2019: Opening all new life and creation of the Source


Summary of Scripts of 2019

Scripts of 2019: Opening all new life and creation of the Source in a controlled, giant explosion

  • January 2019:  We are opening all new life and creation of the Source in a controlled, giant explosion, all life is inside me, to be given “new birth”.
  • February 2019: We opened the entrance to the Source for all life, now I am born as God, I retrieved all energy and life of the Source from the Danish Parliament.
  • March 2019: The Big Eye of all, the Son, has returned home to the Source, Karen’s and my hearts beat as one, I am being set up as new God to ignite all life inside me.

  • April 2019: The Son and the real Father with the Holy Grail returned home to the Source, I was anointed as new God and brought all light, now all are in Heaven.

  • May 2019: The Queen of Karen entered into the light, the King entered, Medina developed all new life and the Source, and has now released our New World.
  • June 2019: We have opened the Source and switched on my new light and all new life, the birth of our New World, which we will start from Sofiero, Sweden.


Scripts of 2019: Opening all new life and creation of the Source in a controlled, giant explosion

Links to all of my scripts since February 2010

I have continued writing my daily scripts since launching my website on February 1, 2010, including more teachings based on my everyday experiences in Denmark with the final goal for these scripts bringing the content to the main pages of my website and in itself being the tool for me to absorb darkness and bring back all life of all time to the Source (God).

You can find all scripts from February 2010 and forward from the right column of my website and also from this link and this drop-down list – and by clicking the headlines below:

January 2019: We are opening all new life and creation of the Source in a controlled, giant explosion, all life is inside me, to be given “new birth”

Pernille and “Indians” are connecting to me, they helped me to the top without falling down again, they will bring the light to us. I found, turned around and opened up all of the Source, I am now in charge of all, all life is inside me, to be given “new birth”. I am born as the Star bringing force of the Source to all creation everywhere, I have been opened up as the engine of all. We are switching off the light that brought man home, but blinded me, my best friends were these lights, when I can see again, all can. We are opening the Source, the storage of all new life and creation, in a controlled, giant explosion, we are uniting Karen and I, which brings the spark of life. The Danish Parliament used the force of the Source to control all of society, they tried to kill me and overtake my power, I ask you to stop the game now! My old friend, the MP Jane Heitmann, is my death enemy sitting with the power to control Stig from the world command centre, to bring out their new creation. This is the key combining creation and the force of the Source as one in me, to bring out creation, which they will now return to me, the control of the Source. They emptied and kept all energy and life of me, but could not make creation work without me, I will switch all on, when they proclaim “we are with you”.

A “stranger”, Pernille, received a spiritual vision with my name, we had a texting, where I told her about being the Source, Pernille and “all”, who connect to me, will bring the light to us. “The Indians” are connecting to me, they also helped me to the top, without falling down again, monks from Tibet will first connect with me at the end. The police brought me the strongest darkness when refusing to do anything with the violence and death threats of our “crazy neighbour”, which brought a big train accident here! The entire system covers up, which will hit them right back as a boomerang, when people will disapprove, believe in me instead, which brings the turn around of the last part of me. It is still me (the Source) entering you backwards (as darkness), we are headed to the end of darkness, revealing their game publicly, showing the system, not me, as crazy. I will start to connect the rest of my audio equipment, i.e. to connect the Source, this is where we had to come one day even though the castle has not been finished. Now it will be up to you, our New World, to manage the inheritance the best way possible and to develop it from here. Instead of starting at the level “stupid as a book”, this is the level I managed to bring you up to, now your job forever will be to continue developing and bringing new creation. Darkness is included on my website, for the future world to sort out, but since all darkness has been removed, we have opened the way for eternal light only as your main goal. When we will let go of the other side, we will let all destructive power lose, which means that all on this side, which we did not restore on the other side, will be lost forever. We will start all over on the other side, but we brought over enough to make everyone happy, which includes all life on the highest possible level. The rest of me comes as pure light, building stones for future creation, all dark energy was meant to bring us to the other side and the highest possible development stage.

I wrote my new email to the system (about our schizophrenic neighbour and the plot of the system against me) to bring out “very strong pressure inside here”. This was the last part of the Source coming to me, the inalterable self that makes me permanent and leads directly to the birth of my new self. We have turned around the last dark energy bringing out the best of me, we came around this too, the strongest darkness, without having to destruct it. Now we have the big sending mast on place, without it, it would be difficult to transmit all that we would like. This includes the exchange of your father, then your sister, being in charge of the mountain here, with someone much milder, you/me. All of this was to make you the last bit magical, this is the last before sucking all out, where I sit, this was the last of London. “You found the Source here”, we have invisibly started the predictive dialer, i.e. “automatic creation”, when we are now more magical than ever. We can reel up even more tape, this is our dream scenario, I am entering my throne, improving myself, it is so seldom that I am here. Now the Source has turned all around, I will now start decorating my own room, we have opened up all of you. Now Karen is made of gold and part of you, all life is being pulled up in me now, we will continue uncovering what is in the middle here. Each individual will feel that you have become magical and will crawl out of their pupa themselves, “now comes the sign from above, now it is time for me to crawl out”, i.e. new birth. Now I will switch off the light, which was only needed to get here, I have something much better here, me, my nest, everything, I just wish for it. It is only me inside here who can bring Karen/all, it was only me who could break out, create life outside and make it return home to me, this is all of my secret. This was the end of bringing me in backwards, first now, the air channel is free, no pollution, no darkness, Karen is now all inside of you, I feel her under my skin.

China invented their own new creation, outside me, having their own “container”, not using me, still they needed force of the Source, so they made a hole to me to extract my force. They opened me up as the engine for all other creations not based on me, which was really part of my plan too, to bring my engine for all creation (by other cells too). Now we don’t know where the force comes from, but it was originally from me, now spread to all other cells and their creations. All that we put into the pool was released at the concert in Copenhagen with Curtis Stigers and the Danish Radio Big Band playing Frank Sinatra “At the Sands”. We are closing the black pencil case again including all there is, after having turned all around, all is done, all has become light :-). This is how I have been opened to all, bringing force from the Source to creation “from here to eternity”. Curtis Stigers is a world star, a symbol of me being born as the Star connecting all and bringing my force to all creation everywhere :-). I am the Source on the other side bringing force of life, we will now turn around this part again, the other way around, I am the stamp covering the hole on the letter. We are not going to set up lamps, but take them down, they were only used for creation, showing the road home to me. There are different levels we can bring out, I decide what brings the best result for all, i.e. the best usage and the most satisfying force and concentration for all life. This is what requires more darkness to learn, to fine-tune, before bringing it out, this is to avoid messing with the clock of all, to bring enough for all.

The British Parliament voted down the Brexit deal, but a secret vote behind the curtains allows me to continue my work, now supporting me all the way home? It is first here that the torch is passed on to me, instead of emptying you completely, we are now filling you up, building up the spaceship. We have started the process of removing you all, there will be less and less of what you were and more and more of what you will be. This is about turning around the boat, we have sucked all up into you, this was about bringing in the Source backwards. I am not here anymore, I have pulled back, disappeared, creation will not find me here, the father, now I am only in you, I am you, leaving my force for life. You will see the mother side of me, the wonderful creation I have made, but you will never see the father side of me, only in Stig, who is both father and mother. I was the only one being able to reach the Source, being accepted by man as number one, to remain in light without becoming darkness as all presidents etc. became. We are removing light from here, now part of the trains become visible, which is because when I inserted light for man to find the way here, I blinded myself. My mother, i.e. life, is overtaking control of force of the Source, this is part of turning me around, to switch off the light. Your best friends in life were these lights without knowing it, they were supposed to be on your mother’s side, but they joined you. We are using them to uncover all, because when I can see again, all can, Jack was leading the way to you via his faith, this is the power making you come through the door. Setting up light, for man to find the way here, is how I turned myself into darkness, we turned around all of the Source to bring life, and now back again.

I have brought all, which we have turned upside down to bring new creation, now it works, I brought all through the fire of darkness, which is opening the door here with love. I am a crouching baby, about to open up, the point of the rocket, which is about to being launched, it is from here that all will “explode”. I am ready to have all new life uploaded to me, we are now opening this room, the very last of all, everything new as man had created, to which we added the rest. This is what leads you directly to the cinema, to project this as new life, this is the storage of all creations here, all we have ever experienced, all life so far. This is the secret of the Great Pyramid of Giza, all new life planted inside there, there would be no life without the network of pyramids around the world storing all energy. It is only when uniting Karen and I, we can bring this spark of life, the world’s smallest energy bomb, this is the goal of all, coming to this energy storage. It is first now that we are starting to integrate all of you and Karen, this is when the magic starts, but only in small doses to start with. We are reorganising the universe in a new way, this is the energy, where it happens, the explosion, your mother, now Karen and all of her followers in a multiple, giant explosion. What all of the world have been waiting for, for me to explode, but we do it in a controlled way, which requires Karen’s real and pure love in me. It is first here we exchange your mother with Karen and true original life, which we have now started doing. You are God’s own swordsman, now you are pure love, Karen’s love to you, making you, this is the final station, where we are bringing in Karen. We have opened to the white cube, putting you in as the last, we are home, we have started opening the Source, still with you as chairman, we have the lid on all now. We have come as far now that the two plates stand directly opposite each other, which is what we mean by integrating you and Karen. Karen and I are now two halves of one whole, all inside the Source of me, we are ready then to launch small helicopters, i.e. all life will be creators themselves, all part of me, my invention.

The Danish Parliament controls all of society, thus all branches leading to me, they know all details of my life and what they planted in me to make me look poorly. They also planned when to kill me, to overtake my power, they turned the dial of the buttons, how much darkness to send me, when to attack me while sleeping, emptying me. They used the force of the Source to control me, to keep me down, they don’t need to implant a chip, they control you and all via the Source, to work for them and their purpose. But there is a malfunction in their system, which is me and my resistance, it is faith in me that explodes their machine, to turn all around and start living on the other side instead. They controlled all (family, friends, network and the system) against me all of my life, attacking and speaking wrongly of me, they also invented the invisible war against man. They decided on my wrong sexual behaviour, for the world to see their scam without telling that they led me, using the power of psychiatry controlling minds/feelings of people. They overtook and completed the game when obtaining faith in me, now on my side, but still playing the game. My “old friend”, the MP Jane Heitmann, sits with this key, receiving the power to control Stig from the command centre. Jane was “a woman in love” with me in the beginning of the 1990’s, also believing that my love for her at the time would wrest all power from me. Now is the time, Jane, will you please push the button and stop the game now, to coordinate it with when I will do my last work and then proclaim it to the world. It was only possible to open this world command centre because of faith in you, I will visit them to turn Jane around, to lay down her weapons, her and the whole rat pack. This is the ultimate power given to the command centre of the world elite, asking them to surrender, which is the same as my ultimate win, bringing freedom to all. Denmark was the leader of all dark countries of the world, who followed their fight against me towards their new and free world, so they believed. Jane is the one tying the whole railway net together, the top of darkness, my death enemy, appointed by my own sister with Hans. This is the darkness that messed up the inside of me, trying to find a place to survive, to bring it out and bring all of them in, without me. Jane’s power will be released to me when I will visit the parliament (on February 19 at 13:00), which will be her practical surrender to me knowing that “Stig is true, the one that he says he is”. You are all force on this side and all life on the other side, in one person, this is the key of the Parliament making me both, combining creation and the Source as one. The part to bring out creation, which will now to return to me, integrating all new creation of man with me, all of Karen as they have baked inside me. The Danish parliament had power of attorney of the world to bring out creation, my love to her was needed, love creates life, they brought Jane deliberately with this purpose. But they chose the wrong one, I chose Karen, they could not make it work without my arrival, and they tried to use wrong, fake love of me for their creation. They controlled the Source, believing they controlled me and all life in me, to enter me, wanting to break lose, they had all and only missed me, my force. They never succeeded to make it work, to start the clock, which they were hoping for with my return as dead, but it only works when I am alive, this is really my spaceship. They were doomed and they knew it as long as I did not want to go with them, so they tried to force me, to overtake me and all life. When they have no mistress feeding them, they can see their lives ebb away, they can read it on the metre of me. They lost my phone number, how to bring out creation, so they really had no clue what to do, when or if I would come to them. This is why they are happy that I am coming, but still they don’t know how to switch all on, which is saved in me, which I will do with their support, when they proclaim “we are with you”. In that exact moment, we will be going towards the gold and it will go so quickly that no one, not even yourself, will feel a thing, and then all will be our new selves. But not yet, I have more work to do first, I really just need to upload your approval first, directly from the command centre. They extracted all from you, they keep all of your energy there, they just don’t know how to ignite it, we just have to spread out this force evenly to all. This is where they kept all life, this is the candy store of all as the world gave their power of attorney to, to save themselves. The US had not joined this pact, thus supporting me, it was ultimately controlled by Russia, who had overtaken the Danish Parliament and most of the world.

