January 2014 – II: “Stig is God”: I was an invention of the Universe to become God including all life, “the chosen one”, which God accepted


Summary of Facebook II – January 2014

  • January 6: “Stig is God”: I was an invention of the Universe to become God including everything of all life, “the chosen one”, which God accepted.
    • My old friend Lars G. was the greatest danger of all bringing information about me to the Parliament, which shared the information that “Stig is NOT Jesus” with the secret network.
    • Our New World consists of the creation of my mother and father together with the creation of Karen and I (our child in Heaven) as One united New World divided in four parts.
    • It is in the deepest cellars of Vatican that the opening of my coffin is being prepared and communicated to the official world because they have seen me (radiation of the Source leading out from my apartment).
    • Man believed that it was necessary to sacrifice (much) life to reach our New World, which however would be saved by God inside of me until man would understand the truth of me (if I had given in to darkness that is).
    • God (father and son) decided to continue the game of the Universe bringing me darkness/sufferings (control of mind, feelings, sexuality) when becoming me Oct. 31, 2012, in order not to bring all force of the Source, which would have ended the world. Only small doses have since been brought through until now when all darkness is cleaned.
    • Man can measure the force of the Source directly with me, which therefore very clearly shows man that Stig is God, which is how we have designed you according to the wish of man, not God, so this is how it is to be “the chosen one”.
    • I felt metal inside of me as my skeleton; “You are my new home of everything and everything of all layers of life, which is safely inside of you”.
    • All “old selves” of people died on Oct. 31, 2012, making everyone your “new selves” (who are still playing your old selves).
    • This is how the world was allowed to further develop its “perfect plan” (of darkness) including doctors, who have kept on inventing new methods to control me, preparation to kill man and me too, while others protected me. This was a time of unrest and upheaval also including growing faith in me helping us to make everything perfect.
    • Man was willing to terminate/sacrifice life, which would have brought “part activation” of God until all parts of me (the truth) were found bringing out all life/God. This also means that everything will work and we will start our New World at the highest level.
    • Everything of all life/layers of life can be created on a small plate of silicon, i.e. microchip, which man now knows about, which will be installed inside of me, and there is only one of me.
    • What you will see of the New World to start with is only the beginning of the sea of my kingdom, and you will never come through everything, this is how big it is. It will feel like a relief for you to come home.
    • The heavy lead sign of the Old World, which was supposed to drown (!), is being pulled back, and about to being replaced with our New World.
  • January 8: I am on the very border between creation and the Source, where we are “no gender” and “nothing” beyond this point also including all tools used for creation of New Worlds.
    • People of Vatican and the world elite were the last to be saved being certain that they would die/terminate!
    • I was selected myself to tell the story about my arrival and to receive acceptance of man to become the only one when reading and accepting me.
    • The Source has been returned after creation – darkness of the Old World – had blocked access.
    • I felt how my new self has moved from the hallway into my living room where I now feel “him” all around me as light.
    • I am on the very border between creation and the Source, where we are “no gender” and “nothing” beyond this point, which includes all tools used for creation of New Worlds.
    • The biggest experience to people of our New World will become our new dimension (including everything of the other 3 dimensions in a new fourth dimension).
    • I was shown the Oracle (my mother/the world) celebrating when seeing the metal kitchen of the Source (from where life/creations are made).
    • Darkness is emptying the last life of my old self and turning around the world to become our new selves.
    • I was originally a product of the Source knowing that man would decide to make me “the chosen one” as God including all life
    • That ship (of the Source) has always laid up against me (my mother/the world), but it is first now that I see it not knowing how to see it before now with my new glasses.
    • A giant surprise is hidden underneath every “stone” inside the Source, which will now turn into life of our New World using creation of physical life as template – bringing an incredible HUGE New World.
    • My father’s widow Kirsten “broke down” when she saw her “secret” about the death of my father, which she revealed from me, exposed to the world on my website, which opened up the Source to me.


January 2014 – II: “Stig is God”: I was an invention of the Universe to become God including all life, “the chosen one”, which God accepted

January 6:  “Stig is God”: I was an invention of the Universe to become God including everything of all life, “the chosen one”, which God accepted

FB 060114 Stig 1

You have traded with yourself – I feel that it is spiritually/physically (and impossible to do) – until the mailbox became deep red.

