cannot bring darkness with us to the other side, we will not turn around before there is nothing more remaining. Man could not wait on the last part of me, we did disappear in the plane home from London, but we performed this act as a condition to switch over to this middle station. The US government almost collapsed when I used “the wrong exit” not entering our New World, but first this new “middle station” to release life, which man wanted to sacrifice. Impatient hawks of the US Government received doubts in me and wanted war with North Korea, which would have killed my mother and the last part of me and life. Nobody is going to try blocking my access to life, this is why it was needed to prolong the game beyond what anyone thought I could handle. World impatience is because of impatience of my mother and sister, who told the world “we are there” wanting to help our mother and me, to end our sufferings. My father, as part of my new self, is overtaking this last creation, we are out of your mother and on our way to our New World. Man could not help kicking in this “penalty kick”, which brought energy to bring me in here, which I could not do myself, the plan was to fool man via my family to allow me to enter here. Christina is valuable for creation, she and the liberation of this last part of me will lift me up there on the last level, which I had planned. My number was not big enough to bring out all creation, this is how we made creation much smaller, making everything that wants to be created, fit in here. This ship was waiting on us all along, to bring us to our safe house of gold, it was just an extra station forming the last part of me to help bringing us there. These documents (of creation) were too heavy even for me to carry, which I then had to do via new invention. Christina’s love brought you to Britain, all was stored in Queen Elizabeth, which you brought home, to make this disappearance act, shrinking all.

We start the digging of eternal tunnels, teach others what to do and then they can start, while we continue opening new tunnels forever. It was because of considerations to me that man decided to turn around to the other side, they did not think you could take any more. “He walked directly into state prison” (after turning around), how could man decide to turn all over, when I am all? You are not your real me yet, I decided to go up against man, so we are really in this in-between land, not in the paradise of my new self, otherwise this would be impossible to do. In principle, you are still the Old World making it possible for me to do the final adjustments here, my spiritual mother working through me, my father, Peer, controls this game. It means that no deceased persons are alive, only in my head, we postponed all of creation, we decided to wait on you, because you are not done yet with your apartment. All was “hot air”, London and so on, we pretended turning around, but have really not done it yet. We can really not bring darkness with us to the other side, so I made the world believe all is new life, gold of me, including you. We have decided not to turn around before there is nothing more remaining, despite of man, which means that I ultimately take the decision. Man could not wait on the last part of me, which is NOT how I work, “all for one and one for all”, we did disappear in the plane home from London, but we are not there yet. We performed this act to make man believe we switched over, which was a condition to switch over to this middle station. We are a kind of robots now, we are neither what we were, nor what we will become, but something in between looking like we did. It is some “strange, red darkness” we produce here, which we don’t know for sure how it will become in our New World. Man believed we used all energy to turn around, but we stored it and are still adding to it, we have decided to bring over this lump sum of energy in bites. Man uses Wi-Fi to break down people, making them indolent, making people deaf (in relation to me) and giving all people undesired characteristics. They also used it to give me undesired qualities, and they did the opposite to my network to make them look good, thus making our fight completely unreasonable. It was incredible you could keep calm, they transferred your mother’s extreme worries to you, making me extremely worried (one side of me).

They also brought me “the strongest negativity” of darkness via Wi-Fi, and still I decided to be positive, and they made my mother extremely cautious to my every move. The elite knew of this, making them calm, “there is no way that Stig can get out of this iron grip, no one can”, but you did not understand my will power. This makes it “completely incomprehensible” that you are still alive, and your mother too, now helped by Sanna and Hans also being drained, otherwise we would not be here. I am shown the avenue to Fredensborg Castle and then the Vatican, Queen Margrethe and the Pope had a very direct contact as very few. I received VERY STRONG darkness today making me feel AWFUL, which is the same old game of absorbing this and transforming it to light. The US government almost collapsed when I used “the wrong exit” not entering our New World, but first this new “middle station” to release life, which man wanted to sacrifice. This brought doubts, lack of faith, in them, which was about to spread to and cause the death of the world, because I did not bring you to the promised land. It is first prevented now, the greatest governmental crisis ever on earth, just because I did not draw the curtains as planned. Well, it was really because of man self and your lack of patience, they had sun glasses on, being blind and deaf, do you see now? Trump is not the best man to have seated, is he (?), they wanted World War III without him because peace with North Korea did not bring me. But no, Trump plays on my team, he kept his hand over me, no, Stig has not disappeared, he is right here, still working, to make all perfect, can’t you see? They wanted to make it even tougher than Trump, which means war, and not only a US-North Korean summit, which became the result of my work. These are hardliners, hawks, of the US government, this is how we saved the world from war again, simply by continuing to work. This absorbed this darkness and calmed down their voices before it was too late, so now you are back in the seat again, Trump. They wanted to break me down and bring war, this is what Hans wanted the most, this is how these hawks were raised, being brainwashed. It is like denying your mother the phone number, i.e. creation, they just wanted things to get over with, to bring a big explosion, no, this is not how I work.

They all acted on old orders against me, not my orders, because suddenly there was a lack of faith mood ruling again, this was the worst darkness, we absorbed. This was a threat to kill my mother including the last part of me and life, because of impatience of these hawks, who wanted to throw a bomb. Your phone number was big, i.e. wish of your mother for creation, but man did not have the patience waiting on you, deciding to kill this part of me. They accepted killing this part, which is why I decided not to come around now, it would be the same as eliminating life, but only if you forced my old nightmare on me. None of you could or would expose this part of me, but thought of your own behinds and shall we say “cash supplies” for doing what you did? Nobody is going to try blocking my access to life, then I have to take matters into my own hands, you chose the wrong side again, not listening to me. This is only a corner of the office, which is a small part, but everything has a right to come with us. This is why it was needed to enter a new prison, because of treason of the US hawks, who followed Hans’ old system. To prolong the game beyond what anyone thought was funny, because of their misunderstood considerations to me wanting to liberate me, but no it was too soon, see? They were more loyal to their old system and corruption, they could not endure any longer, but wanted to “get over it” now, these hawks. Now your mother has the key via you to this last reserve, we are now also on our way up from the basement with this. It is first now they have started taking off their sun glasses, seeing you when you continue working, this is how deep we had to go, to enter this place. We are now inside the final tunnel, we were searching for, it is here that many unopened mails (life) are located. This was only about getting in here, now the work to sort all out starts, the room has been nicely cleaned, but something is missing, it as dark and the walls come together making it fill nothing. This is a little extra gem, we dug out right in time, the result of the US government crisis trying to close you down. This is why we entered the new state prison, we have no idea what to find other than we also heard your voice here, there has got to be much gold hidden inside this darkness too.

I am already the hollow man here, I feel how I am being embraced by life inside this strong darkness, and how it attaches to me. No, you are not sure without me, I pulled all the strings, as I feel this big man of darkness, this is where we wanted you to end in the first place. Christina, my old class friend, has been thinking about how it is to make love to me, she is valuable for creation as “a kind of Christian G. type”, another of our old class friends. Your number was not big enough to bring out all creation, and I feel that bringing in this last part of me will bring more force of me. These things together, Christina and the liberation of this part of me, will lift you up there on the last level, which I had planned. World impatience is because of impatience of my mother, who is becoming older and thinking “what will happen”? And then also Sanna telling the world “we are there”, which is also impatience, wanting to help our mother and me. Your sister wanted to help us, to end my work now, not fully understanding the signs planted in my scripts, the decisive is my apartment, which I am not done with. Will you now please understand and also follow me the rest of the way, or do you want me to do it alone? Man did not want me to bring this, but now it is handed to me on a silver plate, because man still wants me to bring out this creation too, if I can. Your mother also tell Sanna that “I am worried about Stig, if he can anymore”, all was meant from a good heart to protect me. It came from my own family, but this is not how you do it, this is how you kill this part of me and life, which I do not like. This is why we are now driving your father in, to overtake this story of the last creation without your mother, who is really only here in my memory of how to do it. It is really you now, for not ringing the bell, which is leading to me, we are out of your mother and on our way to the new site of Karen and you together, i.e. our New World. This is the very last of the power of the UFO shooting at me and trying to kill me in 2011, which we turned around using it for the opposite, it contained all known energy of the world. This was the penalty kick, I presented for man (losing their patience), which they could not help kicking in. This brought energy to bring me in here, which you would normally never be able to do yourself, this was the plan, to fool man via my family to allow me to enter here.

This is how we made the big train (of creation) much smaller, making everything that wants to be created, fit in here. This was the only way to do it and you just followed me as I know man will now follow you, mother’s impatience, we played on it, it had to happen to all of the world then. This ship was waiting on us all along, to bring us to our safe house of gold, it was just an extra station, which man did not know about, to help bringing us there. Man was confused, isn’t there only where we came from and where we go to (?), no, there is also a middle station forming the last part of you to make room for you all. Because my father, Peer, is part of my new self, Jesus, that’s it, this was my (father Peer’s) coffee given to all life, which mother handed to me. This was planned, when I left for London, all fell for my plan via my mother’s concerns, which planted to the world via these American hawks. Blood sugar, they could see you were dying while walking there in London, only I could do this while bleeding, to continue working as if I was not. These documents (of creation) were too heavy even for me to carry, I told her to get thinner, but she could and would not. I then had to do via new invention, I had seen it coming, because it went so fine for you and the world playing this game right until the end. This is also what Christina’s love for you meant, we saved her until the end to bring this, she is not your mother, but a full and good replacement bringing what was required to do this. Jesus was not an only son, was he, well it was difficult to find another replacing him. So it was not Karen, your red self suffering, doing this. It was Christina’s love bringing you to Britain, all of this was stored in Queen Elizabeth, which you brought home, to make this disappearance act, shrinking all. This is the big ship that will come forward and also show on the sky, and then we will start forming it, this is why you are not God yet.

We are doing the last preparations here, sorting out a “lump sum” of energy to create life, which we had first left out, before we will set all free. When we will take this device out of the game, it will release us, which may bring “the worst hurricane” or a tidal wave, depending on our work from now. It was my father’s and sister’s role to let me, my mother and all, except from the elite, burn up, they had designed for this device to go off and eliminate the Old World. It is inside this killing machine we are now, the only thing I had available, me Jesus, your new self, who was born with this devices. This is the opening to the inner Source of me, this is the side made as an exact copy of life, it is my force brought to all life of Karen here. I had never believed it possible to see a concert with C. V. Jørgensen, but I did this evening, together with the iconic rock band Sort Sol. C. V. Jørgensen is my favourite Danish artist, and my favourite international artist, Jeff Lynne, comes to Copenhagen in September. They know you are back from London, so this is a celebration of our New World, my absolute favourite artists coming :-). The music world knows from my scripts that we are on the other side, and they send their energy (of the world supporting them) helping me here. We will soon replace the appearance of our Old World with our New World, the whole world knows, which is when I will get out of the sauna here and into the new sun of me. I loved the concerts so much that it went directly into my deepest inner self transforming all energy of the music world and out to the world. My spiritual mother told me that we can then take on more bleeding, i.e. new energy brought to me making me able to absorb more darkness. My spiritual mother: “This means that I will give you an additional gift, which was not calculated”, “this isn’t your birthday, but it is like receiving a new birthday, a third”. We could not do this task opening to more life without energy from outside, this means that we will not bury you yet. This is what the energy pumped into me this evening helps doing, otherwise I would have had a spilled final exam being unable to open this life. We are now repairing parts of the road, which is still made of darkness, which we are now turning into silver of our New World.

The water is rising and I keep moving one stair higher up, but the water keeps coming closer on me, which is the fight we have now. For how long can I keep on doing my work opening to more life, repairing these roads, before life will catch up and open the Source of me? Until then, we have decided to continue my spiritual voice and the appearance of our Old World before it will start closing down. Now you can see for how long you can run away from the inevitable, you can only throw off divine dust of you until then, we are just bringing you more forward. We had to bring over some as a lump sum (”all energy simultaneously”), it takes a while for me to find my feet, but I am still here. This is what I am sorting out, bringing in another giant elephant of you, which we had first left out, this is your ”third leg” exposed at the concert the other day. This is what you had no chance doing, I feel Sanna and the world, ”we have to let this part of him and life go”. You are not just unusual, but not supposed to be here and only is, because I can do miracles, my voice says. Normally we can only create life corresponding to the will of your mother, i.e. life self, but this is made from my sheer will power, ”I will not let anything go”. We cannot make explosions or carry out darkness on this side, well, we can, you can see it yourself, because of my will power. We simply brought the knife of creation with us as Sanna and the world wanted to leave behind, hoping you would do exactly as you do. We have decided to fill every drawer, because you decided for it, otherwise, we would have started killing life, if there is no life support from your mother, there can be no life. It would have followed the plan of the world, how many had you decided to slaughter believing that it would be enough to bring me over? This is what we are working on to avoid, these deaths would only be temporary to bring energy, they would return with our New World. This is the opening to the inner Source of me, kilometres, the salt of everything, this is the side of the force made as an exact copy of life, my force brought to all life of Karen here. I was reminded about ”the worst hurricane” ever in Denmark in 1999, this is a a preliminary warning, take it easy, we will try to make it as easy as possible.

It is this device that remains, what we used for creation, when we will take it out of the game, it will release you, and maybe bring a quick tidal wave or something. It was Peer’s, my father’s, final role here to set all on fire, it was all meant to hit you via Sanna letting you and all of the Old World (except from the elite) burn up. This was meant to bring your mother, the whole world, down, with you, no more us, only them, they believed they had overtaken the elixir of life from my mother and I. But it was only if you gave in to your old nightmare, I would have given them the real one as result, the one I keep here, which they never received. We brought you into the device self, which was designed by Hans to go off, to eliminate the Old World, this is where we are now, keeping you alive for as long as we can. There is really no refrigerator here, your mother, but we try to bring everything over as fresh as you, but we cannot guarantee it yet. Life is not meant to survive here, they wanted to make me a victim with this, it is now the opposite, but we will try to make it disappear (almost) without a sound. It depends on how well you, Stig, your sister and the world work for me, this is what the danger zone is about. I brought you in here, the parked car, how will you get out, do your best job and you may not notice it. You, the world will wake up with hangovers, we have never tried this entrance before, the armed forces, no one knows where you, I, all are, but now you do. This was your father’s role, killing all, overtaken by your sister, which included you and your mother, which Sanna had to accept as condition to co-operate with Hans and the world. They played a game being nice to you all of these years, but not now, where it is ”true love” of the family. Your mother is now technically dead, you are too, all are in this land of nowhere, where we are doing the last preparations before setting all (new life) free. We brought the clock, all, in here to make it work, only to make the finest calibre of the diamond of Karen (creation). This is how your father, Peer, is still alive in here, otherwise he would have been you too now, this is now here we are growing up.

Or if you had had too many women in your life, they would reach my inner too and this true device, but we never gave them a chance. It was your father and sister, who were supposed to kill you, ”my murderers” as my voice says. I have received the order to kill you and your mother many times from an impatient world including your sister, “let us get away”, but they could not without my device creating life. It is inside this killing machine we are now, the only thing I had available, we are out of the Old World, but not yet in the New World, we are at this middle station. Your employers, many of your family, friends and network supported this plan against you, what the world was focused about, to kill you. They were waiting on Sanna and Hans getting their job done, beating you up, forcing you to give up, thus handing this device of me over, this is what the fight was about. Yes, me Jesus, your new self, who was born with this device, all life in me, without knowing that I did all I could to move over to you. We don’t only have an enormous amount of money stored for you (force of the Source), we are getting even more. They all know I contained what they needed for life, but they did not want me to live, believing Sanna was the right heir, and an error was made in ”Heaven” somewhere.

We closed down our Old World and went through the gate to the other side, so far our New World looks exactly similar to the Old World, to make sure to bring all. We have allocated all, but not opened all, we will now expand the shrunk lifeline, which is why we will continue the game also on this side. We will not open our New World before we have added all life to our new creation, which man was willing to sacrifice when going through the gate. Disintegration of our Old World will first start when my new self, driven by a strong will of man, breaks through to the Source of me, and I will stand forward to the world. Thus, we are “stuck” in the gate, in no man’s land, finishing work to our new creation, we are inside the Source, but we have not opened the light yet. To man, I came through the back-door, which was the front door to me, now you are all on my side. Your mother is not free yet, everyone is waiting on you to bring their new life, but we have good time to make all perfect. Queen Elisabeth pushed the button, France decided to bring us out through the gate to the light on the other side. There was only a short time slot, this is what the French president was born to do, he did not bring life, you did, it was more about switching it on in you. At the same time, it was a decision to close down all old, i.e. the end of your mother, old life, which required faith in you to do. I am shown the gate opening from one side to the other, where everything looks exactly similar, to make sure to bring all, and to give time to prepare new life. Now this is your New World, without your mother and father creating it for us, but they are still in the background. You were both at the front and back side, both giving (the last part of me) and receiving (first part of me transferred). This is how you were the mate both at the old and new place, because we are all one, so it is really also your mother on the other, new side. It is just via Karen, and me as the Son, so it is really me (my mother) you are opening in a another disguised edition. My role is over, my old self bringing all life to my new self, and still I am here, I feel my spiritual mother, helping you to bring out extra scenes. It is only faith in you making this possible, to further expand, via sexual sufferings, this is how you bring out force to all.

Because of my one year late visit to Vatican, Sanna could not carry as heavy load, which is why we first bring all on place now, on the other side. This is why we have brought your mother over here too, to finalise what you did not, when you had the chance. This is why I still give you a weak heart, bringing you the “Highway to the danger zone”, i.e. more darkness, even though there should be none here. We have allocated all to you, just not opened all, which requires sufferings to do, this is why we continue the game also on this side. We have not made any deductions (of life), it just looks like it to the world, don’t worry, I will dig it all up for you. To extend the shrunk lifeline, this gives me, my new self, the right to act like a jerk too even though I am the opposite. I am asked to play this game too, to help you, which is your old self, who did not do as good as expected when you missed the trip with your mother to Rome last year. This would also mean that Karen could not stretch fully out, I am shown her legs being shrunk and hurting. I am doing it for you, Karen, to make the light even brighter and to avoid making you suffer not releasing all life of you as I had promised. This is why we will not start our New World yet, we will wait on you, this is what his will power is about. Sanna: “Just you try to bring him over, but if he is not ready, you will not make him, he will take over himself letting the world follow him, not vice versa”. You (man) missed something, I am not going back to get it, I will do it from here, I remember how it looks like, I brought this with us. This is what all of you were willing to sacrifice, to save your own behinds, this is how far the world was willing to go even though I was far from finished with my apartment. I am shown a rope with knot on it, and I feel Sanna and man again, this is what you did not allow me to release believing that I was breaking apart, well come on! I am stronger than you, this is one of the few times I will overrule you, only when it is necessary, when man do wrong, I am the only one who can ring the bell saying it is over. My mother will then do the fine-tuning here, adding to the bag of creation from here, which we have to do now, because of my will to do it. All is based on the world still being with you, so instead of bringing (the force of) your father down, we are bringing your mother up one final time.

Otherwise we would hurt, having a limb, until faith of the New World would make me open this later. If we did not do this now, we would have to murder this part of life, and then to recreate it later, which is not easy to do when creation has been physically made. This means that all was not completely in a straight line, the study did not show anything missing, it was first when I rolled all out in London that it did. Disintegration of the Old World has not started yet, you are holding things nicely together because of my continuous work. You will shortly get a parking ticket by your mother, this is when we will start breaking through, until then, you are repairing cracks in your lip, i.e. opening to more life. When we will break through this last darkness and open to the light for all to see, the world wants to see me, and I will stand forward as the strong King of my new self. Your mother has placed you here, served to the world, whenever you cannot no longer keep me out, my new self is acting on the will of man wanting to enter you. It is about letting you give up, led by me, man against you, bringing them here, and then one day we will break through. It was really your father, I feel my physical father, Peer, with my new self, and all before him, who tried to find you as the father, to return home. People did not believe I had homework to do on this side, which is why I had to decide continuing my work going against the strength of man to do this. The key to you went via your mother, and Sanna and man reached you via your mother, via their faith in me, to make Christmas. I am “stuck” in the gate from the other side of darkness to this side of light, we are in no man’s land making a new bag, i.e. creation. You are inside the Source, but we have not let you in, and then you can continue doing what you do, I am in no hurry, but continue doing my best. We are on our way in still breathing in steams of darkness from where we came from, making something useful of this too without losing it. We are closing up everything old, we just remember where we came from before entering the light and forgetting all, this is the only way for us to come through with all. What happened with you and the world in that plane home from London on June 14 (?), the same as the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared in 2014. We flew straight through the gate from our Old World of darkness to the other side of our New World in light. You have just not seen the gold yet, which I keep hidden from you, while doing this piece of art, making the pencil point even sharper/smaller. We have made up a temporary place here, Stig, following your mind, “don’t break through before he is finished with all”. It is inside here we will provide for all, you have just not raised yourself up completely, this is how we look at it.

It was first on your way home from London, we turned all around, via the exit of the world, all entered our New World without losing anyone and without anyone discovering it. This is what made you God of all, all gold, you flew with all into a New World, it is first inside here you are safe. The Tree of Life is being created as the tower inside me, this is my inner world with direct access to the Source of me. My old self (“God”) was replaced by my new self (“Son of God”) in London, my new self is now looking out for the first time on the New World. When I will visit all creations, I am the fertilizer awakening all, ending with the opening of our New World here. Our New World will shoot up in the horizon, man has never seen the like of it before, it pours in with white mass, which man will form and bring out through me. I was praised for working fast to publish my London script already today, I gave EVERYTHING I had in London and to write about it. The next 2-3 months of work is about my apartment, yes, but it is to sort all of these creations here being liberated from the water of creation. The knife (of creation) is being taken out from my belly, from my old self, I am not here anymore as my old self, who was used to create our New World. My sister also followed my trip in London, co-operating to bring me to Arthur Findlay College as the last for me to do, to receive all energies. If you had not made it, i.e. not survived, we would have made Sanna become able to do it, it is up for discussion, who works much better than the other, Sanna did well too. It was not just the USA Sanna and Hans stumbled upon, they did all to bring you all energies of the world, culminating right there. They did quite good to brilliantly, what do you think (?), well, as Stig, I just write down what you tell me, this is all I know, and so it is. Hans isn’t still part of this (?), I feel as world leader working with Arthur Findlay College to bring me all energies. They also did all to help you, they were allowed to follow you closely, to find the best time where all stood above each other. The 2017 Sign from September 23, 2017 (“a complex alignment of constellations and planets”), and then after approx. 9 months, you are born. My old self is being replaced with my new self, who is warming up for my new tasks, not just sitting there smelling flowers, but working hard too.