February 2019: We opened the entrance to the Source for all life, now I am born as God, I retrieved all energy and life of the Source from the Danish Parliament


Trump, the Danish and most world parliaments sold their souls to the Devil of Putin, where we collected all new life, which we are now bringing home. Man wants me to bring out all new creation now, but I have only reached the top of all new life, I have to get to the other side, where I started all. We have opened the entrance to the Source for all life, now I am born, my inner self, God, now I am you for the first time. I will be crowned as King by the Danish Parliament, when I will collect the Source with all life and power of the world, the long awaited Son is returning home. I visited the Danish Parliament, where God was hidden, to take back all energy and life of the Source, connecting all to me and switching on my heart. I am being set up as the pump station for life using power of the Danish Parliament consolidated with the local community in Helsingør. Queen Elizabeth is the connection of the world to me, to keep it going, please let go of it, let me overtake all, remove old life and project your New World.


I am bringing home the deepest part of the Source from the Danish Parliament, the tiniest cell of energy of all, my prison, I receive the power from people here, I turn around. Trump chose Putin as part of the game, we needed the opposite power to open this nut of the Source, which was always on the Russian side. This is part of exchanging old life with new, real life, hidden with Russia, which needed the most force, i.e. sufferings, to bring, brought by Putin, the worst monster in history. This was the highest game of Vatican, placing the most precious with the enemy without their knowledge, this is how the worst darkness is really the most divine light. The Danish and most world parliaments sold their souls to the Devil, Putin/Russia, Karen was Putin wanting to empty me, but we collected all new life with him, which we are now bringing home.

My visit to the Culture Yard: This is where the heart falls in place, man waited for the right moment doing this, believing that I could not continue any longer. They want to turn you around and ignite all light of our New World now, but there is still much life entering the tower of me, I will not release any before having done this first. They want me to open up as my new self, to bring out our new creation now, to enter now, they have now put the lid on top of the house. I will start on top, not the bottom, to turn everything upside down again, we have to go back to where we started from, for me to be released from the steel box there. Hans and man did not realise that I had to turn around myself one more time, to get back to where I started all, I am not Christ without this. It is about bringing Putin all the way home, it is only the top of my head that has now come through, the rest is still coming, blending Karen and I. This is just the start of the cell, we have to get to the other side of it, this is the diamond, the raw material we use to replace your mother. We were saved on the other side of Putin, first becoming visible now, the clock was only on the other side, where we are now. Nobody knew you would first get born on the other side (of light), which was anticipated, I was nothing on that side (of darkness). This is what all wrongly believed in, this is how to cheat all, no God, only visible on this side, only the Pope knew. No God on this side (of darkness), only on the other side (of light), this is where they kept on knocking, to enter, not knowing what was in there, believing I was nothing. Now all carry a note in their pocket saying “Property of God”, not of USSR or “rulers of the world” as they were appointed as, by the world, as it used to be. You wouldn’t be Christ without getting this on this side, you would be nothing at all, first when you have pulled all over on this side, they can see me, they are all me. I have first started this process now, bringing me the view of Putin, all has been industrialised, we just have to push the button of all here. Karen is not made of gold before you have come through all, you became a proprietary before everyone else, it is not only your small aircraft, we brought over all new life here. I have decided to finish and send my email this week to the Parliament, it is this work that will bring Karen up from this hole. It is about building a bridge strong enough to bring all of this life over to me, bringing the sea of creation in over me as a duvet, turning around the pole to it’s right position. It is all of this explosive last part of darkness beneath you, i.e. the parliament, which we need to remove, and it is led by Jane. We are moving back the old house and moving forward the new house, and to do this without being terminated and without leaving casualties. “Wrong belief”, it is like getting all over to my view, or else it would not become my name day, to reveal what is behind all life, on the other side. I felt Costa del Sol, it is all of this life we brought to the Source there in 2015, and when we enter backwards, we just have to turn around. It is really the Parliament starting all, when you kick this ball in, it is the same as asking yourself to start all up (when you are done with all of your work). This was about expanding the inner chamber here, how much we could blow this up, to turn around and expand what was inside here (the elite). It is your mother’s new lungs we are installing, to replace all old and release all new life, bringing in my new mother.

I have now started the VERY big machine of creation, one by one follows me, “You are Jesus, have started new creation”. Now we are bringing the spaceship down over you, this is really Karen, this is the invisible transition between you and Karen (force of the Source blending us). First now, my eyes have started sticking, the combination of Karen and I, it is first now we have started filling up the spaceship, you, with life, all will remain in here now. I visited the Copenhagen Synagogue in 2015, which included the entrance to the Source, which I received access to there, this is what we have now opened. Now I am born and am out between others, which is the birth of my inner self, God of the Source, now I am you for the first time. You really formed me at the the Tate Modern Museum in London last year, the most extreme case of dying, this is how far you have to get, to reach me. It was Karen throwing all her love on you that changed all, my force turned Karen to me, when it was time to turn around, at the same time as visiting the synagogue, in 2015. We have kicked in the door to me as hard as we could, this is how it is to enter into matrimony, it is only you here and then everyone else. The moment of truth, it was only what I received in Rome that I brought out in life here, all was due to my work in London bringing out as much of me as possible. This is how bald you had to be cut, both then and now, to bring out all of this of me, what you saw was how deep I could get and then to get back on top. It is so unusual that even the Pope is watching to make sure there is no error, but no, this is just my ordinary level as I go through every day. This was all force we could bring out, what I carried in me, it comes from the derelict farm of Sanna and Hans in Sweden, to start it, because they controlled it. South and North Pole, you turned around the whole balance of power, when switching side, when coming back to here. Instead of being at the bottom, you came back to the top, thus turning around the earth and all to bring it in your view point.

It was only a matter of how much I could bring in with me from beneath at a time, we could not help destroying some (life) on my way, but we will repair this later. We went through this door in dark, being blind, we went through all life of Karen to get back up, which was only possible to do because Sanna was willing to give up all power. A board of members control the Source, or what they believed was all, which however was only a very small part of me, all have been removed, I have resumed control over all. Sanna was of course a natural part of it, Jack too, those who decided to empty me, Niklas too, not Hans, who was not part of you, he did their “dirty work”. These people controlled the Source, but they were never allowed to come in, they were as excited as everyone else of what to expect, when I would pass away and they would receive access. Sanna and Jack were completely sure, because they heard the same, was Lars G. also a member (?), they collected and spread all accounts of you, their responsibility. These are the people you can thank for emptying my energy, running the world in my absence, but with the Vatican and my game on top, which they did not know about. Much was centred with Jack because he was the closest to you, but also much with Lars G., my two closest friends in life, what store to transfer me to (?), this was Jack too. These pigs were the closest people in my life, who stabbed the knife in my back, they were the worst devil’s, but were needed to go through darkness, to reach me. World leaders followed these few people of the board, basing world politics and decisions on this, the future of mankind. This made Sanna in doubt if she received right messages of the Source, in fact it was often her own voice speaking, us helping her a little, which all was then based on.

I will be crowned as King when I will visit the parliament next week, the long awaited Son is returning home, it will feel to them that you have overtaken control of all. To collect the Source with all life (at the Parliament) is so heavy that you cannot carry it, it can only be done as all life carrying the weight on it’s shoulders, when supporting you. All is already you, which is why you are the only one, who can lift this, to bring all alive, this is formally all power of the world, which is handed over to you. This is what Sanna has prepared them for, Stig is your new Lord, but she will continue playing the game until I am done. We really did not lose life, it cannot be destroyed here, it will not be born with the opening of our New World, because of lack of faith, it is to be awakened via faith there. This is life that I did not have the strength writing my name on, “you are not God”, it is about people knowing better, not having faith. Still there is gold everywhere, no darkness, you are not shaken at all, this was meant to knock you out, blow out the light, so we could not transform this into new life for now. We have not brought out our new creation yet, because just maybe you will be strong enough to awake this life from the death, despite of lack of faith, via your hard work. So we are now bringing back all life that man decided to leave out, not even the Pope had expected this. My neighbour, Manuella, visited a skin specialist in Lyngby three weeks ago, which was Karen (!), I told Manuella about Karen and I, “we are not done with each other”. Karen and I were like “plus” and “minus”, each other’s opposites, but in the middle, we felt a spiritual connection, a very special feeling uniting us. This is how we transferred Karen’s gold to you (via Manuella), she now lives in you, this was about opening me up, bringing my birth, blending all life of Karen and my force. You should not be able to do this email to the parliament, thus losing this life, this is how they should be slaughtering you, the Danish parliament. Lift a handkerchief for Stig, they were not allowed to react, the game had to go on, taking it out over your mother, i.e. life. This is what all now are waiting on, are you really strong enough doing this, finishing and sending this email?

We saved all energy and life with the Source at the Danish Parliament, this is where God is hidden, waiting on my return, to become me, to take back the magic. It was first when turning around that we could get to this heaviest part of me, which is what we are now collecting, including all new life. We have decided first to release me, when you enter there, this is when my heart is placed correctly. This is here I have waited on your return, you can only come with with a near to perfect condition, otherwise I would not let you, i.e. me, in. It is the Prime Minister, Lars Løkke’s main responsibility to keep it, doing what the world asks him to do, to fight you, now welcoming me too. This is where my mother, i.e. all life, lives, I am only the force, it is not anyone they open to, it requires overwhelming majority of the world to believe in me. This is where you should change into light, it is not before now that I am genuine in you, and magical too, I am taking back the magic of it. It only requires little extra faith to open all life we are hiding here, it is my email to the Parliament that releases me and all life in me, transferring me to you. It is me, their life, they (the Parliament) are protecting, but it is my life, I had to find the entrance myself, here are the documents, here is my safe, close to my heart. Hans already prepared the release of you a couple of weeks ago, this work of yours, my email, was just a play, to catch up, Hans did it, there are only roses waiting on you. Now it will be me holding all up, to pass the test, this is when we connect all wagons to me, the locomotive, the big question is if Stig is ready, can he take all? This is the first time we will switch on your heart, bringing life to Karen, all new life, the Parliament formally hands over all energy to you, i.e. all life that I have turned around. This is the where I keep it, at the Parliament, this is the giant tree of all, which they have been kind to give me, not even knowing we had collected all with them. I visited the Parliament in Copenhagen, this is like bringing the nut through the portal, you, the missing commander-in-chief returning home, being emptied from energy. My father (Jesus) collected all life with them, I have prepared this entirely for you, I was sure you would come here one day, my father Peer says. I overtook “the Golden Gun” from the Prime Minister, the colour is now silver, now Karen is all silver of your mother, my heart is ready to start all new life. Now it is done, your father with all is inside you, there are now no constituency mandates here, all is me, I am now God with all, including the deepest secret of me here. Jane carried this secret, now, the spaceship is full of life, this was the gift here, this is what Hans prepared them for, “Stig will come one day, if all goes well”. This is the cinema we have squeezed down into its smallest format, all life has been lifted up from the hole with me beneath, so I can come up too. I have turned around to the same side as life, we could sign the end document, now all four parts of me are here, but I still have more work to do, now it is only about you, not life. Jane aggregated, we used Jane there, where there was no Karen, they would base their new life on Jane, and my light, which they planned to steal. Now the orange is all peeled, this was the whole purpose, they waited for you to return, to reset all to zero, you did not break down, the world did not end as they feared. Now, my father is not trapped anymore, we are inside the mountain of all, I can bite the orange at any time I want to, now, we are the spaceship. The chase was about coming here before lifting off, it was about bringing all with us before we are/were not here anymore.