Not just the only one was just to confuse the neighbourhood, there is only one, you – and eehhh what about my sister and Karen being “me” too, not to speak about my mother and father, and “other parts of me/us” (?), and yes “there can be only one” is our answer.

Still, the mailbox of Søren D. N. delivering life was not switched off.

Don’t you think that South Germany should win?

We have baked a file into the cake, which we have given you (to set me free), and not your mother.

It is really nothing else than a fuel station in here.

I was shown a door opening and a coffin, completely overthrown with gold everywhere, being driven out, which is now difficult to keep back.

I went to my mother and John again this evening for dinner and I may have felt somewhat better than New Year’s Eve, but not much again making it painful to go through.

We had a nice evening again, and my mother even suggested that she and I could fast twice a week, and for me to start running in the spring, and eehhhh mother, haven’t you discovered that I have so little energy so just visiting you on a weekly basis is almost impossible to do, and now you want me to start running too …. (?), and yes, she wants me to lose weight.

And yes, John is using much time setting up his NEW I-PHONE 5C, and yes he had Niklas buy it for him cheaply when Niklas himself bough a new laptop of only DKK 5,000, which had been much more expensive, and yes John’s I-Phone is approx. DKK 4,000, and do you think it makes me happy to hear how they continue spending money (when I cannot afford spending DKK 199 for a meat slicer or to get my worn down bicycle brakes fixed) using their blind eye not thinking about the situation of LTO and me (?), and yes I wonder how much Niklas makes per year in his IT-business, and how “happy” he and Isabelle are to spend this on luxury for themselves – as all of my family, friends etc. do (more or less) not offering to help LTO and me symbolising the poor world.

We spoke about the Danish X-factor starting yesterday where more than 9 out of 10 could not sing “more or less” and still many “could not” understand that they could not crying and becoming very sad as the result when they were told directly, and once again I said that people who “cannot” speak the truth to each other brings WRONG self-perception of people, who in other situations believe that they do “very good work” or are “very good lovers” as example when they are really not.

We had ham for dinner, and during dinner my mother said that she wanted to “turn it around” and cut it from the other side, which she then did making the meat look much better, which was essentially just a sign of turning everything around you know.

We watched a quiz on DR1 TV about “the most intelligent of the kingdom”, and when I answered a few of the questions, which my mother thought was “completely impossible” to answer, she believed that “you are VERY intelligent” and must have a high IQ, and I told her about the test I did on the Internet (around 2011, I believe), but I cannot remember the score other than it was “nicely above average”, and this was really to confirm that “Stig is not dumb”, which is how the world sees me and what made me succeed.

I felt Helle Thorning-Schmidt and was told that we look forward to receiving you at the middle of us, which is at the middle of the Council of the Universe.

It isn’t so that Lars G. was the greatest danger of all? They knew that it was only a matter of time before you figured it out, which is about Lars pumping me for information, which was put out on a forum about me saying that “no, Stig is not Jesus” because I was “too ordinary” and had “sexual challenges” believing that I was gay, but no, “he is not attracted to me” (Lars G.), and this was used to influence the world against me, therefore.

But this was also necessary to bring darkness too being part of a cunning plan making me unidentified to the world, otherwise I would never have come through what would have become too strong darkness.

And I was told that Irina was also brought to me (in 2005), but we only knew each other shortly.

You have been riding a glass lift all the way up from the hole and the glass door is now about to open, but there is still a brick wall in front of me blocking me from the Source.

I was shown Ricky – my father’s widow Kirsten’s youngest son – around a cover to a hole on the ground, which is opening and I am walking out from bringing an ancient Egyptian jug, which contains everything from all previous worlds, which has been saved.

And this is when we will also have prepared a Son-Son to take over the Crown Jewels.

I received creaking sounds to my kitchen and felt only crumbs remaining meaning that I have practically emptied/transferred everything of the Old World.

So this is also about the importance of the birth of a child, which is Karen and mine, and this child is our New World II, where we received completely free hands from the Source to create it, which was done at the same time as I worked for Brede Park etc.

