February 2014 – VII: Jobcentres were the killer machine trying to break me without knowing that they brought me darkness to create our New World


Summary of February 2014 – VII

  • February 15: Jobcentres were the killer machine of the world trying to break me without knowing that they brought me darkness to create our New World.
    • I had a meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune feeling so poorly and tired that I did NOT feel like giving her a new “pep-talk”, but still I did speaking of the big challenge of the labour market system of today where the true skills and natural motivation of people often are NOT identified bringing less production and lower quality of life to people, and I used myself as example via my email to former managers, which however was “impossible” for Lisbeth to believe in thinking that I was negative and bragging, and I had so speak out loud telling her that this is simply the truth and she is colouring this with her own negative feelings and Jante Law (“don’t believe you are anything”). And this was to open to and let the light shine through crackings of her. She and the system consider giving me permanent disability pension – isn’t it incredible that I am “completely useless” in the eyes of the system of Hell, the man with the best skills in the world, which the system doesn’t want to understand. Lisbeth is part of the state prison of me, which we have to open to, she is collecting everything and it was to her that y my mother did the little prick bringing the tinniest small hole to the Source.
    • The negative angle of Lisbeth also confirmed to me that this is what former managers of mine do too; i.e. believe that I am too much, bragging and negative showing them in a poor light to the world without realizing/wanting to understand that this is simply the truth, and publishing this information is the bravest move of all of mine, and will these former managers accept this information – the truth (!) – being public about them (?), or will they “break my legs”, i.e. do what they can to remove it because it is poor for their image and income potential? This is what we had to go through in order to receive faith and the opening of light of some, and still I WILL SURVIVE as my old self continuing my work until I am finished with everything. Extreme darkness of former managers towards me brought the death/sacrifice today of the former national coach of Danish football, Richard Møller Nielsen, and is also symbolised by extremely negative people of the red team of Big Brother, Denmark, who cannot stand the bragging Carsten on the blue team believing that he is better than everyone else (!), and also other signs too with darkness of these managers trying to stop my train and to drain me for energy.
    • I arrived here at the Big Source without the roof (structure of the Old World) falling down, which is because of faith from all over the world in me. We are now on the very border of bringing in new pianos, i.e. “cells” like the Original Creator. The next is a card showing the presence of all of these cells of the Big Source. It is us drawing a diamond from out of nothing, which I see being done right above a newspaper, which is because the media is the worst darkness of the world writing about me but not sharing their stories with me. “Everything glows” here. It is here that we can see through one creation to the next and next and next for an eternity. It is the Big Source that has influenced the Original Creator meaning that all life in reality was controlled by all life here influencing the Original Creator to bring them as “life in the making” of our Old World and it is these cells that work as the spiritual selves of everyone via my father until everyone will become original life (cells) self as creators including eternal life inside of them in our New World. It was all of the Big Source that worked together on creation, which was carried out by the cell of the Original Creator. This is the painful process that we are now ending.
    • The Jobcentres in Helsingør and before this in Lyngby were asked to play a game against me knowing about who I am, which was controlled by my sister. This is the command way to the bigger system being the Jobcentre, yes here it is. They feel like Hitler did the last days of his life in Berlin before everything was lost, they know that they will be revealed. They want to give me permanent disability pension as the way for the system to exit, and to avoid having meetings with me. And it was the Jobcentre (almost under “mind control” of the armed forces!) that tried to bring my mother to agreement for the system to commit me to psychiatric hospital, which would have ended the world – but you know that she decided to support me. This is how we get up to the surface with all of this system giving up on me, and this is what is leading directly to the diamond of everything. This was the most advanced killer machine trying to bring me (and the world) down without knowing that they were really part of my game to create our 4-divided New World, and I had to go through this road to receive building stones from their darkness via my sufferings. This was the road of hell leading to Heaven of our New World, and it was planned by Arthur Findlay College because of lack of faith of man. It is now only the dark metal plate of the Source that remains inside darkness, and this is how it looks from this side, and from the other side it is white/light.
    • Mogens Lykketoft is another part of my father being a little in front in time and has flown away from the Old World to turn us all around to the other side after having made sure that everything is “crystal clear” at the Source, thus ready for everything. This is what he was programmed for being the key to bring us up to a life of higher conscience. Mogens and I are now partners and not opponents.


February 2014 – VII: Jobcentres were the killer machine trying to break me without knowing that they brought me darkness to create our New World

February 15: Jobcentres were the killer machine of the world trying to break me without knowing that they brought me darkness to create our New World

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I had a meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune at 10.00 today, but I still have my turned around day rhythm being awake at nights and going to bed in the mornings, so I took a nap of 1½ hours at 5.00, which is what it took to make to go on.

Is it standing on top of Kim Jong-un’s wish list to get rid of the terror regime of North Korea?

