VII: “Dancing with the Stars”: We went to the very abyss to create our New World


Summary of “Dancing with the Stars”: We went to the very abyss to create our New World

I hear and feel “inspired speech” of God through people, which I have written down to bring faith in and energy to me, we would not have survived without this 🙂

2010-12: We went to the very abyss and was very close to termination, but I absorbed all darkness to bring a perfect New World inside “perfect nothing” of God

  • November 19, 2010: I have followed the golden middle way to reach my liberation also “praising God” as my inner self
  • September 23, 2011: An “elephant” falling down from the sky, i.e. a new “God” 🙂
  • October 7, 2011: Going through “Bloody Mary”, bleeding of our Old World, to reach our New World as we do because I continue doing my work “easily”
  • September 21, 2012: We are going up and down in the rollercoaster on our way to the other side, tearing down the house of our Old World
  • September 28, 2012: My scripts are “boring” to some people still believing it is “twaddle”, I am groggy and working on my edge, but still saving life
  • October 12, 2012: My mother would have brought the end of the world if I had not absorbed her darkness, a New World opens when I reject my “old nightmare”
  • October 26, 2012: Our New World inside “perfect nothing” of God is completely secure, I was very close losing the game and terminate all life
  • November 2, 2012: We went to the very abyss to create a perfect New World receiving help from people of other civilizations, I never allowed darkness to enter me
  • November 9, 2012: I have gone through all darkness to transfer all life to light, our New World will make all happy together, I won, but was very close to receive the kiss of death

2013: The Heart of Gold of our New World works fine, love of my mother and network keeps me alive over much stronger darkness, it was all about “I can”

  • September 13, 2013: We are happy and smiling, the pendulum is swinging fine from the beginning, i.e. the Heart of Gold
  • September 27, 2013: The act of darkness and celebration of “what do you have in your task (bag) today”, i.e. our New World – my mother is MAD when she cannot understand me
  • October 12, 2013: I am not an “eternal stamp machine” yet, love of my mother and network keeps me alive, I have received access to everything of our New World
  • October 18, 2013: The love of my mother of our new creation of life, everything matches, I am surviving darkness being much stronger than myself
  • November 1, 2013: I am the King and “the best football player” receiving hidden support
  • November 8, 2013: I decided that “I can”, however my internet behaviour almost ended the Old World, darkness still wants to bring me “the kiss of death”

2014: Our New world “sits right in the eye” including previous layers of life before ours, “our lucky star and all Gods are with us”, I am coming down to Earth

  • September 19, 2014: Our New world “sits right in the eye” including previous layers of life before ours, which is all brought via my sharp pen, the elite “cannot” speak of me
  • October 4, 2014: Force of the Source, I am transforming from the Ugly Duckling into the swan of my new self bringing all life here
  • October 11, 2014: I am given incredible strong feelings of nervousness, I am the cleverest, “our lucky star and all Gods are with us” 🙂
  • October 18, 2014: Karen was the “femme fatale” on my road, I am coming down to Earth, I am bleeding, almost fainting, man sucked out my energy
  • November 15, 2014: I have an extra gear overcoming resistance of darkness and my constant pain, MUCH happiness still comes my way for saving all

2015: We have finished creation and returned home with all life, I continue working to bring energy to our New World, which will make man speechless

  • September 11, 2015: We are on top of creation, I am honest and tell my messages convincingly, our New World will bring a party of exaltation 🙂
  • September 18, 2015: I saved man from the end of the world, and have turned around life to the other side, the world is not ready yet, which is why we will continue the act
  • September 25, 2015: Obama recommended the Pope NOT to announce me to the world, there is a “perfect balance of gold on both sides of the weight”
  • October 2, 2015: Sanna is still the creature of darkness, my mission is complete, my ”Personal Jesus” looks outstanding – speak the truth directly!
  • October 9, 2015: I continue working to bring energy for our New World, we have pulled out the ship of the Old World, i.e. we have made new creation”
  • October 16, 2015: My mother believes in me as the teacher and brings BIG KISSES, ”I am happy to have returned home with all life”, Karen and I have become one.
  • October 23, 2015: The Christmas Cracker will bring the birth of my new heart and light that brings the magical gift of new life to all, ”all is gold”.
  • October 30, 2015: Man will become speechless when feeling “the white sensation” of the Source and seeing our New World, ”I am almost exploding”.
  • November 13, 2015: A perfect score symbolises our perfect New World, ”Crazy about dance” receives ”love from above” and is symbol of the creation of new life
  • November 20, 2015: Man has discovered me as teacher, the gold in my eyes, my deep feelings and the coming happiness of our New World – making man touched
  • November 27, 2015: The wrong couple won because of my mother’s wrong-doings, I could have rejected all life if I had not absorbed all darkness, but I did

2016: My work is about to end, whereafter the birth of my new self will bring our perfect New World, people will become euphoric of the beauty of it 🙂

  • September 9, 2016: The birth of my new self will bring the sunshine of our New World – “nothing is wrong with Stig”
  • September 16, 2016: Man is HAPPY about surviving and our new creation after wrongly believing in their own creation being unable to see that it was really “nothing”
  • September 23, 2016: “The big play” has ended, I went through invincible darkness of man to free my new inner self, Jesus, our New World is full of force of the Source
  • October 7, 2016: I made my mother safe and secure so she could produce the pearl of life, Jens’ perfect clothes symbolises our perfect new life
  • October 14, 2016: My mother feared that this will never work out believing I was crazy, but she was put to shame, which brought creation instead of termination
  • October 21, 2016: Incredible happiness, full force of the Source, the beauty comes when all melts together as one and the flow of the source will begin to float
  • October 28, 2016: I am “the best”, which was required to bring the birth of my new self, all will receive “the shivers” because of the immense beauty of our New World 
  • November 4, 2016: The kick inside will ignite the endless force of the Source to start our New World after the world surrendered to me
  • November 11, 2016: My voice and work is coming to an end, where-after we will do a “snap”, turn around and bring our New World – “Crazy about dance” brought faith 
  • November 18, 2016: The kiss of life/light of Prince will switch on the Source and bring our perfect New World – people will become euphoric of the beauty of it 🙂
  • November 25, 2016: The last dance was the most beautiful dance ever symbolising the beauty of our new world, which will bring tears and enthusiasm to all people

2017: I will use magical power when pushing the contact that will bring the birth of my new self and switch on our New World

  • September 8, 2017: I will use magical power when pushing the contact that will bring the birth of my new self and switch on our New World
  • September 15, 2017: It is time to change, I have turned darkness into light, all will turn into light of your new selves with the opening of our new world
  • September 22, 2017: We will now transform into our new selves, I have brought you home to “the treasury” of the Source bringing eternal life and happiness to all 🙂


“Dancing with the Stars”: We went to the very abyss to create our New World, which will make man euphoric 🙂

I hear and feel “inspired speech” of God through people, which I have written down to bring faith in and energy to me, we would not have survived without this 🙂

I was awakened spiritually in 2004 receiving “expanded feelings and visions” and in 2006 also “the Voice of God”. Part of my spiritual opening after 2006 was to receive the feeling of hearing when “my voice” spoke through other people as “inspired speech from above” giving me “hidden/alternative/coded messages” included in what people say and me the ability to “decode” these messages and translate them into what they meant to me, or “the hidden message” to me, thus the world via my writings.

I started hearing “inspired speech” every day – not in all, but “much” speech – through my family, colleagues on work and network, and it was the strongest ever (until then) in 2008 when I was hospitalised, where it was “on” all of the time when people spoke together in groups, but I could not tell any one because people did not want to listen to and understand the truth, they would only have believed that I had gone “even more mad” because this is what almost all automatically believed that I was at the time because this is what the authorities, my sister and the doctors said, and then no one had a need to listen to and understand me even though I was/am right and they were/are wrong!

I also heard this “inspired speech” through live broadcasts on radio and TV, and when I returned home from Kenya in 2009 and had started writing my scripts on a daily basis, eventually I also decided to include examples of this “inspired speech” through live TV-programs, mainly from the Danish X Factor and “Crazy about dance” (“Dancing with the Stars”) shows every season until 2017 and also sport-events including World and European Champions in football and handball, the Olympic Games etc., which showed out to become a main part of bringing faith of people in me.

My purpose was to let this help people to obtain faith in me, because when I kept on bringing my minutes of “inspired speech” every week from these X Factor and “Crazy about Dance” shows, the idea was that some people would eventually start reading me and understanding that “Stig is simply writing the truth, this is exactly what is happening, these are messages from God above given as inspired speech through people on live TV”, and from these people, to spread faith out to the world via the mouth to ear method, “have you heard that Stig (i.e. “the Voice of God”) is speaking through live TV in Denmark” (?), and in this sense, this was an important “sign” of my coming that we brought the world, and I (my voice speaking these words) will go as far as to say that without this, we would also not have been alive today, because I would not have been strong enough to pull this off fighting much stronger darkness than me without the strong energy and support that mainly X Factor, but also “Crazy about dance”, sent me.

I have decided to collect all of my minutes of the Danish X Factor and “Crazy about dance” here (read the X Factor minutes here),  not other TV-shows or the MANY sport events, where the voice of my inner self also has played along bringing stories to bring faith in me, this was the main purpose, you will have to find these yourselves through my scripts, and I am here thinking about how much work it required for me to write these detailed minutes, which may be approx. 150 hours only writing X Factor minutes, maybe half of this for “Crazy about dance”, which I could have decided not to write or only to write headlines of being “lazy” – as most people would do – but if I had not done this, we would not have been alive today, this is the importance of this work :-).

I started writing down a little “inspired speech” of X Factor and “Crazy about dance” in 2010, after I had returned home from Kenya in 2009, and I brought only few examples of this before I started writing down more and more precise minutes of what was really said. When reading the minutes of the first shows from 2011, I can see that I had not yet decided to do the thorough work of writing down all inspired speech, it was still only examples, and it is first from 2012 that I started writing down more carefully from the “Crazy about dance” shows, which increased over the years.


2010-12: We went to the very abyss and was very close to termination to absorb all darkness to bring a perfect New World 

November 19, 2010: I have followed the golden middle way to reach my liberation also “praising God” as my inner self

This evening I went to my mother and John to have dinner and to watch the final of the “crazy about dance” show and we know even though nobody apparently believes in me – or do what it takes to understand (?) – when it comes to all of the symbols explained in my scripts, I decided to write down some more from this show too and we know because my purpose of doing this is and has been to make you understand (!) and also to document my journey for the future.

A couple of times they said that “climax will come shortly”, which was about my homecoming and I believe it was the very POSITIVE and OUTGOING judge Jens W. – who is also good to talk about “improvement needs” as the others are too still being positive, which I like very much which “negative” judges of other shows can learn from – telling one of the dancers that “you are a shining star” as in the song by Earth, Wind and Fire as he said and we know the Council told me that this symbol is MY SHINING STAR on the sky – and my dear family and friends just how many of you have even looked up at the sky to see my star after reading about it in my scripts (?) and how many have watched the videos on Youtube, which I have included in my scripts (?) and we know have you been “too busy” or maybe simply “too lazy” to do this (?) and we know because your attitude is that “it goes without saying that I am wrong and not the Son of God” (?) and I cannot tell you just how sad you all make me feel because of this attitude of yours and we know still making you believe that I am “sick” and “disabled” where the truth is that I am in the best shape and as sane as I have ever been (!) where you are WRONG even though it is EASY to understand my scripts if you just want to and of course when using the key to understand as I have written on my website – and later a dancer was talking about following the Golden Middle Way – see – which was really about me following this road leading to my liberation and we know together with the entire Universe – and here I might add that I was told yesterday I believe that the dear Lama Yönten is the reincarnation of Siddhattha Gotama, who was regarded as the supreme Buddha 2,500 years ago and we know receiving his wisdom from me as the Source back then.

The very OUTGOING, ALWAYS POSITIVE AND SMILING judge Britt B. said that ”it is raining and raining and you have not become wet, which is a miracle” and we know the rain is the symbol of SUFFERING and really saying that it is a miracle that I have not received any permanent injuries and not adapted one single thought from the Devil after all of the suffering and tests I have gone through.

And we know one was saying that ”this evening is the climax of the last three months” and about Laura it was said that she has gone through not only a development as a dancer but as a person during these three months and what this was about was to say that after returning “completely fresh” from the Source I have built up my inner self the last three months on basis of my fight and resistance to the darkness sorting out what is WRONG and keeping what is RIGHT and we know also with the influence of other people inspiring me on what is good and we know Stephan the German, Lama Yönten, Theosophical Fellowship and all POSITIVE from all people I have met really and we know I am happy that I decided and was strong enough to reject all of the negativity, wrong doings and behaviour of “normal” people, I have met, which I do believe is exceeding positivity and right behaviour of people in this community today.

Before the dance show we heard one of my old “soft” CD’s I gave years ago including the “insanely beautiful” – as my mother called it – song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and here in the cover version by the AMAZING Jeff Buckley – who had the same tragic destiny as Eva Cassidy dying in a young age and we know afterwards becoming world famous because of a truly unique talent – and the reason why I write this is because this song was also chosen to be played this evening at the final of “crazy about dance” by the brilliant “house-orchestra” and my dear friends THIS IS THE FINAL AND THEREFORE ANOTHER SYMBOL SIMPLY MEANING “PRAISE GOD” and it is as simple as that because “GOD” IS WHAT WE HAVE BUILT UP THE LAST THREE MONTHS as mentioned and so it is :-).

September 23, 2011: An “elephant” falling down from the sky, i.e. a new “God” 🙂

“Crazy about dance” started a couple of week ago a new season on TV2 and this evening, I briefly heard a couple of inspired messages, when the judge Jens Werner at 20.32 said to the other judge Brit Bendixen ”when you taught me to dance, you said your arms will stay up even if an elephant should fall down from the sky” and we know “a sudden inspiration/though” is what it was and the new elephant is my previous self as you know and you can also hear Britt at 20.57 speaking inspired about “you need the same energy with a POW”, which may be about our energy of the New World coming “suddenly”, i.e. with a “POW”, which at least is what we say in Danish etc.

Going through “Bloody Mary”, bleeding of our Old World, to reach our New World as we do because I continue doing my work “easily”

October 7, 2011: Much inspiration at “Crazy about dance” again this evening, and mostly when the judge Britt told the other judge Jens something like this “it is CRAZY, over there with canapes and Champagne”, which was about celebration of our New World and followed by another saying “bloody Hell”, which could have been “Bloody Mary” for reaching our beautiful New World after the Universe bleeding. And Jens was “appropriately” called Burger KING, and he showed a leaf from a tree and talked about how “easy and effortless” a pair had danced, which was the symbol of how “easy” I have done my work and at least on the surface because it has truly not been easy, but on the other side, it was also not difficult but BOTH really :-). And they spoke of “tiramisu and Champagne”, and a dancer had not been able to dance much during the week because of diarrhoea (!) and wasn’t there also someone speaking of “energy” (?), which I apparently did not write a note of, and I thought that they are given symbols of me too here.

September 7, 2012:

I was watching the first programme of the new edition of “crazy about dance” on TV2, and did you notice how the dancer Mads was told off by the knowledgably judge Britt Bendixen teaching him about how to do a difficult dance technique, which he had done even without knowing that this is what he had done, and he did not have the courage to resist her because he knew that the did not know what she knew, and this was a sign of reactions of the Jerusalem UFO with people not having the courage to speak against me because they know that I know more than them.

September 21, 2012: We are going up and down in the rollercoaster on our way to the other side, tearing down the house of our Old World

So I realised that it was impossible for me to continue work, which made me decide to watch “crazy about dance” on TV2 instead, and yes to restart it from the beginning, which the software of my TV provider offers, and I smiled when the female host spoke something about “going up and down in the rollercoaster, which we call crazy about dance” with the roller coaster still being the one in Tivoli on the way to the other side. Later the male host spoke about “Fantastisk forrygende fart i den” (“fantastic, tremendous speed in it”), and this was about all the positive “f-words”, which I did in the beginning with my spiritual friends back in 2006 when my voice started speaking to me. And the dancer Claudia was also very inspired when she acted as the “taxi driver” and said “are you speaking to me”, and yes the taxi driver will have to be my new self when you tell it to me like this, and she also spoke about the Godfather, so an inspired show it was, and also when the judges Jens and Britt took off their shoes, and yes I knew that this was “inspired” but did not get it when seeing it, but taking off your shoes really means to “kill yourself”, and yes we were removing all energy of life this evening, and this was really about killing ourselves and yes as the old design based upon energy, so here you have it anyway.

I was told that this is about tearing down the house of everything we have done, this was about having faith to do the right thing to bring our “perfect” New World, and it meant to approve to tear down the house of energy as we had build up, so this is what I did.

September 28, 2012: My scripts are “boring” to some people still believing it is “twaddle”, I am groggy and working on my edge, but still saving life

I watched “crazy about dance” on TV2, and I LOVE the way Claes from the Antonelli Orchestra – the house band here (and he also plays drums at “the top of the pop” and elsewhere – plays the drums, and yes he has a VERY special touch/feeling, and shortly after thinking this, it brought an inspired conversation between Jens, the judge, and Claes, and yes is this the first time Claes has ever spoken in a live TV show (?), and it made Clase ask Jens “can you play drums” (?) and to challenge him to play some of “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire in the next show, and the reason why this “challenge” was given was because September is my favourite song of this fantastic band, and it was my sister loving the band in the 1970’s and through her that I got to know the band, and when speaking to my mother on the phone today, she said that Sanna and Hans will also come for dinner tomorrow evening, and again this brings me sufferings just to think about because is this only to have a nice family dinner or is it still to give me a “lecture” because of my “wrong behaviour” (?), and yes I have absolutely no idea if there is a hidden agenda behind my back, but I don’t care, I will go and hope for the best, but fear for the worst, and should the worst happen, that they will try to lecture me – even though I don’t believe that they have the courage to do so – I will simply decide not to talk about it, but to continue the game/my work, and yes this is what this “challenge” is about. And Saseline told Claes that “you are still in my shine”, and yes the “sun is shining” – and yes WHAT A FEELING of that band too :-).

Claudia and Joakim were dancing to “Daddy cool” by Boney M. – it is TRULY incredible how much good music, which has been made (and is inside of here as love ♥) – and it made the host right after the dance sing “daddy daddy …” and Joakim finish it by saying “cool”, and he also said something like “I have seen pictures afterwards and I looked such like a fish”, and this is the picture, we are still creating, and yes my new self, the fish, and nothing less than 100% is satisfactory to me, we know Stig.

After Mie and Anders had danced, the judges said and showed with gesticulations that the middle part was “YAWN” very boring, and this was to say that this is what people believe of my scripts (?), and isn’t the reason that you “cannot” get started to read from A to Z, but when you only skim without reading as you would read a book, you see text, text and text making you think “I cannot start reading this”, and then you cannot (!), but it is really not very difficult and hopefully not as boring as you give me “credit” for, and the host asked Anders if he was “groggy” after having turned around while lifting Mie MANY times, and yes you could see it in the replay that he was, and I was told that this is symbolising when I have been dizzy and about to lose consciousness, and no, I did not hear one single person reacting to this or asking me “how are you doing – are you alright” (?), and I think about how often I have asked my mother and John about how they are, and yes just wondering I am.

After the dance of Silas and Louise, Silas received much credit and he was told “you make pictures while dancing”, and this was inspired to say that we are saving more life while celebrating, and so it is, and he was also told by the judge Britt that he does “corny”, crazy dance-techniques, “I love it” with MUCH entusiasm, and something about “corny is a code word to play all the way out” and I believe it was Louise who was asked “could you follow” (?), which made her say “it is just to the beer” as we say here – do you say that in English too (?) – and that is when you are on your edge, and this was said because I am on the edge to do work these days, and yes there is MUCH pressure on me, which is coming out this way via your work, and yes just do what you do best my spiritual friends, and “I will follow” U2 :-).

Silas and Louise received the highest points of the evening making Silas say “this is complete twaddle”, and yes there are people out there still thinking this about me, and also “planted stories” of me saying this by the secret government of USA as I feel here, and yes what have you told your network of agents about me (?), and yes I am wondering, and no, I do NOT know if this is a message of light or darkness, but I do know that these are the words I receive, and I do my best to write them down as accurate as possible as you do know, my friends.

October 12, 2012: My mother would have brought the end of the world if I did not absorb her darkness, “a whole New World opens” when I reject my “old nightmare”

This evening I watched “crazy about dance” and noticed how the judge Nikolaj told the dancer Jeanette (an elite swimmer) that normally her performance is under water with no one seeing her, but she has a natural talent to stand on a stage, and he gave her MUCH praise, and this is about my mother, who will have a “natural talent” to be on the world stage soon, and Jeannette said shortly there after that it was “fat, fat, fat” as in “cool, cool, cool” and “fat” because this is what my mother was designed for, and that was to help tearing down the world, which she would have done if it was not for me converting her darkness (of the world) to our New World.

The judge Britt said to the dancer Louise something about where it all started and I was told that we thought that life started with darkness, but no it started with light (without energy), and I thought that here is an addition to the front page of my website, so it is now included on my to do list.

The dancer Mads was “proud as a Pope” about his dance partner Louise, and this was about the Pope in relation to the spirit of my mother and her apparitions of Medjugorje, and I was told that this is also because of my mother’s acceptance this weekend without which the last part of God would not come home. And Louise spoke about “magic” when receiving beautiful new dresses to dance in, and “magic” was repeated much to say that this is what my mother too will receive as her new self.

I felt darkness of this God who used to be far away from me – and at the same time at my right ankle, and both is right – now entering me via both my feet, and that is because I started buying for my mother’s and John’s gift today, and my mother and John accepted my plan.

Britt said to a couple that they had the “Charleston effect”, which is the original effect of the Quickstep dance, and Britt said with strength as only she can do “FANTASTIC”, and I was told that this was a reference to the a-ha effect.

They started showing a clip with the dancers Camilla and Michael, and I was told that this is about Karen, and it was about Camilla acting as “fine on the outside, but crazy on the inside” because of how she was acting and in relation to Karen’s attitude in relation to me, and Camilla said “don’t speak, don’t speak”, and yes “to him”, which is then what Karen does not, and I was till given marks to my right ankle at this hour (20.00 to 21.00) which I was much of the day meaning “potential loss of life”, and I was wondering if Søren will let me down since I have not heard from him (?), and maybe he has simply been busy all day and evening with his Yoga-school, and I am thinking that time becomes more and more narrow with Sunday coming the day after tomorrow, and I was really hoping to phone or write the sellers today, but it can first be tomorrow at the earliest now. And Camilla was asked about how it was to learn two dances in one week, and she said that one becomes double as tired as one thought possible, which is really what I have gone through this week to save this extra world too.

I was told that the Council has no idea of how you are doing inside of this world, and that it makes them suffer, and I was asked if I want them to know, and I said “I have no opinion on this” not knowing if it would have a negative impact on my journey here so there “let light decide” was the right answer.

I was also told that you have no idea of how many plus points you receive because your physical father did not die, and if he had the feeling of darkness given to me “I don’t care about you” would become so strong making it impossible for me to reject herewith accepting termination of life.

Louise no. 2 was asked how it was to dance standard dances, which made her say that it was “fantastic, a whole New World opens”, and also that she broke some codes yesterday, which is really where I went to my extreme to do the same to open this New World to us, and the judges Britt and Jens were enthusiastic about Louise and Silas saying “completely fantastic” and Jens went cheek to cheek with Britt, which however was too close for her asking him to get away, which is really what is symbolically making this “fantastic”, and yes no “old nightmare”, which is what is making a “party of family Denmark” as they said and yes the whole world is the meaning of this.

The show dance of “Top Gun” included suggestions both to have fire in the floor and confetti canons, and yes this was from recent days, which could have brought either fire of this world or confetti because of celebration, and it does look as if it will be confetti, which was confirmed when the Judge, Jens, said that this was like a bottle of Champagne in the stomach almost going off, and just to say that the stomach pain of Anna Karin, which means “nervousness of what is to come” (?) the other day is transforming into celebration of Champagne.

October 26, 2012: Our New World inside “perfect nothing” of God is completely secure, I was very close losing the game and terminate all life

I watched “crazy about dance” on TV2, and the dancer Louise said “I am only human”, which was inspired because of the FANTASTIC hit by the Killers, and I received darkness coming from my right wanting to become the “killers” of humans, and she said that her dance partner Silas has made a “dance bubble”, which she hopes will never break, and this is about our new location inside “perfect nothing” of God, and afterwards the host had an interview with the director of an auction Internet site and he said that there are still people nervous about buying via the Internet, and he asked her if it is secure, and she answer “yes, completely secure”, and this was also an inspired answer to what our New World is, and all nervousness/insecurity brought to me is brought by darkness still wanting to be killers, but really not that much anymore.

I was thinking about continuing my journey via this narrow stream, and I was shown a small town in the darkness of evening and coming to a small square where I continue at a narrow passage to the left, and I felt how a dark soul entered me, and told me “you don’t want to get to know me” and I was given three small heart attacks, and yes tried it before, so it will probably work out this time too.

Darkness has tried to bring me much temptations to watch porn on the Internet because “what can happen now” when everything is on file in our New World of “perfect nothing” (?), and yes I don’t even want to speculate about this – despite of the great hormones and temptations still given to me – and yes because my will power is stronger than this, I will NOT do this, and that is NOT AT ALL!

Isn’t it funny that the spirit of my mother – of darkness – says that there is nothing wrong with her, and then she was the Source self to both life and darkness, and this is the darkness you are going to meet inside of here, and I was given more darkness of her.

The Judge Jens, whom I like much (!), took off his shoe to show a dance step, but the Judge next to him, Anne-Margrethe Laxholm, decided to take off her shoe for Jens to take his own on again, and it was because he was explaining a female dancer, and underneath this game, it was to say that the spirit of my mother has taken off her shoe and brought all of the world to become part of the spirit of my father (from “foreign body” to “”perfect nothing”).