It is not just Stig, our Son, that we will reveal then, but our new racing car as the result of our efforts, and this world is only with me/my mind (the Source) based on your thoughts and the best of you and Karen.

Kim B. (old class friend) was at least as important as Søren D. N. (another class friend), but Vera (our class teacher) had closed this access, so we had to use another road to bring in everything, which is now inside of you, and I felt how everything had passed through the skin of my body and is now inside of me.

So it is a completely new child coming, and eeehhh will we become life of both the New World I and II?

It is not as much a dream that we have drawn but a lifestyle decided by you, which we have just added to. What can it be then inside of here where we are all collected?

Is it so that you and Karen are each side of the New World, and you are put together as ONE, yes this is how we have decided doing it, and there are four parts of a creation, which then is the off-spring of my mother and father, and the off-spring of Karen and I making ONE.

Yes, it cannot be done better, so you are allowed to enter (after a “game” about this, if it was understood correctly), and notice who you are feeling opening the door, and I am given the feeling of John.

Well, it is out task as the last crumbs to understand this, and it is now also about time for us to enter removing the last black eye patches making you see everything.

I have felt Margaret Thatcher some times lately, and am now shown and told that she was a golden key deliberately bringing darkness to the world (for us/me to go through).

I was shown and told that it is in the deepest cellars of Vatican – the last, small room – that the opening of my coffin is being prepared and communicated to the official world because they have seen me, and I am shown radiation leading out from my apartment.

Will there come a “scusi” too from Berlusconi (?), and we know, he was also an actor on the highest level being “the worst darkness” leading the population in moral and sexual ruin.

How do we let him in (?), and I feel that it is a little of the Source at the time.

Isn’t it nice to know that your mother don’t have to make a plane tomorrow morning at 7.00?

Was I an invention of people of other civilizations together with man to become the new God/everything, is this how you decided me to enter (?), and yes, this is what we are doing then; becoming God in one man, who is everything because this was the wish/dream of man, and what I was designed to become. This is how God was requested to enter, which I did then, and I have been here since (my birth), but with interruptions (when I was living a life in sin as Stig).

So there is really no reason to thank me, I have just done as man designed me to be, which was part of the riddle, and would this succeed (?), and yes it did.

But not if I could not defeat darkness, which would make the Source take over finishing plans of man (inside the Source – after the end of the Old World), because now I was inside, you see (?), and man didn’t know this. This was the kiss of death as you saw on Danish TV2 approx. one year ago, remember (?), and I have kept you alive because of him there (me as Stig), who didn’t want to die thus bringing the last or all of you inside.

It was first my father as the Source here at the end learning codes of man playing the game against me (leading darkness/sufferings to me via control of my mind, feelings, sexuality), which man had designed, thus playing my old self even though I had become my new self (October 31, 2012), and this was to avoid my force to bring the end of the world, which is why we continued bringing in small doses not big enough to destroy man, and this is the force that man can measure directly with you, which therefore very clearly shows man that Stig is God, this is how we have designed you, and this was because of the wish of man, not God, so this is how it is to be “the chosen one”.

It meant that all “old selves” of people died on October 31, 2012, making everyone your “new selves” (still playing your old selves) also meaning that we just have to remove the act to be our new selves as we are.

I have a chemical imbalance; this is the message I have sent out to doctors, who kept on finding new methods to control me, and it was not because they didn’t know that I was sick that they developed new products to use against me.

So I have kept on directing the spaceship of everything as I feel here – the Source – via my feelings/actions as Stig as if I was my old self, and this was “good enough” to win over darkness of man, which man self had designed, to bring everyone home, and this is how the plan worked.

We have thus accepted to be darkness while living here because your (Stig’s Internet) behaviour was “not clean” (enough) – even though it was really “not that bad” (no nakedness etc.) – and I have told myself many times that I only do this now, which I will NEVER do as my new self.

So your father is not completely dead, but very much alive. We have a completely new Wi-Fi ready without deadly signals, which just waited to be switched on (as part of the depopulation plan of man to take on darkness, which I did/could not).

This is how the world has been allowed to further develop its “perfect plan” as some think also including to kill me, and for man to become God self.