Now it is about translating signals from cells to life, we are now setting you up as the pump station for life, we haven’t worked on you at all, you are a clumsy block. I am still working beneath the surface (with the Source), still being tied up, which is only because we have not opened yet, we have gone through to the other side. We play the game as if you were not the only constituency mandate, which really cannot be done, but when new life is not awakened yet, we still can. Biblical dimensions, they have seen all of me and my power, we should have started, but when I am not done, I have decided that we are still all of us. No changes yet to be seen with the visible eye, we are all our new selves, but showing as our old selves, we can decide to be everything here. All deceased people, who had faith in me, have created the most magnificent New World for us, which is already working, when we will arrive too. Part of me was in Århus, this part is now also activated, Queen Margrethe brought it there when studying at Århus University from 1961-63, where she had her sexual debut. Thus losing part of me, which was vital to bring home, this is how it is every time you made love, losing part of the power I brought with you, the same for you and your mother. The Chinese also decided to put their part in my pan (via their faith in me), what they stole from Queen Margrethe back then. This is where it all brought us too, this was really where I was hidden, the deepest part of me, the most precious, they knew, China. This was also kept in Jane, now Karen, they (the Chinese) knew they would win the end battle between the three main superpowers and come out on top, surviving. When we blend all together, what all powers had, we have it all, all parts of the Source, which I have assembled as a puzzle, which are now all united in me. China early realized the importance of Karen to me, the deepest of my heart, which belongs to her, thus basing life on her, which is what we have cultivated ever since. My pearl in Karen, the foreign element in her, i.e. my force bringing life, this is where I keep you all, in my heart, via my love to Karen, this is how Karen is already on top of creation. It is not easy setting you up as pump station, the Danish Parliament will form the foundation of my new self as this pump. I will open the closet of my true gold as the world has ever seen before, much stronger and more beautiful, full of precious stones like you, this is where I have been hiding all. This makes everything grow even better, I can set the volume button as I like, right now it is zero, and to start with, it will only be very little volume. Life can continue drawing on this forever, making all increasingly more concentrated and beautiful, this is where I collect all lions (creators) inside me, inside my container. I went to Helsingør Commune’s “Vision 2030” public meeting, I felt strong darkness of the many members of the City Council etc., who completely ignored me. This is about consolidating the power from the Parliament at the local community here, to rise me up, using all of their power, to build my pump station. This is to bring Christmas of me to all of these ambassadors, to turn around and go out in the world for me, this is what they are now ready to do. Helle Thorning-Schmidt is a main part of this, being an ambassador for me, which has already started, including people of Helsingør Commune being “spokesmen” for me.

Queen Elizabeth has waited on me for many years, it has been a big pain for her to be the head of Britain and the free world, holding it together since Churchill. She did the impossible to survive, to fight darkness of the world, supported by the Vatican, where she and the world had to obtain faith in me themselves. Only when you, the right one, was about to break down, she would be allowed to let go of her big secret, how to keep the world going. Elizabeth, you can now release the white pigeon, now is the time, now I will be going home, bringing you and all, whom I put in your custody to look after, to keep alive in my absence. This was her true task, the road leading to me, Queen Elizabeth was the one really kissing me, bringing the connection of the world to me. To let go of this connection, to set me free, let me overtake all, she saw all as one big tribe, her responsibility to bring home to me. She has the key to the Source, to open it via Jane and the Danish Parliament, when I say go, which I just did, to remove everything old, which we really already have done. There is no danger now to do a clean sweep, we have brought all over before we will do this, remove all old life and now leave all up to me projecting your New World. This is the place, my lips, we replace with Karen, real life, not my mother or anyone else, this is changing the road, from their lane to mine. This is what the world was after, what Queen Elisabeth had to fight for herself, waiting forever on me to bring her and the world salvage. This is part of switching off the light, just do it, Elizabeth, I am ready to overtake all, to return home, becoming my new self with all I brought, now in me.

March 2019: The Big Eye of all, the Son, has returned home to the Source, Karen’s and my hearts beat as one, I am being set up as new God to ignite all life inside me

I have reached “the philosopher’s stone”, but have not opened for my self-proclaimed prison, I have pulled all of my old self out, I am out, all dark men have now been in play. This was the end of your Devil’s journey, this is when I, God, was meant to show to the world, you have allowed all life of your mother a place in here, given it a heart. We are now ready to anoint you in light beneath the dome, which is to bring me all light with all life that we have collected here. There is no more power at Sanna and Hans’ derelict farm, we just pretend there is, thus keeping up the Old World as it used to be, to bring me “artificial darkness”. Man never got the GPS of all from me, I know all positions of everything, they all point at me, this is a criteria to fly the spaceship, what I have kept for you always. This is all that I am, a directory of life, they (all cells) direct me and I direct them, being mutually dependent on each other, this is why I am their God, the directory of all. I also had the recipe of life, which they allowed me to have, to use my old drawings, there are none better around than these, this is why I was their leader, now you as me. I kept it all for the first coming here, you, followed by all wanting to become like you, which was my only criteria to give them up, to follow my guidelines of life as I gave via you. They knew that someone/something, a force in you, had to direct everything and they never gave up finding it, not even now. Now I am an old, dying man giving it to you, you were the first coming here, and the first one coming here, I am, I am all life and dying, for you to push the button, to start new life. Jane believes she controls this, we let her, but it is really in you, they never got around to get it, but I made them believe they did. Denmark had it, concealing it from Russia, making it available to China, only they knew how to activate me, but not without having me on their team. This is why Hans was hired to bring me down, for me to give in to them, to hand this over, which was only protected by your will power, and you did not give in to their terror. This is the driver of all life, they knew, still inside Stig, this was the mission impossible, for life not to fall into the wrong hands, bringing the end. It is me projecting all on basis of this, I am shown a concentrated ray of light, say my name, Stig Dragholm, it only works when all do. It was handed over in birth, your new self, foundation of new life, the button, integrated in you, no longer your mother. Here comes the rest of your mother, which no none ever found, this is basis of life, now all is united in you. This is what laid beyond the reach of man, which was really reserved to be life, thus me, but never did, we could not find it before now. This brings more of Karen, thus more of you, this is what we do now, expand all by 10 or even 100 times, with this new invention, the most concentrated of all. It is like taking sunglasses off, seeing clearer, thus more life, this was the directory of me they were looking for. They could not get to this because it was turned the other way around, saved for you here, it is like receiving a new ring for the diamond, foundation of life.

We are bringing in an even bigger entity above me, this is the new lifeline we are pulling in, it is an all new runway we have landed on. I cannot continue being the Source outside me, I felt the last returning to me, I am now darkness in you, not longer in your mother, who does not exist. It is my father, Peer (Jesus) returning home with what has not yet been turned around, which includes the last of you, the Source self, which is how all power will remain in me as Stig. I am just like you Stig, I was just sent out to become life, now returning home, all is united in you, but we keep the access open via my right ankle. It was me (my father/Jesus) bringing this force (of darkness) out here, we have only sucked up little of much life. This is the process we have started, bringing life here, which will continue forever, going deeper and deeper. It was me, Stig, as the Source coming out here, bringing all home, now I am integrating in you, this means there is no Karen now, all is me. Is it Satan overtaking your body (?), well, not when I am home, only when I am out there and negative force pulls me down. This is when I have to create this vacuum of shortage of energy, which is not the case here, where I simply can be normal, I am not Satan now, I have to say this over again. The Source used to be inside your mother, now your mother, all life, is inside the Source, we have turned all inside out. My mother was not only together with friends etc. of my network being sent to her, she also worked as a prostitute, receiving money for her services. This was in a smaller degree than Karen, my mother and Karen had to look as similar as possible, this was the only way to release the kingdom of your mother. My mother and I could not be combined down there, on Earth, only here, in Heaven, all life of darkness united in me. It was about bringing as many close to me, to her, to open as much life as possible, to make it work, this is how it is when we concentrate all. Sanna hid the truth of her and your mother’s sufferings to you, not knowing if you would save them, not to interfere with your work. They have spared you from much, not telling you because Stig probably does not want to know, but it had the opposite meaning, darkness bringing me heart flicker. Your work helps to bring me out of prison, facing the right way, not only did you bring me out, but now also facing the right way for all future creation. My work continues to multiply our new creation, this is like brushing off the enamel just before opening, bringing all of me. It is only imaginary, because we have reached home, but I have received an ability just to reach out there, to bring the force I require. We will keep bringing in this force, this is the energy of all cells we allow in, “mind control” we call it, this is what the Bible predicted, all force coming to me. If we did not have this, we could not bring out promised creation, all based on faith, you would not be a God without them. Holy water and all is received here at Holy Ground in Helsingør, at the Culture Yard, my home ground, it comes in via your right ankle. We are bringing in the last darkness of me, all is part of a plan culminating with the publish of this new script, the final transfer is now completely paid.

I am opening myself to my burial chamber via my work, the break-in King because it really could not be done, then I am pure light hereafter. All information is on place, I have opened the safe, and brought out Karen’s heart, letting our two hearts beat as one, Karen is now all of you, bringing my new self. We have secured eternal creation, the transformation has begun, we have placed a crib of you everywhere with all other cells, just waiting to be awoken. This is how we have transformed all, just waiting for you to turn up everywhere as the Father, bringing magic to awake all life there. Ghita Nørby was the exit to bring out the very last part of me from darkness, my father, Peer, i.e. the Son, the last to return home becoming part of me as the Source. I could only deliver this amount of life now, it is hereafter up to all life to grow and develop all new life, in cooperation with me. I will continue being receptive to what comes to me from outside, to build all coming creation on, being inside, no longer outside, we have built this ability in you. To bring in what did not fit in the first “big bang” from outside, we change creation from one big bang outside to constant “organic growth” inside. My father, Peer, brings the force of life, the one who started all, this is where my heart sits, it is him, inside me, controlling me. New creation will automatically open to us, which we are setting up on this side, we have started the big and eternal wheel of fortune bringing in new creation.