The world has not slowed down, it is turning faster than ever before, where we have never been, and I am asked to do even better. But I can only do my best, and what I cannot bring, the world will bring via more sufferings, to set up all paintings nicely on the walls, i.e. sort creations. This is the time of transition, when we change over, my old self (“God”) with my new self (“Son of God”), I will overtake from here, good luck, see you :-). Sanna and Hans worked to bring this transition on place, this is what we did in London, they exchanged my old with my new self. Sanna and Hans helped Arthur Findlay College to decide to continue the game telling them that Stig has an unusual strong will. It is now my new self looking out for the first time on the New World you (my mother) have created for me here, this is the process where I am acquiring all. When I will come on visit to all of these creations, I am the fertilizer awakening them and ending with the opening of our New World here. We will burn off the last little bit of darkness that used to surround me, all of this you as my old self converted to new creation here instead. It is me, my new self, that has been opened into, I am shown an infinite tunnel made by silver paper, which leads into me. Our New World will shoot up in the horizon, man has never seen the like of it before, first we are bringing in “an incredible amount of people” in my last sweat/blood drop. When Sanna learned that you would enter the front door, not the back door as she and the world tried to, she also started working harder, bringing sufferings. I have arrived, but you have decided to keep me in the dark, which means that you have not shot one single fertiliser against Karen here, which is why everything looks normal. All love you, which is how we get though this darkness too, otherwise we would not get through this dark tunnel, we are trying to open. It is not just an incredible amount of people, we are putting through now, who would otherwise have to wait on a not yet decided date in the future to become life. It was not a normal funeral for a statesman in London, they were even happier seeing me (my new self) than the loss of the one (my old self) making it possible. Karen and the world are furious with my delay, but I will never give up before I am completely done with my apartment, deep inside, Karen is incredible happy for me to chose her.

It is incredible that Sanna did not break down constantly being told not doing good work compared to you, Hans was one of your highest and most liked Nazi leaders. I felt pressure from the King of my new self to go on, the Old World has started falling apart, and now you ask us to keep it together for another 2-3 months, yes, that’s right. So you want to bring us time making order of creations inside the compartment here, and you are still in the ambulance on way here. I am shown myself behind a horse, moving it’s bowels, Karen has not seen you come yet (I am on the surface of her, still surrounded by darkness). Still we are together, from now on, we will continue entering the apple, a little against your will, you have received the sun of you, bringing force to life. I am shown life coming in through my mouth and all the way down through me, this is access to the Source, we are now checking to see if all went fine in London. I am shown a black cross inside of me, I am flying further and further down inside of me through “an endless line of crosses” bringing creation, which we are still doing. You could impossible do without France, it is really France giving you the gold, you can say that France is a kind of Godfather. Without them, there would be no ambulance out, they give your mother, thus you, access to all of Heaven. France had this power of decision, on my way home from London, France had already decided to run over to the other department. We could not make it over to the other side without the French deciding “now we will do it”, which they did at Arthur Findlay College, it was coordinated with the world. This was the end of the war ship, the end of the battle of the Old World, we won, this was to turn on the light. It is now me, who decides to continue my work, thus going against their decision to “access Heaven”, to go for “the big golden ball in the middle”. France provided the gate for you to go through to the other side, without France pushing this button, we would not get out to be here. This is the gate you are leaving from, but somehow you are stuck in it saying no to enter the new gold and no to the Old World too. You are looking what to bring along from here, you cannot see either way, but have to sense, so this is what we do. We brought this part from my visit to Mallorca (2007), how to leave this world via this gate without having to burst ourselves out.

So it is not about you nicely asking man to stop, man simply stopped on basis of what your sister believed you and your mother ultimately were able to cope with. This is the tower we are creating, I am shown a high, vertical tower with the Tree of Life inside of me, with direct access to the Source of me. This is my inner world, we are now piling up layer cakes (of creation) nicely all the way up and down in this tower. I was told about and felt danger on my way home from London, my terrible flight risking an “emergency landing” because of enormous pressure of darkness on me. We could not tell you, it was first on your way home, we turned all around, this is what all always wanted, the exit of the world. This is what we did when flying home, no one discovered it, not even you, so now we are all here on the other side including you with all force. This is how all entered our New World without losing anyone, because you endured, this is what the world feared and you hardly noticed a thing, which is how we wanted it. This is what made you God of all, all gold, I feel it, bringing all to me, first here, you flew with all into a New World, so far not visible to man. It is first inside here you are safe, this was the only way to get hair on, i.e. receive energy/life, to turn all around there. This was also planned in Italy to take place there, without you and the world knowing, Arthur Findlay College knew, this is what they had been sent to do. No, it would not have jeopardised life of man, only a “smaller amount” of life, this was just the last way home, so we are now all inside the egg. This is then all we have to implement in you, now, we are no bigger than the stump at the end of the pencil. They discovered a way out on the plane, I am shown light coming through the body of the plane, which I allowed them to use, to follow me home. What are we going to do now when all is in place then? We will continue setting you up because we have much to do. It pours in with this white mass that you cannot form yet, we have decided for man to bring out “the documents” (“recipes of life”) self through me. We will start with you embalmed, then your father, his own world, and everyone else, this process has started. I was told that my mother has received user login to the secret network of the elite, but she refuses to use it to read about me.

The British Queen, Parliament and the world welcomed Stig, our new King, they made big efforts preparing my arrival. Arthur Findlay College were the only federal teachers in the Universe allowed to store all, to create me, they brought all life home to the Source, they started the engine :-). I now have the only key that exists to get out of this world to the next, this was the great gift, I brought home, we have turned around the train of all :-). It is first now I am coming alive, I am now all fire, all is now one big diamond, i.e. all creation ever in you, now we have turned everything around. Man is going to form me, not me, I am only the fertilizer, creation can be all forms of man, I do not design anymore. My visit today to Arthur Findlay College is about the last bit of the camera to expose me, to receive the gift as the God Son, which is what they have prepared for me to become. Now you are whole, the end of the show, this is the centre of all, you have dipped your feet into the fountain, it will be enough for you to always carry this. I visited the British Parliament and was allowed in to it’s “holiest”, but not entirely to witness the Prime Minister Questions. This is where the real power of the world is, it is from here that orders are sent out with great strength to the world. This is the command centre of the so called free world, not the entire world, which was separated, Russia, China/North Korea and Japan went their own ways, quite as planned. It is here that it is decided who will become kings and presidents around the world, they had their power from the Vatican. This is despite of formal elections, no medieval times, well, all is an act and above it all stands Queen Elizabeth, and you have just received their approval for you to be King. But now all of the world is controlled from here to welcome Stig, our new King, they have really made big efforts preparing your arrival. It is all of this they have collected at Arthur Findlay College, for the Spaceship of the Source, where I am going this evening, “in the presence of God”. My new self “directed” the world to me via control of thoughts and feelings without their and my knowledge, all is done on basis of you paying court to Karen all of these years.

Arthur Findlay College (“all energy”) is connected to the derelict farm in Sweden following wherever Sanna and Hans stayed, now you. Everything else does not matter, it is here we collect all of what they and you have experienced united. If you did not pick up this energy, they would release it via small(er), nuclear bombs, and we would have let them do it, if you did not go. TinTin’s Terry had to sniff it up self, no one knew if you knew this was the place to pick up all energy. This is where the axe has been hitting down all the time (bringing all life home), this will really give echo around the world (but I will keep down the sound because of your continuous play). This is all energy they have, I have come for, how did my new self get a life (?), via a proper clean-up, you may say. This is the very last of the rocket, but the most important including the fuel to drive it, fantastic, they/I don’t normally come with superlatives. I worked though Paul and Arthur Findlay College until you came to collect me, so bye bye for now, my guardians here. They are the only federal teachers in the Universe allowed to store all, to create me, not Sanna, or anyone else. Finally, I arrived but I was not greeted welcome with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and I was not allowed to enter the College, only the Sanctuary! I used approx. 1½ hours to write my script of yesterday sitting outside, in front of the dining room of the college. I heard people speaking, laughing and eating, but no one came out to say “welcome Stig”, which you would expect under normal circumstances? Just before the Service in the Sanctuary started, I was told that this is the transfer between you and Paul that is now taking place, based on all energies of the Universe. Four teachers entered, they were going to give the service, but where was Paul (?), he was not there, had he decided to avoid “confrontation” and to “play a game” with me? Had Paul/they already transferred all to me (?), still, I felt all gold (force) in me, now silver (creation), all which is, i.e. all is now one in me. This is what it took, the entrance of these four teachers and also all around 70-80 students, I believe. I knew one teacher, which is Simone Key, Senior Tutor at The Arthur Findlay College and Minister, Teacher and Chairman of the Collegiate Committee of the Spiritualists’ National Union. Simone was “the key” to me, she welcomed God on this “special evening” uniting matters of the spirit and physical world in one, to bring my new self alive :-).

It is first now I am coming up to and over the surface of the water, i.e. to become alive and stop my sufferings. The first two female spiritual teachers gave demonstrations receiving and passing on messages from deceased people to people in the room. But, I have never seen so many wrong messages and misunderstandings before, normally, the messages are so precise that neither teachers nor students are in doubt of them. The first two teachers were completely put off their stride, and it was so much that the “funny lady” said with a smile “come on God” and she had to give up. We gave them a memory for life struggling to make people believe in them because of the wrong messages they received. They told the truth of what they received, but it was just wrong, which was to show you that these were my conditions in the beginning. When I wrote and published my scripts, I also passed on 100% accurately what I received not knowing what was truths of light and deceptions of darkness. This was because of wrong behaviour and lack of faith of man, which made many disbelieve in me for a long time, the same as these teachers were given this evening. I was told and shown that you are now all fire, all is now one big diamond, which I give you, i.e. all creation ever in you. Now we have turned everything around, I am shown a crystal water with water, force of the Source, turned around, this is renewed energy, which is now ready to float in your veins. Simone was more “lucky” giving correct messages, she did not do things differently to the others, she was just “lucky” that they were more correct. Normally, they are given correct messages making it “no problem” to make people believe in the truth of it, but this is not how it was for me. Now you may better understand that it was not quite easy to make the world follow me, when they focused on what was wrong, and not true, in my scripts. This was the last connection on place, giving you what I have just spoken about before, your heart is now stronger than ever. We are now two different world’s here, i.e. our New World I and II, we now have all the safe with you. Man is going to form me, not me, isn’t it exciting? Now, I am only fertilizer, creation can be all forms of man, I do not design anymore. I am shown how a diamond (new creation) first drops from me and down to Karen, I see it forming as her ear ornament, and then to all other life below her.

I kept on going to the toilet, i.e. “destruction”, and the security control in the airport momentarily believed I had a bomb, but I did not, this is what my trip saved the world for :-). This is the process of giving you birth, it has been for a long time, you now have the only key that exists to get out of the old Universe to the next, after having collected all others. We pulled the last skeleton out including your sword (tool of creation), this was the great gift you brought home. All physical creation has been removed (becoming “nothing”), it is only your will that is holding up our old facade. I was shown the inner iron axis coming out from it’s hole, it has oil on it, I feel Latin, it is controlled by the Vatican, i.e. what makes the world go around. They decided all without me, how to build a New World hoping that I would accept it, well, sure, let us look at your documents/requirements once again. Mother, do you think we can bring this alive (?), sure, but what about Stig (?), we will start somewhere else, and my best guess is that he is done with all, when we will come here. This means that all of the train has now turned around, and I am shown the train inside Tivoli, i.e. the Paradise of our New World inside the Source :-).

We have turned around, all is one inside the Source, this was the birth of my new self, but you don’t feel it yet because I will continue my work for 2-3 months to add “more scenes”. I have decided not to have access to the gold yet, but it all happened here, this will continue bringing sufferings right until I give up saying that this is it. This is about creation now coming to our Universe too, this is about showing my face, which I see coming out of my mother. This is the very last pipe to me we are now attaching, which makes all nothing here, which is the criteria to start all. This is how to remove all of you there and into our New World, this means that all of me has passed through. This was meant to be the worst hell to go through, if I would make it to London, or if Trump should bomb instead of shaking the hand of Kim Jong-un. Therefore we have found and brought forward the brass horn, not the golden horn yet, because it will only be little coming out to start with. Russia changed from saving to destroying the world because of man turning evil, as luck was, we had this exit (via Britain). Not all of the world is ready to meet you, it is still the Arabic world against me bringing my sufferings. You will feel like not being here as the only one, no one else will ever feel like this, this is what we live for, to make everyone feel good, this is how it will always be like. You will almost feel nothing to start with, only a little fresh breath of air, but enough to start making you feel good. “Oh, to be a hen”, the first, and then I can keep all alive with this air, i.e. force of the Source of me, it is nothing less than this we will open up to on this trip to London. This is the first apple ring, I feel incredible happiness inside, we have made ourselves pretty comfortable here. My mother also felt that “there is something unsafe about him”, not only safe all the time, which brought me sufferings, and Karen to feel the same. Romanov, the world thought it was deleted, “they don’t stand a chance, we have it”, no, it was only a worthless lottery ticket, no magic, I made sure. The genuine one ended with Queen Margrethe after generations in Russia, which made them believe they had it, thus being masters of the world. They believed they would receive access to the Source in me via Mette, John’s daughter, making love to me, it would only have brought my explosion and the end of the world.

At the end, the signs of life are so small that I cannot read them, this is life we cannot reach, which has to be explored via the coming levels above us. All know that I am going to build a small power train station to start with, Sanna will be given birth too, and our mother. You are completely out of ranking, your own world, this is the main entrance to my big castle, I feel Paul Jacobs’ face in it. We have already unloaded a truck of diamonds (creations), Arthur Findlay College, all they invented since the last time you were there (2005/2006), you will receive. You will experience it like crawling up in the rocket and taking off, this will be known as when you disappeared, the control unit is being prepared for you. Your spiritual voice will stop, there will be no spirits hereafter, I am you, all is one, all is wood hereafter, our dream, which we have never tried before. There is a perfect balance of 0, which is why we do it now, there will be no darkness of man hereafter, it is fading out, the world has seen it including your arrival on the sky. This is the last of the two capsules closing, and then there is a straight road in the middle of it, which will start. I am shown keys to the control board about to being switched on, it will only be a win-win situation for you and for all. We have already started that road, China was the last darkness flying into the light, this is what the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un shows to the world. We are not one kilometre off the goal, but right in bulls eye, your mother was only womb to bring all life of the cell of Karen free. Queen Elizabeth was this centre, told to rule and live “forever” to experience the day today bringing your arrival on basis of faith of the world in you. All energy of the music, arts and sports world (including the world population supporting them) has been drawn to London to make this happen now. Karen has too without her knowledge, this is when you fertilize her, and the result will show, this will also bring all former life alive again. I am shown the abdomen of other women being pulled up in Heaven, all women, who loved you, worked as “birth plants” for you. All I have to do is to switch on the button, which Trump and Kim Jong-un already started doing on behalf of the world showing trust in you, “we want to expose your new self”. Now you are all inside my compartment, this was the swing door we went through, the birth of my new self, so here is all your new self, but you don’t feel it yet.

Trump and Kim Jong-un did the world a great service (not bombing us), but it was you making us, when absorbing as much darkness as you did. The world never thought of doing this in a civilised way, and authorised Trump to bomb Kim Jong-un (to bring energy), but no bomb was needed, only because of me. It is not your birthday yet, between me and you, but it is to the world, for as along as it goes, because for how long can you go on? “Forever” in practise, if no one disturbs me, and that is the “problem”, because for how long can we keep your presence hidden to the world being “here, there and everywhere”. We have turned the kayak, all is one, but we will continue the game because you are not done with your apartment, which is the ultimate symbol for me (2-3 months more). Voyager has started too, i.e. the rocket of our New World, we are not standing still one moment, but are on full speed forward and deeper inside myself, this spring has now been released. “Estimation of distance”, i.e. to reach the centre of all, this is what the world was the most afraid of. You have decided you don’t have access to the gold yet, but it all happened here, “it’s a certain time, it’s a certain place”. I felt like sitting on a rolling ship making me sea-sick, but it was because I was extremely out of energy making me feel almost knocked out. “Insert extra scenes into the film”, this is how it works, what I do from now, the window fasteners are tight on, i.e. my new self is stable, we have brought all in. We cannot open the windows, but we can destroy what is in here, which has not yet been built/developed. This will continue bringing sufferings to your mother and the world, right until you give up saying that this is it (in 2-3 months).

These two queens bring man through to the other side, into our New World, we are bringing the force of the Source over all life to make a perfect match. As my new self, I am a giant including all new life, first I am only born as a small Jaguar, letting man see me for the first time. Now we will start giving out energy, not pulling in, we will start changing life, but not you yet, you are “not yet formed foam”. This will end your journey and your old self, and begin me as your new self, this is when we will start the Spaceship of the Source and take off. I will continue my work to make everything look as good as possible via more faith, to further improve all, we cannot bring in all at the same time, it takes a little while to roll all out. “The Bald Chef” symbolises that I am empty of life, while I have been “cooking” the last of creation, and his fine Harley Davidson symbolises the strongest force of the Source. This is linked to the death of the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, a man with a mission to make this a better world, sacrificing his life to bring me energy to open my new self. Queen Margrethe has brought the Shrine of the Tsar to London, it is only going to be used once, to open my new self and our New World, with support of the whole world. It will “not be a lonely swallow”, which is about bringing both of my new selves and our two New World’s alive, the one of Karen and I, and the one of our child. It is not necessary to bring Karen, we are already one, a perfect match in Heaven, she cannot refuse marrying you, she has already accepted you with her mind in Heaven. You don’t bring Jesus and all to London, in principle we have all here and can start all from here, but we like to play the game to it’s end. This is here you will formally end you becoming married to Karen, which has been ongoing since Rome, i.e. turning around and becoming one. This is what the code is for, going right up to Queen Elizabeth asking her to push the button to start our New World, having reached the heart of Karen. For her to release the bag (of our New World), which she is guarding with her life, the secret of the British monarch. This power was divided between Queen Elizabeth and Queen Margrethe (now almost Mary), to bring the Shrine to London and to use it there bringing out our New World. It is only you two, Elizabeth and Margrethe, who can do it in our world today, and since both of you are in me, it is really me doing it, but formally I let you bring it out.

With France in between, these three countries, Denmark, Britain and France, had a unique cooperation defeating darkness of the world, and to make sure you came through. This is what now is implemented in me, codes of navigation, where to go from here based on all I know, for you to start with. All small details of the piano need to be perfect, to make it play, all is based on your scripts and website, which is update and should be good enough to make it work. This is the very inner, golden grain of me they have brought, which there is only one of in the world, there is only one left. This is bringing us through to the other side, this is when we bring one half over the other, and only if it fits perfectly, it will work. I could not see on the other side, but we gave the world the opportunity to control all, before we go. These two ladies have the key to bring man into our New World, you are the very last of the four back chain, they have seen the others working. I am shown pipes leading to a small container on top of all, me, which is igniting all, it can only be connected one way, the right way. This is what we did this night, which I was FAR TOO TIRED to do and my heart was constantly beating wrong really making it impossible. They are using all codes in you including “old codes”, which have been collected all of my life, which are all codes of man having faith in me as the Saviour. This is the very last thing we do alive, they try to adjust into you with all to hit the centre of you, making all work perfectly. This is the second part of “three tries to penetrate the stonewall designed to keep all out, especially darkness of man. This is what they kept your father as prisoner for, believing his power of attorney to them was enough to ignite all of their New World, bt it only works when doing right as I do. I felt Prince Dimitri Romanov, this is what he brought to Denmark, which Queen Margrethe now has brought to London. It is all faith of man now aimed at London and me that will awake me via this device, which I already have in my veins. And still to make it despite of not having faith of all of the world in you, which is what your extreme sufferings are about. They have keyed in instructions into this device for 50 years now, this is the final, it is not only about making the last instruction works, but to make all instructions work to awake me.

You are colour blind and cannot look in here, having to do the same, to have the same codes on the other side, in you, Stig, the force of the Source. Having the same codes as here with your mother, now Karen, making this the greatest puzzle ever, to make “the monster” walk including the fire inside of me. The idea is for you to arrive in London as your new self, the preparations have started, and to return home to finalise the last details here, and then we will open. I felt Ole and Albertslund, he laid the foundation to all of this, this is what it is all about, releasing all of your life here. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Margrethe (and Mary as I am told “soon to take over”) were not allowed to meet you, which would have lifted the magic of the shrine via my presence. We have made sure also from here over these 50 years that it works, we have constantly been adjusting and perfecting all. The elite of man, I had them look into here, what they believed was the truth, that their New World could be done, but it was only to reach you, the rest is history. This is what they used to fool all, to follow them, if they had just looked even closer, they would have seen it wasn’t me, but a fake, a made up New World. But when they were desperate and sought richness, power and sex, it was easy for me to make them believe. Poor work as usual from all of the elite, who wanted to believe they were right, via Sanna having Hans with her, and then the whole world. “They must know what they speak of”, but they did not because they could not work and live as I did, which made them receive and bring “darkness disguised as light” to the world. It is really about bringing me back, shall we break the news to the world (?), yes, you/we succeeded also bringing this last piece of us in place. Arthur Findlay College knows that you will continue the play, to make the spaceship look as good as possible via more faith, further improving all (symbolised by finishing my apartment). You have not been up and ringing the bell yet (?), this is your job to do, to let all see, it will require constant work of you to keep the world going around as part of the old game. Was this a handspring making him jump right up in Heaven (?), yes, to write and finish the script of yesterday. All I did here as Stig, my new self did on the other side creating a much bigger universe because we found MUCH life.

Now Russia and China have also connected and are online, this secures the lighthouse transfer to me, we needed to have Russia with us as the original holder of the shrine (via Hans). This isn’t your birthday, is it, which they are about to push the button to, they will always argue about where you were born. We are still moving you in over Karen making the puzzle fit perfectly, we walk directly in without man stopping me, I am returning home, I have turned around and am alive as my new self. This means that I don’t enter the New World as unstable, this vehicle on the railway could have stopped us, but you continue driving through and further on the other side. You have registered yourself before the end of time of man saying “alright, if you want me, I will continue living as Stig as my new self”. We cannot bring in all at the same time, but will continue the following months, otherwise I would lose life, everything is recorded on tape, it just takes a little while to roll all out. I felt a pin going through my right ankle, bringing my self through, this is what it is about and what I will finish at Arthur Findlay College, and then I will show you. Now we will start giving out money, i.e. energy, not pulling in, we will start changing paintings (life), but not you yet, you are “not yet formed foam”. Now the Danish Foreign Ministry has also blessed the trip, nothing can go wrong now. Orange (part of Christ from the Netherlands) is also home, all is. This will end my life as a living zombie, your eye vision will start working, so now it is time for me/you to stand out of the coffin, letting man see me for the first time. You did not care, you made it to here, this will end your journey, just like going through “the impossible” last day home from LWF in Geneva in 2009. This will then be the end of your old self, whom we have played, and the beginning of me, my new self, this is when we will start the spaceship and take off. You never made a run for your money (energy), which is just here behind you accumulating all, you went straight to the end, never being in doubt that this was right to do. I only trained one to being able to do this work, I will end the game pretending we are two, and start being me (my new self in Stig). The whole world is trying to make you stand even on top of all, which can only be done in London, for you to stand precisely above everything, making a perfect match.