The couple Louise and Mads, who were very close to leave last week when receiving the lowest grades, were very good this time, and it made Jens say that he wanted to get out and dance with them, and this was the spirit of my father saying that this is what he wants, to get out and dance to celebrate and show his excitement of the New World, and they received 33 in grades and the host said something about “3-33”, which to me is about the code 333 being the code of God instead of the code 666 of the Devil, which is where we come from, and yes this is about “breaking the code” of the last darkness as this show was also collecting money to help breaking the code of cancer, which it was said that we are very close to.I was given the “Nazi-feeling” during the day within this darkness coming to me, and I was told that when I at the Jægerspris summer camp as boy wrote on the sheet of one of the others “Sovsen-Jensen was/slept here” and afterwards stroke it out, it was a symbol of coming terminations, which the digital drop-outs to the picture of my TV (always focussed on people) were also about.

And last week – or was it 14 days ago (?) – Mads and Louise were doing their best to receive high grades, but received as mentioned the lowest, which was about how close I was to lose the game and be sent out of darkness, but still Mads & Louise were allowed to continue because of support from viewers voting on them, and this was about my attitude being the same as these dancers, which was “I don’t want to stop the game”, so with the help of love and support of my family including my sister, I came through these difficulties too.

I received another cracking sound from the kitchen, they are very loud (!), and I was shown both a tree and cone, and how everything is becoming even stronger.

The Judge Britt was enthusiastic of the dancer Joachim, and this made the normally “cold” judge Anne-Margrethe – in comparison to Britt, as Sanna is “cold” in comparison to my mother not being able to show nearly the same enthusiasm and genuine, warm feelings – say to Joachim “you come all the way in to my heart”, and this is what I do in relation to my sister, and yes when she is sending me her love, she is opening to this last darkness helping me to continue my journey, so there you have it again.

Joachim and his dancing partner Claudia were called for “Toyboy” and Barbie, and Claudia showed at the training room with a smile that she had given Joachim two iron bars horizontally and vertically to block him, and this was about the beautiful Claudia symbolising “Barbie Girl” or the Devil in disguise and what would have happened to me if my “old nightmare” had been carried out if I had been misused as a “Toyboy”, get it (?), and yes this would have given “den allersidste dans” (“the absolutely last dance”) for life inside of darkness and I was told by the voice inside of darkness that we also refused this and yes the will power is strong inside of there to be rescued, and stronger than ever before and a new feeling really – and eeehhhh we could also restore this life inside “perfect nothing”, but that is another story, but then again, this may be what we are doing – and yes Joachim did not know this song but found it VERY BEAUTIFUL as I do too, so here, the microphone is given to you once again, Kim Larsen :-).

I was told by this darkness (which was supposed to be terminated) that we did not know at all that we were going to be terminated because we were busy throwing up in the toilet.Underneath this game I am also often told “thank you” and “this day has also been of great importance” etc., and at some point I felt that I am “very close” to speak directly to the actors self making this game continue on my wish.

The professional dancer Silas said about two of the beginner dancers, who were going to dance a dance together that it cannot go completely wrong, otherwise we will use Plan B, and then he said that if you see Indians building tipies, it has gone all wrong (!), and yes this is what he said, and not very normal to say in this connection (?), and the Indians and their tipies are symbols of “original life”, so you were really wrong here, Silas, and yes darkness which could have made me use Plan B, if the last part of darkness had exploded so we did not get a perfect access to our New World and if I had not changed “rules” to “recommendations”, and Plan B would have been “good” but the original (plan A) was much better, so this is what we took, and yes without becoming ill as I was becoming.

I received the dark feeling of the spirit of my mother inside darkness again and then a LOUD deep voice inside my TV and she told me that if she is to become terminated – if I cannot go through the last of the game – this is what will happen, and yes for her to enter the TV, and eeehhh what then (?), and yes still to be awakened inside “perfect nothing” (?), and are we still doing our best in order to save the world from sufferings, and I do believe that this is what it is about, and yes I will continue doing my best for example writing the update of my script this evening, which I thought was impossible because of EXTREME EXHAUSTION and yes I do still feel sickness inside of me, but less than yesterday, so I can only hope that what I did amending my website was good enough.

November 2, 2012: We went to the very abyss to create a perfect New World receiving help from people of other civilizations, I never allowed darkness to enter me

It was time for “crazy about dance” again this evening, and the judge Britt told the dancer Louise about the Shirley MacLaine Special “Every Little Movement” – bringing a reference to Shirley also being a spiritual teacher – and said that every little movement has a meaning of its own and that Louise’s acting talent is great, but she cannot use it if the dance talent is not great, and this dance of Louise and Silas got a PERFECT SCORE of 40 from the judges, which was really to say that the acting was “perfect” creating a perfect New World, which is what makes us dance of celebration. Jens was also inspired when telling Louise that “she cannot be a human being, but a … robot”, and this was people of other civilizations almost making Jens say “people of other civilizations” and I was told that this is because we want to be party of everything too, and yes you will, and yes I do also look forward to meeting all of you, and wonder how it will be like meeting life completely different to what I know of here.

The judge Anne-Margrethe told the other couple Louise and Mads that she loved the way that all started with a “bang”, which of course was about the start of life with a big bang.

I received a new cracking sound of darkness to my kitchen and I was told by the darkness of it “no I don’t give up, I will not open to him”, and this is what it said, but I felt how it is becoming weaker, and the reason why is because of what I am doing here, which is more work and the reactions that it brings. And I heard darkness saying “we are also not allowed to escape, what will we do then”?

The dancer Joachim asked the judge Anne-Margrethe “am I still your boy-toy”, which she did not want to tell but it was apparent that he was not when she said “we will speak about this”, and I believe it was Jens telling him that if he was not leading his dance partner Claudia, the judges would see it straight away, but there was not even once where he did not lead, which was to say that I did not once allow darkness to enter me, and he was asked about his everyday, to which he said that he only sleeps, eats and trains with Claudia, and he was shaking all over the other day (because of exhaustion), and they receive their marks, which were also perfect 40, which made them completely wild saying “this is wild” and “completely indescribably”, and this was the reactions to what I have done working to my extreme limits and beyond them really.

I felt how darkness having orange inside of it came to me and I was told that it is because we cannot stand ourselves to be darkness, and when you tell us not to die, we can only come with you, so this is what we have chosen to do.

Silas and Louise danced again, and Jens told him that he could see Silas thinking when choreographing the dance “I cannot do this, can I (?), but yes I can”, and he said that this was wise of him that he dared doing, which brought him all the way out to the abyss, and when they danced, of all things they had placed two bales of straw, where they had ended their dance, and the judges thought that it was funny saying that Silas got Louise with him in the hay, and this was to say that I decided to challenge darkness going to the limits of it when challenging family/friends etc. and the secret government of USA as example, and this is what saved us from ending at the burning bales of straw, and Britt also said that the start of the dance to her was reminiscences of the movie Oklahoma, and I do believe that I have written about Oklahoma before in relation to the secret government of USA, so this is really what was close to burn off the bales of straw, i.e. the world. Britt also said that she knows something which they others do not, and she really has knowledge about what she spoke of, and this was a reference to when I have told you that “I am right, and you are wrong” and yes because I know what I speak of, and sadly I was alone and had to go against in principle everyone else, but this did not change who was right and wrong. And this dance ended with Silas receiving a cowboy hat by the host interviewing him and Louise, and yes this dance was about darkness trying to take me over, and Louise said that for her it was about getting her man in the end, and I felt my old friend Britt, who wanted to get me in the end, this was her dream (!), and now she has left me not once but twice on Facebook the last two years, so just saying that she was part of the chorus against me.

Louise and Mads did another dance, and it brought many laughs with one judge saying “this was then the photographs laughing”, which in my language means that we are smiling because everyone will survive and become part of our New World, and suddenly from out of nowhere when a judge was speaking, a voice (maybe from a member of the band, was it you again, Claes?) said something like “I believe that Mads and Louise should reach the final”, which made everyone cry so much that they were almost crying, and this was of course symbolising the voice of God to say that this was my favourite couple, and also that it was God above us all, who has decided to make everyone survive, and yes Louise and Mads did not reach the final, but became no. 3 in the competition. Louise also had a scarf, which broke during the dance, and afterwards she held it up against Mads’ face just like Muslim women have scarves covering their faces, and this was to say that it is my wish to have Muslim women to remove their scarves instead of having men of darkness destroying their lives, and yes to remove all oppression of people.

November 9, 2012: I went through darkness to transfer all life to light, our New World will make all happy together, I won, but was very close to receive the kiss of death

I decided to write some notes from “crazy about dance”, which we watched together, on my phone despite of knowing how my mother feels about this – bringing me even more darkness really helping to bring all of me out of darkness – and this show was the final where you can watch both dancing couples of the final dance together here, where Medina was singing her hit “lyser i mørke” (“shines in darkness”), which after the dance made one of the judges tell Joakim and Claudia that “you cast a spell over layer upon layer, you shine in darkness”, which of course was to say that I have gone through layer upon layer of darkness during my journey, and I am now bringing layer upon layer of my inner self from darkness to light.

After the next dance, the judge Nikolaj told Claudia and Joakim that their dance was in “technicolor”, and what a foolish thing to say, really (!), but not to me, because I knew instantly that it was inspired speech bringing the opening line of the album “the Gift” and the song “Happy together” by the Jam to me, which is “and now for those of you watching in black and white, this one is in technicolor“, and this is about the gift of our New World coming to you all, where happiness of life will make it feel like “in technicolor” making you “happy together” and not until the end of time as the Jam sings, but for an eternity, and that is instead of the grey feeling you have/had in the Old World. And yes, Nikolaj also told the couple that they were very close to be voted out in week 3 (seven weeks ago), which is probably what I was very close to being 7 weeks ago, and yes this couple and Joakim was “me” and that is because this is the couple my mother and I very much hoped would win.

The former dancers of the show did this fine dance together to the song “free” by Grafitti6, and yes this is the song I received when waking up one morning weeks ago with the lyrics “set me free”, and yes I liked both the thought about being set free, which is the work being done to me still bringing me out of darkness, and also this very nice song.

Joakim was inspired to bring the judge Anne-Margrethe a kiss on her cheek while dancing, and I was told that this was my kiss to my sister because of the love I have showed that I have to my sister, which is what also helped us this way until the end.

The last dance of Joakim and Claudia was VERY fine and humorous, which my mother and I liked MUCH, and it was done as actors in a circus, and you do know that circus is darkness, so this was to symbolise my work inside of darkness, and this dance received perfect score of four times ten by the judges Nikolaj, Anne-Margrethe, Jens and Britt.

The other dance couple, Silas and Louise, who are also brilliant dancers, but not as “entertaining” as the other couple in our opinion, did their final dance where a mix of Michael Jackson’s “dangerous” was part of the music, and it ended with the kiss of the spider woman as one said, which was the symbol of the kiss of death, which I was close to receive not that many weeks ago, and yes it would probably still have killed me if I decided to give in and receive it, and Louise said after the dance that “we had to get around the world with this dance” and yes a little more than a day it took, Prince, but we succeeded to avoid the spider woman kissing me.

And even though Silas and Louise were a very strong/skilled couple, Joachim and Claudia actually won, which made me think that this was “impossible” to do and I was thinking of the re-election of Obama also being “impossible”, and it made Joakim say “I shiver all over the body”, and yes I know the feeling, Joakim, when darkness attacks me, and also “this is wild – it is really crazy”, and “crazy” is indeed the keyword to my victory and yes when it comes to what how many (?) believed that I was.


2013: The Heart of Gold of our New World works fine, love of my mother and network keeps me alive over darkness

September 13, 2013: We are happy and smiling, the pendulum is swinging fine from the beginning, i.e. the Heart of Gold

We had a nice dinner and afterwards we saw the first show of “crazy with dance” starting a new season on TV2, which meant that we did not see the Mentor show on DR1 this evening, Thomas Blachman, and there was some inspired speech also here for example after my mother had said about one of the female contestors named Le that this was a rare name, which made her say – with the direct words of my inner self – that she could not stop smiling (after just having danced), and “smile” is what her names means, that is why :-).

The good old judge, Britt Bendixen, was back again this year, and she was so happy that she said “bobler hoopla” (“bubbles fettle”), which was a direct reference to Thomas Blachman, who had brought this picture of the grand old man of Danish TV, the late Otto Leisner, and one of his famous TV-shows was named “Hopla”, and the bubbles were of course about Champagne, so this was to say that we are happy here, Thomas, but we chose to see “crazy about dance”, which my mother is crazy about, and I love it too as I also love seeing your show, and I don’t know if I will use time to watch your show on the Internet tomorrow, because I have much work to do, we will see how the day tomorrow will progress.

The happy judge, Jens Werner, was also back, and he spoke about a pendulum swinging fine from the beginning, which is really the pendulum or heart of gold/God you know as the central part of this creation.

When writing this I received a DEEP pain to my right eye and was told that it bothers Thomas VERY MUCH when I am not watching, and this was the first time in years I have not watched a full shown with you, Thomas.

Britt was inspired again when she pretended to be the “dance police” saying “you are arrested – we cannot have it”, and the last words were about Sanna’s feeling that she “cannot have it” emotionally because her actions in relation to me will be revealed, and I was told that she has not told our mother that I have released myself from their prison.

My mother and I enjoyed watching this show and many of the participants, but we agreed that we miss the professional dancer Silas, who is not part of this for the first time in years.

I was reminded of the confectioner Mette Blomsterberg on “crazy about dance”, who was inspired to say “Herregodt” (“Lord-good”) after her dance, which was not only because she liked it but because her cakes are “perfect” as symbols of our New World.

It is not only DR TV knowing about you not watching Mentor this time but also TV2 knowing that you watched “crazy about dance” and I am here shown Britt Bendixen in a fine standard dance being VERY happy because this is what she is because I am following their show and her.

September 27, 2013: The act of darkness and celebration of “what do you have in your task (bag) today”, i.e. our New World

We watched “Crazy about dance” again on TV, and Mette Blomsterberg said something about happiness and heart, which came directly from my inner self.

The judge, Britt, was not happy about a couple dancing too much show and too little of the dance steps and said “I love what I hate so much much”, which was to say that even though this was wrong to do, she liked it very much, which to me is about this act of darkness and what it brings.

When they spoke about “balloon” as part of dancing, it was really about “celebration”, which is what the balloon means to me.

Jens Werner asked if he could pull up something from underneath the table (a doll to show dancing on), which made Britt ask “what do you have in your task (bag) today”, which you know is what Tommy Kenter and Per Pallesen used to say here with “task/bag” being a symbol of the world.

I was told about the “completely insane” result from the latest round of “crazy about dance” when Allan Simonsen once again “survived” not being voted out by the viewers even though he is VERY clearly for everyone to see “hopeless” on a dance floor, and instead the best dancer of them all Maria Lucia was voted out (because there was “too much show” in their dance!), and this is as MAD as it gets where everyone can see that this is WRONG and UNJUST, and this is really a symbol about my mother still being “unable” to understand me (“the opposite world”) even though it should be VERY CLEAR for her to see and understand who I am – and for the world following me to see how wrong she is when she “cannot” – and yes this is about TAKING BACK MY HEART you know ♥.

October 12, 2013: I am not an “eternal stamp machine” yet, love of my mother and network keeps me alive, I have received access to everything of our New World

I watched “Crazy about dance” even though I was not with my mother, and they had much inspired speech, but it was of the kind “not important” and also I have not much energy to write it down, so I decided to only include these examples.

Without this connection – with my father in St. Tropez – we could not mark life, and yes we had some good days together as we have never had before when he was with Kirsten, and this is what makes us “crazy about salmon” not having to yell about wasted life, and I was told this while the first couple from “crazy about dance” stood in front of the judges, and did you notice how the sign with their names on TV faded out and into the screen, which I believe you have never seen before?

This is why you did not receive stroma.

And the breakdown of Lars Løkke these days – where everyone speaks about him being “full of lies” also on the front page of newspapers, this is the “inspiration” and stories coming now because of me – is what comes into the hole.

So you are not an eternal stamp machine yet, which I have also wanted to become.

The Judge Jens Werner said to Allan Simonsen that he was on “happiness pills” and positive, which is because of me, and would Allan do the impossible to survive for another week (?), and yes he does his best, but has no talent dancing and receives clearly the lowest marks of all, but yes, the viewers voted on him again and once again love of the people made him survive, and this is the love of my mother, family, friends etc., which is making me continue surviving and working too.

Britt Bendixen told Allan Simonsen that she feels sorry about him not having a talent to dance, and also about the other “much better” contestants falling like flies to him being nothing special, and this was really about the much stronger world falling like flies to me.

So right now we are at St. Tropez collecting the most important of all, which is where you and your father left you?

Yes, it was there we had hidden not only one, but both you and your father.

They kept on speaking about and gave “high five” in “crazy about dance”, and what is it about this “five” (?), yes this is how strong the connection between your mother and you is even though you are not together this evening, we took the challenge to transfer this part of the black locomotive itself to you.

So it is “Crazy about dance” that we have transferred the power to, and I felt Restaurant Noma, and then I saw two kisses being given in this show as if it was Thomas Blachman giving them, which was his “business card” from Mentor, and I here taste the finest cheese too.

It is me bringing the bicycle inside of you.

The dancer Uffe danced to the newest James Bond song, and received the James Bond theme afterwards, and the interviewer said that he had bought a tour pass for everything, which is really what you do in Tivoli, which was to say that I completed my mission as secret agent to bring us all to the Paradise of the Source/Tivoli.

Jens Werner told Mette Blomsterberg and her partner that he loved to follow the story of their choreography and he would give them as many points as there are letters in “Blomster” (“flowers”), which was a sign of love of my mother and New World going through Jens and Mette here, and Mette said that this is like a “concentration dance camp”, which was inspired in relation to my new website on the dark New World Order III including the information on new concentration camps being built for the military take over – Martial law – which obviously is a message, which has come out and been understood.

October 18, 2013: The love of my mother of our new creation of life, everything matches, I am surviving darkness being much stronger than myself

We watched “Crazy about dance”, and I noticed how the voice of Britt Bendixen was given to my mother without my mother noticing anything, and it lasted most of the show.

The judge Jens Werner said that “Shaka love less” is “love more”, and my mother said that he liked him saying this, which is about our LOVE coming to the world.

The dancer Thomas said that he had butterflies and was nervous, which is about butterfly = creation and my mother being nervous after seeing my email to the United Nations.

And there was some talk meaning that we have come to bring all we have.

I saw Mette Blomsterberg dancing, and I told my mother how much charisma and happiness this dance, Samba, has and also how happy Mette looks, and when Nikolaj, the judge, commented on their dance he was given exactly the same words, which I had just told my mother.

I felt Paul from Arthur Findlay College knowing about me, and “can you forgive me” (?) as I heard his voice, and of course I can, Paul, but I cannot understand how you could decide to be so better-knowing and wrong together with “everyone else” when it was pretty easy to read and understand me.

Britt Bendixen said about Mathilde that she saw many “ground figures”, which was a reference to figures of Mary/my mother.

I like the dancer Uffe and his natural and unimpressed way of dancing and communicating, and his humour and confidence, and he and his dancing partner received four times 7 points from the judges which made him happy and say “you have seen correct”, and this was about the seven times seven as I told Karen years ago making it 49 where “something would happen” just to say that this was her thought and inspiration behind this.

Britt said to Mads and his partner “Hej med jer to, det var meget godt” (“hi you too, it was very good”), and she said the words “Hej med jer to” so characteristic that I could hear that this comes from somewhere, but from where (?), and is this from a TV or radio show where they used to speak like this (?), and “meget godt” is about Lama Yönten still being with us.

One judge told Mads and Mie that “everything matches, the colours, co-ordination and ….”, and they received the first 10 grade of the season, and this is about our new car of life of this reserve energy of the Source, which we are setting up.

Allan Simonsen was saved by the viewers once again – a symbol of my continuous journey despite of all – even though he is still by far the poorest dancer, and no, my mother does NOT like watching him dance and the viewers deciding wrongly voting on him because he is popular rather than a good dancer, and I really agree, but when I tell my mother how nice a man he is and how much he is fighting to do his best even though he has almost no talent for dancing, which I respect much (I do the same myself in what I have no talent for including some sport), she agrees and I see how this influences her thinking of him.

Naser shouted out in joy that Allan Simonsen survived this round of “crazy about dance” too calling him for “The Lord of Dance”, “Allan Simonsen is God”, “he dances like a butterfly” and he decided to vote for him, and the butterfly means “creation” and Allan symbolises my survival against much greater powers than me, so this just might be Naser voting on me, i.e. supporting me in the secret, Naser?

November 1, 2013: I am the King and “the best football player” receiving hidden support

We watched “crazy about dance” again, but first from 20.30 because we had such a nice time at the dinner, my mother thought, so she did not want to leave.

The judge, Britt, told the dancer Mads and his partner that it is like getting a waterfall in the ear, which is about my mother speaking. And when one dancer told another – a couple of times – that “you are my master”, it was a symbol of me.

Some weeks ago, I was inspired watching clips from Bollywood, India, and Nollywood, Nigeria, and it let to “crazy about dance” for the first time ever to bring two team-dances Bollywood-style, and it was so funny for the contestants and judges that there were no limits to how much they laughed, which was about the joy of my inner self/all life of creation, and yes Allan Simonsen was carried like a Maharaja in this dance, and here you can see a Facebook group celebrating Allan as a “king”, and yes this is about “the best football player”, who was not sent out of the game because of the unexpected support he received from “everyone”, which is about the hidden support of me.

November 8, 2013: I decided that “I can”, however my internet behaviour almost ended the Old World, darkness still wants to bring me “the kiss of death”

I watched “Crazy about dance” on TV2, and the judge Britt told the dancers Thomas and Mathilde something about the dramatic ending and a kiss, which she liked, and this is about “the kiss of death”, which is really what darkness still wants to bring me to eliminate the last grains of sand.

Thomas had decided to tell Mathilde when practising that he did not want to listen to her repeated “I am sorry”, and he taught her to say “I can”, and when the changed attitude believing in herself, she really could, and after their dance, the judge Jens said that when you believe that “I can”, wonders happen, and this is about what I did myself following the same words of Obama – “I can” – and then I really could and yes winning over MUCH stronger darkness you know.

After Allan Simonsen had danced, he said that in the beginning he had no tool box with him, but now he has some more in the box, and this was inspired with “tool box” being the tool box of everything of the Source.

I was told that we have expanded the limits of what is possible to look at from the opposite gender of our New World because of what I have been watching on the Internet, which has NOT been about porn (at all!) or even nudity (since I many months ago was told that this is “no go”), but let us say “wrong attitude” of people not having much clothes on, and especially a couple of videos the last days have been “over the limit”, but I was also told that this is nothing compared to what I have been watching before (including nude content as long as I thought this was fine, and yes I have been going through a “gradual reduction scheme” for years of what is proper to watch).

After Uffe had danced, Jens told him that he loves his attitude and how long this will bring him – being unimpressed having a “no nonsense” approach, “now we will do this, the worst that can happen is that it goes wrong” and doing his very best, which I have also told you about before, and he praised him for his “lovely feet”, and this was also inspired about my attitude doing the same with feet being “life”, but Jens also said that “this is where the film breaks a little” and then he turned around asking his fellow judge “Anne, can I borrow your body” (?) and then he showed what it was about, but what it truly was about was to say that I almost made the film of this last act break because of these couple of videos that I decided to see, which was “too close” to what I find is good for people to watch as my inner self says.

Afterwards Uffe said that his mother tells him that he has lovely feet while his father asks him why he doesn’t lose weight when dancing as much as he does, which again is about me and my weight problems.

Britt told Uffe that “you are insanely likeable”, and I felt Helena, which is about her being torn about whether I am insane or likeable?

I had difficulties remembering names of people, which simply did not come to me (for example I much liked the song by Grace Jones, which they played, and when I tried to remember her name, I kept on (actively) receiving the name of Gloria Gaynor before Grace’ name came to me after maybe 15 minutes), and this is about severe difficulties bringing out the last life/grains of sand.

This was followed by the dancers Mads and Claudia pushing their knees together, which made Claudia twist her ankle hurting her very much (she went to the hospital later), and it made one of the judges speak of these knees as if they were a shock absorber on a car not working, and this was a reference to my old Ford Cortina from 1968, which we drove in on the big land of Allan’s parents around 1980/81 (as one of several cars there), and besides from having the gasoline tank stolen, it also had its shock absorber physically break through the right side of the chassis, which I now understand was a symbol of the world self collapsing, and this is what this dance was about, which is my watching of these few videos, which was close to bring the remaining (“nothing”) of the Old World to break down, but still we are driving, so we have come through this too and yes because I am also saying that “everything has to be perfect”, so we pretend doing this (even though we are elsewhere!).

Mathilde said that she has “let go” (“give los” in Danish) and something about “nuts” (“gak” in Danish) with “los” also being the Danish name of a lynx, and this was a reference to “who wants to be millionaire” the other day about a question of a lynx having BIG EARS, and here to say that they are speaking about me at “Crazy about dance” and there are also people there simply believing – without knowing what they speak of – that I am “nuts”, so there you have it too, and yes there are still coming in more grains of sand as we call it here, and this is coming to me because Uffe said – after a long dance making him exhausted – that “I have Sahara in my mouth now” (!), and what a thing to say if you are not inspired, and inspired he was because this is about the “almost eternity of life”, which we have saved via my journey, and as mentioned, it is now only the last few grains of sand, which we are bringing in, and this is what this dance show and their “sceptical attitude” is helping to bring me too (when sending darkness to me because of this reason).