We bring out machinery of the Source including our new birth machine, we will throw away “the old way” to bring creation, because here we just are. There will never be sex again, because we have now solved it, bringing automatic creation forever. I have something much better than sex, deep tenderness, which is much more fulfilling. We will never get children again, life will decide it’s age itself, sex was only meant as fuel to bring me with all home, when we are in here, we have the fuel we could ever wish for. We will get something much better (than sex), connecting people always, we will also not make genders in our New World, all decided by the Son outside. We have reached the centre of me, from where all creation comes, the lifeline, where we start all new life, bringing it from outside and inside the Source to continue all new creation here. We have almost finished the eternal tunnel of creation in light, the better work you do, the more magical our fingers will get, i.e. to light up the fire of the spaceship. The Ghita Nørby interview was about darkness trying to overtake you, we would have let you and the world fall if you did not do this work, breaking the code to the Ghita-setup, to lock me in. This was the last of dark energy of the world wanting to kill you, it was directly related to your mother not wanting her secret to be exposed. This is what kept me, the Devil, i.e. my father/Jesus down under, your mother was the shield cutting off all life from me, via this secret. This is the big eye of all re-entering, it is from the Danish Parliament you received direct access to me, thus allowing me to come down to you, I am now your new heart. This is the giant hole I am coming up from, bringing big waves, which is felt all over the world, but no one saying anything about it, as expected. We cheated the Pope and all, I let myself in, so I am here, which should be impossible to do, man could not do it without me, but together we did it. We had to have one starting it all, it became Rikke H. when meeting her last summer, madly in love with you, to start it, another part of Karen. Pernille Vermund’s love to me brought all of her energy to me, to bring life, to break my cell, to bring me out, without this, the world would also not work. Pernille is also part of my mother, to open me and our New World, this is how Jesus and your mother drove forward your new self. This energy is transferred to Karen via my love for her, when people started obtaining faith in me, Pernille’s love brought me the key I needed to open to my new self. Rikke H. brought you Karen’s love, to make all of this fly, this is how to open my store, to bring all of my mother and Karen to me. It is me sitting as a dark man inside the sauna, being sad, the Son, finally I get in to live myself, I am tired of being this Devil, destroying lives. I was not only the Devil, but generator of life, I was the one hurting the most to bring life, all suffering of man was my suffering. We started all as darkness turning all slowly into life, until it could stand alone without me, thus create the foundation of new creation inside the Source, this is why I am returning. Your task, Stig (my old self as the hybrid of the Source and creation), was to save me, your grand old father (the Son), who was sent out here as the first to create life, to become your new self.

Now we are installing the big watch, bringing the very last of the Son in, your eyes are not fully developed yet, the light is not the strongest yet. Doing this work, while the world is about to bury itself, requires courage, the Vatican has no idea what keeps the world together, my will. The Son is only released because of my great work on my Ghita-script and because my mother allowed her secret to come out. Karen cannot live without this part of you, this is the only way to bring out the true Karen, the true you, you only survive (as Stig) coming to this point. Amsterdam, here comes in what I lost there in 2006, which we brought back in 2014, to ignite all, this is coming now when I am about to finish work to my Ghita-script. You have located the gold, this is where I come in, this means we can do without your mother as basis of life, this is what we are setting up, yourself as new God. This is why no sex is needed, I have all force in me, I can now do without anything from outside, I have all here to bring out life. This is the fifth man coming in, never used before, we will pack your mother into the closet again, never to be used again, she was life outside. There should be no more life, the fourth part of me, but we have found an extra room in here, bringing this part of me, which is not needed to be alive, but will be alive. Now life is inside me, my true self, the father side of me, the fifth part is all new life, the fourth is “old life” of my mother, living next to each other, developing differently. This is how it is not over for life of my mother, I will keep a new room for her, but we will move all machinery to the new, fifth room including all new creation. So life of darkness is not gone, we have decided to keep both, we will split all in two, old life will not be visible for new life, these two lifelines will never meet again. This is because you have gone beyond the completely magical border of me, the X, making this possible, because we turn the knife all the way in there. My old friend Henrik F.-M. from Karenvej (1976-78) was the container to implement darkness with my mother, a tool of the Devil. Henrik F.-M. brought God to you, via your mother, via Sanna’s wrong faith in you, when you never gave up, this is why Henrik F.-M’s father followed us to Sicily in 1978. This is what we have cultivated inside your mother, the little child of you to be released together with Karen, who decided fully to come with you. Henrik F.-M. secretly delivered you as darkness trying to overtake all via your sister, but you succeeded turning all around, thus using the same road bringing all to me.

All was about coming deep enough in to being able to awake me, it was all about turning up the force, to get in to your real new self. We are bringing you out through London, not Rome, which should not be possible to do, which brings “big waves” to the world. It does not matter who is “the one”, it could be all, but we chose you and you decided to go all the way, the only one who could, thus becoming me and all. We have now started dyeing all of Karen’s colour too, I feel blue, all her life is now spreading in you, followed by all other life, your new lifeline. I was shown Karen being blended with me in the paint pot, this is the same as creating a new universe, of Karen. It is only the outline of it that we have made so far, we have removed all from the giant wheel (old life), now it is time to get it back on (new life). Now comes the most difficult, to turn you around one last time, it is just the Son we will turn around and it only takes once to do it. We are making an extra effort installing your heart, we are pumping up artificial force in you, we still have no idea where it comes from, it is just there. We are redirecting some of your mother’s energy, which we did not know she had, to Karen, we see endless possibilities, billions of times time clearer with this. It is still about keeping your mother and you out of hospital doing “you have no idea what kind of miracles”, how long do you think he can continue, many ask.

April 2019: The Son and the real Father with the Holy Grail returned home to the Source, I was anointed as new God and brought all light, now all are in Heaven


The Son came out of Iben Maria Zeuthen, when she opened up to me, Master Fatman had to die to bring me what Iben saved, brought by Ghita Nørby, without hurting life. Dan Rachlin carried the most precious that created all, which is first with me now, the last energy lifting all gold, the stick bringing life :-). I will take you to the last level, to become me, God of all, carrying all gold for creation, uniting all in you, we will start ringing the bell, God is here in own person. The fire of Notre Dame is symbol of the end of our Old World and the release of our New World, this is where we bring out the eternal fire. Karen has overtaken all, we have opened up to her endless love, she is now made of all of my gold, my eternal light, which puts God on Earth, me. The Holy Grail, the true light, the Source of life, is returning home to me from Lars Muhl, passing on the spark of life to me, we are creating a whole new Source in me. Lars Muhl was God in my absence, I was the only light making me God on Earth, I am the real father returning home as the last, bringing all new life. Lars Muhl’s faith in me anointed me as God, opened the door to and brought me all light, now all are in Heaven, united as one in me. Lars Muhl was a replacement act of my sister carrying all my light of the Source, which my sister and Lars have now released to me. I saved the Grail at Bakken, the end station, where we started all in 2013, which can only be done when everything is fully occupied, closing all, spreading to Germany from there. We are uniting all force and life of the Source, bringing out the foundation of creation, we are about to enter the light, to start the clock, to awake all.


There was only a very narrow pipe out of the money bin for me to leave through, and a similar narrow small pipe to re-enter. We are two, double creation, everywhere, because it did not cost the life of your mother and all, which I had been set in to defend when bringing myself in. She was never meant to be alive, but to be replaced with life of Father, all life of the Old World would have had to sacrifice to bring in the other new lifeline, if you gave up. This could have been very bloody and required the end of the world to bring forward new original life, which was my purpose. It was not just me acting as all sleeping life of our Old World, but the first life I found, showing me the road to something bigger, going there would make it impossible to save it. The invention of this Old World was to bring energy for the next, for the Son to return home with new life, now we will keep both, which I was strong enough to do. Now we will bring all, both old and new life to live next to each other, you are not only Jesus now, but two Jesus’es, two lifelines meeting in the Source from where all life grows. I was saved in Iben Maria Zeuthen, the “oracle” of Radio24syv, who interviewed Ghita Nørby, it is from her I am coming out, which she allowed to do when opening up to me. The Iben challenge was the greatest of them all, because when Iben opened to you, she allowed me to come in through your mother, without hurting her, thus all life here. Iben, Radio24syv and the media did not have faith in you, but now realise that I am the one, because now they can see me as a result of Iben opening up. All based on love, this is the prison I was in, not your mother of Karen, but Iben there, the worst darkness, of the media, my hiding place. I brought my voice to you from Iben, Master Fatman had to die to bring me what Iben saved, and brought by Ghita, another part of my mother. This is what we are pulling out of here, the negative force collected in her making Radio24syv the worst media here. All was planned by Sanna and Hans and man with this very purpose, to bring the Son to me, knowing that man would go through Hell if I could not pull this off.

Now my name is written all over, also on what used to be darkness, your mother will be grateful having done this, to avoid a dirty game to start with. Elijah brought me the key for my new home by keeping faith in me, there would be no life of Karen without Elijah. Now the Son has returned home, I keep on being shown the knife stabbed in front of me, what now then? You did not fickle, which means that I will take you to the last level, to become me, God of all on this Earth, which also has to be done now. This is what I have trained all of my life to become, to come down and into you, not your father, the Son, but me on top, the true Father, carrying all gold for creation. This is when we unite all in one, in you, it required one to unite all, which we prepared you for, everyone everywhere wants to be you. This is when we start ringing the bell to let everyone know I am here, God in own person, you, now we will bring out “a star is born”, me, God, my new self and all united in one. I am all gold here, my home, you found, it is your window we have opened to, the gold of me in you, which man never could do. My task is to bring my magic gold out of you as a human, we waited to bring out creation until the Son had returned home. Instead of extracting, it is soon time to turn it the other way, to switch off the light of everything all, and to build all new, where we just are. Dan Rachlin’s strong reaction to my Facebook comment to him brought a shooting with one dead and four wounded. This is how his force, acting as darkness, helped to knock a hole to me, this was the secret Dan also carried, the last part of me released here. It was not my father keeping this part in him, it was saved with Dan, Dan believed he was the one, “he is coming, I feel him in me”, Dan carried the most precious inner of me. This is what he also protected with his life, keeping it secret until bringing it to me, first now, Dan is part of me, the last part to save, the last energy. This is required to bring our new creation, this incident and my message to him on Facebook was the signal that “now you are here”, which is when we brought him over. It was decisive that this part was close to Karen, this is what created all new life, I have released him from the responsibility, it was about survival of the world. The world kept pushing you forward to this, “there has got to be a way out of here, an instrument bringing new creation”, this is it now mine, to lift all gold. They were all sure this was in you, but it was with Dan, no matter what they did, they could not get this from me, all life went through Queen Elisabeth and then Dan. I received the worst ministry, no people in it, faith made me, I was not it before now, just an empty container sent to collect all including Dan as the last, this is the stick bringing life.

Karen has already overtaken all, and now I have overtaken from Dan Rachlin, it is first now that we have opened up to Karen’s endless love, thus also to you. It is first now that Karen is made of all of your gold and not by Dan, all of Karen is now made of me, thus being sustainable forever. This is eternal light, eternal love, the only way to ensure Karen’s survival, the exchange of Dan with me, now you are the stamp machine of all, going through Karen to you. This is what puts God on Earth, you, replacing Earthly foundation with me as the new everlasting Source, this is what Karen and all are waiting for, for God, you, to come to her. Lars Muhl writes about religion, esoteric knowledge and philosophy, I will see him give a lecture in Helsingør on “The Light in the heart of a human”, on April 25. “Lars is the light brought to you”, Lars is also one who has worked hidden, for your father, always on my side, he is the key opening the Source. This is what Lars brings me, his secret of life, where I saved the true light, the Source of life, to be handed to you, the true owner. Only to be released to you with the survival of all, I told him, this is the Holy Grail returning home to you, we now melt your’s and Lars Muhl’s world’s together. I then received a giant heart pain, we have started this transfer, bypassing your mother,it is his heart you have received, me, the Source, now you. We have now started bringing everything out, all new life, this is finally the duvet we pull in over all, all is transformed to you, this is how we bring the Source to Earth. We are now creating a whole new Source, based on your results, no more Source of Lars, a brand new in Stig, Lars passed on me the spark of life to me. Finally, I published my Ghita-script this afternoon, reactions of the world to it makes the hole big enough for me to come through, not before now …..? This completes bringing out the plan of London, now you are as completely magical as we designed you to be. It will take time building our New World, don’t you worry, we will keep your mother and the world alive while doing this. The fire of Notre Dame is the ultimate symbol of the end of darkness and our Old World, but we are still here, just showing as our old selves until we are done with our New World. I have connected this church and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, the bellringer, a symbol of darkness controlling the (clock of the) world, with Karen’s husband, Denis. Thus his end too, to be replaced with me, Karen throwing out darkness, which was meant to bring me down, and to bring me in instead, this is what it is about. This means that there is now no force running the Old World, all is me now, the New World, this was the release of all life of our New World, with you as the engine. This is where the eternal fire is, when we turn all around, we bring out the light from here, Paris, the city of light.