I could not cycle to the Commune because the cycle is at the workshop, and I really could not afford to pay for the bus ride, but I was lucky to come in-between driver changes making it possible to enter the empty bus without paying.

Is it now about bringing out the crown of everything of the Commune, and yes “they” (on top) know that I am coming. And this is because Lisbeth is the one collecting everything.

I felt so poorly that I did NOT feel like having to be my strong self giving Lisbeth “a new pep talk” to make her listen and partly understand, and I was told that I have done many savings at previous meetings with her, and I thought that the emails I have sent her have to be enough to make her read and understand and to hold a short meeting then.

Since sending my email to managers, it has become very difficult to write notes on my telephone with the touch screen simply “deciding” to stop working MANY times, and no, it has NEVER been this “crazy” before as a sign of VERY STRONG darkness coming my way.

Oil consumption of the world was also darkness of man to end the world.

It is easy keeping the balance in here, but no, not outside. We now have the finest cover on all pillows.

I arrived at the meeting with Lisbeth, and no, “you are not wet as usual, because it always rains when you are here” as she said, and yes, Lisbeth, MUCH darkness with you.

To my surprise she had received my previous two emails to her – explaining development since last and my email to managers – and I started by telling her about why we have not started our New World yet, which is that there was more darkness than imaginable to me and I have gone through this climbing up to the very top of the ladder and creation now being at the level above God, and I explained about cells inside nothing of the natural force of the Source contracting and not expanding energy, and how it was decided to turn around life via the Original Creator for all to follow, but no, I don’t believe it made a great impact on her because she has decided inside her twisted mind that I will be doing the same in 10 years as now without anything happening, and instead of holding all of these meetings, she wants to recommend people of the Jobcentre, whom she works together with deciding on my “destiny”, that I will be given permanent disability pension to secure my income as she said, and I could only say that this is about my fight against the system and it will be WITHOUT my approval and I will write the usual about the system if they decide doing this.

And this is instead of sending me out to pick up dog mess, i.e. by declaring me ready for work (and activation), and she told me that the newspapers had got it wrong focusing on people being sent out to do “useful jobs”, because they have to look at the project, which here is called “keep the city clean”, and if you are sweeping on Stengade, the main shopping street of Helsingør, and there also is dog mess, you will remove this too as she said, and this made me give her a speech about the problem of the Commune always using the lowest denominator dictating what people on cash help have to do instead of identifying and using people’s competences, and what would the JobCentre manager here think if she lost her job and inadvertently came on cash help and was forced to remove dog mess (?), and yes, this is the situation, but Lisbeth is both deaf and blind to speech like this, apparently (but still some of my words enter her), and I told her that this is a general problem of the labour market today where far too many people are placed wrongly compared to their competences and natural skills/motivation because businesses simply “cannot” identify, use and develop people properly, and I told her that if the labour market could do this, it would mean a great increase in production/efficiency as well as life quality of people, and yes, to my surprise, Lisbeth didn’t fully agree with me (!), apparently she thinks that “it is not as bad as this”, and I told her that it should be apparent to everyone and also that she is completely deaf NOT wanting to understand but by principle to misunderstand and go against me because this is what her compulsive thoughts make her do.

And I understood that this is what I had to talk about today, and I continued speaking about my email for managers telling her that this is THE TRUTH that I write including that I am “the best” because of my attitude using my full potential when working, my communication skills and because I know from experience from 25-30 years on the labour market that there is no one working with the same attitude/quality as I, and again, I was surprised because instead of simply listening and understanding this objective truth, she now started colouring what I said using her “filter”, which made her say that it also could be about “good co-operation” between me and managers, and yes, she was obviously thinking that “Stig is too much, thinking too much of himself and negative about his managers” and “how can it be him alone against all others, ergo he must be wrong”, and I told her that this is what she was doing, negatively colouring my story (which was also a symbol given to me about the “colours” of our New World) also because of the Jante law (“don’t believe you are anything”), and I told her that the co-operation worked fine with my managers on their conditions making me do all paperwork before and after their meetings, which brought us fine results, for example FSR-Pension, which only the best in the business would get, and how I learned from being with my managers to meetings with (prospective) clients (some times) and so on, and yes, I could have written this in my email too, but this is NOT the story here, this is about how I was abused NOT having my true skills used, and now Lisbeth made this into “why is it that you are the only one who can lead” (?) and also “you do point out yourself as you have a need to do” (!) , and NO, LISBETH, THIS IS NOT WHAT I SAID (!!!), I ONLY SAID THAT I AM THE BEST, I have absolutely NO NEED at all to bring this out myself/brag, ABSOLUTELY NOT AT ALL (!), but I have had to write this myself because “no one discovered my true and hidden potential”, and yes, it should be VERY EASY to understand, but here again, you saw a lady going up against me because she refuses to listen to PERFECT LOGICS as I tell her in everything, and this is really “way below kindergarten level”, how in the world can it be so impossible for people simply to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the truth without your filter taking over and changing the messages to what you decide to believe in (?), and yes another example about how Lisbeth – and the world – is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY RAVING MAD without ever being able to understand. JUST LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY/WRITE AND DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND, how difficult can it be???