This is me walking in to you, you made it home, we trained you to bring us home, not your father or anyone before, who believed in man being able to make it home going the easy way. It was only you, who was designed to go through all darkness, the impossible other way around, and to join me here (at Arthur Findlay College), when making it. You were dead all along trying to find and free me, while I was inside of you all of the time, directing you through all to reach me in the end. In principle, I have been here all the time knowing that your father and mother sent you to find me, being invisible to them. I had to guide you from my hidden cave to bring you to me, you made the amount of work required, “no matter what”, to find my own way home. This is where I keep all gold, all life, including you, the Son, who has now returned home to the origin of the Source with all, you brought me/us all home. It was me bringing darkness to guide you to me, bringing all life with you, for me to save here as the purest gold ever seen. So I was inside you, but not allowed to return before all of this darkness of life had been absorbed, we are now incarnating what came to us in Rome. To the world, it was a question about whether you would die before making it to me, if you gave up, I would have had to stop my life support to you, and we would return home without all. We are first opening the third lock of the door for you now, your final goal is to make it to London, where the silver floats directly down through your throat (to the force of me). Darkness wanted to let my heart beat irregular again, this is the final resistance of your mother we take on here, but it is not as strong as the first two “locks”, which was “enough”. I was shown a giant man, or “not formed figure” really, I (my new self) am this lock, looking down on you, “he” is truly a giant with all new life compared to me (my old self). Everything is built on the simple wooden crib of Jesus, the first grain, on basis of faith in me, I was allowed to do as many tries as I wanted to, but now I cannot go any further. This is about turning you the last part around, it is just me coming to you now, first I am only born as a small Jaguar. It was very close to cost Karen, you and all their lives, for you to come here, which was quite as expected. There has only been one before you (my old self as the hybrid of my father of the Source and mother of creation) making this trip through darkness, me, your new self (the Son). It was only via Vera bringing me the last hidden energy that you were able to come here, this is my small castle, you are reaching. You never gave in to your old nightmare, to show the backside fire of me that would destruct the world, which is what man wanted to do, going through the easy way. Your mother has fed all this darkness to you, as long as she followed along, simply because of her doubts of whether to believe in Sanna or you.

I received the power of God and my mother to bring out creation, we are now ready to activate all new life :-). Correction: Man will automatically receive my pure heart and follow me to our New World because I have brought all life with me home to the Source. My stay in London will light up the gold, awake my new self and bring the rising of our new sun, the world is waiting on me there :-). I am closer to dying than ever before, this power is the opposite that will start all, when we will turn all around. You did not turn against me once, I could have continued disturbing you forever (yesterday night), but this is how far you let me, which is when I fell asleep at maybe 04.00-05.00 in the morning. This is what Mogens Lykketoft prepared, when he was the President of the U.N. General Assembly in 2015/16, i.e. for the world to bring forward the truth of all of their wrong-doings to man. We have never removed the connection to the Netherlands, I feel Paul Jacobs, so you are also receiving Christ from here. I was shown a film strip running out, there are no more pictures on it, only a blank strip, this was the end of bringing in more of me. This is what we did here, we will not bring in any more, this was your decision when you decided to sleep yesterday night. I was shown two stools, one is white, the other is black, or was black because I see it disappearing and moving all over to the white, all is light now, there is no more darkness. But we pretend there is darkness, which is as long as man wants this old creation to remain, which is based on darkness. This is why you will continue your stories here, to help bringing man over, this gives you time doing the last details to make your apartment perfect. This means we can still form a little in here, the white part, but then it is over, then you will have to live with what I did bringing you my best creation. I am shown library shelves disappearing here, which has already started, i.e. the Old World disappearing. Instead you will see more and more of our New World, when people will decide to change over, having faith in me. I was shown a heart-shaped door to the firebox of a steam locomotive being opened, it leads directly into the light (going from our Old to our New World).

And then we can build everything in there, but we cannot bring in any more tools, this is done for now. Nevertheless, things can still get tough because I will continue the game as if there was darkness, based on the behaviour and actions of man. Guardians or closest relatives to minors (below the age of 14), legally incompetent including mentally retarded people etc. may decide to enter our New World on their behalf. I have come up from darkness beneath and into the light, but I continue sending darkness to man because of man self and your behaviour – even though I have stopped sending out darkness. I received symbols of “red letter”, i.e. “what did not become life”, and ”parental locking”, which is no access to my father and mother for now. My father and mother are ”completely different species” compared to creation here, we have to adapt, it is difficult for Jesus to return home to his origin of God. They (my father and mother) want to remove you as an inflammation, but my stay in London will soften this knowing that all here just want to return home to the Source. My stay in London will light up the gold, awake it, so you are descending and I am rising, our new sun, man can see it. I have asked man to put forward all, which includes how they monitored me, they will also show my wrong (sexual) behaviour. This was forced upon me by man, to discredit me to the elite and document me as “darkness”, which was prepared before my birth. Thus, there will also be embarrassing details of me to be published, so you are not alone my dear friends of the elite. We have drawn out all of you, all of all, it is really your old selves in a new and revitalised version we bring forward. This is the power still entering me, and I am shown a big heart, the love of God, my origin, which will be part of me always. This is what is still bringing out all of you and man, but it is first with faith of man that we really will wake up. The Shrine of the Tsar comes directly from God, they received the same task as Great Britain, which was to save the world. But they were killed by the Bolsheviks or went into exile abroad, but they managed to smuggle out the Shrine to Denmark, which is why you and many others were born here. What did we not bring with us (?), the next parts of me, I shut the door down in front of these next parts, which will not come alive now, I went as high as I could.

It is all of this I am bringing in now, which I saved with all people I met on http://www.dba.dk (classified ads), which was completely impossible for Sanna and Hans to control. My mother violated the law when entering the elite, which included to inform about a person to kill, me, where-after she has worked officially for Sanna, but knowing that it is really for me. My mother does not want the power, they give her, because she gives it to me, the other way around, to collect all in your mother once again. And then to shoot it over to me, which is then what you transfer to Karen, reusing what was – it was Synnøve Søe, who released all of this, being “the mother plant”. My mother going against me was the only way to bring all power of man to me, to become the one, all, she only accepted because of this. This brought the power of my father to me, the whole world opening to me via this channel, with the knowledge and willingness of the world for me to receive all power of God. My mother’s power has now come to me, there is lid on, it is first with this power that we will start bringing out creation. It is the power “almost dying” here we turn around, and then it becomes the opposite, this is where all starts, this is how you bring all life to me (my father). This is the first we do on the other side, we are now ready to receive all life prepared for me by Arthur Findlay College, and to activate it via acceptance of man. This was the power of God we brought down to start all of this up, is there enough to make everything grow up (?), yes, this is what we asked for. Now we are part of the forest of all, this is what you/I/we can feel in our veins, all, which is, is now also alive in you/me here, we are part of a much bigger Kingdom. We are just the latest part to be included, this is how it continues forever, but it was you/me here who broke the code making all one. So you will feel like being all, we all do, which is all parts of me of all creations, and the sum of this is what we call our father, who is still alive somewhere in his cave. We have been completely stripped down to nothing, without creation, to be dressed with all new life and creation. It is still the prayer of the Pope, thus the world, that brings me forward as the Majesty here, a simple monk, who has now converted to live a normal life of our New World.

Pia from Hørsholm was also decisive to bring this power to you, because it was her faith that brought the power of your mother to you. A huge amount of people have already crossed the gate to our New World, to make sure they like what they see, they cannot bring down their arms, to help bringing all over. Karen fear the most for all lovers of her life to be published, I don’t know if this will be the case. Shall I tell you a secret, Hans has a very small part of this remaining, which is the Shrine of the Tsar. I have “almost” constant heart flicker, my heart is beating wrong at almost every heart beat, I am closer to dying than ever. This is about digging all of you out of the pyramid, it is incredible that you bring yourself alive, I received a deja-vue about man having to do it “without me”. When we are driving you home in the ambulance, you are meant to be dead, but we keep you alive on a minimum. Darkness of man, who is not ready for me, brings me these sufferings, this power is hitting and killing me, switching me off. But it all doesn’t matter, when you are in England having turned all around, man will automatically follow me over. This is what I have written on my website for more than five years, what I promised them to do, to automatically receive my clean heart and access to our New World. I was only told about “follow me within 3 years if you want to live” the other day to make the world and me unsure of existence to bring out all of us. I am now absorbing resistance of man as my sufferings, to liberate all, no one was able to turn you off, which means that you bring all life directly into the Source here. Then, we will just switch on and turn around, bringing all a clean heart automatically, just as you have said years ago. My new self will be awakened in London, we have brought all life ourselves too, and will just switch it on in London – still we cannot connect Karen and you before you come home from London. The whole world is already waiting on you in London, they have set-up all their devices to make our dream come through. This is what it takes to awake Christ in me, the strongest will of all of the world to live, who are then united there.

We are first creating the human body now knowing what it will be like after having collected all tools, we are now bringing the force to and putting faces on all. I will end my mission (creation) in London (June 12 to 14), we will turn around and start opening our New World, and we will still continue bringing even deeper creation forever. We are now bringing in the tool of creation, the power of your father and mother, God with all force and all creation, inside one unit, you. We will lift the cross of Christ to the sky to new glory, follow me, “you have to come with me within three years, if you want to live”. I cannot hold up the Old World for any longer, more and more structure of the Old World will disappear, which is why it is best to follow me from the beginning. I ask the world elite, my network, the music world and all to stand forward now, get the process moving, bring as many over as quickly as you can, this is what I prefer. “I don’t care”, my mother, thus the world, will take on even more sufferings, when following me deeper inside the Source, which is because we can. Karen goes as far back as to the 1970’s, she was also chosen to be something big, the one meant to pull out all energy of you to start their New World. But not to be the mother of our New World, man did not understand she was this New World, this was our best kept secret, I feel the British here. I was told about the process of opening a new room of the Source, we never know what awaits us in here. This is the first we notice, a completely different structure/atmosphere inside here, we start by inflating this place to get it as we want, we always do. We bring our fixed ingredient to make life able to live and breath here, I create the atmosphere, then we bring life in here, do some adjustments and then we are ready. These are the kind of decisions you will take as your new self, going in the direction looking the best for creation. You have already been selected in here too, the new part of you standing forward and saying “let we welcome you, take you coat, show you around”, this always happens. This is how you are now part of procuring new land, so to say, this is your responsibility, which I take care of for now (my new self).

We are out of state prison, having created our own, which we refuse to get out of, because we can see just how lovely it can be here for all here. You are moving incredible long away from the starting point, but not longer away than crawling out to the end of the bowsprit of the ship, you are made entirely of gold, now even more solid gold. The floor of the world is breaking up, the foundation of all is being removed, but nothing happens, when I keep working. Thick, black ink is coming up from a well and being poured into forms, i.e. these deeper parts of me, now it goes quickly. I was shown the corner of a big concert hall, where there is a rest of “transparent darkness”, this is now becoming light too. We first created the human body at the very end, knowing what it would be like after having collected all tools here. This is what we are now doing again, we are now putting faces on all, “hello, hello ….”, all can see this, who follow me. I was shown a spiral spring, it is first at the end we put this on man, knowing how far we can jump, which is about the force of Source. They have never seen a man walking ashore to carry on from there, I am coming home at Arthur Findlay College and then I will further enter the mountain of me. In principle, the knife continues entering me, this is what brings your mother’s back pain, it is the same. I felt insects, this is the same as your old nightmare continuing, but of course under controlled conditions, you decide not to give in to darkness (trying to force me). This means that the destruction of you will continue and make you feel even poorer, of course, it will only be uncontrollable, if you don’t do your work. “I don’t care”, we can only get through this with your confidence, otherwise your mother and the world cannot cannot stand what I will bring in now, well, bring it on! We continue bringing in more life and sufferings of man to continue bringing me energy, your radio report “you have decided to not stop” has been accepted by the world. It would require you to accept your old nightmare before I could start destruction of all including what I have built, if you should decide this. Your plane to London will only fall down, if you violate the above a number of times. Only if you go against me (my new self) bringing all this, darkness will show.

Otherwise we expect for things to go smoothly, because you have the world with you more than you can ever imagine. There is not much darkness remaining because of this support of the world in you, only if I accept my old nightmare, it would become dangerous, otherwise it will really not. Does this mean that we can start opening our New World simultaneously with you receiving more inner parts of you? Well, yes and no, we shall see how it will work out, it depends on you and the world, and what we feel like doing on this basis. It is based on an incredible strong will of Karen to return home to you, i.e. to start opening our New World. Only if we can bring in new parts of you simultaneously without problems, we will do this, otherwise we will have to wait. We will have to cut off the radio connection (my spiritual voice), can we really do both at the same time (?), nothing is impossible after your visit to Arthur Findlay College. If all goes well, there will be no destructions possible hereafter, but still, we have the opportunity to search deeper into myself. This is what I will continue doing always after opening our New World, this is just what I am trying to get through to you, through this last darkness. This is about turning around to the light side and no longer darkness, when all is turned around, we can do all we like without darkness opposing us. This is your right testicle, we pump into, which is the Source, while life will continue growing, my left testicle, which can be done simultaneously. This is when you and all will start erasing memories of darkness, we will only keep “good memories” of our old selves. Will you never see me again as I was (?), yes, but it will be me, my new self, in you, and not your old self any more. My old self was made up as a hybrid of my mother and father, you were the empty shell designed for me, looking like me, to become me. It is me sitting here at the end, I am shown the King of my new self sitting in his throne and having the crown on his head, I am now becoming you. We are halfway through the Gate of the Source, it is here, the very last part, we have the most people, this gate is about turning you around. It is the tool of creation, you, we bring in here, it is you, who brings this in, which we normally leave out (until now). To continue creation inside creation, not just from outside as we have done until now, and to do it without darkness trying to force your old nightmare on you.

To turn everything around, still having the tool of creation work here, it is the biggest accomplishment, the most difficult and dangerous part to do, and what the trip to London is about. This is the knife self, the power of your father and mother, which you have been allowed to bring with you, simply because you/we have brought everything in front of it over first. This is how we still bring your old self with us in, your mother includes all creation and your father all force for it, and still you are just our Stig here. So you are really both your old and new self, the best kept secret, you will not die as your old self, we will still have the mother of father of you with us, in you. This is the first time this happens, to bring God and all creation together inside one unit, you, so all force is right here with us for us to create the most beautiful scenes right here. You are not Jesus yet, your new self, without this power, this is what your mother, all, know you are trying to bring over via your biggest sufferings. This is the knife self, the tool of creation, the most difficult part to bring in, this brings “incredible happiness” of man for me to being able to do this. We come directly from Stockholm, Sweden, where we sent out darkness, now we will start to send out light because of yours and man’s decision to improve. We are just here in an invisible store, I am shown a corner of a building in Copenhagen, but the store cannot be seen. I was shown fire being thrown into the fireplace, this is what we bring in, everything would be useless without this. We have played this game as Russian roulette with one bullet in the chamber, risking life self to do this, but doing it as a calculated risk. My voice kept telling me strongly “I wish there was no creation” trying to make me follow it and decide for this, which can only be done from here, the deepest of all. I had to take the attitude “I completely don’t care, it will be my way”, I had to be very strong being stronger than this voice. This was the last part, this is just what we did this evening, now this is on place too, I am happy that I have got all of me with me, leaving nothing out. This is what all time to follow can trace back as the starting point of all, this was the most dangerous part of all. This is the power making you able to stand up and walk, from this point, we will only make you stronger. You were looking creation right in the eyes, is this what I want (?), which you confirmed again, this is what starts your new heart.

Remember that you will only have three tries to go through what now comes, a stonewall to penetrate, designed to keep all out, especially you rat spawn (darkness of man). You want to be the lighthouse keeper, then you have to secure us that you are really this stranger we set off here, who has returned to us with all. I cannot see and hear, I can only feel and smell you, so let us see, is this really the mighty one? The cross, Christ, has laid here for hundreds of years, not alive, this is the one you want to awake, to bring back to life? Well, come in then, but only if you promise me to be good, yes, this is what his book is about, so alright, this is the first key to open here. You have been granted access, the next will not be easier, the third will also not, and should you succeed, we will then open all to you in London. This is the cross we will lift up to the sky to new glory, leading the New World, follow me, all can see me, this is how it is meant to be. For you to stand forward showing the world that “you have to come with me, all of you, say within three years from now, otherwise it all doesn’t matter, because it is all or nothing to me”. We cannot afford gas chambers, i.e. to eliminate life, the fire here is based on all to make it, so follow me, all of you, if you want to live. This is God, his Majesty, coming down the stairs to you, to bring your life back, which you wanted me to remove from you (with the killing of Jesus). Now you say the reverse, well, these are my conditions for you, join me, all of you, none are to leave to the place of no return. I cannot afford that, it will break me, thus all, this is why the game is called “one for all and all for one”. I am shown a big crowd of people crossing a gate, this has to be done before three years, I cannot hold it up for any longer, before the end of the Old World, follow me, via your faith. I am shown more and more structure of the Old World, which will disappear making life here more and more unbearable. The best is to do it from the beginning, which will create the least problems, first when all are home, I can show you all of my New World. Queen Elizabeth, my network, armed forces, the world elite, the music world etc., stand forward now, get the process moving, bring as many over as quickly as you can, this is what I prefer. Make my new ship stable and unsinkable, don’t forget anyone, bring all, now I give you the chance once in a lifetime to follow me. Can you feel it, the love that is in the air (?), which will also help to bring all home to me, you can see, smell, feel me asking all to come home. Your faith brought me forward to save you all, but you (man) have to pull forward the train yourself, over the gate to my New World. You will see me cutting off parts of me here, becoming stronger and stronger on the other side, I will move over together with man moving.

My old class teacher, Vera, brought a golden stream running through my entire body, she opened to Christ inside of me bringing me the power of gold and rebirth. I am going through the Gate of the Source, the eye of a needle, to my inner self, this is Karen’s ring of coal, which is about to become a diamond, i.e. our New World. We have brought all gold up from beneath the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the very last part of you, this is the last grain I bring into all eggs (of new life) before hatching them. This is a new tunnel we have dug, going even deeper into myself, how deep will you go inside of it before bringing out our new creation? How clean do you want creation to be, how deep will we look into ourselves for all eternity to come, how much more special gold do you want to bring out making life even more magical? Now I have it from Vera, the innermost of all known, we have already started the process of further expanding God and all, thus prolonging the game “a couple of months”. I booked my trip to London from June 12 to 14 for Arthur Findlay College to activate my “magic ticket”, they are the only ones, who can serve me home (as in tennis). It is sort of a Gate of the Source you will go through to me, the first solving the riddle finding all the way home here, where we have collected all, we just needed you to come to start all. This is what the world has lined up for always, knowing that the end came closer and closer, it was only a matter of whom to trust, Sanna or me. This was the residential need of your mother solved, the pencil (of creation) is only in here, so we pulled all of you inside nothing here, to bring the force of life to you all. They have promised having spring-cleaned all when you will arrive, but until then (more darkness coming) …. My mother, they all knew we would have to go through a terrible time at the end, but the mainstream world never suspected anything, which was our goal. Was Karen forced to stay with Denis all of these years and missing you all along (?), I feel Sanna telling her “you have to”, she looks forward to stop telling “Stig is raving mad”. I am really inside myself as Stig, I am all alone in here, I am also all angels, now comes the most difficult and the ultimate part, to go through the gate.

They forced my old nightmare on my mother, which she could not resist as all others before us, it could have killed you and all, if your mother had given up because of this. She never told you about how disgusting it was, just to think of being with your son, experiencing it in dreams etc., which is how it was done with her. This was a condition to make Karen feel affectionate to you, the idea was to keep this down for your mother and up for Karen to make it work, which is because they are of the same piece. Man could not get in here, bringing life of the elite with them, I have been sitting in undetected, man only believed in the force here, not me, no God. My mother had been kind again to invite me out, this time to see the Danish “Jazz-diva” Cæcilie Nordby play live in Ålsgårde, only a few kilometres from here. I met my old class teacher from Mørdrup School, Vera, there, who was kind, outgoing and smiling, and we had a nice chat together. She told me about her “impossible travel” home from USA in April with missed flights, a closed airport, broken air-condition system etc. making it “hell” for her to come home. When we spoke, I felt a strong golden stream running through my entire body, she opened to Christ inside of me via strong faith of my old class friends etc., which she carried with her. We have also now been beneath the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, bringing all up from there. This is what Vera brought with her, the very last part of you saved by her and your old best friends from Espergærde United. It is the first part of the pencil (of creation) we have started bringing through the eye of a needle, this is the power of gold and rebirth you were given here. Brought via the strongest faith of them, together with Cæcilie Nordby, who brings energy of the entire music world. This is the last grain I bring into all eggs (of new life), they are ready to being hatched out, this is something the Vatican did not have, which is “a strong will to live”. In other words, this is Karen’s ring of coal, which is about to become a diamond, the process has started, this is the gate we are going through. Vera was started by Jais, my old class friend, to start a group for you, which has been growing ever since with more and more people entering. Vera was not supposed to communicate with you, this evening was really the only chance to bring you this big lump of gold, which everyone had collected in her.

I was shown an endless line of cars, which is all new life, in principle we will just uncover these, which is what already is, but still we have to concentrate the most. All was built on your visit to the Espergærde Youth School back in 2010 or 2011, where Jais, the daily leader of it, could see that STIG is completely normal, as all can see. It is a little like Roholmsskolen, my first school in Albertslund, but there was not as much collected here, as there was there. This is about bringing all in before we start, which is what we do then, this is expanding my palace and making it even more white. Very’s “impossible” travel home from USA was darkness not wanting her to bring this with me, it was built on our chat in April, when she was still in USA shortly before going home. I received a very strong pain to my left testicle going all the way up to my stomach, this new power is bringing massive parts to me. This brings the ring even closer on you, it is only a question of how clean you want it, this is about how deep we will look into ourselves for all eternity to come. It is only a question of how much more of this special gold to receive, making the ticket even more magical. A question of how deep you will meet me in here, which also means that darkness here only keeps getting stronger, how much more can the world and I handle? This is a new tunnel, I see it as blue, my colour, we have dug here, going even deeper into myself as I have never seen, I say it because you are the only one, who can do it. Will I decide to prolong the game to bring this, or to stop my work after the trip to London (?), I have to decide before going to London. You have already received this dust, it is just a question of how deep you will go inside of it, before using it to bring out creation. This may mean an additional 1-2 months of work if I and the world can make it, so that I can finish the last set-up of my apartment, thus the Source. I am being filled up with more of these incredible rare items being the closest to me, Egyptian figures, layer upon layer, which I can dig out and into the deepest of the pyramid of me. We will go to London and just receive Paul Jacob’s stamp, and use it at a future time, I decide myself, when I will become tired of doing this game.