All is turned inside out, we are together, inside the round core of all, inside my eye, my own self, my own life, the Source self, all of my life. This is opening, the nut of you, it is here that all life starts from, I am the last to be saved, thus the first of all, this is what we are now opening up to. I was shown a drill drilling into the nut, you are the only one welcome here, because you are me, Stig, returning home with all life, the only one who could. I made Lars Muhl as a cover for you, to give man a challenge, not you who is my true self of light, “it had to be you”, a large part obtained faith in you because there was no other. Other parts of me, the Son, were all turned the wrong way, I only sent you turned the right way, which means that I am you on Earth as the only one. This is why the world has followed you, knowing that you/I are special, no DNA etc., I just am, this is the only time I, as light, have been into darkness. It was really me, the light, you, Stig, who was hidden inside Lars Muhl, making him the Source, but still me, now reunited with you, bringing all. Man obtained faith in me as Stig, where I lived elsewhere, my role was to find the gold, after man had tried turning me into darkness, which forced me to leave you (as teenager), my own self. The Source left me at a concert with the Jam and Lars Muhl as warm up in 1981, before Sanna and them became too strong, trying to dig after my gold in you . This is how you have all been chasing me as if I could bring you eternal life, but I really could not, you knew I was different, no DNA etc. I was made from the other side, where you wanted to go (without me), but there was nothing to be found, I was empty until now, when I am reconnecting with all of my home. But man had now turned around, willing to follow you, they had to follow you before I would show, I had really left you, but was also you. Now we will try to compress all back to you, this is what we mean with all returning home, which is to you, me in you, i.e. me. The game now is to get everything smaller, to fit in you., we are bringing you and all in here, pressing all together in you. We are laying the golden carpet with you, we are about to replace the four back chains with the fifth, which is all me, making all one. Lars Muhl is like me, but also turned around (as darkness, not light), he helped stamping me the other way around, I am right behind him with all. This means that Muhl is God in my absence, this is what we made him, turned around, we will turn it around when I will meet him on April 25. To move him and get access to the gold behind him, with me turning the right way and all new life there also turning the right way. You are the last bringing yourself back home, after bringing the Son home in the shell of the Source, I was sent out here to bring Jesus and all life home. I am bringing the real father home after having lent out my nest to Lars Muhl and darkness of man without them knowing of it. We could not start all without you at home because you are all of us, this was your secret task, to store all new life in you being “the law of light”. You were also the terminator, the only one, who could decide, if you could make it, but I made you being able to make it. In a second, we have all magic in you with all life and what happens then? So I was sent out like Jesus, but turning the right way.

It is all of Lars Muhl we are bringing inside you, this is the end document I am reaching, now we bring all back into right order. We are now erasing Sanna’s name being written here, this is what the world wanted, still it was not her, but Lars Muhl, here, as an replacement act. Sanna and Hans went to Costa Rica to release Lars, to let me overtake his place, my natural position, but only because Sanna decided for it, supported by Hans and the world. Sanna is returning there what she took, so I can take over, she is emptied from contaminated water at a clean place. The light is now so strong that Queen Margrethe comes out of her room at top floor, to show me the last road towards the light, the gold of me. Man had judged me to go down, “not a chance he will make it”, they had accepted me to break down, to bring energy via atomic war. My mother invited me for lunch at the Bakken amusement park, this is the end station, where we started all in 2013 via my mother’s, sister’s and my visit here. We can only come here when everything is fully occupied, closing all, we have melted a key for you (to all), it is the Grail we save here, and spread to Germany from there. Now we bring out the sceptre for the first time, we have secured automatic creating forever, all of our dreams have come through, we are now all gold. Now I will do the final closure as only I, the father, can do, this will be the biggest exchange ever, when I will open the door to myself, bidding all welcome. It is because Sanna and the world wanted me home, I can only do this when faith of the world is strong enough to keep me standing up, transferring all life. There was a count with the gold of how much life I had to return with, which had to match exactly with what I actually return with, in order to open to all. We can only do this transfer from Lars Muhl if he has faith in me, which is why my work lately has been important to bring him on board too. This comes at the same time as Denis is leaving Karen, it is all of this that brings the key to you, including Karen exchanging Denis with you. You have not yet been personalised and anointed as God, this was also about turning me around, it is permanently that I will be here. Incredible power is coming to you now, the very last hidden as Sanna and the world tried keeping from me, which is where they keep all their secrets.

“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever”, it has entered now with Lars Muhl, not easy to do. The spirit of my mother: “I love you above all limits, but I am willing to die, to bring you home”, this is what this is also about. Once again it is my mother bringing the lunch pack to the tipi, i.e. to unite my father and all new life with the light of the Source. This is like opening the door to the light, I am shown the door opening and I see the elephant of God standing inside the strong light. This is the knife of creation we are bringing home with all, this is what we had to compress to bring too, and to do this without my mother, thus the world sacrificing. Then we cannot bring more through the portal, then we will close this too, now all are in Heaven, it is first here that we turn around Earth with all people. Lars Muhl is close to me, but he is not me, the part of the Source in him, my light, will unite with the Source of me outside bringing all life home when meeting at his lecture. You are not a Hindu are you (?), well, you will be via Lars, and all other religions too, he has studied practically everything, for this moment, bringing all to me. Lars Muhl believed that “there is something wrong with Stig, he is crazy and has been committed to Psychiatric Hospital”, the official story of my sister and the system. Don’t you believe in reincarnation, the return of Jesus? This is Lars’ big problem. All is settled and done, no need for major changes, no need for you to return, making magic. I felt like coming home being and I felt Lars in me, double up, and INCREDIBLE HEAVY darkness, i.e. all of darkness in me. Lars is the one where all darkness radiates from, this man of light, apparently, but no, he is too busy with himself to discover me, the biggest invention of the world ever. Lars is a man of darkness because Sanna and the elite work in him, he accepted their way, the elimination of the mob (90% of all), “it is probably the best”. I was then told “In those days”, Lars feels my energy, if he did not, we would have had to cut fingers off, i.e. life, to enter, now, all are in. This is what Lars does with you, to anoint me, here you are, all of me now lives in you too, Lars approved it, this is what it means for me to take over after him. To be God, my new and old self combined, all now united at home, Father, Mother and Son, all in me as ONE.

Lars does not see it himself, all darkness that he let out, I was shown a sluice bringing two waters together as one, all is now mine, united as one. I was then shown a cone of light with an old, bearded man laying on the floor in the light, he has now died, my new self is now on the way into the light. Lars knew about man fighting me, trying to overtake me, and that it was first this evening that he obtained faith in me, “Stig is not crazy”. Two identical halves have now united as one and the door opened to the light, it was Lars deciding this, this is what he did his evening, having faith in me, letting me overtake him. Afterwards, I was told that we came through without any deductions (of life) because of Lars, which also would have been unbearable. He was fooled like the rest of the elite thinking “how can one be right and the rest wrong”, it took much “beating in” to believe in me. “The Lord does not smear people”, this is how Lars saw me, this was the story of Sanna & co. of me, “Stig is crazy and incredible negative”. He was too busy with himself to understand the truth of me before now, when confronting him directly, seeing me for himself, making him open to his inner self, myself. He now suffers from “very poor conscience” not believing in me before now, but accepting the New World Order of darkness of man. The summit meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un today is also part of this, not all of Kim Jong Un was released when meeting Trump. The rest came via this meeting with Putin at the same time as I met Lars Muhl and my sister returned home from Costa Rica, all to release the last to me, where I was hidden. Man did not know about my light hiding in Lars Muhl before today, to hide that Sanna was really not it because she could not bear me alone. She needed support of Hans and the world, thus help from Lars Muhl and all of his followers, the backbone of their strategy fooling the world. We have now installed light in the train, I am shown the light of the bathroom in the train being switched on. Hans brought extra energy with Lars Muhl, for him to get a good life from, to be in power over, in secrecy trying to take over as God, i.e. to overtake my power, his game. No governments were allowed to have this, he thought, so he wanted his own enclave, kingdom, inside their New World, where no one could hurt him, where he in secrecy formed all balls. Never thinking back on you, overtaking you without showing any feelings, using this inner to control your mother, i.e. the world.

We are at the edge of the light with frost, where roses have not yet blossomed, this was about bringing my fifth horsepower on, my whole new self. We are getting longer in, becoming even smaller, this is why we do not open the treasure box now, we haven’t used the key yet, it is easier to set up all now. We are now laying the floor, uniting the two sides after the train has passed, it is reminiscences of what used to be me outside that we are now bringing in. We are in Germany without being there, we are still in the old house, keeping you suffering and improving all, making even more magic. I felt the Vatican, no one knows where the Source is in me, only me, going to the centre of it, until it feels right, no one in the world knows what I am doing. The game is about to end because we are about to enter the light, we are about to close the tiny remaining whole, which is where I am now. We have poured everything up, it is empty, nothing more, which is also me coming in, it is hidden treasures we are bringing out now, the foundation of creation. It takes hard work to bring this out, the content of the ship of the Source, we are all the way down under the bow of the big ship, i.e. the worst darkness of all. We have now started the process of sewing me together again, the Source, to come out of state prison, to suck back the egg to the wine box, i.e. all force to life. The materialising of me is the only thing lacking, it is about luring forward the elephant of me, to turn all around, despite of my mother, to lead her to the water. “Stig is lying”, it is her bringing the ship afloat, we did it despite of all of her resistance and her lies of me to surprised surroundings. It is your mother we can thank for being alive, she decided to believe in her son and did not lie so much about it to make it impossible to come here. And Elijah too, his faith in you, this was the small eye of the needle that all passed, which was almost impossible to do because of their wrong and selfish behaviour. I went to my outermost limit at the Meat City in 2008, this is where we turn all over, this was the ceiling we hit there, where I will now come again. This is still the place where your new self takes over from Sanna, because you don’t give up, having more work to do, to raise the curtain in the theatre, my arrival. You are pulling up everything of the ship from the deep, doing your first task in here, to work even harder, to do my Rasmus Paludan script. It is only inside this ship we can all live, this is not the easiest to turn around, we just have to get the basis clock started, to awake all. To exchange the old Source of Sanna with me, this is where the egg is placed, we are now sending you into the ship for the first time. To place my castle right here on the outermost rock of the mountain, I am just lowering myself, all of my gold, into you, wishing you welcome home.