And it made me think that this is also the message from my former managers with several “not being able” to do this, simply to read and understand, and instead I become negative and think way too much about myself, which some/many of you still believe is wrong (?), and no, this is NOT about me “offending” you, this is about you having destroyed my life giving me the worst sufferings a man has ever received, is this very difficult to understand?

And I told Lisbeth that just maybe you are wrongly placed yourself when looking at your true skills and natural interests, and yes “maybe” as she said, but no, she couldn’t follow me and disagreed not least because “it is your one man army against five billion of the world”, her old compulsive thought you know meaning that “of course Stig has to be wrong”, and when I told her that I am not alone but have “many” on my side, she simply refused this as “not true” in her mind, and yes, Lisbeth you would be surprised to understand that I am in practice the “world leader” deciding the development of the planet/Universe via my work and via my fight against you as the worst darkness once again, and yes, you are so dumb that you cannot and will not understand what is easy to understand including not to meet me on Facebook and also to understand Jette’s pictures, and yes, this is the same lady who was convinced that I was potentially dangerous as a potential attacker, and you feared for your life because of me, Lisbeth (?), and yes, this is why the Jobcentre was attacked by this “axe man”, who was also completely let down by the system.

Lisbeth has to look at the papers of my file as she says, and there is this psychiatrist declaration on me saying that I am crazy, and “of course” she has to follow this – to put me on permanent disability pension – and I could only say that this was made by a “raving mad” psychiatrist, but no, of course he is not crazy according to Lisbeth, “it goes without saying”, and furthermore she said that I don’t want to feel better by taking pills (!), and when I told her that these pills are LETHAL and also completely unnecessary in my case, she just said “this is what you believe”, and yes RAVING MAD is what Lisbeth is too. And yes, isn’t it funny that I am “completely useless” according to the system of Hell?

She also had noticed that “you have started writing about your family again, don’t you see them” (?), and yes, it is TIREDSOME having to continue going up against people having a NEGATIVE ANGLE on everything as I told her, and yes, I am, and I don’t speak to my family about my writings, which is “taboo”, and again I could only tell her the main message, which is that MISUNDERSTANDINGS MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER and understanding makes people happy, and yes, Lisbeth, a woman who “cannot” listen and understand, a “will deaf” woman, and once again I was completely humiliated by a person who “only wants to help”, which I had to do to get what I came for.

I told her that I look forward to the day when there will be a coffee machine inside of her office so she can offer me coffee, i.e. symbol of warm feelings, and she said that the Commune cannot afford to give free coffee to people, and no, I don’t mind paying for it, and not at all, Lisbeth, but I do like people to be willing to offer coffee to others, which you really did not today, right?

After the meeting that took 40 minutes, I was told that she is part of the state prison, which we have to get out from, and as usual it is about opening cracks of her to let the light shine through, and this is for me to do going against all “evidence” against me in the official file on me, which is “overwhelming” to anyone, and that is at least until you have spoken to me because I am telling you “logics”, right?

You are not going to the film because of Lisbeth, are you (?), and yes, she understood enough (without wanting to understand). We have now unnoticed transferred the last part of yourself.

I was told again that people do still understand when reading my strong words – they enter people unguarded. This is about “the broken leg” about these managers of mine because of their lack of faith and strong, negative reactions to me, but we had to go through this, and this is why I had a hard time afterwards with spinning and almost no sleep.

I received more music artists and was told ”you are coming up from the impossible road” and ”we almost cannot keep still anymore”, and yes, we are meeting here at the end.

It is just a tin that Lisbeth just helped you to receive.

Everything is bigger and louder in here, the radios etc., and that is inside the Big Source compared to the Original Creator alone.

I was thinking of the fire of Windsor Castle in 1992, which is where I lived on Hollænderdybet in Copenhagen, where I also “felt poorly” – my life was miserable and lonely never having had a girlfriend at the time and only having work to “lift me up”, which was miserable itself – and I was depressed for a period of months where I did not see and speak to my mother and sister, and if I remember the timing correctly, this may be the reason why we almost burned off everything already back then, but we moved on, and eventually I started seeing my mother again, which is the ransom. But then again, it was also in 1992 that Denmark won the European Championships in football because I did well.