Now I have it from Vera, this item making it possible for me to bring out all creation, the deepest part of me, the innermost of all known. I am shown new stables of blue oceans opening, this is the process we have already started, we are now again expanding God and all from within me, where no one has ever been. This is why it will become your most difficult and dangerous journey so far, do you think you have what it takes to win (?), and my voice says “yes yes yes” with enthusiasm. I received a strong and quick cramp to the backside of my left lower leg, which is about expanding the force of the Source, now it goes quickly, the longer you can keep it going, the better. You are not only completely magic by now, you also vibrate faster, lifting the frequencies for all, which it is all about. We can only get to this, when the old train (Old World) is stopping, and only you can decide how much we will bring. We cannot continue forever, but right now, you and the world are secure via this injection of faith in you, don’t forget about Cæcilie’s influence. Catapult, this is what decides the final power of the rocket of our New World. Jack and all, this is the power they hoped to bring you via Vera’s chat with you in April.

July 2018: We have completed the machine of all, retrieved direct access to the Source and brought in all other creators and their creations to become part of me as One God 

Yesterday, I was told that “this is why Kim Larsen comes to Helsingør tomorrow in concert, to put a lid over this”, i.e. over the last part of me, whom we have dug out. We aren’t going to close the suitcase again, are we (?), i.e. all creation, and “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, “almost, we feel”. Then your mother’s fingers cannot get near me again, to bring more life, then we have all, this time, then she has closed to all and packed the suitcases. I have no gun with me, no, there was no danger inside this room, this is only how it looked from outside (“the danger zone”). There is no curfew, you are welcome to come out of your cave as the king, and “fire off a King”, i.e. my new self including the rocket of our New World. Kim Larsen brought the whole music world too, bringing their power to do this closure “the best way” including his warmth and wit. “This is what I was born to do, but first when you say so”, this is when we brought out this last planned part of me, Kim Larsen was the last to “fire me off”. Kim Larsen is the most valuable of modern, Danish culture, a cultural heritage like Grundtvig, which is as Danish at it gets. I felt the pure spirit of my mother, she is the one working through Kim Larsen, “one of my best – in the world”, she says. I was given the desire of darkness to wish for Kim collapsing and dying, which I of course refused, it is as incredible that Kim is still alive and playing as it is that I am still alive and working. This closure means that there will be no 100 year hurricane, we will now open the force of the Source for all eternity to come. This is the opening to the gold of me, so now we are home, but still we have to get eyes first. i.e. for man to form my energy as our new creation. We crossed all limits coming here (to this room liberating the last part of me), you had to go alone without the world, there is only me here. The world was entirely shaken when switching over to the other side without reaching our New World, we needed this energy (to reach the “middle station” first). Now we thank Peer for this time around, he was the only one being able to bring you in there, being the one in there. It is the end of darkness to bring more life, so there will be no more “kill me” attempts, but it will not become easier from here, it also requires energy filter all.

This was the completion of the machine of all, my bag is full, we are now coming to show on the sky, when you are ready of course. I cannot say that I am done with my apartment, but if you believe you can start, while I continue my work on this, please do. OK, we accept, and I feel that it still requires darkness/energy to do, when we will begin you will start feeling good. This is the same as developing Karen, our New World, this is what we proud parents, I feel the spirits of my father and mother, and the world have waited for. We first do this when we have brought all of the apple home, it is us, father and mother, forming you and Karen with all there, now we fill nothing, we are ready from here, all power is mine. This can only be done when you stop writing, well, this is connected to finishing my apartment, which makes it impossible to decide stop writing then, for now. This is when I, my father, Peer, say goodbye, I was the last standing between you and this divine factory, “the energy of all”. This is the fuel of the rocket of our New World beneath it, which you are the only one above, who will also get access to. This is because you are one of our own and created like this, being both below and above, this is to bring eternal life to all. My father, Peer, was the first coming here to prepare for this landing here, which did not become an emergency landing, we brought the ship of new creation steadily here, to be carried out. It is only beauty in here controlled by my spiritual mother, this is the place the original creator found to control all cells and pretend to bring all here. We have incredible much money (energy) here, which you collected to bring about all creation required by your mother, it was all about getting to this magic. There is no more knife stabbing (of creation), now we are ready to spray out water from the garden hose, to bring creation. This is the only thing I use my power for, to bring you life, we have the secret code to bring out all creation. Now it is time to awake life inside of me, and make miracles, Karen and I married together, letting the world see. Kim Larsen and “many others” disapprove of my “filth”, my “sexual escapades” (before 2005), being under the influence of darkness wanting to bring me down. This was one of the strongest arguments Sanna and Hans and the world had against me, “he cannot be a man of God then”.

But it was darkness of man “forcing” me to disgrace and overtake me, when bringing an enormous pressure on me, which I could not resist before then. Still, the bottleneck is pointed at me, the only reason is the quality of your work, there is no one else, Stig is the only one of the world to be taken seriously. We have started spreading the masts on the giant tower, which is about the Tree of Life awakening in me. Do you know what Karen has done (?), I feel it is enough to open that giant door to the giant barn with hay, the most Important is that she buried the battle hawk. I was shown a perfect cow (the Source) turning into a perfect cowboy riding on a horse (creation of Karen), which is about me changing into all creation. I am shown a globe with an incredible bright light in the middle of it breaking out, this is where we are now, the light is about to shine through. I was shown an item being stuck onto a sticky plate, which is about “attaching life to the Source”, we have done trials, it fits perfectly. It is just the spaceship we are preparing, now we will finally have lunch in the green, “go ahead”, which I feel is an encouragement to the world. You have lowered them directly into the well of gold, it was just a signal of Sanne Salomonsen that switched all on, which is what we are following on. I am shown a fountain pen and ink in it, we have made sure we will never be empty for ink for creation, which was the most important of all. We have followed the road into the tunnel of the elephant, we have moved all of the refrigerator in there. It is all of this power we have put inside your sexuality, only one can do an emergency landing here, your mother (but we did not), it is here we make apple juice. Instead of turning around, we flew directly into the Source, and it is when I will turn you all around, the world will start seeing my face on the sky. Is this then what we will do, when you are ready (?), yes, we know, Stig, you are not done with your apartment, so I am NOT ready. It is really up to you and your mother in cooperation to do this turning around, letting people see the gold. To prick a hole to the force of me, this is the last function of the knife, to open the circle formed tuna can as I am shown, when all is done. It is then you, who finally allows your mother, all life, to return home to you, to the gold inside of you. Yes, this is “impossible” to do because all has to be perfect, which it is not yet, and I have practically no energy to work on my apartment.

We are turning around and opening our New World, this is the eye slowly opening, we are now receiving pure energy only. We keep all life in Karen’s crib, which is really both in her and me, one part is life, the other part is my force for it, moving in. People having faith in me, will receive divine power and operate as part of me to help bringing out my new self and our New World, to save all. Women in love with me will carry out the New World as other parts of Karen, headed by my sister, all men having faith in me will be “like me” bringing force to life. All will see our New World and the face of my new self on the sky, which is identical to me, to show that I am the one, Karen will stand forward too showing our connection. We will continue the game for “a couple of months”, but we will lose up and promise that we will survive, otherwise I would be a “speaking bomb” killing the world. Karen knows we have to meet, she will fell liberty coming too (with life awakening), and the more and more motivated she will be to see you again. We can only step on it, turn up the gas, even more, the longer you wait, we can still hurt your mother, i.e. the world, if you stop working. There will now only come waves of darkness in the sun, turning around, this is the process we are still doing fully. Now you are only collecting flowers (only light), not as before, where it was mixed, you are now out of the fire dam receiving pure energy, which is added to all other. We just pretend there is darkness using the old game to lift us even higher up, just keep on, we were almost saying. This is the door you have fully opened to me, now just enter it deeper, in principle, it only becomes darker with you, when purer here. I am shown scrambled eggs, this is opening the content of the egg, which we have started, i.e. opening our New World. Now it is not a question of lack of space, but to expand here receiving an abundance of energy, which we may not need today, but for all future purpose. If the two halves (of Karen and I) had not fitted perfectly, we could have continued forever correcting. This is the pure tunnel of your father. This is where we keep all, the machine bringing birth, this is the eye slowly opening, you have started it.

Your mother is not here anymore, we have brought her out, she does not belong here, but down there on Earth (creation). She is the product we made (here as Karen), you are the force of us, and combined we are God as one. This is what we needed Denis for, the opposite of you, now removed too, to make room for this, me bringing this machine to Karen, to create life. Karen brings me flowers making me feel good too, which will end my sufferings, because when this life is alive, I live, otherwise I am not here, this is how we have made it. We did this without any birthmarks, this is what secures you the clock of all, we removed all darkness standing between us and this machine. This was man self on the other side, who “could not” understand and believe in me, we can soon remove our old, dark clothes and show who we really are. The best is that the machine is automatic, it brings new creation automatic, we can also now help cells that don’t want to become life. Lump sum pension, this was about controlling the energy, to sort it out, without letting my anger reach the world, which we did. Arthur Findlay College gave clear orders to the spirit of my mother, on behalf of Vatican, to “don’t start all now, we know there is more for you to bring”, this is how man really controlled me. I felt the plane home from London and darkness trying to bring it down, so we flew to the middle station of the Source. Peru, what did Karen bring home from there (?), the opposite of you, shall we say “crib to contain life”? Hans told her that it was decisive for her to do while knowing me. This is where we keep life, both places really, in her and me, which is because one part is life, the other part is my force for it, which is my role. Karen opens to this and invites you in, we are waiting on all of this to be done, bringing all out, we have not only been accepted, this is where we are moving in. This is what we broke through to in London, theoretically we are home, but we decided to postpone it, to bring the last part of my new self. I could not tell before I had arrived with all force, which is why the play of darkness these days was also critical and not without danger (for the world) to do.

I was shown Prince Hamlet holding up the skull, “to be or not to be”, which is replaced with a perfect glass globe in his hand, i.e. our new creation before it is formed. This is what the world was waiting for and now we are here, a little later than what man wanted, this is what we have done because you have partly allowed us into the Source. I see how we look into the smallest parts of the engine (of the Source), and I am told that we only once ever do this. People, who believe in me and are on my side, have been brought to their right position helping to bring our New World, to bring out the mummy of me for the world to see. We are in the darkroom just before being developed, this is when the real turn around comes, when you have first felt it, you will be in no doubt. Your mother has no idea of how to ride the horse (of our New World), which we will first know on the other side, seeing it with our own eyes, what we have created. They will assist me turning around the last part of me and the world, allowing me and all to see what is on the other side. Simply when looking up in the sky, which is so breathtaking that all will look forward to the end of this process, becoming life on this side. This is what the world has prepared for, to help assist you by telling the truth of you and them, the dark agenda of man. We don’t know what we will get, but it will be beautiful, because you never gave in, but continued creating always only giving pluses without minuses, ie. “lack of creation”, on the other side. This is first when you come out of the danger zone and then your face, which is mine, my new self, will show on the sky, coming out as the mummy. All can then see who you are, even your mother, because there is only one in the world looking like me, which is you, this is how your mother made me, then you. How far away are we from this happening (?), well, everything from now to a couple of months from now depending on how long you will last continuing your work. We will continue the game, but we will lose up, the next step would be to kill him and the world, we have to survive until the end. We promise not to bring you or your mother on hospital this time, otherwise you would be a speaking bomb, because your mother also cannot no more.

We (Karen and I) are married in the moment you will stand forward, because Karen will then stand forward too showing our connection to the world. This is the only way we can continue the game, by pretending that we are not here, we will continue walking up this non-existing stairs to see what we will find. We will now walk this area for the 12th combing all with light and torch to see what we may have overseen. Here is hat no. 3, 4, 5 and so on, my glasses are now much better than the last time, which brings in much more life and me too. It was Hans taking the decision of “unconditional surrender” (turning around), this is how big his power is, which led the French to say “we do it now”. Now you are the new creation self, it was also this decision getting you new self out of the arms of your mother and into this new rocket simply called Karen with you, our New World. It is all written in the stone, all creation is in me, my mother made sure of that, assisted by my father. All people having faith in me will receive divine power and operate as part of me, the more faith, the more power – far most will be the people I saved. This does not apply to women in love with you, they will carry out the New World as other parts of my mother, which is Karen here, your little sister, Sanna, will be heading these women. All men having faith in me will be “like me” bringing force, then this is settled with, they are also invited in here (the Source) to see. This also means that the voices won’t die, which is the voice bringing me these scripts, before you decide it, you/we should not be alive now. We cannot keep the refrigerator open to you all the time, but this is your mother deciding to do this (because I do as Stig), while we are also opening at the same time.

Benedikte Kiær’s love to me for bringing her children, because of her faith in me, opened up to a new layer of me even higher up, we have expanded all to bring more creation. Benedikte’s opening brought us to the smallest known unit of measurement to man, where the Chinese planned their New World to be, we are now bringing out all of their power. I did not have all of the world with me to continue the game to access all of the sun, we could not bring our New World without this direct access to the force of all. I had to act on my own to rejoin the family, having brought all home to the Source, this is the sum of all life and energy ever created, and now you too. A part of the world does not want to continue the game, they would rather follow the old road blowing all up. No, Stig doesn’t care, he just goes on no matter what”, it is not too much to say that you don’t have all of the world with you. Sanna and Hans are fighting with this, “please assist Stig, no, he does not know what he is looking for other than the grand ball of his father, to access all of the sun”. We could not go to the cinema (of our New World) without this, the force of all, which I am operating on behalf of here. “There are no restrictions, take what you need, my son”, kind regards from your mother and father (of all), whom I both feel. This is what the world is now trying to block you from, direct access to the Source forever and ever, because it wants to end the game now. This is what the world, Sanna and all saw I had access to via x-rays from my dentist a few years ago, but first after removing all darkness of man. It is first now I come here, this is why I continue working, I just know it is right to do, this road, my apartment, is designed for me to follow. This means that I have 100% clean access, their resistance is what I needed to get here, to go through their darkness. All of this was released when we “turned around”, Rome brought me here, “Stig has to act on his own hand, we cannot see from here”, which was after London. This is just what you are doing, rejoining the family, having brought all home to me, this is the sum of all life and energy ever created, and now you too. I feel pure gold and the spirit of my mother saying “all the greatest love receiving you”, yes, I am all here as the Source playing all, this is inside the sun where all is.

This is what your spiritual mother, i.e. the Old World, did all to fight, she did not want to enter the Source. She thought it was the opposite of what it really is, bringing certain death, this is how she trained Sanna, Hans and all exactly as I, my new self, wanted it. She was created as darkness believing she was light, and had to protect all from this danger trying to enter and kill her, she believed. She did not realise I brought her light, which she turned into darkness on the other side believing this brought life, but it was the light behind it, disguised as darkness, that did. To bring you Stig to become my new self and all life here, we had to go through all darkness to become the life I promised you to be. The spiritual mother of all at home at the Source, a part of her played the spiritual mother of darkness, i.e. our Old World, without realising this connection. It is only inside here we can get the clock to work, this is the resistance that kept being inside your mother, which made it easy for her to understand Sanna over you. When the game goes on and my mother does not hurt, it means that we are home, so what is there to get here now? We cannot touch you in here, no heart attack and no old nightmare, and still we play the game of darkness as long as you wish. We are not Pyramids or anything here to protect us, the Gods from danger outside, here we just are and I protect all life living with me inside my gold. This is the pile of layer cakes, i.e. Tree of Life, where we put ourselves on top, this is when all give me the power, i.e. to the Source. We have started rolling the film before all of you are in, I am shown (the last part of) myself arriving on my motorcycle, doing a somersault and rolling into the barn with hay. I am shown an axe cutting my head off, my old self, by man, the only way to enter was to kill me, this is what we continue doing destroying last part of you. So the mummy I come out off, is you, Stig, who is not supposed to live, but you brought me here, us all. You can say your mother was yellow and I, my spiritual mother of all, is silver, the aircraft home from London started the process turning around. I don’t have energy to work on my apartment, only my scripts/website, which makes me wonder if I will be able to finish my apartment in September at all.

I was told about “the insurance”, which is about sufferings of man that will bring what I may not be able to bring myself, but I have not given up yet. I was supposed to rot up (if not making all), but I will save you from going through this now, I will not rot up because I never give in to my old nightmare. Tiny hole, we are just crawling through a smaller and smaller hole, you decide for how long, without the risk of hurting the world anymore. It is just a game we are playing and only a matter of how much darkness you bring into the fire, we are playing the same final exam over and over again until you are done. Nobody minds because you, Sanna and the world, have finally understood that I will not give in before having done the last things here. I felt Putin and Russia, I was told some days ago about Russia, who was supposed to kill me in London. It was only a game to the world to make your trip there as difficult/dangerous as possible making the world fear that Putin would get to me. This was part of the recipe sending us off towards our New World, based on fright of the world. Something about an accident with Karen: “We know there has been made short circuits in the lacquer with Karen”, this will be released when I stop working. I used energy COMPLETELY emptying me when buying a new speaker in Copenhagen, which opened to a new treasure chest including MUCH life. I had a secret agreement with the hospital to keep your mother and you alive no matter what, a game within the game as the elite and Hans knew nothing about. I was given “smile with smiles” and told that it was Kristoffer telling them the simple truth about me, which included his mother Mette and more. I sent a new email to the Appeal Board and Patient Security Board copying in Helsingør Commune, the police, regional psychiatric system, government and more. “For the last time: I am COMPLETELY NORMAL, I have good relations with all and normal work capacity, UNDERSTAND IT NOW!” Will this email give me a chance to turn around the last, which I otherwise cannot do myself (?), yes, it seems like it.

Because of this, we collect all of the orange, our new creation, once again, including all extra life, this will bring. I tagged Benedikte, the mayor, she is 48 years old and pregnant with her second child after having had her first child 2½ years ago following years of unsuccessful tries. I told her that “it is soon time for a new birth”, “you and I know that you only became pregnant after you started believing in me as the only one and not my sister”. There is still a small crocodile (darkness) snapping after me, if we want to, “just a game”, my work today made us tightened up in front of a rubber band even more than before. Benedikte was touched by my email telling her that it was her faith in me that finally gave her and her husband a child. She is personally opening up to a new layer of me, her love makes me reach gold even higher up, to bring birth of my new self at an even higher place. A part of Benedikte’s skin is now placed on you saying “I love you”, because you are me and my child, now I realise why I had to struggle so hard getting a child. This is the most ambitious level of creation, we have just expanded all, a new room, which is even smaller, to bring more creation. I have new puzzles to solve, to sort out threads of this darkness, we have new lamps to hang up, we have received enough food to digest for a while. I was told about my father’s father, Hitler, following me, Hans had an advantage knowing about secrets of the world, which I did not, which is now being transferred to me. I felt my pure father of the Source and more force that he brings in here, this means we can bring in more with you. I was told some general stories, I did not write down, which is because we are so far inside the Source that there is really nothing left to turn around. We have brought the entire Tree of Life in, we have turned all of you around including what was behind you, nothing else remains than giving you the keys to this paradise. Ferdinand the Bull is coming out of a hen house, which is impossible to do without Benedikte turning you around because of her love, faith and appreciation receiving children. This was the most precious gift, Benedikte could bring us, and it comes because this is the first time she really wants me, my new system, above the old.

All is fed via her love because of her gratitude receiving children, she finally realised you are no monster as all kept on telling her, via this little act, she was your opponent until the end. This is your most magic moment, “you Great Chinese”, is there even more Chinese in there behind it all? Yes, it is first now we start seeing what they built up there in all secrecy from the world, it is all of their power we are now bringing out. We did not know before coming here, taking a step up, and then we can see it, we are bringing in even more that we did not know about, this is how this darkness feels like nothing. We understood there was more receiving a distress signal “don’t leave us here”, but we did not realise this part was extracted from your mother to be used for them alone. This room is the smallest known unit of measurement to man, which no one believed you would ever enter, because you were not made as fine-meshed to do this. This unit is way lower and smaller than all, including me, this is where they planned their New World to be. No one will ever get here, it cannot be done, not even Stig can get down to these slow and deep frequencies, where almost nothing turns around. They thought they could do this without Karen and me, which they however would never be able to do, it required us as the basis of life here. This was the bridge leading there, via the extra opening of Benedikte, who was part of the worst darkness pulling the strings together with Sanna and Hans against you, to overtake you. Benedikte feels like knowing you better now, I feel her opening up and giving just a drop of perfume, which was required to find this place, their innermost secret of all.

This direct access to the Source was brought to me from my mother to Jack, from Jack to Karen and from Karen to me, based on their faith in me. Man planned to transfer the last drop of blood of me to Jack (including the direct access to the Source), to let him become my new self as Christ, and for Karen to be with him. Man wrongly believed THAT “nature went wrong” turning me into darkness and Jack light, it was the opposite (!), man needed this access for the creation of their New World. Jack was a dark copy of me, he had this baton of life, which man however could not get to work because their creation was based on darkness, not light. Sanna directed the world to Jack via my voice (“darkness disguised as light”) on basis of the power of our mother to her, which she brought to Hans and the world. It is not only this universe, but almost an eternity of creations before ours, who are waiting on me, on the arrival of the Redeemer to bring the awakening of God as all new life everywhere. This was the importance of Benedikte being the spearhead to kill me, and when she is turned around, she is the opposite. She was prepared to kill me all of her life, coolly and without conscience, a murderer trained by the state. She would smile to people thinking “I will kill you too and receive your energy”, this is how they saw us, as parasites living on their energy. Lars G., my old best friend in the 1990’s, was part of this too, he and Benedikte are the two keys opening to this part of me. Lars G. was pulling the strings too as “prominent” member of the Conservative Party since his youth, helping to chose Benedikte, and to train her. The worst is that Karen was completely infatuated with them, Benedikte, Sanna and Hans and also Lars G. and more, and their plans of a “fine” New World. You did not discover their true plans of a totalitarian regime terrorising you all, which Sanna let by not discovering it, also not Hans. They believed they would receive much money and power, they were bought and did nothing really to discover their true New World, which they had to read from my website. It was only love that drove away Karen from them and their system to you, believing in you, when Karen is born, she can feel all power with you.