And Uffe won this exhausting dance, which was a collective dance in direct competition with the other dance couples, and he said that he had simply improvised and then decided to do his best, which was good enough to win, and again he was a symbol of me deciding to do exactly the same “improvising” my work and deciding to do my best, which was “good enough”.

I watched Danish football celebrating itself with an entertainment show on TV2 this evening, and I was told that I am “world famous” in there, which is also why Søren Lerby (one of the best players too of the magnificent 1980’s national team) spoke inspired about the evil Morten Olsen has gone through hoping that he will stay as national coach.

And Allan Simonsen and “Gladbach” (“smooth full-back” in Danish with a good will) had to come in here at the end to show you “no hair” (life) at the end, this was Allan’s destiny to become world famous, and these people of the football world know about the true meaning of Allan surviving week after week in “crazy about dance” as a symbol of my survival against darkness of the world.


2014: Our New world “sits right in the eye” including previous layers of life before ours, “our lucky star and all Gods are with us”

September 19, 2014: Our New world “sits right in the eye” including previous layers of life before ours, which is all brought via my sharp pen, the elite “cannot” speak of me

I was happy to watch the new season of “Crazy about dance” on TV2, and the referee Jens Werner often makes me happy because of his fine and precise language and instructions and not least because of his attention to people and the good things that they do, which he also remembers to mention, thus lifting up people, and at 20.18 he said that “it sits right in the eye”, and “eye” was here inspired about my eye seeing and being everything. The dancer Ditte said at 20.20 that it is like being poured over with Champagne, which was also given to her from above with the meaning “happiness”, ecstasy really :-), about our New World.

The actor Paprika Steen was very inspired after her dance when she decided to speak about the FAME film – as I have done too not long ago – and how it takes sweat and blood to do making you sacrifice your life, which is what it took me to do, and she spoke of a “classical musical”, which gave me the feeling of ELO, but then you have eyelids put on making it all worthwhile, and these eyelids were inspired about layers of life of all creations before ours, which were put on my eyes in layers not long ago.

At 20.54, the other referee that I love much, Britt Bendixen, told the dancer Thomas Wivel something like “you are beautiful and a juvenile lead like Poul Reichardt was, I am sure you were also beautiful as a child, and you also write well, you have a sharp pen”, and this was really also about me, and what my mother has always told me, which is that I was very beautiful as a child/baby, which was noticed by people when I laid in my pram – see pictures of me here and decide for yourself if this is true, I cannot tell myself – and the sharp pen is about the sharp pen that I decided to use in my scripts going directly after the throat of darkness.

The former Health Minister Astrid Krag is also dancing from joy, Astrid (?), but you cannot tell the world about me because you have sworn an oath that you will not tell about me (?), and yes, this is why you were given a loud noise (from “above”) clearing your throat at 20.59 the same way as the character Anne Elk played by John Cleese in Monty Python, who also simply could not get it out, and yes, here it is again.

The referee Nikolai Hübbe told a dance couple at 21.06 that they are not two people that you would normally put together because they are mismatched, but still they bring chemistry and are fantastic together so you have to surrender and say “they are truly beautiful together”, which was about how mismatched Karen and I are, but just you wait and see what will happen when we will join together as one diamond bringing the spark and everlasting energy to our New World, and yes, I wish that Jeff will play some of his “new” songs too, which this is a fine example of :-). And yes, Nikolai ended by saying that “it will give paw”, which was about Karen being the dog of darkness.

October 4, 2014: Force of the Source, I am transforming from the Ugly Duckling into the swan of my new self bringing all life here

October 11, 2014: I am given incredible strong feelings of nervousness, I am the cleverest, “our lucky star and all Gods are with us” 🙂

October 18, 2014: Karen was the “femme fatale” on my road, I am coming down to Earth, I am bleeding, almost fainting, man sucked out my energy

October 25, 2014: “Big Brother is watching”

I did not watch the first part of “Crazy about dance” this Friday evening because of the Caroline Henderson concert, but I returned home to follow the second part of their show this special evening where Danish TV2 did a collection show for cancer, which is moving everyone here except me, which it disgusts because cancer is one big scam of darkness killing man (as the climate crisis and “no free energy” as examples are too), and because of the occasion, the judges had been asked to produce a special dance each, and Britt Bendixen asked two dancers of her dance showing hand signs “what are you doing”, and yes, they showed “B & B”, which came to me as “Big Brother is watching” you as a symbol that I am following the show as they know, and I liked Britt’s dance as well as the other judges Jens Werner and Nikolaj Hübbe (his ballet piece “the dying swan” was INCREDIBLE beautiful, see it at the link below), but I was completely “swept away” by Anne Laxholm not only doing a fine dance with two children but also including herself dancing with her husband Hans Henrik in public for the first time in 25 years, and this is the couple that won several World and European Championships in Standard Dances in the end of the 1970’s and 1980’s, and it moved me INCREDIBLE to see because I remember seeing them on TV as teenager/young and they are the ones having impressed me the most of all dance couples, and here I recognised their unique style and beautiful dance immediately making me very happy and moved to see, and I could tell from the reactions of the audience and the public in general that I was not the only one feeling like this, Anne and Hans Henrik received storming applause and happiness of “moved people” remembering their very fine dance as me.

November 15, 2014: I have an extra gear overcoming resistance of darkness and my constant pain, MUCH happiness still comes my way for saving all

My mother and I watched “Crazy about dance” and once again there was much inspired speech, and let us see how much of it that I will write down bringing to you this time, here we go.

Anne-Margrethe Laxholm said that she would be the one “spoiling the fun”, which is “wormwood in the cup” as we say here with “wormwood” being “Malurt” in Danish, which is still the name of Michael Falch’s old band, and she said something about “I will be nice now”, which is what you will be too not longer being silent in relation to me, Michael?

After the dance of Johannes and Claudia, Johannes told the judges that he had received a black-out just before the dance when he was rehearsing the dance and suddenly had forgotten it – this is how “spiritual darkness” also works emptying your mind/memory – and it made him “jump up and down” as he was told by the judges that he is NOT to do in a Wiener Waltz, which made me smile because this is what we have teased John for many years after he on our skiing holiday to Austria in 1985 was jumping up and down on the dancefloor with my mother in a Wiener Walt, which was MUCH MORE than what you did here, Johannes.

My mother and I were happy seeing Sanne Salomonsen sing “Hjem” (“Home”) live to one of the dances, and my mother jumped from joy and said “it is truly good that she is here, turn up the volume”, and I believe that this was the dance with Astrid Krag, and I thought and told my mother that “this is very good TV”, and yes, the stage decoration was beautiful too, and we spoke about how incredible Astrid has developed through these weeks where she was almost voted out in the first shows, and now she is so much better and so much more fit, which is because she has decided to do her best, and yes, I love seeing people like that.

After the dance, the judge, Nicolaj Hübbe, said that they were inspired by the beautiful voice of Sanna, and “it made my little heart tick” because “I don’t spoil the fun” (“Malurt” again), which is about making the heart of my new self work, which may be about Michael Falch, as example, not being completely silent about me?

The judge Jens Werner told Atrid’s dancing partner Thomas that “you have an extra gear”, which was about overcoming resistance of my mother to me, and he continued speaking about drinking Champagne, and the dancers Thomas and Astrid almost had tears in their eyes because of the incredible positive feedback that they received, which was about happiness because of what I did coming through darkness to save you all.

Astrid and Thomas went to the backroom where the host Claus – who is a joy to follow on these shows – was suddenly inspired when receiving an extra last question for Astrid before she left, which was “what do you think about dance” (?), which made Astrid say that “I am so happy having brought dance inside of me”, and this was really about “I am so happy having brought God (Stig) inside of me”, i.e. receiving faith in me.

Jens told the dancers Ditte and Morten that “You have some kind of wave ….” and I felt “New Wave” and Simple Minds, which Jens showed then via a “simple minded expression” and I was told that his thoughts are that it is incredible that simple minded people “cannot” understand me, and yes, I have dreams about Simple Minds too that I don’t write down, which is to say that we still have a close connection, Jim.

Britt told Ditte that “I want more” and she looked at Jens and received second thoughts when saying “have I been too negative” (?), and it was first right here that I received the feeling that Britt is symbolising my mother and Jens me, and this is why they have disagreed often for weeks, which is about darkness/resistance of my mother to whom I really am, and yes, my mother was “too negative” when not understanding me.

Anne-Grethe Laxholm said something like “you are beautiful when you enter the floor – making magic” and I was given the CLEAR feeling of nervousness of my sister inside Anne-Grethe, which is about her nervousness of being revealed to our mother and the world what she did to us to kill us – like my father was killed – in order for her and John and their families to survive “the judgment of man” and not me.

Sara and Silas did a VERY beautiful Rumba where Silas had pushed Sara and her hips to her very outmost, and she told about how her hips have brought her “constant pain” and “it hurts all of the time, it is just not visible”, which is about my constant pain (“the worst”), which people just cannot see and not understand when they cannot read and understand me, and Claus told them that they did their very best and that Silas “pressed out all of the lemon”, and yes, “lemon” is an old symbol, which is what I did to bring you with me to our New World, and they then received maximum marks as result.

Claudia and Johannes did an incredible beautiful Argentine Tango, and I told my mother that this is truly the most beautiful dance that I know of, and it made Britt tell Claudia and Johannes that it was “art forming a synthesis going directly to my heart, completely fantastic”, which again is about my (our) new heart and happiness, and Jens was very inspired when saying something like “the beautiful don’t come without all of the package being beautiful” and he then thought and spoke of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror” – which is a direct connection to Simon Cowell and the UK X factor – and he said that this song is about having doubts in yourself, but you have no reason to doubt in yourself at all, Johannes, as he said, which was about me doing right not having doubts in myself and – “You got to stand up, make that change, you know it”, Simon!

I felt my sister inside Anne-Grethe again when she said that “this was the best quarter final ever of Crazy about Dance”, which is about my sister’s happiness with the outcome of my work, and Britt was very happy about their Tango too and said “Don’t cry for me Argentina” because you don’t have anything to cry about (we made it!), which was directly related to my mother, sister and I recently speaking about going on a tour to London, where I told them that I would like to go and watch a musical at one of the famous London Theaters, and I told them that when I went to London with my Commercial School class in 1982, the class went to see Evita with “Don’t cry for Argentina”, which I did not in order to save money, which I have regretted ever since, and I am here told to play this in Madonna’s version, right (?), right!

November 28, 2014

There was almost no inspired speech in X Factor UK last weekend because I had stopped writing (!), which was the same in the final of the Danish “Crazy about dance”, which I simply LOVED to see and LOVED seeing Silas and Sara Maria win and that is except from a few words here and there giving the message of LOVE and UNITY of all.


2015: We have finished creation and returned home with all life, I continue working to bring energy to our New World

September 11, 2015: We are on top of creation, I am honest and tell my messages convingcingly, our New World will bring all a party of exaltation 🙂

I watched the 1st show of the new season of “Crazy about dance”, and after the first dance of the evening with John “Faxe” and Karina, I felt Michael Sadler from SAGA, and when the judge Jens Werner after the dance said “I could clearly see the soul of the dance”, I understood that this is what Michael could with me, see my soul. John said something about “the two last steps” (“sidste skridt”), which to me came with a strong feeling as “sidste skrig” (“last scream”), which is about my last sufferings I am now going through, which Michael Sadler as example knows about and this is also about “Sidste skrig” by Danseorkestret, one of my favourite Danish bands, which is also to say that Michael knows Danish music through me. And the judge Anne Grethe Laxholm spoke something about “rise”, which to me was also about SAGA’s song “rise and shine” and the rise of my new self.

After the next dance by Sharin and Frederik, Jens spoke about their performance “you bring about a message in a way that makes me convinced that you believe in it yourself”, which was also about how I bring about the message of my mission convincing people like Michael Sadler (and myself).

Britt Bendixen, the judge, told the couple Patrick and Jenna that “you have stood model for the couple on top of the marzipan ring cake”, which was also to say that this is where we are now, on top of all creation with Karen and I becoming “one”, and this was in lack of an apple pie because Britt knows about me and is nervous of my comments too :-).

Jens Werner told the couple Rasmus and Mille that “I am a very honest man, I tell people how things are and I never do anything to make people sad”, which is exactly what I could have said and what I have done throughout my mission.

Nikolaj Hübbe, the fourth judge, told Rasmus and Mille that “there is a little Hollywood over you”, which was also a reference to the fine song “say goodbye to Hollywood”, which is because this is what Michael Sadler and the world knows that we are doing now, which is to end the game of light and darkness of our Old World to enter our New World, and yes, Michael, this was much about you again because I still LOVE your music and because you are with me :-).

Nikolaj told the couple Karen and Michael “as we heard John Faxe say in the beginning, his heart galloped with 300 beats per second, and what happens when you lose control of your heart and breathing, is that you lose your rhythm”, and Britt said “I understand that it can be difficult to set things in system”, “you are such a naughty little girl” and “sometimes you did not follow Michael and this is alfa and omega in dance, he leads, she follows”, and it ended with the host Sarah Grünewald telling Karen “you have powder in your behind”, and all of this was about how my heart was designed to get out of rhythm and stop beating bringing the end of the world because of (my) Karen not following me, but being unfaithful to me because she could not help it, thus sending me incredible amounts of darkness.

Jens Werner told Ena and Thomas “you bring about a message, you are doing a good job making me think “the errors don’t matter, I have a party””, which again is about the message of my writings to the world, which include errors, but still we will all have a party :-). And there was some talk about Bond and “you only live once”, but as you know, this is not true, because the title is “you only live twice” as is also the case in reality when you will all be given your new, original life :-).

I loved seeing the incredible good mood and enthusiasm of the actor Søs Egelind just for being part of “Crazy about dance” – “wauw, it was such fun” etc. – and after her dance she said “complete desert sand in the mouth”, which is also about what I have and have had for a VERY LONG TIME during nights and when awakening in the morning, which somehow has also been a sign of dying.

Jens Werner told Søs and Mads that “the first I do when judging a couple is to close my eyes, use my ears to discover the music of the fantastic band, I then open my eyes after some seconds and then I see if what is going on, on the floor, matches what they play” and “it is very smart that you reduce your cha-cha-cha tempo 8%, which makes it so naked that you cannot hide, but it is only good if you can do it, otherwise it will break apart”, and this was about my old philosophy to “use your ears” to listen and understand people before you make yourself understood, as 9 out of 10 can benefit from today (also helping them to avoid foolish misunderstandings and seem “more clever”), and also to say that I have reduced my work tempo, I could not avoid it, which could have broken me, but I got through.

I believe it was Claus, the other host, who told Stephanie “you are a giant fan of crazy about dance”, and yes, this was really about “are you still a fan”, which Simpson on radio P6 keeps asking, and this is really about Helena still being a “fan” of me, whom I was thinking of because I had seen her close friend Jette showing on my Facebook as “people you may know”, thus showing that Helena has told Jette about me and she follows me on my Facebook wall, otherwise she would never show (we have no other common denominator).

And then it was time for the American born singer James Sampson to dance with Mie, which was simply a complete mind-blowing experience – which are the words given to me here but because this is what it was and I felt Sanna too because she knows that this is what the system did to me, which was “to blow my mind completely” – and yes, this man showed the most soul, passion and intensity I have ever seen in “crazy about dance”, and this is from a beginner in the 1st round, which is what is making it truly “mind-blowing”, and yes, what an experience, which it also was to me when he won the “start for an evening” singing competition on DR1 TV in 2001 with “Me and mrs. Jones”, which he almost sang better than the original, and yes, a man truly FULL OF SOUL, and Nikolaj was stunned after the dance saying “you are not allowed to lie, and I know that the rules say that a new dancer of crazy about dance is not allowed to have danced professionally before”, and yes, this is what it looked as if James had, and Nikolaj continued “this is mind-blowing (!), what happened right there” (?), and this was also to say that Nikolaj and the world knows that I am NOT lying, and Britt said “I was speechless of excitement” and “doing a three-step turn-around as you did in the middle, you stand as clear as a bell without a trace of staggering, I am speechless”, yes, this was really also about what I did turning you all around to the other side of life in our New World, and Jens continued by saying “when you are going to deliver a message, a performance, it means that when you are as good at your trade as you are, you don’t have to act as much” (facial expression), which again is about my work bringing us here, and yes, I am this soul standing in the middle of the Trinity of all, which is what James symbolises here and what you spoke of Nikolaj, Britt and Jens, and it ended with Claus saying that the high marks (4 times 5) already in the first program means that they will have to expand the grading scale and “sikken fest” (“what a party”), which is not only the experience of this “the best dance ever”, but about the TRUE exaltation people will feel with the opening of our New World, which will make them party together with Johnny Reimar, “a hidden knight” working for me too, right Johnny (?), and me :-).

September 18, 2015: I saved man from the end of the world, and have turned around life to the other side, the world is not ready yet, which is why we will continue the act

Again, I watched “Crazy about Dance” this evening, and I did not write all “inspired speech” down carefully because I wanted to listen to the comments of the judges on TV2’s website when writing this as I did last week, but when I am now about to write this chapter and look at TV2’s website, I can see that this week they have only included the dances without the following comments from the judges and not as last week where they had included the comments, and no, I cannot get access otherwise, and yes, you can get one month free of their TV2-play, but it still requires that you put in credit card details, and I don’t have a credit card, so you will have to settle with the not full comments that I took when watching it.

The judge Nikolaj told the dancers Patrick and Jenna that “you have the most infectious energy, which I love”, and the host Sarah had just said the same, and this “energy” is about the force of the Source coming. I felt Johannes Langkilde, the US reporter of DR1 TV news, and then heard the judge Jens Werner say something about “non verbal communication”, which was about the “standing policy” of the secret network not to speak about me in public.

Later, Jens said “the hand on my heart” to Patricia, which is a physical sign of God I gave daily when I was in Kenya in 2009, and here I would have wanted to listen again to what he said, but I cannot. The judge Britt told this couple something about “salsa or sauce” and “you were mostly sauce” with sauce being an old symbol of the Source too.

When watching the show, I was surprised seeing, when looking out of my window and out over Øresund Strait, that the “bend with the red light”, which otherwise had been removed the last days after months of blinking, had returned (!), and it has the meaning that this will block the opening of our New World (!), and I was told that it is because your mother is not ready and because I will tell her tomorrow evening that “we are coming to an end, we will open to our New World very soon now”, and I noticed after this that the light was not blinking constantly as it used to do, but “cautiously” and with lower light too, and one judge told the dancer Katrine that “the show must go on”, which was about this blockage of my mother, and it is still connected to her silence not wanting to tell me and the world that she was on my sister’s team wanting to hospitalise me because I was “sick” etc., and this is what makes her NOT want to open the doors to our New World because her WRONG actions in relation to me will be revealed then, and this is how my mother is really destroying everything, but sending me darkness to the end, and this is also why “the system” and the world cannot communicate with me and apologize their WRONG actions. This is the membrane you will break through, the darkest darkness because of resistance from your own mother ….. This is how she is keeping everything of the Old World together. She has done this despite of knowing how much you miss Karen, yes, it is impossible for my mother to admit to what she did, i.e to lose face, which is also how the world elite feels like in relation to their wrongdoings trying to terminate 90% of man.

I felt my sister, and then I heard Britt tell the dancer Chris about how impressed she was with his acting, and yes, this was about my sister being impressed with my acting, which I do when I don’t speak about my true work when I meet the family, and when I am working directly against the system via my emails and scripts.

Sarah told the couple Mille and and Rasmus “in my eyes you are prince and princess – and I am the horse”, and yes, the (white) horse is a symbol of the whole world, and the beautiful couple is Karen and I.

I would also have liked to hear again what Nikolaj told the couple Søs and Mads, but it was something about Dirch Passer and how they had made him laughing and turned around, and this was about the smile and good humour of the Source because we have turned around the world. And I felt Obama, and then a judge said something about “true class” and “my God” to Søs, I did no write it down, but it was about what Obama thinks of my work.

And then it was Karina and John “Faxe’s” turn to dance a Salsa, but “disaster happened” when “Faxe” went blank totally forgetting the dance (!), and afterwards he said that he was on top believing that he could the Salsa, but then suddenly he had forgotten about all of it, and yes, this is what happens when I am to give you as example to the world what would have happened to me if it was up to my “silent mother” sending me darkness, which was to go blank, which would have brought the end of the world, but despite of your poor performance this evening, you were still saved by the bell in the end when the viewers did not vote you out, i.e. I continued my work despite of darkness of my mother trying to stop me.

Do you know who I have been in prison with (?), yes, my mother thus all of the world because of my mother’s (and the world’s) wrong vanity not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. This was really the only way to go through darkness prolonging our Old World, because of wrong behaviour of wimps. This is what gives me cough, which I was given a little of again.

It was only love of your mother to you that kept us up, otherwise there would have been no Old World. This is how my mother brought us more time for creation when extending our sufferings.

In the end of the evening, the red blinking light on Øresund Strait almost stopped because my mother knows that I/we have to go on.

In “the verdict” of “Crazy about Dance”, the host Claus interviewed the dancer Stephanie, who said that it was “surrealistic” winning the dance despite of having received an injury, and when she said “surrealistic”, I was instantly given the thought of the surrealistic painter Dali with a “picture” being symbol of creation, and I was given the strong feeling of Claus knowing that I was watching him right in this moment when he looked into the camera – and yes, both Sarah and Claus do great as hosts in this show as the hosts and the band do too, which is on “high level”. And the show ended with Sami and Patricia having to leave the competition, and I believe it was Claus saying something like “you are leaving with a party, you have painted it beautifully”, which was really about the beautiful painting of our New World, so now you are also part of this script, Claus :-).

September 25, 2015: Obama recommended the Pope NOT to announce me to the world, there is a “perfect balance of gold on both sides of the weight”

My mother had invited me for dinner this evening, and we watched “Crazy about dance” afterwards, and after the first dance, I received the feeling of Obama, and Anne Laxholm told the couple Søs and Mads that they should not dance to the whole world, only to themselves, and this was to say that this is what Obama recommended the Pope, which was not to announce me to the whole world yet. Britt continued saying that “You’re still glowin’…you’re still crowin” taken from the lyrics of the beautiful song “Hello Dolly” as we had just heard.

I did not write down which judge telling which dancer, but a judge said something about “the old man’s hump having worked 10-15 years in front of a computer”, which is what I have done and still do.

Britt told the couple Karen and Michael that “you come in as clear as a bell”, and I was given the feeling of “perfect balance of gold on both sides of the weight”.

The judge Jens Werner had told the first couple about “swing” and “sway”, which he also did to the second couple, and this was really about modern slang, which Anders Breinholdt from “Natholdet” on TV2 spoke with the young men from Citybois about a couple of days ago (the words “Swing” and “sway”), and this was just to say that the world has noticed my story from “Natholdet” with Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam about repenting your sins.

The couple Rasmus and Mille was told that it is much better when you can see the SOUL, i.e. me, of the dance, and Nikolaj wanted to see a raising in his body bringing out the tiger in him, i.e. lion or the Source, which is what we have not yet showed the world because the Pope did not announce me even though we have “broken the code” as Jens told Chris.

Britt told Katrine and Aslak about her dream to see this couple going out and deliver a show dance and she then pretended to introduce Karine and Aslak using a LOUD voice, which is about the dream of presenting me to the world, which did not happen today, and Nikolaj told the couple that “you have been danced together, you are one”, which is indeed what we are, you are me, I am you.

There was something about a dull and Stephanie, which I did not write down, but I felt my new self as the dull about to wake up.

Jens told Sharin something about “a party seeing you flower”, which was really about Vivian unfolding the flowers of our New World.

And then it was time for James and Mie to dance, and they did a marvellous dance together, and I was happy seeing how James went into an “impossible” splits between Mie’s legs and they had a LIBERATING LAUGH together at the end after a perfect dance, and when Britt started to comment, I felt with her that she was “speechless” again, and she said how much in love she was seeing this much talent, and I felt Obama again and was told that it was his decision not to announce me – because of my mother, who has said nothing.

October 2, 2015: Sanna is still the creature of darkness, my mission is complete, my ”Personal Jesus” looks outstanding – speak the truth directly!

We were delayed by the restaurant in Hillerød, so we first returned home to me for coffee at 20:30 to watch ”Crazy about dance”, which had started at 20:00, but I could start over the broadcast, which I did, and I hoped that this would still be ”live” enough to include inspired speech, but it almost did not, only a little.

One of these was when the judge Britt told the dancer Katrine about dances having ”an inner creature”, and I was given the feeling of darkness and Sanna as this creature, and Sarah told Katrine that the mission has completed, which is what my mission is.

I received the feeling of my mother and sister, and then Jens Werner told the dancer Patrick ”my God, you look outstanding”, which was really about my new self.

My mother said that ”they” say that Jens Werner is degrading and arrogant, and I replied that this is WRONG, he only speaks the truth without wanting to harm anyone (as I), and this is really about people who are too easily offended not being able to understand the truth objectively when it is told directly, and yes, as I have been met with by most people all along my mission, and this is what was symbolised also a couple of weeks ago where Jens spoke very directly to ”my little darling”, Mille Funk, which most people misunderstood here.

Hereafter, Sharin and Frederik did an elegant dance to ”Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode played by the fantastic show band ”the Antonelli Orchestra”, which moved not only Claus, the host, much (Depeche Mode is his favourite band), but also me, and that is not least because this show band played this, one of my favourite songs of all, with the nerve, strength and energy as skillfully and tight as I have heard no other show bands being capable of, they truly have to be the best ”show band” in the world, and I wonder how many of you out there was thinking of me when hearing this great song :-).