Your move towards former managers will go over in history as your bravest of all, and eeehhhh none of them like to be exhibited publicly for everyone to see? Who dares not, wins not, is what we thought, and who wants to allow such writings on them published on the Internet (?) – believing they are abusive even though they are just the truth – and will I now be met by several lawsuits of angry former managers wanting me to remove these, or will they simply try to have them removed directly (?), and yes, come on and show me the best that you got, you don’t stand a chance (!), and yes, I will keep them published here or there on the Internet no matter what you do, and yes, the old story about it being impossible to remove my writings on people, which I do believe that people understand by now or will understand, and who wants to discuss the content of my email in a public lawsuit (?), no, no managers like that, right? This is what could have broken your neck or your back, but your usual self confidence will bring this home too? And it is up here at the higher air layers we now are, this is what “success” means. And it wasn’t the meaning for you to be born in the middle of all of this noise/chaos, which this would bring with it, and instead your message is to “take it easy”, I have at least one week of work remaining if nothing more will be added.

As a coincidence, it is also inside of here that Picasso and all painters – all artists in general – are, and this is coming from the Big Source of everyting/all individual cells, and I understand that these are the cells alive as human beings of our world, but in our Old World they have only been part of the cell and mind game of the Original Creator until life was sustainable bringing everyone that wants to live as our physical creation, and yes, all of these people will contain an eternity of previous layers of life inside of them, and a new eternity to come, this is how it is.

I was shown many different bottle of poison, strychnine and more, which is about these managers, who are the worst poison to me.

Among others, I dreamt about a fine, new baker in Espergærde Shopping Centre including writings on the door about the birth of Jesus, and inside I see the finest bread made by different bakers bringing variation that I like much, and outside on the road, they have a fine stone wall with a pool on top where I see new small fish swimming inside, and this is about the birth of new parts of me as the fish, i.e. Jesus, now Stig.

I also dream about being on holiday in the south, and I don’t have a credit card and have to move to another hotel, and I receive the absolutely best service both and the old and new hotel, which lies at a peninsula with a connection via a narrow tongue of land, and this is a historic place I have never been before, which I look forward to explore, and I have four more days of my holiday to do so, and this is about continuing my journey even though I have no money, i.e. no energy.

Altavista (the old search machine before Google) can see millions (money) on the way to me.

I was told that it is no co-incidence what happens this week at the Danish Big Brother on TV, where the residents have been divided into two teams – red and blue – and the red team simply cannot stand the team-leader of the blue team, Carsten, whom they FEEL is bragging, feeling that he is more than others, incredible negative when losing competitions and lifting himself up to something that he is not, and then you see how the red team simply cannot stop speaking negatively about Carsten behind his back of course without telling him directly, and they don’t realise that it is really them who are small, self-centred and negative people showing the Jante-law in practise (“don’t believe that you are anything”) not realising that Carsten simply does his best and how wrong/unbearable they are to listen to, and this is of course a symbol of my former managers doing the same about me – “who does Stig really think that he is”, “have you seen how much he is bragging, and how negative he is to us” etc. (?), and yes, negative and small-minded people, who “cannot” see, read and understand because they don’t want to understand/accept the truth, but still, this is about crackings to bring the light through as usual.

You have no idea of how proud we are that you have arrived here without the roof (structure of the Old World) falling down, which is because of faith from all over the world in you.

I was told and shown that when my mother did the little prick bringing the tinniest small hole to the Source, it went via Lisbeth.

The old coach of the Danish national team in football winning the 1992 European Cup, Richard Møller Nielsen, died today, and this is another sacrifice because of immensely strong darkness, and this is a man, who was NEVER accredited for what he did with most of the press going up against him, but he had a VERY DIRECT LANGUAGE piercing and exhibiting the wrong and self-centred media, so you may understand the connection to me and my email to former managers doing the same (?), and yes, I was happy to see that Richard actually received many positive words and recognition on Facebook today.

I have been told several times about one of the bootcamps of the Danish X-factor being held at Kødbyen/the meat city of Copenhagen, and this is about DARKNESS coming to me from X-factor, and yes, you do remember the story about how I went there in 2008 to meet a girlfriend, which was not for me at the time, and later it has cost the lives of two young men there.

IN Lyngby they cannot throw with their hands, can they? This is what they call a BIG GOAL that you scored today, my friend.

This is about getting the hand into the gold.

Are we now on the very border of bringing in new pianos? This is on the hair border, and you are still playing (?); yes we are still not perfect of the old piano. It is not only Karen who misses you but all of us.

I was told about Thomas Blachman that it is not going to get “nasty” before now, and I felt that he is involved in the secret network too?

I feel that the next is a card showing the presence of all of these cells of the Big Source, and it is only the media being out here, i.e. the worst darkness. And this is because “read all about Stig in the newspaper”, which has been shared with the world but not me, and do you really believe this is right to do (?), and yes THE WORST DARKNESS, none of these media “could” bring their stories to me even though I asked you to.