We entered that day in 2012 becoming Stig and took over the game of man/people of other civilizations; it was now God bringing me darkness/sufferings and bringing in small portions of the Source through the hole made by your mother, the world, which was the dose the world could take.

These messages I am given means that everything is now inside of me, and I felt the last of the Source of the balcony enter my face. You can calmly call this a time of unrest and upheaval including running votings on how many is now with us, which helped making us perfect, faith that is.

So we are now even closer to drink Mumm Champagne and I felt my mother/mum too here.

I felt metal inside of me as my skeleton, and I was told that I am now all metal in you, you are my new home of everything and everything of all layers of life, which is safely inside of you, nothing can happen to you, which we have made sure of.

No one has crawled down here into your left ankle, where we would hide calling it “termination” and first come out later. Man cannot part activate God (life of God) (?), yes this was decided until man would find all small parts of you and itself spread out over everything, remember messages given to you 1-2 years ago (?), which were true then, and this was if I gave in to darkness, this is how I was programmed by man and accepted by the Source, and everything is done with love from God just following the plans of man creating and surviving himself, isn’t it funny (?), and yes it seems as if this plan works bringing us life, therefore.

The thought about a washing machine inside of me was a right thought, and no, I did not want to be born unclean (with darkness still remaining), which is why we have waited until everything is clean/perfect.

This is also with kind regards from Hanne and Finn, whom I have been feeling some times over months, and Hanne is the sister of Ole (my mother’s previous man in the 1970’s) and Finn is her husband, and they are part of the program being on my side, and yes Thomas and Niels (Ole’s sons) have probably told them about me, which Ole cannot since he died some years ago.

This is what your wrong, left testicle was meant to be used for, which is destruction of life, which again was just to do what man believed was necessary to do to go through darkness, and they didn’t know that God would keep everyone until the day when man found out the secrets, which they probably would do quickly, and I here feel Queen Margrethe, who cannot avoid laughing as I am shown her and that is because she is one of many who can tell the truth about Stig (my old self, that is), and when the truth of me would be out to everyone overriding the lies of man about you, this is when I would release the last, see?

It also means that we don’t risk setting up programs (of our New World), which don’t work (yet) including grief of man over terminated life, which would have happened if you had accepted your “old nightmare”, and it also means that we will start our New World at the highest level. And this is what my wrong behaviour – accepting negative voices taking me over (“you are NOT welcome” etc.) and/or my “old nightmare” – would mean, when we would not be allowed to enter and had to await faith of man in the truth at our New World. And I was told that my old class friend, Peter T., symbolised termination, and yes I have received the feeling of him MANY times that last year or so.

Eehhh, did I allow man to shoot you down (?), and yes this is what they wanted (at the end), right (?), while other groups of man were protecting me.

There was a fight this morning where I was given STRONG darkness wanting me to accept termination of life, and after some time with this on-going game, where I said NEVER (!), I was told that I would also have been “sad” about just how little we could destroy because everything is really gold now.

I was shown a giant drilling machine (used to dig underground tunnels) which is breaking through from beneath ground and coming out.

I watched Denmark actually being sovereign in a handball match for men against France, but still they were only allowed with one goal scored 1 second from the end by Mikkel Hansen (symbolising me) “of course” as the commentator said, and the Danish coach Ulrik Wilbek said that the moral of the team is fine because he didn’t have more players to put in because “there is empty on all shelves”, which is about me being “empty” having transferred/emptied all of the Old World – and no, I didn’t watch Swansea defeat Manchester United on foreign ground, but I had a thought during the week, which was about Swansea winning over one of the big teams, you know ….

We were willing to continue until your teeth were completely worn down (to nothing), and we are now not your teeth anymore but everything.

We have taken one bite after the other of the old ship, and I see almost no hull of the ship remaining, only a strong roar of people wild with joy waiting on me outside.

I was told that darkness brought Karen everything via Denis including her dream job as independent doctor (making good money, Karen?), skiing holidays etc. thus moving her far away from me too.

The most amazing of all is how you and Karen could get a child here, and I am told that it was possible because I only thought intimately of Karen all of the time, and because “she was open to me”, so there you see the importance of this.