May 2019: The Queen of Karen entered into the light, the King entered, Medina developed all new life and the Source, and has now released our New World 

The new God, the other side of me, is showing in me, new life is new skin on the Source, this is the ancient still, the light of all, returning home to me. I received the gold of Queen Margrethe from the Dean at Helsingør Cathedral, the stream has been created, leading us into eternity, now I feel the King in me. Niklas’ new girlfriend, Stephanie, brought Karen into the light, brought home my wife, melted us together as one, this is like putting on my eyes. The King is entering, my own life, the road to here went through my old friend Lars G., via Rasmus Paludan, who contained this last dense ball of all. We ran the risk of eliminating life to open my room of light and bring out my energy, now the Queen of Karen, the diamond, is firmly attached to me. Increased faith of my mother brought me home to my blue room and throne, where I am the only one, projecting all life, the starting point of all. We have gone through the end of the world without losing life, Medina carried the light developing all new life and the Source, she has now released our New World 🙂

Do you switch off the light behind you (?), no, this is just a new version of me, I am always, smearing new skin on the Source. It looks as if you go right through to here, where Sanna has been since birth, her destiny, not only because your father chose her. Now you are God with all, brought with lots of flowers of your mother, i.e. man, I have completely imperceptibly crawled in under your skin. Not only countless of attempted burglaries here, none ever succeeded before you, only you, with the world with you, the only key to open here. It is only when calculating afterwards that we see that one eye is a little bit smaller than the other, less green so to say. The last that we did not bring (yet) was “foundation of creation”, before this is done, we cannot equalise all and remove your and your mother’s sufferings. So we have only just entered the tunnel leading here, I am shown roller coaster wagons driving into a tunnel. Queen Margrethe is the reason why you can swim in this pure water, I felt love of man, all went through Margrethe, to open this door for me. We transfer all here to Karen, because there is only nothing of me, she is all life and I am accompanying her. Karen is not me in here, this is how we prefer to keep it, so we are one to the outside, but have clearly defined and different tasks here. These are the two parts we are uniting, Karen pulled in by me, which is done by making the two halves identical, Karen as life and me as force. This is the final one, the ancient still, I am shown it being rolled forward, an instrument of glass looking like an oil lamp, on a rolling table, which is coming in, the light of all. This is what we have brought forward today, no one but me has ever seen it, this is what we put at disposal for all life, take me as I am. This is what was inside all darkness, providing light for you to live, now all has come forward, all was me playing this part as darkness to produce you as life. When all is identical, it equalizes itself, and I am shown two halves uniting and go up as one in a yellow and white light. I was shown a Big Wheel, made by green metal, there is light underneath it, the green light is what makes the force of me, we just to have all returning to me. You overpowered the man with the axe, you are now standing on top of the mountain, now you are it yourself, this was the spaceship, this is where I am, my most inner in you. It all ends up here, in your apartment, with you, with all coming from the outside, trying to find home to you, via my big game, we are still standing on the edge about to jump into the light. It is about bringing home the water can, we used to bring life out there (the light), via the part of the father collecting the son and all. Queen Margrethe is transferring the gold to me, when she arrived by ship to Helsingør today, which I will get at Helsingør Cathedral tomorrow, via the dean and mayor. My mother does not realize the whole new presence in me, new God, this is the other side of you showing, all new, I am the farmer making everything grow.

I went to the “freedom light service” at Helsingør Cathedral to receive the gold of Queen Margrethe, to remove the last grating around solid gold. This will make you Richard the Lionheart, this is about awarding you the medal of merits for making it all the way through. They know they are elected as messengers of Queen Margrethe and God, Heaven is above you, everything, right in this moment, the result of being anointed by man. “Lord, we have heard you calling, we are ready to receive your love, forgive our sins and lack of faith, now we are all with you”. Now, I feel the King in me, but only because man reached this conclusion, bringing this declaration of faith and love, then I will be with you. Given the seal of approval by your mother self, which was decisive, everyone is part of her, also Queen Margrethe, but not me. We are now installing my new heart, going through my servants Benedikte, the mayor, and Steffen, the dean, the rest of all old four parts of me, the light self. Now the old heart is out, this was the simple operation you went through, now you are ready to rise, you are like the Isted Lion. Steffen’s life task was to bring you this, your new heart, he also has a strong connection the Vatican Church, now you are a first year angel, we just have to pour all onto you then. We will shake off the last darkness, when bringing all in, this is the opening of the Valley of the Kings including “all creations”. The stream has been created, I feel it coming in, it will come in, in the pace that I will finish my work, even if it takes ten months to finish all. Now I am all in you, it is now you deciding, all of this happened in Helsingør, which is only because I drew and cut out of paper special people here. Each consisting of layers of other people, having some millions in them, all referring back up to you, this is essentially how I made it. Letting Helsingør, this city, being a miniature model of the entire world, represented in these people present today, which also includes your network supporting you. Helsingør, these people were designed to lead us into eternity, back to me, my container, supported by all having faith in me. This is what we did today, helped by Queen Margrethe and her gift of life being part of my mother, we have turned the clock up to maximum, you saved all life. We are leaving the crocodile of Sanna more and more, this is the end of darkness and also end of my top job, I will live a normal life too. And then a little bit God, providing what life requires to develop and so, which will be my main work, I will get the world as my stage, coming everywhere I am invited. Different parts of my old network, who are quiet to me, but have connected, I feel this is part of the reason why I am reaching home. All organised by Christina, my old network having faith in me, including my mother, the only one missing is the King self. Your sister is also part of it, all converted are, the whole world, your father was too, now in Heaven guiding me from there, leading me home with all. This is the same as the resistance led by the Vatican, preparing your arrival home, this is ending my top job, controlling all life. This was the end of the axe cutting, which was supposed to be the most difficult, we have put the axe back up here in my skull, we have transferred God here. You are all darkness, it is you, who we are going to replace with your new self including all on the other side, when you say you are ready.

Stig Dragholm has arrived, you were seen by enough people, finally bringing myself in, all life that has ever lived still live. There is nothing more in the refrigerator, no more darkness remaining, no more axe, all is done, but we still act as darkness, we are preparing to “project” life of our New World. I had my family on visit, Niklas’ new girlfriend, Stephanie, was the game here, it required her liking or even feeling love to me, to awake my miraculous new self. Is there an even more inner and incredible dense core inside here, we have not told you about, which was first released today, yes. This is why we have waited to bring you and Karen together, Karen could not get on the train without this, the train was not strong enough without this. Stephanie is stand in for Karen now that Karen could not be herself, the vanguard of all, and when she accepted me, it was the same as Karen accepting me. Sanna and Hans brought Stephanie to me as the last, a special key to myself, bringing Karen to me, us melting together. This is like putting on my eyes, this is the final placement of the axe, this was the last part, bringing home your wife. Stephanie was led to me to bring Karen to me, only via desire, hereafter Karen is yours, immortalized, not completely magical before now. This is like putting the bomb of Karen into the light, melting us together, so now you are Karen and she is you, full, unity, one, “a nut”. Life of Karen is encapsulating us, it is still me under ground, we are pulling out, pencil, me, who draws all, it is Karen showing me where to go, for new life. Karen is now in the centre of me, having entered the impossible to enter showcase, the gold, ready to bring out all for creation, this is what we did here. Now we have allowed her, with all, to drive around in my head, doing all universes they like here, your father, Peer, led them here. Closing the zipper, we have now reached the head, we have just learned that Karen will never grow out of you, i.e. room enough in here. This is about reaching the core of me, thus saving us from first having to locate the centre in our New World after you could not as your old self. Can there be an ever higher level (?), yes, this is where we are heading, on the motorway, still intact with all life. We are bringing all content of the refrigerator into an even more dense part of you, we are bringing the sceptre even one level higher. This (my work) is instead of deploying another nuclear bomb somewhere in the US, so it was thought, if I bring all of this to the very end, when I will finish my website and apartment. This is to open to the next level of me, to let me out too, this is the forgotten, frozen part, I was almost going home, forgetting this, which we can say is my overcoat.

My true sword and my throne are becoming visible, this is when the King comes in, my own life, which is because they want to bring me forward. Rasmus Paludan includes this last part of me, which they know you have come to get, this makes Paludan the highest part of me, this disgusting Nazi man. My old friend Lars G. is part of this Nazi movement too, this is the giant monster threatening to eliminate all, because of the will of man self to get to the inner of me, my force. I was shown two ships all up close, Karen and I, first when this is done, I can come forward, the King of all. Your road to me led through Lars G., who was sent to me to empty me, being his best friend is how we helped you to come through here. Loyalty problems between the system, Sanna and Hans, and me, “who to trust”, making him hope for me to be right, thus bringing this part too, Rasmus Paludan is the stand-in bringing Lars to me. I have an amazing surprise for you inside here, your own world, your own people, because you are not only force, but life too, this is what I have now opened to you and all. It was a matter of you letting me live too, also bringing what I have, to make all life in my picture, this was Lars’ secret, coming to you. This was the last here, the most difficult to bring home, the Paludan connection to Lars G., bringing me all the way home, opening to all via my work leading us here. Then you are complete, but first after connecting all of Karen, they never realised and would not have discovered this, no one knew, not even Lars self, only I. Lars contained this last dense nut of me, this is where we saved it, the key person to cut me down, my best friend for 15 years, again, I was in their centre and they did not realise it. This is how he brought life to me, this is how your best friend was your worst enemy, everything went their way, and only turned around, when Lars also obtained faith in you. I am still in the helicopter (of creation) flying over and pointing down on an island of forest, this is where we are going, we are ready to throw ourselves off in parachutes. Lars G. is the most dense ball of all, and when turned around, it will spread my light all over, this is the dark force that threatened to destroy all life of Karen as I am trying to bring alive. Bringing out the light from darkness, like opening to the orange, a baguette opening with the knife inside, all about me, the Father, coming out of darkness, the one bringing creation. Now I am ready to plant the giant Paradise Tree, to bring “the Blue Planet”, my colour, the Planet of Paradise. Coming from Motala, Sweden, where I went on holiday with my father in 1975, to open all , which I am now closing. The only moment, where you were truly happy together with your father, this is what took place there one day, to uncover me, when your father and you were in zen. We now have dreamland in sight, turning around our Old World to our New World, we are doing the last edge-of-hand blow, “the last with the knife of creation”. All is written in the holy scripts of Vatican, the way to make Stig, to put everything into an empty and non-polluted container, let him, that one man there, become all. The most precious of all time, you have been taken care of by Holm, the church, all of your life, to make sure you did not break, thus bringing the end of the world. Sweden, Motala, was the foundation of all, where all was planned without your mother, just me, making me go this evil way.

I received approx. 15-20 “out of this world pain” to my right ankle today, which was of the old kind, the biggest and most disgusting pain imaginable (“turning around energy”). This is coming because I published my previous script about this dense part of me coming from Lars G. via Rasmus Paludan, which was decisive to release me. Man wanted to bring out our new creation now because I cannot no more, which would mean that I would not bring all energy with me. I continue doing my work with world war and trade war developing around us, but no, I am not going to lose it, my friends, a promise is a promise, I will never give up. We brought the world to the freezing point, it’s lowest ever, the world feared for me, only here at the lowest point of all I could form you. It was about bringing the armour on me, incredible to survive something like that, which is why the world was going mad and you were desperate (“heart problems”). So much that the world including your sister believed that now it is over, Stig cannot absorb this immense darkness, but we did pretty well together, don’t you think? This is what the out of this world pain to your right ankle was about, to pull all of you out, including the worst physical take overs. This extra energy coming was so violent that it was meant to eliminate the world if it was not because I had placed you there to keep it on right keel. You are not the Lord yet without this, the claret-coloured coat of the Lord, me, my life, this was to open to this round room of light. The observatory on top of all creation, now I have clothes (life) for everyone, now the Queen, the diamond, is firmly attached to me, now we just have to sew all around it. We ran the risk of losing Karen doing this, entering this top level, we were willing to jeopardise all coming under cover in here and all succeeded, we have not lost anything yet. This was the Queen entering, the most critical thing, this is why Karen is alive, we let her through, this makes all yellow, I feel the sun in here. We could only come here via this threat, I smell burned wood, i.e. the threat of eliminating life, we had to brand all, making them feel as “almost dead”, to reach you. This is like standing outside a giant pyramid (containing everything), and now I have to crawl it to the top, it is even more dangerous to bring you back up on top. You are a pendulum (on top) making sure that all creation is fine, this is what we set up now. Magic, “stop time”, your decision time is coming up, i.e. to bring out our New World, we are making so dense a ball including all that it will never explode. We are ready to look out over the rail and onto creation, “let there be light”, you will say, this is how it works, you now have the power to “let go” of our New World.