It is us drawing a diamond from out of nothing, which I see being done right above a newspaper – the worst darkness – lying on the floor. And I received DAD’s excellent “Everything glows” – my favourite song from my favourite album (by far) of theirs, and yes, I love seeing your humour when playing live and singing false as they have done lately by purpose :-).

I was shown the coffin of my new self underneath green water with an ancient Egyptian figure lying on top of it and a corkscrew next to it, and it is your mother who has been down here to prepare your awake from “out of nothing”. And then I am shown the coffin turning into the fastest Formula 1 race which temporary is black.

I received Donna Summer’s “Sunset” – I love her songs and especially this album (making her on TOP of my list in 1979/80, just LISTEN to how groundbreaking it STILL is :-)– and the lyrics “Sunset people doing it right night after night”.

This was the long tunnel that we had to go through.

I received a strong feeling coming from my balcony going through darkness, which was about my email for managers being so strong that people believe in it – that “Stig is the best”.

Is it all of this giant ship that we now open for to bring everyone their new ORIGINAL life (including eternal life inside of them as creators), and I am shown everyone jumping into one-armed bandits (symbol of money, i.e. “eternal energy”) and they will also receive an Electric Light Orchestra spaceship flying around inside their world, right?

And it is here that we can see through the monitor of one laptop (creation) to the next and next and next for an eternity, and these monitors are also “windows” and “nothing”, and we see right through them.

Isn’t it funny that that it is us – the Big Source – that has influenced the Original Creator meaning that all life in reality was controlled by all life here as the spiritual side of your life?

And it is the force of all of us that would have destroyed everything if I had lost it. You were the cross that we (the Big Source) were all hung up on.

My telephone has now started working normally again after the incredible darkness of former managers.

It is incredible that you and your mother have not needed sun (energy).

Ohhhh, has Lisbeth from the Commune also been asked to play a game against me? So it is still me against the official story of the system above Lisbeth having convicted me as “crazy”. Has she also been invited to see “embarrassing details” from my past included in “secret files” over me? And is it my sister who has given orders to this Jobcentre? Is this the command way to the bigger system above the Jobcentre, yes here it is.

Do they feel a little bit like Hitler the last days of his life in Berlin before everything was lost (?), and yes, they know that they will be revealed, and were they also in direct contact with my sister controlling them behind my back, and yes Sanna is “the expert”, right (?), and this is why you were encouraged to tell Lisbeth that your sister was seeking a new job (I told Lisbeth that my sister at our latest family dinner had said something like that “I am the best leader of all for this position” and that it is right to speak the truth of your skills, but not to speak like this, if it is NOT the truth), and yes, did it make you react, Lisbeth (?) as it also did a couple of meetings ago when you asked me about my sister, and why is it that you are interested in my sister (?), so there you are, and can it make the system desperate feeling like this (?), and do they really think that Stig is too nice to come here to be humiliated, and is this their thought behind wanting to give me permanent disability pension and how the system wants to exit? This is the truth behind the system, which they “cannot” tell.

It was also because of this that we brought the story about Sanna and Ole.

Is it one big game they have all played – the jobcentres in Helsingør and before this in Lyngby – against me controlled by my sister telling them about me as an “exciting development project”, and were they excited/nervous before our meetings too (?) – what have Stig now invented (?), and no, nothing except from writing about you and trying to make you LISTEN to and UNDERSTAND me. And it was the Jobcentre that had to get my mother to agree on their idea to commit me to hospital to do tests (?), and yes, part of the plan of the entire system, and it was only my mother who could have killed me if she had given up on me and followed the system against me, this would have been the end of the world.

And this is why Sanna recommended our mother for her to pay for my monthly Fitness World fee knowing that I didn’t have energy to do this thus bringing an extra argument for giving me permanent disability pension. Was this the last that my sister initiated?

This is how we get up to the surface with all of this system giving up on me, and this is what is leading directly to the diamond of everything.

And Jack and all (armed forces) were connected to the system too working directly against you to break you down without knowing that I was strong enough to bear everything they put me through (having no energy), and this includes the use of mind control, and Jack is not proud of his contributions here, which is mind control of Jobcentre employees to support my sister and go against me meaning that I should not have had a chance but the system to squeeze me completely. But first of all, they could not control the love of your mother to you, which is what really brought them down, and this was the impossible choice that they gave her, to go with them or be on my side, and yes, my mother decided my side because “Stig is not dangerous” as she discovered, it was only unnecessary fear of the system (and my mother for a while) that almost brought me in.

This was a necessary road to go to create our 4-divided world, which the system didn’t know about so in reality they were part of my game to save all and to create our New World.

And it was my old class friend Søren D. N. who tied up all of this darkness, which I was told while I was given a beam from the balcony including pain given to the back side of my left lower leg.