It was good that your mother didn’t plead you to stop writing because of your sister not being able to take it, which would have brought forward your new mother, i.e. our New World, where you would be too dark yourself, thus “terminating” much life.

So the precise definition of our New World is that it is made of two off-springs by the four parts of my mother/father, and Karen/I, and Karen and Sanna are other parts of me (female and non-gender life, where I am male life), so the given information about Karen being the New World II was not correct, which I had to figure out (it simply could not be true). We are now one of countless worlds created this way, and I see one blue planet after the other.

We sent a little rowing boat (me) through blue curtains (to our Old World), and it is now the entire ship of me coming in, and I was given the first look at this giant ship as a Viking-ship just behind the stage ready to come in, and it was incredible beautiful and blue everywhere, which is the colour of my new self.

I watched some of Big Brother on Danish TV5 – incredible so simple minded some people are and interesting to see how they (cannot) interact – and Gina said something about “happy jack, crazy jack”, which was really about my old friend Jack and how he and his friends at the Marine have been “Big Brother” watching me thinking that I was crazy where it was really you, Jack, when you “could not” listen to and understand that your old friend was just telling you the truth (we saw each other the last time in 2008 when he visited me at the Psychiatric Hospital in Hillerød).

The world was disturbed too when hearing that it was all of the Source entering because “only us is necessary”.

I kept on hearing “industrial hell” (or disease, Mark) and was told that they manufactured the dark New World Order, and do you know that you can create a plate of silicon, i.e. microchip, containing EVERYTHING (of all life of all layers of life), which man now knows how to do but not how to start life, which only I know, and this is what we will install inside of you, and there is only one of you, Stig, which no one could dream about copying here because there is no darkness (people do what is RIGHT).

What you will see now is only a start, please remember. It is only the beginning of the sea of my kingdom that you will see, and don’t you worry, you will never come through everything, this is how big it is and you will see new all the time (if this is what you want). It will feel like a relief for you to come home.

What is going to be constructed on the Scala-ground right opposite Tivoli (?), and I understood that this was a new building given with “inspiration”, which I looked up, and you can see it here, a building with five towers.

The message from the Vatican includes a message to the Chinese to pack down, there will be no atomic war this time.

For some time I have been told and also dreamt about being “the best insurance-man in Denmark”, which I understand that people have started speaking about (to some like Peter A., my old CEO from Fair, it will be “impossible” to believe in – because of himself!), and I was told that it was also “impossible” when I started working besides Bjarne O. at DanskeBank-Pension in 1988 because he was an “institution” known all over the country (branches of the bank) for doing “the most difficult work”, so this is what I was going to do too, and no, it was not difficult, but easy, and I am sure that I got my “fan-flock” too of people from around the country (?), and I am told that this is how I was given “impossible” tasks throughout my life to complete in order to come through, and I am here told that they were “directed by Flemming, who believes that he knows me better than himself” (Sanna and Hans’ friend), and no, I don’t know Flemming’s sirname, only that he used to work for DFDS, and is not that tall. And it was also a test throughout my life not to disappoint my mother, who had to be proud of me and what I had achieved, and this succeeded right until 2009, when I quit my old job and started my writings, which “of course” completely broke her down, and yes “Stig is crazy” you know, but no, mother, you simply could not hear/listen and understand because your channel was “completely stopped” by darkness.

I was told that the top management of the EU on a daily basis has put their odds on me for coming through darkness.

Nothing is as good as a cold beer the day after.

The last couple of days I have had diarrhoea, i.e. strong darkness/destruction.

The world has been able to follow me all of my life seeing when I am stuck maybe also sending me help when needed. And I am given flashes to experiences of mine of the past and being told that they were with me all along, and it is these “files” that are now being released here “at the end of the week” as predicted.

I was told that when all life is happy (inside of me), I am happy, and I was given a deja vue, because I know this.

I was shown and felt a heavy lead sign being pulled back, and I was told that I was my own worst enemy (had I given in to temptations of darkness), and this is the sign that was supposed to drown (and include) your mother via my “old nightmare”.