October 9, 2015: I continue working to bring energy for our New World, we have pulled out the ship of the Old World, i.e. we have made new creation”

We watched “Crazy about dance” on TV2 together, and when the judge Nikolaj explained the couple Chris and Louise about how the dance, Samba, had come from Africa to Brazil and was danced by both rich and poor, I felt that this was inspired by my comment earlier today about bringing “normal life” to all by taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

When Jens Werner explained the couple Stephanie and Morten about the tact and how to follow it, I received the feeling of a true expert explaining what he knows about as a symbol of what I had expected to receive from Sony, which I did not.

I believe it was the judge Britt who told the couple Søs and Mads “do NOT faint, Mads” and about his attitude “I don’t give a damn doing it my way”, which is about how close I am and have been to fainting when having no energy, but still I continue working doing it my way. And the host Sarah spoke about “the spinning top” and told them something about bringing “wild energy”, which is really what I am still preparing in this continuous game.

Claus, the other host, encouraged people to send a text message including the words “JFK” if voting for the couple John and Karina, but suddenly he could not say “JFK” clearly, which is because my mother and I have received a discount-booklet including free tea from the new JFK cafe in Helsingør, and because of “new information” I read the other day about J.F. Kennedy.

I was given the word Hebraic, and told that you are the one, which has to be about having faith of Jews in me too.

The couple Ena and Thomas was told about how much warmth and happiness of life that they bring, and Ena was inspired when pretending to speak in the phone, which was really about the world waiting on me (2017 update: “about how new life has been created”).

Just before Britt started speaking to the couple Patrick and Jenna, I felt Dan Rachlin, and then Britt told Patrick something about “you have to show the “see me, see me, see me”, give more lion of you”, which of course was about “we want to see the Source”, and she said “you are a couple made of milk and honey”, which is really about “the land of milk and honey” of our New World now coming to you all very soon :-).

So now we are over on the other side. We have placed a new Christmas decoration on top of the old burned down on the dinner table as I am shown. We have successfully pulled out the old ship from the Old World, and I am literally shown a ship moving out of the Globe, and also a spoon inside of it, which is about man looking forward to his new dinner, i.e. new life.

October 16, 2015: My mother believes in me as the teacher and brings BIG KISSES, ”I am happy to have returned home with all life”, Karen and I have become one

The judge Britt told the couple Sharin and Frederik that “there was an energy making it sparkle”, and I felt Champagne, which is about celebration of having reached the force of the Source. Afterwards, Sharin could not help saying the f-word to the host Claus, and said “I am sorry”, which is about Anders Breinholdt and people having seen my update encouraging you to stop swearing, which however is “not easy” to do, when you have “poor habits”, and I was given the feeling that Sharin would like my response to her performance with her band, the Raveonettes, in Helsingør at the recent prize award of the Crown Prince couple, and yes, I saw it, Sharin, and you did a fine performance and I can hear the qualities of your music, which however is not among my personal music, which again is only because of how I am made.

Anne told the couple Jenna and Patrick that Slowfox is about two people dancing on the floor making them look as one, which was really about Karen and I having become one, and she continued saying to move over the waves of the floor, which is really “the waves” on the road of our New World bringing life, so this is really what you were speaking of, Anne :-). Nikolaj told the same couple that they reminded him of a Prince and Princess on the castle hitting him directly in solar plexus, which was also about Karen and I.

I received the thought about my comments to the American ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, talking too much and working too little, and then Nikolaj told the couple Ena and Thomas about Thomas being a “fantastic teacher”, and this word “teacher” was planted about me teaching the world. And when Ena told Claus that Thomas is really a good teacher and that she cannot and will not speak poorly about him behind his back, I felt that this is now what my mother does in relation to me really believing in me as this “fantastic teacher”. Claus also took out a book that he knows Ena is reading, which was “Last dance of the dead”, which is about the requirement of a magic dance to survive among zombies, which was really to tell you that I have been working as a living dead for years inside darkness to save you. And the other host, Sarah, said something to the audience like “without you, crazy about dance is nothing”, which was the same as saying “without Stig, we would not be alive”, this was the inspiration.

Anne told James Sampson that when he dances alone in periods, he shows us all of the dance he possesses to his fingertips, and I felt my inner self all the way out in my finger tips, which was to say that we have reached all corners, I am everywhere.

One judge told someone that it was your best dance in the season, which I understood was about me doing my best to bring you here, and then suddenly one couple after the other came out with big kisses of lipstick on the cheeks, I believe it was the last 4-5 couples doing this (?), and yes, it was simply about the female partners being so happy after the dances that they gave big kisses to their male partners, and no, you have NEVER seen this happening like this before so it was noticed by all including all viewers, and this was simply the kiss of my mother saying that I am happy to have returned home with all life :-).

When Jens Werner was speaking – again saying that he only tells directly what he means – I was told that he knows just how difficult it has been for me telling the truth directly as it is having had people around me with uncontrollable emotions not being able to understand objectively.

And no, my mother now doesn’t mind when I write down notes on my telephone as she saw me doing again during this show, and she did not question it – “what are you writing down” – as she used to do, because now “she knows”.

October 23, 2015: The Christmas Cracker will bring the birth of my new heart and light that brings the magical gift of new life to all of our beautiful New World, ”all is gold”

I watched “Crazy about dance” this evening, which included this “inspired speech” from above.

The judge Anne told the dancer Stephanie that “you are a true, little cracker, a Christmas cracker”, which was about bringing the birth of my new self making the Old World “crack” and reveal our New World.

The host, Claus, told the dancer Søs that the judges are in the mood for giving gifts, and Sarah said that the range was from “nothing” to …, which was about the gift of the Source of “nothing” coming bringing force to all new life.

There was a collection show to benefit Cancer this evening too – “a game of the elite maintaining cancer, even though the secret has been revealed a long time ago” – and Christina was one answering the telephones and she told about a caller having lost her man to cancer and how her grandchild has cancer, which made Christina say “it goes all the way into the heart”, and this was really “the gift of life” she was talking about via the force of the Source coming with my birth as my new self.

Anne told the dancer Karen that “you are beginning to shine now”, which is what she truly will when receiving force of the Source. And Britt was “crazy” about Karen’s hairstyle calling her “Mini mouse”, which came only seconds after I thought the same, and Claus asked Karen if it is her own hair, which it was, and yes, “hair” is an old symbol of the Source too.

The judge Nikolaj told John “Faxe” about the frankness, freedom and genuineness in his dance, which is what is also coming with my new self.

And Nikolaj told the couple James and Mie about their touching soulfulness, where I felt my mother, so this is also between her and I.

Britt told Patrick that he is the most fantastic boy, and she was sold as stick liquorice, as she said, and Sarah agreed that he is lovely, which again was also about me. And I was thinking of Grease when seeing Patrick and Jenna, and seconds thereafter, Claus spoke to Patrick about Grease.

Thomas and Ena danced a beautiful dance to Lis Sørensen singing her wonderful classic “Stille før storm” (“Quiet before storm”), and the judge Jens told Thomas that he is the gift to us up here based on his simple and pure way of dancing, with simple and pure also being about my new self, and how Lis and the couple followed each other up with the energies, which again was about the force of my new self coming, which made me think that it is truly quiet now before enthusiasm of man will show. Ena told Claus that to her this was completely magical, she knows the song beforehand, but still it ended up being even better as old wine, and this was really the quality of our New World, i.e. wine, she was speaking about. And she continued saying that this program is like a strange fairytale, where I was given the feeling of Hans Christian Andersen, which of course is about the ugly duckling now turning into the swan of my new self :-).

I liked seeing the old professional dancers Silas and Claudia returning to one dance only this evening, I have missed them, and his partner, an amateur dancer, said that it was impossible to learn Rumba in five days, “Silas is a magician”, and magic is what you will see coming with my birth.

Just before this, the four judges and the audience did standing ovations and spoke about this amateur dancer being incredible courageous, which I did not want to write was about what I was in my mission now making the world give me standing ovations, but then I was shown a GIANT stage with a shining, purple curtain with me coming out beneath it, and I was told that when they will see me coming out here, you can write this.

Anne told the next amateur dancer, who was dancing with Claudia, how he could go out on that floor controlling it, and I was given that this was about amazement of the world of me continuing my work despite of having no energy.

And Jens told him that your handshake and eyes, when they first met, showed that you are a fighter and inspiration to all, and something about his life starting from new, which again is what I did as my old self to bring the birth of my new self and our New World, and I was told that it is because “all is gold”, as I was shown, I have spread the force of the Source to all, which they know about and this is what makes them enthusiastic.

Britt told the dancer René that to her it is about collecting as much money tonight, which was really about bringing as much force of the Source before starting our New World. And I was shown a very little aircraft having no motor power at all compared to the giant jet we are receiving, this was the difference. And Britt told about how dancing makes you forget all of your troubles and your tiredness, you just are, which is about the joy and happiness coming with our New World.

October 30, 2015: Man will become speechless when feeling “the white sensation” of the Source and seeing our New World, ”I am almost exploding”

I had dinner at my mother’s home, and we watched “Crazy about dance” together, but I was so tired that I could not keep my eyes open for the first half of the show, thus not hearing any inspired speech, and when I woke up, I heard the judge Britt tell the dancer Stephania that she believes she is the daughter of the Little House on the Prairie, which is a symbol I have been given for maybe 10 years with this “little house” being out New World inside the Source :-).

The host Sarah called the dancer Patrick for “Mr. Swing King”, this big hit with Gnags, which was because I had told my mother shortly before this about my new camera and also that it contains a video camera, which I hope will record the sound better than my old mobile telephone camera does, for example at the Kim Larsen and Gnags’ concerts, and yes, I also told my mother about winning the case over Helsingør Commune and that “money” symbolises “energy of the force”, which will soon start to flow, thus making me “Mr. Swing King”, which this was really about :-).

Patrick has had trouble all week practising his Viennese Waltz turning around and around making him dizzy, and after the dance, the host Claus asked him how he was doing, and Patrick said that he felt poorly and dizzy, and then I knew with a smile what this was about, because when I was in Sweden earlier today, I was asked by John “Do you believe I can dance Viennese Waltz”, which was about a referral to the Viennese Waltz, which he and my mother did on holiday in Austria in 1985, where Mette and I saw him jump up and down like a clown, which we have laughed, with a good heart, of since, and it was also about “bringing our our New World” and finally it was a referral to Patrick this evening to say that I am feeling poorly and dizzy myself, but this is how it is all of the time here, you know.

Mie and James were both dressed completely in white and did the best dance of all the whole season as you can see here, which my mother and I loved much seeing, and was it Sarah calling them “the white sensation” (?), I believe it was, and Britt could not stop praising them, and did you see her “speechless look” when she looked at the couple while Anne was speaking (?), and yes, “speechless” is what you will become when experiencing our New World and your new selves, this is what this “white sensation” of the Source is about :-).

There was two very beautiful team show-dances, which we loved much here, and Sarah asked Jens afterwards if he would comment these, and he said something like “of course I will, I am almost exploding”, and this is about my new inner self inside of me almost exploding, i.e. cracking through the cover of my old self, which is what will start the process of opening our New World and all new selves of all people, and yes, soon, Jens :-).

November 6, 2015: Suddenly, the spaceman of my new self will be here 🙂

In fact, I felt so awful that I decided that I did not want to write down inspired speech from “Crazy about dance”, I only decided to write down when Britt told Thomas that she did not like his “modern jump” in a dance, and Ena explained that it was about “looking after the dream prince, and suddenly he is there”, which is about my new self coming. And when Søs spoke about being “spacey”, it was about “the spaceman” of my new self.

November 13, 2015: A perfect score symbolises our perfect New World, ”Crazy about dance” receives ”love from above” and is symbol of the process creating ”new life”

Already at 17:10 today I received the feeling of Stephanie from “Crazy about dance”, and I was told that “something special” will happen this evening.

And then we watched the “Crazy about dance” show on TV2, which I like very much – not least because of what Søs has said more clearly than everyone else, which is that this is truly a place of love and “strong family”, and yes, I can feel it, Søs – and also feel that it comes to you because I am following you, and yes, “love from above”; you know :-).

I was not so careful about taking notes this evening when watching the “Crazy about dance”, which was both because of tiredness and because of my mother being present, it is “easier” to take notes when being alone, but the judge Anne told John “Faxe” after the first dance, where he partly danced alone, that it takes much confidence to do all alone, and this was really also about what it takes for me to work all along going against darkness.

One of the judges told Søs that she should really have a gift because it was her birthday, but instead you give a giant gift to others, which again was about “yours truly”, and yes, they know that it is about “TIME”, my friend :-).

I believe it was the host Claus, who asked Søs “you can still find strength”, “so you still have strength” and Søs replied “you better believe it”, and this was about whether or not I have strength to continue the game against darkness.

My mother and I loved watching the show this evening maybe even more than normal, which was because all couples danced the Argentinian Tango, which I do believe is my favourite of all dances, and it was mirrored by the same feelings by the dancers, who also love dancing this dance very much, and the first two couple had received high marks of 34 and 36 out for 40, and then it was time for Stephanie and Morten to dance their Tango as you can see here, and they did it BEAUTIFULLY and it was to original and beautiful music from Argentina including violin and more, and this is here I really did not write down the comments from the judges, which I discovered that I should have, but as I remember it, Jens said that he was now excited to see what he would say himself (!), and yes, what a “funny thing” to say Jens if it is not because you were expecting that this would include “inspired speech” for me to explain to the world, and then I do believe that he praised Stephanie for her character and authenticity and for now taking a new development step up, and they spoke of Sebastian’s violin, I believe, where I felt Jeff Lynne, which of course is a reference to the strings of Electric Light Orchestra, and then it was time for the judges to do “something special”, which was to give this couple four times ten, which is 40 and that is the maximum character, and this is only possible because you have decided to continue right until the end to make everything perfect as I am here told.


Afterwards, it was Ena and Thomas turn to dance as you can see here, and I noticed straight after the dance just how incredible touched Ena was from the experience, and Anne picked up on this telling her that she had noticed this, and also that contestants come out of “Crazy about dance” as new persons because of the experiences they receive here and “the very close “family-bonds””, and what Anne was really speaking of here was the process bringing “new persons” to all life, which is a process of love, I tell you, this is what this show now symbolises to the world, and didn’t Ena react by saying “Oh God” (?), and yes, I believe she did, so now you know, who is “this link” :-).

Later, Britt was also VERY inspired when she spoke about a strawberry being crushed between the buttocks with her usual strong passion, and this was really about how darkness is destructing my old self, which it will end up doing because when I will “give up”, I will end being my old self, the strawberry will be crushed, in order to become my new self bringing you all your “new persons” too. And Britt continued being inspired in what she said here, but I did not write it down.

I received the feeling of Benedikte Kiær and then I believe it was Anne saying something like “columns of smoke coming out of the nose”, which is about Benedikte playing the role of “the dragon”, which we could also call the “Evil woman” for letting Helsingør Commune allow to “play dirty tricks” with its citizens and me.

Stephanie and Ena danced a group-dance with their partners where they had to be “evil” as each other’s rivals, and straight after the dance they broke totally out of the role laughing out loud, which was just to say that this is how the play of darkness against me is right now because behind this facade – of Benedikte, my family and many others – is the strongest love waiting to come out.

November 20, 2015: My mother/man has discovered me as teacher, the gold in my eyes, my deep feelings and the happiness of our New World – making man touched

“Crazy about dance” started, and Britt told the dancer Stephanie something about being “more resolute, more militant” and I felt my inner self as “dumb” inside darkness speaking through her, and then she said “it is a German”, which is a famous phrase from the TV-series Matador as well as about my new self with Germany being the Kingdom of our New World.

Nikolaj told the dancer Ena something about how we have seen all of her faces, and how she surprises us showing a mix of all feelings, showing all, and how her partner Thomas had become touched for the very first time having tears in his eyes, which was because of Ena’s feelings, and this was why I was told about Ena already yesterday, which is because the world has discovered my “mix of feelings” too. The host Claus was also inspired when he told Ena that “you have gold in your eyes”, and yes, “gold” is the force of the Source in my eyes, and Ena answered “yes, I have been called the panther with gold in my eyes”, and Claus said that we see her eyes, her red nails and how she has gone through transformation, and he really spoke about my transformation from my old to my new self.

Later, Jens told Ena that she has a gift via her way of dancing and interpreting, which creates happiness and humour, “this way you are a rich couple”. And one judge spoke of her TV-series character Martha from Badehotellet (“The bathing hotel”), which made Ena laugh and say that maybe Martha will take a dance with a cod – with the cod being a symbol of my new self.

My mother told me twice just how fantastic a teacher as she believes Thomas as, which was also about me.

Jens told one of the dancers about how happiness automatically comes as a result of dancing, and he said “it comes to all coming to this fantastic world”, and this was really about the endless joy and happiness without darkness that will come to all in our New World.

My mother was happy being here and when looking at the view over the sea and my apartment, she said, that “You truly live gorgeously”, and yes, my mother loves everything about it, i.e. loves being home at the Source.

So it is not just your confidence that the world has noticed, they have also celebrated you and me, us, I, for my sensitivity.

After the end of “Crazy about dance”, I showed my mother some YouTube clips of old and new Danish music classics, which made me very moved and so moved that I could hardly speak, and this made me understand that it is this feeling of mine that the world has noticed too.

November 27, 2015: The wrong couple won because of my mother’s wrong-doings, I could have rejected all life if I had not absorbed all darkness, but I did

We went home to have coffee at my place and to watch the final of “Crazy about dance” on TV2, and first we had half an hour, where I showed my mother David Bowie’s “China Girl” and “Let’s dance” and told her that this is the music from the 1980’s, which holds the best today, it still sounds very fresh, and I showed her the spaceship of Electric Light Orchestra flying around too (add for their new album), and then my mother said, that she would just like to see the TV until “Crazy about dance” would start, and I was told that she did not want to see this fearing that I would tell her more about what this really means in connection with our New World and me.

“Crazy about dance” started, and Britt told Ena after the first dance something about the SOUND, VISION, dance and the audience making it feel like Hollywood to her, and yes, one big act you know to finish the game between darkness and light of the world :-). And then Ena and her partner Thomas scored four times nine for their dance.

I received the feeling of Karen just before Nikolaj told Ena something like “it is exactly about the good hope, which Lis Sørensen has just sung about (see here), that you express, and so much that it is heartrending, which was really about what Karen and I will bring together, and I felt that my mother thinks of us too.

Britt was giving Stephania feedback on her first dance, and then suddenly the light “failed”, and I was told that it was because of my mother not telling the truth to me about what she knows – and yes, the light came back after not that many seconds, but you did see it like my mother did when noticing that I wrote down notes when this happened.

Claus, the host, asked Stephania “how is it” (?), and Stephania answered that “it it crazy, completely wild”, and these words, “completely wild”, I received already in the very beginning of the show including the feeling that these people of “Crazy about dance” follow me and know about how “completely wild” I am about David Bowie including his “welcome to REALITY” as I wrote the other day :-).

And then Stephania and her partner Morten scored four perfect tens, and I told my mother that they are clearly the winners – even though they had two more dances to dance, and the audience would have the final vote, but already here, it was, or should be, clear to all that Stephania and Morten were the best.

After Ena’s second dance, Anne told her to everyone’s surprise that she is a sex symbol and something about understanding why she was about to close the door, and this was really a reference to my old nightmare and about how I could have decided to close the door to my mother and the world because I could not take her/the world’s darkness/negativity coming against me. I believe Ena and Thomas scored 37 points for their dance.

I was here encouraged to bring my feeling from the very beginning of the show, which was that one said “vild begejstring” (“wild enthusiasm”), and I felt Peter A. G. from Gnags here, which was about their album “Plads til begejstring” (“Room for enthusiasm”).

After Stephania’s next dance, Nikolaj told her something like “you are born directly on Broadway in New York, this is in your blood”, and New York is here “the Big Apple” where apple is symbol of the Source, so this is about the birth of her new self inside the Source, and Nikolaj continued saying that “you could go directly into the next video by Madonna”, which is because I was thinking earlier of Bowie and Madonna’s “religious/spiritual interests” as they have had for many years.

Again, Stephania and Morten scored a perfect 40, and obviously they were the right winners, and I told my mother that it has been a positive surprise to see Ena making it all the way through to the final, but she was really not the right finalist based on her dancing, and instead I believe that Søs and Mads would have been the right couple, and James and Mie if it was only Latin dances, and my mother agreed and also mentioned John “Faxe” and Karina as potential finalists.

Here, I was given the thought of Bowie, and I was shown the top of the Palm House at the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, thinking of the Tivoli Gardens (symbolising our New World) and then shown a GIANT orange beneath the top of the Palm House with orange being a symbol of the Source too.

One judge told Stephania about her big dress something about “Ole Lukøje” (“Ole Close-eye”) and about how it somehow included “all your dances”, which was inspired speech about how tired I am and how I include everything.

At the end, Jens told Ena after her third dance here how she has brought him happiness every Friday and even though he might have been holding back on the grades, he shouted “CELEBRATION”, which is because this was the happy song by Kool & the Gang as the band had just played making both Jens and me happy because I am thinking of this song as a CELEBRATION of our coming New World, and Jens was so enthusiastic that he repeated shouting “CELEBRATION” 30 seconds after when another judge was speaking, this is what will come to you, Jens, and to everyone :-).

And yes, Ena and Thomas received maximum characters of 40, I believe, for their last dance as Stephanie and Morten also did, and then the first part of the show was over, and then my mother went home to see the decision coming 20 minutes later, and of course there was no doubt about who the winner would be, because everyone could see that Stephanie and Morten were the best having scored three times maximum characters by the judges, but no (!), this was NOT how the final score after the public had given their vote, because Ena and Thomas were announced as the winners, and obviously because everyone likes Ena much, and to me, it was a true shame and even disgrace to see that the public “could not” vote on the right winners, and I was told that this became the result because my mother “cannot” accept and speak about my new self and our New World, and cannot tell me the truth about what she knows and have done against me. So this is how she is doing WRONG, which brought this WRONG result.

And I was told that this WRONG result also has to do with what Bowie sings, and what I have been writing for years, which is “We were born upside-down, Born the wrong way ‘round”, thus making right look wrong and opposite. And because your mother cannot grasp your greatness. So your favourites lost because of your mother’s roots and belongings to the WRONG Old World and her fears of the New World.


2016: My work is about to end, where-after the birth of my new self will bring our perfect New World

September 9, 2016: The birth of my new self will bring the sunshine of our New World – “nothing is wrong with Stig”

I watched the first edition of the new season of “Crazy about dance” on Danish TV2, and as usual, there was “inspired speech”, but I was really not motivated to write down much, so I will only give you a few examples.

The judge Anne Laxholm told the dancer something about this being “the first time” and to “get sunshine in”, which was also about the birth of my new self bringing “sunshine” of the Source.

The judge Jens Werner told the dancer Søren that “a new day has come” and to “use your intelligence”, which is about our New World starting because “Stig is not stupid”, i.e. a reference to my letter to “crazy Alex”.

Anne Laxholm told the dancer Patrick something about “suddenly seeing your face”, which again was also about suddenly seeing my new self.

Jens Werner told Lene something about “nothing is wrong with your looks, neither physically nor mentally”, which again was a reference to my letter to “crazy Alex”, they/the world know that “nothing is wrong with Stig”, but will/can the system admit to it?

The judge Britt Bendixen told the dancer Mathias that “it is pure milk and Honey looking at you”, which is about our new land of milk and honey about to open for us :-).

September 16: Man is HAPPY about surviving and our new creation after wrongly believing in their own creation being unable to see that it was really “nothing”

I watched the “Crazy about dance” this evening with my mother, and I had really decided not to write down inspired speech from the show, which I did not when it happened, but I heard so much during the show that I decided to watch it again here the day after (I subscribe to TV2-Play this year as I have not done previous years) when writing the script also to bring you this chapter including some examples of this, and yes, only because I have decided to continue the game for a little longer, you know.

I had noticed the strong colour-full shirt of Gorm “the pizza-baker” – he should make the best pizzas in Copenhagen, lifted them up to a new level, which I have not tried myself yet – and the judge, Jens Werner, was inspired from above when telling him “can it be squandered out to us and the viewers, and MY GOD, I became as happy to see it as the shirt you are wearing …” and “does your shirt look like one of your pizza’s, because if it does, I will come and order it”, which is really about the happiness of surviving, about our perfect new creation (symbolised both by the shirt and pizza, which are old symbols of this) and soon seeing me as “MY GOD”, right Jens?

Nikolaj told the dancer Nicholas that it looks as if you can become a very good partner, a fantastic “manoeuvrer”, which he had difficulties saying trying to pronounce it differently and he ended up saying “one who manoeuvre the lady around the dance floor”, and this was really a reference to the band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, which came to me, and their song “Joan of Arc” and from this to a headline from the right column of my website “The Council wrote the script bringing man home to the Source”, which I had taken a note of today to follow up on because on the front page of my website, I also write that it is Sylphs and my inner self that brought me the voice for my script, and here it was to let Nikolaj confirm to me that the Council (including Joan of Arc) was also part of this, so there you have it, my friend, as this voice of “the Council” here says.

Anne Laxholm told Nicholas that “an old saying is that clothes creates people, and you are probably there where people created clothes – you are a living proof that white tie will never leave standard dance”, and I felt H. C. Andersen, which obviously is about “the emperor’s new clothes”, where all people believed that the emperor was wearing the most beautiful new clothes because they feared to speak out the truth, and it took a child to say “but he has nothing on at all”, and then all of the people including the emperor himself could see the truth, and this is just a reference to all of the elite of the world believing that they did right when following my sister having “the gold in her mouth” and Hans, who was brought to her, and the elite of the world believing that they had found “the clothes” of their New World, and it took me as this “child” to tell the truth that it led to the end of the world as all should be able to see, in order to make you understand that my sister’s road was a deception, but now our new “white tie”, i.e. my creation of a new, will last forever, this is what you were really saying with inspiration, Anne :-).