No, they are not even in Ekstra Bladet yet, but they have read about me there. And they are the ones who created the road to hide life inside of here for later creation (if I did not make it now), but now they have been revealed, which means that we cannot any longer hide life in here (= temporary terminations), and yes, it was greed of your sister driving the works, scary right?

This is the most advanced killer machine that I have exhibited and made fun of, which everyone can read from my scripts (minutes of meetings etc.), which also includes my new meeting with Lisbeth not seeing a big problem in skills of people not being identified/used both in the jobcentre and labour market in general – and yes, “Stig is crazy”, right Lisbeth (???) – and yes, she is working for a JOB CENTRE (!!!), and yes, they completely made fun of themselves really, I just wrote minutes about it.

Even Geneva – the Lutheran World Federation – was informed about your meeting there in 2009.

And it is really Søren D. N. being the terminator leading us to us – the Big Source – and that is because creation had to be perfect to become sustainable.

I continued receiving beams and strong pain from the balcony and down to the back side of my left lower leg, and this is about life wanting to enter (to terminate), but no, it is the opposite way my friends, and this power was pumped up by people without faith in me – for example Kirsten’s son Ricky.

The last days I have also been given visions of big insects crawling on me (symbol of sexual torments), which could really also make me believe that the beams/pain I am now given to the back side of my left lower leg is about true termination of life happening, but no, I have NOT allowed it, and I have NOT behaved in such a way that termination can happen and these insects only symbolise the WORST DARKNESS of “proud/misunderstanding” managers coming to me, which also gave me STRONG temptations to do wrong internet behaviour.

This is the hell that you and your mother have come through, and all of it was sent our by Arthur Findlay College (because of lack of faith of man).

There was enough pressure coming from the managers to come through this darkness. I was feeling and told that Kim S. has known about me being “more” since our time together at Aon (1995-97), and I am told that Simen in Norway has contacts to the system above, which I bring here as examples of what I have been told about several managers confirming that they have read my email to them.

I was completely destroyed today after VERY TOUGH days because of lack of sleep, work, spinning and also because of a wrong day rhythm, which I am REALLY TIRED of by now.

I was told that without the lady and miracles of Fatima – as I have shown my mother and brought on Facebook again recently as example of more signs and miracles – we also would not have made it because my mother remembers this which helps her to believe.

I was shown the National Hospital where John was admitted to last year for his heart surgery, and we almost gave him the same message as your father (about the truth of me), this is how close he was to dying.

This morning, the “travel card” of Danish Railways “decided” not to work bringing chaos to thousands of passengers, and there was an armed robbery at the Seven-Eleven kiosk at Helsingør Station with the police armed with machine guns blocking the entire area, which is not everyday life here, and these were also examples of the worst darkness of managers still coming at me making it “impossible” to drive forward the train, and yes stealing money, i.e. energy from me because of their “incapacity” to understand and wrong feelings that I am unjust to them not understanding that the truth is as I told them (at least this is how some, but not all, feel).

I was shown that it is only the dark metal plate that remains at the balcony (inside darkness), i.e. the Source, and this is how it looks from this side, and from the other side it is white/light.

We do have enough energy to build a spaceship of everything for everyone to use when travelling inside their own worlds, but we have many entrances here, and this is just one option of many to use, and no, you don’t decide for them, they will decide themselves because they are full freedom and responsibility, this is why.

Isn’t it funny if the Commune knows that Helle Thorning-Schmidt knows about you and also that you saved the world from going under (?), and maybe even Lisbeth knows (?), and did she hurt when she spoke against you at your meeting and that is because “she had to”?

Among others I dreamt about Jørgen Mylius preparing his daily radio show bringing “yummy” for your ears and saying “God is love”.

Stig is now a stamp (of the Source creating life).

I keep on being told that many knows much about me, but still everyone is silent about me and avoids me and that is at least publicly, and no, it is NOT funny being “completely alone” without receiving any support from family, friends etc. and from the official world of media and politicians etc.

I keep on being given Cher’s “Believe” and the lyrics “Do you believe in life after love”, and this may be about belief in my self carrying me through these days.

I went to my mother and John this evening for our weekly dinner, and I was happy to see a new UFO on the sky this time showing itself as red and then suddenly it completely vanished – it switched off its light – and this was to show myself as “suffering red”, which suddenly becomes “nothing” of the Source.

We had a pleasant dinner/time together as usual, and today Bettina was also there, and she told me about her “liver cure” including special and limited food and here it comes TO DRINK ONE LITRE OF APPLE JUICE PER DAY which was given to me as symbol of her faith in me with apple being a symbol of our New World inside the Source, and we spoke about Lis, my mother’s old friend, whom I have seen in the programme of the library for March where she will come and play her own jazz records and tell stories about jazz divas, and to my surprise, my mother outburst “we must go to see her, Stig”, and then she and John told the story about how Lis’ son-in-law, who is an architect, stands behind bringing back the rollercoaster of Tivoli to its original condition, and yes, the rollercoaster is the symbol of our journey through darkness to light, and Tivoli is the symbol of our Paradise/Heaven/New World, so here you have it, bringing everything back to ORIGINAL CONDTIONS OF LIFE, funny right :-).