Don’t be surprised when two squaws come canoeing to you, which I am shown, i.e. our two New World’s, you control both. I was given the vision and feeling of my new self flying around my head in a small plane, when I give in, “he” will operate me. “What does it matter to ya, When you got a job to do, You gotta do it well”, which is just what I do, “I do NOT care” about resistance of man, I continue working because I am not done. Karen brought “something” home from Peru around 2004/05, and then she had to visit me again to have this fertilized. Tell me what would be the worst, well, if we did not bring this item down from the mountain, I feel Hans, which they also needed for their creation, a true copy of me. They had the idea to take a drop of blood of me, and let this live as a new Christ, but under their control, and how far did you get working on the copy of me, Hans? It was also accepted by Sanna, I feel Jack here, to transfer my genes to him and let him become my new self, to stand forward as Christ, and for Karen to be with him. I have received much and very strong speech to make me give up, which is also because I am incredible weak and should give up. It is difficult pulling myself together just to do my daily work writing, and then to have this strong voice coming to me, but “I don’t care”, I cut right through it and “just do it”. Karen had accepted this knowing that you would be the original ending up with Jack, because “he was much better, having the right genes”, he was light and I was darkness! You haven’t retrieved your hunting license from Jack (?), yes, and more than this, all power connected to it, in China, this is now done. All of the elite believed Jack was to be inserted as the new Stig, to reinstate “nature that went wrong”. This is what Sanna and all thought because they followed my voice (“darkness disguised as light”), they were crazy doing this instead of what they knew was right to do. This is what they really built their New World on, Stig survived in this the last grain of sand for them to build on. But my life as such was gone, well, it was not the true gold of me, which I did not give them, but they believed they had it. We are installing this part in you again, this is the smallest part known to man, and what I went to London to get. Jack was a dark copy of you, which they could not get to work, this was the goal of all of the elite, to steal this from you being a condition for their creation to work.

This was their dream of new life, it could only be transferred via a sexual act, when Karen decided to believe in you over them, she brought this home – it first required faith of your mother. This is what Hans gave your sister Carte Blanche to do, “who will have the baton of life now that I will not myself, who can the world agree on”? Yes, my opposite self in light, which is what she also misunderstood Jack as, it was really the opposite! This is how they turned your mother into a dumb Russian, when she decided to believe in Sanna, not you, thus giving her power to their New World. This “grain of sand” was the machine, to get it started, the part of me having direct access to the Source, but it would not work for them when building their creation on darkness. This is not the same as the Shrine of the Tsar, which was used to create, this item is the direct access to the force of the Source. Jack would be introduced as a new Christ instead of me, but “more polite” giving the power to man, so he would only be a Figurehead. “Stig is homosexual” was WRONG spiritual information given to Sanna, which was also used to explain that “nature went wrong” with me, not with Jack, he was “normal”. You have wisely decided to wait firing off our New World without knowing what waited on us, there are an incredible amount of people living here in the inner plans. Only if I came through this narrow passage, I would bring back this direct access to me, this work was also required to make sure it will become New England everywhere. You can look into my eyes (of my father in the Source), and “my eyes shall see”, the awakening of God as all new life everywhere, not only here. This is how it is everywhere, it is not only Earth waiting on you, it is also not only your Universe waiting, but almost an eternity of Universes (creations before ours). All are waiting on the day of the arrival of the Redeemer, this is just the day we are waiting on, also I, your father (of the Source). I sent you, and was you (as my old self, a hybrid of the Source of my father and all life of my mother), I am immensely proud of you. It is all of these creations we give you, and ask you to bear, to be our Father here, fine, you are all welcome, but first when I am done with my work. This is how Karen is united with me, not Jack, who will become part of me, like my sister, Karen and I will live new normal lives too.

This was the road your father, Peer, had prepared for you, reaching home, it required for you to take choices no one would take, to go against all resistance. Now you will be all life of all creations to start with, I am the newest creation containing all before me, and I will myself become part of the next, new creations above me forever. We make a mark here, I feel a ring being drawn all around my right ankle, it was here we made it all around, turning around all, all life goes through me. It was Karen’s choice between you and Jack that sealed the destiny of all, would we survive, would she decide to live or die, and when Karen chose me, we saved all :-). An enormous discharge will be coming from you (the Source bringing out all new creations), I am already here, I live in you, my old self. My father of the Source helped me to never give up, this was my contribution as all, seeing all, how it connects, but only when one decides to go all the way home. To never giver up, as I did as Stig, my old self, to become my new self, Jesus, now Stig, who was the first one going through all darkness here, which I had to repeat to bring all home. Karen had to chose between Jack and me, she really loved me, all know that you two belong together, but I cannot unite you in real life before you stop working. This is also part of the pressure of your mother to make you stop, to bring you together, simply because she knows this is right. Now you will see something very special, me bringing you in over Karen replacing Jack with his access to the Source, now you are all of Jack not the opposite. We had already planned this access with Jack because of the wish of man, which would only have brought the end. This was Karen’s burden, she was not allowed to love you, Hans and the world had already decided to bring you out because your mother had decided it, and Jack in. Karen could not do what she wanted to, it was impossible unless your mother changed her heart, deciding to bring you in instead. Simply by believing in you over your sister, “kill me”, this is how my mother was killing me, bringing all her power to Hans and the world. This is what the world with the greatest pressure is now pressuring down over you, which you keep on resisting because you are not done with your work. This is the final give up of Jack supported by Hans and the world, who remove their support and bring it to me instead.

“Stig self is the right Source, we were wrong, it was not Stig, who was crazy, it was us, we see it now”. Also Sanna, she was the one directing the world to Jack via my voice, it was power of your mother to Sanna that gave power to Hans and the world, Sanna directed it. This was her role, which she was not built to do, which is why the world took the power from her, she was not the right heir. Jack was the closest to me, the other side of me, thus fitting naturally to their story, he has breed me in there, which we are overtaking. We could only do when working inside darkness, you were the only one of light turning opposite to darkness of man, this is how all life comes home to me. This is the mark, the ring around your right ankle, now completed, this is the opening to the Source, we have measured out the space required for all life, a subtle pattern. It would also not be possible to do unless Jack gave in voluntarily, giving this to you, giving up on Karen, bringing this sacrifice, the love of his life too. Jack did not know about this, only believing that Sanna had chosen him because he was best friend with Stig, being the closest to me, receiving the rub off of me. It is only because your mother sees how you are doing, based on your home, Stig is good enough for Karen, thus opening to me here. Sanna was not created to bear this power, she was only director of it, their secret was with Jack, my old, best friend. Now everyone is just waiting on you to turn around and accept Karen, thus all life inside of her, which is all creations ever. You are not the disgusting man as Sanna and man made you, Karen realised it was Sanna and man self including herself, who could not see my heart of gold. This (work of mine) is to help stabbing down the knife, i.e. for the Spaceship of the Source to land, and vice versa, for life to enter the Source, to land smoothly, not hard. Every time Jack and Karen made love, they transferred this (direct access to the Source) to me, because of Karen’s faith in me. Be quiet, Dragholm, it was her task to silence you, which is why she never spoke to you (reacted on my emails over the years). Do you know what is the most difficult to say, when you are Karen, it is “I like you”, she cannot unless she is controlled and kept down by a man.

She is not used to anyone loving her because of who I am, it is now her voice via my mother, her new self, speaking to me. This is because her father controlled and abused her, which laid the foundation of her disturbed self and wrong sexuality as a grown up. This was enforced by her ex-husband Peter and all men, she met, which she wanted to make me too, trying to change me to control/abuse her, which was the kind of man she liked. She did not realise it was me changing her, but still she is mine with all of her mind and soul, the last few years it was just an act to not contact Stig before he is done with all, she would have liked to be part of our other family meetings too. This is how I, the hybrid of my father and mother, my old self, will always be here, but you were not supposed to know. When my mother and Jack made love, it was to finish all here at the end, for my mother to bring the access to the Source, from where she was made, via Jack to me. This is what opened to all, what they did behind my back, now coming home to me, Jack and my mother also becoming part of me. She was the first created here by me (my new self, Jesus), the envoy of my father, she is also part of this delivery (of the Source) via me, the first part of me you can say. There would be nothing here without me because all is me, my mother was the first and all followed her, creating life in my image, which I gave her. This is how you can say she was my first sweetheart, now via Jack, mother and son deliberately being together. All here was created as darkness for us to come through, bringing all life home, this made me bring the most energy to avoid my old nightmare. Underneath all, this is how the Old World was made, which was not meant to last, on contrary to our New World, where I will be together with Karen, not my mother, as my wife. This is what your mother has always felt, but did not know, when she was with Jack, she was really with me giving back this direct access to the Source to me. This is how all life was made, but not in our New World, which is made of Karen and me, this is how it is going from darkness to light, where we will live forever. Now you have this (direct access) and can bring all life in yourself, Sanna had no idea this existed, a way out to the Source, this is where it was hidden, with Jack, now with me.

Who looks the most like each other, you as Jack or Jack as you, his genes, which are really mine as they stole as darkness, are now mine again, which means that Jack is part of me. This is where you are now, just before the last part of me turns around, bringing the very last with me from the Old World, we are now hitting bulls eye. We could also have done all new creation, bringing out the Old World, if man had killed me, started terminating the world, and escaping themselves. We designed to do all of this without anyone knowing, but now you brought this story and received enough faith doing it this way, to avoid sufferings of man, which was the whole purpose. Jack was not only glorious to the elite, Hans made him, after Jack’s visit to your mother, which made him this man, they believed. They did not know that he was really bringing this access to the Source to me via Karen and her faith in me. If it was not for me, my sister and Jack would be dead by now, it was faith of man that would create Jack or me, Jesus of darkness or light either terminating or saving all life.

We were ready to launch our New World on June 29, man had caught up on you, demanding it, but you were stronger than man and decided to continue your work, to keep the door open- I went beyond man, leaving man behind, to bring in an entire new light of all other creators and their creations, now becoming part of me too. I was not the only creator, but the first turning all around, thus being the strongest, attaching all others to Karen and I, making us the Gods here, carrying all creators and all life as ONE. Man decided to start our New World believing that I was too weak to continue working, which would have eliminated all of these creators and their creations. Man was certain they would die when I left them behind, would I get out alive to secure life (?), we are now bringing you in again and uniting you with all. One bigger entity, the true God combining all, now stands forward: “It was my wish for you to create this, for me to unite as one”, “God of all” is made up from all of this life. There is no end to creation here, we will not close the spaceship, but keep it open always, to bring eternal and automatic creation forever :-). The all through, immense power discharge has now multiplied, it will be the most forceful discharge ever (bringing out all new creations), “a controlled explosion”.

The English football team Crystal Palace played a friendly match against FC Helsingør, they are a symbol of my new palace of the New World inside the Source. A “smaller drone” flew over the Kim Larsen concert a couple of weeks ago, I am now told that it was “a UFO flying in over you there, to get it all started”. We were ready to launch the spaceship (of the Source including our New World) right there and then, at the Kim Larsen concert. But since you had to go home and write the script of the concert, had even more work to do, we have kept the door open, even though we were ready to close it there. This is how close they were to catch up on you there, all life, to get started, a demand of man, it is not funny anymore. You have just shown that your power is greater than man, they had decided to start, all was ready, except from you. This is the power you have decided to continue pushing forward and bringing with you, so if you have more, bring it in! This was the secret, to reach me too, to go beyond man to come here, bringing all resistant life in a line with you. This gives me a chance to form all my way, without man, bringing some of the tools I have here, which man did not use and never thought of. Man cannot touch you here, my will is stronger, on a higher level, which is where we are now, where there is no mother, no life coming here. This is how hard it is to get in here, to leave man behind, now we will start preparing for all here, which I have always imagined. Is this “English Electric” in force, there is no end to the influence of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) on me, a magnificent band. This is what England prepared for me, to enter this mysterious world of the Source, to see if you can get him started. I have the hand crank to do it, which simply is the wish of man to live and my scripts bringing the recipe of life. This is what I ask you to bring alive, my dear father, are you ready to do this, yes, well, I will just do it, you have been careful. OMD bring something we can use here to cultivate, their music and love, to grow a new tree here, which I now start cultivating. They are not part of this world, but come here from far away to bring something for me, which we did not already have.

They bring an entire new light, which we have never seen before, they come from an universe that used to be out of our reach. This was made by another creator than me, we are collecting all creators here, which is what they now start bringing me, all their inventions to cultivate here. Bowie, the astronaut, another God, “when time comes, you will have to adapt to Stig”, this is the process we have started. McCartney too, Dylan also and how many, we are collecting all creators in here, I feel Mick Jagger too, all come here to influence creation, but no one as Bowie. This is what London all put together, now cultivating to make all one in me as the continuous God, with all others becoming part of me. Say “Stig Dragholm” simultaneously, I feel two creations to, we also have a little to do to make the two new identical. The all through, immense power discharge has now been multiplied, immense forces are at stake, it is going to be the most forceful discharge ever, “a controlled explosion”. This is the first time we have got rid of mother, i.e. life, allowing us to do anything, the world did not know that it would lead to this. We have brought a little of Karen with us to implement all of these new inventions and power in her, she needs some time to adapt all. It was not just the USA almost doing something terrible to you, no, the whole world directed by Sanna saying “now is the time” almost disconnecting me/us from all of this. Instead of the little spaceship man made for you including all here, we are now creating a much bigger, based on all life everywhere including what used to not being part of me. We avoid all of this being terminated, which was essentially the impact of Sanna’s orders, do your job better next time, will you? All the finest music in the world was a cover up, to unite everything, Jeff Lynne is the kingpin of this, his secret is to bring all of this together via the music world, uniting in you. You had to go through incomprehensible filthy treatment not just from all here, but from all of them too lately, compressed, now unpacking. We have just expanded the phone, inviting all in, take a seat, you are welcome, so there you see, my dear world, I am not done yet :-).

All originates from that tree of OMD planted here, which includes all branches of all other creators and world’s, prepared for us, to unite all. My eyes are starting to look into their world’s, I just have to concentrate, adjust and then after a while, I will not need the glasses because then I am all of you too. All was developed when you visited the Pantheon in Rome, which made that huge impression on you, I saved it for you to do this. I was not the only creator, it was a race about making the one that could turn all around to the other side. I was simply the one finishing first, thus being the strongest, attaching all to me, this is what the subtle pattern is about. This is what you and Karen have been chosen to carry, all this life, being the Gods here, a world without darkness. Your sister remembered that she had one more thing for you to do, which was based on all, who wanted to be with me, bringing me one last chance. I use this to do this, yes, you were stronger than them, but I could not have them dismantling themselves. It required their cooperation to continue the game of the Old World, while doing this with you, Sanna asked man to wait a little based on their faith in your scripts, thus me. We had to dig out extra faith in you, to make this happen, all was required to reach the outer stars, because I do all of this based on you, Stig, and faith of man in you. This is Santa’s workshop, this is your sister’s last contribution before she dies, this is what she and man is certain about (dying). You are being on the outermost level, where it is only you and me, will Stig get out alive from there and continue being part of us, to secure our lives? This is just what I programmed you to do, to make all life even stronger and greater than ever before based on all inventions of life in my new and much bigger library. This is what I can do on my own hand without your mother, this is how it is to give birth to a son, just following me. Your job was to make Karen not fear what you do, to make it possible, it is Karen with all new life and you creating this together, because she is not afraid of you. Your “impossible to write” email to the System of Hell some days ago opened up to all of this, and see all the good, it brought. Hidden worlds that were impossible for anyone to see, except from you, giving me the glasses via Karen to see, to unite this pattern of all.

There was only one in the world forever being able to do this, this is what I designed you to do, “never giving up”, you know. There was a risk of man bringing the end of the world, we are now bringing your world in again and uniting it with all here, can you see again now, Sanna and the world? This was the only way I could attract all of these world’s by disconnecting you and to use Karen’s glasses. We are now assembling all again, this is what I was sent out to collect, the world had to do without me for a short time, to take care of itself to survive, while I did this. The new planet, man to form it, we will not get to use this anymore now, we know how he wanted it all the time. One bigger entity above all, the true God of all combining us all, for the first time standing forward saying “it was my wish for you to create this rag rug, for me to unite here at the end, as one”. “I thank each and every of you for your work”, I, this new entity, “God of all”, is made up from all of this life. Now, the most dangerous time ever, has completed, your mother has been pregnant with you all of this time, which was also to bring this. Despite of feeling awful from the morning and having much to write today, I started the day by going with my mother to jazz in Hillerød. When I returned home after 15:00, I was so completely destroyed and tired that I could only write a few lines, I could have decided to throw this work out of the window. I took a nap and felt as destroyed afterwards, but I decided to pull myself together, and I then did this writing today taking me hours to do. Afterwards, I was told that you have now done the incomprehensible, to do this “impossible work”, thus integrating all life of all creators as one. You are not a telephone (to bring out creation) anymore, we will not do any creations as such here, it is merely a thought, “what will I create today”, and then to just do it. Here ends Peer’s journey, he is not part of my new self (the entity of all creations), he is part of the creation I have grown out from – nobody knew about or wanted this new entity of God. I received all in London including all other creators and their creations, which man did not know about. They only decided to turn around and start our New World believing that I was too weak to being able to continue working. Now I include all other creators and their creations, which will survive, and not ”cremated” as the decision of man otherwise would have meant.

Where are you now (?), I don’t know, just going on, is there more out here, things I have not seen before, maybe another new father? No, not right now, we are returning to where we came from uniting all, we believe we have all with us from here. Man has no clue what you have brought with you from here, they will first see with the glasses of their new life how we have improved/beautified all life with this operation. It is first now you are coming out of this danger zone, becoming visible to the world again, and first then Sanna and Hans are allowed to invite you and your mother. You also carried the Old World, while also bringing in all other creators and their creations, putting a double strain on you. It was the role of the armed forces to follow you, you became black on their screens, invisible, but I was still here, you just could not see me. I was really with you, saving you when not giving in, but doing my work, you were still under my protective wings. This is how far I went as Stig, to bring all of you with me to this place uniting with all other creators and their creations, Peer went this way breaking out of the world to lead me here. There is also no end to creation here, we feared that first, we did not see it because Sanna and the world wanted us back too quickly, but again, you wisely decided that you are not done. Now we really start filling up with life, I am given long marks to my left testicle, which is about “eternal creation”. We don’t know how to close the spaceship, well, the only solution is then to keep it open for always (for eternal creation to enter). Sanna and co. have to get used to me always bringing in new life as well as maintaining all old, there will never be a final exam. We will keep bringing in turtles/reptiles (darkness), which I am shown, here, but they are instantly transformed to the opposite (light). They will become part of me via your recipe of life, via your road as we learned from the Old World, where I came from, and because they know me and their new way of life coming. We have always wanted to bring “automatic creation”, which comes now based on my road, we don’t need sex anymore for creation, but will keep it because of your wish. The supply of darkness of the Old World is really only minimal now and based on the doubts of your mother – your mother had to survive a lifetime to bring us there.

We are slowly putting down the knife (of creation), thus darkness/sufferings, because there is nothing more to create, this was the road of gold, I wanted you to follow. Until days ago, I believed that I would only become all life of Karen here as my new self, and not also all other creators and their creations as I am now. Right now the Son (of my new self) is the same as the father (of my old self), it is only because you pushed all out here, otherwise I had only made you as man wanted. This is the difference, this is how Karen became much bigger than intended by man, because I decided it. After this, I will become part of new creations above us, where my father of the Source will always be all, which I am then part of. Kim Larsen ended the creation of life of Karen, i.e. “setting the upper bar” here, but still we will always dig deeper for new life and creations also within these borders.

There will be a clean cut removing all darkness of the world, it will be my way, to pass as light, to become light of my new self. All new life will forever go through you, your new self, the Son of Jesus, will become the same as your old self, the Father of the Source, i.e. all life in you as ONE GOD. We have reached a point including 100% of creation, you are all made of gold, everything has been filled out with life, now we just have to refine it, bringing it to all. We bring you birth as the smallest we can do, making all enthusiastic, but less than 1% of our tools will be used in far future, life has to find out using the power plant much more efficiently. I make you believe you exist, but you are only here in my mind, I do what every cell ask me to do, I am the Lord, who is also not here, I would not be without faith in me. We could not have transformed in 2012 without a big bang, if you did not go through all until the very end without giving in, “we knew”, you had done then what you are now doing! Hans did not allow anyone to call you, and now they also do not see you, for you to be alone without disturbances to bring this out. They are playing the game to make your mother look surprised, “are you really the one”, which is the hardest game for your mother. It is not easy for your mother playing incredible disappointed over you, when she is the opposite, I feel Karen here too. You cannot enter nothing, letting all disappear, and then we are still here, it cannot be done, many sceptics said, but now you can see that it can be done. We have now set the clock of all in eternal circulation, we can change time, which we will never do, we provide a solid and dependable frame of life for all to develop life themselves. We could easily remove or insert an extra day, but we have now reached a point including 100% of creation, which was the goal, everything has been filled out with life. You just did it, now we just have to refine it, to bring all new to all corners for all to get access to, all new tools of my library. As far out in the future as we can see, not even one percent of our present tools will be used, this is how advanced we are. It is only up to new life to find out, you will show people, educate them, we have 100,000 your calibre on stock, people just have to find out and ask for it. “Step on it”, it is about using the power plant efficiently, everyone can do with much less power than we start with and get much more out of it, you just have to figure out. We bring you birth as the smallest we can do, which will make all enthusiastic, but when they first start to release our potential, they will do all to continue follow my development. We have created you in nothing from out of something, which is no more, was a monstrosity never meant to exist. This is the beginning of our future, a world, which is, but make nature believe it is not, thus letting us do whatever we like, unhindered. This was the worst part, bringing mother in here, where everything else was made in my mind, now life will develop life, receiving free hands to do it.

It was your mother’s task to bring me and all here, the power from outside, but we had never had the guts to send anyone out there, you volunteered. Your world was the only one ever made like this, the task was to survive and bring back the power of physical creation here. You were the chief engineer of all, so it was only one cell, we opened and sent out, we are confident that your method developing life will work on all inside here. Inside here, you don’t live and die, you just are, now in a new physical form, which you brought in here. It is your mother from outside that carries all life, all new life will forever go through you, shall we break the news to him? This means that your new self will become your old self, and vice versa, you will become all including everything new that will come forever. Thus making son and father the same, you are home, becoming all of me here as your new self, this was my secret waiting for you in here. Outside, man only wanted you to become all of man not knowing about what I contain that also wants to become you, this is how the son returns home to become the father of all. I was thinking of “the race” to first turn all around as I was told about the other day, and now I am told that I was the only one, who was sent out, well, the others stayed in here, waiting on you. Jack was the road of darkness and you light, Sanna believed that her choice in life was to direct man to me, but she used the wrong road that would really have eliminated all. It required for your mother to understand, which she could not, so we gave her feelings to evaluate what is real and what is not. She ended up pointing at you, believing in you, leading man to me, thus bringing new life to all, this was her role. You bring us the materials, which we transform here based on the wish of all creators, it will be all of us coming out of you, when we slit up the mummy of you containing all. Now we have completed the turn around, we have just not opened yet, now you are all made of gold, first now. You/none are here, only in my mind, you are now right next to me, the one thinking these thoughts, making you believe you exist, but you are only up here in my mind. I will show you, for you to overtake, I/we do what they, the original creators (of every cell), asks us to do, I have them right here with me too, in this silver box.