Jens Werner told the dancer Laura, who was my favourite of this first round, that “I am speechless of how skilled you are and how it has happened that you have become so skilled in such a short time, only the God’s know, you are truly an uncut diamond”, which here was a reference to the diamond of our perfect New World. And when Laura followed up afterwards saying that “there has been this bubble of glitter and love around me”, it was about the bubble of gold containing our New World.

The dancer Sarah did an amazing dance scoring the highest points of the evening, and she is also a boxer, and I was thinking of Cassius Clay, as I call him, when the judges commented her dance, and it made Nikolaj say that “Latin and boxing apparently have something in common, because – Jesus Christ – I don’t believe I have seen such a debut for many, many years”, and I was told that his outburst using my old name (!) is because the dancers simply cannot keep quiet about this link between me and “Crazy about dance” as you all can read about from my Facebook site and website.

September 23: “The big play” has ended, I went through invincible darkness of man to free my new inner self, Jesus, our New World is full of force of the Source

We watched “Crazy about dance” together, and I decided to write down the “not too much information” given to them, which is fitting to what I want to write down by now, which is less than in the past.

Nikolaj told the dancer Sarah that “there is some Hollywood over quickstep, Fred & Ginger, Gene Kelly and all of these old, great bigwig’s” and “you take this stage, the quickstep, completely normal, there is something completely natural theatrical over you, and you perform it, I love it”, and when he said “theatrical”, I received the feeling of Bowie because of his theatrical performances as Ziggy Stardust and others symbolising the Source, so here Nikolaj was really speaking of “the big play” of the Source.

Britt told Sarah that “first came one step, then came two step, then came quick step, and then came Sarah & Morten”, and I felt a baby coming, which is my new self.

Jens was inspired when telling the dancer Laura about the boxing fight from 1974 between Muhammad Ali (or Cassius Clay as I like to call him) and George Foreman, which is special to me as I have written about before years ago, where it was “simply impossible” for Ali to defeat Foreman, who was far stronger than him, and where Ali, despite of having “the look of fear” all over him, decided that I will have to win and I am going to win somehow, which he then did thus being a symbol of my later fight against my sister having the whole world on her side, which was also “simply impossible” to win, but I did, as you know (which I here feel is a message to “crazy Alex” too), and yes, Jens said that Ali was asked “how do you even believe you can defeat Foreman” and Ali should have said “because I will put so much pressure on him all the time as he has never felt before”, and I felt Alex here and was told that this is the pressure from me that he feels I am putting on him, “and still you win”.

And the first two dancers, Saran and Laura, “changed over”, Sarah changed over from a Latin- to a Standard dance, and Laura changed over from a Standard- to a Latin dance, which was about “changing over” from our old to our new selves of our New World.

When Anne Laxholm gave feedback to the dancer Patrick, I was surprised to sense that she was nervous, and again, I felt Alex, because this is what he is because of me and my writings on him showing him as a FOOL to the world, where he, as “the expert”, “cannot” and will not give me the sentence as everyone can see, which is that I am completely normal, and right after Anne, Nikolaj said it directly to Patrick, which was “you were also maybe somewhat nervous”, which was just to emphasize that this is what you are towards me and the world, Alex, and how do you think he is feeling exhibiting himself to the world as “crazy” where everyone can see that you are normal, yes, this is not very nice, right Alex?

Jens told the dancer Søren, whom I like very much, that “Crazy about dance is about being happy”, and Søren self told the host Claus that “I am always happy when dancing this dance, which is the whole reason why I am participating”, and this is essentially my “life philosophy”, which is to BE HAPPY and be with people treating them as you would like to be treated yourself, which is to be HAPPY TOGETHER, which is truly a gift of life, what I have been thinking that I will write my neighbours when inviting them for coffee when I am all done with my apartment, and that is because the negative attitude from my neighbour Preben is constantly “hanging in the air” here “killing me”, and I am surprised that people can decide to have such a negative attitude instead of doing what is right to do, to be happy, but this is how it is here.

The host Sarah told the dancer Julie “hvor er I knaldhamrende lækre at se på” (“you are bang-hammering delicious to look at”) with “knaldhamrende” of course being a reference to the old Christmas Calendar “Canal Wild Card” with De Nattergale on TV, and their invention of this very word, which again is about the coming birth of my new self.

Nikolaj told Julie that “I know quite a lot about the Royal Theater” (he is the artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet), which he emphasised by saying “bodum-dum” (!), and “I believe that third balcony clap and they are very, very happy, the big ballet master’s hat comes off”, and I felt “they” and “the ballet master” being the Source having set up this entire play I have gone through and won, despite of “crazy Alex”, who cannot find out to change wrong to right, and I also felt that this was about the Olsen-Gang and the famous scene where they are breaking into the Royal Theatre from “Olsen Banden ser rødt” (“The Olsen Gang sees red”), and this was about breaking through darkness and again a reference to what I was told this morning about Egon Olsen being the expert opening safes of the brand Franz Jäger as a symbol of opening to and freeing my inner self from the prison having had the creation of my mother around me, and I felt Erik Balling, the director of both Olsen Banden and the famous Matador TV-series and more, and Ove Sprogøe (the actor playing Egon Olsen) and was told that all of the cast knew what the Olsen Banden films (14 films) (also Matador) was really about, which is a symbol of my arrival and the fall of “the establishment” as all can see is happening, also “crazy Alex”, when I am fighting this “System of Hell”, but their their orders are never to give in.

Jens told Julie that after winning much dancing in the 1990’s, “I was tired, I was full, I was mentally finished, and had to have a break”, and Nikolaj and Britt spoke about the incredible beautiful Tango they had just seen, “I had tears in my eyes” as Britt said, and this made Julie tell Claus, again “with inspiration from above”, that “I am completely finished” (over it), which here is about what I am, which is that I am tired, full and completely finished, and I brought this “beautiful dance” to you all, which is the result of our new creation.

The dancer Mads said “we are two Duracell-rabbits on full speed all of the time”, which was just to say that we have been completely recharged with energy of the Source for our new lives in our New World.

Anne told the dancer Lene “it is as if there is an on/off switch”, and this morning, when I went to Helsingborg, I was also encouraged to look for the on/off electronics store there (which has now closed), and this was just a reference to “the big switch” I will push when switching everything on of our New World, you see?

Again, I noticed the GREAT ANTONELLI ORCHESTRA playing all songs for the dances, which is a JOY to listen to over my fine stereo equipment, and this is the same orchestra playing “the Top of the Pop” having some of the finest Danish musicians on board, and before “Crazy about dance” started this evening, I found some music videos on YouTube to show my mother, which included the very beautiful “Kom igen” (“Come again”) as Kim Larsen played for Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday in 2010, which is about my resurrection, where the drummer and conductor of these bands, Claes Antonsen, “played” along, and I played “Regndans” by Danseorkestret for her and said “here you see Claes on drums too, and also Jacob on percussion, who is also part of the Antonelli Orchestra and used to be in Sneakers too”, and yes, I sent Claes and Jacob invitations to connect on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, which they both accepted, and this was the inspiration making me show my mother these videos. And I noticed the fine horn-section of the band playing, I love it, and it brought the HAPPY “En dans med dig” (“A dance with you”) with Shu-bi-dua to me because of the fine horns of this dance-song, which is appropriate when it is in connection with “crazy about dance”, don’t you think?

October 7, 2016: I made my mother safe and secure so she could produce the pearl of life, Jens’ perfect clothes symbolises our perfect new life

We watched the “Crazy about dance” TV-show together, and I did not catch very much “inspired speech” because I was not motivated for it, and I was also partly in the kitchen preparing dinner/desert while watching it, so I did not hear everything what was said, but still I have decided to listen to the show once again from TV2-play and write down the inspired speech, which I did hear, and this is even though I have now written the “far too long” script of today and really cannot do this too because of my dizziness.

Britt told the dancer Lene that “the Rumba is not from Greece, but you look like a Greek goddess”, which came after I had earlier looked around in my apartment seeing a Greek jug as I bought in Älmhult, Sweden, some months ago and thinking that “this looks very good”.

And Britt told the dancer Thomas, who has a very big hair, that “like Samson, your force sits in the hair”, and yes, “Samson was given immense strength to aid him against his enemies” (Wikipedia) and I have been given hair as an old symbol of life, which we have cut all off in this world – and transferred to the next – which is why I have absolutely no force left, but still I had to be stronger than “much stronger resistance” of people not believing in me and being negative at me, as mentioned earlier today.

Jens told the dancers Mads and Mille that “what you have achieved, Mads, is to make Mille safe and secure so she opens up to all the good things she has, otherwise ladies often closes like an oyster and the pearl lies inside”, which was really to say that this is what I had to do with my mother constantly making her feel safe and secure, otherwise she would not have opened to this oyster of life as we have done here :-). This was also the best dance of the evening, my mother and I believed.

Jens disagreed with Britt, as often before (!), when it came to the performance of the dancer Laura, and he told her that “I believe I saw something completely different, maybe it was my eyes looking for something different”, and here his eyes saw “perfect”, and it was a reference to my eyes looking around my apartment earlier also finding “perfect”, and I told my mother about how “perfect/fine clothes” the four judges of this show always wear, especially Jens, and it made me think of him as symbol of my “perfect apartment” and “perfect life” because “clothes” has been another old symbol of life given to me often.

When Jens told Kirsten & Thomas about how it is about the connection between them as dancers and also the connection to the music, which has to be precise, I felt Electric Light Orchestra and the end of Mr. Blue Sky (the last two minutes) – the finest piece of music that I know of, which here is about “perfect” clothes/creation again – and I was told that Jens knows about my love of this band and that we have come to the very end of creation.

My mother and I like to guess on the grades of the judges, and often we guess right, and it made me tell my mother that “I could also be a judge”, and later I was told that I don’t have to say anything more than this because your mother knows that you are THE JUDGE of all.

The dancer Julie told the host Klaus that “I am shaking a little”, and Klaus asked “why”, and Julie asked her dancing partner “are we really going to tell” (?), and they were unsure, but at the end, Julie could not help telling it, after being unsure “yes, I will tell it/no, I will not”, which was “we had a little wry start, which was not our fault, but the orchestra”, and what this was really about, was my mother telling close friends that “Stig is not unemployed, he is saving man via his work” – as I was told about earlier today.

October 14, 2016: My mother feared that this will never work out believing I was crazy, but she was put to shame, which brought creation instead of termination

I visited my mother this evening, and we watched ”Crazy about dance” together, where there was some, but not much, inspired speech, which I will once again write down for you:

Nikolaj told Laura ”Oh, good God, this will never work out, but I was put to shame, I could pack away all of my fears”, which was about my mother’s fears of having to eliminate all life as I would be told about later this evening.

Britt said to Laura that ”you look like Cinderella going to the marriage of the Prince”, which is about Karen’s and my marriage bringing new life to all.

And Laura told Claus that ”I could hear Michael’s voice inside the head, what I was supposed to do etc.”, and this was really about the voices inside of my head, where my mother for a long time believed that I was crazy, because this is what Sanna and the official system said about me without listening to me at the time, before realising that they were wrong, and I am right.

Jens told Sarah that ”I cannot get enough of you”, and I felt Karen in relation to me, and Claus told her partner that ”you have to bow a little, when you are in the company of greatness” (because Sarah is an amazing dancer), and this was really also about me.

Britt told her fellow judge, Anne, that ”Per Pallesen used to say to Tommy Kenter – ”what do you have in your ”task” (half Danish/English for ”bag”) today”, and then she pulled up a birthday flag as she placed in front of Anne, which was because she had birthday, and here ”task” (”bag”) is really about my mother’s bag being a symbol of ”all life”.

Nikolaj was inspired from the melody when he told Mille that ”it DOES mean a thing, when it has that swing”, and here ”swing” was the same as the constant beating of the clock, i.e. the force of the Source, bringing life, and I felt the door to the Source opening.

October 21, 2016: Incredible happiness, full force of the Source, the beauty comes when all melts together as one and the flow of the source will begin to float

I watched “Crazy about dance” alone this evening because of my mother’s cold, and the theme of the evening was to dance fairy tales, and I understood that this is why I wrote H. C. Andersen in my Facebook comment today as you can see at the end of the script today, and here is the inspired speech that I heard:

Nikolaj told Julie “you didn’t miss a beat”, which everyone obviously know is a reference to Kaiser Chief’s “Never miss a beat”, which I love much, and yes, I saw them in concert recently on Arte TV, and I was told that this is to show that the music world is with you, and of course that I brought all life out with me :-). And the host Claus asked Julie “was it hard”, which you could clearly see on Julie’s expression that it was, which was really to say that it has also been hard here coming to where we are today, which is why she said “yes, you first start thinking about this when you stand here”.

Thomas and Mie did their dance over the famous “the Emperor’s New Clothes” by H. C. Andersen, which is famous because no one can speak out the truth about the new suit that the emperor is wearing, which is no suit at all, he is wearing no clothes, but everyone pretends that he does except from two children, who can finally speak out what no one else can, which is “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”, and I am here thinking (again) that this is about the lies of the world elite as no one can speak the truth of, except me and other “conspiracy theorists” (!), yes, the game of the world continues, and it “caught” the judge Britt so much that she told the dancers “Thank God that you have your clothes on” and even “I could not even try to imagine how you look naked, I only think of my dance, but this I will let people home in the living rooms to do”, which made people laugh and laugh and laugh, and so much that Jens Werner was almost falling off his chair (!) – I am thinking here about how simple minded people have been laughing at me, which almost “threw me off the chair”, i.e. cost my life – and Britt simply could not continue what she wanted to say, the host Sarah simply received a fit of laughter and could not stop again, and I felt that this was really about incredible smiles and happiness of the Source coming through, which made this “laughing-show”, and then suddenly Jens came with an outburst “damn it” and immediately he stood up, he had received a cramp in his leg (!), and yes, everything came simultaneously here, and as readers of my scripts will know, this cramp was about the incredible strong rays that I have received hundreds of to the backside of my lower legs with a force so powerful that if it did not stop, they would tear open my legs, and these are signs of “full force of the Source”, which here is just what was given to you, Jens, and here in the fairytale that has come the most often to me about the deceitful world carrying on what it does even though everyone knows that it is wrong.

And Britt told Jens that “you can put up your leg on the table” and he replied “no, I will not because I cannot get it up that high”, and this was of course a reference to what Jim Kerr from Simple Minds had said earlier today where he was shown “the kick” that he used to do, which he cannot do any more, the last time, he pulled a muscle on stage when trying to do it, and this was again a reference to the incredible SIMPLE MINDED people, who all fell for the act as shown at the end of the script today, where no one needed to read and understand before they could laugh out loud, ridicule and condemn a subject wrongly the same way as they did to me, before turning around on a plate.

Anne told Lene that “I think you were very brave” and “you really did it”, which was also about my work, and “you shone”, and she showed the fairytale about developing from an Ugly Duckling, as no one wanted to play with, into a beautiful swan, which is really about my transformation from my old to my new self, and yes, there is still no one wanting to play with me here at the end of my old life as the Ugly Duckling, but only in the minds of people.

When Jens was speaking to Laura, I was told that “then there were some spelling errors at the end”, which is about conflicting stories on creation that I have received lately, and I was told this here because Laura played the evil fairy of the Sleeping Beauty. Later, her partner Michael said that “I have danced many, fantastic Tango’s in Crazy About Dance, I have never danced one like this, I was proud as a Pope”, and I received the feeling of tears of Karen coming through Michael because of the work I have done.

Nikolaj told Sarah that “the beauty of dance is when you stop looking at the steps, hip, how the foot is placed and musicality, but when it just begins to flow, float and float and float, and you become euphoric by movement, music and body melting together as one, which is exactly what you achieved, this is when dance is the absolutely most beautiful”, and here Nikolaj himself achieved to speak about what happens when the flow of the Source will begin to float and everything becomes one, which is what creates this beautiful sensation, and here you were the tool of the Source too speaking my words through you :-).

And Claus told Sarah and Morten that “this here is simply fantastic, the judges agree, the best grades of the year, there are only roses for you”, and I felt “roses of my mother” to me for having endured what no one really can endure, yes, you should know how it feels like to live when you don’t live.

Mille and Mads then did a fantastic dance to “Fireball”, and it made the host Sarah say in enthusiasm that “one becomes tempted to shout HAPPY NEW YEAR”, which here is about the New Year we will soon enter and start up, when we become our new selves, and yes, an old symbol of this, it is, and Britt told them that if all of the population did “isolations” (swinging with your hips), it would remove everyone’s Lumbago, and she then looked directly into the camera, for the first time, and recommended the population to do this, and I was given the strong feeling that she knew that she was then looking directly into the eyes of my mother and me.

Afterwards, Mille told Claus that “it is really, really funny to party like this”, and Claus said that “it looked fantastic with fire in the background, the lights and you giving all, and then I assume you are the whipping-top from the sweethearts (by H. C. Andersen)”, when looking at her dress, which she was, and this is about how I feel like being this “whipping-top” bringing energy for all life.

Tonight was also the night when Robbie Williams was going to sing his new single “Party like a Russian” in the show, and before the show started at all, I had tried to watch a live concert of his from YouTube, but it “blocked”, I was “not allowed” to watch it, which again was “spiritual darkness”, everything else worked fine, and during the show, I felt Robbie, and I was asked “why are you so afraid of standing forward, STIG” (?), and I could only say that I am not, and he then did his show, charming as always bringing people with him, and after his performance, I was told, no, it was really him that was nervous”, which I could almost not write down on my phone because Word and other windows closed down, “spiritual darkness” again, before I was then allowed to write it down. Later, I was told with his voice “thank you for never giving up, STIG”, and it is still not me writing my name with big letters, it “just happens”.

Yes, I love you too, Robbie, this feeling came strongly to me hours later. And no, Robbie, I really don’t like your new song, it seems as if you struggle to find songs that are true to you, why don’t you just follow your heart doing what you really want to do?

And yes, a ship of the Source sailed by from left with such a characteristic light on it that it looked like and I was told that this is “the fireball” from Crazy About Dance, i.e. the force of the Source.

October 28, 2016: I am “the best”, which was required to bring the birth of my new self, all will receive “the shivers” because of the immense beauty of our New World

We watched “Crazy about dance” together, which we both very much like seeing and this year, there are many good couples (and nice people), especially the three top couples with Laura, Mille and Sarah as we enjoy watching when they dance – and this is the inspired talk this evening.

Jens Werner told Sarah about the right position and right way to move in a Tango, and that normally “it takes very, very long time to learn to dance a Tango”, and he then concluded “in my eyes, you are the female new-dancer here, who is the best” (over 13 seasons!), and Nikolaj shared the praises when saying “she was for the Tango born”, and I felt that this “perfect performance” is what brings the birth of my new self, which then again is a reference to my perfect performance as Stig, and Britt said that “I had not expected to experience this on such an early stage, a definite peak”, which here could be about standing on top of the mountain, as we are – and I am here shown “will you please help me bring down bales of hay from here”, i.e. creation for man.

And when Sarah and her partner Morten spoke to Claus, the host, he repeated what Jens said – about Sarah being the best female dancer ever – and he bent over to show his respect or even to “worship” her, and I felt that this is what people will do to me because of my work (but please do NOT bent over or kneel, which I do NOT like), and I felt gold of the Source inside of Claus doing this and I also felt the Commune, which is about my strong performance at the meeting the other day with Lisbeth from the Commune, and this made me think of them as “laughing stocks” exhibited to the world because they are “the experts”, who simply cannot and will not listen and understand what a child in kindergarten naturally can see about me (being “normal”), and also that “I am the best of all”, like Sarah, therefore, which is what my CV says, and what was needed for me to being able to come through darkness of man without breaking down, as only “the one” could.

And Sarah and Morten then received four times 9 in grades from the judges, the highest so far in the season, and it made Claus say “even I receive the shivers”, and again, I felt the light of the Source inside of him and again, this will be the reaction of man because of my “perfect performance” saving all and creating a perfect New World for you :-).

Jens told Laura “will you believe, your exam in front of very many people and in front of us goes better than your training, which takes both brain and body to do, and you broke the code”, and yes, “the code of love” bringing the Source back to the world as my new self inside our New World, this was “my exam” to do (together with the Universe planning me), and Laura kept on speaking about how happy she was dancing and “life happiness”, which is what is coming to all with our New World 🙂 – and Laura and her partner Michael also received high grades, and it made Claus say “this is an evening of shivers, now I stand again receiving shivers”, and yes, Claus, now you know “the Source” of where they came from, which was the Source working from inside of you.

Before Mille and Mads were going to dance, we saw them in their training room, where Mads spoke about “the feeling of being there”, to show this in the dance, and he then put on the immensely beautiful song “Have you seen my childhood” by Michael Jackson, and it simply touched Mille so much that she received tears in her eyes and had to take a break, and yes, the beauty of the dance, of “just being” “without a filte”, as Mille said, and the music streaming, which also was a reference to our New World, where we “just are” in a beauty without any filter of man exceeding imagination of man today, and I became very touched myself seeing this and hearing this amazingly beautiful song by Michael Jackson, which I then had to find on YouTube and play for my mother as I also play for you here, and my mother agreed, this is truly “the most beautiful”, which is :-).

And Mille and Mads then also did a “magical” dance, which my mother liked much, with the amazing Antonelli Orchestra playing Michael Jackson’s song, and again, it was truly beautiful and touching to see, and Mille once again became very touched herself at the end of the dance, which was a beautiful moment to watch as a I feel the Source above me also saying. And it made Jens tell Mille “I understand you, Mille, I can easily follow you” (about being touched because of the beauty and nakedness of the dance) and he then said “your English waltz became as good as it almost can get, is not least because of Daniel in the band (singing Michael Jackson’s song), because there is no doubt that the combination of Daniel’s voice, how legato and fluent it is, from one tone, one note over to your movements from foot to foot, it made a giant difference inside me”, and I felt “the fluent stream of the Source” here, which is what Jens was also talking about being inspired from above, and I am encouraged also to say that Michael Jackson is another part of me, who brings this beauty of our New World, and he is NOT forgotten, he will never be, I have wrapped him in only to release him – together with you, Stig – better than ever before in our New World.

When Nikolaj said “I loved this Hollywood moment, which brought a Titanic-sensation, where Mille hangs there, as when they stood there in the stem, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, I was sold there, you had me”, it was really a reference to what I have been writing recently about the play of the world going right to the end of the world – coming very close to World War III and a financial breakdown of the world etc. – in order to bring enough energy to bring forward “the best of me”, i.e. the Source with our New World :-).

Shortly thereafter, Claus said (about collecting money for the phony “Break the Cancer” campaign), that “I am happy …” and then you could literally see him receiving “a physical sensation all over his body”, which made him say “and now I receive …, this is a shivers night, I believe I receive the shivers all of the time”, and once again, this was “the shivers” given to you directly from the Source – as Jens last week received a cramp in his leg symbolising the force of me/the Source, where this is about “the sensation of our New World” – and I was told that it was your turn now.

When the guest host of the evening, Andrea (the previous female host of this show), interviewed the Danish traditional pop star, Birthe Kjær, about people calling in to donate for the Cancer cause, Birthe told a story about the 12 year old Agnete, who only wanted money for her birthday as she has now donated for this cause (being cheating by “the elite” as everyone else – because cancer only exists to make money for the elite and keep down the number of the world population, a cure has been found a LONG time ago!) – and this made Andrea give “a high five for Agnete”, and to me, this was of course a reference to the CEO of GE Insurance, Europe, when I worked there (1998-2002), Clive Cowdery, and a European leader meeting as we hosted in Copenhagen, where I presented a list of things to do to increase sales that I called “Give us five, Clive”, which was well received as Clive and others may still remember, and it is here again a reference to my Facebook friend, Samia, and her message to me, see the end of the script today, because Clive’s sir-name Cowdery is close to her’s, which is or used to be “Choudhury”, thus also to say that she is of importance too, and yes, this is how it also works here.

November 4, 2016: The kick inside that will ignite the endless force of the Source to start our New World after the world surrendered to me

My mother visited me this evening, she liked the progress to my apartment, we had a nice dinner and watched the “Crazy about dance” show once again, where I heard this inspired speech.

Jens told Mie that “when you feel that Thomas does his best, you release yourself, which Thomas feels”, and this was about how I have let my mother, i.e. the world, go, being alone inside this cell of Karen to finish my work before I will join all life in our New World.

Britt told Thomas that “I love your power, Thomas, I love your energy, just this, a kick, in jive …..”, which she then explained about, but this “kick” was not only about dance, but also “the kick inside” as we will do to ignite the everlasting power of our New World, and there is nothing more beautiful than Kate Bush to symbolise this, here with a very beautiful song from her album “the kick inside” :-).

And Britt also said that “if you ask people to do a clap, they will do some small, spineless splashes in their hands – BANG, it said, and there was power and meaning behind it, I love it, fine, Thomas”, and this was about his self-confidence when clapping in the beginning of the dance, which I had noticed and told my mother that I liked to see, and when Britt said this, it was of course about “the full force of the Source, when we will be sending you off to new destinations”, and I feel “unknown and very pleasant/warm/loving/caring”, which are also words describing Britt, and my mother too.

And Nikolaj followed up on this force of the Source when telling Thomas “this energy, this crazy energy”, and then he gave Thomas “lidt malurt i bægeret” (“A little wormwood in the cup” as we say here for “a fly in the ointment”), which was really about the band Malurt, which used to be Michael Falch’s band in the 1980’s and 90’s, and it was because I had played my video recording from Michael Falch’s and Poul Krebs’ concert in Helsingør a few weeks ago, which my mother had to cancel because of her coughing, and she simply LOVE this, which is when Michael plays acoustic on guitar, and I also showed her Michael Falch playing with his band “Boat man love”, which was then “completely impossible” for my mother to listen to, it takes almost no rock music from a band before it is “the worst noise” inside my mother’s head, and this is even though it may be the same songs that Michael plays with and without a band, and yes, there is then no end to how bad it sounds with a band, as my mother can say over and over and over and over again. And we know, Nikolaj ended by telling Thomas how to do “the kick”, which was to “stretch your foot”, and I was shown my own foot being stretched and ready to KICK THE BALL bringing our New World out on its eternal journey with no ending :-).