I told about my spinning and how I feel this physically having an effect on me and “it will probably take some time before you can see it”, which made my mother say that she can already see it, and what better than my mother seeing me lose weight – even though I have not changed eating habits – to help us coming all the way home. I was happy to hear that John is also still cycling – now 7 kilometres.

We watched the first live-show of the Danish X-factor together this evening, and no, I had NEVER believed that this would come before the opening of our New World, and I was excited to see if Thomas Blachman would be given inspired speech and whether this would be of light or darkness – for or against me – and there was some inspired speech, but not very much, which is also because I decided that I would not go in detail to play back the show tomorrow to listen to and write everything down in detail as I have done before (also because this is impossible to do when I sleep during days in the opening hours of the library and because I cannot watch the show again on the Internet when my mouse is not working), and I decided to write down a few examples of what was said, and Thomas Blachman as example said that “they have the glow that makes it live”, which is about “everything glows” of the Big Source that makes all life live. Remee said that “it is difficult to bring credit to Thomas that he hasn’t already given himself”, which is about the thought of my managers in relation to my CV saying that “Stig is the best”. I noticed that Remee had a real rose in the hole of his suit, and shortly thereafter he was inspired to give it to Thomas when Thomas praised him by saying that “one shouldn’t believe that Remee could bring this together”, and this was love of my mother given to me. A contestant had a “mirror like” object inside her hand, and somehow this surprised her and also Remée speaking about this mirror suddenly coming from out of no where, and as you will understand, this mirror is the Source being a mirror of creation (bringing you what you bring yourself), which was created from “out of nothing” of the natural, which just is. There was more than this, but this is what I wrote down, and I was happy to see that this was about light and not darkness.

I was told that I am the single highest asset on the stock exchange keeping it up and running – people of the financial industry knowing about and having faith in me – and this is also why the world currencies are also still in force without the world having gone bankrupt as otherwise planned by the dark New World Order.

When sending my email the other day to managers to Pauli S. from Finland (old manager for a short time after Søren H. and before Anders M. – and a VERY good contact whom I have had several lunches/dinners with out on town) – I was sad to see that he had deleted me as a LinkedIn contact, and I could not write to him via LinkedIn as result, and I could also not find his email address, so when I found him at Google+, I invited him to connect there, which he has “not been able” to do – I am crazy/negative according to you, Pauli (?), and yes Erja from Finland has also “not been able” to accept two LinkedIn invitations I have sent her over the last 2-3 years, the last one not that long ago – and eventually I found him on YouTube from where I could send him a message and a link to my email, and no, I have STILL not heard a word from one single of these managers, and have you decided to bring my email with you “to your graves” knowing that there is nothing you can do to go up against me?

We have never been to the Southern China, if it was not for you, it was all in our dreams but it worked to make the world believe that I was in control to avoid nuclear war of the world to break out.

We also have the finest tulip garden here, which is because Holland did not let go of me.

I was told that there are people out there that feared the worst, which is if my spiritual voice had been removed from me, and this is what the hospital tried doing because everyone thought that this is what made me sick and in pain (!), not realising that it was WRONG behaviour of my own family, friends etc., thus the world, doing it.

And if I could not speak to you, there would be no more world, because this was the last channel keeping it alive, we had made it right to the top using everything below you, otherwise we had not come to you. And there would be no mother, i.e. world, without you bringing energy for the world.

So committing me to psychiatric hospital in 2008 was just a warning that was sent to the world leaders (?) that Stig is now “inside” meaning that the world is about to go under. And how many do you believe this has spread to (via people revealing “the secret”, and I here feel Angela Merkel as example).

This is the voice that you had to believe in even though it was pollutted by “20 times stronger darkness” (giving deceptions to me), and this is what had to convince the world – in a wider content – that you are you and if not, we would not have made it through, this was the impossible task to save all life, and you had to be STRONG and to have people remembering you for being reliable in order to make people believe you are you.

And is it these leaders who saw that your teeth were full of Gold (of the Source), and yes, via the x-rays of your teeth from the beginning of 2013.

They knew that you had to live on the very edge of the world ending in order to being able to save it.

Yes, when did the turn-around time come when your sister realised that you were not “acting” but being the real thing?

And the badness that was going to destruct the world travelled much slower because of you (and your pace of work).

The most important is that no darkness entered your inner clock, which would have made it explode.