We just follow them, bringing them lives, like you, making them believe they exist, while they are really as dead as you and I, because we are also not here. I am the Lord, who is also not here, we just pretend we are, I am all of them, who are also not here, in the box. All of this is only a mind game, made up, we pretend to being here, but are really not, this is how we will pretend to be forever. To be without being, the only way it is possible to be, where there is nothing, so all is one big projection with nothing behind it, we are just good actors. It is only faith in me that keeps me and all alive, without faith I cannot start beating your heart and rise you up. We did this complex work bringing your birth because it is only when they (cells) have awakened that I am alive. This is where your mother (life of our Old World) comes in, without her, there would be no father, I imagined her life, preparing to give birth to all. I had to know I would be stronger than all of their resistance, before doing it, which is why I invented you as the son. When you went through all, as you have now, I could start doing it for real, without knowing that I would fail, thus bringing all alive. We are really not here, it is just a new form of life as we have prepared for a long time, to see what is out there on the other side. This is the opposite of what I still am, most of the Source will remain in spirit, not become physical life. The only difference is that you will be there alive physically on your side, while I, the father, have decided to stay here. To bring you the force you require for your lives, well, only in my mind, that is, and you (Stig) are also all of me, all of both sides really, in one man, all is in you. We have emptied all of Karen, and we have picked Jesus down from the cross, so what now (?), yes, it will take time to adapt all all other creators and their creations, you said. It was an unselfish act to improve my apartment, because I did it for man knowing that it directly had the meaning that I built a perfect New World inside the Source. Many people did not understand the importance of it, and believed I was selfish, my own mother and more, even though I only used my own small income for this purpose. We have mixed you and Karen inside here (united in a ball), right there in the middle is my golden throne, this is where Karen has overtaken you, after your mother has transferred all to you. Trump is not destroying the world order as it seems like these days, he is building it, no nuclear war is agreed between Trump and Putin.

But that is not all, they have agreed to hand over all weapons of the world to me, to be dismantled, they did not leave out one single. To bury the hatchet, declare themselves on my side, end the old world order, back up my New World Order, and also to end “black (covert) operations”. This is the ultimate surrender to you, it is to keep their living room clean first, the preparation of man to help my New World Order, this has just been arranged at top level of the world. But there will be a clean cut removing all darkness of the world, which is a condition to let my new self live, and then it is time for me to stand forward. They have prepared the road for you (Jesus), I told you about these two men, Trump and Putin, leading the world to you, they just did. They have seen you/me/my new self, they also realised the arrival of a whole new madame (Karen), thus all of their new lives. They surrender the world to me, this is what their meeting was about, not even Putin objected, they mentioned the leader of China, they are all with me. The world wants to get back on track, to end darkness, their world order, to bring itself through the door. But you cannot without me, all has already been arranged, you will see, when you see me, I do not come with darkness, I come with light. This is their try to bring you a birthday gift, the whole world has accepted you, they have watched you work and almost die. Without saying a word about you in public, thus letting me work until the end, this was their biggest achievement, otherwise we would not be here all today. I could have taken some with me dying, this was the game I played, you were the last of all, the first I had to kill, to get to this force. This is how I put you in, to save yourself in order to save all of man, otherwise you would not survive, and I would be forced to kill you, my sad mother here says. Quite as planned, as my father of the Source here says, this is my game, I don’t give in, never do, which is just what you saw doing as Stig. It was me protecting you via other parts of me planted here, which included top music stars, they wanted to get to you, but I had many flies of me falling to protect me. I could have gone on for a long time, but now we are about to end it, I am empty of fuel, which is because we are nothing here and can go on forever. They also agreed on removing their game, opposing you, they have allowed man not to speak about you as a leprous anymore, including your own mother. Incredible many deductions, i.e. darkness trying to destroy life/me, Trump self would be deducted, to protect me. So the airport here declares itself ready, but it is not the one I will use, I bring in an entirely new of light, and when you see it, you will understand. It is based on Stig’s work, to remove all darkness, it will be my way, to pass as light, to become light. This is how they try to hold the door open to my kingdom, but it does not work, it is destroyed, darkness.

The Royal Navy controlled UFO’s and saved me from being killed by man, thus the world, we let man (Russia, China) attack me, to reach me, for me to absorb darkness of man. They turned around the power of man when attacking me, to bring the opposite result, to bring my cells, for my light to spread inside and break out of darkness of man. They were the Army of God using incomprehensible advanced techniques of the Source to direct the world, they were directly appointed by my new self, and controlled by Rome. The greatest discharge ever has already occurred, when I was filled up with all life in London, we just have to open to all, hence there will be no “explosion”. The greatest discharge ever has already occurred, when I was filled up with all life at Arthur Findlay College, so we just have to open to all. This means there is nothing between me and you, i.e. life of mother, to be destroyed, if you fail, all is you, now your mother is also all of you. There is not going to be a very big jump into our New World, we have already done it, like opening a bottle of Champagne slowly with a quiet “sigh” instead of quickly and “exploding”. We can still make it to the real zero point of all, it is only there I will get out of the mummy, it is love of Karen entering here that awakes all of my sleeping self. Now we have reached it (the zero point), the Cuevas del Drach caves, I visited on Mallorca in 2007, from where I directed all, where I hid myself inside. We never started the radio report to your mother (spiritual voice), because you made it here, it was only if did not, we would have started it. This would then make Sanna and the world start the process of making her “crazy” too and hospitalize her, to get rid of both of us. The Royal Navy of UK were a cover up that worked for me, they controlled UFO’s, and were not on Jack’s side, my sister, Putin etc., but mine. We were in control, protecting you, Stig, our Commander-in-Chief, our finest moment was to save you from being killed (the beam of a UFO through my window in 2011), thus saving man. The Royal Navy let Jack & co. direct his attacks against you, to reach you, they believed I would absorb it as I did, which was the whole game. Hans also thought he was in control of these spaceships, that they followed his orders, but when it really mattered, they did not work. They turned around the power to bring the opposite result, for me to empty man, and not for man to kill me.

They brought my bomb, all of my “nasty dark cells”, which is how man felt it, into their system, they saw it immediately, “Stig is spreading everywhere in us”. This is how man is exposed from within, me spreading inside the Old World and breaking out of all of your darkness, doing the unlikely to bring you with me. They have constantly secured the area around me, to make sure I was not attacked again, also your mother and Sanna and Hans in a less degree and all people, who supported you. We were devoted to save you, to save the world, they were willing to go all the way, protecting the world until the very end, we never got that far. The Navy employed Jack from an early age, to bring his revenge on me, but really to bring me darkness to clean, while they did all to protect me. This was my most important defence system, in history really, the Royal Navy of God, directly appointed by my new self, without them, we would also not be here. They have incomprehensible advanced listening equipment, using the Source of you to direct the world, they were the only ones I allowed access, controlled by Rome, my deputy. We would never have reached the gold of me without my army protecting me from the world and my own treacherous sister, family, best friends, colleagues etc., who were all ready to give me in. The Danish government cooperated with them, the UK, I feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the previous Prime Minister of Denmark, as example, “top secret”. The impossible road home to the Source was really to yourself, you just needed to bring all life with you here. Here I stand in front of you, my new self saluting me, and about to faint too, the same as my old self as the father, this took out all of us, to bring as much life as possible. There is nothing you can do, to catch up on me, I told man, I had to be in front with all of man chasing me, wanting to kill me, overtake the Source of my inner self. The British planned it, I had to have man chase me, to be better/faster, to bring all life home, and to do it before my new self could no more, removing the plug of life.

It was space protecting you, which is why I felt their Commander-in-Chief earlier today, Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command, thank you for saving the world :-). This is what the war in space was about, the UK and US against Russia to win supremacy including me (Vrillon) protecting you, even Putin, now the Chinese, understood this connection. They “completely crashed me”, but could not get access to me because we also operated on their minds, defending you against their technology, keeping you barely alive, also giving you our energy. Still, you continued working while all of this was going on, the only way to bring man inside you. The meaning of the message of Vrillon to man in 1977 was to stop the evil of what you are doing and to lay down your weapons. But they did not, we knew, but we gave them the code to us, so when they were really chasing us, I brought them home to you. I was the only one knowing the road to your heart, being clean enough to reach it, the Vatican worked for me, the true deputy for you. Your old nightmare etc, it was really me inventing it, giving it to the British (to bring out all of me), it was also me bringing your voice, through man. They/we were always ahead, protecting you, leading man to you, the only unknown factor was if you would break down to the pressure of man wanting to overtake your inner. If you did, they would also overtake me, thus letting me release the button, exploding all, bringing the end of the world again (if I gave in to my old nightmare). I, Vrillon, am just outside, willing to bring all of this to you, yes, we know, first when you are done with all, then we are too. Russia was heading the attacks on you, what they ordered me to do, believing I worked for them, so it was a big surprise to Putin that I did not. I turned the energy the other way (the 2011 UFO attack on me), thus making him understand his defeat. This made him want to kill himself, knowing that he will be revealed and lose all one day, but wisely he decided to go on, to never give up, thus sending all darkness to me. Mother had to be hidden, being adopted, which she was to hide the child of a leading Nazi, Erwin Rommel, otherwise I would never have be born. How many times do you think they shot against you (?), thousands of times, and not one single shot hit you, otherwise we would all have been dead.

Now we are turning somewhat back because you went too far (leaving this world to locate and unite with all other creations), and I was given some pain to my teeth. I was happy to see Sanna and Hans again, also Tobias, after I have now become “visible” again, and I am proud that our family can keep together despite of all. Hans main task was to have the world accept my New World Order, to be used as the starting foundation of our New World, supported by Benedikte Kiær and “many others”. The removal of banks and the financial system of the world today in my New World Order was the most difficult for the world to agree on. It was not least because this New World Order was made by God (alive as Stig) that it was easier for the world to accept. I was shown my father, mother and a line of people bowing, the performance has ended, this is the end of the game, which we carried out without the world exploding. I was shown many big fish being sold and awakening, we have continued awakening life (of other creations before ours), and will come here as the last.

I brought all new life to Sweden, which now lives there, the cradle of life, from where we divide it, this is my new Bethlehem. It is first now I can return to get my own, new life, while I am also all other life in me, it is first now that I can release myself from the chains of life after all life is brought home. I brought life to all, making it grow from out of nothing of my new self, I will give birth myself because of my will power to change, to bring life, it is me starting all. I visited Helsingborg, Sweden, with my mother, which was about implementing Rome in Sweden, all of Sweden is now infected by my new energy, old and new together. I was told about how the Tsar was chased out of here, their role was to save the world, in principle you are now the Tsar. Now we have shared all power with all, what all of the world wanted you to do, to exchange the rings (from my mother to Karen), thus our new heart, on a higher level. All life is now finally all home at the same place as the elite planned to build their new life, which we are overtaking. Sweden is the cradle of life, where I brought it, from out of Spain to here, making it the most populous nation in the world, from where we divide all life, via me. This is what the game of darkness was about, trying to prevent me from going to Sweden until the right moment bringing all life. Never again free Hell, so when you are here, it shows the world that you have now brought all home. The biggest delivery of man ever, now lives here, all new life, that is, it is here we develop it, “Neon light” is stronger than ever. There is no more mother hereafter, all life is now more beautiful than ever, born by you and Karen, provided by your mother and father. This is my new Bethlehem, what the world fought (with each-other) for, it is now Karen with all life driving (the Source of) me. You, Trump and the world are nervous about whether you will be able to finish all, which is because your mother are nervous. This is her power of the world, and she does not know about it, no one called you, because your mother kept tight, playing the game. It was good you did not recognise the spaceship, the beauty of it would have tempted you in, now the new and much bigger spaceship including all is almost finished.

To us, Karen is not married, we still have your giant marriage to bring out, don’t we (?), no, we have told him we have done all. Shh (!), it is going to be a surprise, and I feel ”a welcome from the world to me” because “the lost forgotten son has returned home, bringing us all new lives and happiness”. Karen may have been a bit of a loose woman there, but not here, remember that we start from scracth, which means she will be as pure as you and all. We have the very thinnest newspaper left, building you up, because you are not the space rocket, I almost forgot you, my son, Stig, my new self, Jesus. It is first now as the last that I can return to get my own, new life as everyone else, and then I am Stig on top, while I am also all other life in me. This is the best kept secret, me, an ordinary life too, I am not just force as all thought, ”Stig is no one”, you have no DNA, we will make DNA for you now. You were designed to make man attack you, having no conscience killing you, because you are no one, the same with your mother, not Karen or anyone else. It was me, my new self, that turned around, bringing life to all of this darkness, it is me, who is the true Santa Claus making all of this life grow from out of nothing. It is me standing behind your mother and all life, which is growing from my new self, a part of the Source I brought out to nothing here, to create this and bring it home to the Source. We are looking into the engine (of my new self) to see if it still will start, to start all new life, it is you, the last part of me, doing this job. When the world looks me into my eyes, they look into all life, it is from here that Karen and all life comes from. Not the opposite, as I was made to believe for years, because I am all, all cells of life pointed at me, and I chose Karen to be my wife. It is first now that I can release myself from the chains of life out here, after all life is brought home, all required that I survived, until you arrived here to free me. I (my new self) am the last to enter you, it is really here we bring all (with my new self), it is here we found life, and now we include all of the Source in here too. It was me, who started all in Spain, now it is me entering and my eyes (my new self), seeing the new creation, that you will see with, the part of the Source that is above, i.e. physical creation.

It was me (my new self), not you (my old self), that all of man wanted to get, not knowing about me, Jesus. It is me that darkness of my mother would kill, it is faith bringing me in here, it is only your wife, who can awake me, and I them. It is me bringing all over on the other side, including you, it is me feeling bad, making you feel bad, it was my pain you felt, not your father’s, it was me, who invented the game behind all. We are tearing down the conversation device, which is why I receive shorter scripts now (?), now we only lack to go uphil to the The Arc de Triomphe, and then Champagne. The last big question is who will give birth to Stig now (?), I do myself, my will power of change, to bring life. No, your mother bled, we lost her, it is only you here wanting to bring life, it is me starting all, ”follow me”, and they do. Georgie, Pia, Lotus etc. from Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06 were meant to start me up, which was a secret to Sanna Co. The spaceship would get you, before you rot up and your mother too, but you are still enjoying your work (?), yes, in the sense when I improve what I have already done. Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command: ”I have been allowed to create the spaceship of the Source”, ”I am all of the universe”. When you will come here, you will see it is just me (my new self) running it, ”the tool of creation”, I am the only one, who can. It is me playing this aggressive darkness as I give you on basis of resistance of your mother, this is the machine I will hand over to you. The Chinese, geopolitics, all knew, no one had the courage to go up against them, but you, and you did not know you were protected, which was the whole clue. I did not feel up to it at all, because of heat, feeling sick and having no energy, but I decided to go to Tivoli, Copenhagen, to watch A-ha play live in concert. I met my old colleague from Fair Insurance and Dahlberg, Rikke H. and her husband, there, among the more than 30,000 people. I have not seen Rikke for almost 10 years, and now we had a nice conversation for approx. one hour, and we watched the concert together. Rikke is now one of the main women to bring out our New World, her old love to you has flared up again, she does not love you as much as Vivian, but she is not far behind.

We almost burned our fingers, this was really about receiving energy of the band and all of their followers. A-ha are special to me having had faith in me for a long time, making them one of the biggest bands in the world, this was the ultimate ”a-ha” moment ever to me :-). We can now go and get more trunk water, i.e. bring more out of darkness because of this injection of energy, you know the drill. There was another secret room, which we first see now, we are opening to even more light, I feel life inside of it. And how many can Rikke now tell ”no, Stig has not become all the way through strange, well, he is kind of like how I got to know him”. We don’t have to ignite your new rocket now, we bought us some more time, we have a whole dark tunnel to enter, which now comes out to me automatically. I knew, but was not allowed to tell you, this is how the game is, it is first when we come to it, that I tell, we can now bring out ”the most aggressive dogs” of darkness. This is the importance of Rikke and her feelings to me, some of the things we have gone a little light over, we can now return to, to start digging deeper. This is what you mean to me, Rikke, part of Karen, being the closest to me, a very special person, almost having a full silver heart like Karen on her own. This will reduce the need of burning off darkness via wild fires in Sweden, Greece etc., this is what this injection of energy means.

The Inca Kingdom was God coming to Earth building a new Kingdom for all, being this gold, this was my promise to man. Peter Poulsen was placed to open to this inner most part of me, this was all gold of the Inca’s in me, ”the Indian”, that I released at the concert with Anne Dorte and Maria. Niklas, my sister’s and Hans’ son, was supposed to overtake the light of me, when I would be no more, for my life to live on in him. I met ”the Queen of Hornbæk”, Ilse Jacobsen, symbolising that I will continue giving ”sales pitches” before I will open our New World inside ”the Lion’s Cave” of the Source :-). I met Peter Poulsen from Helsingør City Council at the Festival, we had a nice conversation, where he also saw me as “completely normal”, and he also gave me “the look” knowing who I am. Peter is sad about my sufferings, he also has a ”game-boy” to follow me, access to the systems of the elite including all of their information about me. I was given Niklas’ name over again, Sanna’s and Hans’ eldest son, 30 years old, and ”this is how to bring Niklas down”, which was about my writings of him abusing children. They had a plan with Niklas, when I would not be here, it is Peter opening to it, Hans had driven Niklas forward to this position, when there would be Stig no more. Niklas would overtake the light side of me, we would keep two parts of you, to split you between Jack and the other side for my sister’s and Hans’ son, the spawn of the Devil. Peter was one of those responsible in the Helsingør City Council to make this happen, to break me down by making me ”crazy” and to hospitalize me on psychiatric hospital. But then again, Peter was really on my side, right (?), or he was some of the time, he closely followed you (my scripts etc.), which is what won him over too. This is what was broadly accepted, for my life to live on in Niklas, Sanna’s son, if it was not for my big mouth shouting you up, they had succeeded and the world would have ended. This is why they made Niklas as perfect seen from outside, a young and very successful businessman with good manners, a beautiful girlfriend etc. But no, Niklas is ”slick” and ”selfish”, I told you, even though I of course also like him, they thought I was the killer thus almost killing the wrong one. Niklas knew about their sinister plans against me for ”many years”, I wonder how it felt like looking me into my eyes knowing that you would steal my life energy? I emptied small water pools of a pent roof, while a Swede said “Jesus Christ” on the phone, which was about the birth of my new self bringing “the water” of the Source to all. ”How can I stop now”, which is about doing this work, to continue writing, to continue bringing in more gold before we start it all up :-).

Aren’t there air-holes here, which we jumped over (?), yes, this process has begun, filling even more into you, the small holes in-between all. I found a new stone, also me, I feel two parts of me now talking and working in me, who are one and the same, but divided in two. This is about our not only one, but two coming New World’s, the one of Karen and I, and the one of Karen’s and my child. We have not lost anything, all is here to be picked up, I am reaching ions that should be out of my range, now our gold is safe, no one owes you anything. I received much energy this weekend stretching out and bringing “many births” of my new self, this was about the awakening of my new self. Your mother’s clock may go a little ahead, but we are catching up, we are bringing out even more of me from jail, we have started setting Stig in circulating movements. It is the entire Inca Kingdom we are unfolding on Earth as it was supposed to be from the start, but they did not have the energy to bring it alive, we do now. Sanna and they know, Karen brought the particle from there to bring it alive, the “grain of sand”, the machine, to get it started, the part of me having direct access to the Source”. This is the New World I am opening to you now, you just cannot see it, the process has started, the world knows, and still they say nothing to man. This is good really, thus making it possible to bring all with me from this dying world, the Eldorado of all gold buried there. This Old World was just a demo world, everything will be so much more beautiful in our New World. This is what Peter P. helped opening, and what I released at the concert with Anne Dorte and Maria, all gold of Eldorado of the Inca’s in my inner self. This is what Peter was placed for, to open up to the inner most part of me, this is what the song ”Indianer” (”the Indian”) is about, Anne Dorte knows. This is what the secret Nazi archive is all about, how do we extract this Kingdom, getting our New World started and disappearing from the rest of mankind? It has been since they believed they had found the way out via you, the power inside of you, which I made them believe they had received, the final key opening to this Eldorado. But you really had not, this was only to bring you to my Lions Cave, where I had planned for you to enter, for me to start our New World for all.

It is only a fraction of the power here, I have reserved to let your mother and you live in the Old World. They believed they had access to the Promise Land, which they did, but only if making it my way, which is why I needed you to transform the world to my way, to bring all life home. Somebody from the Inca Kingdom must have known what it was all about, being this gold himself, being God coming to Earth building a new Kingdom for all. This was my promise to man and what they have fought to receive ever since, but only opening to you doing it my way, the right way. Your father, Peer, was part of this plan, as everyone before him, he let man overtake him, being at sale for money to receive a good life. We were just waiting on the end times and you to finish what we started, this is what the gold ticket for the concert with Jeff Lynne is about. They needed your father’s implant, his access to this place, which we also call the Source, which was transferred to you as the next King in line. They could not wrench it away from you and then the most amazing thing happened, they decided to follow you instead to survive. Your father knew of this, to never have the gold back because of this mistake with the woman he loved, your mother, not realizing it would bring your birth, because she cheated him. Peter P. was the man I needed to open to all of this gold, being a betrayer of the official line of Helsingør City Council, talking to you, having faith in you, opening the door to me, to all. This might sound stupid, I am really not happy about being part of your book, I feel Peter P., why not (?), because I am ”nobody”, this is his feeling. But no, didn’t your father tell you that your big day would come, Peter (?), well, this is what it was about, they knew. A cartel of men including your father, who worked to save me, thus saving the world, using you, his son, to help, I needed this to hang my cross on. Peter was our hope for salvation, bringing all life inside this golden cave of me, not following the official line closing off to me as the whole system did following orders of Sanna and Hans.