And Nikolaj continued when he told the next dancer, Mille, that “I am a little spellbound” with “spellbound” in Danish being “Bjergtaget”, which starts on mountain-(taken), and this is about coming to the top of the mountain with the Source, where we are now, and he continued giving credit to Mille for her natural and beautiful way of dancing, as I had also told my mother that I liked to see, and Nikolaj then said “I am a big fan”, and as experts will know, this was a reference to Mikael Simpson, the musician and P6 radio host, who always says “I am still a fan” about music, he likes, and I was told that this is about “references” this evening and I felt SAGA because you are also fan of SAGA via me, Mikael (?), and I felt SAGA throughout the day today and via what my mother said and what they said on TV, which was about SAGA being touched because of my post to the SAGA Facebook group.

Britt told Mille that “when you have quick turn-arounds, the way you stop the movement, nothing with after-rolling, after-swing”, which is about what I have been told earlier as critical too, which is to stop the movement of the world after turning it around, as we have done by now.

Claus asked Mille “have you come in contact with other sides of yourself”, and she replied “yes, I certainly have, suddenly there are many more facets”, which she then showed counting on both of her hands, and I was given the feeling that this will also be the feeling as your new selves, where you can do much more than today.

Britt told the dance Sarah that “I am crazy about, well, I will be completely honest now, I will be completely honest ….”, and she then told her about how she likes Sarah better in another dance than this, and this was really also a new reference, and this time to Simon Cowell from X Factor, which is because I have noticed Simon very often is saying “I will be completely honest” when he gives feedback to contestants, and it has made me wonder if you are not completely honest when you don’t say that you are, Simon (?), and I understood that this is also a reference between you following me and my “Crazy about dance” reports as well as they are following my reports from when I see you live (if I have the energy to do it).

And Jens told Sarah and her partner Morten that “what you have decided to do with Sarah, Morten, is ….”, which made Britt interrupt and tell him “you cannot know this” to which Jens then said “well, I can see it, I am telepathic”, and this was both about my mother’s eternal resistance to my writings and knowledge of right and wrong, and “why is it always you knowing better than me-feeling”, which annoys her much (this is what the disagreements between Britt and Jens are about, where Jens always is right as a symbol of me (almost) always being right over my mother), and I was also given the feeling that this was about my paper to Lisbeth from the commune giving her examples of other people receiving “my voice”, and he ended by saying that “we have to recognize quality when we see it, it is no longer than this”, which is really what Lisbeth should do in relation to my work and speeches to her for five years trying to teach her about the truth – to make her believe in me over the system.

Nikolaj was “inspired” once again when he told the dancer Mathias that “I sense …., which can be that I have preserved what Jens before called telepathy, that you have become better and better listening to Mille”, and again I was given the feeling of Lisbeth and the commune and told that this is what they have become too in relation to me.

And Nikolaj continued being inspired when he asked the dancer Laura “do you have an agent”, which here “of course” was a reference to the beautiful song “en cool agent” by Sneakers, which is because I listened to “Den store pop-tur” (“The great pop-tour”) on P7 radio the other day, when they had reached the year 1984 and played from the Sneakers album “Kat-beat” as this song is from, and I am here thinking of myself as this cool and secret agent working inside the Old World of Karen to liberate it and bring all to your New World of Karen inside me at the Source, and yes, this is also my favourite album of Sneakers, thus one of my favourite of all Danish albums.

And Laura did have an agent, which made Nikolaj to say that “when they seek the next time for Footlose (as they were playing for this dance) or Grease on Broadway, I believe your agent just has to “pitch you”, then both of you just have to go, it was eminent”, and this was both about “the play of our New World” coming, and also a reference to Grease, because before this program started, I had also played a concert video with Olivia Newton-John having John Travolta as a very rare guest on stage a couple of years ago, where they sing their old mega-hit “you’re the one that I want” from Grease, and I told my mother how much it touched me seeing them together on stage again – still having the memory of them in Grease as one of the very strongest musical experiences of my childhood – and my mother also became very touched seeing this simply because Olivia and John Travolta are brilliant together, and I feel the brilliant shine of the diamond of our New World here :-). And I told my mother about how the 1970’s felt as a much more innocent time not feeling as burdensome as now, where everything is dark.

Claus said to Laura that “you put on tempo out there” to which she replied “yes, I have to say, this was Michael’s store controlling this, and I just had to follow the best I could”, and this was really about my pace working over the years, where my mother, i.e. the world, just had to follow me, and Laura continued saying “at one time, I believed Michael had forgotten about how old I am, I believe he thought I was 27, but I am really 42, so I was wondering if my body really can do all of this that it is supposed to do, so I am incredible happy that it did as it should”, and Claus asked her about how it has been to be training, “thrown around” and completely surrender to Michael, to which she said that “it was with the life at stake at Crazy about dance, it gets a new meaning”, and this is exactly what it does, Laura, because this was really about how the world was not geared to be able to follow me all the way home to the Source, and it was with the life at stake, with the world at stake, to follow me home, and we were the first to make it, so this was really the meaning of it :-).

November 11, 2017: My voice and work is coming to an end, where-after we will do a “snap”, turn around and bring our New World – “Crazy about dance” brought faith

Despite of my mother’s back problems, which are disabling her from much in life, she has invited the family for dinner tomorrow evening, and she has refused my repeated offer to help her, which is really incredible that she does and has the courage to do feeling as poorly as she does, and it meant that we did not watch “Crazy about dance” together this evening, and for days I have felt how my voice has become more and more silent, which however was not the case with this TV-show this evening, which was full of “inspired speech” and really so much that I fear that I may not be able to write it all down because of how poorly I feel when I am starting this work, but we will see for how long I can do it – and this is really to say that if I can do this, my mother can also bring about the family dinner, this is what my energy and will power brings her :-).

Nikolaj told the dancer Sarah about how the Argentinian Tango is his favourite dance, which is because it includes sadness, pain, love, sensuality and then “it is from a vanished past, it is from a bygone era”, and “all of this and more, you contained, which makes us sit with open mouth and polyps and think “what the …, and then the very final lift, which comes from out of nothing (and he snapped his finger, “like this”) as a surprise as the elegant touch above, wauw, bravo, bravo, bravo”, and I felt the high spirit of my mother speaking these words through him, and it was really about how my mission using my voice to create these scripts is about to become “a vanished past” including much sadness and pain, but then again, also much love, which is what has brought forward life as such, and the final lift coming with a snap from out of nothing is of course when we will turn all around and you will see your new selves inside our New World – just like that.

Anne received the chills (!), and said “you have set the bar high this evening”, and this “bar” was of course the same “bar” as I was shown and told about at the recent concert with SAGA as their energy helped me to reach in order to see the Source clearly, and I am here given this “bar” with another meaning, which is “the bar is called Heaven” from Talking Heads’ classic song “Heaven”, which this is about, and this is what I succeeded to reach bringing you all with me :-). And Anne spoke inspired about “the technique of having the standing leg, but all of the time having a feeling of the other leg, which you do not stand on, all the way out to the tip of the toes, this is so well done”, which was really about being rooted in light, as I am, but working on the other side in darkness just feeling it to reach “the tip of the toes” of it to bring all life with me.

And Jens told Laura that “I have told you before that you are a very good new-dancing lady, I will even amplify this and say that in these 13 seasons, where “crazy about dance” has existed, you have just confirmed again that you are the best female new-dancer as “crazy about dance” ever has seen”, and this is exactly the same as you said a few weeks ago, Jens (!), nothing new, and this was just to say that I have told you the same messages over and over and over again in my scripts, and waited with patience, in order for man (the elite) to finally understand me.

Anne was very pleased with the dancer Laura and did not know what to say, inspired again (!), so she said “very beautiful, what can I say” (?), and the right answer to “what can I say” is of course “buns from Kohberg” as everyone here knows about from these old commercials from Kohberg buns, and this is again about my voice, which has started to become silent and also about “buns” being another symbol of our New World :-).

Jens also praised Laura much telling the audience about what Laura had told him, which is that this tango “comes right in under my skin”, and I felt this was also “inspired”, but I was not given the meaning of it (!), which is how it can also be, and when he finished his praise, Britt took over and started by saying that “you are right, Jens, for one time”, which was about my mother reluctantly saying “I believe in my son being the one”, and she spoke about Laura being “a cold ice-queen out there impossible to reach”, which “can be turned to warmth later”, which was about the turning of all life from darkness to light – as it also was earlier when Anne and Nikolaj believed it was cold when they started, but it is warm now. Later, I was told that this was about Karen, I felt Spain/darkness too, playing “cold” to me, but she is really the opposite now.

Nikolaj told Laura about “the enormous speed and energy you have in all of your turnings, and then you tame it, pull it into you, completely stop it as if you wanted to catch a flame, it brings IMAGES on the retina”, and this was again about the turning of all life from darkness to light, and to stop the turning there as we have in order “to catch a flame” from the Source (!), which brings “IMAGES” to all, and here you said the word “images” in English, Nikolaj, which is very unusual to do in Danish (!), and I felt Michael Sadler and SAGA because he is with me, and this is about their album “IMAGE AT TWILIGHT”, which is to say that IT’S TIME, my friends, to do this turn around for all to experience your new selves living in joy and happiness in our New World :-).

Claus received the chills again when Laura and her partner Michael received their grades, which again was about “repetition”.

Britt again received inspiration from above when telling Thomas the dancer about how she read a novel by a Swedish writer when she was young about “the Swedish bash” and a young man playing the violin as all young people had to be careful about because he was a magician, who could put a spell on the young boys and girls, and “you were a little spellbound (telling the dancers), aren’t you also a little spellbound (asking the other judges)?”, and I felt “Spellbound” by Siouxsie and the Banshees (again, again) and Karen, and this is about “the Swedish bash” with darkness of Karen putting a spell on all people, and I was told that this is not unlike how Blofeld in James Bond’s “In her Majesty’s Secret Service” is brainwashing group of “angels of death”, which is about how all people of today are really sleeping (not alive!) but controlled by the Source according to the game of light and darkness, or “the Swedish bash” as we could call it.

And Nikolaj told Thomas that for nine programs we have seen “the charmer, the party dancer, the sexy dancer, but this evening, there was a seriousness and an affection and assign”, and I felt Karen being attracted to me for some of the same reasons, and he continued by saying that “there was a completely different mood, a completely different expression, which you here tonight open the bag for”, and I felt this as “the cookie bag” of our New World, and he said this was “a completely new form of genre, having conquered it”, which was about how I have conquered Karen’s heart as a condition to bring all your new lives in our New World :-).

Thomas’ dance partner Mie told Claus “oh, it was wild, I believe I had my eyes clothes most of the time”, which was again about how all believe you are alive, but are really sleeping and living in my “artificial world” almost like how people are sleeping and controlled by the machines in “the Matrix” while believing they are really alive in the artificial world created by these machines, this is what this film is about.

The host Sarah told Mille and Mads after their dance “what a tango, and there are no broken bells”, which was about bringing all life of our Old World to our New World without losses, and Jens told Mads about how proud he becomes when seeing him entering the role to bring forward the best of Mille and to forget about yourself, which is about me bringing forward life here as it is, and he told them that he just has to look at what he sees and “give you some wise words”, which is what I did with my scripts just telling you what I saw in man and to “give you some wise words” of how to live and behave, and Jens finished by saying that “an artwork cannot be explained”, which is about the artwork of our new creation, which I cannot explain how I did, I just did it following my feelings inside of this dark world.

Britt agreed again with Jens (about the artwork that cannot be explained) and said it was both the beginning and end of it, and she spoke about their long legs doing it, “you hit sharply, it is fast, and it says bang and cut (“hug” in Danish)”, and I felt SAGA when she said “sharply” because of “the precise play” of the band and “Hug” was of course about Lars Hug, which again is to say that SAGA and Lars Hug were vital to me to help bringing creation out :-). Later, I was encouraged to bring a song from SAGA’s great “House of Cards” album because the card game is about to finish, and why not bring “we’ll meet again” as we all will in our New World and I feel both Karen and Sanna here, which is because they have acknowledged their defeat in this game, thus the victory of man :-).

This round ended with the host, Sarah, telling Mille and Mads about “the beautiful, long limbs (“de smukke lange lemmer”) have to go up to Claus”, which here of course was a reference to “the beautiful young people” (“de smukke unge mennesker”), as I felt, and this was to say that Kim was also an important part of it all, and yes, you are still here, Kim, not suffering the same destiny as Leonard Cohen, but who knows, the longer I continue (?), and yes, Stig needs energy, maybe from me (?), which is about fear of dying to help me, and this fear also brought energy in itself to help, so there you are :-).

Claus told Mille about what she said before starting “crazy about dance”, which was “I am mega fan”, and this was about repetition too, and a reference to Mikael Simpson, this is his saying, and here I felt that it was about his Facebook post commenting the passing of Leonard Cohen, which simply said “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” because this may be his most famous lyrics, which are from his great “Anthem”, and this is also to say that this is what we do with all people reading my scripts and these summaries of “crazy about dance” helping to bring faith, and about Lisbeth from the Commune, which is to bring in light through her cracks of darkness to bring out life, for example when telling her about my many scripts of how people speak with the voice of the Source as “inspired speech” in “Crazy about dance” etc.

The dancers now danced again, this time Sarah and Laura danced together with their partners at the same time, and Nikolaj told them “throughout my career, I have danced so much ballet/”wiener waltz”, I loved it, I rarely long for dancing any more, I have taken all dance steps that should be taken”, and he could not say the words I put in his mind, which was to “dance me to the end of love”, which of course again is about the sacrifice of Leonard Cohen here at the very end of my mission, we have danced the last dance – I feel Donna Summer here too – and we have come to the love of our New World, and I feel this high spirit of my mother bringing this to all ♥.

Nikolaj’s words made Jens and the other judges wanting to see Nikolaj dance again, which he refused, and it made Anne say “Nikolaj, we will take this is the council of the judges afterwards”, and I felt the Council (read about the Council on the front page and right column of my website), and again I felt the spirit of my mother on top of all coming through here.

The last four dancers, Mille and Thomas together with their partners, danced their last dance, and when Jens told them that “it may be that our lovely Royal Ballet Master (Nikolaj) before received a feeling, maybe one should start to ….”, I felt Hans Christian Andersen inside of him and the story about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and I was told that this is about me “having no clothes on” in the meaning that I show myself “completely naked” in my scripts, which is “without a facade”, and Jens then told the pairs about how good they look (as I apparently do showing myself as I am), and “I know that this may be said a little cliche-like”, which was about professionals and new dancers and “bla, bla, bla” as he said, which was about the band, Kliché, thus about Lars Hug again, and about how Lars speaks of me, and he ended with enthusiasm saying “I LOVE IT”, which here was about the incredible positive Ole Henriksen, who has this saying, and this was because he was on “Natholdet” on TV2 the other day, where you also spoke about me with the host there, Anders Breinholdt. And I was thinking about how Lars Hug feels like a close friend to me, and I felt tears coming to me and I was told that meeting Lars in May was as love as you could come (to revealing the game and to “our love”), and I was given the feeling of Lars telling me “I am a thanksgiving man”, which is another of his beautiful songs :-).

November 18, 2016: The kiss of life/light of Prince will switch on the Source and bring our perfect New World – people will become euphoric of the beauty of it 🙂 

My decision to continue my mission brought sufferings to the world, you will all get the golden shoes (of the Source) on

The judges were “inspired” when they repeated what my mother and I spoke about several times, so I could tell my mother “this is how inspiration works”

Everyone will lose their facade when becoming part of the Source, and will become euphoric and fascinated of the beauty of our New World

Karen’s and my New World will become as beautiful as the Rio carnival, we set the bar very high, and Karen completed it to perfection when following me

As the Source, I will be “invisible” as the force here, there and everywhere without man being able to see me

Karen and I have the best chemistry, we fit well together, my scripts opened up Karen, thus the gift of our New World and all new life

My mother was VERY nervous, which could have brought the end of the world, but I calmed her down being steady as a rock

I had to go to my OUTERMOST – for example when writing this chapter having no energy – to make the slightest detail of our New World perfect

This is what my mother, thus the world, taught me when creating me with this character to become “the one” as the Source accepted

Prince is the kiss of light/life, when we pull the lifeline and switch on the light, it will bring all new life alive making everyone SMILE 🙂

I have become a “phenomenon” in the eyes of people knowing the truth of me, I have the aura of all life around me, “a star is born”

It is the invisible force of the Source, my alter ego “on the other side”, that makes life possible, which “just is” as part of the Source producing this physical life

People will become happy and receive the chill when turning around and seeing the beauty of our new creation

Sarah made a “perfect dress” and “perfect dance” symbolising our perfect New World made with love and force of the Source, symbolised by the Love Symbol of Prince ♥

“This it was service package one”, which was about adding on to the already perfect software of our New World, because this is what I decided to do

We will bring out the New World with “pomp and circumstances” including the most energy ever, which will “explode” with a new and very little “Big Bang”

Yes, this chapter of the semi-finals of “Crazy about dance”, which was again full of inspired speech, is “completely impossible” to write because I am feeling “more than exhausted” here the day after, where I would truly prefer to sleep or do nothing, but let us see if I can pull myself together watching the comments of the show once again on the internet, and to write down the inspired speech of the evening, which was also to my mother, who was here for dinner, and as usual, we watched the show together.

Jens told Mille about when he meets people in town, they often tell him “we will see you on Friday”, and “we” is important and because they feel they are part of this “crazy about dance” family, which was really about how all will feel part of the Source as “we are one”, and he said that part of the reason why is Mille, who used to hide behind a facade in the first programs, but when she discovered that she could do this and believed in herself, she released herself from her acting and showed who she really is, which is what people can see, it becomes more naked, “but you are really good, when you simply are you”, and this was simply about “being”, which is what we all simply will be as part of the Source – without a facade, just showing ourselves as we are.

My mother and I experienced a new situation, where she was saying the same as I was thinking, I cannot remember what now, as we have done several times lately, and I decided to tell her that this is about “two souls, one thought” as I literally can feel when we are given the same thought at the same time, which was an a-ha experience to my mother catching her attention, and then she spoke about Fred Astaire when seeing Mille and Mads dancing, and shortly thereafter, Britt told Mille and Mads that “you looked like Fred Ataire and Ginger Rogers at the height of their career”, and I told my mother “this is how inspiration works, you have just spoken about Fred Astaire, and then Britt is given the thought of Fred Astaire, which she then speaks out”, and yes, my mother knows what this “inspiration” is about seeing my writing down notes on my phone of this every time we watch the show together.

And Nikolaj continued in the same track as Britt, which was because I had just told my mother about a new film by Woody Allen as I watched the other day (on Viaplay), which was “Midnight in Paris” from 2011 as I liked very much, and then he said “you have these, in my world it is called “je te” (if I heard it correctly), you love it, when I speak French, right Jens” (?), and this French inspiration was of course a reference to the film in Paris as I had just spoken about and also because we will switch on the light of our New World from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Mads told the host, Claus, about his “not alright list” as he does on Wednesdays telling Mille of the things that are still not alright to be improved, which here made Mille say “I see it then and start to cry a little, and then we take it from one end and I become happy at the end”, and I felt my mother here when writing this, which is about the sufferings of my mother and the world because of my attitude “it is not perfect yet” as I have kept on saying about my apartment all of the time, which makes the game continue, thus bringing my mother and the world, and myself, more sufferings.

Britt told Laura to “a nip here, a tuck there, and then you will get your golden shoes on”, which of course is to receive “the gold of the Source” bringing the energy and recipe of new life to all, and Britt ended by saying the sudden inspiration coming to her, which was to Laura’s partner Michael, and she said “Michael, you look incredible on the floor”, which was because my mother and I had just talked about this when seeing them dance.

I had also just told my mother about Laura that “she does not have a gram of fat too much”, and it brought the inspiration to Nikolaj who said “Laura, I would like to have your six-pack stomach”, yes, “not a gram too much” is what it was about, and every time the judges were inspired only seconds after my mother and I, I told my mother that “this is how “inspiration” from above works”, and it comes after days where I have told her about how “spiritual darkness” not only brings sudden pain and illness etc. to people, it does the same to our electronics, as I have given her more examples of, and yes, we have also together, and she alone, experienced how her TV (and Sanna’s TV) switches on by itself, the sound of one of her speakers stopping, and starting somewhere else, the volume of her stereo “automatically” being turned down etc., and yes, she believes in more and more of this, and now sees it for herself, this is what it is about, Mother, I am not talking “nonsense”, this is a true “phenomenon” as I am showing to people via all of these examples included in my scripts.

And Nikolaj also said “I remember when the carnival came to Copenhagen 30 years ago …. – and you can go directly to Rio” and I heard “the carnival” (“Karneval” in Danish) as “Karen’s val”, which is about our New World being as beautiful as this.

I had just told my mother about how the Antonelli Orchestra, the incredible house orchestra, had done a great a very authentic Latin piece of music, and it made Jens say “if you want to catch my attention, when there is such authentic music on ….”, which was a new reference to what I had just said, and he told Laura’s partner Michael that “the most difficult Samba-variation, which is, you had given Laura, which is to set the bar very high”, and here it is “the bar is called Heaven”, remember (?), and about what I decided to do myself to reach this, and when Jens said about Laura that “she completed to perfection”, I felt Karen and was told that this perfection is what she has accomplished too because she has endured following me, and I was shown completely fresh printing ink from a newspaper, which is because of Karen, who followed me.

Britt told Sarah and her partner Morten that “I feel that I am allowed to look into the window, where two people dance for each other, they don’t know at all that I am there”, and it made me think of the Source about to “look into my window”, as were the words used the other day, to become me, and also about how I remember when I was a boy, Jeff, that I was dreaming about being “invisible”, which is what I will become as the Source where I will be here, there and everywhere as “the force” without man being able to see me.

And I was thinking of these two dancing together being Karen and I, and Jens told about the fine chemistry between Sarah and Morten, they fit well together, and then “Morten, you are eminent understanding how people work what is needed to open up a person to make her do what you know is the best”, and I was given the feeling of opening up a gift, which here was about opening the gift of Karen bringing new life to all via my scripts.

Britt told Sarah that she felt how nervous Sarah had been, could see it in her eyes, and still how she was cool just continuing despite of her inner stress, which Sarah confirmed was right, and Nikolaj said “you may have been nervous, I was not, I was steady as a rock”, which was about how my mother could have destroyed all life because of her extreme nervousness about me, but when I decided to go through the game – fearing the end of the world and experiencing the greatest sufferings of any man in history – being “steady as a rock”, this is what brought my mother, thus the world with all life, with me, because I made her calm being with me. And Nikolaj spoke about being “euphoric, fascinated of your world”, which again is about the beauty of our New World.

Jens told Mille that “when you leave something on the floor, nothing much remain, what does this mean (?), ALL movements have to be danced COMPLETELY OUT to the end of the fingertips”, which is about doing EVERYTHING you can to make even the slightest detail perfect and to go to your absolutely outermost, which is what I am doing as example when writing this chapter as I really cannot being more dead than alive, but this is what it takes to make “perfect”, and Jens then received sudden inspiration (!) when looking at Britt and saying “this is what you really taught me – Jens, if you have more inside you, you have to give it”, and yes, this is what I do, and this comes from “my mother” as Britt symbolises, and she was the one creating me with this character to become “the one” as the Source accepted, so there you are :-).

Laura and Michael did their next dance to “Kiss” by Prince, I told my mother how this was the biggest hit in the middle of the 1980’s when I used to go to discotheques in Helsingør, and Anne spoke about their beautiful (shoulder and leg-) lines, and Nikolaj said and showed “this is when Michael is pulling you, and you have to say walk, walk, walk, and Jens, it is called “Passe retire” (or something like this), and this is to pull the lifeline making all new life “walk” when turning on the light of our New World, which is what you were really speaking of, and it was because Prince is this “Kiss of light/life” as you can read about from the right column of my website saying “Prince is the energy of the Source” and “his real life task is to switch on the Source that will “make magic” bringing all new life alive”.

Laura told Claus about how “Kiss” has been her favourite song since she was a little girl, and that “I even have pain in my jaw smiling so much” (because they danced to this song), which here was also about the smiles of the world, which will come when I will all give you my KISS of life/light, and I feel Prince, and yes, when I will turn you all on, as he says here through me, which is also about the duality of the lyrics of Prince also being very sexual, which was about darkness of my life as I could not reject.

Sarah and Morten danced to “Cream” by Prince, I told my mother how this was a huge hit when I went to discotheques in Copenhagen in the beginning of the 1990’s, and it made Nikolaj tell Sarah that “you are really a phenomenon”, and here “phenomenon” was a reference to a “blooper” on TV as I saw the other day on TV2 with a journalist, who simply could not pronounce the word and did it wrong over and over and over again, and here it was also about what I have become in the eyes of people knowing the truth of me. And Nikolaj continued saying that “what characterizes a really good dancer is everything that happens outside the steps, it is like the resonance in …., if I can get a guitar howl (from the orchestra)”, and here, he really spoke about “everything invisible”, which is what makes life able to walk, and that is “the guitar” symbolising the Source, which “is” everywhere around you, and he continued saying that “it is as if you are breathing the dance, as if it is in every pore of your body”, and again, this was the Source, my alter ego “on the other side”, as he was really speaking of making up the entire New World including everything visible as well as invisible, and yes, remember, “we just are”, which is “to be the Source” disguised as this life.