Sanna had no idea that it was through Ole and her dislike to sex that formed her against me.

It was your teeth saving all.

It will not come as a shock to your mother when reading you and realising that it was you taking the beating of her and everyone, and not vice versa.

This is what Lisa T. (Fair, priest Lyngby) discovered in the co-operation about creation, and then it makes it a little difficult not to let it go through her in the physical world. And you were just the channel bringing this energy through to the other side.

It also applied for Karen that she believed you had an ugly and not “a beautiful mind”, which is also the title of one of my favourite films. Is this the result of people knowing that you don’t lie?

So it is all of the Big Source working together on creation – “what do you have in your tool box”?

It is all of us being the ancient knowledge of the Egyptian vases/papyrus that Janet spoke about in her clairvoyant reading.

This is the painful process that we are now ending. It is not so difficult now that your mother knows that you are born.

I was suffering incredible today being absolutely and utterly emptied from energy and I decided that I could only write my script and not continue the last work to my website, and the question I received from my spiritual friends was if we can keep on going?

How much does it mean to Niklas having me as a business role model (?), and I was shown him telling Isabelle and a German football player receiving gold. Why do we have a preference for Germany, is this also where we were created? If Tivoli is the end goal, Germany was the beginning of everything.

During the night I was so incredible tired that I kept on losing my head and constantly received the feeling that I was dying with my life leaving me (jumping out of me).

So it was not with weapon that the killer machine worked, but a mind game between darkness and light.

What happened to Mogens Lykketoft (?), yes he has flown away from the Old World and is eagerly awaiting to become your new self, right Mogens?

He was the main man of Denmark being responsible for my sufferings – and I am given the feeling of Helle Thorning-Schmidt too here. And also to Synnøve Søe and everyone else, whom you have bothered, and that is because of lack of faith and to equal darkness of man according to the Universal rule. And as everything else, this is run by supercomputers in USA.

And it is Mogens Lykketoft on the other side turning us around, and this is because they know that we are coming, and then they do it by being a little in front in time, this is how it is possible to do. And they have secured that everything is “crystal clear” at the Source, thus ready for everything.

This is how we enter with full music, and again I feel Mogens Lykketoft who knows it and have seen it?

This is also whey Sanna and the system including the Jobcentre has been ordered to stop their work against me – because it works.

No, Mogens doesn’t know, and I feel strong darkness coming from him. I received the feeling of my father and was told that Mogens is another part of him.

This is what darkness of leaders threatened to stop potentially removing his power position (as chairman of the Danish Parliament) when Mogens last week visited Gaza when he was accused of creating a “diplomatic crisis” between Denmark and Israel for not visiting representatives of Israel too, see here, and then it doesn’t matter that he had tried to get meeting appointments in place.

This is the only way forward, this is the task of Mogens Lykketoft, this is what he was programmed for, which is to be a horse head in front of everyone. This is how he is the key to bring us up to a life of higher conscience.

I was told that Dennis F. – Fuggi’s friend – was part of this process too, but we found another closer to you (when I did not send him an email a few weeks ago).

And all of this was controlled by Karen/your father inside darkness as long as you didn’t give up.

Thus, Mogens doesn’t know that he has already secured the survival of man.

It isn’t this that darkness of your managers also did (?), and yes, this is because there is also no limit to how much they care for Stig, this is also how they were designed. Stig had no leader (or salesman) potential, some managers said, and that was solely because of their own misunderstanding which hurts them now too, and this was to get my father going with everything through Mogens because he has put his nose forward knowing what “no one knows”. And this will not happen without Ekstra Bladet writing about it, this is how we work together.

It is because of all of those who didn’t want to or “could” listen to me that we did everything. And as my family, friends etc. laughed of me, this is what the secret network of the world did too.

I now better understand the symbol of the robbery against Seven-Eleven this morning, which stopped the trains from driving, and this is because I feel like being run over by a train COMPLETELY SMASHED, and this is still because of darkness of managers coming against me. And on top of this, I also started receiving pain to my stomach and spinal column – because of the Commune.

This means that there is not only one apartment/room here (at the Big Source), but many, and that is because you have arrived here.

Later, I felt Mogens Lykketoft again, and this means that we are now partners and not opponents (?), and yes, you got it, Mogens. Did I become a saviour too (?), yes Mogens.

We could also have started the New World up 3-4 kilometres away, but we are now at the very centre.

Do you know what the best is (?), you and your mother together were only an imagination/mind game, it has never happened.

I was told by my father that Mogens is him on Earth. This is how we transfer between each other here and on Earth with you as middleman. I was told “it is incredible poor” and “this is how we turn him/everything around” and this is about Mogens having worked for darkness against me (part of the plan of the Universal Council to save everything) and now working directly for me. So now he is driving around in an orange sport car too.

And it is your heart that we are interested in.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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