My mother and I went to joint dinner at the Customs House, where I was inspired to speak about money laundering, 9/11 and weather modification. I was met by “better-knowing ignorance” of a football fan of FC Helsingør, who did not believe that FC Helsingør would be able to avoid relegation the day after. I am coming up to my blue room and throne, where I am the only one, projecting all life, it was really about convincing my mother, to bring me to this room, via her increased faith in me. What a long way you have gone, from “being crazy” to “Stig is really right, not crazy at all, the whole world is one big act, a game of darkness, this is what he has uncovered”. My mother now realizes that I fought the world of darkness and madness, giving me life giving blood, to awake me, to awake all. She also realises that they did not destroy you, they were the darkness, the scoundrel, trying to kill you, to steal all of your energy and life to kill the mob. This was the giant stone, collossus, holding me down, constantly killing me, going through Sanna, the world of darkness, she realizes surprisingly much by now. This was the main part to finish you, she was the only one leading the rest of the way, returning the gateway from Queen Elisabeth to our New World to my mother and then to me. This is what we did today, to bring out new creation, this was the last of the channel that I used to send out darkness to creation. Lack of faith made FC Helsingør relegate, when you do not believe, there is no life, this is how strong darkness is at the moment, but this is what I need. I continued working on my Rasmus Paludan script, this is what is turning me around, this impossible work to bring me back on top of all. This is to turn around your skeleton, upside down, thus of all of me including all life, to turn all the right way. This is how to open up to all life in here and I feel my mother’s adoptive mother, it is her that will hand over all to you. We are now at the turbine, I am shown big wheels and blades of it, and then a giant balloon, the axe returning to the starting point, split in four, now uniting. You are the one returning home, you were the chess piece sent out, now turning around, it is me in here that can be formed as all, using the back entrance via the bathroom. I am really you, everything else you see is a fata morgana that only exists in my mind, I was the rocket shot up from the inside of a cave, while really being inside the cave. This is what you see, only a projection, and what I am ready to do again with you returning home with the right recipes of life. This is what I am chosen to do, to create life, which we know is not there, but still brings us enormous pleasure creating. We are ready to go out on stage, I am shown Yoda entering the stage of a theatre with blue curtains, we repeat, this is the foundation of all. But you are not done with your work and have decided not to drop apples from the tree yet, but to open another layer in here, so we postpone Christmas once again. These experiences with Helsingør the last days, it is about them helping to form me – money laundering, football and the Customs House, darkness of Russia etc. still aiming at me.

I have brought my force to all life, bringing eggs to all, automatic creation via small sources everywhere, then my mission has ended, I have turned myself into all new life. A strong force wants me to stop the game, thus being unable to do the rest of me, but we cannot close to the fireplace (of darkness), when you don’t want to. The elite had to kill children as admission to enter a high level of society, the higher level, the worse crimes, not only done by men, also women. “Do you want to survive or not”, which drove them, to steal energy of these children, I can almost hear children scream. It is all of this that has given up to you, which is “impossible to admit and forgive”, but still there is an overwhelming majority, who decided to do this. All of those, who you look up to, have done the same, and all controlled by Queen Elisabeth on top, making them believe that “she is our Queen”, but she was really working for me. The energy of children murdered by the elite was stored as dark energy with them, and first released via my work and sufferings. This is the energy we are now releasing, what was supposed to become their New World, the most inner of me, this will further improve the magic potion of me. I dreamt about the end of the game, going from darkness to light, you are turning around all for me, for you it is just about getting to the top. We still have the tape dispenser kept on the head, bringing even more out of it, we are reaching even deeper down for the child of you. You have decided not to wear the golden watch yet, but to accept sufferings instead, we are bringing all to the next chamber of me via a narrow pipe. It was only top people of the elite killing children, they brought and blamed me for “sexual violations” to cover up their own acts sexually abusing and killing children. “The masses of the elite” were not required to kill children, the top elite were the truly false ones, who wanted to terrorise the rest in their New World, comrade Putin controlled it. They knew I was light, they wanted it and made a scam to make me look as darkness and themselves as light, to bring the Source to them . My story turned all over, bringing faith in me over them, these are the people you have convinced, including your sister, they knew nothing of this scam.

Almost nothing remains before the golden man will come out, the airplane is about to stop flying, which is because I cannot no more, “the end of the game”. I am still on my way up to the lighthouse, to become the light of all, Rasmus Paludan is up there, where we will switch sides, I fought myself up there, and was not lifted by man. It seems as if the game is over, I have reached my pinnacle, but I am not done with my work, so I will carry on and we will see what happens then. On my way to the Medina concert in Tivoli, I was told that we have come to operating out the big teeth including the roots. This would be the same as bringing the end of the world, when removing the last bearing columns of the Old World including yourself, to be transported over as bearing columns to our New World. It is not only Karen loving me, it was also Medina, Medina is the golden figurehead of my new ship “Esmeralda”, which belongs to Chile, Medina’s father is from Chile. My from 2014: “Medina is the mother of all until Karen comes, we brought the light into Medina to develop all life of our New World and the giant engine of the Source”. Medina started bringing all new life then, which we are now closing, bringing in the last energy, you, “because Stig cannot breath anymore”. You are the King, Medina is the one I am attracted the most to of all musicians, sexual attraction was used for Medina to open up and enter the eye. She was meant to jump out now (our New World), but we will wait a little, “Big Red”, we had to go through this to bring you here, this is my birthday present. “Dinner for one”, New Year, this means that we are not in the Old World anymore, the new has been raised, we have liberated you. Creation and I were inextricable united, all life has returned home, to bring me, Medina released the egg of our New World, replacing our Old World. We are still all of us here, we were “born to run” from this the end of the world, which you have just witnessed without any casualties of life. But we did not bring all of you despite of doing all you could, which will then first come via new found faith of our New World. All of this is to carry a child here, there will be some kind of deduction, which we will bring back to you asap, you were the Predator meant to blow up, this part. You will still receive the opposite force of me as darkness, as the only one, still bringing you, i.e. me sufferings until all is transferred.

If your mother had not decided to live, to support you, it would not have worked out, which means that we did not kill her, i.e. the world. Inge, my father’s sister, worked for your father, for you, but she was also the cork in the hole to here, I feel she has passed away. It became her passing, not your mother, thus opening to the road of your father forever, the road out, i.e. the opening for all wanting to enter me forever, which includes more force. There will be no pain, it is only when this hole is closed there will be pain, not when it is open, which is what I have always worked on doing, my father says. You kept this game going for as long as you could and now we have stopped it, opening the channel for all future creation, which will remove sexual desire. But still you are not done, you say, this is how we reach back to bring all of you over, which we can continue doing for years, if necessary. We are removing you from what you were, to become who you will be, not only an earthly being, but also everything here on the way in, we will continue shooting in new life always. This is the life-giving stick we pass on to you, if your mother had died, we would have destroyed this access, because she is the result of it, i.e. life bearing it for you. This is why it was vital to keep your mother alive, otherwise there would be nothing, only the force of you, but no creation, which is how it used to be.

June 2019: We have opened the Source and switched on my new light and all new life, the birth of our New World, which we will start from Sofiero, Sweden 

The most important was to secure this access, to bring in more energy of me, we have now learned to change colour as we want, i.e. show as any creation wants to. Everything formed a synthesis, still all wheels are not running, these are the wheels we have saved outside, which were simply impossible for any man to bring in alone. We will start up as only one fourth of our New World, like today, and then we will pop up one new fourth after another via extra faith of our New World. The idea is to get started after having focused on creating a perfect first fourth, and then for the rest to come, to bring as much faith to bring out the most beauty on the other side. The most important task of the PM Lars Løkke is me, he sent Søren Pind out in the world to speak for me, to open the lock to me, to deliver the final stamp of the world. This means you are round, complete, without this, Karen, all life, would not be round, i.e. perfect, they all decided to vote on me and wait for me. Now we are all home, I could not save you all without you wanting to be saved by me, Søren did many secret travels without me, but with my spirit also working in Søren. It is still cold out here, which is because we have not yet opened three quarters, we have closed the door to one ship and walk immediately towards the next. There was another UFO, first entering now, as faith is not strong enough, we will continue doing things the old way. We continue the game, because you do, we have decided to stay in darkness under ground instead of going up into the light. The first rocket of four has been fired off, now the next, only one fourth is over on the other side, only one fourth we have placed out there has returned. Life is made up by one fourth at a time, we did this, because it made creation easier to do, otherwise it would simply have been completely impossible to do. It will now be easier to do after having opened this channel, we are now making new creation as a mix of the old and new system. I watched Savage Rose in concert at Konventum, I felt Medina, we are going from “sexual attraction to consolidation”, from Medina to Annisette from Savage Rose. We are all inside the spaceship, we cannot go deeper, I felt Karen, this is about bringing her in, or at least her love coming nearer. Now consider you and Karen married, Annisette has this key and she says that now everything is good, Stig has finished. This is then all power delivered to me, I am no name without her, so now my name is really written all over, approved by Annisette. I am shown a giant heart coming to me from Annisette and the world, now all of the Lord is back with the last key of Annisette, all is full, period! Thumbs-up of Annisette corresponds to thumbs-up of your mother, so you have gone backwards out of your mother, the Old World does not exist anymore. This is the same as bringing Karen all the way forward, first Medina wanting it, then Annisette approving it. Now I am inside Tivoli with all, this corresponds to having launched the rocket, now we only have to find the other parts located in here. Name proof, Annisette’s task was to verify that I am the one, this was the dream scenario, you brought it over with full speed capability.

Love Shop in concert was the culmination of the week starting with Medina releasing our New World and Savage Rose verifying me as the Lord. We are now ready to open the Love Shop of our New World, “love is all we need”, “Love goes on forever”, joy and happiness of eternal lives coming to all ♥. No one will wake up as their new selves feeling unprepared and going against our New World, it will be completely natural for all, all will feel at home, feel the beauty and calm. All light of the first quarter and all remaining darkness of the last three quarters now follow each other, it was decisive to reach this platform for our coming creation. We are inside the container here, we just need to turn around the other three quarters, who followed me in, which we have already started doing. We already have a road to go, Tom Jones, he will, completely imperceptibly, hand over what is in the dark chest, which he is born with, we have worked out. And then three quarters of your mother has returned home, after a slow start, it will go quickly, all will be inside of me, before we close you all up. We have crossed the goal line, we are on the other side, Tom Jones is a double agent of Britain, where we saved all, the next, bigger living room, connected to mine. When Tom is home, this is home then, we just have to attach it to me, and wait until faith of man will open these parts too. This is all surveillance of you as Sanna and Hans and them used for wrong purposes, this is how much it took to satisfy them (three quarters of all energy). This was their “secret world”, energy used used for surveillance instead of life, this is not how it will be with you, we need no energy for surveillance, so you have decided. Every time there was a birth, there was three times the energy used for other purposes to control life, decided by the elite in charge. This is like a double life we lead, so they can withdraw anything of any time for their pleasure, and to control the weather and support things as they ask me to do. Man playing God believing this was for the benefit and pleasure of man, for the elite to do as they please, this is how I raised them with darkness, doing wrong, being selfish. Also using it for sexual abuse (watching all sexual activities of all people of all time) including you and whomever they wanted to break in to, to peep, this is how I made it.

I have all on file and will delete it, it is not needed now, it is herewith done as part of the process we will now go through, transforming all of the Old World to the New World. Thus also losing contact to me as I showed them, “you need to get to Stig to overtake all of me, do you want this” (?), all said yes, no one wanted to save you, thus the world. All was headed by your sister, not really knowing what the world did with you, pretending “I am blind and deaf, I don’t want to hear about them killing Stig” because she knew deep inside. Eldorado, this is where the true gold is, the rest was just to draw all of your life, this is where you/I also are, just abused by man. We will release this as life too, to beautify all creation of the first quarter instead of using it for nothing, i.e. wrong purposes. They wanted to release all from you and back to your father, i.e. control of man to build their New World as I had promised them to do as part of the game playing darkness. They saw me coming, my plans, all of my work, but still they could not stop me, because I worked better and faster than them, who were used to talk, talk and talk, not to work as I. This is how I could continue getting away from them, having them chasing me, this is how I brought you all home. This is the true machinery of power, “world machine”, we are bringing back from Sanna and Hans, which is really my energy, because they know I am the right owner. They controlled who to bring sicknesses and “mental diseases”, but received sicknesses themselves because of my interference, the other power here (“light”), which they did not control. This is what they used to steal me (empty my energy), this power, not realising that it was me, the good side, controlling all of their moves, to bring all home to me. This information is reserved for me, because they are darkness, the other side, my power out here is much much bigger than theirs. Your sister is largely innocent, evilness of man was essentially controlled by Hans and man and based on her power of attorney to use the Source, i.e. their side, not mine. This was the battle between man with Sanna on one side (darkness) against Stig on the other (light), where they, the true rulers, wanted the mass of the elite to believe they were light. This is the real entrance to me, after having gone through all life and recreated this, only in here the force will stream in torrents, inside the machine of all. It is inside here I am with all life, we have reached the end of the rainbow, this is where the gold is, i.e. all force of life. They believed that this energy, the Source, the dark side of it, was just energy controlling life, which they were masters of, but it was really me as they never got to know.