Britt told Sarah that “By God, I become so happy when I see the very first turning you learn as a beginner, which is an “alamana”, a “German turning”, which is where the lady is turning around beneath the arm, which you have in the beginning of your program, and by God, your lose foot reaches in and brushes, which almost gives me the chill”, which was about what people will get when turning around and seeing our new creation :-). And Britt continued saying that you need space around you because “you need space for your aura – you have oceans of aura”, and I felt this aura in endless layers around me, which is the layer of all new life, and Anne simply concluded that “a star is born”, which was here not only about the phenomenal dancer, Sarah, but also about the birth of my new self.

Afterwards, Sarah told Claus that she has designed her dress herself, “how wild is that”, which made me think about my mother as “the designer” of our New World, and she showed how she had made Prince’s “Love Symbol” as part of the decoration of her dress, and then they received their grades, which was four times 10 from the judges giving them THE PERFECT SCORE, the first of the season, as a symbol of our PERFECT NEW LIFE without any sufferings, this is what this dress and LOVE SYMBOL symbolise, in our New World the Love Symbol (“Love is God, God is love”) will replace the symbol of the cross (symbolising my sufferings) from our Old World, and this was really to say that it is force and love of the Source bringing this perfect new life, and my mother is really part of my father, and both are really inside of me as “the one”, which you do get, right? And yes, “Sarah, you are a phenomenon, a star is born” as Claus told the euphoric Sarah after receiving this perfect score, and so it is :-), and I was told that “this it was service package one”, which was about adding on to the already perfect software of our New World, because this is what I decided to do.

I had told my mother about how impressed I am with the Costume Department of DR TV making “fabulous creations”, which then made Britt praise the costumes that all three ladies wore in a dance together and she said “giant applause to the Costume Department”, which here again is falling back on ourselves for making this creation of our New World, and once again I told my mother of Britt’s “inspiration”- and Britt continued really speaking of “lifelines” and Jens about “pomp and circumstances” bringing out the most energy ever of Laura, when her muscles “explode”, as when the Source will “explode” in a (very little and new) “Big Bang”.

This semi-finals included the by far best three couples of the season, and the judges voted them in with Sarah and Morten as no. 1, Laura and Michael as no. 2 and Mille and Mads as no. 3, which was also my mother’s and my ranking, but the public vote decided to vote out Laura and Michael and to keep Mille and Mads for the final together with Saran and Morten, which I believe was wrong, I have enjoyed following Laura’s development throughout the season, and she had become so skilled, confident and happy that she was “loaded with energy” all of the evening, which I had enjoyed watching, so “better luck next time”, Laura and Michael, at least I was on your side.

Yes, this chapter was really “completely impossible” to write, but I decided to “never give up”, and it took me 4½ hours to do, partly because of the time as it took to listen to all comments of the show again, and sometimes to listen again and again to get the words right, and partly because I was more than exhausted and had to take some short breaks in-between, where I constantly felt like “now I have to stop”, but I did not, I decided for the attitude “I have to finish this”, and then “I just did it”, and I am here told that this much work was because we have much work to do just before “closing time”, which is another reference to Leonard Cohen, who is now also helping from the other side, and I received another reference before when writing the above, which I did not include, which was because I did not approve of it when his fine song “In my secret life” was made into “In my perfect life” by my voice, but this is how it is, our new lives, and this is how I got a footprint on it too as “his secret voice” here tells me, where I am shown him wearing his typical hat.

November 25, 2016: The last dance was the most beautiful dance ever symbolising the beauty of our new world, which will bring tears and enthusiasm to all people

And then it was time for my mother and I to watch the final of ”Crazy about dance” this season, as we did at my place, and as for weeks, there was much inspired speech for me to write down, which again will take hours to do, watching the program again to get it right, so here we go.

Anne told Mille after the first dance that ”you are a mood bomb” (spreading good mood), which here was about the bomb of the Source, which is going to ”explode”, which simply means to start the force of the Source and our never-ending journey towards happiness and new life.

Britt was again directly inspired, now from my mother’s and my dinner this evening as we had just come home from (!), when she said ”salsa means sauce, I just want to say ”very delicious sauce”, and when she sais this, I smiled and looked at my mother and asked her ”what do you think the sauce was again” (?), and she replied ”delicious”, and I pointed at the TV and just had to say ”there you see”, and I did not have to say anymore, she is getting it. And she said, ”if you do not go out dancing, as you have done, the chance of being stepped over your toes is very little”, and I felt Pernille Vermund, and here it was about how I again was ”stepped over my toes” when ”going out dancing”, i.e. telling people the truth as they do NOT like to hear, thus treating me like dirt. And she continued saying ”you have not stepped over the toes of the Danish population, you have stimulated them and brought them out of the sofa, out on the floor, super, super, fantastic – delicious sauce”, and here it was about how my writings were NOT offending anyone (!), and about how this brought out life from darkness when the power base of the world started believing in and following me – this is what you were speaking about this time, Britt :-).

Nikolaj told Mille how inspired he was when seeing her, and how ”all in here became so happy in the lid” as he said, because this is a saying here, which simply is about incredible happiness as i felt that the Source – my father and mother – was because we succeeded bringing out life here too, and about what life will become when opening our New World :-). And he ended by saying that ”this salsa looks good on you, it is tailormade for you”, which is another symbol of ”new life”, so there you are :-).

Jens told Mille and Mads that ”we all need a time pocket, a place where we can go and liberate us from the evil”, and this is exactly what we have done, Jens, as you know, this is what brought out life as we now return to this ”time pocket” of the Source to live eternal lives of great happiness. And he ended beautifully by saying that ”a day without a smile is a day of no life, we live when we see you two dance”, and LIFE and HAPPINESS is what this is about, thank you, Jens & Co. :-).

And Sarah, the host, ended this first round by saying ”thank you for sauce”, and yes, she get it too.

Claus, the other host, welcomed Mille to the final, and then she said ”thank you”, turned up her head and shouted out ”yowww”, which was about the launch of the rocket of our New World soon coming, as they helped me doing too at this great program bringing all energy of people watching to me via their faith, thus bringing even more force to our rocket :-).

Nikolaj told Sarah, after her first dance, that ”it is not strange that you received such a big applause because, the number is called ”the girl’s gone wild”, and this girls is WIIIILD, you are crazy”, and this is what darkness of Karen made her become in this world (wrong sexual behaviour), and I received the feeling of ”The Wild boys” by Duran Duran, which is where Simon Le Bon almost was killed when turning around on the wheel bringing his head in water, which is a symbol of the incredible sufferings I was given as result, which was ”this close” to killing me and all life, this is what this was about :-). And he spoke about ”a star is born”, as Anne also did last week, which here is about the birth of Karen and all of her/our life.

Jens told Sarah about how the training she has been given by Morten has been developing her step by step and he said ”I believe you have turned Black Friday (as it was today) into Beautiful Friday”, which here again was about how we have turned darkness of ”Wild Karen” into light of our New World. And I was told ”because no one could stop you”, and now I have almost finished hanging up my new curtains too.

Britt and also Anne spoke about how Sarah was dancing like a professional, which came after I had just told my mother the same.

Claus asked Sarah ”how was it”, and she said ”it was completely WILD – the WILDEST experience”, and Morten said that he had told Sarah that this final would become ”some of the WILDEST you will ever experience” and she said ”yes, so WILD”, and then they received four times 10 in perfect score from the judges, and Claus asked Sarah ”how do you feel”, and she replied ”I feel completely WILD”, and yes, Sarah really had the role of ”Wild Karen” this evening turning into our beautiful New World when coming home with me to the Source.

Britt told Mille after her second dance that if you have a talent to dance, you can dance all styles (this was a new style, a show dance), and ”you did this completely brilliant, should xxx not work out, the Lido in Paris is waiting on you”, which is about the light of the Source, which will be turned on.

Nikolaj told her that ”all of this opening, this precision and sharpness, it was phenomenal in a genre as you have not been exposed to at all, for you to bring this …., which is because you have now learned so much and is capable of just going on and on and on and on, and fill even more on the tank”, and I felt light of myself and the resistance of darkness coming against me, as the example from Pernille Vermund’s thread today, and this is about how unusual it is for me as light to be attacked by darkness as I am, but I have learned how to handle it, and just keep on and on and on when adressing it (again and again and again), and this is what ”fills the tank” of the rocket of our New World.

Anne told her that she was nervous that maybe she would place her feet wrongly at some time, ”but you did not at any time”, which was about how I never gave in to darkness, not one single time despite of it’s constant fight to overtake me very directly for the last ten years (as I wrote about the other day),

Jens told Mille that ”when you are inside an environment including other very skilled people, you develop very much”, which also was about my development being pushed by this environment of darkness forcing me to do my best to survive.

I was told how I have not been completely turned around yet, and then Claus asked Mille ”wasn’t it great to all of a sudden being able to be more funky than all of the other styles” (?), and I felt Prince as ”funky” and his song ”My name is Prince, and I am funky”, which really is about ”my name is Stig” with Prince being part of me as the Source, and Mille replied ”very much and very nice, my shoulder is could be allowed just to dangle around”, which she then showed physically with her shoulder turning around and around and around, which was about turning this last piece of me around, Mille, and here you were ”funky” with Prince, i.e. the Source, working inside of you, and this is what made me ”swag” (”stylish confidence” or ”cool”) as you kept on saying here too :-). And they received a score of four times ten, and Jens Werner gave them a salute when giving his grade, and was given the feeling that this was ”a salute to the captain of the ship” (of our New World), which is me.

Jens told Sarah after her second dance that ”this dance hits very well” and ”this melody is very simple, vulnerable and sensitive, which is what I believe you are, I believe you have dipped me into a swimmingpool of love”, and I felt that this is about my true self and how people hit me via their negative and wrong comments, this is how I feel, I am essentially vulnerable and sensitive to being bullied wrongly by people and it is only because I decide to be strong that I am not affected by it, but I feel it everytime this happens, this is ”the swimmingpool of sufferings” as I am dipped into at the same time as it is also love of the Source being brought to man to turn you around to light and new life.

Nikolaj said that ”we also have to remember the boxer Sarah” (as she is), and ”this was a knock-out, and we can start counting down now, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, because this was the ring, and you stung like a bee, bravo”, and this was obviously about the count down for the launch of the rocket of our New World as we have initiated, and ”this was the ring” was not only about a boxing ring, Nikolaj, but about ”the ring of life” as I bring to this rocket, thus new life to all, and this is because I ”stung like a bee”, as Cassius Clay (as I prefer to call Muhammad Ali) used to say.

Sarah and Morten received four times ten again, and once again Jens Werner gave ”a salute to the captain”, i.e. to me :-), and then – from out of nowhere, suddenly the picture disappeared (at 54:34) for one second first turning the screen into green all over, then grey all over before the normal picture returned, and this also came from ”above”, and I was told that this is because we are about to change over to our new selves, and I was told ”thank you, crazy about dance, all of the season, all of the production team, my mother and I have loved seeing you too”, and you helped me bringing even more energy for our New World 🙂 – and the picture disappeared once more for one second (at 54:59) ”just to make my presence clear” as I am here told.

Jens told Mille and Mads about their third dance, their freestyle dance ending the season, that one of the criteria he uses when judging dancing competitions is ”Non Verbal Communication” (NVC), which means that you cannot use your mouth to speak yourself to success, which is about ending my voice.

Anne told Mille that ”I do believe you have to go home to check your birth certificate” (bringing much energy despite of being 42 years old), and this was really a reference to how Trump used to ”bully” Obama with his birth certificate years ago, where he claimed that Obama was not born in the USA, thus not being entitled to be President, and here it was a reference to Pernille Vermund’s thread again and an encouragement for me to bring Obama’s speech to Trump from May, this year, with the message being ”It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about”, which I then did after the program had ended, and it was also to say that Obama is also with me on this one.

Nikolaj praised Mille and said ”I will be missing you much, it is the last time we sit here speaking to you, we may see Mads again, but you will probably not be part of crazy about dance any more”, and I felt that this is about saying ”goodbye to Hollywood”, as the song by SAGA and Billy Joel too goes as I am here given, which is about saying goodbye to our old selves, which was merely an act that we did to prepare the birth of our New World :-).

Britt really turned it on giving all she had when saying ”you were out in space, and it was out of this world”, which was a reference to me being ”the Spaceman” of the Source, who will fly around inside our New World in ”the Spaceship of the Source” as I have written about many times, and also shown you fly around here :-). And the host, Sarah, told Mille and Mads ”Superman, Supergirl, thank you for the dance”, and I thought of Karen and I coming through ”the ring of fire” here at the end to be with you all :-). A gimmick of this dance was that the audience had been giving light-tubes as they showed making it look fantastic, as Mille said, and I was thinking about ”turning on the light of the Source”, and Mads nailed it when saying, also with inspiration from above, ”just about the idea about how we wanted to get all with us because they sing ”what you do is what you just can do” and we were only hoping that you wanted to do it, and then you do it, and then the lights were turned off (of the hall, and the audience turning their light-tubes on), I was almost crying”, and yes, a symbol of turning on the light of the Source, thus our New World, it was.

And Claus said ”Mille, this was your last dance”, and it made me think of Kim Larsen’s version of the classic ”the very last dance”, which is about ”the very last dance before we go home, before the sun and a new day breaks out” and ”I have never felt Heaven as close as now”, which is what this again is about, the end of our Old World and start of our New World :-).

And then it was time for the last dance of the season, the freestyle dance of Sarah and Morten, and it started with Sarah being blindfolded feeling herself and feeling Morten as if to feel me, what is this that I have never felt before (?), and they danced to the very beautiful song ”Fix you” by Coldplay, which made me think of Karen being blind and simple minded when living her wild life in darkness playing a ”cold play” with me trying to bring me down, as was the goal of the entire system of darkness headed by my sister and brother-in-law, and my mission was to guide her – ”Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones, And I will try to fix you” – to open up her eyes to me and a new and beautiful world, which she then did, both in the dance when her blindfolds were removed and also in the ”cold play” starting to obtain faith in me, and the dance was slow and sensual, the stage was naked with four small trees with lights on them, and it was as if they discovered and experienced life together for the first time becoming more and more happy together, and it was simply incredible beautiful to watch with an excellent lift of Sarah of very high standard being the highlight, it was without a doubt the most beautiful moment of the season and I do believe that it was the most beautiful moment of all 13 seasons, I felt tears coming in my eyes, which happens when I witness a truly great moment in time, and when it started snowing on stage, I was told ”Winther”, which used to be Karen’s sir-name, as a reference, and I was told that this is a symbol of the beauty inside Karen and her New World as we are showing to the world.

This was one of those very rare moments in time that will always stand, it was the sum of everything that came before this, this was beauty as never seen before, and I was not the only one having tears in my eyes, the host, Sarah, was too, Nikolaj, the judge, was too, and Laura, the dancer, was too, and probably ”hundreds of people” in the hall, who went ”completely wild” because of what they had just seen, they did not want to stop clapping, they just went on and one and one, they were enthusiastic – as people will be when seeing our New World. This is what it was about.

Nikolai said ”Sarah (the host), I do understand why you are crying (he was himself too), because this was deeply sensitive with a giant empathy, and at the very end, as the icing on the cake, as a giant angel in this, and Jens Werner, now I say it, it is called a ”presage” (or something like that), and this lift is incredible difficult”, which he then described and he concluded ”it was out of this world, it was quite simply beautiful”, and I felt my mother being this angel of love, as I am here told, who had the mission finding and creating life inside Karen using my force to do it, which was ”out of this world”-impossible to do, but still, we did it :-).

Jens said that ”I firmly believe that you get from life as you put into life, and the process you have been through together with Morten, these 240 hours you have practised together, this is what you can bring with you and learn from in the future”, and this was to say that the better you prepare, the better and also the more beautiful result you will get, which also goes for our New World based on all the hard work I put into my writings and the faith that it brought including your very own faith, Jens & Co.

Britt said that ”it was a wonderful, touching, beautiful dance with a very high level …, and touching, sad, charming, all superlatives for you, it is is the last dance we see this year, which is sad in itself, but you initiated the coming Christmas time with lights in the trees and some snowing, you say goodbye to a period, and we will all say hello to a period, but we will think of you for a long, long, long period”, and again I felt that this was about saying goodbye to our old selves and hello to our new selves coming with the birth of me, and the world will forever be thinking of Karen and I as the parents of all life here.

Anne said that ”I do believe there was more than one, Sarah, who was about to drop a tear (meaning that she and others was too), I do not believe we could have had a more beautiful ending on ”Crazy about dance” 2016”, and it all ended when Sarah, the host, said ”much praise from the judges as can be understood, Sarah, you are a fantastic dancer, Morten, you did a wonderful choreography, and we spoke about him earlier, I am not going to be the judge of this, but I am sure that someone sits up in the sky being very proud of you”, which has to be about a late relative of Morten (?), but here it was also about the inner self of me, the Source, being very proud of what you all did at this season of ”Crazy about dance”, it was the best season of all, and it ended with the most beautiful dance I can remember seeing.

Claus said that it was ”the last dance of the year, but also the first snow of the year – and of course delivered by you, is there anything you cannot deliver (Sarah)?”, which here again was about Sarah playing the role of Karen, who is our New World, now inside the Source.

After receiving yet another perfect score from the judges, it was time for the decisive public vote, and would it go as last year, where it was the wrong couple that won (?), no, this was to clear, Sarah was the best dancer ever and the public loved her and Morten too, so there was no doubt, it was the right couple winning this the best season of all – congratulations from me too, my mother and I enjoyed following you all throughout the season, you did great :-).

And yes, this time it took 4½ hours to watch the show again and write this chapter, and no, it is still not easy doing, it requires much will-power to do, and I think again about how ”impossible” it is to finish and publish this, but I did it.

2017: I will use magical power to bring the birth of my new self and switch on our New World 🙂

September 8, 2017: I will use magical power when pushing the contact that will bring the birth of my new self and switch on our New World


I had invited my mother to watch the premiere of “Crazy about dance” on TV2, and first we watched last week’s “Top of the Pops” with Michael Falch’s songs, which my mother had not seen when she was on cruise, and she loved it much too.

And we know, what kind of “inspired speech” from “my voice”, speaking through mainly the judges of the show, would come this evening, and how much (?), well, I did not know, and I heard some when watching it, and I have now decided to go through it again via a re-run from TV2-play even though it is 1 hour and 40 minutes long, and I really do not feel motivated to doing this being this close to the end, but let us see what it brings :-).

It started via the very first comment by the judge, Britt Bendixen, said “I am very happy to be back, and that the first dance is quick-step, which is called “the Champagne of dance”, and there were pearls in your effort” as she told the dancers Mie and Mads, and what Britt really said was that she is so happy that she could open the Champagne, or let us say that Karen is so happy that she could open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our survival and New World now coming – as we did so often together (2003/04), Karen, drinking “the best Champagne in the world” (as I had bought cheaply for 20-25% of normal price in 2000), do you remember (?) – and it is Karen coming here because Britt was inspired to say “pearls”, which is an old symbol of Karen to me, so there you are :-). Later, I was told that this is about “the whole world toasting in Champagne” because of PURE JOY over our new creation.

And Britt continued saying “practically free or errors, two small caress-things, which are not worth mentioning, right Mads” (?), which was about the end result of my apartment, thus our New World inside the Source, which is “practically perfect” :-).


One of the two hosts, Sarah Grünewald, asked the dancer Mie “it must be very different to you suddenly not to wear a swimsuit” to which Mie answered “yes, you might say that I have received more clothes on”, which here was really to say that we/I will stop suffering (“swimming in water”) as our new selves (“clothes on”). And they spoke about Mie – and another swimmer as Mads danced with in 2009 – smelling of chlorine, which is because I am using chlorine to clean my bathroom/toilet, and now everything is clean and smelling nice inside of here, as my voice says :-).

The judge Jens Werner started where he left last year, which was with “inspired words” given to him by my inner self, “my voice”, when he told the dancer, Christian, that “now when you have had this ascent as you have today, then try to use the chance you have received to think even more positive and even higher, go out on deep water, really swim out and see, where is it that you cannot reach the bottom any more, you can always swim home, but this chance you will never receive again”, and yes, this is about “the positive thoughts” I used when I deliberately went to the very edge of where I can reach the bottom (of my sufferings) to bring the best creation of our New World, this is what it was about, Jens, and this is what brings the ascension of my new self and New World :-).

The dancer, Christian, said afterwards that “I have never been speaking to my hips before, but now they speak to me all of the time”, which is what “my voice” told you, which was to say that this is what I do to Stig all of the time, which is 24/7, and this is what I have received as Stig since 2006, which is really not what you want because it has been “Hell” to me because of darkness of man coming through this way too. And Sarah believed that Christian looks like one having lived in South America, which made him say “now you are charming, do NOT lie in crazy about dance”, which she said that she did not, which was really to say that this is what I NEVER DO, I ALWAYS TELL YOU THE TRUTH of my life and of what my voice tells me, which is 100% accurate, or as accurate as I am able to write it down for you to read.


When we watched the hip-hop artist, Jokeren (“the Joker”), I told my mother that this is like going from one extreme world to another, from “the worst language” etc. to “the most elegant” of dance, i.e. from our Old to our New World, and he looked very fine indeed in his evening dress, like a new man :-), and Britt told him “I don’t know if you are a natural talent, or if Mie has magical power”, which was really about “the magical power” coming, when I, as my new self, will launch the rocket of our New World, thus bringing you all “your new selves” in a totally New World and environment, and my voice here says “you have VERY MUCH to looking forward to”, and also “encourages” me to bring a song by Jokeren, but no, I will not, not when it contains “ugly language”, and I am not going to use time and energy to search for songs of yours that do not, but what remains is that this man also has a great talent :-).

And Britt continued telling Jokeren that “your way down to your bearing leg, it is here that the whole art is buried, which is the leg you stand on, the bearing leg, was completely fantastic”, and this was really about “my new self” being buried beneath the Giza Pyramid in Egypt from where my ascension as “Blue Eyes” will begin, when I will begin the beguine, and yes, Julio, I love you too, an amazing artist, and that goes especially when you sing in Spanish :-).

And suddenly, Britt received “an impulse” when she said “I just have to ask you something, now you stand there looking so elegant in evening dress, I do know that sometimes you said some very naughty things and so on, isn’t this more difficult to say in an evening dress”, which was coming to her both because she is a symbol of my mother and here of my old nightmare (!), and also very directly because of my thought of Jokeren coming from “one world to another”, and this was just to say that as your new selves, you will not be able to act as darkness, which is simply because there is NO DARKNESS, ONLY LIGHT in our New World :-).


It made Jens correct Britt, and tell Jokeren that “I do believe you are a very deep man, I believe there is much life experience, I believe you have experienced tough times in your life, which makes, if you are smart, Mie, you will go deep to find out what contacts to push to make Jokeren ….”, and here Britt interrupted him – as my mother often interrupts me without listening – and said “you are also a psychologist, Jens”, which made Jens tell her off again, “do NOT interrupt me” (!), and he continued telling Mie that “if you do something very wise, you will dig very deeply in this man, because this man has very much to offer in this program, not least himself on this dance journey, I already look much forward to next Friday where I am going to see you in crazy about dance”, and what this was about, Jens – and everyone else – was to say that I have gone through tough times to dig VERY deeply inside of me to find “the contact” of the Source that will switch on our New World, and now I have found it and can switch it on at any day now, and it is as I was told earlier today by the voice of my inner self, the same “controlling” your speech this evening, that “we have now turned around and gone through the gate – the most difficult part is now complete and you will decide yourself when to push the start button” :-).

Afterwards, Sarah told Jokeren “it is a completely different world” (than “the hip-hop world”), which Jokeren confirmed when saying that it requires “a completely different attitude to existence”, which again was inspired directly by my thinking here.

Britt told the dancer Julia Sofia that “you let the music come out of every pore in your body”, which was a reference to what I wrote about Aura after she had song one of Michael Falch’s beautiful songs in “the Top of the Pops” last week – and again for my mother and I this evening watching it just before “Crazy about dance” – which is that Aura has music in every cell of her body, this was “the connection” between these two shows on TV2, which was rally to say that both shows have given me much, brought me much energy to help building our New World :-).


After Jens had given his comments to the dancer Sofie, he said “let us hear what the Ballet Manager” has to say, which was the judge, Nikolaj Hübbe, and he started saying “nu kommer MALURTEN i bægeret” (“now comes the embitter in the joy”), which again, and obviously, was a reference to Michael Falch and his former band “Malurt” and then to Aura and her performance of “du er den eneste i verden” in “the Top of the Pops”, which simply was to say that “now the only one in the world will come”, which is my new self and this is because everyone knows that all of you are me, and I am all of you :-).

The judge, Anne Laxholm, told the dancers Rene and and Jenna “it was possible to see how happy you were because “come on, the first waltz, and we came through without things going terribly wrong”, which obviously is about what we did, coming through without things going terribly wrong, i.e. the risk of being exterminated with the end of the world coming before we were ready with our New World to take over, as we are now. And Anne told Rene that “you were much inside of yourself, you were closed inside of yourself, looking down on Jenna, you have to learn …, to open up much more, and believe much more in yourself”, which is about the change that will come when we change from darkness of the Old World doing everything to “close me in” to light of our New World doing the opposite, which is to spread all of my force creating new life :-).


And Jens told Jenna that “by your side, you have a top-top elite sport-man, which means that this man possesses an ability to, both physically and mentally, to “eat himself”, otherwise you do not achieve what Rene has achieved”, which was also to say that this is what I had to do, “to eat myself” by taking on the worst sufferings of any man in history in order to bring all life home with me and reach the Source deep inside of me, and I continue doing this when writing this chapter, which is really “far beyond what I should be capable of doing” :-).