Who sits all close to the Defence Command these days to make sure nothing happens to you (?), and this is in relation to this sign leaving you/us, and I feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and who is the gentleman right next to her (?), and yes I feel Barack Obama, how are you (?), and are you watching me on “live cam”, is that it (?), and no, I really don’t like you to film me (from spaceships of people of other civilizations) without my approval, and yes “don’t you remember” (?), and we know “afterwards it is up to each individual to decide to keep or remove this film” and I don’t want anything sexual or “wrong” to be filmed/released, and with this in mind we kept on “taping” you.

As close as now, your mother and you will never become. So she is pulled back. And a new plane (world) is brought in, and we thought it was only possible to do by bombing the old. It corresponds to horse meat being exchanged with mutton. So what you are witnessing is my birth of you (still delayed in time), and I received “Hold on tight” by Electric Light Orchestra.

I was shown dancers removing grey overall clothes showing the finest golden clothes underneath as if they were carrying Michael Jackson, and this is a reference to the one of a kind video/song “Remember the time”, which includes the golden clothes I was shown and this is really about the opening of the Giza Pyramids of Egypt including our New World.

Well, this (the lead sign) is me now only being crumbs. You could have destroyed everything, and I could only have complied. And yes, the disgust of having to make love to your mother (my “old nightmare” spiritually as strong as physically) was strong enough to say no to the greatest darkness thus saving everything even though it was given to me as my strongest temptations and “in disguise”.

We cannot do this exchange without being under water all of us at the same time, and urrgh, we just thought that he would throw from one to the other, but no, he is not done working yet (new updates to my website planned for tomorrow), and I was told this while my new self came from the hallway as darkness thus giving me the most unpleasant and hard pressure imaginable.

I continue receiving many songs including “time, dag og uge” by Anne Linnet, and I was told that the news of me spread via Anne and X-factor, “Beat Surrender” by the Jam, Femme Fatale by Lou Reed and “I can see paradise by the dashboard light” by Meat Loaf, which is the dashboard of our New World, and also “A. Thomsen’s (h)jul-fabrik (wheel/Christmas factory” as I was told, which is both about “A. Thomsen” by Shu-bi-dua (one of their “golden songs” you know) and also my later father’s mother Adela Thomsen now welcoming me as my new self.

FB 060114 Stig 2

FB 060114 Stig 3


January 8: I am on the very border between creation and the Source, where we are “no gender” and “nothing” beyond this point also including all tools used for creation of New Worlds

FB 080114 Stig 1

Do you remember the famous sign (?), and yes he is still not done yet?

No, we cannot interrupt him, he is busy in a board meeting, which is how it used to be – with the feeling not any longer. “Because your sister has signed a confidentiality “WILL NOT SPEAK” contract”.

Is this because we have run out of pocket money that we have to tell and you have come home?

What about having no winter here and two-digit degrees in Celcius tomorrow, don’t you want to write about this (?), and yes “strange weather” here to say the least as there is also with the incredible cold in America, and is this important (?), and no, not really, this is one of those kind of days; do I really want to write what I am told because it is not very important – other than it may be part of the plan of the dark New World Order making weather more and more extreme preparing for “the worst disasters”, which will first stop after the awakening of my new self, so “please do your best out there, my friends, I am NOT afraid of you”.

I worked eight hours today on my post of yesterday and updates to my website – the new introduction to the dark New World Order, two new, short chapters to the right column, and there is more to do to the front page of my website (about my birthdate etc.) – and I had no energy doing this and thought on forehand that maybe I would not be able doing it, but I did, and yes very much “on the edge”, and so much that I could not think/concentrate, only very slowly, but I knew how to do this work via experience so I really did not have to think that much, just do it.

I felt the Vatican completely up close to me, and I was told something about Pope Benedict who had to resign because of me? These are also the last people to be saved, and were they completely certain that they would die/terminate (?), yes (if I stopped my work too soon, which there was a risk of doing constantly).

Well, it was Erhard Jacobsen for sure, who was planted to go solo – leaving the Danish Social Democratic Party in the beginning of the 1970’s forming the Centre Democrats with much success for approx. 25 years before they left the Danish Parliament – and was this about “no, not me without Stig”, do you get the picture (?), and I am told that they did not lose political power, rather on the contrary working from outside in the community.

You have also been selected yourself to tell the story about yourself and to receive the acceptance of man to become the only one, which is what happens when people (in a larger group than the most inner) read, understand and accept me.