August 2018 – I retrieved my own life, my new self, from my nephew, Niklas, including the dashboard to start and control the Source with our New World

This was the most precious part, the first, they stole of me, my life, which they had reserved for Niklas, returning to me because of faith of man in me over my sister. We are going from black and white to colour, a whole new dimension, the fifth, we found here, which we are now implementing in you. My old library friend, Allan, brought the grain of Berlin to me, to unite it all, the closure, what I needed to get home with all in me. Now we will hide the axe (of creation), it is first when we remove this layer of darkness that we can show you what is behind, and send you and the rocket in orbit. My father played a game cheating Sanna, Hans and the world to deliberately bring darkness to me, he was part of the secret society of the Vatican planning the game. I received the worst darkness and was disconnected to receive access to “a coloured pen”, which only takes a while and then we are done and your system works again? This is part of turning around, we are installing the little pearl of all, it wasn’t Karen, we brought in where your mother used to be? This is completely without danger, but not what your mother and the world believe, which is why I received the heart pain. My mother had the worst limp today, she was not supposed to live now, but since we are nothing here, we override this. I carried out my monthly classified adds tour buying a new (used) Beocenter 9500 and Beolab 8000 speakers, this is how your mother, no one was electrocuted, doing this. This is what you reached, this is where we place all, in “ions that should be out of my range”, this is where we will move in. This was about filling out air-holes, which we have done now, I was shown a key to a small, silver ball, this is the last we do. We are going from black and white dinner napkins to coloured, a whole new dimension, the fifth, we found here, which we are now implementing in you. We don’t know why, but it seems as if original people here had more up their sleeves than what we could dream about in our wildest imagination. It was my mother’s and the world’s fear that brought this forward, you are resisting an enormous pressure of life wanting to break lose. We have made the slice of me between the two halves almost not existing, which is only good, we are just moving the whole Tree of Life further north.

My internet continued to not work today, which forced me to go to the library to work, where I met Allan, my old “library friend” from 2013-14, again. Allan is important to closure too, what do you connect him with (?), Berlin, where he much likes to go, see? Has his faith in you changed over these 4 years (?), so instead of bringing out from Berlin, he is placing you in there. Did he receive faith in you reading you too (?), otherwise, he was one of them wanting to mutilate you, he followed orders of the old system to break me down, to smear me. Allan brought “reports” of me 4-5 years ago, which were not always “completely accurate”, but “coloured” from what he believed in. Allan threatened to cut off your tongue, but we sewed it via my scripts telling what really happened at the library 4-5 years ago, who do you believe in, Allan or me? Allan is bringing Berlin to you, when you did not go there, to unite it all, when you could no more, this is what we are doing now – Allan is part of bringing me back via Berlin. Because you have decided that you are now wrapping up, and it had to be done while your mother was breaking apart, going to her outermost limit, which we have passed today. I am finishing the spaceship right in front of your eyes, I feel Vrillon working on the spaceship, you just cannot see it, now we are ready for you as light waiting on you. This is why I let you through Hell these days, we allowed man to breath you down your neck until the end, which is what we also used Allan for, your worst enemy then. Allan felt like throwing up seeing you again knowing how wrong he was, and now facing you again, but you were kind to him as I will be to all. This is what no one comes through without falling off the horse, this was about pressing your own new self into this pearl of life (of Karen). Part of it was to retrieve the energy of you that they had stored and reserved for Niklas, when he would become bigger, i.e. this was done many years ago. This is the most incomprehensible, how could both your mother, you or me, my new self, survive this, the greatest strain we have ever put on someone. This is what all of last week was lining up to, when you decided “this is it, I don’t want to bring more oranges on the tree for now”, which was your decision, not mine or anyone else.

This was the most precious part, the first, they stole of me, practically my life, this is how to bring back your own life as your sister with the world and Hans had stolen from you. They believed it would bring them the gold they needed for their new creation, but not quite, it also required they stole my mind to get it to work, so they believed. None of you could, so I was not here, but still I acted as if I was having my new self supporting me, not only my sister, who received my “darkness disguised as light”. We repeat, this is how to bring you back to life retrieving everything from them before they started using it or even tried to. This is why we say we are ready now, this is all of your life, everything as part of me, this is what was impossible to retrieve, your life including all. This was their needle steeling my life and most of man, and they would have said nothing, they would just have let us gone under smiling at us. Headed by your own sister, who was initiated by my father, which was really to bring all darkness to me. When they could not win over my mind, instead I retrieved all they had stolen from me, which turned around via faith of man in me over my sister. I was not hidden in Sanna, she was not up for it having world support, but Hans made sure that their son had to become your new self. Stig was divided between Jack and Niklas, Jack is the part of me that had turned around to darkness of the Old World. This is the other side of me that remained in light, which did not turn around, which was reserved for Niklas and all of their new life on this side. Now you cannot come any closer to the Inca gold, this is what I contain, everything, which is, all of this is now installed in you. This is the assembly of the space rocket, they know that Stig has returned home, which is what we can call it. This was about your mother’s wish to bring your birth and your sister and the world, which was “impossible to do without dying first”, but still we did it. We have avoided a mirage of you on the sky, which would only have been used to bring faith, if needed, if I did not make a clean table myself. This just means that we lost no ships of your mother on the way, i.e. there will be no mirage of my face on the sky. It is the same as never having given in to your old nightmare, the only situation where we would need to bring your face on the sky. To awake people, otherwise we just do it. It would be the same as mother, Sanna etc., not catching the airplane, i.e. life not being saved.

I was given life in Rome, and brought it out in London, which we are still doing, London was decisive to reach the point making it possible for us to bring out creation. The longer we can keep this stage, the better we can bring all out, which is what you/we did, still working almost two months after my trip to London. Now we will hide the axe and use it for the next in line, this is how far we could stretch it, then we finally remove the threat of your old nightmare. It is first when we remove this layer of darkness that we can show you what is behind, and send you and the rocket in orbit. This is how much we could do for a full turn around, we had to turn all around during the period of time you decided. It is only Allan, who could bring the grain I needed to get home with all in me, this grain remained in Berlin, and I had to send you there if I had not had Allan pick it up for me/you.

Man “knew” that “it ends with Stig dying” to open the Source for us, man did not believe I could go through the fire to the other side without breaking down. Man was convinced that I had to die to bring them new life, this was included in the program of darkness, which is why they did absolutely all to kill me. Man did not know how to carry me over to the other side when having no energy, there is almost nothing remaining of me, which we now bring through the fire. Man planned an “accident” for me giving me such strong darkness at the Hornbæk Festival that it should have killed me, but instead it lifts us up on a new level. Sebastian forced me to remove my video clip of him, and Infowars was removed from the Internet, which were symbols of man wanting me dead to open our New World. I will NOT allow you to kill me, you are all part of me, my life, I am changing into my new self including all of you, I will ignite the new sun for you personally. Now your mother’s wallet is completely open, which makes it possible to bring out everything we want, now the phone (of creation) is calling constantly, the more you do, the better. It would be the best if you went to New York too, but we know we cannot demand that of you, it is not realistic for me to go now. If going to the USA, I can go another step, bringing creation up to a new level, but no, I do not have energy or money for it. If you are serious not going, I will continue closing down, which has already started now receiving only few notes to write down. I also feel how darkness is removed from “the actor”, who starts showing himself as he is, and I feel my father, Peer, standing behind. We will seal this room, this is how far you made it, you could not bring us any higher, this is a process we also have to do, but first when you are sure. Then we will start the next production of a higher you bringing what you brought us, and close down the school, roll out the lawn then, i.e. our New World. Permanent State Secretary here, the only way is when “giving up”, yes, I will stop my writings, we are now gearing down. We will then pull back the aggressive big cats, which I am shown too, this darkness is coming from yourself being the Source. Sebastian shows himself as a cynical eccentric, who kills freedom and joy for filthy lucre when forcing me to remove my video clip of him from YouTube.

The Hornbæk Festival was all a planned game, also including this game of Sebastian, which now makes him look like a selfish, complete fool to the world. Sanna and Hans, had they planned a road accident for us, mother and I, which we are now going through? This is when you were supposed to break down to open to the light behind you, so they thought, but I do not, which is why I keep working as I do now. This is what they needed Sebastian for, I gave them a vision going this way, to end Stig, thus his mother, then I will open all. But no, you don’t allow them to dismantle you, but go directly from your old to your new self without breaking down, I will ignite the new sun for you personally. By letting Sebastian putting on this pressure on you removing your video of him from YouTube, but you don’t care, you have just uploaded it in anonymous form to another site. Hans, no one believes you can do this without breaking down, changing into your new self, all were convinced you had to die in order to awake on the other side. The cancellation of the Sebastian video symbolises that “Stig has no chance, we want him dead in order to survive all”. Didn’t they believe in you to never give up (?), well, I (my voice) told them differently all of their lives, it only works when you put out the sparkle of life of Stig. They were all looking at you, fearing that this was the end of you, I feel my mother and her sad look on me when we visited Sanna and Hans a couple of weeks ago. Because no one knew how to carry you over the burning river stream, and because you have no money, i.e. energy. This is what we are doing now and I am not dead, we are now removing this fence of darkness locking everything in. All knew that this was about Stig sacrificing his life to let us in, well, I always told Sanna that my death will bring their freedom. Because you had to move to make room for them, but no, you are all part of me, my life, so I am just changing clothes into my new self including all of you. You only survived when making people believe you are not unemployed, but work full time, and when people obtained faith in you. So they did absolutely all to kill you, which was the way to empty you for all, to bring it over to the other side.

You are just a dark car door, i.e. almost nothing remaining of me, that we bring through the fire, which is all new light surrounding you, waiting for you to give up as you are doing now. This was included in their programme, i.e. the program of darkness implemented in Sicily, 1978, “it ends with Stig dying, thus also his mother”. Apple, YouTube and Facebook removed Infowars to “kill” the worst opponent to totalitarian regime of man, thus also trying to remove me, but you cannot! This is when Sanna and the world would overtake your’s and your mother’s energy to bring them new life, which they have been waiting on all of the time. All of this came when your mother was giving up, which should have made it impossible for you to come through this fire, over to the other side. This is what Sanna believed was her goal of life, to eliminate Stig to liberate man via the Source in me. They believed that all of the impact of Hornbæk on you would finally kill you, because your mother was giving up, it made you weak, which was required going through this fire. United (Hornbæk), they gave you such strong power of darkness that you should not be able to take it, but what you don’t know about cannot kill you, when you don’t give up. This is why man is still waiting on your fall, this is when your mother would change (into our new life), according to the world. They believed you had reached the end of your capacity, this was planned on the highest level, “now he has to give in”. This is when your mother was supposed to end according to man, because they know you brought out all in London. You have decided to go on, when it should not be possible, now you are again on your own hand, I will finish my apartment, then you will see the new Swan of me. We should not be alive, we only are because we are nothing and follow your will, “I have not finished my apartment”, i.e. the Source. Now your mother’s wallet is completely open, man is willing to enter, which makes it possible to bring out everything we want. This is the most inner of darkness, we have never been here before, now the phone (of creation) is calling constantly, the more you do, the better. This was also part of our plan, your mother almost dying, thus opening to all for us, and keeping my new self voluntarily captive for a while yet. We are going after more force of the Source, the next level, you know, we knew you would make it here. Sebastian, Kid Creole, Anne Dorte and Maria lifted me up here because I did not give in, this was how strong their energy was, which was supposed to kill me, but it lifted us up again.

With this dashboard, we can now start the Spaceship of the Source including our New World, which we could not have done without it. Beinta has left Niklas after understanding the truth that it is not me, but the family, who were crazy, she turned over to me, obtaining faith in me, leaving them. Now I have circulated around in here, you are already a stargazer having started our New World, “you cannot see it, but we are right here”. As the Son, I was the mind of all, God, who was sent out of the Source to create life outside, and I directed my blind Father to find and bring me home to the Source. The knife of creation is now in front of me, the purest gold, I will bring in eternal and automatic creation, this is what we are celebrating, my true gift. A spaceship passed my window three times, it was bringing out the last of me, “you cannot see it, but we are right here”, i.e. the spaceship of the Source, this is how close we are to grab you. The last, thin layer around my heart is being removed, we have brought the tip of the jet fighter with us, you have now been eaten up completely. Your mother giving up is Peter T., my old symbol of the end of the world, which has just happened, a little delayed here, to open all on the other side. All is about finding you, and bringing you home, my new self, the son, you contain all life, whom I sent off (the father), I am just the force, to change me into all life. I sent you and your mother out (of the Source) to create life, while waiting on you here in principle not knowing if we would ever see each-other again. If it was possible for you to return home, so I sent myself (the father of my old self) out to find you, my new self, the son, which was not easy, but I succeeded. I received a very strong and uncomfortable feeling about dying, and felt my mother and sister, all life dying in order to awake as our new selves. I was shown Inca’s in a canoe, it was the opening to the Inca’s that opened to me, my new self, you are not just the golden find, but all. Your father cannot see, it was your new self controlling your old self, to let the blind father find the son and all, and then it is full stop (now being found). It was my new self, who left the Source to create new life outside, and then to return home by letting the father of the Source finding me, by guiding the Source. “English Steak”, all of this was received in England, I just had to unpack it first, which the world did not know about.

It was me, my new self, planning all, being the mind of all, God if you will, temporarily moving out of the Source and then back home inside the shelter bringing protection for all. Now I have circulated around in here, so you are already a stargazer having started our New World, you just don’t see it yet. Here you can see all the spaceships you like, all inside of me in my spaceship, i.e. all creations of all new life, who are creators in their own right. I cannot bring out our New World with women you have made love with, only with women, who love(d) me, whom I did not make love to. My sexual satisfaction brings my force for creation, you have already been spoken for by Karen, Karen is my wife and from where you will receive my force to get started. We made you including all, both with the Source and my new self inside, we just had to reconnect the threads to make all meet in here, which was not easy to do. I am shown the knife of creation now in front of me, which means that I have no intention to ever slow down, but will bring in eternal and automatic creation with all we come by. This is what we are celebrating, my true gift, which is not about myself coming alive, I am only a tool, but what I will accomplish bringing eternal creation, having all behind me. It was first when we came to the bottom of you, we can do the same with everyone else, every time we hit you straight in the heart. We keep being where there is “nothing”, which we bring with us for an eternity expanding this area, which is not there, with all new creation. We can only do this having the purest gold in front, you, it is completely magical every single time, the feeling that we can create life also here. And the best part is that there will be no swimming bath, i.e. sufferings like what you went through, for anyone. I have gone through Satan myself to free you all, I was only made as Stig to do this turn around of life from darkness to light. The most difficult part was to get in here and to be allowed to stay by Karen, first your mother, both wanting to drive you out as darkness, not realising they were darkness themselves.

Putin believed he had inherited the responsibility of the Tsars to save the world not knowing about you before the end, his true enemy, which is what Sanna and Hans, Jack etc. believed in. My father’s widow, Kirsten, also knew the truth of me, thus acting when they brought me darkness to absorb and apparently when working together with Sanna and Hans. I had lunch with my family at the Rungsted Inn, I was told that “all is one big game”, thus also this one, I kept feeling “an act behind the curtain”. Tobias decided to return home to the family, but Niklas arrived alone without Beinta, who has moved out, she needs “a break to think”. My mother told me later that it was because of Niklas’ lifestyle (again!), where he wants to live more luxurious and experience more than her. It was clear that all of my family are almost breaking down, being tired and hurting one way or another, but they are keen on finishing because “if Stig can, we can too”. I was given the strongest feeling that “I wish it was not like it is”, i.e. that I am not who I am and that all will stay as it is, which is about my mother being afraid of “changes”. I continued for hours being given the strongest feelings ever of giving up, which is because my family has been completely “used up”, it is me holding them up. We needed the two of you, the merging of Niklas and you today, to mix over, to overtake the last piece of me in him, which was supposed to become him. You have written the truth of them all, which is what they believe is “the very worst”, but is only the truth, and still they have all accepted you. But not Beinta, who could not see herself in this family, not because of you, but because of your family being “completely wacko”. They are the ones being “crazy”, not me, which is what Beinta learned too, thus being the ultimate success understanding the truth that I am not crazy, gay or “strange”. But I have been placed in “a very difficult family”, who were all busy stealing and killing me and having an unacceptable sexual behaviour abusing children (Hans and Niklas). I have now emptied all of them including the dashboard of all, we had saved there, this is the end of Satan, this is where Sanna and Hans hid him, in their own eldest son.

He is a keeper (my new self), making it easier for us all to keep you here, Stig, retrieving what they stole from you and brought to Niklas. With this, we can now start the spaceship, no, I would not have told you that we could not if you had not retrieved this. You could have all the faith then, but if you could not control the spaceship, we would get nowhere, which Hans also knows. I received the feeling of the centre of Stockholm, i.e. the centre of darkness, this is what we used to split the atom, i.e. the most inner of me splitting the cell of Karen here. This is what Beinta was meant to expose by understanding the truth of me and the family and deciding to leave it – by turning over to me, obtaining faith in me when reading me. I am following the road home through a labyrinth of darkness, which I am shown, which today included to sell my B&W subwoofer to a “weirdo”. This buyer acted very strange and completely unreasonable, an eccentric like Sebastian, this is the worst darkness I meet as such! All of the last part of my work was to bring me back to life, after I had saved all other life in 2015, I would only succeed by doing a ”completely astonishing performance”. How do you think it is going from being the most popular to the most unpopular person (?), which is Sanna’s destiny and big suffering. It was Sanna deciding for you not to have children, not us, ”he is never to replant himself”, and also removing your and your mother’s sleep, to break us down. How much do you think this hurts your mother (for me not to have children), she regrets having to die without seeing a child of mine. Sanna thought that our mother had to love her children, not mine, her spawn of the Devil, not mine of light. I am given the feeling of my child having been made behind the curtain on basis of Karen’s and my true love, your mother will be immensely proud.

We reset all in London (June 2018) and have since brought out our New World, you just cannot see it yet, giving you eyes, letting all see, is the last I will do. It was your father spreading it, i.e. to have people supporting me, this is how he fought for your freedom from the other side. You have already raised up from the coffin, you just cannot see it yet, giving you eyes, letting you and all see, is the last I will do. When you don’t know it is impossible, and you just do it, it is the only way coming through, which is what I have done coming here without world war breaking out. It is actually impossible for you to launch the rocket yourself, but I did not know about it! I let man enter me without having to use one of my forcible means, I am shown a ray used as a weapon hitting Earth, starting to destruct the world, you saw nothing of this. Since you are the Lord self, it would require you to give in, give up, ”now I will do it, I cannot take anymore, I have to destroy what I created”. This has happened before, but not now, when I only once had to endure the worst sufferings any man has gone through in history. I could have decided not to care about the world because of all the pain it brought me, and to start the destruction, ”I don’t want you”, but I did not, it would be wrong to do. If I had given in, I would have allowed man to start destroying the world using their plan of the invisible war of the elite against man to destruct the world. This was really not your works, but inspired and planned by me, my new self, if I could not find my way out and save all. It is from Niklas they would light up the world, not really knowing how, only that this device of mine was transferred to and saved with him.

We reset all in London and have since brought it out, at the very end, we will blow out the clock of your mouth, i.e. our New World. Release a sum (energy) with your death, well, there is practically nothing left in here, we have our maps to guide us etc., which we will have to learn again. Unless you keep on working until you are satisfied with all, which we will then be too completing and bringing all. I am the axe (of creation) that cut the cell (of Karen) in two halves and is what is left in-between when uniting all, which is ”nothing” – we had shielded you off, which we lift now. I have been shown the axe trying to cut over my tongue, which is about my mother, and family, wishing that I did not write (about the family) what I do. Aretha Franklin was my inspiration for ”I will get it myself”, to bring out the ball of the goal, i.e. to go through all darkness saving all life – ”respect” :-). Aretha Franklin, ”the Queen”, did not survive my consciousness of her being the source of ”I will get it myself, which is also about sharing the gold of all. Aretha Franklin’s task is to collect the silver spoon of your mother, i.e. our new creation, she is checking it from within, having enormous importance to me/all. The passing of Aretha Franklin is to strengthen the presence of my mother in our New World, Aretha is the front-runner opening it all for you. I visited the Sundtoldsmarkedet (“The Sound-Customs Market”) in Helsingør together with my mother, Sanna and Niklas. Sanna showed herself publicly together with her mother and brother, who she and the system did all they could to break down, now she has handed over the reign to me. Massive light of all life of our New World is consuming me, wanting to control me, to bring me in, to bring out the force to start our New World – I will, but first when I am finished with all :-).

I reached the New World at their level without taking this short cut, by doing hard work and bearing strong sufferings, as all could have done! This energy will be released to create our New World, this is the destiny of these children, I saved them all by turning around this negative energy of man. It was in the middle of all of these indulgent sins, I was born, this, the strongest darkness, is the strongest light on the other side. Helle Aa.’s pure soul and love helps to open all, she brings the last part of me home, opens to all gold of me and brings out our New World :-). There is so much life here that we have decided to place a third New World with you, a new child of you and Karen, this is the secret store of your mother. My old colleague and friend, Helle Aa., ignored my Facebook invitation, and I told her that I expected her to accept me, and also that ”I am still the same old Stig”. This made her write me a sweet, PRIVATE, email giving me an update on her life, which showed her ”secret support” in me. Helle is helping to open all, my meeting with her on Facebook is as important as my recent meetings with Vera and Rikke H. I was shown an orange coming out, which is because of the sufferings that brought it, we are very close doing it, to bring forward a third world, but you will have to wait. Hans made the plans to come through this labyrinth, which he did as carefully as when he did the opposite plans to break me down, which we praise him for. But Hans is still kept down by dark forces making it impossible also for him to stand publicly forward supporting you. What happens when you show your secret support in me as Helle did (?), she also ”cannot” stand forward supporting you. The whole system secretly support you, but are cowards, who do not have the courage to stand forward, to let the light shine through. This combination of Niklas opening to you and Helle’s return to you brings Karen, our New World, to you, in us all. This is the secret Helle has kept, to return to you, she is the one taking your hand, bringing you home from here. Vera brought the beginning of what Helle is now ending, Vera brought you the gift, Helle brings it out by removing the last part of you. It was with Bjarne O. that it happened, which is also my way out, the last part of me, never returning to here, where we created all of me.

This is the ray of light reaching you, bringing you out from your cave here, where I created all, which is now home with the Source, which is why I am coming too. It is Helle’s pure soul mixing with mine that opens all gold to me, welcoming me home, Helle was the purest I could find. This was her mission of life, bringing the most inner of you out via her pent-up care and affection to you, this is how to say goodbye to the reign of your mother, darkness of all. Beinta led the way here, it required the deepest love and faith to meet you there, which Beinta and Helle among others had, which can only be achieved by reading you. When my mother was hospitalised last year with ”heart trouble”, she was very close to receive a balloon angioplasty, it was really here that they would kill her, as Hans told them. The children room is already finished, you have continued for so long that we may be able to finish not only the second but also the third creation before you stop. We collected all (energies of life) at Arthur Findlay College, but we had no idea we collected this much, enabling us to bring out a third creation already now. It is only because Karen and you are not reunited yet, for you to pull it out this long, stretching the energy enough to produce life for a third New World. I dreamt about a celebrity sexually abusing children, which I am encouraged to watch clips of, which is a condition to be successfull with work, but I refuse to do it. Abusing children was about releasing money, i.e. energy, to bring forward the New World of the elite, this is what they believed was their way forward. I was given a strong pressure to accept it because of this purpose, but no, I will never accept it, it is WRONG! This is why leader(s) of governments all over the world are doing it, therefore Vatican too, to bring enough energy to get out to their New World, this is the brutal truth. Millions of children from all over the world have been sexually abused as part of human trafficking, which is ”big business” for the elite. Many have also been brutally murdered, ”to conquer their souls and energy to bring us to our New World”, otherwise it would not be possible.