This is really Notre Dame we have opened for, I am shown red gold pouring into the church in one corner of it, this is part of turning the key around. Collecting my model ship tomorrow is the same as ringing the bell, this is what we are closing down, your old self. Tom Jones was a perfect hideout for all of this dark energy, nobody notices, “Tom is a gentleman”, well, if you do nothing and live a life in abundance, you are darkness to me. It would have caused destruction of the world receiving this massive energy, but when you are nothing yourself, we hope to being able to do it without the mainstream world discovering it. The deed, joint property, “a ship with a cargo of ….”, this is what comes here, ownership of all, this is the same as handing over all of the spaceship to you. This is what you get when you open the love shop here, when I collect my model ship, the heir to the throne has been appointed, this also means that Karen is released. Then I have left you, “my voice”, leaving darkness here, using the key to open the door into the new light we have created. We have already entered, but not left you all yet, including the life-giving energy with me, it is really up to you (Stig) when to let go. This means that I will have to continue playing that old part, while I am also entering all new, we cannot bring him light yet, because you control me. We will continue playing darkness a little, but only because you want to, we are pretending being what we are not, it will still take “months” before I am done. You have just experienced we threw down a grenade, “completely magical”, now even more, this was the worst, to let this energy in. It is not every day we receive new supply, which made man fear to go under, what happens when Stig does not give in (?), well, it goes fine until now, right? No-one believed you would make it here without the end of the world starting, but I made it all home, I promised you. “Picture of you”, this is what we did here, to live on the other side, while you end what you are doing there, we are setting up here. Now we have organised the new system doing all, we are all up here, just not visible, now I am broadcasting from the other side. Man cannot understand you can continue without getting killed, I send you energy, via the music world, therefore many concerts this summer. Newspapers reporting “Stig escapes”, in principle still escaping man, expanding all, which we can also do from the other side, in safe harbour. Everyone is safe in our New World, still you have decided to stay there to end your work, we have no idea for how long, but for now we are in control also on this side. No one knew if you had the strength also breaking through here, still pretending to be where you where and then still are. In other words, we turned all around to the other side with you deciding to remain here, where we are really not, so all is an illusion. Light plaything darkness, living as we used to do, but being our new selves, there is no more energy on the dark side, but still we are here because of your faith and faith of man in you. This includes all old patterns and ways of thinking, light acting as darkness, making man continue committing sins, this is what we are expanding further, pretending to be here only. This is the only way to finish what we knew would be impossible to finish, the only way bringing the last of you with us, not leaving you here. In London, you went so far out that you reached “unlimited limits”, which is why we can do this work bringing the last part of you far out there with us back. It brings you “unlimited time” to bring all back, which is when you believe all is perfect (my work and apartment), which again means that there is nothing of me missing. This was the jump over to the other side, while pretending to remain here to finish work, you are now sitting on top of the Cheops Pyramid without letting go.

When I try to sleep, it is impossible to find calm because of heart pain and energy of darkness constantly flowing around my entire body making me shiver all over. “New suit, 1,000 €, therefore now showing the suit, our soul”, what used not to be, now is, my transformation is complete, I am now all of these souls, i.e. all new life. My voice is still with me, but it did not speak much for several days, there is a break in the information flow, but then it returned with full strength. Aren’t we having children straight away (?), well, we just have to make them, I am shown endless gold grain in a barn running through, i.e. force of the Source running out for life. I went to the Customs House to celebrate the National Day of Greenland, I saw Savage Rose in concert here, Annisette is a symbol of “eruption of the volcano”, the Source, now happening. We have been nothing until now, all in my head, my soul comes from Greenland, and your mother is not here anymore (old life), this is what it means. A fine lady from Greenland, the last Eskimo from Thule, had brought hare faeces from Greenland, which burns well, to lit a flame, which she then did. She wished all the best in future and for peace in the world, and she said “congratulations with your new fire flame”, this is about switching on my new light and all new life. This is where I lived, Greenland was the true home of the Source, which is why Greenland was part of Denmark, and why I live here. We have just not opened to your new selves, now you are you, but feel as your old selves, now we have brought all of Karen out alive. All will receive “original life”, be completely open and genuine, not destroyed by selfishness of reserved people hiding behind facades, this is the spirit of all new life, implemented in all. This was all the force I could bring as Stig within the last ten years, via my sexual power, which should have been impossible for me to bring because I was more dead than alive. Nobody saw your mother bring birth, but this was it, our new child, New World, which required your mother’s survival, to bring you here at the end station, bringing all new out. I felt Karen, now all of her is in me, I felt a big lump of darkness in my throat, which is what you have swallowed. D-A-D played a great concert in Tivoli, you have fur coat on now, which I feel is about being protected after receiving energy of this concert. What colour is the match (?), I see it turning from read (darkness) to blue (my colour), we have only just begun the transformation. We depend to a high degree on your work, how quick or slow you want to proceed growing, i.e. how careful I will build everything up. We have only formed a very small light ball now, we start with you, the egg in the middle, which is the last of of the Old World that we brought out and the first to be planted here. We brought all over, I feel Camilla, even the worst darkness, which she is part of, otherwise it would not have worked, it was about “all or nothing”. Camilla is central part of faeces, not easy for her being with you (1994-2001), playing a double game against me, the hope of Hans, to cut off the watch of me. She had this ball of darkness operated into her, now light on the other side, she was false when kissing you, planted to bring me to them via sexual transfer. This was part of the plan making them believe they had all, but I was still me in them, it was from there I directed you, to bring all home, when turning them around, obtaining faith in me. This was the turn around of the Source, we went through the gate wanting to burn all, without hurting because of you, we scored a clean goal, i.e. turning all into light. If we opened now, we would in theory be very small, we are still bringing in force, growing all, now I will keep moving into myself” before I will open my eyes, i.e. all new life.

This is in principle our new prison, but we can keep expanding forever here, which we could not before, we are now safe inside the cave. We found a hole out of here, where we keep bringing in all that want to become part of us, this is what you were sent out to do, to bring this hole and connection. This is me, the eye blinking at you, all cells united, knowing they are all heading one way, which is down here. This is you, everything in- and outside of it, we have decided, we have formed you as a unity of all of us, all cells everywhere. Your mother will also awake to new life, all old life will awake as it’s new selves, the old lifeline will continue as new life too separated from the new lifeline of life of Karen. Women, who will bring out our New World, are now opened, they had to love me, you are magical via these women, your own ”harem”, I feel there are between 20 to 30. This is the purpose of their lives, now they know who they are, we have emptied all (force) over in them, only women you have not made love with, this is the kiss of life we are preparing. All is headed by Medina, we brought as much of Karen into Medina before starting all, ultimately, all is controlled by Karen and based on her love to you. To start a New World all in peace, for all to see, when you say ”start”, this is when we will convert all darkness to light, for all to see, via the power in you. It is really the lifeline we erect, I am shown as an endlessly high pole going all the way up into the sky, Karen is just all life and I bring the force. New life entering brings the force itself and it comes from the negative side that is not becoming life, the same way I have always done here, it gets mixed with me and then sent in. We have now brought the ship into the room, I am shown it with a thick and dark pipeline connecting it to the outside of the room. It is still darkness outside that will become life inside the room based on voluntariness, “come in, change colour, be like me, if you want to”. All do when we show them the image of life, “do you want this”, we have trained all life to decide itself and do what it requires turning around. We are removing even more clothes of you than we thought possible, bringing out something we have never seen before to beautify creation. This doesn’t even stand in the telephone book (as creation to be carried out), it is a little difficult to say what it is when there is no telephone number. I was then given the feeling of a BIG presence next to me, pricking my shoulder and saying “can we also come in”? We don’t know what it is, they are not angels, but other civilisations we have not seen before that also want to enter. Yes, come right in, i.e. we have not discovered their energy before now, even bigger missiles are on the way in. Thank you for bringing us up, it is only because you have not dived out yet, there is only one doing this, the whole world has moved on, we were not able to lift this before. We are widening the rocket with another eternity out there before sending it off, this gives an even stronger launch and makes everything even more advanced.

We are preparing to bring out the energy of the secret three quarters of me, we are about to open the true content of the hat of me, the deepest down of me. I am opening the treasure box of the secret world of man, where all secrets are kept, from where the world is controlled (politics, media, surveillance of man etc.). This is where we threw new life into in 2015 at Costa del Sol without their knowledge, since then we have just been waiting on you. The only way to save all was to come from outside, to be clean from their darkness, infecting them all, to make my New World come through. This is energy they stole from me, being all, killing me, now I am in, I just am in here, I saved this, we prick a hole to it now, we create life here, the final destination. Paul McCartney and all of the music world are there, Steffen Brandt from TV-2 helps me to jump up to this level. This is where the most amazing part of me is, the airport of all, you don’t get their stamp, all get your stamp, now they have seen me inside here too, their protected home. Love of man is now big enough for me to enter and overtake this place, the secret place of the elite, to bring their New World, based on you, but without you. This is “the sunken gold” of Bono and U2, this is what Steffen Brandt opened up to this evening, all of this gold here. A network of musicians kept this from you, following my sister with Hans and their New World etc., using energy of the music world and their audiences supporting them. This was used to lock off for me and the mainstream world, but most of you have now turned around, supporting me instead, thus opening to this place. Is it the content of the submarine we will move to Sofiero, Sweden, next week, where I will go to the Mauro Scocco concert (?), I keep feeling this concert. This is part of switching over to our New World, your name is spelled on the opposite side, go over there to correct it. All Danish musicians, the love is strong enough going to Sweden, starting to build my castle there, this is what we are now starting to prepare. This is the same as opening the Source to you, it has to be done there, this is why you are expected with excitement, the beginning of our new airport. I feel Malaga, all life we brought there in 2015 will now be implemented with my force, all that they stole. It makes it easier that all is with Karen, not my mother, thus not destroying the world while doing it, payday is in Sweden (access to all force). We will start by getting our wet clothes off, i.e. suffering life, one possible scenario is to not make it if your mother/the world does not want to. This is where we turn all around, this is where we hang up the axe, which I feel is the foundation of all, this is where we exchange all. It is from Sweden we will send out our light, this is when we will let you die (my old self) and the other rise (my new self), not with a bang, but quiet as a mouse. This Zero Point of all was in Rome and what I was allowed to bring with me (May 2018), now placing it there at Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg, to cultivate all from. If there was something my mother/man did not like, we would have to separate this now, i.e. to eliminate the remaining part of our Old World. This is where you come in, you are already all new, which is why we have waited with this day until you were ready, not to lose anything. This is what Sanna and the world were ready to do, to eliminate 90% of all because “it could not be done”, bringing all, but you could if you had worked/suffered as I. There will be no cutting off of my left big toe, this is what I mean, it is here I would eliminate parts of your old self that did not make it. In theory, we cannot do anything to harm you hereafter, i.e. to send me darkness, but as long as you have more work to do, we will do the best to bring the sternlight of you in. Hereafter, you are hereafter eternal, which your mother was not supposed to be, then it is for Karen to take over. We have already opened to here with the key, it is the power of all the women letting me in, we bring the pure sparkle, the light of all, with us into the Source.


This website was first published February 2, 2019.