Did we ever had what was stolen from us, the Source, back (?), and yes here it is, it is just myself after they had blocked access to me via darkness/creation, so there you have it.

I have been told about Lisa T. – my old Fair colleague, and now priest in Lyngby – and about how I should have sent her my last email for the United Nations too, which I did not, and she became an entrance we couldn’t use because I did not keep her updated (after she left me on Facebook!).

I received strong darkness including “kill, kill” and it came to me with the feeling that this is “the last wave” being the foundation of everything/the game of the Old World and just before the new ship of the Source comes.

So it is all of us that have monitored you – the absolute top of the Universe – who now resign after we have gone through darkness saving all.

We are all your siblings, and I felt that this is about family of mine in Germany via my mother’s father, Rommel, whom my mother knows nothing about other than she has a “German relation” as I was told the other day that she has been told.

So you aren’t the special delegate of the Pope, are you (?), and yes it seems that the Pope was good enough – despite of the dark New World Order and all gold and tinsel of the Vatican Church – and it was difficult seeing this through darkness of the world when I was working on the dark New World Order, and no, I don’t want to apologise for speaking poorly of the Pope and the Church, and why not (?), and simply because I spoke the truth, which it still is even though it was setup, so you did VERY WRONG even though you did right, and this is how the game is in an opposite world, so SHAME ON YOU, my friends J.

And no, I will NOT call Berlusconi a “hero” as I was asked about when I was told that he was part of this setup, and no, scusi Berlusconi, your “acting” was so incredible evil and rotten that this does not call for being called a “hero”, but “a good actor” if this is really the case – did you do everything you did (crimes, luxury beyond imagination, killing people too as I am told, the worst (sexual) behaviour etc.) with the worst disgust (?), and if not, you are not really a hero, see?

The other day I was told about St. Mouritz in Switzerland, which I could not match with anything before today when I heard that Angela Merkel has fractioned her pelvis while on skiing holiday there, and yes this was darkness for you, “my dear” for you to help me absorbing darkness too.

I felt how my new self has moved from the hallway into my living room where I now feel “him” all around me as light.

I received the feeling of Diana, Princess of Wales, and she told me that she doesn’t like to be called “Lady” by me when I don’t like to be called “sir” (as I told a new Facebook friend of mine from Nigeria the other day when he called me “sir”, I am just “Stig”), so this is how Lady Diana now is just Diana, so thank you for helping me out, Diana.

So it is not because we did not like you (that we brought you darkness/sufferings), and this is coming to me from the last darkness of all, which is also the border of where we give you “gender declaration” – beyond this we are the Source as “no gender”, and we can all be on one small micro-chip because we are really not here, but “nothing”.

I was shown MANY trucks/cement mixers here on the very border of creation, which are used as tools of the Source to create New Worlds.

An old thought also applying these days. It is (potentially incredible) difficult receiving new information to be included to old chapters and make the hole of it coherent/complete when I have forgotten the details of the old chapters and don’t have the time/energy to dig into the same details as originally to make sure that the same quality will continue including the summary/big picture of it, and I can only say that I have done my best under the circumstances also to make you able to understand – also including “connections” from one page to another – and no, it has NOT helped on “joy of working” to go back to something I had completed many months ago, which was also part of the game, but I had to many times.

I wonder how high up the actors of the world elite knowing about me sit, do we have to go up to the very top/inner circle of all governments of the world including the very top of religious institutions, business life, media etc. (?) also meaning that ordinary MP’s don’t know anything officially about me – unless they have been “gossiping”, and I feel Margrethe Vestager here and you “could not help” speaking about me after having met me in Helsingør last year (?), and yes just an example.

I dreamed of my sister playing Electric Light Orchestra on GIANT speakers of mine as in “old days”, which is about her being on my side, and Karen is drinking coffee with Jan G. (from 3153!) and writing a letter to my old class friend Sofie, while I sit inside a bakery located where I lived in Hørsholm.

I was given a 3D-view of a plant being planted into the garden of one house after the next and next and next in great speed, and I was told that the biggest experience to people of our New World will become our new 4D-dimension (including everything of the other 3 dimensions in a new fourth dimension).