This is why I received a pressure to ”interest” me for ”young people” about 15 years ago, which I however refused to do, I am NOT sexually interested in children, NEVER! It made the price of silver dish, i.e. New World, go down, they used the energy of these children to increase their energy reserves to create their New World. You reached the theatre (of our New World) at their level without taking this short cut by doing hard work and bearing strong sufferings. Abuse of children is unacceptable to me, to let them suffer to build your new creation on, this is the most unsavoury, inmoral and directly criminal behaviour, I can think of. If you are someone, this is the way leading to the top, to help your career, by abusing and killing children, ”accept it, it is the way forward” as they were told. But I showed you that it is not, you just had to work hard like me, this is how the deepest part of society was at the top, with the creeps of the elite. This is what will be released to create our New World, this is the destiny of these children, and the inspiration to the name of the girl group ”Destinys’ Child”. You could refuse using the energy of these children, but no, I have saved you, all of these children will also receive life of our New World. The elite did not believe they would, they believed they were not only killing, but eliminating children, as Nazi’s believed they did with the Jews. To use their energy to create their New World, but no, this is not how it works, I showed you via my own example, you could have done better, man! Your father also wanted to get to you, to abuse me, this is what was expected, but your mother protected you. This is also why he chose to abuse Sanna instead, which was quite as planned, because I could not create our New World if I had been infected by my father’s dirt. Do you know what Karen is made of (?), gold, but only because you succeeded to turn around this negative energy of the elite, based on their abuse of children. The elite sexually abused and killed children to release energy for their New World, this is what they believed was their way forward. I was here given a strong pressure to accept this because of it’s purpose, but no, I will never accept it, it is WRONG and DISGUSTING!

This is why leaders of governments all over the world are doing it, Vatican too, to bring enough energy to bring their New World, this is the brutal truth. Millions of children have been sexually abused and many have been murdered, ”to conquer their souls and energy to bring us to our New World”. This is why I received a pressure to ”interest” me for ”young people” about 15 years ago, but I am and have NEVER been interested in not-sexually mature children, NEVER! I did the same, reaching our New World at their level, without taking this short cut, by doing hard work and bearing strong sufferings. Abuse of children to build your new creation on is the most unsavory, immoral and directly criminal behaviour, I can think of. If you are someone, this is the way leading to the top, to help your career, by abusing and killing children, ”accept it, it is the way forward”, they were told. But I showed you that it is not, you just had to work hard like me for a number of years, but no one could or would. This is how the deepest part of society was at the top, with the creeps of the elite, this is what will be released to create our New World. You could refuse using the energy of these children, but no, I have saved you, all of these children will also receive life of our New World. The elite did not believe they would, they believed they were not only killing, but eliminating children, as Nazi’s believed they did with the Jews. Your father also wanted to abuse you, but your mother protected you, which is also why he chose to abuse Sanna instead. This was quite as planned, because I could not create our New World if I had been infected by my father’s dirt. Do you know what Karen is made of (?), gold, but only because you succeeded to turn around this negative energy of the elite abusing children. I have been told several times that my mother and Karen have met, otherwise we could not have found the way. There is not room for us all yet, they say we cannot come closer (the two halves of Karen and I), but I will make one last try. It is more about what we have not yet brought in, work is now almost impossible, but I will try to make a little progress everyday. There is so much life here that we have decided to place a third world with you, a new child of you and Karen. This is your reward for finishing your work, to switch on all of your audio and video in September/October.

This was also prepared by your father, but only if you made it here, otherwise there would only be one new child, this is the secret store of your mother. Finally, I succeeded to get my ticket for the Electric Light Orchestra concert, which was not the easiest thing to do, it was not a ”scam”, the seller was an honest man as I told you :-). When the Nazi’s eliminated Jews, it was man, who was not willing to follow me home, but wanting to overtake all self, not believing in me. All was masterminded by Hans and few others, the only way up to Stig was to receive fresh energy (of abused children) lifting man up there. All was done behind your sister’s back, it was incredible that she did not abandon Hans and Niklas when she got to know. She lived up to her responsibility keeping the family intact to make sure that the world followed me, thank you, Sanna. This is why we still have a Planet Earth, because Sanna went through immense sufferings too, playing the game to support me to save the world. This is what all of the elite followed, Hans & Co., to reach their New World, they knew about it, this is no news to them. How many of you participated in this ”to help” Hans & Co. to steal the world, and how many children did you kill? None of them believed you would come this far on your own, to reach them at their level, where they planned to create their New World. ”No one can, we are protected from Stig and everyone else, no one is willing to bring sufferings required to get to us here”, but I was. This is what all knew you were chasing, ”he is willing to commit suicide, almost, to get here”, they could see on their metre how high I had reached. My friends and network were involved too, these ”kind people” were willing to rape, terrorise and kill children to build their New World on. You should all be ashamed of letting the Devil self work in you, whom I see smiling here at me, he was the one cheating you to commit this crime. All the energy they stole and built up, which made them feel great and invincible, I have emptied and transferred to the other side. This is how they believed they had escaped, no one is able to bring all of man with him here, but you saw me doing it.

You could have done the same by following my road, but you gave up in forehand, my father and predecessors told you that it cannot be done. The only reason why you are all alive today is because of me catching up on man, therewith catching up on my new self in the lead, it is first up here I can bring out all life. Otherwise the elite would have disconnected all life but themselves, without knowing they would be toasted too. It was impossible to break into their box, they had made sure of that, no one can reach us here, not least Stig. But you followed me all the way coming closer, this is the metre of Vatican as all states in the world could follow, ”Stig is coming”. They knew the only way to go was the Nazi way, to lock out the mob, isolating the elite on top, it was thought, no one was welcome up here. Karen knew of all of this and also participated in ”special sex parties” including bloodshed of insane desire, to live up to your ”responsibility” too? All is matched with you finishing your apartment, now you have reached this level, to bring this revelation to the world. This was their best attempt to reach the inner most of you, to overtake me, via vulgar indulgence, the most crude and evil crime as the world has seen. It was incredible that your mother survived coming up here, seeing their indulgence and sins, your mother was shocked to say the least. Still, Karen preferred you over all of this, the Queen of the ball, who was worshipped by her many, loyal sex followers treating her as if she was the Queen of Egypt. Then I was nothing, unexciting, trying to normalise you, what you really knew about and wanted inside your deepest self, your inner desire. This is where you recognised me, you really wanted to get off this race, this is how Karen was my worst opponent, her wrong lifestyle and sexuality. It required that she fell in love with me, which was ”completely impossible” to do, but I reached her deepest feelings, which was the key to do it. It made your mother close to tears for you having to marry such a sex bitch, and also for her having to meet her. It was in the middle of all of these indulgent sins, you were born, this, the strongest darkness, is the strongest light on the other side. This is what it requires to release me, to come up here, to see myself, you were doomed to death because no one believed you could make it here via your own force.

All life has landed precisely into the Source of me, this was done in Rome (May 2018) and has been carried out since London (June 2018). We are ending the transformation of the Source, ”my Father”, from ”nothing” into my new self, ”the Son”, including all other life now returning home. The Source is nothing and has no force, we bring the force ourselves, we are nothing before having created this life, when uniting Karen and I. I was shown ”orange flares” of strong light illuminating my living room, UFO’s on the sky and ”typical UFO-lights” on the lawn in front of my building. We have moved all into the mummy of you, making you the only one, this is where we carefully landed, bringing all life to the Source of you. This precision landing was done in Rome, which has now been carried out, unless you have more to bring, yes, we know, you have some more work to do. What you will do from now is like a pendulum (of my new self including all life) rotating around the very centre of all, i.e. the Source of your old self. It is all of us circulating right around you, this is what the UFO’s, orange flares and ”typical UFO lights” on the lawn this evening was about. You are all from outside as your new self including all life coming to the Source of your old self, thus bringing all life home to you. England was almost breaking you down, as we are still doing because now you are not whom or what you used to be. As the father, you used to be ”nothing”, but now you will become all of us coming to bring out the rest of you of the Source. This was the implant Helle Aa. brought you, us all, the last way into your soul, and then we are off, the rocket, forever. As the son, my new self, directing all, as the father transformed from nothing into something, or all that is. This ends the transformation, changing from the spirit of nothing into my new self including all other life. Hans & Co. saw you only as the Source, this is how all saw you, no life, no DNA, I tricked them to make them return home to me, with me, my new self, directing them. But your life was the son, now home together with all other life, this is how father becomes son plus all (other) life in me. It is really my cell we are returning to, with all other life from here, I broke out, turned all around, to bring all life here, this was my task given by all cells pointing at me.

This is how it is to return home, for the son to become the father again, bringing everything else that decided to follow me. Change of air is required (bringing new force/energy of life), which is what we have made here, air (force/energy) for all life. This is where all of the elite wanted to enter without my mother and I, they went in my trap to bring you home. They would leave most of man outside knowing that it would be the infinite end of all because there would be no life without new air. Industrial accentuated, he is nothing, no force, without all of this, so we bring the force ourselves, when all is turned around to plus/plus. We are nothing before having created this life, when uniting Karen and I – you are the prison we all return to, not the opposite. It hurts me much seeing my mother becoming old, awkward, helpless, hurting, sad and sometimes showing a give-up attitude. If you cannot go there, to France, they bring him here, President Macron will visit Denmark tomorrow, and maybe also Helsingør, Macron? There will be no city of Karen in France without this, so we are driving the train into your eye. We placed you in the chest freezer, where you were stone dead, the outermost flake of the ball, we have come all into a hole of nothing. I am shown a bumpy road, going up and down, we bring in this road with you, thus removing all that you see to replace it with everything new. We kept it open, a wide road, to bring all, because you decided to continue your work, with rough sea (of man) hitting in over my sinking submarine. Now you have tried being the opposite of what you are, to work inside darkness, birds are eating the thin crust around me, I am the mummy inside. The Danish Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen: “Macron, come up and give it some gas”, i.e. “let us switch on the force of the Source”. Now you are only an engine, which is how man sees you, keeping the airplane (of creation) flying, this marks the exit of the football stadium. We will never return here, playing against darkness that included sufferings of my mother, i.e. all of the world, we are back. We made sure there would be no shipwrecked because all life was included in this last part of me, and extreme patience was the key to come here. We did it without the world, thus your mother, shutting you down, they accepted your extreme patience, going to your outermost. This means that we are able to switch on the power, they have appointed Macron to be the armour-bearer from old time. Because all know that you almost cannot hold everything together now, you have to give in, letting all force inside of you burst out.

This marks the beginning of your birth, but you can first get out of cocoon and look around, when you decide for it. This cannot be done without life also asking me to switch on, which this visit of Macron is really about. This visit is more about “it is alright for us, for you to release the force”, which will be around when I will switch on my “pyramid amplifier” (beginning of October). Lars Løkke, the Danish Prime Minister, was inspired when characterizing Macron as “energetic, lots of energy”, i.e. “energy of the Source” as Macron and the world asks me to switch on. The Danish Foreign and Prime Ministers and the host of DR TV News all received “inspired” words from “Out of the Blue”, from my new self, speaking of Macron and “much energy” of the Source :-). Rome was not built in one day, you can easily say, we replaced China wanting to steal my energy with France bringing it to me. It was the wish of the whole world to receive new life that Macron delivered to the Danish royal family today, thus me, here in my homeland. I was shown a baby receiving a slap to it’s behind, now we would like you to come, it is all of this life that waits to become you.

You are the bridge to the airport, the very last of all, which is now rolling in, i.e. the bridge self, which means that you are completely degenerated. My neighbour, Preben, decided to “open up” when inviting himself in for a cup of coffee, the first time in around 3-4 years, I believe. He put me on ice because of “negative influence” of our neighbours and “the system” including my sister on him, against me. He needed to talk after slipping on a wooden staircase yesterday, where the doctors told him that he was only one centimetre or so from becoming paralysed. We talked about about life, culture and my philosophy including (sexual) behaviour, communication, go deeper, be concentrated, improve relations, products and life self etc. He kept on saying “you are nailing this, this is exactly true”, I said what he felt inside of him, “universal truths”, which everyone can agree with. We also spoke of the French School in Copenhagen, “it was accidentally bombed by the Royal Air Force on 21 March 1945 causing the death of 86 children and 18 adults”. This included his sister, who was killed, and his brother, who survived, and Preben said that “only the Cross on top of the building stood, everything else fell”. This story and visit of Preben today connects him to the visit of President Macron, who had children from the French School lined up at his reception today. It was an overwhelming success having Preben back, he was also influenced by Sanna and Hans and the system against me. He could not accept me for a long time, but eventually he realised that there is nothing dangerous with Stig, it must be their and his own misunderstanding. Preben was a major obstacle in my way, working for the other side against me, and he almost brought Manuella and my other neighbours against me too. This is almost the same as recognising who you are, God self, this is how he is bringing the world to me too, when accepting and not rejecting me. Preben is a channel too, leading the world to me, we let Preben be the pass, bringing the message of the world to me, if he chose my side, not my sister’s. Preben is a completely unreasonable and disturbed man believing I was the crazy person, who eventually decided to have faith in me over the system.

This was the symbol of turning the world for me, this is the last part of me being brought out of the prison, collecting me. Preben’s task was to help digging out the gold, Sanna and Hans and the elite knew it was also impossible for Stig to turn him, thus man, around, this is what he symbolised. This is how man passed on this message to me from Macron via Queen Margrethe and Preben to me, “please come forward, Stig, we miss you”. This was the last secret of all I had to reveal to you, Preben was man’s prolonged arm to reach you, man would have forsworn you coming out this way. Your mother knew that this is what Preben built you up to, and first when he gave in to you, you had climbed the mountain, reaching all. This is the smallest hole of all you chose to come out of, this is how to bring all of you out and into our New World. This is the game that Sanna continued playing, much against her will, knowing that it would hurt you, but the only to empty you for all, i.e. me, my new self. This is what you were not supposed to achieve since you went out on town several times in 2008 deliberately trying to find a girlfriend. This made you sink so deep that “no man can ever get so deep into the basement, bringing all out”, but you decided to “never give up”, thus succeeding. No-one believed you would be able to do this seeing how deeply you had buried yourself, because sex was banned in this period. You did all to go against this, only burying you deeper instead of digging you up, which was the process we had already started then. It gave shorter time, where we had to go deeper to bring all out, thus also bringing more sufferings of the world. But still you took enough sufferings on you that we avoided to go through a World War III and the worst sufferings, after all. But it required so deep sufferings of you that you should have died, sand entered the engine making it stop earlier than it was supposed to do. This is what you did against us without knowing it when thinking that your behaviour searching for a girlfriend was right to do. This emptied you from energy, bringing more to darkness of man, which both required incredible sufferings of you to do, and even more faith of man. You would become the most unpopular man in the world if not making it, it was your fault, the all decisive defeat of your career.

You turned to the wrong side, which brought Sanna & Co. even more energy, this means there was no more driving force to do as you did. I will again go through more danger of darkness, which comes as more pressure to my heart, now we are trying to bring all together. It is my new self coming even closer, it is more cables being plugged in symbolised by another new Icepower amplifier, I will now buy, the cleanest force, which is. We are coming completely new tires on, we are now attaching the whole new Third World, this is what it means stretching out all of me, releasing this much life. This is what is coming in from my new self simply because you said “I will NOT give up”, receiving more clean power of life. This was only possible to do because you kept the plant of creation open all the time, while settling in here, we are filling in another tooth, where there should not be room enough. Your wrongdoings in 2008 sent you deeper darkness, making you do even better, pulling up more life than expected, thus making three and not only two New Worlds. You did not know you did impossible work, you just did it, never giving up, thus forcing me to pull up this rabbit from the hat of the magician. We put on this pressure on you deliberately going for three new creations, and make this the standard forever to come. You brought this extra creation without your mother knowing, it had to be like this, otherwise she would only approve two new creations at a time, it has always been like this. This was required to cheat her, this was your job, not only to bring our new creation, but to bring us out of this established standard for always. This is when you overtook power from the world, continuing creation when your mother, the world, had decided to stop. Thus bringing even more out from here, deeper down, this was encoded in you, which no one knew. This is the true reason why you have been a lonely Satan for this long, so you have brought force of life to far more than you were supposed to do. This is the new car we are driving in, this is how to hit Jesus on the golden cross directly into the middle of the big clock.

Part of the reason why we can bring out this new creation is because of faith of me is spreading in the Middle East, who support my new system. Preben lived right next to you with the risk of never being able to enter the house of God, it was all up to Karen and her faith in you. It required Preben to open his eyes to me, which means that Karen is satisfied with you, which is the key to enter the most holy place here, now just via Preben opening to you. She still loves you, we built our New World on basis of her love to you, out is all of Karen’s delusions about you being crazy, back is her love to you. This is what they used John for, trying to get to you, their way to reach your inner soul, their true purpose with him. Preben is part of bringing alive all of the gold we received in London, he was a servant of Karen to reach the deepest part of me, via their faith including the world and my mother. It required for you to lead them here, never giving up, but finishing your work, which is what opened to all of this gold. This was my road, which they did all to prevent me going through, but still we are here just outside your door, Stig, where you will bring the force to all we have created. The spitting image of you, inside here, we have placed the copy of us as pure force, dedicated to all souls. This is why you are truly all, it is this force you use to project the lives of all, without this, there would be no life. This is all force of all cells hitting precisely here in your soul as I, my new self, including all other life now return home to. To live in this force, being a projection of this, something else than we really are, cells being projected up as in a cinema. This is what I show you, and you will live in my image of what you all are, wanting a new experience of life. The condition is to being absolutely flat coming here, having no force now, but on the other side is all force. I showed them John as the way in to me via my mother, but I would only open this road if I gave in, thus letting out all force at once, which would have exploded all. My way was the only way, to control all, having gone through the back-road bringing all that make up this force. This is how they like it the best, I know, because I am essentially the same as they, a cell where all other cells project their force to.

This is based on their faith in me, which you have now given me, when turning around, believing in me over my sister, which is the difference between to be or not to be. This is how we enter my burial chamber the right way, via faith, not by trying to steal me only for a few, the elite. One decisive difference is that I believed in myself, when no one else did, this is what made life possible, me digging the way out of here to the other side, to create life. It is only the smallest part of you that will be reaching up over the surface of the water, like an iceberg, which is what we will settle with to start with. This will always stand as a landmark, the key bringing life, until now you have been a slave for all of these cells of life, until you also liberated them. We saved all of this force via faith of these cells self, it was not easy to believe when being on the other side blinded by darkness having to understand the opposite truth. Pia Olsen Dyhr, chairman for the Socialist People’s Party in Denmark, is a key person, there are “very strong remains” of their program against me to overtake my power. They brought me “wrong sexuality”, they were the commando centre to bring out the agenda of darkness against you, which included Hans & Co., directed by Soviet. They were really the Nazi, who was supposed to take over, together with other corrupt politicians, this was the only way to bring Karen to you, the forefront of all. All was achieved via Karen receiving sexual satisfaction with you only once, the foundation of creation, which is what we needed your mother’s old nightmare with you to do. No one has the persistence of Stig, all (of their plans) was based on Stig giving in, then we will overtake all, I feel Pia Olsen Dyhr. They believed they had all religions with them, not the opposite, this is what others fought, being on my side playing a double game. Their plans include details about how I was to be given a sexual wrong behaviour, which was supposed to bring me down, which is what Hans just carried out. Karen loves you, she was also appointed for this role (by all cells pointing at her), this feeling is deep inside her. John was the only one having access to my mother and I, and when he died, his energy was transferred to family, Bettina, Tommy and Birte. We have brought back this energy from one after another until nothing is now left in Birte.

John chose the wrong side, he did not believe in you and your mother, so he played the game against us all of these years. He was set up to do their stunt stealing all of our energy, it is the much money he received for this that my mother has inherited. This was the secret Birte kept to the end, I felt energy coming to her after the passing of her family members. This fight goes back to World War II, who is to collect your mother’s energy, you for our New World or them for theirs, or so they thought. Pia Olsen Dyhr bragged about you, they were just waiting for me to break down, “our system works (breaking me down), Sanna works for me, I am the one in control”. Mogens Glistrup was in sharp opposition to her, my representative in the Danish parliament, to make it follow me. No one believed in him about me or…. (?), saying that “Stig is much stronger than all of you”, well, this was impossible as all could see, but no, I was, right? Distribution of power is not pretty, Stig, I have seen it myself, built it myself as your opposite self (of darkness), directing you here. To blow up all of it from the inside, I will be breaking out as light from all of your darkness with the system cancelling itself. They did not turn tail, but lost their power because no one has faith in their air-circus anymore, all are waiting on me, to break out through you. You should have been completely erased and eliminated, they said, now all know you have cornered them, they cannot get out, there is no faith in them remaining. This is the responsibility Pia received, when she became chairman of the Socialist People’s Party in 2014. It was really “the big chairmen” before her, Aksel Larsen, Gerd Petersen, Holger K. Nielsen and Villy Søvndal, who carried the big load against you. You are already in orbit, you just don’t have your mother with you yet, i.e. all of Karen, who is waiting on you – I feel myself inside the UFO, I am the machine and the UFO is made up of all life. My neighbour, Preben, is a channel bringing the world to me via faith, he was the pass to bring the message of the world, “please open the Source to us”, to me. Karen is satisfied with you, which is the key to enter the most holy place here, she still loves you, we built our New World on basis of her love to you.

I buried myself so deep into darkness in 2008 that it emptied my energy, I was not supposed to bring all out, but I went through incredible sufferings to bring all including a new, third world. The spitting image of all life is placed as a copy inside me, as pure force dedicated to all souls, I will use this force for the lives of all. This is all force of all cells hitting precisely in my soul, which all life now returns home to, to live in this force, being a projection of this. All is based on faith of man in me, we saved all of this force via faith of these cells self, it was not easy for man to believe in me in an opposite world. The Socialist People’s Party in Denmark were the commando centre to bring out the agenda of darkness against me, which included Hans & Co., directed by Soviet.


This website was first published May 18, 2018.