Nikolaj told the dancer, Ena, that “I do believe you like to dance because, in moments, you light up, there comes a twinkle in your eye, a lightning”, which was also about when I will light up our New World, and he continued saying “when you sit your leg, I have to believe that it comes from your ….”, and the dancer Ena helped him to find the word “primitive force”, and yes, this is from where I will receive the force to light up the world :-).

Britt told Karina that “you chose a choreography that turns Daniel into the naughty boy of the class, it is genius because I can see you have choreographed him to be naughty, and then you dance, it goes 100% wrong for him, and you may think that it is your choreography, I know it was not”, which is about what Sanna & Co. choreographed to make the world make me look like (by sending darkness to me affecting my whole life and being as you can read from the chapter “Man deliberately brought me darkness to bring me in disgrace to make my mother and the world go against me to wrest Christ from me to start their New World”.


The famous actor and now dancer, Iben, was crying of happiness after her dance, but could not speak a word because of lack of breath after a hard dance, and Sarah told her “you have to say something” and Iben said “well, I cannot, I have no more air left”, and this “air” is “force of God” as you know, which is what we have completely emptied from your world making Stig a “tired world”, this is what Iben was really saying, and it will get MUCH BETTER when we receive air of our New World :-).

Nikolaj told the dancer, Lucas, very clearly that “you have to have a lifting I the waltz, like a Spanish cock”, which was about the lifting of me, where I will become MUCH larger as my new self than today, which is also why Britt before Nikolaj believed that Lucas looks higher in reality than on TV.

Sarah told the dancer, Simon, that “to me it looked like you have eaten salsa 14 days in a row, morning, noon and evening, it was sitting all around you”, which made Simon say “Si, si, si, si” and continue speaking in Spanish pretending that he did not understand, which was about CRAZY PEOPLE of darkness, who normally is considered to “normal” and included my own family and network, who for a long time believed that I was mad, and this is the message because “si, si, si, si” was of course a reference to the album “Qui, qui, si, si, ja, ja, da, da” by MADNESS, I felt it :-).


In “the decision” follow up to the program, Sarah spoke to some of the dancers of the 10 couples that were “saved” in this first program, and she said “there is a reasonable good mood out here, you seem enormous relieved, and, Ane, when your name was mentioned, you started to cry”, and she then said that “it was tears of relief”, and this is about the mood of man being relieved that “we made it” and was not all exterminated before the creation of our New World, and these are the feelings that will come to all of man with the opening of our New World – a feeling of joy and relief that “we made it”.

And Sarah asked Simon about “how was it when your name was mentioned”, which made him smile and say “it was truly so great, I simply do not know what to do if I could not get another week in all too small shoes in a s…-cellar together with Claudia”, and this was of course a reference to Michael Falch and his lyrics “Vi går – går i de stores spor, i alt for små sko med vores alt for store ord” (“We walk in the traces of the great, in way too small shoes with our all to big words”), which was the same as I told my mother when watching Michael Falch before “Crazy about dance” when Søren Huss sang Michael Falch’s “Vogt dig” (“Guard you”), which was “this is not only about guarding yourself from others, but mainly from yourself” – “better-knowing ignorance” and an exaggerated self-importance believing that you are better than you are and better than others, when you are not – thus also about my mother including the example from the evening, when my mother guessed that Iben and her dancing partner would receive “5” in grades from the judges, and when she was lucky that she did, she told me “well, I have been dancing myself, I know about these things”, which was unnecessary to do, she is NOT better in guessing grades than I, you don’t have to walk in “too small shoes” believing you are better, when you are not, which by the way is what these people wrongly believe of me when I told you all that “I am better”, and this was not arrogance or self-importance, this was simply the truth, which I do believe you have finally understood, right?

The “s… – cellar” was about being locked up inside darkness, and when Simon looked at the camera and said “I am just …. – muchas gracias”, I felt that this was coming from Michael Falch, also because of my positive comments about his songs, performances and behaviour, but Michael “cannot” tell me as part of the game.

Yes, I was not prepared for writing such a long chapter on “Crazy about dance”, but still I decided to do it because I could – but only with great difficulties. I did not write about the other host, Claus, when he used a sound that could have been taken from Victor Borge’s “Phonetic Pronunciation” when he read up the address of a website including a slash, which obviously was a reference to “the Smile is the Shortest Distance”, you know :-).

September 15, 2017: It is time to change, I have turned darkness into light, all will turn into light of your new selves with the opening of our new world

I took the train a little after 20:00 this evening from Helsingør Station to Copenhagen, to go to Tivoli to watch Savage Rose in concert, and I know that it normally requires for me to listen to a LIVE broadcast of a TV-program to hear inspired speech, so I decided to watch “Crazy about dance” on my mobile phone on my way in the train, and the last of it, inside Tivoli (!), and I heard inspired speech again, here and there, and I cannot tell if there was as much as last week, which will then require 3-4 hours of playback and writing or more, but we will see, and yes, it is now the 17th September in the afternoon, this is the first time I have energy to write this chapter, and first after having received a nap after a terrible sleep, so here we go.

First, during the day of the 15th September, I was told about how I did my mission all alone, I had no one with me, no one supporting me, on the contrary because the game of darkness was to NOT contact me, not communicate with me, which is why I receive only very few likes and comments to my Facebook updates, which normally should receive MANY from “an excited world”, and when hearing the show on my way in the train, I could hear that this was part of the inspired speech as one theme this evening.


And it started off with the first comment of the first judge, Anne Laxholm, this evening, when she told the dancer Sofie that “it is the time of chameleons, you will come here every week to change from one dance last week, where it was quickstep, this week it is pasodoble”, and this was really about changing from our old selves to our new selves as we will begin to do when you are done writing this chapter as the voice of my “dumb” inner self says and this is because this is what I expect will happen as Stig, to stop my work this week for the upcoming big day, September 23, where I do believe and hope that the change will occur, and “from one moment to another” is how it should be, and I am very excited myself to see this happening, and hoping that this indeed will become the case, and I am here given the feeling of Karen because this is what we are changing into, from the life of my mother of our Old World to the life of Karen of our New World with me as the force of the Source bringing it.

Hereafter, it was the judge, Britt, to comment, and again, she and Jens disagreed about Sofie’s dance making them “argue” and Britt say “well, I am the one knowing about it”, which is as my mother could say, where it is really Jens, in this play, who does, because it is normally me, not my mother, who is right when we argue, but she cannot and will not see it, this is what it was about again today.


Jens told Sofie that when she already in dance two is given the pasodoble dance, it is really “against all odds” because “it is truly an incredible difficult dance”, which was about my mission being “against all odds” because of just how “incredible difficult” it was to come through without injuries to me (darkness of man was MUCH stronger than me, everything here was dark, and I was the only, little light having to change all from darkness to light via faith in me), thus our New World too, and Jens told Sofie’s professional partner, Mikael, that “you are a golden bird” because “you understand how it is with the energy of the partner you are dancing with” not giving too much or little, and this was really about me becoming “the golden bird” of the Source because I succeeded to go through my incredible difficult mission “against all odds”.


The host, Sarah, asked Sofie about how it was to start the dance standing alone on the floor, and Sofies replied that “I could just as well have stood there without clothes on, I felt so naked, and my body is shaking because it was really an “out of the body” experience”, and this was also about how I have felt being “completely honest and open” about practically everything in my life, which I have shared with the world via my scripts and Facebook updates, which in the beginning was both a very frightening and cross-bordering thing to do making me feel “completely naked”.

The judge, Nikolaj, told the dancer Dak that “there was something beautiful and Disney-like over you, I believe Cinderella had come to the ball at the Chateau”, which was also about me having reached the Chateau, or castle, of the Source bringing our New World.

Anne told Dak and her professional partner, Thomas, that “I don’t believe Thomas stopped too much, he gave it a good go and moved around on the floor, I don’t know if it was because he wanted to show us judges that he can still move himself, well, you can, Thomas”, which here was also about how I have kept up my work until the very end, and even though I have had to reduce the amount of work that I do because of my energy reducing, I am still “moving” too, which was a condition for the world to continue “dancing”, i.e. living/surviving.


Nikolaj told the dancer, Lucas, that “during the dance, you turned into the Danish Ricky Martin” because “when you danced yourself warm, the appetite came while you were eating, and then you became more and more free”, which here was also about how I have turned darkness of Spain (Ricky Martin speaks Spanish) into light of Denmark, and yes, Spain has been the strongest symbol of darkness since the beginning of our mission, and this is now what will happen to everyone, you will all turn from darkness into light with the opening of my new self and our New World after we have moved all energy over from the dark to the light side, where we will anchor our new life.

Britt told the dancer, Simon, that “You have clout (“pondus” in Danish), you stand on that floor, there is no doubt, you stand – lovely tune by the way, “they bind us on mouth and hand” – but you bound your feet on the floor, where you were supposed toh, which here was about my will-power too, to never give up (to darkness forcing me every second for years to give up), but to stand firm, and here Pondus was obviously about Pondus, the piggy bank of Danske Bank, which is where I put all my coins into, i.e. all life energy saved in our New World, from Spain to Denmark, to Danish Bank, where I, by the way, also worked myself from 1984-91, therefore :-).


Simon told Sarah about his dancing-partner, that “Claudia has discovered how to handle such a Moomin with wooden leg”, and I was here given the feeling of “Moomin” being “Mummy”, which is both about how I feel being completely empty from energy, and as such I will be awakened to become my new self beneath the Giza Pyramid :-).

Britt told the dancer Daniel that “it is about having quick muscles, and even though you are a big man, the quick way you move your arm from here and down here and stop it, it is about having energy to forward and stop”, which was here also about how quick I worked “from here to here”, from the start to the end of my mission, where I had to be quicker working than everyone else, i.e. man headed by my sister and her husband, in order not to be caught, and the world not to be lost.

Nikolaj told Daniel that “you are used to be in a handball-arena, you are used to being part of a team, you are not used to be one, you had a fantastic charisma, you took the room, there was theatre in you”, and I felt David Bowie when Nikolaj said “theatre”, which here was about the act I had to do alone without being part of a team.

Sarah was full of enthusiasm when telling Daniel that “your colleagues in here were completely worked up, to me it seems as if you have changed your bathing ball with a big tub full of beer …”, and here the inspired speech was about the bathing ball being “sufferings” and “beer” being God because everyone knows that “Beer is God”, right?


And Daniel said that “it was fantastic to be in there being allowed to brake through” and “I am just happy to be allowed to be on the floor and put on an act (“skabe mig”)”, which was really about the brake through to the other side, as we will do now, after we have gone through the act of creation.

Claus, the other host, told Iben and Morten after they had finished their Viennese Waltz “Iben and Morten took us on a beautiful journey to Austria”, and I felt that this is about my neighbour, Manuella, who is from Austria, and I was told that she knows about my true character, for example when I visited her live-in partner, Jan, on Psychiatric Hospital maybe 3-4 years ago”, thus not the story of the system and my sister that “Stig is crazy and potentially dangerous”!

Jens told Iben that “there is something called “outer motivation” and and “inner motivation”, you are motived from outside, now you will do this and this, but if you do not have the drive required to carry out what you are told, it does not play anyway”, and this was really about the lack of “outer motivation” as I have received when “the game of darkness” was NOT to speak to Stig, not to accept his Facebook invitations, not to comment/like his posts etc., which means that I have worked for more than 10 years being COMPLETELY ALONE on what I do (almost) never receiving any positive strokes and motivation to carry on, but to constantly receiving negative feedback from first and foremost my family and the system of Hell (the Commune etc.), who could not and world not understand the true POSITIVE PURPOSE of my work to save all from “the end”, but believed I was incredible negative when telling people the truth about just how poorly they work and behave, and I can tell you that the absence of this, normal human contact and feedback, is what was the most difficult part of my journey having to have extreme self-discipline to carry on for years until reaching the very end as now, and yes, to do it all alone, this is what it is about.


Iben told Sarah about how very difficult the Viennese Waltz is “600 things can go wrong on the way down into the feet”, and here this was also about all of the minor things that could have gone wrong turning into “big obstacles” stopping me on the way, the biggest of which was the risk of being hospitalized on Psychiatric Hospital again, which would have stopped not only me, but also the world turning around and energy provided to making man live, thus bringing the end, and she continued saying “and then it was simply wonderful dancing with you, Morten”, which means that we came through all of these things, which could have gone wrong, and she told Morten “thank you for holding out, all that nonsense, all of these apes”, which Sarah then confirmed to underline it when saying “all of these apes”, and she “could not” stop speaking of apes (she was helped “from above”) when she said “let us here what the other apes …., they are not apes, let us hear what our four judges have for you”, and this was really about man thanking me for having gone through all darkness and resistance of man not having faith, i.e. man behaving like “apes”, without ever giving up, thus saving all.

And the other “apes” gave Iben and Morten good grades, which made Sarah tell Iben that “there have been voices in your head just speaking to you ….” to which Iben said “they are always there”, and Sarah asked her “what about when you practise lines” and Iben said (as the actor she is) that “well, then they don’t say anything because then they can participate and talk and everything, when something has to get down into the body, they are like this: “what, no, I don’t want to get into the room in the right foot”, “I would like to”, the left one says”, which made Sarah say “so if we are going to keep zoological open up in your head there, we will have to get some votes from the viewers”, and yes, what in the world was this about (?), well, obviously it was about me as my very little voice inside of darkness here says, and shows me, because he, “the rest of my new self, who has not been transferred to the other side of light”, is about to pack the last of him together, we are about to end this nightmare working inside of darkness to bring all of man out, this is what “my voice”, i.e. Jesus, my new self, did when guiding me and giving me the voice including all information of my scripts, and this is what required “votes” from man, i.e. faith, in order to survive, and this is what I succeeded doing, so this is how it was my voice speaking “inspired” about “voices inside Iben’s head” through you, Sarah and Iben, this is the voice I have been given 24/7 since 2006 including all darkness coming from resistance of man making my life more than a misery.


Sarah told the dancer Mie that “to me, it looks as if you are on the way out of a shell”, and Mie replied that “in swimming, we are much ourselves, we hide a little, and here I have to radiate something completely different”, which here again is about the shell of the Old World that we are now leaving, which held on all energy, and now we will turn it around and radiate energy from out of here for an eternity to come :-).

Jokeren told Sarah that “I believe it is a crazy journey we are all on, having to learn to dance this quickly”, and Sarah said “now you mention it yourself, from one extremity to another, you might say that your journey has also been from one to another, we see a much newer version of you, who is different, where you also meditate”, and yes, this was also about the journey that we have all gone through, from darkness to light, to bring everyone your new selves.

Anne told the dancer Julia Sofia that “much of what is when we have to judge someone, is a question about us having to believe in what we see, you have to get us to believe in you, and you can only do this when you believe in yourself, otherwise it will be very difficult”, which was really the key to all, the key to opening the door to my father becoming my new self and bringing our New World, faith of man in me, led by my sister, whom I feel here, and it could only be done, when I continued having faith in myself, which was not easy to have when practically all went against me telling me that I was crazy, negative etc. and when their resistance was also given to me directly as resistance of darkness actively wanting me to believe they were right, and we talk about “a much stronger power than my own”, so it really required everything I had to stand firm, and I did!

Sarah told Julia Sofie “super enthusiastic judges, how is it to hear this” (?), and Julia Sofia replied that “it is truly great, it is so fun dancing Tango, and I was a little afraid of it in the beginning, because it is a frightening dance, I cannot be allowed to …”, and she then shows her arms and hands like sunbeams, and what this was really about was how darkness was FRIGHTENING to me for years making me fear that I would go under without being able to bring the light, thus bringing the end of the world.

And yes, it was as long as last week, and no, I did not take any shortcuts even though I had difficulties finding energy to do this chapter, which I first finished doing on September 18, but here it is :-).

September 22, 2017: We will now transform into our new selves, I have brought you home to “the treasury” of the Source bringing eternal life and happiness to all 🙂


  • This was my very last work, I will do no more writings now, “I’m ready, my Lord”, which will bring the opening of my new self and our New World 🙂
  • I worked fast turning around darkness without any breaks to secure the escape from our Old World to our New World
  • We have broken through to the other side of light, our New World will make everyone happy, my work looked easy to you
  • We will now transform into our new selves, never again experience sufferings, man was anxious if I would make it, all life will now become divine 🙂
  • Our New World is like the finest watch without any blanks because i never gave up, but followed my “senses working overtime” to bring you my scripts
  • I will bring all life “youth, energy, power and vigour”, we will now transform into our new selves, there is no more energy of our Old World
  • I have brought all life home to “the treasury” of the Source, which will make you scream of happiness, life will never again risk being eliminated 🙂


I had not expected to write these minutes (on September 23) of inspired speech included in the “Crazy about dance” show on Danish TV2 yesterday evening, because I had decided to end my writings on September 22 to be FREE on “the Big Day”, September 23, but when I watched the show, I noticed that it included much inspired speech giving “the perfect ending” of my work, so when I had to do the last updates to my website on the morning of September 23, which I felt too poorly to do the day before, I decided to “give it all I have” also doing this very last work of all in the afternoon, thus bringing you the minutes here.

And when I am done with this work late this afternoon, I can say: “I’m ready, my Lord” as Leonard Cohen also did shortly before his death in “You want it darker” knowing by then what it was all about :-). I am now done with all work, I will write no more, but lay back and say “yes, you can use me, let me become the container of all life of our New World”, which is then what brings it alive, and as Stig writing these words, I can only tell you that the process of exchanging my old self (the outermost and thinnest line of me, now not existing any more) with my new self (gradually being built up inside of me now being all of me) will begin, and I don’t know if it will be executed later today or maybe tonight, when I will be sleeping, or within the coming days or weeks, but I am sure that we will do all we can to not let you sleep too long, to make your sufferings as little as possible, before you will awake as your new self, as I am here told :-).

So here we go, and yes, it is NOT EASY to pull yourself together doing maybe 3-4 hours of work as the very last, when it is really not needed, but I have decided to do it, and to finish off without holding any necessary breaks for years right until the very end, which this means to me.

Nikolaj told the dancer, Jokeren, that “you have received movement, speed and escape over the dance, Mie you have pushed him around”, which was about the speed of my work, NEVER STOPPING for a break and skipping important work (of creation, leaving blanks), and this is what brings us the escape of our Old World to our New World, and it is based on my mother of darkness “pushing me around”, which is what darkness was supposed to do, to make me fall, to break me down, but instead I structured it, wrote my scripts and website and turned it all around, this was basically what this line was about :-).

And I am here given the feeling of Michael Jackson and his posthumous album “Xscape”, which makes it possible for me to tell you all that “Love never felt so good” on the other side as I feel Michael Jackson inside of me here saying :-).

Britt told Jokeren that “normally you are happy when receiving the Joker in a game of cards”, and this is about winning the game of light over darkness receiving the Joker of all, which here is our New World making everyone happy :-).

Jens told Jokeren about how impressed he is with his concentration to dance, and I was given the feeling that this was also about my concentration deciding to always do my best work under the circumstances without giving in to darkness making me feel absolutely awful, thus giving me a big need to do nothing all of the time.

Jokeren told Sarah that “I just had to get up on one’s toes”, which made Sarah ask “how is it to be up on your toes”, which made him say “it is great, lovely”, and I here felt that being “up on one’s toes” is about coming from below (of darkness) and now breaking through and being over ground (in light).

Nikolaj gave the next dancer, Iben, much praise telling her “this was incredible” and “I don’t know if it was the actor, there is a text, but then there is always a sub-text, and you have the steps, and on top of them, or beneath, you are casual, you can play with Morten, it looks so very easy, as if you invent it right there and now, which is what dance requires, you have it”, and here it was praise given to me, as I do not receive much of (!), when saying that my work looks very easy, but it is not, it is as difficult, or more, than what these beginners believe learning to dance is and to do it in front of a very large audience.

Anne took over and said “Iben, there is no doubt about it, you are a dancer”, and I felt that this is what I am, “a dancer” – making it happen and looking good as I am here told. And Jens told Iben that “the spinal column has to be in another figure than before”, which here was about how we will all change “figures” when we will become our new selves :-).

Britt told the dancer, Mie, that “I tell my sport dancing girls, if you cannot look up, if you cannot lift your faces, if you cannot serve it to the audience, you should go swimming”, which here was about what we will all do when “lifting our faces” up as our new selves instead of continuing swimming, i.e. suffering, as our old selves, this is what it was about, Britt, and I am here thinking of “sufferings of my mother” too because this is the one that Britt is a symbol of among the judges :-).

When listening to Sarah interviewing Mie and Mads, I was shown popcorn starting to pop, i.e. transforming into our new selves, and the Freia chocolate bar with nuts (old symbol) opening, and Mie told about how incredible nervous she has been when dancing in this show because she used to be bullied as a girl, which here is about the nervousness of my mother, and Karen too, if I, thus them, would make it, and then Mads was very directly given the words (from above) “it is crazy to be part of Mie’s development seeing her week after week have courage to do more, and when I see her here on Fridays, she looks so insanely beautiful in these dresses, and look like DIVINITY”, and yes, this is what you said, Mads, and this is what it was about, all life will now become part of me as the Divine entity of all, which means that all life will become creators and “God’s” in their own rights :-).

Nikolaj told Julia Sofia that “it was wonderful to seeing you change skin”, which obviously is about what we will do now when all will become your new selves of our New World.

Later, Nikolaj praised Dak and Thomas much saying “I think you dance wonderful, you are a fantastic couple, all of your equilibristic grasps, down and around and sliding, it is like the finest Switch watch”, and here I felt and was told that this is the result of my work never giving up, thus never leaving any blanks as part of the creation of our New World, everything is 100% solid, which is what makes this the finest clock of all with “clock” being the symbol (and everlasting pendulum) of our New World :-). And Nikolaj spoke of Salsa both as a dance and as food, which is “spicy” and “has everything it requires”, and “spices” are also an old symbol of mine of creation, which is then what you spoke of here, Nikolaj, “our perfect New World”, and also earlier when telling another dancer that it was “pepper on the cake”.

Britt commented Dak, and when Jens took over, Jens told Britt “don’t look so sour on me, the girl (Dak) has a beautiful charm, this is what you appreciate”, which made Britt annoyed and saying “you do not have to tell me what I appreciate”, which is how my mother reacts “all of the time” when she negatively misunderstands much of what I tell her often making it completely impossible to tell her when she is wrong and has to improve, she “cannot” listen and understand because this is what mankind as a whole “cannot”, therefore.

Jens told Sofie and Michael that they had danced the best dance of the evening, and it made Nikolaj remember an old saying by an American choreographer, “one of the greatest, GREATEST” that “you have to see the music and hear the dance, which is what you did this evening, it was brilliant and touching”, which I here felt was also about how I had to follow my senses working overtime when I was constantly (“more of less”) bombarded with impressions via my voice, visions and feelings, and only when sorting out “the right information” to pass on to man, I was able to make you all follow me :-).

Britt told Lucas that “I can become so envious on your youth, your energy, and your power and vigour” and “you are so young and everything the adrenalin is roaring, and you are bubbling”, and this is about the volcano of my new self about to “explode” or let us say, just turn the other way and constantly bringing out my “youth, energy, power and vigour” to all life, this is what it was about, Britt, and yes, it is my voice always saying “this is what it was about” :-).

Britt noticed that Jens was blinking to Lucas and asked him what it was about, and he said “it meant not to take what she (Britt) says very seriously”, and it made Claus, the host, say “we listen the most to Jens”, which here again was about the game between my mother and I, where I am mostly right, as Jens is also when he disagrees with Britt, and this is what Claus and “everyone” knows is the case.

The dancer Simon, “could not help” using his fingers to show his horns in his forehead (after 1:14:06) after receiving grades from the judges, and I instantly felt that these were really “horns of the Devil”, which again is to say that this is what the chorus of Danish comedians acted as when they laughed at me and treated me as dirt.

Daniel told the host, Claus, that “it was really bewitching, I enjoy dancing with Karina”, which was really about “bewitching all”, i.e. transforming all into your new selves of our New World, this is the magical act as I will now bring, and when Britt told Daniel, assisted by Claus, that he moves as easy as a “shaved, black bear on the mountain”, it was really a symbol about how we have removed all hair, i.e. energy of life, inside of darkness and brought it to the mountain of my new self :-).

And Jens told Daniel that “if you imagine walking into a room, where there inside this treasury stands “success”, inside of this treasury there are three things, which you have plenty of, courage, patience and hard work”, and this was another way of saying that WE HAVE COME HOME, Jens, which is to the golden chamber of God, my inner self, the Source of all life and creation. I was successful bringing you all home because of the three factors, you mentioned, courage, patience and hard work, which is as precisely as it can be said :-).

They continued speaking and laughing about this “shaved bear”, Britt wanted more of it, i.e. my mother wants more darkness (!), and Daniel showed himself as the bear and told Sarah that “maybe I will go swimming with Mads and Mie so they can see the shaved bear”, but no, everything is shaved off, there is no more energy of darkness remaining, we have transferred all of it, i.e. all life, to the other side of light, and with this, I will end “everything here”, this is it, my ladies and gentlemen, thank you, and I am shown my inner self bowing, and then turning into Leonard Cohen bowing.

Well, there was one last thing, which was in “the decision” of the show coming later in the evening, when Sarah interviewed Dak, and Dak was enthusiastic and even screaming of happiness when she said “I hate that banana, the death banana” (of a dance couple being voted out) and Sarah said “yes, it is the worst food ingredient, you will never do anything with bananas again”, and Dak said, “NO, NEVER”, and as you may understand, this was about THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE A RISK OF ELIMINATING LIFE, we have now created everlasting life, which will live forever and ever inside of the Source, inside the mountain and I feel gold, which is inside the gold of Source, inside “the treasury” :-).


This website was first published on August 21, 2017.