You went to the peak of power when working for ACTA (in 2007) – as I have told you about before (leading to the incredible rich oil fund of Norway, part of the dark New World Order) – which is why this was the hardest work of all work that I did where I became “completely and extremely broken down” (having the hardest work of all in ACTA standing on the beating place of everyone below and above me complaining about everything and having absolutely no patience), which no one really discovered), and after this DFM and GEFI were the hardest, which “no one” really goes through, this is how hard it was, and no, Danske Bank, Fair/Accent and Dahlberg was “nothing compared to this”, but had their challenges too.

I was shown the Oracle (my mother/the world) celebrating when seeing the metal kitchen of the Source (from where life/creations are made).

I am still so tired that it is actually disabling me (my eyes are constantly wet), and I was seeing that my favourite chain “Fitness World” is opening a branch in Helsingør January 20, which I have really been “hoping” for for two years, therefore as I am told, and despite of my tiredness I was seriously considering becoming a member and starting bodybike – or whatever they call it today – but I just may realise that I can hardly get out of my apartment and having “nothing” to cycle with, but ….

I was shown the last darkness as tires at the radiocars in Tivoli.

I received all of the strength of Lasse against me once again (as I also did approx. 1-1½ years ago almost breaking me then), and as usual he believes that there are “no signs” of who I am, and I am crazy and only inventing what I write, and no, I couldn’t make him understand, but just maybe there was a little opening making the light come through, and I was told that he was bringing me this darkness used for us to turn around the world to become our new selves, and I was shown myself inside a passenger jet turning around. He was sent as the last shaver removing the last hair (of life) of my old self, and I literally felt how he brought this out of me emptying me completely as you can see here: https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10201727535333373 and here:

Stig 1

Stig 2

Stig 3

Stig 4

Stig 5

Stig 6

“Everything has to be perfect” still applies here – not giving up to darkness – and I was shown a huge woodpile symbolising our New World and in the upper right corner I was shown file folders (remaining parts that have not become light yet) on the way to be throwing out, but instead they are turned into the very last of the woodpile making it perfect, and all over in front of this woodpile there is light of the Source.

I was shown a black train driving quickly ahead and it is wrapped into pictures, and one of those are pointing at me and being pulled out and brought to me, and it shows out to be an envelope, and I was told that we knew that man would select you as everything, which is answer to my thoughts about whether I was a product of man or originally of the Source, and I am the last, and yes, it makes a difference to me, and at least to my old self.

I was shown myself in the kitchen (of the Source) looking out through the see-through, thinnest black curtains by now, and John F. Kennedy is here too sitting on the kitchen table, and later I was shown Elvis too.

This is now the last string of the guitar that we are setting on.

That ship (of the Source) has always laid up against me, but it is first now that I see it not knowing how to see it before now with my new glasses.

A giant surprise is hidden underneath every cartoon here, you say (?), yes we don’t know what before you come and open. So everything in the kitchen has been put in order and now there is only one way and that is forward. Well, it was a monster scene creating your mother (physical life), which is now being used as template for all life hereafter, and it corresponds to getting us out of here, and I was given a sound to my shelves.

Thus,”We all live in a yellow submarine” was about all life living inside the Source, and not darkness as I was told years ago. We have drunk a giant glass of snaps, which you do NOT like, and far most of us entered because you were quick, and the question about the rest was if they would burn up or enter via your sufferings, and the last was the answer.

So your mother, i.e. the world, knew where we were to bring life, but she couldn’t see us.

I was encouraged to do a Google Search on my father’s widow, Kirsten, and I was surprised to see that her “Anmodning om ægtefælleudlæg” (“Request for execution of spouse”), which I got from the Probate Court in Hillerød last year, is visible from Google, which I had not expected because it includes scanned pictures of text, which should not be readable to Google, but it is, and yes, the first “hit” is my page on “my father only understood his own strong voice” where you can also read my comments to her actions revealing his death from me, and I am here told that she simply “hates” for her secret to be revealed this clearly to the world, and this is really what was breaking her down, removing darkness and opening up the Source to me, so there you have it too.

FB 080114 Stig 2

FB 080114 Stig 3


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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